Spin-off 2A

Resurrections, Part I

Stardate 56993.1

The Phoenix-X trekked through space.

Captain Cell made his way through the Ship to the Battle Arena on a lower Deck. The Arena was circular, cold and metallic, and many Alien blades were hung as decorations around the walls.

Inside was a crowd of Klingon's and Starfleet Officer's cheering. Part of the crew were just Klingon exchange Officer's. They cheered on two combatants in the centre of the Arena who are battling it out. A purple laser boundaried them. Cell entered to watch the fight.

"Argh!!" Brent clashed his bat'leth against his Klingon opponents' bat'leth.
"Grgh!!" They clashed again, and Grath, leaned in close. "It is fortunate for you that these blades are not sharp."
Brent spun his bat'leth around and extended it towards Grath's face. He slapped the flat side of the bat'leth across Grath's face, knocking Grath's stance to the side.

Grath arched his body back up and felt the blood dripping from his nose.
"Yeah, but I can still do some damage." Brent replied.

"Rrrggh!!!" Grath charged in anger, hacking his bat'leth left and right, up and down, and sideways. Brent backed away from each move, dodging right and left, side to side. He blocked the last attack with his bat'leth and kicked Grath in the waist.

Brent spun both bat'leth's around, confusing Grath's grip, and twirling Grath's bat'leth away. Brent held his bat'leth up close to Grath's neck to show that he'd won. But Grath immediately kicked Brent in the chest, sending Brent back a distance. "Watch it, Human!"

Grath stepped towards Brent, more focused than ever. "You do not win so easily against me..."

Brent leaned towards Grath hacking his bat'leth from left to right, up and down, and sideways. Grath dodged each move, falling back and leaning side to side. "Why, because you're Klingon?" Brent bantered.

Grath grabbed the handle of the bat'leth as it was passing by. He spun around, into Brent and elbowed him in the face. Brent let go of the bat'leth in pain. He fell back, holding his hand inbetween his eyes. "No. Because I am good..." Grath finally answered.

Grath jumped up, kicking both feet againt Brent's chest, pushing him back, and force kicking around his left leg into Brent's chest one more time. Brent is sent past the purple laser, prompting the computer's clicking sound.

The match was over; and everyone started leaving the Arena to get back to work.
"Maybe he's right." Brent went over to the side and picked up a towel. "I was fighting him because he was Klingon... I should've just fought him, who he was."
Captain Cell walked over. "Pretty great we're the only Federation Starship with a custom made Battle Arena?" Cell slapped his hand on Brent's shoulder.
"Uugh!" Brent's shoulder hurt.
"Oh, sorry." Cell took his hand away.

The Phoenix-X approached a green and blue Planet.

Commander Seifer stood at the centre of the Bridge, viewing it onscreen. "What does Starfleet say about this Planet?"
"They don't know how it got here. It wasn't here last month." RaeLuna replied from tactical. She scanned it. "It's an M-Class Planet. I'm detecting insect and fish life only."
Captian Cell entered the Bridge in time to see it. He and Seifer glanced at each other, thinking the same thing... They both wondered how it got there...