Episode 62

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

The Phoenix-X approaches a desolate Planet.
RaeLuna: “We have arrived at your crap Planet! Now I will go on my break.”
She leaves the Bridge.
Cell: “But--”
Seifer: “Hey, why does she get to do whatever she wants?”
Cell: “Listen, I’ve learned not to mess with some women and RaeLuna is the main one.”

He gets up and approaches the Helm.
Cell: “Amp, can you pick up any signs of the Raekwon Generator?”
Amp: “Yes, sir.”
Cell: “What? Are you giving me attitude!?”
Amp: “No, Captain!”
Cell: “That sounded like attitude to me!”
Amp: “But I just sa--”
Cell: “Enough!”

The view of the Raekwon Generator goes on screen.
Seifer: “There it is.”
Many Starfleet Engineers are working at computer stations around it, outside.
Seifer: “Hey, it’s like that Holo-game, Sim City 40-Thousand.”
Cell: “Uh! Are you that bored??”
Seifer: “I’m just very observant. Hey look, a thing!”
He picks it up.

Later, Captain Cell and Commander Seifer beam down to the surface. They approach the tall Raekwon Generator and the people working around it.
Tekow: “Captain, it’s good to see you.”
Cell: “How’s it going?”
Tekow: “Well, I’ve recently kicked my wife in the stomach. She’s not too happy about that...”
Cell: “I mean about the Generator!”
Tekow: “Oh! Well, it’s operative function isn’t going as good as we hoped. Was this really on the Phoenix-X?”
Seifer: “Yeah, but it was weighing us down so we thought we’d drop it off here.”
Cell: “Section 31 wants it working in the best shape possible.”
Tekow: “Umm, doesn’t Section 31 want to stay secret?”
Cell: “Actually they’re on the verge of taking over the Federation.”
Tekow: “Oh right. Well good for them!”
They nod in agreement.
Cell: “Anyway, we just stopped by to check up on things. Good work.”
Tekow: “But I just told you everything was going bad.”
Cell: “Then, scold on you!”
Seifer: “Umm, guys. It’s working.”

He points up at the Reactor which is suddenly flowing with anti-phase electric energy. The electric currents fly out everywhere.

-Everyone-: “Aaahhhh!!”
All the Officer’s run away like crazy, in fear of their lives. Cell and Seifer run away aswell, looking back to see what the Generator is doing.
Seifer: “Aww, isn’t that cute? It’s going haywire.”

Small rips begin forming in the sky, as the Generator calms down. The rips are dark inside and it is unsure where they lead to.

Seifer, pulls out his tricorder: “Captain! It looks like those are tears in the quantum universe!”
Cell: “The quantum universe?”
Seifer: “A theory that of a universe that encompasses all universes; even if those universes are infinite in number.”
Cell: “Is it possible the Reactor somehow caused those rips?”
Seifer: “Obviously.”
Cell gives him an angry look.
Seifer: “--I mean... considering the trans-phasic energies that Reakwon energy produces, it’s a good guess.”
Cell: “Hmm. We’d better go back to the ship and check this out.”

Later, they meet with Kugo at the back of the Bridge on the Phoenix-X.
Kugo: “...It looks like these are tears in the quantum universe.”
Cell: “The quantum universe?”
Kugo: “A theory that of a universe that encompasses all universe; even if those universes are infinte in number... living inside a marble.”
Cell: “Um, okay. You need a time out from Engineering, missy.”
Seifer: “Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do about those tears the Raekwon Generator caused. Unless... Kugo! Do you know how to sew?”
Kugo: “Just because I am female doesn’t mean I can sew!”
Seifer: “Can you or can’t you, pointy-eared woman?”
Kugo: “...Yes.”
Cell: “This conversation is irrelevant! I just want to get out of here and to the Lobster Species’ planet for the Boiling Ceremonies.”

Suddenly, the Tactical Console goes off.
RaeLuna: “Captain! There’s a tear opening off the port bow!”
Cell: “What the--? Shields!”
RaeLuna: “Yes, I had already anticipated that order and put up the shields.”
Cell: “Good work RaeLuna.”
RaeLuna: “Really? You appreciate my efforts...?”
Cell: “Yeah, sure.”
RaeLuna: “Oh! You don’t know how much this means to me!”

