Episode 39

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Phoenix Restoration

(Commander Seifer enters the Captain's Ready Room)
Daniel(tosses a padd on the table): Well there it is.
Seifer: What is it?
Daniel: Another report from Admiral Cloud. He says there's another lost Federation ship out there and he expects us to find it.
Seifer: That's like looking for a needle in a place where it's hard to find needles.
Daniel: Besides, that Admiral Cloud is just one big stack of hay. He's not supposed to give us those kinds of orders. Admiral Theseus' usually does that.
Seifer: Theseus and Cloud really have this lack of communication that I don't think anyone else has.
Daniel: Huh? Did you say something?
Seifer: What?
Daniel: Never mind. I was just wondering when that, Intrepid ship, Voyager would ever return home...
Seifer: I was just wondering if there was such a thing as an Asian Vulcan.
Daniel: You stop talking now.

(Ensign Dan leaves through a door at the back of the Bridge and walks down an isolated hallway towards the small Long Range sensor room. He meets up with Kayl inside)
Ensign Dan: Hey, I didn't even know this room existed.
Kayl(sifts through the holographic star-readings): That's because no one tells you anything.
Ensign Dan: What's that?
(He points at a blur of yellow and red colours at an area of space the sensors zoom by)
Kayl(moves back to it): I don't know.
(She zooms in and it appears to be a bird-like space Creature, casually flying through space)
Kayl: Hey!! It's a Phoenix!!
Ensign Dan: A what?
Kayl(zooms in): A Phoenix! Only a few people in the galaxy have ever seen one. They say if you ever see a Phoenix, it's good luck for your starship.
Ensign Dan(gets paranoid): Who said that? Are people gathering in large groups and talking again??
Kayl: No. A Phoenix is just a sign that brings about a rebirth, or a restoration, in the ship that sees it.
Ensign Dan: Aahh!! I'm going to go hide under my bed.
(He leaves as Kayl shrugs her shoulders and continues searching through the sensor data. She finds a lost ship in the Delta Quadrant)
Kayl: Kayl to Bridge. I've located some lost Federation ship. I think it's Voyager.

(Seifer is on the Bridge and taps his commbadge)
Seifer: Understood, Lieutenant. Red, change course and engage Transwarp.
Red: Aye, sir. It's about time. I was wondering when we were going to do anything about Voyager.
Seifer: Hey! You'll wonder what I order you to wonder.

(The Phoenix-X jumps to Transwarp, speeding through its Conduit's towards the Delta Quadrant. Voyager just slowly moves through space, on a heading for home)
Chakotay: We're never going to get home unless we go faster than this.
Tom: Heh. We're trying to conserve power, Commander.
Chakotay(points): Look, buddy, don't mess with me today.
Harry: Captain. I'm picking up a subspace rift. I think it's a Transwarp Aperture.
Janeway: On screen.
(The Phoenix-X dropping back into normal space goes on screen. Janeway glances at her crew)
Janeway(stands): Hail them. ...This is Captain Katherine Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.
*Daniel(goes on screen): This is Captain Daniel of the Federation Starship Phoenix-X. We're here to bring you home.
Janeway: How do we know you're really from the Federation?
*Daniel(shows them): I brought with me the Year 2377 Federation Swimsuit Calendar. It has Admiral Ross in a g-string.
Janeway(covers her eyes): Oh God, put it away! We believe you!

(Both the crews of the Phoenix-X and Voyager begin diffusing onto each other's ships, to prepare to go home. Kugo enters Main Engineering on Voyager)
B'Elanna: We're going to have to compensate for Voyager when we enter the Transwarp Conduit with you.
Kugo(checks the computer): It looks like your ship is already almost capable to enter a Conduit with all this Borg Technology. You don't even need our help.
B'Elanna: You can thank Seven of Nine for that; our resident Borg.
Seven of Nine(walks over): There's no thank you needed, Lieutenant.
Kugo: What are guys talking about? I wasn't going to thank anyone for anything. You people are weird.
(She leaves)

Seifer: What are you doing here?
(Tuvok enters Astrometrics, where Seifer is under a computer frame taking out parts)
Tuvok: Although you have been authorized to dismantle that Borg Processor for the purposes of enhancing your ship to help us get home, it is standard procedure for a member of Voyager to be present while you do so.
Seifer: Why? It's not like I'm going to steal anything.
(He puts a blinking device into his pocket)
Tuvok(aims a phaser): You are stealing something right now.
Seifer(puts it back): Sorry. I was hoping that the conversation would divert your attention.
Tuvok: That is unlikely. One would say, you are as sly as an Asian Vulcan.
Seifer: I knew it!

