Spin-off 5C

Hijinx, Part III

Everyone meets in the Briefing Room.
Lane: "So what are we going to do?"
Bo, shrugs: "There's nothing we can do. The Prime Directive applies here."
Reynolds: "No, Bo is right. There's a reason why the Federation has had these rules for Centuries now."
Bo: "So that other cultures can evolve at thier own pace, and solve thier own problems."
Reynolds: "Exactly."
Lane: "Then what if that culture gets completely exterminated?"
Reynolds: "Then that culture wasn't good enough to be alive in the first place."
Lane: "Commander!"
Reynolds: "Oops, I mean... uhh... hey where's the Captain?"
Lane: "There is no Captain. You've been in command of the Hijinx for years!"
Reynolds: "You're right, and I've had it up to here with your constant lip."

The Hijinx treks through space, approaching a Planet in the distance. Around it, is a defending Tursimo fleet of Starships and an approaching fleet of Remen Warships. Reynolds steps up, on her Bridge.

Bo: "The Turismo Fleet is engaging the Remen Fleet."
Reynolds: "Okay... We'll just take out a few Remen Ship's and then watch for a while."

Five Remen Ships speed through a group of six Turismo Ships. Four of them survived...

Bo: "Dang."