A rip in space clashes against the Phoenix-X’s shields until Amp pulls the Phoenix-X back away from it.
Amp: “Captain, it looks like the tears are spreading.”
RaeLuna: “He’s right. There are occurrences spreading at a steady rate. I predict in about ten hours, 140 000 Kilometer’s in diameter will be affected with tears.”
Seifer: “Welp! Who’s up for some Lobster boiling?”
RaeLuna: “Wait! Aren’t we going to fix this? In a matter of months the entire Quadrant could be infected!”
Cell, shrugs: “Yeah but... the Lobster’s are waiting.”
Seifer: “He makes a good point there.”
Kugo: “Captain, I strongly recommend we do something about these tears. It is our obligation as Starfleet Officer’s to protect the Universe from all that would threaten it.”
Cell: “Uh! Like we have to do everything? What about the Ferengi? They do nothing!”
Seifer: “Yeah, BOB!”
BOB: “What?”
Kugo: “But Captain!”
Cell: “What??”
The crew gives him a look.
Cell: “Oh alright fine! Jeez. Like I really wasn’t going to do something about it. I was just kidding earlier.”
Seifer: “Ahahahaha! Good one, sir! Hahhahaa!”
The Commander is the only one who finds it hilarious.
Cell: “Alright, crew; do something about it. I’ll be in my Quarters.”
The Captain leaves the Bridge. Everyone just glances at each other.
Amp: “Oh great, now we have even more work to do!”

Elsewhere, aboard the U.S.S. Rune...
Lara: “Captain! I’m picking up some kind of tear forming off the port nacelle... A strange creature is coming out from it!”
Blade: “Oh my God... It’s Klingon birth all over again!!”

The strange space creature swims over and attacks the Rune. It blasts energy pulses at them.

Blade: “All hands, full reverse like your being chased by a fat mama!”
The Rune backs up out of there at full speeds.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix-X remains at the planet, Duratra Cestus. They reverse the polarity on the Focal Beam and fire it onto the Tear in space in front of them.
RaeLuna: “No effect, Commander.”
Seifer: “Damn!”
Amp: “What do we do now?”
Seifer: “Anyone up for Hover-Golf?”
Amp: “You know, we kind of have a problem to deal with here.”
Seifer: “Yeah but who says there isn’t time for Hover-Golf?”
RaeLuna: “Pitful crew! You show nothing but ignorance!”
Seifer: “But the Hover-G...”
RaeLuna: “Ignorance!”
Kugo, enters: “I think I have it. Instead, we can inverse the polarity on the Focal Beam!”
Seifer: “Ah, polarities. Is there anything they can’t do?”
RaeLuna: “They cannot protect us from that.”

She points to the view-screen, showing a strange space creature fly out of the Tear. It flys around the Phoenix-X and whacks the shields with its flapping tail.

Seifer: “Ahh!! What’s that!?”
Amp: “What isn’t it? I mean, come on.”
Seifer: “RaeLuna, fire torpedoes at it.”
The Phoenix-X rotates around and fires a Photon Torpedo into the creature. The creature is knocked back, injured. It then head butts the Phoenix-X, draining their shields. The Phoenix-X fires again and blows the creature up.

The senior staff meets in the Briefing Room.
RaeLuna: “I think I know where that creature came from... the Rockono Galaxy.”
Cell: “The one on the other plain of existence?”
RaeLuna: “Yes.”
Kugo: “While we’re all sitting here, the Tears have begun to increase and spread throughout the Sector!”
Lox: “Yeah but you’d have to admit, these are comfortable chairs.”
He sits back.
Seifer: “Okay, what are we going to do about this?”
Amp: “Whatever you guys plan to do, it doesn’t concern me. I’m just a simple Hologram. Heh, heh. Your world isn’t real to me.”
Cell: “Alright. What are all of us, except Amp, going to do?”
Kugo: “Seal the Tears. It’s the only way.”
Cell: “Can we seal them all in time?”
Kugo: “Well maybe if we weren’t just sitting around here!”
Seifer: “I believe we need a filter from the Raekwon Generator before we can successfully seal one of those Tears.”
Cell: “Alright, get it and let’s go. Just make sure that Generator is shut down before it causes any other merging of existences.”

RaeLuna and Ensign Dan beam down to the surface. They approach some guy who’s looking at a filter from the Generator.
Tekow: “Hey, I can grate cheese with this!”
Ensign Dan, swipes it away: “Yoink!”
The two turn and run and then are beamed out.

