Episode 9

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Bio Level 4

(In the Delta/Beta Quadrant Borders)
(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
Daniel: Here we are again. Exploring space like never before.
Red: Captain, the Ultra-Transwarp drive is overheating. We will need to shut down. Temperature at 9500 kelvins and rising by 30%.
Daniel: Very well. Slow to Transwarp factor 2 Lieutenant Commander.
Red: Slowing down now.
Ensign Dan: Ooooo, I can feel my tummy sinking back down.
Walace: Okayyyyy.
Gotens: Stop with the Okayyyyys. I just get so freaked out with them!!! Stop the insanity!!!!!! One more Okayyyy and I'll slap whoever says that.
Daniel: Okayyyyyyy.
(Commander Gotens slaps the Captain. Everyone in the bridge takes in a deep breath.) (The Captains face is splattered everywhere. It's on the control panel. It's on the floor. It's everywhere)
Armond: I think I got some of the Captain in my eye.
Ensign Dan: Nope, that's just crust.
Armond: Shutup.
(The Captain's splattered parts are moving toward its headless body.)
Gotens: Uhoh. I'm in trouble. I'll just relieve myself and go remain anonymous for a while. Just long enough to let him cool. C-ya.
(The Captain's body molds back and his head forms)
Daniel: He's going to get it. Where did he go?
(Armond restrains the Captain)
Armond: Captain, don't worry about it. I believe he is just having anxiety
because his body is getting old.
Daniel: Fine then.
Walace: Captain, there is a federation vessel ahead. We are still cloaked, Do
you want to drop cloak and intercept?
Daniel: How far?
Walace: 7 Light years
Daniel: Plot a course, but don't decloak. What is our ETA?
Walace: It is 7 hours. There is a message from Starfleet coming in on Priority 1.
Daniel: How can we receive a message this far from Starfleet?
Walace: It seems that our sensors were magnified by that cloud that we aquired.
Daniel: Oh, very good Lieutenant. Put it through the conference room. Senior officers are with me. BOB, you have the bridge.
BOB: Right.
Ensign Dan(under his voice): Suck up.
BOB: Ensign Dan, you are relieved.
Ensign Dan: Oh man.

(In the Conference Room)
*Council Representative of Starfleet: Pheonix-X, we are being threatened by a rebellion force against the Federation. They plan to release a biological weapon on Earth. We are in dire need of your help. The fleet and all the other ships are off taking over Cardassia. The remaining fleet cannot stand off any longer. They are one ship, yet very powerful. They are using a multi-frequency torpedoe. They just penetrate our shields and infect many to death. We cannot stop them. I call on you because you are the most powerful ship in Starfleet with an impecable crew and possess the ability to cloak. I don't care how you do it, just prevent this weapon from going off. If it does, the Federation will be dissolved, and open to anyone who wants it. They will be here soon. Hopefully you will--
Walace: That is all of the message.
Daniel: How long will it take us to get back?
Kugo: On Maximum Transwarp, we will get there in 10 hours.
Daniel: Ten hours too late.
Gotens: How about at Ultra-Transwarp?
Kugo: I believe that will be in about 30 minutes.
Gotens: That's great.
Kayl: What will we do when we get there though.
Daniel: I don't know. We'll just do whatever there is to stop them. Is there anyway to compensate for the multi-frequency weapons they are using.
Kugo: I think so. It will need a little tweeking. But with normal shields, they shouldn't hurt us that much because of their regenerative abilities.
Daniel: Get to work then, I don't want to take any risks. I want everyone to report to the cargo holds. Have them put on all the enviromental suits we have. If we run out, put those people in the mess hall and erect a level 10 force field. I want everyone to stay at those places.
Gotens: Doctor, be prepared for heavy casualities. It looks like a level 4 bio-hazard.
Doctor: Understood.
Daniel: Don't bother providing a suit for me. Give it to someone who needs it.
Doctor: What are you talking about?
Daniel: I am not susceptible to any disease of any.
Gotens: How?
Daniel: I am basically just a liquid metallic entity.
Doctor: That's right. I forgot that.
Red: So that means that we can't investigate that Federation vessel, Voyager that we discovered?
Daniel: Nope, this is priority. Plot a course to Earth. Dismissed.

