Episode 29

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Loyalties, Part I

(The Phoenix-X soars through space. Commander Seifer has the Bridge)
Seifer: Go left.
Red: Aye sir.
(Red makes the necessary course corrections)
Seifer: Okay, now go right.
Red: Aye sir.
(Red makes the necessary course corrections)
Seifer: Go left.
Red: Sir!
Seifer(laughs): Just kidding. --Go downwards.
Red: Sir!
Seifer: That's an order Lieutenant!!
Red: Aye sir.
(Red makes the necessary course corrections. The Phoenix-X takes a nosedive, passing by a bunch of alien vessels.)
Seifer: What the heck was that?
Armond: I don't know, sir, but they're tailing us now.
(The alien vessels pursue the Phoenix-X and start firing. Seifer stops the ship and hails the aliens)
Seifer: What do you want?
*Ozio: ...We want what is ours.
(The screen cuts out)
Seifer: Kayl, who are they?
Kayl(checks the computer records): The Ceavon. They are a new species to the Federation. The USS Crucial encountered them three weeks ago while scouting out this area of space.
Seifer: Then whatever is up with them probably has to do with the Crucial. Where is the Crucial located now?
Kayl: Unknown, Commander. The Federation has concealed that information.

(The Ceavon Attack Ships swarm the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X employs Multi-Vector Assault mode. Vector 1 ascends past a bunch of Ceavon Ships and focuses its firing at the lead Ceavon Ship. Vector 1 chases the lead Ceavon Ship away from the battle.)
Seifer: Keep this course, Red.

(One of the Ceavon Battle Ships becomes unstable from hits. It explodes. A large piece of its back section blows past Vector 3, twirls, and then smashes into pieces on Vector 2. Vector 2 sustains structural integrity)
Tong: Lieutenant Commander Kugo! We have casualties on Decks 6 through 8 and we are low on Quantum Torpedoes!
Kugo: Understood. Contact Vector 3.
(The computer acknowledges)
*GoyCho: V3, here.
Kugo: We're getting weak. Can you cover us?
*GoyCho: Negat--ve.
(Communications begin to break up)
*GoyCho: We'-- manouver--ng four Ceav--n Sh--ps.

(It cuts out. GoyCho turns to his crew)
GoyCho: Aim for their Targeting Transceiver.
(The Vector shakes from a cluster of torpedoes)
Kortos(at the controls): It's too small of a crevice on their hull for our torpedoes. We have to take out their weapons systems.
GoyCho: No. Switch to Phasers and continue to aim for their Targeting Systems. Contact V1 and tell them to come back.

(Vector 1 continues to chase the lead Ceavon Ship, half a Light-year away. V1 aims for their Targeting Systems)
Kayl: Commander, Vector 3 is requesting our assistance.
Seifer: What is the status of the Lead Ship?
Armond: They have sustained heavy damage and cannot lock onto us.
(The ship shakes)
Armond: But occasionally they get lucky.
Seifer: Take out their weapon systems.
(The ship shakes again)
Kayl: Shields to 85 percent. --Commander; request to help the others?
Seifer: Hold on. I wanna see a cool explosion!
(Vector 1 pumps out four more Quantum Torpedoes at the Lead Ship. The Lead Ship dives out of the way and heads towards a bunch of white ships in the distance.)
Seifer: Aw man! They dodged it.

(The ships in the distance are doing maintenance to a huge red Communications Array. They detect the lead Ceavon Ship coming for them but don't care about it until the Ceavon Ship starts firing at them. Vector 1 swoops over the Ceavon Ship and locks a Tractor Beam on them)
Kayl: Commander, there are 7 Federation ships out there. The Crucial and the Jenova are hailing.
Seifer: Tell them the location of Vector's 2 and 3.
(Kayl transmits the co-ordinates. She glances at Armond)

(Ozio is in command of the Lead Ceavon Ship)
Ozio: Send a plasma pulse up their Tractor Beam.
Huev: Yes, Captain.
(A blue wave flows up the Tractor Beam and ruptures V1. The Tractor Beam blinks out and the Vector goes twirling off into space)
Ozio: Hahaha!
(The other Federation Ships surround him)
Ozio: ...Crud.
*Samya: Ceavon vessel, this is Captain Samya of the Federation Starship Dropzone. Drop your weapons or we will be forced to take offensive measures.
Ozio: You mean like blowing us up?
*Samya: Yeah, basically.
Ozio: ...Crud.

