Episode 41

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

(The Phoenix-X just sits out in space. An enormous Space Creature casually speeds by)
Ensign Dan: Interesting.
Armond: Sensors cannot determine its mode of propulsion.
Seifer: Leave it.
Armond: But, sir, this is a good opportunity for us to study it!
Seifer: I said, Leave it! How would you like it if someone tried studying you? That creature don't like that. He'll kick ya ass.
Armond: Well, I guess....
Red(stands): Commander, I am feeling ill. I must go to Sickbay.
Seifer: All right. But make sure you're back soon to pilot the ship. We haven't seen any signs of new life and new civilizations all day.
(Red enters Sickbay immediately going over to one of the computer stations. Lox is busy with another patient)
Red: Doctor, I was told that if my neural frequency started acting up again I should take Thalia Neutralizer to block it.
(He downloads the chemical into a hypospray)
Lox: I never told you that.
Red: Yeah, I contacted Doctor Beverly Crusher.
(He applies the hypospray to himself and walks over to Lox and Ensign Horis, who has metallic needles sticking out of his head)
Red: What are you doing?
Lox: I'm running an experiment to adapt animal genes to him without him actually mutating into the animal; you know, like that one time with Ensign Oz Trish.
Red: ...Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it immoral for you humans to be experimenting on other humans?
Lox: --Uhh. Yeah but don't worry about it. Gene experimentation isn't like playing God or anything.
(He is about to adapt horse genes to his patient)
Horis(runs away scared): Aaahhh!!!
**Matt: Matt to Doctor Lox; you are late for the Angel Wing meeting.
Lox: I wasn't informed of any meeting.
**Matt: Yeah, we decided to inform you at the last minute.

(Lox hurries to the Briefing Room, where Matt and Kugo are doing a presentation with a holographic rotating image of a new kind of Shuttle on screen)
Matt: This is the Angel Wing; the Phoenix-X's new medical ship.
Kugo: As soon as we get it, we're going to adapt a full upgrade of Phoenix-X systems, giving it more Shielding, Transwarp capability, and Regenerative Hull.
Daniel: We may want to put the Omega Bomb on that shuttle.
Matt: Captain no! The medical ship will usually have sick people on it.
Daniel: Okay, fine.
Kugo: The special systems on this are its Healing Beds. Influenced by Borg Maturation Chambers and old style Freezing Process, these will immediately get to work on healing a sick patient with a known disease. They're 48 percent more efficient than today's Doctors.
Lox: Wohoo! Vacation for me.
Daniel: Okay. I was contacted and told we have to pick it up at Junkyard 388. Doctor Lox's voice authorization is needed to activate it.
Lox: Oh man. No vacation for me.
Daniel(stands): This is anyone's last chance to recommend we hide the Omega Bomb in it.
(No response)
Daniel: Okay, fine.

(The Phoenix-X turns around and speeds through space. Lox leaves the Briefing room, making his way through Deck 2. He passes many people)
Lox: Hey.
Monique(nods): Doctor.

Lox(takes a Turbolift to a lower Deck, passing more people): Yo.
Kortos(nods): Greetings.

Lox(passes through a crowded plaza): Hi.
EMH(doesn't nod): You forgot to deactivate me again!

Lox(enters the hallways): Hey.
Gewdeque(nods): Doctor.

(Lox passes a hidden jeffrey's-tube entrance area where a man is lying dead on the floor)
Shane(kneeling with him): Doctor, I was just about to call you.
Lox: What happened?
Shane: I don't know, I just found him here.
(The man's skin is deteriorated, and his muscles are gone leaving freaky indentations of his bones)
Lox(kneels): Who is he?
Shane: ...It's Ensign Horis.

(Soon after, Doctor Lox is put into the Brig. He's shoved in his cell where the force field goes up)
Seifer: I'm sorry. You're going to have to stay here until the investigation is over.
Kayl: How could you Doctor? You have no respect for life.
-Lox: You have to believe me; I'm not responsible for his death!
Seifer: Records indicate you were doing micro-cellular experiments on him, and five other people.
-Lox: Kayl, you can read minds; you know I'm telling the truth!
Kayl: Not when I'm mad. --You don't care about anybody but yourself.
(Seifer and Kayl leave. Lox takes a seat)
-Lox(sighs): ...I wonder if my hair looks good.