(Voyager and hails the Phoenix-X)
*Janeway: Voyager to Phoenix-X. We're just about ready on this end.
Armond(at command): Acknowledged, Voyager.

(Both ships prepare for the trip. The Phoenix-X turns around and jumps to Transwarp as Voyager turns around and follows in. Voyager shakes while riding the Conduit)
Janeway: Keep it steady, Tom... We want a few Champaign bottles in tact for the celebration.
Tom(at the Helm): Aye, Captain.

(Voyager nudges a little over, but then starts shaking incredibly violently. Armond checks sensors)
Armond: Can you reinforce their Transwarp Field?
Kayl(taps at a console): I'm trying.

(Paris enters the Communications room at Starfleet Command)
Paris: What's this about? I was busy fixing my desk.
Barclay: We received a message from the USS Phoenix-X, to await a hail from them by this time, about Voyager.
Paris: Phoenix-X? I'm not familiar with that ship.
Harkins: I heard they were some run down second hand ship Admiral Theseus put together to store left over third-best officers from the Academy.
Barclay: I heard they were a pornographic ship.

(The Phoenix-X shakes in the Conduit, taking on half of Voyager's problems. Both ships rumble evenly as they re-enter normal space, in the Alpha Quadrant)
Janeway: ...We did it.
Harry: We're being hailed.
Janeway: On screen.
(The Communications room at Starfleet Command goes on screen)
Janeway: Sorry to surprise you. Next time we'll call ahead.
*Paris: Welcome back.
Janeway: It's good to be here.
*Paris: How did you--?
Janeway: It'll all be in my report, sir.
*Paris: I look forward to it.
(The screen cuts off)
Janeway: Thanks for your help, Captain Daniel...

(Voyager speeds off towards Earth as the Phoenix-X just sits there)
Armond: Hey, why didn't I get a Thank You?
(He leaves the Bridge, with his feelings hurt)

Kayl: We're being hailed by Starbase 55.
(Red takes a seat in the Captain's chair)
Red: On screen.
*Theseus: You returned Voyager?
Red: Yes. It was completely successful.
*Theseus: You idiots!!
*(He tries to think of another insult)
*Theseus: You're all idiots!!!
Red: What exactly are you trying to say about our intelligence?
*Theseus: I'm saying, returning Voyager just blew our cover. Don't you think they're going to want to know how it happened? Now all of Starfleet will know about you!!
Red: But we had orders from Admiral Cloud.
*Theseus: Never listen to Cloud. He's an idiot too!! Didn't you people know that you weren't supposed to blow your cover to the rest of the Federation??
Red: Yeah, but we didn't know how much it meant to you.
(Theseus cuts the transmission in anger)
Red: His rage is that of a Klingon.

(Ensign Dan enters a messy, but empty Club)
BOB: Finally! A customer.
Ensign Dan: This place really emptied fast. I guess everyone isn't in the mood ever since the news of our "amazing" ship filtered throughout Federation News.
(The Federation News is on screen behind the bar)
* **Raine: This just in; the Phoenix-X's secret technologies uncovered. And in other news; Dance Clubs go out of style.
BOB(throws in a towel): She's right; it's Bowling Allies now. I hate those shirts!
Ensign Dan: That's some sudden changes. I wonder how things are going to be from now on...?
BOB: Ehh, it shouldn't be that bad. So they know about the Phoenix-X's secret life? The worst that could happen is that they'll all want to kill you.
Ensign Dan: Aahh!!
BOB: I mean, get to know you better.
Ensign Dan: Oh, okay.
BOB: ...With a knife.
Ensign Dan: Aahh!!
BOB: ...To butter some bread over a nice dinner.
Ensign Dan: Oh, okay.

