Spin-off 5B

Hijinx, Part II

The Fleet engages the Hijinx, firing torpedo pulses.
Reynolds: "Bo, evasive manouvers, now!"

The Hijinx speeds past an incoming Warship and blasts Torpedoes into the next Warship. Just then, Warships from all around start cloaking and de-cloaking in different areas around the Hijinx. They fire torpedoes.

Lane: "Ah!! What do we do?"
Reynolds: "Simple..."

She pulls out a holo-grid attached to an extended control panel arm and places her hand on the grid. With this she can compare the space around them with a three-axis grid. She then looks on screen, searching her mind...

Reynolds: "Cloaked ship... 23, mark 6-5."

The Hijinx arcs, dodging incoming fire, and then blasts quantum torpedoes out into space. The torpdoes hit a cloaked vessel, damaging it badly and rendering part of it visable.

Reynolds: "09, mark 2-8."

The Hijinx pumps torpedoes onto the constantly nearby Warship, destroying its dorsal hull and then fires out into blank space again. The torpedoes tear into another cloaked Warship, rendering part of it visible aswell.

The Hijinx pops up quickly, as torpedoes head straight for them. The Hijinx impulses up and down, rather the conventional straight forward and circling means.

Qone: "Halt attack!!!"

The Hijinx hits another cloaked Warship before all the Warships stop and face the Hijinx.

The main Warship hails them.
>Qone: "How the hell are you able to do that!?!"
Reynolds: "Do what? I thought we were battling here."
>Qone: "How are you able to locate my cloaked vessels!?!?!"
Reynolds: "Oh that. Well, I'm full Betazoid, so I can read your minds."
>Qone: "Beyond space!?"
Reynolds: "Yeah, it's an aquired skill."
>Qone: "What about that jumping around your ship was doing???"
Reynolds: "Specially placed thrusters to suit my fighting style."
>Qone: "Argh!!"
The Remen pushes one his men away in anger.
>Qone: "That's so annoying!!"
Reynolds: "Why are you here? You're supposed to be docked at Romulus and Remus."
>Qone: "We're going to attack the Turismo's and steal thier technology... and we can't succeed if you're weakening our Ships!"
Reynolds: "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."
>Qone: "Yes you can! The Turismo's aren't a Federation Planet."
Reynolds: "Yeah, but--"
She stops for a second...
Reynolds: "...Uhh, umm..."
>Qone: "Ha! Got you there. So, you want to come help us? You're a really good fighter."
Reynolds: "Absolutely not!"
>Qone: "Alright, alright... Hey, uhh, after the invasion... What do you say to dinner or something? Maybe a holographic getaway?"
Reynolds: "No!!"
>Qone: "Right, right. Okay, well, we're outta here. Later."
He winks, in hopes the charm will win her over. The screen then cuts out, and all the Warship speed past the Hijinx.

Reynolds: "Ggrrggh!!! I hate being a female Commander."
Bo: "What do we do now?"
Lane: "Yeah, they're going to destroy the Tursimo's. My friend's cousin has a brother who's married to a Turismo."
Reynolds: "Alright. I want a meeting in the Briefing Room right now. Senior Staff only."