Spin-off 5A

Hijinx, Part I

Stardate 57080.9

Commander Reynolds floats without gravity in the Hover-Ball Room. She hits the ball with a racket to her opponent.
Bo: "So when do you think Starfleet will give you a promotion?"
Reynolds, hits the ball again: "That is not a concern, Lieutenant."
Bo: "Yes, but you have been deserving it for years now."
He misses the ball and loses the game.
Reynolds: "Ha! Got you."
#Lane: "Ensign Lane to Commander Reynolds, report to the Bridge. You'd better come see this."

Reynolds and Bo enter the Bridge of the Hijinx. There on the viewscreen is a small Fleet of Remen Warships.
Bo: "Uh oh..."
Reynolds: "Did we wander into the wrong area of space?"
Lane: "No... they did."