(In the Beta/Alpha Quadrant Borders)
(In the ship threatening Earth)(The SS Gelomria)
Captian Dawi: ETA?
Towa: Half an hour.
Gonda: Captian--

(The huge ship slowly moves through a scape of dead Federation ships afloat)
(The Pheonix-X descends Ultra-Transwarp)

(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
Captian Daniel: On screen.
(The huge ship floating through the dead Federation ships goes on screen)
Commander Gotens(in a environmental suit): ...Hold on to your bodyparts...
(Everyone except the Captian on the Bridge wears an Environmental Suit)
Lieutenant Kayl(in an eviro suit): There are seven Federation ships afloat. The Cedar, Blue Nose, Shark, Sun Light, Grolier, Bautista and the Jenova.
Daniel: Life signs?
Lieutenant Commander Armond(taps the control panel): Yes, there are a couple in each ship.
Daniel: Lower shields, cloak and beam them aboard.
SS Gelomria
(On the Gelomria)(Passes Saturn)
Gonda: Those idiots, we can still detect them even though they're claoked.
Dawi: Fire bio-chemical L2.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Armond: Done.
Daniel: Decloak and raise shields.

(A green cloudlike phaser is shot from the Gelomria onto the Pheonix-X)

(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
Armond: Shields holding.
Daniel: Yes! Good work Kugo.

(On the Gelomria)
Towa: Captian! No effect.
Dawi: What? That's impossible.
Gonda: The multi-frequency pulse was blocked. They seem to have Ontari Type L shields.
Dawi: That is also impossible, the Federation hasn't even encountered the Ontari!! The Ontari are way in the Gamma Quadrant!

(On the Pheonix-X)
(Engineering)(A level 10 forcefield surrounds around Engineering)
Ensign Gewdeque: How'd we sistain all that? According to my readings, systems should be going offline, and biological organisms should be suffering deseases so bad that the EMH should be replicating himself to clean the fungus on the side of the corridors.
Petty Officer Maxy: Good bulkheads?
Lieutenant Kugo(aproaches a control panel and starts taping it): I re-installed that blue cloud residue we still had sticking to the hull into an antimatter vapour. I incorporated that into our foward and backup shields, giving us double--
Gewdeque: Okay, okay, I didn't ask for the whole report. Jeez.
Kugo(looks at Gewdeque): I believe it was a logical solution.
Gewdeque(holds up her hands): A-ight. Com'n Maxy, lets go laugh at Billy, he had to take an environment suit.
(On the Bridge)
Gotens: So...should we take these suits off?
Daniel(holds up his hand): No, they only fired once...and I suspect they are reading our invulnerablities.

(On the Gelomria)
Gonda: Captian, if we fire a Bio-L3, that should be enough to even infect that Changeling on the Bridge.
Dawi: Wait, I want to know how the Federation got Ontari Type L Shields. If they have them, they may have more surprises in store. And I hate challenges. Hail them.
(Captian Daniel goes on screen)
*Daniel: You have disabled seven ships, killed thousands of Federation Officers, missed us with your big weapon, have a maximum Warp of 6, declaired war against the Federation, and made me miss lunch. What do you want now?
Dawi(crosses his arms): What is a Founder doing in the Alpha Quadrant?

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Oh, is this where we have a delightful conversation stringing out any confusing facts you think you know? I'm sorry, communications breaking up.
*Dawi: But all I--
Daniel: I'm sorry, what? What?
*Dawi: ...I just wanted--
Daniel: What? Can't hear you, you're breaking up...kehhhh...
*Dawi: ...Captian--
Daniel: Oh...no...we're losing...you...kkehhhhh...
*Dawi: ...I--
Daniel: Gotta go...kehhhhhhh...bye.
(Daniel cuts communications at the Captians chair)

(On the Gelomria)
Dawi: Aarrghh!!! He thinks he can play me like that!?

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel(gets beamed away): Fire Photon Torp--
Gotens: Captian? Where'd you go?

(On the Gelomria)
Daniel(beams in): --oton Torpedoes...Not again!? Why couldn't you get the Trill?
Dawi: Fire a Bio-L4 on the Pheonix-X.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Armond: A gas is heading towards us.
Lieutenant Commander Red: Our torpedos sistain no damage on the enemy vessel.

(On the Gelomria)
Dawi(pushes him in the chest): So you think you're funny, huh?
Daniel: You better watch out, I'm a Changeling.
Dawi: My ship is equiped with a Quantum Match 3-7-2 Stasis Field, which leaves you...helpless.
Daniel(tries shapeshifting): Uhhgg. This is the second time this has happened to me.
(Daniel punches Dawi in the face)(Dawi stays standing)
Daniel: Who are you? Why are you trying to kill the entire population of Earth?
Dawi: To destroy the Federation of course. My people are a small race, we are called Trozonians, we've been traveling from our home planet to here for 248 years now. Now, we've finally made it to Earth.
Daniel: What? If you're from so far away, how did you even know about Earth?
Dawi: It's in our Ancient Holy Scriptures, nearly 6000 years old. According to them in the future, Humans will eventually take over Trozonia. Just like they have taken over such a planet called Cardassia, true evidence. Humans are a conquring race.
Daniel: Uh, don't you think the Borg more fit that description?
Dowi: According to our Scriptures, the Borg will be eventually destroyed. We have to destroy all Human kind, because Humans are far more evil.