(The Phoenix-X speeds through space towards Federation territory. That Space Creature from before is viewable in the distance)
Armond: Captain, I'm picking up the Space Creature again.
Daniel: What Space Creature? ...Change course.

(The Phoenix-X turns around towards the Creature who swims through space towards a Planet in the distance. The huge Space Creature spits out a huge beam, jamming it into the Planet's surface)

Daniel: What is it doing?
Ensign Dan(shrugs): I 'unno.
Armond(scans): Captain, that planet is inhabited by 500 Million people.

(The beam shatters through the surface, aggravating the magma underneath. The tectonic plates break up and the Planet suddenly explodes. Large pieces and quickly freezing lava fly out into space)

Ensign Dan: Aahh!! It just killed millions of people!
Daniel: Armond, quick --lock and load Quantum Torpeodes. Fire at it!

(The Phoenix-X fires torpedoes. The Creature glances at the Phoenix-X and back-flips, dodging the Torpedoes; the Space Creature suddenly then cloaks out of sight)

Armond: It's gone. I can't find it anywhere.
Daniel: Keep scanning.
(The Phoenix-X just sits there, scanning, in the passing-by debris of the destroyed planet)

Theseus: Where are they? Tell them to hurry up!
(The USS Shark docks at Starbase 55. Captain Jet heads for Theseus' office where Admiral Theseus is yelling at Captain Cid)
Cid: They're investigating the destruction of a planet outside Federation Territory. Eluvae IV.
Theseus: Well tell them to get a different ship on it. I want them back now for the hybrid Med Shuttle!
Jet(enters): Am I interrupting? I just wanted a tour of the station.
(They glance at each other, fearing that Jet may have overheard something)
Theseus: You've been here a million times!!
Jet: --Oh, is this Starbase 55? I thought I was on Starbase 555. My bad.
(He leaves)
Cid: I make that mistake sometimes.
Theseus: Shut up!

(The Phoenix-X slowly moves through the large debris)
Armond: I'm picking up a small ship escaping.... It came from the Planet before it was destroyed.
Daniel: Hail them.
Armond: ...I can't. Their communications are offline.
Daniel: Follow it. I want to tractor beam them into the shuttle bay.
Red: They're moving pretty fast.
Armond: I don't recommend Transwarp or we'll jump too far ahead of them.
Red: It will take us a while to match their speed and catch up.
Daniel: Understood. ...Engage.

(Lox sits in the Brig, wondering what's going on)
-Lox: I wonder what's going on...
Yeltso: That is not your concern.
(The Commander enters the Brig)
Seifer: We've just finished the investigation. It turns out the deteriorating remains of Horis do not directly connect to your gene therapy methods. But we are left with a man dead...
-Lox: Yes!
(The force fields are let down)
Lox: Wait a minute. If I'm not responsible for his death, then how did he die...?
Seifer: We don't know. You may want to go over the autopsy results.

(The Director of Junkyard 388 is hailed in his Office Pod)
*Cid: Are they there yet?
Niki: No. I don't want this ship here. It's going to cause trouble. I know your enemies are going to come for it.
*Cid: No, no, relax. We have no enemies.
Niki: Oh yeah, well then how come the Federation has had so many wars?
*Cid: Uhh. Those weren't wars... we were fighting out of friendship. Yeah. Like play-fighting.

(The Phoenix-X gains on the escaping small Ship and locks a tractor beam on them)
Armond: Captain, their communications are back online.
*(The screen is activated showing a distressed and sick people)
*Illia: We---are the Eluvae-- ...You-- you must-- must let us-- go...
Daniel: What happened?
*Illia: That creature, the Trump--- it des-- destroyed our home...!!
Daniel: Why!?
*Illia(coughs): ......Because.... we aggravated it. --Let it live! Let it live!!
(She rants like a crazy woman)
Daniel: I don't understand.

