Episode 27

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Secret Shuttles, Part IV

(Shane and Matt enter the Conference Room with the senior staff of the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: We were able to calculate the time and place you were due to time jump by the sub-ultra frequencies the temporal vortex created.
(They all have a seat)
Shane: I have no idea what you just said.
Kugo: Never mind. The thing is, we've scanned the Q material within the Temporal Chamber of Klokian's Timeship and there is just enough left for one more jump.
Matt: The jump to take us back!
Kugo(shakes her head): I do not believe that is a wise course of action, since 23 years of history has commenced.
Shane: So? Who are you to tell us what to do?
Kugo: I am the Captain of the Phoenix-X.
Shane: Oh.
Shane: Well what happened Daniel and Night?
Kugo(she takes a deep breath): Well then. Let me explain. In 2384, the Federation Council officially declared recognition of a secret organization called Section 31. By that time, Section 31 had accumulated many members onto the Council table where they were able to control more of the Federation. They began to launch attacks on the Romulans, the Breen, the Dominion, the
Changeling Homeworld, the Borg, and the Nega-Jem's. All of which were successful. The Captain and Commander felt morally opposed for those needless attacks and said that the Federation only wanted more territory. So they put together a rebellion force, consisting most of the Marquis.
Shane: Who are the Nega-Jem's?
Kugo: After you left, we located Vector 3 of the Phoenix-X who was adrift for a year. They said they went to the nega-verse, encountered a Jem'Hadar species native to it and accidentally brought them back with them.
Matt: How were we able to beat the Borg?
Kugo: When the lost ship, Voyager, returned home they brought a means to defeat them.
Shane: What ever happened to Armond? Where's Red?
Kayl: Stupid Armond works for Section 31, and Red is just Captain of the Bochnah now. I'm Commander, and GoyCho is third in command.
Matt: What ever happened to me and Shane?
Kayl: You went to the future you idiots!
Matt: Oh yeah.
(A familiar face takes a seat at the table)
Shane: Well. I guess you should be Lieutenant Commander Dan by now.
Ensign Dan: No. I still haven't been promoted yet.
Kugo: Anyways. You two will be given quarters and new posts on the Phoenix-X while we have our people dismantle the Timeship. If you have anymore questions just ask the Computer. Welcome back.
(Everyone gets up and leaves)

(Matt and Shane meet in a secret place on the Phoenix-X)
Matt: What are we doing here?
Shane: We have to plan our escape!
Matt: But this is the Captain's Ready Room.
(They glance around)
Shane: Oops.

(Matt and Shane meet in a different secret place on the Phoenix-X)
Matt: Shane. This is still the Captain's Ready Room.
Shane: Well sorry! ...Jeez, man.

(Matt and Shane meet again in a different secret place on the Phoenix-X)
Matt: Okay, so this is the plan. We steal the Timeship and use its last energy reserves to jump back to our time!
Shane: Great plan. But you're forgetting one thing. How are we supposed to get to the Timeship?
Matt: Shane, we are in the Timeship.
(They glance around)
Shane: Oh. Cool.

(They activate the thrusters of the Timeship, hover, and break out the doors of the shuttle bay. The Phoenix-X turns around and locks a Tractor Beam onto them)
Kugo: Hail them.
(Matt and Shane in the Timeship, go on screen)
Kugo: Where do you think you are going?
*Shane: Sorry, Captain. But this future's at its end...

(The screen cuts out. Shane turns to Matt who is at controls)
Shane: Okay, so how do we make this future at its end?
Matt(tapping at a console): I don't know. I only have Navigation for the Present Field figured out.

(The Phoenix-X fires at the Timeship)
Kugo: Load the Slipstream's. Destroy them.

(The Timeship shakes from phasers. Matt powers up the engines)
Matt: I don't think I activated the Temporal Chronometer. We might end up wasting the Q material reserves.
(The ship shakes)
Shane: Don't worry; we're not going to waste the reserves!