(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
Armond(taps his combadge): Is everyone okay? I hope nobody is hurt.
*Tong: Aye, sir. There are a lot of survivors. None of them are sick.
Gotens: How is that possible? Thier ships were fully ingulfed with gasses.
Red: We've just been fired upon Commander. Sensors read...a Level 4 Bio type gas, they've penetrated our shields.
(The Bridge starts filling up with a green gas)
Kayl(approaches the Science station): I'm scanning the gas.
Gotens: Look for a way to neutralize it.
Kayl: It seems to have a pinpointed-frequency pulse...That's wiered, how...why would it be pinpointed?
Armond(crouchs in extreme pain): Aaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!!!!!
*Tong: Aaaaaahhhh!!!
Gotens: Armond!?
Kayl(falls to the ground): AAaaaaaahhhhhh!!
Gotens: What's going on? You have your Environmental suits on!
Red(gets up and turns around): Sir, I will work on a antidote.
Lieutenant Don(guard): Aaaaahhhhh!!!!
(Red walks to the Science Station)
(Transporter Room 3)
Holo: Hmm...I haven't even transported one Human, and the whole Federation is made op of them.

(On the Gelomria)
Dowi: All the Humans will go under 2 hours of excruciating pain before it really starts killing them. Hahahaaa!!
Daniel: You sick son of a--
Dowi: Uh-uh-uh you're supposed to be a God.
(Daniel tackles Dowi to the floor and starts punching him in the face)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Kugo(looks around at the people screaming in pain): It seems to only affect Humans.
Maxy: AaaaaaaaaAA!!!
Gotens: Red, I need your fighting capabilities.
(Red nods)
(Captian Iviok of the U.S.S. Jenova enters the Bridge)
Gotens: Captian, cool.
Iviok: Commander.
Gotens: I want you to take the ship away from here after me and my team beam aboard.
Iviok(grunts): Aboard?
Gotens(taps combadge): Yup. Kugo, report to the bridge with the EMH to find something to neutralize the chemical gas. Red, Dan, BOB, you're with me.
BOB: What!? I can't fight!
Gotens: Neither can Dan and he's coming. Drop shields on my mark.

(On the Gelomria)
Daniel: What's wrong? No physical violence in your acient culture?
Dowi(kicks Daniel off of him): On the contrary, we fight Jem'Hadar on a daily basis.
(The away team, Commander Gotens, Ensign Dan, BOB, Lieutenant Commander Red, and Lieuteant Holo, beams aboard without environmental suits)
Red: It seems you're shields are not blockable to Federation Class Transporters.
Dowi(gets up): You idiots. I can simply fill this room with a Level 4 Bio-Pulse that will make your insides curl. Even the Changeling will feel excruciating pain.
Gotens: That would mean going through the trouble of pinpointing and finding the frequencies of Trills, Bajorans, Bolians, Ferengies, Klingons, and Changelings. This is not any ordinary biological weapon, it has subspace frequencies.
Dowi(in stomach pain): Hehh...I'll fill the room...
(Dowi looks at his unarmed crew)
Gotens(holds up a phaser): I'm guessing, I'll shoot you first.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Armond: AAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! God help me!!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...!!!
Iviok: Computer, set a course for Starbase 55, maximum warp. Engage.
(At the Science station)
Kugo: Captian, I believe I have found a way to neutralize the pain only. I'm still working on a way to stop the real damage, progress is not looking good...
EMH: I will distribute the Hypo Spray.

(The Pheonix-X Warps out of there)

(On the Gelomria)
Daniel(ponders): ...How did Humans get mixed into your Scriptures 6000 years ago...?
Gotens(holds up the phaser): Now it's your turn for pain...
Dowi(smiles and laughs): Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe I can't infect you, but I can do this...
(Dowi presses a button on the control panel next to him)
(Captain Daniel is beamed off the ship)
Gotens: Noooooo!
(Commander Gotens fires on Dowi. Dowi is down. Red fires on Towa. Towa is down.)
BOB: Well, looks like the table has turned.
Gonda: I don't think so.
(He presses a button)
*Computer: Automated Judgement Launch in 10:00 minutes.

(In space outside the ship)
Daniel: I hope the know I am outside here. Just floating. Good thing I don't have to breath. Now, what can I change into to get back to that ship?

(On the Gelomria)
(Ensign Dan fires on Gonda. He is down)
Gotens: You idiot! He is probably the only one who knows how to stop the countdown. You're relieved.
Enisgn Dan: Uh! And on an away mission too.
Gotens: BOB, hurry up and try to get the Captain back. Red, contact our ship to return. Dan, you are unrelieved. Make yourself useful and release a neurazine gas throughout the ship except the bridge.
BOB: I got a lock.
Gotens: Then beam him aboard.
BOB: Okay.