(The other Ceavon Ships retreat at the sight of the Crucial and the Jenova. The Crucial and the Jenova escort the Phoenix-X's V2 and V3 back to the huge Communications Array site)

(Captain Daniel is alone in the Phoenix-X's Conference Room, reading, just as Seifer walks in)
Seifer: You wanted to talk?
Daniel: I just finished reading some of the crew's reports on your encounter with the Ceavon.
Seifer: Man, did you see it? GoyCho blew up a whole ship! It was so cool!
Daniel: No. I was regenerating. Why didn't you go back to help them? They were this close to being destroyed.
Seifer: So? They weren't destroyed. They can take care of themselves.
Daniel: Commander, those are valuable Federation Officers with advanced Transwarp technical knowledge aboard valuable Federation Vectors with advanced underground technologies. Not only that. Your crew and ship was out there!
Seifer: Duh.
Daniel(pokes him): I let you stay on this ship because I still consider you crew even after your Symbiont change; but your Symbiont better learn the meaning of "loyalty to your ship".
(He leaves the room)
Seifer(rubs his chest): Owe. I can't believe he poked me.

(The Phoenix-X is reassembled and Daniel enters the Bridge)
Jet: Listen, we did not steal your Array. We just picked it up and kept it when you were not looking.
*Ozio(on screen): That's the same thing as stealing!!
Daniel: What the fat-mamas-on-parade is going on here?
Jet(shakes his hand): Captain Jet of the Federation Starship Shark. I am in Command of this Squadron.
Daniel: Like I said; what the fat-mamas-on-parade is going on here?
Jet: The Ceavon are claiming we stole their Array. We didn't. We found it and it was specifically labelled "discarded" on its computer memory system.
*Ozio(gets nervous): Hah! In our language, "discarded" means the opposite! In fact everything in our language is the opposite of yours. I'm going to not have an affair with my first in command and when I come back, I don't want answers!
(The screen clicks off and then clicks back on)
*Ozio: Have a good day!
(The screen clicks off)
Kayl: That wasn't very nice of him.
Daniel(turns to Jet): What are you doing with the Array anyways?
Jet: Trying to get it working. It is a secret mission, so I would ask you not to discuss it and our whereabouts with anyone other than your crew and Flame Squad.
Daniel: Flame Squad?
Jet: Yes. You didn't know about Flame Squad? They are the six Federation Ships out there.
(Daniel turns to Armond. Armond takes sensor readings)
Armond(shakes his head): He's right Captain, I recognize these names... Dropzone... Jenova... Hijinx... Crucial... Ixion... Tsunami...
Jet: Yes. --Heyyy, you're the ship that used to be in command of them! Ha! What are the odds?
(Jet laughs as he walks away)
Jet: Heh, heh, heh. They are mad at you, man.
(He leaves the Bridge laughing)
Daniel: What does he mean, they're mad at me?

(Commander Seifer rests in his Quarters)
Seifer: Stupid Captain and his crew. I'm loyal! I'm so loyal to myself that I talk myself when no one is around!
Tyler: I'm around.
Seifer(jumps back): Aah!!
Tyler: Sorry if I scared you. But your door was open.
Seifer: How can it be open? They automatically close!
Tyler(bows his head in shame): You're right. I had to implode your lock.
Seifer: Cool. Implosions.
Tyler: I am Commander Tyler of the Federation Starship Shark. We have been monitoring your advancements in technical knowledge for your past four Symbiotic lifetimes. We understand you know about Ceavon technology and would request your help in our mission.
Seifer(shakes his head): Oh but that's my old Sym--
Tyler: You would be working with professionals. It would be a great opportunity for you to leave your ship for a while.
Seifer: ...Leave my ship, eh? ...Professionals, eh? I don't get any appreciation here anyway. Count me in!
Tyler: Excellent.

