Episode 40

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

(Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine of the late Federation Starship Voyager just reach the top of a mountain in the Grand Canyon)

Janeway (as she helps Seven over the ledge): Much different than the holodecks huh?
Seven: I see no purpose in this task.
(They sit down on the ledge and enjoy the view)
Janeway: Just think of it as a test of strength and a building of confidence. I mean, you've conquered a mountain.
Seven: Strength is irrelevant, my borg structure gives me superhuman strength and I have nothing to prove to anyone.
Janeway: Well, I am sorry I brought you up here.
Seven: On the other hand, It is a pleasure as usual to converse with you Admiral.
Janeway: So how are you and Chakotay doing?
Seven: I really don't know, Chakotay and I are not seeing each other. A month after our return, we decided to proceed to our own paths as one would put it.
Janeway: I'm sorry.
Seven: Don't be. I am much more content with what I am doing now.
Janeway: Oh yeah, I heard you are working on a little project of your own.
Seven: That is right. I am currently over at Utopia Planetia with Itcheb developing a new kind of starship. It will be the first starship that is based on borg technology
but more organized with that federation look.
Janeway: I heard it's the shape of a cube.
Seven: That is correct.
Janeway: Oh.
Seven (looks down the mountain): What is that thing coming?
Janeway (pulling out a phazer): I don't know. But whatever it is, we'll be
(Two blobs splash the side of the mountain rising to the ledge where Janeway and Seven are)
Daniel (forming his face and body): Hey, what's up.
(Janeway puts down the phazer)
Shane (also forming his face and body): Hey.
Janeway: You scared us.
Seven: I was merely intrigued.
Shane (talking to Seven through cordical implant): (Well what do we have here. Aren't you the prettiest thing I have ever seen?)
Seven (responding): (You are correct. So you were borg.?)
(Shane explains to Seven what he is and the converse. To the Captain and Admiral, they are just staring at each other.)
Janeway/Daniel (looking at Shane and Seven): Ooookayyyy.
Daniel: Anyways, what's up. I heard you were climbing the Grand Canyon and just wanted to see what's up. Haven't heard from you since your welcoming party.
Janeway: Oh nothing much. Seven and I are just relaxing and on leave. What are you up to?
Daniel: Yeah, we're on leave too.
Janeway: That's good, so where's Commander Seifer?
Daniel: You know the commander?
Janeway: Well, I knew one of his past symbionts.
Daniel: Oh I see. Well, just wanted to say hi.
**Seifer: Commander to the Captain, we are ready to leave orbit.
Daniel: Understood, wait for my word. Shane, let's get going.
(Shane just nods while still captivated in thought with Seven)
Daniel: Uggh. It was nice seeing you Admiral. Phoenix-X, two to beam up, energize.
(Captain Daniel and Shane get beamed back to the ship on the bridge)
Shane: Ahhh, I wasn't done saying goodbye.
(Shane uses his tendrils and stabs the console to activate main deflector. He amplifies his signal and says goodbye to Seven)
Shane: Okay, now I'm done.
Daniel/Seifer/Armond/Red/Kayl/Ensign Dan: Uggh.
Daniel: Commander, get us out of here.
Seifer: Helm, set course, heading 579 mark 34.
Red: Set.
Seifer: Warp 2...engage.
Red: Aye sir.

(The Phoenix-X engage into warp and stretch into space.)

Armond: We have exited the solar system.
Seifer: Okay Mr. Red, engage Transwarp.
Red: Aye sir.
Seifer (points to Armond): Hit it.
Armond (frustrated): Whoa, are the cargo doors open because I think we just lost respect!
Daniel: Just do it!

