Episode 32

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The Nega'Jem, Part I

(Ensign Dan marches into the Captain's Ready Room where both the Commander and Captain are talking)
Ensign Dan(holding a Padd): What is this?!
Daniel(shakes his head): That's a Padd.
Ensign Dan: These are orders from Commander Seifer that my onboard duties have changed!!
Daniel: Is this true, Commander?
Seifer: Yeah. Someone has to fix the ship's sonic toilets.
Ensign Dan: I have been working on the Science Team for 6 years already!! ...7 if you include the time I donated my body.
Seifer: Exactly! You're such a humanitarian.
Ensign Dan: Humans are humanitarian! I get very angry when people make my decisions for me...
Seifer(shrugs): Well you're in luck. Only one person made the decision for you.
Ensign Dan: Ghghh!?? --Captain, tell him he's way out of line.
Daniel(using a padd, managing someone else's wedding): Hey, I don't get involved in other people's affairs.
Ensign Dan(holds up his hand): Okay fine! I can understand the job... And yes, I may be able to do it with unusual pleasure. --But I can't operate on a ship where you people do things to other people without asking!!
Seifer(gives him a Padd): I was checking your family reunion records and invited your parents over to the ship in case over the past 4 years they might've missed you too much.
Ensign Dan(pulls his hair): Aaahh!!!
(He runs out the Ready Room)
Seifer(looks at Daniel): He's probably going to get a hair cut.

(Admiral Theseus is on screen on the Main Bridge)
*Theseus(holds a Padd): I just read this report on the Nega'Jem. --I can't believe you people allowed aliens from another Universe into ours, and then just let them go!!
Armond(shrugs): Neither could I, but here we are.
*Theseus: If Starfleet finds out about this, it'll be my ass in a food decompiler.
Armond: Alright, alright. We'll get on it, sir.
*Theseus: Make sure they're all dead!!
Armond: Are you sure, sir? Making people dead isn't exactly a Starfleet thing.
*Theseus(scratches his head): Yes, I know. But it's so much more final. That way they don't come back for revenge and stuff.
Armond: Sir, we're supposed to be the good guys here. Where's your sense of goodness?
*Theseus: I lost all my senses to the wife.
Armond: Well, when Starfleet finds the Federation signature beside the scattered debris of destroyed Nega'Jem ships, I guarantee you'll get them all back.
*Theseus: Aahh!! --I mean, --Aahh!! ...Okay, fine. I want you people to round up those Nega'Jem and send them back to their own Universe. --No debris!!!
Armond: Aye, sir.

(Two Nega'Jem logo's move toward an asteroid cluster on an on screen computer diagram)
Daniel: Our mission is to stop these two Nega'Logo's from the continual interference of our computer generated diagrams.
(The senior staff is sitting around the table in the Conference Room)
Matt(raises his hand): Don't we have to stop the actual ships?
Daniel: No!!
(He checks the Mission Padd again)
Daniel: Oh, we do.
Armond(points to the screen): Long-range sensors indicate a pack of 6 Nega'Jem Attack Ships in this area where my finger is pointing.
(Everyone looks)
Kugo(kicks him): Your finger's in the way!!
Daniel(turns to the crew): There should only be 6 Nega'Jem that came over with us more than a year ago. Because of the excess mass of those ships, the Portal between Universes disintegrated.
Red: We may have to locate another Iso-Star to create that Portal.
Seifer: During my experiences in the Time-Loop, I was able to find one. I think I can bring us to it.
Daniel(nods): Agreed.
Kayl: Captain, I believe that it is important to get rid of these Nega'Jem as soon as possible. Reports over the past year say they have been plundering and pillaging other cultures; including four Federation Planets and three underdeveloped pre-Warp civilizations.
Daniel: Understood. We're going to have to split Vectors. --Commander, I want you to take Vector 2 and use the Ultra-Transwarp to create a Conduit for us to the Iso-Star.
Seifer: Aye.
Daniel: The rest of us will deal with the Nega'Jem...
(He turns to his crew in a serious manner)
Daniel: We must maintain diplomacy as our first option at all times.
<<(Everyone brakes out laughing hysterically)>>
Daniel(wipes a tear from his eye): Okay seriously; Armond, make sure all the Torpedo Launchers are fully loaded.