(Daniel hails the Crucial)
Daniel: Captain. I understand you are the first to have contact with the Ceavon--
*Menrow: You understand correct, Captain. A little too correct if you ask me! Don't ever hail me again!!
(The screen cuts out. Daniel glances at his crew in confusion)
Ensign Dan(shrugs): I 'unno.
(Daniel hails the Hijinx)
Daniel: Captain Reynolds. I was wondering if you could--
*Reynolds: --Could answer a few questions? Of course not!! How did I know you were going to say that? I'm telepathic!! Am I still going to answer a few questions? Of course not!!
(The screen cuts out. Daniel hails the Tsunami)
Daniel: Do you have any idea what is going on here?
*McCary: Idea? I know exactly what's going on here!!! But why would I want to tell you, Phoenix-X? I hate birds!! A Phoenix is a bird!!!
(The screen cuts out. Daniel hails the Jenova)
Daniel: Look, Captain Iviok--
*Iviok: Ah. If it isn't the wonderful Phoenix-X? I am very pleased to see you.
Daniel: Finally.
*Iviok: Unfortunately, I do not have time to speak. I must quickly restabilize the gravimetric disturbances in my underwear. I had them installed last Tuesday.
(The screen cuts out. Daniel hails the Dropzone)
Daniel: Captain. I need your help. What does the Federation plan to do with this Communications Array?
*Samya: Duh. Obviously to communicate.
Daniel: Then why did they send military ships to fix it instead of science ships? There has to be a reason the Shark wants to keep this a secret.
*Samya(shrugs): Yeah. But whatcha gonna do?
(The screen cuts out. Daniel hails the Ixion)
*Wasyati: Look Phoenix-X. I'm gonna keep this straight forward. I don't like you.
Daniel: Do you like him?
(He points to Ensign Dan)
*Wasyati: Yes.
Ensign Dan: Cool. I thought you hated annoying Ensigns.
*Wasyati: You're an Ensign!? That's it, I'm cutting this screen out!!
(The screen cuts out)
Daniel: Jet was right. What's up with these people?
Ensign Dan: They used to like us. Maybe they're mad that we left them so suddenly after we committed to being in command of them all those years ago?
Daniel: ...

(Captain Jet leads Commander Seifer into a computer room inside the Communications Array. They approach a big red wall with computer panels all over it)
Jet: Here is the Ceavon operating system. Do you think you can activate the energy reserves to get this thing working?
(Seifer looks up at all the buttons, with no clue)
Seifer: Uhh... yeah, of course.
(He presses a button. A big mechanical arm comes out and picks up Captain Jet)
Jet: Aaahhh!!!
Seifer: Oops.
(He presses it again and the arm goes away)
Jet: What was that about?
Seifer: Oh that... that's just security. They just wanted to make sure that you're still a virgin.
Jet(dusting himself off): Oh.
(Seifer taps at the panels, searching through the memory systems)
Seifer: Why couldn't you ask the Ceavon to help you with this?
Jet: The Ceavon are too arrogant; they would just beg for us to give it back.
(Seifer reads the computer records)
Seifer: This thing hasn't been activated for 600 years. Does the Federation want to use this to find lost ships?
Jet: I'll tell you, Commander, but you cannot tell your crew; your loyalties are to the Federation before your ship.
Seifer: Okay.
Jet: This ancient Array is more than a galaxy spread communiqué... It's a matter transmitter.

(Ensign Dan enters the Captain's Ready Room)
Ensign Dan: The Ceavon are responding.
Daniel: On screen.
(Ozio goes on his small laptop screen)
Daniel: I am detecting reinforcements of your fleet. Are you really ready to go to war over a simple Communications Array?
*Ozio: You must think us crazy, Captain. But we are trying to protect you from this Array.
Ensign Dan: Don't believe him Captain. Everything he says is opposite.
*Ozio: Oh I was just making that up, you idiot.
Ensign Dan: See!? ...He wasn't just making that up, and I'm not an idiot.
Daniel(leans in): Protect us from what in the Array?
*Ozio: Our people once betrayed our ancestors by moving to this galaxy. Our ancestors were not very happy about it. Captain, beware of what lies in the Array's abilities; beware of the Thalia Curse.