(The Phoenix-X fires a Slipstream Torpedo at the Timeship. The Timeship flashes away just before it hits. They flash in, in front of a planet surrounded by starships)
Shane: What happened?
Matt: We wasted all the reserves!!
Shane: Well jeez. Maybe you should've been more cautious.
Matt: Argggh.
Shane: One of the ships is hailing us.
(Daniel and Seifer go on screen)
*Daniel: This is Daniel of the Paroga-XL.
Shane: This is Shane of the Timeship!
*Daniel: Shane! It's been a while. We figured by the sub-ultra frequencies the temporal vortex created that you'd arrive around this time.
Shane: I have no idea what you just said.
*Daniel: A lot has changed since you guys left.
Shane(points): Yeah. You have two extra eyes on the side of your head.
*Daniel(covers them): Uhh. Yeah, those are just for decoration.

(The Paroga-XL escorts the Timeship behind the outside row of starships. They board the Starbase and meet in the Command Office)
Cloud: Welcome to Flortarious 3, the Rebellion Command Centre!
Shane: Admiral Cloud? You're part of the Rebellion Force?
Cloud: Yup. I got tired of Theseus always erasing my memory every time he discussed the Phoenix-X with me so I joined this rebellion.
Daniel: Ever since Section 31 took over, they've been more and more aggressive with Federation Officers. Right out of the Starfleet Academy, they train them to kill without hesitation. They desensitize young recruits to mass slaughter.
Seifer: They say it's the only way humanity will survive the universe.
Matt: Captain. What if I were to tell you that I might have a clever way to prevent all of this from happening?
Daniel: You mean the Timeship?
Matt: Yeah! Isn't it a clever idea!?
Daniel: No. But I'm all for it.
Shane(approaches him): Captain, we need to take your powers to bring us back.
Daniel: No way! Get your own powers.
Shane: Klokian's Timeship works on your kind of temporal energy. We need it to reload the reserves on the shuttle.
Cloud(at a console): We don't have time for this. We're being attacked!
Daniel(leaves): The answer is no.

(The Enterprise, the Akira, the Defiant, the Xena, and the Prometheus come out of nowhere, pumping out torpedoes and phasers at the ships guarding Flortarious 3. A starships' battle breaks out. Daniel and Seifer get onto the upgraded Paroga-XL, and help fight. Matt and Shane get into the Timeship)
Shane: Well what are we gonna do now?
Matt: I noticed a little upgrade on my Paroga. It has some kind of energy transfer interface with the phaser array.
Shane: So? Who cares!!
(Matt steers the ship towards the battle.)
Matt: I think I know what it's for...

(Daniel takes a seat at the Captain's chair on the Paroga-XL. A hood with tubes connected to the computer comes down over his head. He puts an eye piece on and rests his hands on glass orbs on each side of the chair)
Seifer: We are coming about. The Enterprise is in range.
(The ship shakes)
Daniel: I think we have to destroy it.

(The shuttle swoops around towards the Enterprise. Daniel focuses his X energy into the orbs, transferring it through the phaser array. A thick white energy beam from the Paroga-XL blasts the left nacelle off the Enterprise. The nacelle just twirls off into space, leaking plasma everywhere. The Timeship comes around)
Shane: He's interfaced his powers through the weapons system...
Matt(nods): I think I can intercept it with Klokian's Particle Array.

(The Enterprise comes around, firing like crazy onto the hull of the Paroga-XL. The shuttle takes heavy damage and starts to flame. Seifer rotates the nose of the shuttle towards the Enterprise as Daniel focuses a larger beam. The stream of white energy hits the Enterprise right on and blows it to pieces. Off to the side of the beam is a green array sucking the energy from it)
Daniel: Argh!!!
(He feels weak)

Matt: I've almost downloaded enough.
(The Timeship steals Daniel's powers and stores it in its Reserves Chamber)
Shane: Good. I've activated the Temporal Chronometer.
Matt: Better set it to two years before our present, to get that Vector back.
Shane: Okay. What year was it before we left?
Matt(shrugs): I don't know. 2377, I guess.