(The Phoenix-X cloaks and a Transwarp conduit opens and closes with the
Phoenix-X going through)

Daniel: Commander, I'm going to my ready room. You have the bridge.
Seifer: Very well.
(A couple minutes later)
Seifer: Armond, I'm going down to BOB's. You have the bridge.
Armond: Very well.
(A couple minutes later)
Armond: Red, you have the bridge, I need to go cool off.
Kayl: I can alter the environmental controls on the bridge.
Armond: Uggh, no. Red, you have the bridge.
Red: Very well.
(A couple minutes later)
Red: Kayl, you have the bridge. I have to respond to the call of battle in the battle room.
Kayl: According to my recent sensor readings, I detect no call of battle.
Red: Kayl, it's a figure of speech!
Kayl: Of oourse Commander. Very well.
(A couple minutes later)
Kayl: Ensign Dan, you have the-
Ensign Dan: Yes yes yes! I've been waiting for this day!
Kayl: Ummm, you'll be all right won't you?
Ensign Dan: Yes yes, now go do whatever.
(Ensign Dan bounces up and down on the Captain's Chair)
Ensign Dan: Crewman, on screen!
Crewman: What do you want me to show?
Ensign Dan: Are you questioning my orders?!? You're relieved!...Hahaha!...So much power!

(The Phoenix-X flies cloaked through the conduit to its destination. Meanwhile in
the Captain's Ready Room. The Captain reviews the ship's reports. Then suddenly the lights flicker on and off once. All the console screens go blank and an ancient greek letter is shown on the screen. All through the ship, all the systems stop and show the greek letter Omega. The warp core slows down. The conduit starts to destabilize and dissolves away and the ship is brought to a stop. The ship then decloaks and goes on Red Alert. The Captain goes to the bridge.)

Daniel: Comm-...what the heck are you doing on my bridge?
Ensign Dan (turned the other way): Is that any way to address your superior officer? Get down on your knees..(turns around while yelling)..Captain!?! I mean..
Daniel: Ensign! Get off my bridge now!...Captain to all senior officers, get to the bridge now!

Red (In the battle arena with Matt): Opps.
Seifer (with BOB): Opps.
Kayl: (Opps.) Opps.
Armond: Uggh.
(The Senior officers return to the Bridge)

Daniel: What the heck was Ensign Dan doing on my bridge?
(Seifer/Red/Armond/Kayl all start trying to explain at the same time)
Daniel: Forget it! We'll discuss this later. You guys may be wondering what happened.
Armond: I figured it was the lack of respect.
Daniel: Shut up. By order of Starfleet, I am not at liberty to reveal what is happening and what is going to happen. Level 10 clearance is required.
Seifer/Red/Armond/Kayl: Darn.
Daniel: But.....Admiral Janeway did it for whatever reason she did and we never go by Starfleet rules anyways. You never heard me say that. That's an order!

(A couple minutes go by and all the Senior Officers are in the conference

Daniel: Here's what's happening. This is what we call the Omega Directive. Please refer to the details in the PADD I have given you. This information will remain in this room and will not go past these bulk heads to any of the crew. Understood.
(Everyone agrees)
Kugo: I read about this. Omega is an alternative power source and even may be used as a weapon. It can be compared to the Earth's 20th century Nuclear technology. But on a larger scale. But this was all a theory.
Daniel: Yes, but theory, no. The Omega exists. Sensors indicate it's in a binary star system 2 light years from here. The unsual thing about it is, Omega is so complicated and so ahead of time, that a civilization usually evolves past a warp technology. But this civilization has discovered Omega and is a pre-warp civilization. Much comparable to 20th century Earth.
Seifer: So what's the big deal about this Omega?
Daniel/Kugo: Well-
Kugo: I'm sorry Captain.
Daniel: Yes, the big deal Commander is that Omega is so unstable that if it were to breach, then an explosion would occur with such a magnitude that it would tear space and subspace for light years. Think of a dozen stars going nova in one region at once.
Armond: So that's why the ship did what it did. Stressed me out there for a little bit.
Seifer: So what is the next course of action?
Daniel: Well, we need to neutralize this threat.
Seifer: But the prime directive forbids-
Daniel: The Omega Directive surpasses the Prime Directive. Although, it does not address the fact that this civilization is a Pre-Warp civilization. So to comply with both Directives, we will infiltrate this civilization to neutralize this threat. And to do
this, and ensure confidentiality, the personel in this room will be the ones to do it. Red, set a course to Riza with Transwarp. When we get to Riza, make sure we're
cloaked. Kayl, I want you to transport everyone down to Riza. I'll explain to the crew later. Then we will take the ship back here and neutralize this threat. Dismissed.