Somewhere else in space, the Rune speeding away trying to avoid Tears which keep opening in the area.
Blade: “There’s one.”
The Helmsmen dodges it.
Blade: “There’s another one.”
The Helmsmen dodges it.
Blade: “There’s another one.”
The Helmsmen gets up and leaves.
Blade: "There's another one... Right there. Hello? Helmmen? Come back here!"

As the Rune is hit from the starboard side, the Phoenix-X fly’s in and blasts the Focal Beam into the Tear. The Tear is sealed.
Cell: “Captain, are you okay?”
>Blade: “We’re fine now, thanks for your help.”
Cell: “Don’t mentio--”
>Blade: “Gotta go!”

The Rune jumps to Warp, out of there; leaving the Phoenix-X to more Tears. The Phoenix-X turns around and seals Tear after Tear.
Seifer: “That was rude of them!”
Cell: “Considering these Tears I don’t blame them.”
RaeLuna and Amp work like crazy to seal each Tear after each Tear. Seifer and Cell sit and converse.
Seifer: “Oh tell me about it. I mean, there was this one time... and I had talked to them---”
Ensign Dan: “You idiots! While you’re chatting, your crew is doing all the work!”
Cell: “You’re relieved, Ensign Dan!”
Ensign Dan: “Oh like that isn’t old.”
Cell: “You’re still relieved.”
Ensign Dan: “But-- Grrggh!”
He grumbles, leaving the Bridge.

Starbase 55 picks up on the Tears forming out from the Duratra Sector.
Elena: “Hey what’s this? It looks like there are dimensional Tears opening here.”
Nelkast, checks the console: “You’re right... We’d better get the Phoenix-X on this.”
Elena: “I agree. All those other Starship’s aren’t worth crap!”
Nelkast: “Tell me about it.”

They activate the view-screen.
Elena: “Phoenix-X, you must stop those Tears.”
>Cell: “What do you think we’re doing!?”
Nelkast: “We think you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs!”
>Cell: “We’re already dealing with these Tears! Computer, screen off!”
The view-screen clicks off.
Nelkast: “You know, I haven’t asked the Computer for anything in a long time.”
Elena: “Tell me about it. These shoes I’m wearing are one week old! Computer, replicate me new shoes.”
The shoes appear.

The Phoenix-X spins around, sealing Tears as they’re just forming.
Seifer: “How are we going to stop all these? There are more forming on the outskirts of the Sector.”
Cell: “We’re going to have to multi-Vector it.”
Lox: “Good idea. We’ll then be able to get a radius around them and push them back in.”
The Captain and Commander look over, just noticing him.
Cell: “What the?? What are you doing here??”
Lox: “I told you guys. This third chair is for me! Did you not notice how on the Enterprise - D how they had three chairs?”
Seifer: “Yeah but the third one was for the Councilor.”
Lox: “But our Councilor isn’t here, so I’m taking over.”
Seifer: “What ever happened to her?”
Cell: “Uggh. Let’s stay focused here!”

The Phoenix-X separates into three Vectors and splits up. Vector 1 heads upwards, Vector 2 down-left and Vector 3 side-back.

They each blast Tears closed, from different areas of the Duratras Sector. Almost all the Tears are dealt with. Meanwhile, BOB is in command of Vector 3.
BOB: “Good work, crew.”
GoyCho: “You’re not even in Starfleet. Why are you commanding us?”
BOB: “Just do as you’re told!”

The Commander is on Vector 2.
Seifer: “Captain, I believe we’re closing all the Tears.
#Cell: “Excellent. Hopefully they’ll stay closed.”
Seifer: “They will sir. In fact Kugo says the sealing is improving the quantum state of existence.”
#Cell: “What do you mean?”
Seifer: “Well the particle flux being emanated from these seals are hindering anymore possible openings on both plains.”
#Cell: “I see. It must have been that the Raekwon Generator made space even more vulnerable to all this. Perhaps the Generator should be destroyed...”
Seifer: “That’s your call sir. Good luck with that.”

All three Vector’s seal Tears, closing back in on the Duratras Cestus planet. The Phoenix-X re-combines and seals the last Tear, which has grown extremely big.
Cell: “Oh boy. This is going to take a while...”
RaeLuna: “What is this? There is something coming out of it...”

Suddenly, a fleet of Rockono Space Creature’s fly out of the hole. They fly around the place like a large flock. Behind the flock is the biggest Rockono Creature of them all. It is the mother creature.