(In space)
Daniel: I'll just change into a Melowinan Space bird. That's it. I'll just fly to the ship.
(The Captain changes and flies to the ship)
(He is then beamed to the ship)

(On the Gelomria)
(The Captain flies into the wall.)
Gotens: What in the world! BOB, explaination.
BOB: None sir.
(Ensign Dan is laughing)
(The bird gets up and realizes he is back on the ship. He changes back into the Captain.)
BOB: It seems that the bird was the Captain sir.
Gotens: I know that now.
Computer: Countdown 9:00 minutes.
Daniel: Commander, report.
Gotens: One of the aliens activated an automated launch of all its bio weapons. The other aliens aboard are sleeping because of the gas we released neurazine. I hope.
Ensign Dan: Do not underestimate me.
Gotens: I sent the ship away and now it should be on its way back.
Daniel: Good job. Can you access navigation control?
Gotens: I tried that myself. The controls are unreadable. Besides, the automated system locks it out.

(On the Pheonix-X)
*Computer: Message from Starship vessel Gelomria.
Iviok: Who said that? Oh yeah.
(Under his breath)
Iviok: These new systmes these days. They control everything.
(Back to audible voice)
Iviok: Computer, play back message.
Red: Pheonix-X, return to Earth at once. You have less than 5 minutes.
*Computer: Messages has ended.
Iviok: Computer, if we turn back now, how long would it take to get back on Maximum warp?
*Computer: 10 minutes.
Iviok: We don't have 10 minutes. Solutions?
*Computer: Activate Ultra-Transwarp.
Iviok: Ultra-Transwarp? What's that?
*Computer: Only the officials of Pheonin-X with level 10 clearence may access that information.
Iviok: Oh well. If you think it works......Plot course to Earth. Ultra-...Transwarp? Engage.
(The ship goes Ultra-transwarp.)

(On the Gelomria)
Red: The Pheonix-X has arrived.
Daniel: Great. Beam us all back on the ship. Beam the sleeping aliens to the brig. Erect a level 10 stasis field.
(Everyone is beamed aboard)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Medical team, get the humans into sick bay. Use cargobay 4 if you have to. Red, can you destroy the ship from here?
Red: No sir. The shields are still up there.
Daniel: How much more time do we have?
Ensign Dan: 5:32 minutes sir.
Daniel: You got here just in time Iviok. How'd you like the ship?
Iviok: Let's just say it was an interesting ride.
Daniel: I'm open to solutions.
Red: How about we tractor it away from Earth to the sun?
Daniel: That's a good idea! I like that. Now make it so.
Red: Activating tractor beam.
(Tractor beam is activated. It beams the ship. But it can't pull it on one beam.)
Red: Sir, the ship is too massive. Our beam won't work.
Gotens: How about if we have three beams? Would that work?
Red(taps the control console): Yes it would.
Daniel: What are you getting at Commander?
Gotens: How about if we go tactical mode and-
Daniel: -use the beams on the vectors to help. I like that idea. Remind me Commander to promote you after all of this....wait. If I promote you anymore, you would be Captain....Hmm...Remind me Commander to buy you dinner.
Gotens(grumbling): Thank you Captain, you are too kind.
Daniel: This is the Captain speaking. Everyone to tactical stations, out. Computer, Initiate Multi-Vector Seperation Mode.
*Computer: Please state the target and tactical plan.
Daniel: Red, input the coordinates to where the vetors should go and standby.
Red: Done.
(The ship seperates into three. The other two vectors fly around the target ship. They form a triangle around the ship.)
Daniel: Activate Tractor Beam.
Iviok: Cool. I want one of these..........I mean, this would suffice my needs.
(Tractor beam has been activated.)
Daniel: BOB, take the helm and plot a course to the sun. Full Impulse.
(The Pheonix-X and Gelomria go to the sun)
Daniel: How much more time do we have?
Ensign Dan: 0:30 seconds Captain. If we don't let go of that ship soon it will fire its weapons and which will lead to a core breech of its ship. That core breech would infect all of us and the Mercury colony.
Daniel: How much time do we have till we get there?
BOB: 15 seconds.
Daniel: Get ready to deactivate the beams. When I say deactivate, have the vectors Transwarp factor 5 out of here. The sun's gravity should do the rest......get ready........deactivate! Engage!
(The ships' beams deactivate. The Gelomria is getting ready to fire. Pheonix-X and its vectors warp out. The Gelomria is about to fire, but burn up in time.)
Daniel: All stop. Report.
Gotens: The Gelomria is destroyed. The danger is over.
Daniel: Yes! Bring us back together.
Iviok(thinking to himself): That was the coolest ride ever.

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