(The Phoenix-X drops everyone off at Riza and Transwarp back to their previous coordinates)
Red: The ship feels faster with everyone off.
Matt: Yeah, especially with Crewman Bertha off the ship.
BOB: Hey, she's my best customer.
Matt: Why are you on this mission? I thought the Captain wanted the important officers?
BOB: Hey!
Daniel: Hey, I specifically asked BOB to come with us on this mission because...well...hey BOB, why did I ask you to go on this mission?
Seifer: It's too late now.
BOB: hah!
Daniel: All right, Armond, cloak the ship. Red, put us in synchronous orbit with the
(The ship cloaks and orbits around the planet)
Shane (eyes BOB): I wonder what a borg ferengi looks like?
BOB (moving away): I'm going to be over there now.
Daniel: Armond, give me a report on your sensor readings.
Armond: Well, you're right, this is a pre-warp civilization. I'm reading 4 continents, 2 of which are inhabited. The people on the two continents seem to be divided as of from different government. I'm reading traces of Omega particles. They seem to be shielded by some structure on one of the continents.
Seifer: Hmmm, we need to find out what their intentions with the Omega are and neutralize the threat.
Daniel: I agree, and that's why I'm going down there to find out.
Seifer: But captain, you'll be discovered.
Daniel: I'm a changeling remember, besides, this was originally my mission, this is my responsibility as a Starfleet Captain.
Kayl: But you might need help.
Daniel: That's why I'm taking Matt with me. Matt, your armlet has holo-abilities right?
Matt: Yes sir.
Daniel: Well, you're with me.
Matt: Aye sir.
Armond (hands the captain a PADD): This is what the natives look like. They call themselves the Vernely. All the information is in that PADD.
Daniel: Thanks, Matt, upload this info into your armlet.
Matt: Gotcha. These people look just like fish. They're blue and all scaly.
Daniel: Commander, maintain synchronous orbit and keep a lock on us just in case. Let us know if something comes up. You have the bridge.
Seifer: Aye sir.

(The Captain and Lieutenant beam down in a crowded marketplace. The Captain shapeshifts into a Vernalian and the Lieutenant has a holographic exterior due to
his armlet.)

Daniel: Lieutenant, contact the ship and let them know we're all right.
Matt (talking into his armlet): Phoenix-X transport successful, proceeding on to
Daniel: How's your armlet holding up?
Matt: Everything seems to be running fine.
Daniel: I can feel an immense power? What the heck is that?
(The Captain grabs his head as if in pain)
Matt: My sensors are reading a build up in Omega energy. It's coming 200km due
Daniel: Nyaahh! We miscalculated. We need to get over there.
(Suddenly a huge explosion shakes the ground and a shockwave destroys the buildings around)
Matt: The Omega energy, it's gone.
Daniel: Yeah, I know, was it that explosion? But that was 200km away?
Matt: Yes, it was the explosion.
(Several Vernalians are injured and buried. The alive try to get up around them.)
Daniel: Matt! You are no longer Vernalian!
Matt: Oh no, the radiation from the explosion is interfering with my holo-emmiters. We'll be discovered.
Daniel: Not if I can help it.
(The Captain jumps on Matt, molding around Matt's skin and giving him a Vernalian exterior.)
Matt: Whoa! Freaky!
Daniel: (eeuu, I shouldn't have done that.)
Matt: Whoa, look what I have. That'll surely get the women.
Daniel (a mouth forms in Matt's stomach): Don't even think about it! Just get us back on the ship.
Matt: Right, Phoenix-X, emergency beam out.
**Seifer (sounds staticky): That explosion's radiation is interfering with the targetting sensors. We can't get you out of there for right now. Standby. Phoenix-X out.
Daniel: Darn! That means I'm stuck on you like this for a while.
Matt: Is there anything you can do about an itch I can't reach on my back?...Owe! I said itch it, don't bite it.
Daniel: Look, just get moving. We need to find out what's happening.