(Two people talk, aboard the USS Rune)
Blade: Did you hear about that Phoenix-X?
Lara(protests): Yeah. Who do they think they are, having all these technologies for themselves? We should get some!! Who's with me!?
Blade: ...Listen, the only reason I brought them up is because I want to have sex with you.

(Matt turns off a communication screen in Main Engineering of the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: Problem?
Matt: I just finished talking to my colleagues on the X-Project, from Starfleet Science. They're all under investigation for conspiring with us.
Kugo: I see; but they'll get lunch breaks, won't they?
Matt(shutters in anger): Yeah, but it's only half an hour and they serve unpeeled potatoes...
(Engineering gets another communication)
*Cloud: Listen. I want you to send me all your data on Transwarp capability. We had an idea, and we want to install Network Conduits throughout Federation Territory.
Kugo: But that's not possib--
*Cloud: --Up--upt! I don't want to hear the word, Can't.
Kugo: I didn't say the word, Can't.
*Cloud: Then I don't want to hear any sentences that can be rephrased to use the word, Can't!
(The screen cuts off)
Matt: He's evil.

(The Romulan Starship Caterina is hailed by Romulan Headquarters)
*Zephn: The Federation is going crazy over this whole Phoenix-X issue ever since they blew their cover.
Tressa: Uh oh. I know where this is leading...
*Zephn: Yes, that's right. I want you to do my taxes. Hahahaha!!!
Tressa: Oh, that's it? Okay.
*Zephn: No wait! I want to talk to you about this Phoenix-X issue again...

(Red enters Sickbay and meets up with Doctor Lox)
Lox: What seems to be the emergency?
Red: I need you to give me something to keep me awake for another two days. I'm so busy; I don't have time for sleep.
Lox: Alrighty. You know, I'm the only Doctor who does this without conscience.
(A priority transmission is re-routed to Sickbay)
*Hayes: Where are your Commanders?
Red: They're all busy because of your investigations and interviews, Admiral.
*Hayes: You people should be decommissioned. --The Romulans contacted us. Now they're accusing you of being directly responsible for the stealth destruction of three of their ships!
(Red and Lox glance at each other in confusion)
Lox(shrugs): Well, maybe we were responsible for at least one...
*Hayes: They want you destroyed, or else. You're ordered to bring the Phoenix-X to Earth's nearest Shipyard. We want to examine your technology anyway. And be ready for a court marshal!!
(The screen clicks off)
Lox: Everyone is so mad with us.

(Theseus receives a subspace communication at Starbase 55)
*Armond: Admiral, I've just been informed that Hayes wants us to return to Earth. We think he's going to dismantle the Phoenix-X and courts marshal us.
Theseus: Obviously! I don't know what I can do anymore. These people are on to me. It's you who has to help me!!
(A Federation Council Member and two Security Guards enter the room)
Chang: Well, it looks like your time is up Admiral. --Ha! Ha! --Ha! Ha! --Ha! Hhaa!
(The guards grab him)
Theseus: No! Let go of me! Nooooooo!!!
(He's dragged out of the room after Council Member Chang)
*Armond: Uhh, all right... I'll just call back later when you're not busy.

(Matt meets Shane in the Battle Arena for their daily combat training. They start fighting)
Shane(swings his liquid forward): Hey, it doesn't look like things are going to get better.
Matt(ducks it): I know, your fighting is not what it used to be.
(He activates his Armlet and fires three spikes at Shane)
Shane(dodges, but gets hit by one): Argh!! --No, I was talking about the Phoenix-X.
Matt: Oh yeah. Did you hear about the Romulans? We could end up going to war.
(He wraps huge cables around Shane)
Shane(struggles): --They're not the only people who are going to use the Federation against us; --even though they'll mostly be after Doctor Lox; ...the Breen will come, there's the Cardassian's, then the Klingon's, the Borg......
(Shane passes himself through cables, and thrusts his arms as bricks at Matt; pushing Matt past the marker line)
Matt: Yeah; except the Borg will just be doing their job.
Shane(nods): I can understand that.