(Lox enters the plaza area. He's approached by Borishnikov)
Borishniikov: Doctor-- please help me...
(His eyes are bloodshot and his skin is turning pale. He is very weak)
Lox: What happened to you?
Borishnikov: I don't know...
(He falls to his knees)
Kugo(walks over): I've got your medical tricorder. I've been scanning other people with the same symptoms.
(She hands it to Lox. Lox reads the data)
Lox: What does this mean?
Kugo: It's the same disease that killed Horis.

(The Eluvae Ship sits in the Shuttle Bay. The ship is boarded and scanned)
Matt(walks around its Bridge): They have a few advanced technologies. We could adapt some of it to our own ship.
Seifer: Leave it! How would you like it if someone wanted to adapt your technologies to their ship? They'll kick ya ass.
Matt: No they won't.
(There are three Eluvae crewmembers on the Bridge, crawling around, weak. A team of medics enter and start helping them)
Illia: Let it live! Let it live!
Seifer: Let what live?
Illia: The-- the man. He's the one who's been killing us-- He's the one!!
Seifer: Is he one of your people? Who is he?
Illia: He's-- the shadow man. The shadow man has been killing us!!

(The Phoenix-X slows down and enters an area filled with ship debris; Junkyard 388)
*Niki: I'm sorry, I deported the Medical Ship. You were taking too long!
Daniel: Why couldn't you just have waited?
*Niki: I could've started a war, okay? I don't need that blood on my hands.
Daniel: Where's the ship?
*Niki: Earth.
Daniel: Uggh. Fine... --So anyways, do you have storage space for any types of bombs?
*Niki(points): That's it. Get out of here right now!

(Lox makes his way through the Shuttle Bay into the Eluvae Ship to see more patients)
Matt: These people are almost dieing, Doctor.
Lox(scans): What's wrong with these people...?
Illia: ...I remember my world. It was so beautiful.
Lox: Do you have a Medical Centre on this ship? I need to find out what's doing this to you.
Illia(grabs Lox's shirt, pulling him closer): The shadow man is killing us...!
(She takes a deep breath)
Illia: But-- if the shadow man is here... then the Trump isn't that far off...
(She shifts her eyes left and right)
Lox: Not that far off...?
(The Phoenix-X turns around, and heads for Earth. The Trump's cloak statics off and on, but remains undetected, following closely underneath the Phoenix-X)

Red: Doctor, you have to help me.
(Lox enters Sickbay, which is beginning to get crowded. More and more people with the same deteriorating disease need help)
Lox(setting beds): I'm kind of busy right now.
Red: You are merely setting beds. Doctor, when the Thalia Neutralizer had worn off, I was better; but now I am hearing a high-pitched noise again.
Lox(folds): High pitched noise?
Borishnikov: Hey I was laying there!
Lox: Sorry.
Red: Yes. Only I can hear it, just like last time. It's coming from something... something alien.

(Kayl stops working at her station on the Bridge)
Kayl: I can sense it... It's following us.
Daniel(turns around): What's following us?
Kayl: The Trump.
Seifer: She could be right. The Trump can cloak.
Daniel(looks around paranoid): We have to lose it. Commander, take the Helm...
(The Phoenix-X speeds along and pulls up in space, trying to lose the Trump)
Daniel: Take us into Transwarp.
(The Phoenix-X stretches into Transwarp and drops back out into normal space further on)
Kayl: It's still following.
(They take the Phoenix-X around stretching into Transwarp again and dropping out in the distance. The Phoenix-X flies around all over the place on an unstable course)
Daniel: Whoa. Someone needs flying lessons.
Seifer: Did we lose it?
Kayl(concentrates): ...Yeah. It's lost.
Armond: Captain, we are receiving a subspace message.
Daniel: On screen.
* *Cid: Phoenix-X, you must hurry up and get to Earth. The authorities want to do an inspection on the Angel Wing. We can't hold them off for long.
(The screen clicks off)
Ensign Dan: That was rude.
Armond: It was pre-recorded.
Ensign Dan: Oh then it was thoughtful of him to make it automatically go off.