(The Daniel/Matt walk through the rubble of the marketplace and come upon the local government of the town. They walk in the remnants of the building, hoping to find some answers)

Daniel: When we get back to the ship, you're taking a sonic shower!
Matt: Shhh, I can't hear the people in that room. Sounds like the local town officials.

(Matt/Daniel listen to the conversation from a crack in the door)

**Snidge: 2 million dead. So much for a surprise attack. Now our enemies know we made an attempt to destroy them with the Omega bomb. Instead, it blew up in our faces.
**Donaven: Sir, intelligence reports are coming in. Our people suspect the enemy is going to retalliate.
**Snidge: I thought we have the only Omega technology.
**Donaven: Apparently not.
**Snidge: Well, there's only one more thing to do. Since the destruction of Yedok, that puts us in charge of the government. Give me the head of military affairs.
**Donaven: May I ask why sir?
**Snidge: If the enemy is going to retaliate, chances are that they have the technology to wipe out our whole continent. So we need to get them before we do. Our scientists have been working on the Sedeko Project.
**Donaven: I heard of that.
**Snidge: Yes, it's the development of a modified Omega bomb. It's in the test stages, even the magnitude has never been calculated.
**Donaven: Rumors say that this bomb could wipe out a planet. Where is it being developed.
**Snidge (looks down): right in our own backyard.

(In the hall)
Security: Hey, what are you guys doing?!?
Matt: Uhhh, we, I mean I uhhh, need to pee?
Daniel: (pee? That's the best excuse you can think of, how do you know these people pee?)
Security: Oh, you dummy, then where's your partner?
Matt: Partner?
Security: Yes, if you're going to pee, there's no way you can do it alone. I'll go with you.
Matt/Daniel: (Oh crap)
(Matt's armlet beeps)
Security: What's that?
Matt: Uhh, that's my communication device. I think my partner found that pee place. I'll see you later.
(Matt scurries off and runs around a corner, gets to a secluded corner and answers the comm)
**Seifer: Ready to beam you up.
Matt: Uggh, it's about time. We're ready.
**Seifer: Where's the captain?
Daniel (speaking from a mouth in Matt's stomach): I'm right here, just beam us up now!
**Seifer: Ooookayyy.

(They are beamed onto the ship and everyone meets in the conference room)

Daniel: Okay, it seems that there are two governments at war and both of them are about to blow the other up. And they both appear to have the same amount of firepower.
Matt: It seems they use a missile type delivery for their weapons.
Armond: We can't get a lock on anything down there. The atmosphere is flooded with Omega particles.
Seifer: Kugo, can you give us a rough estimate on the impact of these two weapons?
Kugo: Well, with the readings that Matt has taken, these Omega bombs are much bigger than the one detonated a couple of hours ago. If only one were to go off, it would set the other one off. The two detonations would create an explosion so big, it would engulf the other planets and tear subspace. The binary stars would go nova as well. All space within 5 light years would be destroyed.
BOB: What would destroyed space look like?
Kugo: There's not enough time in this episode to explain.
BOB: Oh, then what's an episode?
Kugo: Nevermind.
Daniel: Anyways, if these the explosion were to occur, would we have a chance to get away.
Red: My calculations say no. The radiation alone from the planet is effecting the Transwarp drive right now. We wouldn't be able to open a stable enough conduit.
Seifer: How about normal warp power?
Red: It'd take us 10 minutes going warp 9.9, and I don't know how long the engines would last at that.
Kugo: The explosion would engulf the 5 light years in 8 and a half minutes.
Daniel: So we have no choice but to neutralize the threat.
**Armond: Bridge to the Captain, I'm detecting the initiation of a launch of some kind. I'm not sure, the sensors are still giving me some trouble. But if I'm right, then that means they're about to go to war.
Daniel: I'm on my way, battlestations.