(Seifer beams into Transporter Room 3 on the Phoenix-X)
Seifer: Ensign, what time is it?
Ensign Billy: 14-hundred hours, sir.
Seifer: ...Then the Captain is not regenerating...
Daniel(enters): You are right about that.
Seifer: Captain. It's so nice of you to welcome me back.
Daniel(walks over): What's going on, Seifer? Why are you helping Captain Jet?
(Seifer steps off the transporter pad)
Seifer: I was asked personally on behalf of the Federation.
Daniel: Why is the Federation so interested in this Array?
Seifer: I'm sorry, sir. I can't disclose that information.
Daniel: I am your Captain!
Seifer: Duh.
Daniel: Or have you forgotten the meaning of that?
Seifer(walks towards the door): Maybe you've forgotten the meaning of "mind your own business".
Daniel(holds in his anger): At least tell me one thing; who are the Thalia?
Seifer(leaves): They're the ancient ancestors of the Ceavon.

(The Array lights up and its engines turn on. The dish rotates in the direction parallel to the swirl of the Milkyway Galaxy. Seifer is onboard the USS Shark)
Jet: Excellent! Tyler, contact the Federation. Tell them we have it working.
Seifer(stares at sensors): It's not entirely working. We need to start up the main Particle Receiver with an ultra-subspace boost.
Jet: Not even all the ships here could summon that much power.
Seifer(gazes out into space): The Phoenix-X might be able to use a Transwarp Particle Accelerator Beam...
Jet: What?
Seifer(shakes his head): --Uhh, nothing.
Jet: What is this about Transwarp? No Federation ship has Transwarp capabilities.
Seifer(fake laughs): Yeah I know, eh. What's up with that?
Jet(leans in): Except for the Phoenix-X, I bet...
(He goes off to his Ready Room)

(The Crucial hails the Phoenix-X)
*Menrow: Captain. The Shark knows about your Transwarp Engines.
Daniel: Are you sure? How do you know?
*Menrow: Captain Jet was just interrogating Flame Squad.
Daniel: And you confirmed it!? It's supposed to be a secret! I hoped you guys understood that the day I took command of you!!
*Menrow: We didn't mean to tell him. Besides, he is our Commander now; our loyalties lie towards him.
Daniel: That doesn't mean you dishonour my trust!!
*Menrow: You dishonoured Flame Squad's trust first by leaving us!
Daniel: We were relieved by Starfleet Command!!
(The screen cuts in half)
*Iviok: Shut your word hole, people!
*Menrow: Stop monitoring our conversations!
*Iviok: What is done is done. Flame Squad still owes the Phoenix-X its loyalty, as the Phoenix-X owes Flame Squad. All we have to do now, is decide whether you are going to collaborate secrets with the Shark or deny the existence of your Transwarp Engine.
Daniel: Deny! ...The Shark doesn't deserve my trust after manipulating my own Commander.
*Iviok: Very well. Then Flame Squad will also deny it.
*Menrow(nods): Agreed.
Daniel: Thanks.
(They discontinue the transmission when a transmission suddenly opens up from the Shark)
*Jet: Captain, I know of your Transwarp. We need your help to activate the Array.
Daniel: Not a chance in hell's hell.
*Jet: You have a Transwarp Engine, Captain. My sensors can detect it!
Daniel(fakes laughs): Heh, heh... That's probably the coffee maker....
(He gives the signal to cut the audio)
Daniel(taps his commbadge): Daniel to Engineering. We need that Warpcore up and running.
*Matt: Aye sir.

(Matt and a bunch of Engineers run over to the closet and take out a dusty Warpcore and put in place in a different engine room)
Matt: There.
Kugo: Oh no! What did we do with the coffee maker!?
Matt: Right here.
(He pours himself a coffee)

(Jet cuts communications and walks over to Seifer on the Bridge of the Shark)
Jet: He refuses to admit it!
Seifer: Whatcha gonna do, eh?
Jet: You must help us. I am ordering you on behalf of Starfleet Command.
Seifer: ....
Jet: Commander. The Phoenix-X is nothing. I read those tactical reports of your first encounter with the Ceavon. You were right when you said the other Vectors could take care of themselves.
Seifer(nods): They denied it.
Jet: They don't appreciate you. Help me. I know what you're capable of... Think of it; your own ship in Flame Squad. I can make it happen...
(Seifer thinks and then walks over to a control panel and starts tapping on it)