Spin-off 4A

Tsunami, Part I

Stardate 57035.3

Captain McCary enters the Bridge.
McCary: "Status?"
Deborah: "Everything is normal, sir."
McCary: "Has the new Councillor arrived yet?"
Deborah: "Yes, sir... The Shuttle Craft Leveon just arrived."
McCary: "Oh man. I hope she's not like the last Councillor."
Deborah: "What was wrong with Lastman?"
McCary: "He kept... coming on to me!"
Morris, walks over: "Captain, I'm sure he was just doing his job."
McCary: "It was a pass. He placed his hand on my shoulder. That was a pass!"

Just then, Councillor Silana enters the Bridge. She is an El Aurian.
Silana: "Hello, I'm Councillor Silana..."
McCary, walks over and shakes her hand: "Hey... Uhh, so, do you have that extra sense most El Aurian's do?"
Silana: "That extra-sense came only from El Aurians travelling on the SS Lakul who were trapped in the Nexus."
McCary: "No kidding? I thought it was a super power or something."
Silana: "...A superpower?"
McCary: "Uhh, I mean... a genetic ability."

Bang!! ...The Tsunami is hit by something, and the entire ship shakes.
Morris: "What was that??"
Deborah, checks: "Scans are picking up a strange organic protoplasm flying with us, off the port bow."
She gets an image of it on screen. The Dark Gue is about the size of a persons fist and bubbles oddly.
McCary: "What is that thing?"
Deborah: "I don't know, Captain, but it left a part of itself on our hull."
She changes the view to an angle of the upper hull of the Tsunami. A circling black residue eats away the tritanium.
Ralph: "That doesn't look so good."
McCary: "All stop."
Ralph: "Aye, sir."

The Tsunami stops in space. Following that, the Dark Gue stops and sits in space, watching them.

Morris: "It's not doing anything now."
McCary: "Hmm... Commander Morris, Lieutenant Deborah, I want you to find out all you can on that substance on our hull."
Morris: "We're on it."
McCary: "Lieutenant Ralph..."
He walks over to the Helm where Ralph is sitting.
McCary: "...I think it's time to play the staring game..."
Ralph: "Yes, sir!"
He stares hard at the Dark Gue floating in space, on screen.
McCary: "Good job."