Ensign Dan: “Oh crap. That’s not good.”
Cell: “Shields!!”
RaeLuna: “They’re at 60-percent!”
Cell: “Fire at will!”
Ensign Will: "You can take me, but you'll never take me pride!!"

The Rockono Creatures head for the Phoenix-X as its blasting Phasers and Torpedoes at them. The flock of Creatures overtake the Phoenix-X, encompassing the ship fully as they pass by. The shields are drained big time as they pass over.

The mother Creature breaks formation and over-looks the whole situation. The flock has moved on from the Phoenix-X and swing around to come back again.

RaeLuna: “Shields are at 22-percent.”
Cell: “How many Creatures did we take out?”
RaeLuna: “23 out of 54.”
Cell: “Uggh. Okay let’s hit ‘em again!”
Ensign Dan: “Yeah, we’re gonna die.”

The Phoenix-X speeds over the incoming flock and cuts Phasers into them. They then fire a Slipstream Torpedo, shooting a bunch of the Creature’s into the next Star System.

Suddenly, the Rune drops Warp and opens fire at the Creatures aswell.
>Blade: “Miss us?”
Cell: “You came back.”
>Blade: “Yeah... Well we figured if there was prize money, we could have it all."
Cell: "If there's prize money, it's going to us."
>Blade: "We'll see about that!!"

The Rune takes out Creature after Creature. As the Creature’s are hit, they are vapourized. Meanwhile, the Phoenix-X approaches the Tear and continues closing it. This causes the mother Creature to fly over and fire energy currents at the Phoenix-X in anger.

The Rune is too busy with the other Creatures to help, as the Phoenix-X begins to lose its Shields.
Seifer: “RaeLuna! How much longer until the Tear is sealed!?”
RaeLuna: “10 seconds!! --That is also the amount of time when our Shields will go down. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?”
Seifer: "Amp! Fly the ship good!"
Amp: “Why am I even helping with this?? I’m not even real!”
Seifer: “Get back to work, Lieutenant!”

The Phoenix-X’s shields go down, prompting the Rune to speed over and pump three Quantum Torpedoes into the mother Creature. The large Creature explodes, rocking the Phoenix-X until its knocked off its position.

The final large Tear is sealed and the Phoenix-X regenerates its hull damage. All the other Creatures scatter in fear. They fly out of there, never to be seen again.

Amp: “Yes! I now believe in my own existence. That was a life changing event for me.”
Seifer: “Really? That’s so beautiful...”
He almost cries.
Seifer: “I have to go. Excuse me!”

The Rune passes by the Phoenix-X.
Blade: “Well it turns out there is no one to give us prize money.”
>Cell: “Damn!”
Blade: “But at least we stopped those Creatures. We couldn’t have done it without the technology of fire power. God bless destructive weaponry.”
>Cell: “Umm... Okayyyy...”

The Rune then Warps out of there.

Cell: "Alright crew, good work."
Ensign Dan: "Good work?? We almost died from that experience!"
Cell: "Oh Ensign Dan. We have a near death experience every week. You should be used to it by now."
Lox: "I for one, appreciate how busy I'm kept in Sickbay. Bring on the injured! I say. Bring on the injured..."
RaeLuna: "This never would have happened if it wasn't for that incessant Generator!"
BOB: "No, the Captian's right. We do get into some kind of adventurious trouble every week. But it's all wonderful!"
Cell: "Okay, since when did I allow open conversation's on the Bridge? Everyone begin to repair damage! I'll be on the surface. BOB, you have the Bridge."

Later, Captain Cell and Lieutenant Commander Kugo beam down to the surface where the Federation Engineers have deactivated the Raekwon Generator.

Tekow: “That was a close one there. What are we going to do with this Generator?”
Kugo: “Don’t forget what happened the last time this thing was under destruction attempt.”
Cell: “Yeah, the Nikon Empire was annihilated.”
Tekow: “It was!? I’m gettin’ out of here!”
He runs away.
Cell: “I think it’s best if we keep this Generator under inspection. We wouldn’t want to destroy it and cause what happened to the Nikon’s to happen on this planet.”
Kugo: “Yes, sir.”
Cell: “So what did you think about this whole adventure?”
Kugo: “I learned experiments can go horribly, horribly wrong.”
The Captain nods in agreement.
Kugo: “Well, how about we go and continue our other experiments?”
Cell: “Good idea, Lieutenant.”
They walk over.
Cell: “Cell to Phoenix-X. Two to beam up.”

They transport out.