(On the Bridge)
Daniel: Armond, decloak the ship, but set the main deflector to scatter their technologies from detecting us. Helm, bring us down.
Red: I beg your pardon?
Daniel: You heard me, my calculations have those two bombs colliding over the north ocean. Bring us over there, full impulse.
Seifer: What do you have planned exactly captain?
Daniel: I'm planning as I go commander. I'm open to any ideas.
(The Phoenix-X drop down below the clouds and follow the course of one of the Omega bombs on course for the other bomb.)
Red: I have the bomb in sight.
Daniel: On screen. Kugo, Armond, is there anyway we can disable that bomb?
Kugo: I'm at a loss of words Captain.
Daniel: Uggh. Then find them!
Ensign Dan: We're all gonna die!!!
(Red turns around and stuns Ensign Dan)
Siefer: Thank you....Hmmm. How about if we reprogram the bomb to defuse? Then we can beam it onto the ship?
Kugo: That's possible, but how?
Armond: How about Shane? I saw him initialize that deflector earlier for Seven Of Nine. He did it faster than anyone can do it on the ship.
Daniel: But that's because he used his borg abilities. Which I told him not to.
Armond: Exactly, he can access the codes and-
Kugo: -change them faster than anyone can.
BOB: Armond, aren't you married?
(Kugo flutters her eyes at Armond for their short bond)
Armond: Umm yes, and to you Kugo, no.
Daniel: Well Shane, get over to that missile and disarm it.
Shane: You want me to get on that missile?
The whole bridge: Yes!
Shane: Fine, don't say I never did anything for this crew.

(Shane beams onto the missile. He shapes his hands into claws to stick on the missile at its high speeds. He then uses his tendrils to access the info. The Phoenix-X maintains its closeness to the missile as Shane works)

(On the Phoenix-X Bridge)
Seifer: Now what do we do about the other missile?
Red: How about we tractor it to outer space and that'll give Shane enough time to disarm that one?
Kugo: If we put a tractor beam to it, it might explode.
Red: Darn!
Daniel: I'll take care of it. Seifer, you're with me. Armond, you have the bridge.
See that you take care of that missile, and watch for Shane.

(Daniel and Seifer take a Jumper and speed to the other missile. Daniel beams
atop the missile as Seifer maintains close distance)

(On the missile)
Daniel: Commander, be sure to keep a lock on me.
**Seifer: Gotcha. You can count on me....What do you plan on doing?

(One of the enemies bases detect some odd anomalies around their missile)
Kreyak: What the heck is that? It's interfering with the missile.

(Daniel molds himself into two fins on the side of the missile. The fins deflect the wind to angle the missile of course towards space.)
Daniel: Commander, this is not going to be enough. Beam me back on the Jumper.
(Daniel is beamed back on the Jumper)

Kreyak: The missile has changed course, but not so much to effect the mission.

Daniel: I've got another idea.
(Daniel concentrates and emits energy towards the missile)

(Over at the other missile)
Shane: Okay, the missile is disarmed. Ready to be beamed back.
(The missile is beamed into the torpedo storage bay. Shane is beamed back on the Bridge)
Shane: That tired me all out.
Armond: Good job, Red, get us over to the Captain.

(The base of the disarmed missile)
Snidge: The missile is gone. Just disappeared from sensors. How is that possible? We're all doomed!
Donaven: I'm a lover, not a fighter!
Kreyak: I better start the detonation sequence. I'm not going to lose that missile.