(...Earth is peaceful until a Romulan ship decloaks in orbit; the Caterina dives through the atmosphere, firing at buildings in San Francisco. The Buildings collapse and there's a chaos of fire, blood and screaming in the streets)
Mocca: We've done just as much damage as the destruction of our three ships.
Tressa: Take us out.

(The Caterina heads up into space, suddenly confronted by the Phoenix-X. Daniel enters the Bridge)
Daniel: Hail them.
*Tressa(goes on screen): Captain, I'm sorry but I had my orders.
Daniel: I thought we had an understanding?
*(She thinks about it)
*Tressa: Ohhh yeahhh. --Well, if it makes you feel any better, we were ordered to destroy you, but we didn't... because we couldn't find you.
Daniel: You probably just killed 200 Admirals!
*Tressa(shrugs): So, at least no one can give you orders anymore.
(The screen goes off)
Seifer: She's got you there.
(The Caterina flips around and Warps away)
Daniel: How could we let all this happen? We should have never rescued that Voyager ship!
Seifer: Only if there was a way we could go back in time and stop us from doing it... I mean, it's not like we left a Timeship on the Xena or anything.
Daniel: Wait a minute. We did!
Seifer(looks over): Oh yeah; after our encounter with Klokian.
Armond: How can we alter our past without it affecting us right now?
Daniel: Klokian's Timeship uniquely works on the Multiple Timeline Theory. We always jump from the old timeline to the new timeline.
Armond: Oohhh. I understand. I should be punished for my bear of ignorance.
Seifer: Ay! Don' worry about'it, okay?
Daniel: Commander, go into Long Range and locate the Xena. Helm, set a course as soon as possible.
Red: Aye, sir.

(A couple Sector's away, the Xena is under investigation by the Rune)
*Blade: Look, I'm sorry Captain. I don't like this anymore than you do; but we have our orders.
Aeris: Yeah right. You like this more than I do.
*Blade(shrugs): Yeah, maybe a little.
(Investigators from the Rune board the Xena)
Wendy: Captain, we're getting a hail... It's about the Timeship.
Aeris: On screen.

(The Phoenix-X drops Transwarp and approaches the Xena and the Rune)
Daniel: Hail them.
*Aeris: Captain?
Daniel: Remember how we left you with the Timeship in case an emergency came up where we needed to travel through time?
*Aeris: Yeah, that was the day I ate a bad jellybean.
Daniel: Captain, we need that Timeship.
Aeris: Uhh. Listen, Captain I've been under investigation for hours. There was nothing I could do.
Daniel: What are you talking about?
*Aeris: Voyager knew your plan and came by and took the Timeship from us first. They had authority because everyone was sorry for them for being lost.
Daniel: That's impossible. How could they know our plan??
Seifer: Uhh... Captain, I think I might've said something to Tuvok over subspace while I was surfing the stars in Long Range...
Daniel(turns around): What?? How could you!?
Seifer: Well I was becoming good friends with him! And I thought we didn't have to keep any more secrets.
Daniel: Argh!! From now on it's secrets all the way!! We always have to keep our freakin' secrets!!!
(Everyone agrees)
Daniel: Okay, let's go.
(The Phoenix-X flips around and stretches into one of Cloud's crappy Network Transwarp Conduits. The Phoenix-X is dropped back out into normal space due to crappyness)
Daniel: Stop using their crappy Conduits!!
Red: Aye, sir.

(Voyager moves through space, when suddenly the Phoenix-X soars over from the distance. They speed along, side by side)
*Daniel: Hand it over, Voyager.
Janeway: Not a chance. We know your plan to alter the time line and we're not going to let you get away with it.
*Daniel: What are you going to do; destroy us?

