Series 1A

Star Trek: Reloaded

21st Century, Earth. Raiden, a criminal, lit a cigarette outside an abandoned warehouse. He stared up at the night sky thinking about his plan, and smiled. The stars were looking particularly bright tonight.

Raiden: "Mheh, heh, heh."

In the distance, at the roadside, a black Corvette follows three grey cars. The grey cars suddenly pull into the parking lot of the abandoned warehouse, where three white cars are parked.

Then, the Corvette pulls over to the roadside. An out of uniform, off-duty officer steps out looking at the warehouse in the distance.

Lei: "What is he up to...?"


Raiden gets the gangs from both the white cars and grey cars to meet inside the warehouse. They approach a table in the center.

Jergen: "What are you doing here?"
Turks: "What are we doing here, what are you doing here?"
Jergen: "This must be some kind of set up... and you're in on it!!"

Both gangs immediately pull out guns and aim at each other. They all start firing as people hide behind crates and shoot away at the enemy.


Outside, in the parking lot, Lei hides behind a white car, spying on Raiden. Raiden has snuck out the warehouse, carrying a suitcase of money. Lei takes out his modified 9mm handgun and stands up, aiming it.

Lei: "Hold it right there, Raiden!"

Raiden, stops in his tracks, just in front of one of the grey cars: "Well... if it isn't Lieutenant Lei."
Raiden knows him well.
Lei: "You promised those two gangs experimental laser rifles, didn't you?"
Raiden: "Heh, heh, yeah... They're so gullible. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as laser rifles!"
A bullet from the shoot-out inside, gets out and hits Lei in the thigh. Lei falls to one knee in pain.
Lei: "Argh!!"

Raiden uses this chance to get into the grey car and hotwire it. The grey car drives around, as Raiden sticks a shotgun out the window, firing at Lei.

Lei rolls to the side, being missed. He fires his bullets into the car as its driving around the parking lot. The car's outer body is damaged, and windows are shattered.

Lei ducks more escaped fire from the Warehouse as Raiden drives the grey car out onto the road. He fires at Lei from the distance, hitting Lei in the shoulder.
Raiden: "Hahaha!"

Lei leans behind and against one of the white cars in pain. He holds his bleeding shoulder, watching as his foe has escaped.