(The Paroga-XL loses navigation and smashes into the twirling nacelle. The explosion sends out a shock wave of plasma and energy, hitting most ships. The Timeship flashes out just before it hits them)

Daniel: Time travel... it's becoming more and more easier these days...
(Daniel stands in the Vector 3 Conference Room, looking out the window as Seifer enters)
Seifer: What did you say?
Daniel: Uuhhh, I said it's about time to travel more these days.
Seifer: Oh. I thought you were speculating for a moment there.
Daniel: I was. But those kinds of speculations aren't allowed to be on record. What the heck do you want anyways, Night?
Night: Maybe you should call me Seifer.
Daniel: Oh ssooorrryy. Seifer.
Seifer: That's more like it.
Daniel: I mean Night.
Night: Hey! Stop that.
Daniel: Okay, fine... Seifer.
Seifer: That's better.
Daniel: Who used to be Night!
Night: Hey!
Daniel: Okay fine. What do you want, Seifer?
Seifer: It's the Timeship. They've arrived off the port bow.
Daniel: Oh okay. Why don't any ships ever arrive from the top or the bottom? I mean, this is space, you know.

(Matt and Shane enter the Battle Bridge of Vector 3; that's stranded two years back in time, right after the Slipstream Torpedo Incident. They tell everyone about what they saw in the future)
Matt: ....And that's what we saw....
(Ensign Dan enters the Battle Bridge)
Ensign Dan: What's what you saw? I came late.
Matt: Argghh.
(They explain it all over again)
Matt: ...And that's what we saw....
Ensign Dan: Oh. That's nice.
Wallace(shakes his head): Section 31 takes over the Federation...?
Daniel: ...And me and Night rebel?
Night: Hey!
Daniel: Oh sorry, I mean Seifer.
Shane(shrugs): It's true. I don't know if there's anyone who can do anything about it though.
(There's a silence)
Wallace: Captain--
Daniel: What do you want?
Wallace: Let me return to Section 31. I'll work with them; try to prevent all this from happening.
Daniel: Really? You'd do that?
Wallace: Yes, sir.
(Daniel thinks about it)
Daniel(nods): Alright. Take the Paroga-X. Good luck, Lieutenant.
Wallace(shakes his hand): Thank you, sir.
(He leaves)
Daniel: As for the rest of us, there's still no way for all of us to get back to our time. The Timeship is as small as a shuttle and there are about 70 people on this Vector.
Shane: Can't we Transwarp like Armond did?
Daniel: The Transwarp Engine isn't on Vector 3. It's on Vector 2. We can only fit a few of you on the Timeship. The rest of you will have to stay here and keep V3 under wraps until we pick you up two years from now.
(Everyone mumbles, talking to eachother)
Daniel: Shut up! Matt, Shane, Elly, Seifer, Yeltso, and BOB, you're with me.
Ensign Dan: Hey! What about me!?
Daniel: Okay, fine. Ensign Dan.
Seifer(approaches him): I think I'll stay here and protect V3. My Symbiont could use the years' experience.
Daniel(nods): Okay. Do what you can to keep those Jem'Hadar from the nega-verse from interfering with the Timeline. Meet the rest of the Phoenix-X at Flortarious 3 in two years from now.
Seifer: Okay.
Daniel: Good luck to you. GoyCho, you're second in command.
GoyCho: Aye sir.
(Daniel and his team enter the turbolift and head for the Timeship.)

(Meanwhile, in the present future, the Cardassian ship, Scorpion, has just escaped from the two-thirds of the Phoenix-X and the Xena. Meloneus sits in his quarters)
Tellus(enters): How does it feel to be back, sir?
Meloneus: Back? It's like I never left, you idiot! You beamed me out from my ship.
Tellus: Your ship was destroyed, sir. And so was your wife.
(Meloneus throws a table lamp at him)
Meloneus: Don't you think I know that, you fool!!! She was supposed to die in that time period anyway. After the Phoenix-X towed us to a Fedreation prison, I managed to escape. By then, I swore my vengeance on them... Now I swear my vengeance on those Changelings!! It was he who distracted me while I was trying to save her...
Tellus: And you didn't get a chance to save her...
Meloneus: Aaarrgghh!!!
(He gets up and throws a vase at Tellus)