(Voyager fires two Quantum Torpedoes at the Phoenix-X. The big explosion to their shields, knocks the Phoenix-X twirling off course)
Seifer: Hey she is trying to destroy us.
Armond: Shields to 67 percent.
Daniel: We have to infiltrate Voyager to get the Timeship.
Seifer: Take the Jumpers. They can pass through Federation shields. Don't forget only you can fuel its Temporal Engines.
Daniel: Aye, Captain.
Seifer: No, you're the Captain.
Daniel: Yeah I know. I was just going with the moment.

(B'Elanna and Seven of Nine fire Phaser Rifles at the Timeship in Voyager's Shuttle Bay 4. The hull of the small Timeship keeps regenerating)
Seven of Nine: It's not working. We can't destroy it.
B'Elanna: I can see that!
Seven of Nine: Someone had bad Gogh today.

(The Phoenix-X fly's back over along side Voyager, and they both trade torpedo blows to the shields. The Phoenix-X twirls overhead to decouple itself into three separate Vectors)
Chakotay: They have a tactical advantage.
Janeway: So do we...
Chakotay: I don't think your Da'Vinci airplane is going to work this time.
Janeway: That's not what I meant!

(She contacts the Shuttle Bay)
**Janeway: If you can't destroy it, board it; go shortly back in time and destroy the Phoenix-X.
(Seven of Nine and B'Elanna try to break into the Timeship)
B'Elanna: Aye, Captain.

(The Phoenix-X's Vectors speed along side Voyager. V1 and V2 hover above and hold Voyager steady with tractor beams, while V3 swoops on under launching two Jumpers passed Voyager's shields)
Seifer: Keep firing at Voyager.
Armond: Acknowledged.

(Daniel takes his changeling shape, entering Voyager's Shuttle Bay. He breaks into the Timeship going to the back for the Temporal Chamber; and starts transferring some of his power over)
B'Elanna(aims a phaser): Hold it right there.
Daniel(stops): Hey this is not a good time 'cause I'm drained of power.
(Seven of Nine reaches out into the Control Area and grabs Kugo out of thin air. Kugo turns her cloaking suit off)
Kugo: Listen; don't stop us. The Romulan's have just destroyed Starfleet Headquarters, killing thousands! If we go through with this, that won't happen. ...I know you're good people.
(B'Elanna and Seven of Nine glance at each other in hesitation)
Seven of Nine(let's go): ...Fine.

(Kugo takes the controls, hovering the Timeship over the floor. B'Elanna and Seven of Nine are beamed out as the Timeship goes forward, breaking trough the Shuttle Bay doors out into space)

B'Elanna: We have to warn the Bridge.
(Seven of Nine goes to tap her commbadge)

Janeway: Fire the Tri-Cobalt Device...
(She stands from her chair)
**Seven of Nine: Captain, you have to stop--!!

(Voyager fires the Torpedo, missing, as the Vectors flip over reintegrating into the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X spins and fires a Slipstream Torpedo dead on, exploding Voyager in a blaze of large broken pieces)
Armond: Crap!! I just meant to miss aim and knock their shields out.
Seifer: Armond, you're not getting any jellybeans after completed missions anymore.
Red: Commander, the Timeship is moving.

(Plasma flaming Voyager debris is left behind while the Phoenix-X stretches into the Timeship at the same time it flashes to go back in time. The old Phoenix-X, from the starting, sits out in space. Kayl is in Long Range talking to Ensign Dan)
Kayl: A Phoenix is just a sign that brings about a rebirth, or a restoration, in the ship that sees it.
Ensign Dan: Aahh!! I'm going to go hide under my bed.
(He leaves as Kayl shrugs her shoulders and continues searching through the sensor holographic images towards the Delta Quadrant)
Kayl: Kayl to Bridge. I've located some lost Federation ship. I think it's Voyager.

(Seifer is on the Bridge and taps his commbadge)
Seifer: Understood, Lieutenant. Red, change cour-- Hey! What are we doing??
(He points at the view screen as some other Phoenix-X drops out of Transwarp in front of them)
Armond(checks sensors): It's us... And we're loading weapons!

(The Timeship hovers by the side, and contacts the new Phoenix-X)
*Daniel: You have to destroy our old selves. That's an order!
Seifer: Aye, Captain. Load the Torpedo Bay's, Armond.
Armond: Yes, sir.