(The Phoenix-X speeds through space. Captain Daniel is called to the Shuttle Bay in emergency. He enters the small Eluvae Ship into one of its rooms)
Daniel: What are these?
(He walks over to a wall filled with shelves of vials)
Matt: They're gene samples from every species of their planet.
Seifer: That's not why we called you here, Captain.
(They lead the Captain to the lower Decks. Eluvae people lie everywhere on the floors)
Seifer: They're mostly dead... 48 people.
Daniel: It can't be... Was it the disease?
Matt: Yes.
(The Captain kneels down beside an Eluvae still alive. He places his hands on the other guy's shoulders trying to heal them with his powers)
Daniel: Argh...! --I can't.
(The other guy passes out)
Daniel: Whatever killed these people, is killing us too.

(Lox is notified of their deaths. He makes his way through the Decks, passing sick person after sick person of the Phoenix-X crew)
Lox: ...What the--?
Gewdeque(staggers over): Help me. Please!
Lox(walks on): I can't--
Gewdeque: Don't you care for human life??

(He takes a Turbolift to the next Deck and is approached by more people)
Kortos: Doctor. Two Klingons have died dishonourably. Why will you not do anything!?
Lox: I don't have a cure!

(He turns down the next hall. Monique meets up with him. Her skin looks to turn to ashes)
Monique: ...Find a cure... Find a cure!
Lox(stops): All right already! I'll find a cure!!
Monique: ....Okay, okay. Don't give birth to a baby cow or anything.

(The Phoenix-X approaches Earth)
*Cloud: I've sent two Doctors over to your ship. They'll find a cure.
Daniel: Thanks. 23 people on my ship are sick with this disease, and the number keeps growing. Some are more susceptible to it than others.
*Cloud: I understand. You may want to pick up the Angel Wing. It could help.
Daniel(nods): I've sent two of my people down to get it.

(Kugo and Shane are beamed down to a secluded grassy area beside the ocean, just outside Daytona. They approach the new Federation Medical Ship)
Shane: Let's get inside.
Kugo(accesses an exterior panel): ......I can't open it. It's locked.
(Someone approaches them from behind)
Jet: Hello!
Shane: Aahh! Who are you?
Jet: Captain Jet of the Federation Starship Shark. I just wanted to see what's the big deal about this ship. I haven't been able to get any schematics for it.
Kugo: You just want one for your own ship.
Jet: I think there are illegal technologies on it, and I intend to find out and expose you.
Shane(shapeshifts a metallic arm): I don't care if you are a Captain, I will slap you silly unless you leave.
Jet(backs off): Ohhh, heh, heh... you're a Changeling. --Aahh!!!
(He runs off)
Shane: I get that a lot.

(Three Doctors get to work in Sickbay, each trying to find their own cure. Two bodies left over from autopsy's are in the middle of Sickbay on beds. Horis' body is quickly turning to ashes)
Bashir: You are going about this all wrong! The effects of deterioration are occurring at a cellular level.
Crusher: But we still have to determine how it's being transmitted. It's not through touch, and it's not airborne.
Bashir: We've tried everything!
Lox: Can we patch the cellular holes with human genes?
Crusher: Listen, Doctor Lox. I know this is your crew, but maybe you should just let Bashir and I handle this.
Lox: You're just saying that because I'm dangerously unqualified.
Bashir: Yeah, that's pretty much it.
Crusher: Besides, we've tried that idea. It didn't work well.
(They pause, thinking. Keno enters Sickbay, new to the disease)
Keno: I have it... I'm going to die!!
Lox: Wait! What if we patch them up with their own genes?
Crusher: We never tried that...
Lox: I have the whole crew's on storage.
(He downloads a chemical and Keno's gene sample into a hypospray, and applies it to Keno)
Keno: What are you doing...?
(His skin starts healing)
Keno: Hey... you did it!!
(Lox takes out a backpack. He connects a tube from it to the computer, filling its inner compartments with individual gene samples from every person in the crew)
Crusher: How did you think of that?
Bashir: That's amazing.
Lox: Well, I am the man. How's my hair doing?

(Ensign Billy lies, exhausted from the disease, hidden behind the computer frame on Transporter Room 3. Captain Jet beams in)
Jet: Hm. Nobody here...