(The Phoenix-X initiates the Decoupling Sequence, and the ship splits into three Vectors. Vectors 1 and 3 turn and head in one direction while Vector 2 turns and heads in another direction)

(Meanwhile.... A soldier approaches the Fleet General of the Ceavon Homeworld)
Mekia: General!! Our forces were defeated and most of our cities have been demolished!!
Ozio: Again?! ...We have the worst luck.
Mekia: It was a renegade fleet called the Nega'Jem!!
Ozio(gets a dust pan): Look, either complain or pick up a mop and help clean up these cities.

(Vectors 1 and 3 slow to impulse and manoeuvre their way through an Asteroid Cluster to its centre. They approach five Nega'Jem Starships)
Daniel: Nega'Jem Starships, this is Captain Daniel... Beware the wrath of the Phoenix-X...
Kayl: Who you talking to, Captain? The communications channel hasn't been opened yet.
Daniel: Well open it.
Kayl(presses a button): Channel open.
Daniel: Nega'Jem Starships, this is Captain Daniel... Beware the wrath of the Phoenix-X...
(Daniel presses a button at Tactical, firing two warning shots past the Nega'Jem. The Nega'Jem just sit there)
Red: No response.
Daniel: Do you think they're asleep?
Kayl(walks over): Captain... I sense some kind of Omnipotent presence...
Daniel: Uhhh, yeah, Kayl. That would be me.
Kayl: No! Another one.
Daniel: Another one?? --Red... is there something you haven't been telling me?
Red: No, sir.
Daniel: Maybe if I try using my powers, I can get some kind of response.
(Daniel concentrates his X-power through momentary meditation, until he's suddenly knocked out of focus by an alien flash of light)
Daniel: Ah!
Kayl: I'd say that was a response. It was coming from the Commander of that Lead Nega'Jem vessel, the Apocalypse.
Red: He defies your power, Captain. I believe it was a hostile attempt.
(Daniel works the Targeting Scanners of the Torpedo Launchers in response)
Kayl: No, Captain. I think the response was involuntary. Besides, Red thinks everything is a hostile attempt. On Tuesday, when I offered to walk him to his Diplomacy Classes, he threatened to break my legs.
Daniel: So now you're protecting the Nega'Jem? Make up your mind, Kayl.
(Daniel fires three Photon Torpedoes onto the hull of the Apocalypse)
Red: Hull strength to 91 percent.
(The Apocalypse, along with the other four Nega'Jem Ships, brings their weapons and engines online. They start moving to swarm Vector 1)
Daniel: Aahh!! --I mean--I wanted this to happen... Excellent...

(Vector 3 sits deep in Asteroids, watching the Nega'Jem move in on V1)
Armond(gestures): We have to help them. Engage.
Shane(at Helm): Aye, sir.
(Shane moves the Vector forward, slamming the nose into a huge rock)
Armond: ...Yeah, and manoeuvre while you're at it.
Shane: Oh you just want everything today, don't you?
(Vector 3 backs up and swoops forward past under the rock towards the swarm of Nega'Vessels in the distance. V3 fires on them)
Matt: Direct hit on two ships. They're coming around.
Armond: Brace for impact!!
(There's not impact)
Matt: They passed us and went for Vector 1.
Armond: Great; and all that bracing for nothing.
Shane: I think we have to get their attention...
(They take Vector 3 through the swarm, towards the wall of asteroids. V3 locks a tractor beam onto a huge rock and heads around back towards the swarm of Nega'Jem)
Matt: The egg is ready to hatch...
Armond: Drop tractor beam.
(V3, dragging the asteroid, drops the beam. They pull away as the huge rock slams into two Nega'Vessels, trucking them away from the group)
Shane: Haha.
(One of the three Nega'Jem, swarming V1, breaks off and heads for V3)
Matt: I think we got their attention.
Shane: Should we pursue it?
Armond: Seeing how they're three times bigger than us... No.
(The Nega'Jem Vessel, the Tekken, chases V3 deep into the asteroid cluster. The rocks all around seem to radiate at their presence)
Armond: We have to head for Vector 2's Transwarp Conduit.
(The Tekken and Vector 3 fire back and forth at each other; when suddenly all the various rocks in the asteroid cluster spit out long green wavy tentacles)
Shane: Aaahh!!! Oh that's just disgusting.
(V3 and the Tekken try to manoeuvre the reaching tentacles until they're both caught by a bunch of them)
Armond(braces impact): They've got us!
Matt: Impulse engines are not strong enough to break free. I do not recommend we go to Warp or we'd break ourselves.
Armond: What the hell are these things??
Shane: Whatever they are, they've got the Tekken too.
Shane: Haha.