(On the Phoenix-X)
Kayl: Seems the detonation sequence has been initiated. I calculate we have 5 minutes.
Armond: So much stress!

(The Phoenix-X approaches the other missile and turns around to keep up with it. The Jumper is seen emitting a yellow glow.)
Kayl: That Jumper is emitting some great psycho-kinetic power. I can feel it.
Armond: Kayl, that's why you have the sensor array at your disposal. Use it.

(On the Jumper)
Seifer: Captain, I know you're concentrating and all, but if you're going to do something do it now.
(The Captain starts to emit yellow electric static around his body. Then the Jumper looks like it's emitting a huge energy hand that is grabbing the missile and turning it around toward space. The Captain the falls to the ground in exhaustion. The Jumper rendezvous with the Phoenix-X and the Phoenix-X follow the missile out to space.)
Armond: The Captain did a phenomenal job, but it doesn't matter now. That bomb
is set to blow in 1 minute. And it's on a course for the binary stars.
Seifer: Ahh, got suggestions?
BOB: I have milk.
Seifer: I asked for suggestions, not milk.
(BOB wipes his milk mustache)
(The whole bridge starts to throw suggestions all at once.)
Ensign Dan (yelling over everyone): How about if we open a conduit in front of the missile and send it somewhere else, like to the borg or something?
(The whole bridge is quiet and everyone looks to Commander Seifer.)
Seifer: That sounds like a good idea. Red, Kugo, make it so.
(Everyone stands there stupified.)
Ensign Dan: Well, you heard the commander, get going.
(Everyone makes it so.)
Kugo: Commander, we may have a problem, the space here can't make conduits remember?
Ensign Dan: Uggh!...well what about the space within the binary stars? Shouldn't the radiation be neutralized before it reaches that space cause of the stars?
Kugo: Oh my gosh, when did you know that?
Seifer: Is that possible?
Kugo: Well, theoretically.
Seifer: Then do it.
Kugo: But no one has ever opened a conduit between two stars. I mean, theoretically, the immense gravity from the stars actually magnifies the length of the conduit. But the conduit is squished at the same time by the gravity.
Matt: So an object can go through the conduit much like a wormhole and appear almost instantaneous on the other side.
Kugo: Exactly. But this has never been tested. My theories could be wrong and the bomb would just detonate, killing us all. With my luck, it would magnify the explosion and destroy space within 10 lightyears.
Seifer: Well, this seems like our only hope.
Armond: We have 30 seconds to make a decision.
Seifer: Kugo, make your plan so. Oh yeah, how far exactly can the conduit go to?

(The Phoenix-X speeds in front of the missile and opens a conduit between the stars. The conduit swallows the missile and then the conduit closes, and space is safe once again....The conduit opens in the heart of a borg community in the Beta Quadrant. Several cubes tractor the missile after it sees the Omega technology.)
Queen: Haha, who's the smart one now?
(The missle explodes destroying the whole borg community)

(A couple of days later, the Phoenix-X is cloaked and in orbit around the planet)
(In sickbay)
Lox: The captain is perfectly healthy.
Seifer: Thanks Doctor.
Daniel: That is good news. So do you have a report for me?
Seifer: Yes, Lt. Matt went back down to the surface to destroy the research of all Omega technology. Shane persuaded the memories of some of the scientists that know about Omega. And the bomb in storage has been disarmed and locked in a chamber till we can find something to do with it. Only you and I have clearance to
access that chamber.
Daniel: How about that other bomb?
Seifer: Oh that bomb? Well, let's just say that resistance is futile?

(The Phoenix-X decloaks as it leaves the planet's system and they transwarp into a conduit away)

(A conduit opens beside that one and Seven comes out of the conduit with her Federation Cube)
Itcheb: Sensors show that the Omega threat has been neutralized. There is barely any trace left.
Seven: Uggh! I was so close to perfection.