(Jet leaves and makes his way to the Shuttle Bay. He sneaks past the Matt and Shane and goes inside the Eluvae Ship)
Jet: Yes! Evidence.
(He takes the Helm and activates the thrusters. The Ship hovers above the floor)
Illia(wakes up): ...The shadow man... Beware of it...
Jet: What?
Illia: Lis-- listen to-- me!! The... the-- sha--- jumps from person... to person-- person.
(He notices three Eluvae people lying on the floor of the Bridge)
Jet(trying to fly): What are you talking about?
Illia: It jumps! Let it live!

(Lox hands a backpack filled with cures vials to Bashir. Bashir runs off to cure people)
Lox(preparing his own backpack): Almost there...
Ensign Dan(enters): I'm not feeling so good, Doc.
Lox: You have to help me cure people.
Ensign Dan: Doctor, how did I get this disease? I was just trying to help Kortos... when... when...
(Yeltso enters Sickbay)
Yeltso: Hey.
(A humanoid semi-transparent black entity sticks its head and shoulders out of Ensign Dan's side, as if it were inside Ensign Dan)
Lox(drops a hypospray): Oh my God...
(The Shadow Man hops out of Ensign Dan, through the air, into Yeltso)
Lox: Did you just see that?
Yeltso: See what?
Ensign Dan: Huh? Doctor, I'm feeling really sick.
Yeltso(looks around): Whoa. My insides are starting to hurt...
(She grabs her stomach and falls to her knees in pain)
Ensign Dan: What the...? What the hell is that?
(He sees the Shadow Man leap out of Yeltso and out through the wall)
Lox: I think it's a parasite.

(Jet flies the Eluvae Ship out of the Shuttle Bay and into space. Matt and Seifer are left in the Shuttle Bay)
Seifer: Where did the Eluvae Ship go?
Matt(lifts his foot): It's not under here.

(The Eluvae Ship heads for Earth's atmosphere. Captain Jet starts feeling his skin burning)
Jet: Yes! Now they'll be exposed--- Uh! ...My skin... Ah! Aahh!! Aaahhh!!!
(He gets the shadow disease)

Shane: I still can't unlock it.
(Shane and Kugo are still on Earth trying to get into the Angel Wing)
Kugo: Argh! I'm getting impatient!!
Shane: Calm down pointy-eared woman.
Kugo: Okay, the Captain said that only Lox's voice authorization is needed to activate it.
Shane: Yeah?
Kugo: Well can't you change your voice!?
Shane: Ohhh, I see where you're going.
(He starts doing impressions of past Earth Presidents)
Shane: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
Kugo: No!! Make your voice sound like Lox's!!!
Shane: Ohhhhh... Very smart Kugo; no wonder you used to be an assassin.
Kugo: Thanks. I get that a lot.

(Daniel approaches Kayl on the Bridge)
Daniel: What's happening?
Kayl(steps back): I-- I can sense it again. The Trump is back.
Daniel: Where?
Kayl: I don't know... It's just here somewhere!!
(She is aggravated with her senses)

Lox: Where is it?
(Lox walks down a hallway with bodies of crewmembers lying all over the floors, weak but still alive. He starts giving cures one person at a time)
Kortos: Uughh... Where-- is-- what?
Lox: The Shadow Entity.
(The Parasite Shadow Man leaps from out the walls of the Shuttle Bay entrance into Kortos)
Kortos(feels more pain): Argh!!
Lox: ........It's harnessing the disease.
(He presses a hypospray to Kortos. The Parasite is forced to leap out. It jumps into the next person further on)
Kortos(gets better): You may have cured me, but you still have dishonoured the other Klingons by your late actions.
Lox: But I saved your life.
Kortos: You will only find honour in sacrificing your own life now.