(Vector 2 speeds through space)
Kugo(points): How about here?
Seifer: No.
Kugo(points again): Well, what about this area of space?
Seifer: No way. I always get a rash when I'm there.
Kugo(walks away): Well then why don't you tell me where we should start the Transwarp Conduit!?
(Seifer browses through the stellar maps, on screen)
Seifer: Here's the best place. Right near the Conduit Planet. They based their whole economy on building hallways for many office's and recreational centres.
Kugo(looks at him): You don't get out much, do you?
(Vector 2 takes a right turn and speeds its way towards the area of space)
Seifer(at Helm): Approaching co-ordinates. Are the Transwarp Emitters online?
Lox(at Diagnostics): Yes, sir.
Seifer: Good. --What the--?? Why are you monitoring the Transwarp Procedure?
Lox: Well someone has to. You can't just leave these things alone.
Seifer: But you're the Doctor!
Lox: Yeah, I know. I'm expanding my horizons. I thought I didn't have to tell you. Isn't that the way things work on this ship?
Seifer: Don't give me that irony crap! This isn't a developing story.
Kugo: Commander, the plot is thickening. I'm reading a subspace distortion off the forward bow. It's a Transwarp Conduit.
Seifer: Good. --What the--?? Why is there already a Transwarp Conduit here?
Lox: Well it was bound to happen. You can't just leave these places alone.
Kugo: These are the best co-ordinates to get to that Iso-Star, sir.
Seifer(nods): True. --Let's ride this out. Maybe we'll find more clues as to who put this here.
(Vector 2 stretches, accelerating into the Transwarp Conduit. The existence all around the Vector becomes a green-like wormhole)
Lox: It may not be one of ours, but it holds up to our standards.
Seifer: Good observation, Doctor.
Kugo: Hey! I made that observation a few seconds ago and he stole it!
Seifer: Uh! I never thought you could be so vain, Kugo.
(A Nega'Jem Vessel gains on the Vector from behind)
Kugo: Commander, I'm picking up a Nega'Jem in the Conduit. It's registry, the Zidane.
Seifer: I guess that explains who made the Conduit.
Lox: The Nega'Jem have Transwarp capabilities?
Seifer: The Nega'Jem have a lot of capabilities we don't know about. For example, intelligence reports indicate no evidence of possible toilet functions on their ships.

(Vector 1 dodges flailing tentacles left and right, while being chased by two Nega'Jem Ships)
Red: Where did all these tentacles come from??
Daniel: Don't talk, just drive.
(V1 swoops over a small asteroid and then under a huge asteroid towards clear space in the distance)
Red: 15 seconds until we're clear the asteroid belt.
(A tentacle smacks the passing by ship)
Red: That is if we are still in one piece.
Kayl: Captain, we have only two Nega'Ships on our tail.
(They fire pulse phasers at Vector 1)
Daniel: What, you want more?
Kayl: Our goal is to rally all the Nega'Jem!
(The ships shakes with rattling noise everywhere)
Daniel(speaks above noise): ...I know! ...I didn't forget! --for too long. ...Maybe for a couple minutes. ...But then I remembered again.
(A long tentacle anticipates the Vector's passing and tries swinging for it; Vector 1 pulls around full circle and heads back towards the centre of the asteroid belt. The two Nega'Jem Ships pull around and follow)
Kayl: I'm detecting two Nega'Ship's behind a slow moving asteroid. They're just sitting there, letting it push them.
Red: These Nega'Jem really have slow reactions.
Daniel: Tractor them; I have a feeling that'll wake them up.
(V1, along with the chasing two Nega'Ship's, speed around the huge moving asteroid with the two other sleeping Nega'Ship's)
Kayl: Engaging tractor beam...
(Vector 1 slams a tractor beam on one of the sleeping Nega'Ship's, fits it under the other Nega'Ship, and drags both Nega'Ship's out from the asteroid's grasp.)
Kayl: Got 'em.
Daniel: Don't ever say we never did anything for the Nega'Jem.
(V1 drops the beam and speeds off. The original two Nega'Jem continue to chase them. The sleeping two Nega'Jem bring their engines and weapons online and jump back into the chase)
Kayl(checks sensors): Four on our tail.
Daniel: Good.
Red: Weren't there six Nega'Jem Ship's all together?
Kayl(looks up): I thought there were only five in this area?
Daniel: No thinking!! Besides, the other Vectors should be taking care of them. I think we have a good catch already.

(Meanwhile on one of the chasing Nega'Jem Ship's...)
Baek(looks over): Hey, you think we're being lured?
(His colleague thinks about it for a sec)
Ganryu: Nah.