(On the Bridge of the Phoenix-X... Armond watches as the Timeship flashes away)
Armond: Where did they go?
Red: Time jump. We might be able to figure out where and when they went with the sub-ultra frequencies the temporal vortex created.
Armond: I have no idea what that means.
Kayl: Armond. It's the Timeship; they're back!
Armond: Oh. That was fast.
Kayl: They have the Captain and a few other members of the crew with them.
Armond: They must've had quite an adventure.
Kayl: Yeah. I feel left out too.
Red: Let's kill them!!
Armond: Uhhh... no. Let's just keep our emotions down.
Kugo: Gewdeque, feel envious for me.
Gewdeque: Grrrr.
Kugo: Thank you. Now get back to work!

(Captain Aeris takes a seat on the Bridge of the Xena)
Aeris: Report.
Wendy: People from the Timeship have just beamed onto the Phoenix-X. They're hailing.
Aeris: On screen.
*Daniel: Captain. I need to ask you a favour.
Aeris: What?
*Daniel: I need you to hide the Timeship on the Xena until we need it again. To keep it on our
ship would be asking for more trouble.
Aeris: Hey! To keep it on ours is asking more trouble too!
*Daniel: Yeah, but no one knows you. You're the big non-reputation ship of the Federation; everyone knows it.
Aeris: Okay... By the way, what happened to your Vector 3?

(The top two thirds of the Phoenix-X approaches Flortarious 3. The lost Vector peeks out from behind the planet and hails them)
*GoyCho: Captain. It's been a while.
Daniel: It's only been a couple minutes to me. I hope you guys didn't alter the Timeline at all.
*GoyCho(scratches his neck): Uhhhh.... no, no... of course not... heh, heh....
Daniel: Where is the Commander?
*GoyCho: He's in the Brig. We had to contain him, for taking over the ship on three consecutive occasions. He was looking for Iso-Stars to get his Symbiont back from the other universe.
Daniel(shakes his head): I see we're still going to have some problems with him...

(The Phoenix-X recombines all its Vectors and puts everything back to normal)
Armond: Uhh... Let's move the Cloaking Device from Vector 2 back to Vector 3...
Matt: Okay. Is that what you want?
Armond: That's what I want.
Matt: Alright. If that's what you want.
Armond(nods): That's what I want.
Seifer(walks over): Is he even part of the crew?
Armond: I'm just using him while he's still here.
(They laugh)
Daniel(walks over): Get back to work!

(Admiral Theseus from Starbase 55 contacts the Phoenix-X. The senior staff is in the Conference Room, on screen)
Theseus: I await your report, Captain.
*Daniel: Uhhh... yeah. I'm still writing it.
Theseus: I would like to know what happened to the Paroga-X.
*Daniel: Destroyed, sir.
Theseus: And Wallace?
*Daniel: Killed, sir. He was piloting it.
Theseus: I am sorry to hear that.
*Daniel: Oh yes. We're all choked up about it.
*(Everyone fakes cries)
Theseus: Well anyways. Since he's gone, you're going to need a new Chief Security Officer. That will be Kugo.
*Kugo: Then who will be Chief Engineer?
Theseus: Oh, umm.... Matt can. He's worked with the Transwarp Project for 8 years already. Anyways, I gotta go. My wife is calling me.

(The screen clicks off on the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: Haha; Admiral Wife's Dog.
Matt: Wow. I'm part of the crew now.
Daniel: Yes. Now let me introduce you to everyone. This is Red, the Pilot; Armond, Tactical Specialist and third in Command; Kayl, Chief Science Officer; Gotens--Night--I mean--Seifer, the Commander; Kugo, Security Officer now, I guess; and Shane, the Chief Away-Team-Person-Guy.
Matt: Hey, you just made that up.
Daniel: Yeah. So?
Matt: Never mind. This is a weird ship.
(He looks around)

(Daniel escorts Seifer to the shuttle bay)
Daniel(hands him a padd): Okay. Now to do your job; count the ships.
Seifer(looks around): But there aren't any ships.
Daniel: Great. Then I'll be expecting your report a lot sooner.
(He leaves. Seifer just stands there, scratching his butt)
Seifer: I could do this for a living.