(Lox moves on to the next body; Seifer)
Seifer(weak): It got me... Ugh... I saw it. --My Symbiont is dieing...
Lox: Don't worry Commander. I have the cure. I hope it kills that shadow entity.
(He prepares a hypospray from the backpack)
Seifer(grabs Lox's shirt): No!! --The Eluvae said-- that to "Let it live!"
Lox: Why!? It's what killed them!
Seifer: Because-- they said that aggravating the shadow entity aggravated the Trump... This shadow thing is like an annoying bug the Trump want to squat.
(Lox takes out the hypospray)
Seifer: That's why their planet was destroyed. The Eluvae were trying to kill the shadow entity too, but ended up giving away the shadow thing's location to the Trump!
Lox: I don't care. I have to cure everyone...!

(He gives Seifer a hypospray. The Parasite gets scared and leaps over to the next body. It jumps around from body to body and back again, housing its disease, deteriorating the crew)
(Parasite): Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! ....HHhhhhhhhhhssssss.......
Lox: You won't be able to go back into the bodies I have cured.
(Lox keeps curing person after person, as the Parasite keeps hopping away into the next person. Lox is flushing the Parasite out)
(Parasite): Hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! SSSssssssss........

(Kugo and Shane open the windows of the Angel Wing, looking out into the ocean)
Shane: Thrusters online.
Kugo: Okay, let's....
(She looks out the window as the huge Trump creature rises out of the Atlantic Ocean. They are forced to look way up as it drips huge amounts of water)
(Trump): UUuuuuhhhhhhgggg.

(The Pacific Environmental Control Office reads the huge alien)
Jack: Hey there's a huge creature coming out of the Ocean.
Dave: Heh. Well whaddaya know... How'd you figure we miss that?
Jack(shrugs): I dunno.
(They just sit there)

Red: Aaarrghhh!!!
(Red stands in the hallways in the sea of recovering bodies, as the Parasite hops into him)
Lox(runs over): Red!!
Red(covers his ears): I can't hear anything else! This high-pitched noise is---!!! AAaaaaahhhh!!!
Lox: That's what you were hearing... The Parasite!
(He quickly looks out the window, seeing the Trump rising from Earth's surface)
Lox: That noise is what's attracting the Trump...
Red: Aaaaahhh!!! Yes, you've figured it out! Now stop this noise!!!
(Lox gives Red the hypospray. The Parasite leaps out into Lox, having no where else to go)
Lox(grabs his stomach): Argh!! --It's in me now!
Red(falls to his knees, covering his ears): I can still hear it--!!

(The Captain walks to the centre of the Bridge)
Daniel: ...On screen.
*(The Trump swims around out of the atmosphere towards the Phoenix-X. It emits a radiation field)
Armond: Captain, it's emitting a field that's acting like a tractor beam. We can't move.
Daniel: Okay.
(He concentrates his powers, making a flash knock the Trump off course. The Trump shakes its head and continues moving on towards the Phoenix-X)
Armond: The field's down.
(Daniel quickly jumps into the seat at Helm, moving the Phoenix-X down towards Earth's atmosphere)
Armond: It's following!
(The Trump trails the Phoenix-X along the atmosphere; both start burning)
Armond(scans): It's loading some kind of weapon.
(The Trump jerks its front end back, spitting out a thick beam. The Phoenix-X ducks the beam, as the Trump fires another)
Daniel: Hold on.
(He rolls the Phoenix-X to the left, firing two torpedoes back at the Trump. The Trump is hit, but not injured. It shakes it off and moves on)
Daniel: Nothing stops this thing!

(The Angel Wing suddenly emerges out from Earth, passing the Trump and heading for the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: Good. It doesn't even care about us.

(The Parasite continues its high-pitched screaming inside of Lox. Lox is weak and makes his way to the Transporter Room)
Lox: --Must... must get off the ship--
(He looks at the scans on the Transporter Panel, noticing the medship)
Lox: The Angel Wing!
(He turns the Transporters on and beams himself out)

Kugo: Doctor?
(Lox beams into the Angel Wing)
Lox: I-- have to-- have to flush the Parasite out...
(The Parasite gets excited and jumps around between Lox, Kugo, and Shane)
Shane: Aahh!!
(His liquid begins to boil)
Shane: Aahh!! What is this thing??
(The Parasite keeps jumping in and out of them, excited with its disease)
Lox(goes to the Helm): There's only three of us here... I can't just leave the Parasite with us...
(He looks outside into space and sees the Eluvae ship in the distance)
Kugo: What's that ship doing out here?
Lox: That's it! The gene samples! All the Parasite needs are cells to harness its disease.
Kugo: Are you speaking of the vials of Eluvae gene samples?
Lox: Yes.