(Vector 1 and the four chasing Nega'Vessel's zip by, not noticing the sitting Vector 3 and the Nega'Jem Starship Tekken, wrapped by the asteroids' tentacles)
Matt(taps the computer panels): I can't free us. Weapons, transporters, and cloak offline.
Shane(looks around): That's okay. I can see myself living out the rest of my days here.
Armond: Our first priority is the Nega'Jem Vessel. Maybe you two can take it over... You know, with your special abilities and stuff?
(Shane and Matt cross their arms and glance at each other)
Shane: So... the sheep come crawling back, eh?
Armond: Just do it!!

(Shane and Matt open a hatch on the outside of the hull. They look out at space, the asteroids, and the tentacles wrapped around the Nega'Ship in the distance.)
Matt: Everything's a lot bigger in space...
Shane: Just hold on to me. I've developed a method of shape shifting a type of propulsion.
Matt: It doesn't come out of your butt, does it?
Shane: Uhh... Not anymore.

(Matt activates his Armlet and creates a force field around him, locking in breathable oxygen. He grabs onto Shane as they both leap away from the ship. They soar through space. An unaware tentacle nearly hits them, but pulls away. Matt and Shane slam onto the hull of the Tekken. Shane liquefies his arm into a spike and stabs into the hull, cutting an opening)

(Armond gets a communiqué)
*Matt: We're in.
Armond: So keep going! I don't know why you have to tell me every little thing you do.
*Matt: But I just thought a report--
Armond: No!! Get back to work.

(Matt and Shane walk down a hallway in the Tekken. There are Vorta workers everywhere)
Shane: They don't seem to care about us.
Matt: It's starting to hurt my feelings...
(Two Jem'Hadar looking aliens step off a shafty turbolift. They aim their pulse rifles at Shane and Matt)
Shane: I'm not afraid. You still have your force field up.
Matt: No, those are drained.
(The Nega'Jem blast a couple shots at them, as they jump out of the way. Matt fires two spikes into the Nega'Jem's rifles; disabling them. Shane liquefies around and knocks them unconscious.)
Matt(taps his comm.): Matt to Armond--
*Armond: Just do your job!!
(Matt shrugs. He gets on the turbolift with Shane and move up to the Bridge. There are Nega'Jem all over the Bridge, operating it. Shane liquefies around the room, knocking Jem's out; Matt aims his Armlet around, firing spikes at them)
Shane(takes form and pushes a Jem off the Helm): I never thought it was so easy.
Matt: We could do this 'taking over thing' for a living.
Shane: Okay!
Matt: No, let's just keep it as a fallback.

(The Nega'Jem Starship Zidane chases and fires at Vector 2 in Transwarp)
Kugo: The Zidane is gaining on us.
(The Vector shakes)
Kugo: Shields down to 23 percent.
Seifer: Return fire!!
(Vector 2 fires three torpedoes from behind, but the Zidane spits out three torpedo neutralizers on them)
Seifer: #@$%!! --Okay, okay, okay. Let's not consort to 'at'-signs and 'pound'-signs...
(The Vector shakes)
Kugo: Shields down.
*Computer: Warning. Intruder alert. Intruder alert.
(Invasion groups of Vorta, each group lead by a Nega'Jem, beam onto deck after deck of the Vector)
Lox: We should consider the self-destruct option!!
Seifer: Good. --What the--?? Why would you suggest that?
Lox: Well someone has to. You can't just leave these things unsuggested.
(Five Vorta and a Nega'Jem beam onto the Bridge with Pulse Rifles. They fire at Seifer)
Seifer(jumps out of the way): Ah!!
(Everyone looks as the pulse blows a hole in the viewscreen. Kugo windmills her foot back, kicking the rifle off the Nega'Jem Commander. She jabs her heal into the Jem's shin, crippling him to the floor, while catching the falling rifle)
Kugo: Baby says goodnight.
(She pumps out five pulses at each Vorta, blowing them into large pieces. Lox and Seifer block their faces from hurling internal organs and body parts)
Seifer: Yuck!! What kind of Romulan-Assassin-disguised-as-a-Vulcan are you??
(Kugo dislodges the empty power cells in the rifle)
Kugo: The good kind.