(The old Phoenix-X quickly locks a Tractor Beam on the new Phoenix-X. They orbit over and around, dropping the beam, and tossing the new Phoenix-X into the distance)
Seifer: Load the Torpedo Bay's, Armond.
Armond: Yes, sir.

(They move in. Both Phoenix-X's twirl and rotate around each other, slamming torpedoes into hull after hull. The Timeship speeds along behind, shadowing)
Kugo: Which one is our Phoenix-X?
Daniel: I don't know.

(One of the Phoenix-X's grabs a Tractor Beam onto the other, and pumps a bunch of Torpedoes into the other's hull. That other Phoenix-X is blown away, and explodes in a desperate rage of red fire and plasma)
Seifer: I can't believe what just happened.
(Kugo and Daniel immediately beam over onto the Bridge)
Daniel: Which Phoenix-X are you? I hope there isn't a double of me on this ship.
Red: We are the Phoenix-X that destroyed Voyager in the old timeline.
Armond: Damn... We just killed two ship's with two full, loyal crew's.
Seifer: We are very productive in our business.
Daniel: So we are home. And I guess we're only ones who remember everything.
Matt(enters): I missed the ending. What happened?

(That weird Phoenix space being, floats by, painting its colourful plasma and dead ashes across space. It runs over the Timeship, totally wrecking and turning it into rusted ashes)

Armond: Hey!!
Daniel: Don't worry; the Timeship in this period is still on the Xena.
Armond: No I was saying Hey because Matt won't leave my control panel alone.
Matt(searches through sensor readings): I seriously want to know what happened!
(The others glance on screen and watch the bird-like creature gradually fly away at its own leisure)
Kayl: Restoration.

(A week later. Theseus contacts the Phoenix-X's Ready Room)
*Theseus: I just found out about Cloud's orders for you to find one of those lost ships. Here are my orders... Don't!!!
(The screen shuts off as Seifer enters the room)
Daniel: Well at least his communication skills work with us. But you know, I would've liked to see Voyager really return home.
Seifer: Who are you talking to? 'Cause I just walked in here.
Daniel: What do you want?
Seifer(tosses a padd on the table): There it is.
Daniel: What is it?
Seifer: A Borg encounter at Earth.
Daniel(stands up): Huh!! --To the batmobile!
Seifer: The what?
Daniel: I mean... Let's go.

(A Transwarp Conduit opens up 3 Light-years away from Earth. The Phoenix-X joins a fleet of Federation ships that approach it. Starfleet Command watches from Earth)
Paris: Open a channel.
Barclay: Open sir.
Paris: This is Admiral Paris. Use all necessary force; I repeat, all necessary force.
Barclay: Sir, there's a vessel coming through.

(A Borg sphere suddenly drops out of the Transwarp Aperture. It looks like a hopeless situation for the fleet, until the sphere explodes and Voyager fly's right through)
Janeway: ...We did it.
Harry: We're being hailed.
Janeway: On screen.
(The Communications room at Starfleet Command goes on screen)
Janeway: Sorry to surprise you. Next time we'll call ahead.
*Paris: Welcome back.
Janeway: It's good to be here.
*Paris: How did you--?
Janeway: It'll all be in my report, sir.
*Paris: I look forward to it.
(The screen cuts off)
Janeway: Thanks for your help, Admiral Janeway...

(The Phoenix-X scans for Conduit structures)
Armond: They crippled a Borg Transwarp Network. Their ships' a lot more capable than we thought.
Sefier: Not as capable anymore, since I stole their Astrometrics Processor.
Armond: That was another timeline. What's with you and stealing?
Seifer: I'm part bad-guy.

(Voyager joins the Federation Fleet to be escorted to Earth)
Janeway: Set a course... for home.

(The Captain takes a seat aboard the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: I can't believe Voyager found its own way back, without our help.
Matt: Hey, I want to know what happens next with them.
Daniel: Who cares! If these lost ships don't want our help, then fine. We have our own business to do.
Matt(sad): Okay.