(Lox takes the Parasite and beams onto the adrift Eluvae ship. Captain Jet is at the Helm, passed out and almost deteriorating)
Lox: Huh...?
(The Parasite jumps around excitedly between Lox and Jet. Lox waits for the Parasite to jump back into him and quickly beams Captain Jet back onto the Angel Wing)

Kugo(taps her commbadge): We've got him.
**Lox: Okay.
(They put Jet into one of the Healing Chambers)

Lox(walks over): ...
(He passes dead bodies and approaches the shelves of DNA samples on the wall)
Lox(takes out a hypospray and cures himself): ...Argh!!
(Parasite): AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! HHHHHhhhhhhsssssssssss!!!
(The Shadow Parasite leaps from Lox into the vials. It hops around vial after vial excitedly)
(Parasite): Aaaaaaaahhhh!!! AAaaaaahhh!!! Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!!! HHhhhhssss!!!

(The Phoenix-X dives around, with the Earth's surface rolling around above it, and fires again at the Trump)
Armond: Direct hit.
(The Trump is flaming due to the atmosphere re-entry. It hears the screams of the Parasite and suddenly heads for the small Eluvae ship in the distance)
Daniel: What's it doing now?
Seifer(enters): It's found the Parasite again.

(Lox quickly beams back onto the Angel Wing, leaving the Eluvae ship to speed off alone into space. The Trump follows it, spitting out its energy beam. The Eluvae ship explodes into pieces)
(Trump): Uuuuuhhhgg.
(The Trump, still flaming, speeds off having finished its business. It finally cloaks out of sight)

Kayl: It's gone.
(The Bridge is quiet, as the Angel Wing docks the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: Casualties...?
Armond(checks sensors): 14 deaths... 158 are sick, but are recovering...
(The view screen is activated)
*Cloud: What's going on?
Daniel: Nothing Admiral, we have everything under control.
*Cloud: Okay. You aren't just saying that to get me out of the way?
Daniel: Actually, yeah.
*Cloud: You idiots!! Did you get the Angel Wing?
Seifer(checks): It's in Shuttle Bay 2.
*Cloud: Good. Don't lose any of its technologies!! Cloud out.

(Matt enters the Transporter Room to beam Bashir and Crusher out)
Matt: Aren't you guys needed in other ship's or space stations?
(Bashir and Crusher glance at each other)
Crusher(shrugs): Yeah.
Bashir: We go where we're needed. If there's trouble we'll be there.
Matt: Oookkaayy...
(He beams them back to Earth)

Red: The Doctor actually came through for us.
(Red enters the Briefing Room where The Captain is alone)
Daniel: Yeah, I noticed.
Red: I used to think he was a useless fool who didn't know what he was doing.
Daniel: Yeah right. You depended on his help. I can see right through you, Red.
Red(points): Now you are the fool!!!
Daniel: What?
Red(gets scared): Nothing.
Daniel: I knew they gave us Lox for a reason. I just have this bad feeling that the Admiral has some conniving plans for him in the future, with the whole Angel Wing thing.
(He sits back)
Daniel: He may be waiting for me to stand Lox out before the rest.
Red: The Admiral will take notice in him when you give Lox his medal of valour.
Daniel: Yeah, that's why I'm not going to.

(Monique enters Sickbay, where the Doctor is cleaning up)
Monique: Thanks for everything.
Lox: Thanks? I almost beamed myself into space for you people!! Please knock some sense into me next time I decide to do a thing like that.
Kayl: It's too bad you had to let the Trump destroy all the Eluvae's gene samples. There was one vial for every animal and plant species.
Lox: No, I made copies of them.
(He opens a wall of shelves with vials of liquid)
Kayl: Oh my God... What are you going to do with all that?
Lox: Find an uninhabited planet and then-- clone the species.