(Doctor Lox makes his way through the Vector to his Sickbay. He enters just as a Klingon jabs a Bat'leh into the shoulder of a Vorta)
Lox: Not in my Sickbay!! I have to clean this up you know.
Amos: Do not complain!
(The Klingon Officer leaves Sickbay with the dead Vorta bodies all over the floor)
Lox: Great.
(The Nega'Jem Commander is beamed to a table in Sickbay. Lox immediately puts medical equipment on its forehead, neck, and temple. Seifer and Kugo enter)
Kugo: The Klingon Teams have the invasion under control.
Seifer: What are you doing, Doctor?
Lox: Mind probe. It's my own technique. I can extract valuable tactical information for you.
(Lox shows Seifer the computer screen)
Lox: I tap into the part of his brain where he keeps all his known facts.
(The computer starts listing information)
Seifer: Whoa!!
Kugo: You really are a different kind of Doctor, aren't you?

(Vector 3 and the Tekken continue to be strung by the tentacles from the asteroids. Armond works the internal controls)
*Shane: Commander, we have successfully taken over the Tekken. It seems that the Nega'Jem are responsible for seeding the asteroids with these tentacle life forms.
Armond: Understood. --Remember; that ship is very important. We must maintain it until we can get it to the other Universe.
(The large tentacle wrapped around it suddenly crushes the ship. The Tekken brakes in half and various pieces float away)
Armond: Oh crap.
(Matt and Shane open a hatch on the hull of the Bridge section of the Tekken and abandon ship. They float across space, dodging debris, until they reach Vector 3. The Vector shakes like crazy as Shane and Matt enter the Bridge)
Matt: What the--??
Armond(holds on): It's the life forms. They're going to crush us!!

(The Zidane stops firing at Vector 2 to divert all its power to its Transwarp Emitters. The green Conduit the two ships are travelling through begins to shake like crazy. Seifer and Kugo get to the V2 Bridge)
Kugo: The Nega'Jem are destabilizing the Transwarp Conduit!!
Seifer: Aahh!! We're all gonna die!!!
Kugo: It's nice to know you still have hope, Commander.
(The Conduit all around, fluxuates and distorts. The front noses of Vector 2 and the Zidane begin to flame with plasma)
Kugo(taps the panels): I'm dropping Transwarp.
(Vector 2 enters normal space in a stretch; and the Zidane follows. They speed away as the Transwarp Conduit implodes and then explodes all in subspace. The subspace explosion momentarily fills the blackness of that part of space with a white luminescence. The ships retain no damage)
Kugo: We've totally ruined this part of space for transmissions of any kind.
Seifer: That's okay. As long as I'm --I mean, we are alive.
(The Tekken fires; shaking Vector 2 like crazy)
Seifer: We're under attack!
Kugo: Commander, I do not believe we have the capabilities to withstand a battle with these people.

(The Apocalypse leads three other Nega'Jem Ships as they speed through space after Vector 1. They start to gain on them)
Red: ...They are starting to gain on them... --I mean, us.
Daniel(at Navigation): That's okay. I've located a Phoenix-X Alert Probe. It's the Commander's.
Kayl: Captain. I sense the Commander of the Apocalypse's emotions. ...He's... laughing at you...
Daniel: That stupid moron! I'll laugh right back at him.
Red: Captain! I am picking up a mild subspace distortion... It's the reminiscence of a Transwarp Conduit.
Daniel(checks sensors): What, you mean it was destroyed?
(The Vector stops in front of the area, as the Nega'Jem surround them)
Red(turns around): I do not believe we will be able to get these people to the interdimensional portal...
(Kayl is suddenly possessed. She laughs hysterically)
Kayl: Haahahahaa!!! It's all over, Captain.
Daniel: Come on, Kayl. Be more optimistic.
Kayl: My name, Captain, is Shadow Flare.
Daniel: Kayl, you're not allowed to change your name without contacting Starfleet Command.
Kayl(nudges him): No, I mean I'm from the... you know.
(She motions her head in the direction of the lead Nega'Jem Ship)
Daniel: Ooooohhhhh. Your womanly functions are acting up. Say no more, Kayl.
Kayl: No! I am the Commander of the Apocalypse possessing the body of this telepath!!
Daniel: You're having what kind of bodily problems?
Kayl: I'm not having problems!! I'm possessing!!!
Daniel: Look, we can get you to a Doctor. Just stay calm.
Kayl: Calm!? That's how you Federation's work, isn't it? You think you own space and when uninvited guests arrive, you calmly escort them away. I guess the Universe isn't big enough for us!?
Daniel: Hey... I'm starting to think you're not Kayl...
Kayl: No, Captain. I am something much more compelling. ...I am the seer.
Daniel(crosses his arms): Really? And what is it that you see...?
Kayl: I see Vector 1, and Vector 2, and Vector 3.... all on the brink of destruction...