Episode 49

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Destiny's Revenge, Part III

(The inhabitants of Malia are terrorized by what appears to them, a monster, but in reality is a Klingon)
Firewall: Yyaaarrrrgghh!
(Firewall goes from village to village wreaking havoc)
Firewall: Aaaarrrrrhhhhggg!!
(Someguy standing in front of Firewall shrugs his shoulders)
Lou: Eh. It’s not that scary.
(Firewall whacks Lou away and Lou goes flying into a wall)
Firewall: Hahaha!

(Firewall enters the marketplace of the next Village to waste more of his time)
Firewall: Gghghhh... This is the life.

(A Teacher brings her students on an outdoor fieldtrip to the Marketplace)
Mrs. Leanza: Okay, students. This is the real world now. We are outside the classroom setting and anything can happen out here.
Firewall(runs over): RRrraaAAAahhRrrr!!!!!
(All the students start crying and running away scared)

Yorven: ...
(A Blacksmith works at his outdoor shop, peacefully hammering a horseshoe into shape)
Firewall(walks over): GGgrrrrrRHHh!!!
(Firewall bends his horseshoe out of shape)
Yorven: Oh man!

(The people of Malia suddenly hear a sonic boom before a Blob that falls from the sky lands in the centre of the Marketplace. Firewall notices it and turns to face it)
Shane(taking shape): ....You will come with me.
Firewall: No!
Shane: Then I will take you by force.
Firewall: You can try.

(Firewall powers up, flowing strands of energy around him. Shane notices that Firewall is an omni-X, but attacks anyway. He liquefies his arm and whips it around Firewall’s wrist, trying to pull Firewall in)

Firewall: Argh!
(Firewall pumps out a ball of flame into Shane’s shoulder. Shane’s arm-whip explodes, and he collects the drops back into himself)
Shane: ....

(Firewall blasts more flames at Shane, who leaps overhead changing into a mutant warrior. Shane lands in front of him and punches him across the face, sending him to the ground)

Charn: I’m happy we built this table together, dad.
(A man and his son spend some quality time together outside, building a perfect oak table)
Cherod: So am I, son... So am I.
(Shane launches Firewall through the air, and Firewall lands on the oak table breaking it into pieces. The father is startled and the son starts crying)

Daznw: Grgghh. It’s not working!
(Some guy rakes a huge pile of leaves to burn, but his lighter is out of fluid)
Firewall: AAaaaarrhhh!!!
(Shane liquefies by as Firewall pumps out flame after flame missing him, accidentally hitting the pile of leaves and burning them)
Daznw: Wohoo! Thanks.

(The Blacksmith tries getting the fire in his furnace going but can’t get a spark)
Yorven: Damn!
(Shane liquefies by as Firewall is blasting flames at him and one flame accidentally gets inside the furnace, igniting the fire)
Yorven: Alright dude!

(Shane turns into the mutant, kicking off a fence to roundhouse Firewall across the face. Firewall hits the ground hard)
Firewall: Aggh!!!
(Shane stands before the fallen Warrior. He solidifies his arms as blocks and extends them at Firewall’s head)
Firewall(knocked unconscious): ---OOof!!!
Shane: Haha. You said Oof.

(The Phoenix-X treks through space. One of the recently transferred Officers fights a hologram in the Battle Arena)
Joe: Hah! Hiya! Rah! Cheeya!
<Michael Jackson>: You gotta problem? Well let’s see what you got.
Kayl(enters): Um, excuse me. I need to meditate.
Joe(stops): Why do you people always do that here? This is a Battle Arena!
Kayl: It is easier to mediate in a room surrounded with a feeling of violence for one becomes the calm in the chaos.
Joe: Fine. Your selection of Hologram’s suck anyway.
<Michael Jackson>: Come on. What do you have to prove? Come on. Let’s go. Let’s fight.
(The Michael Jackson hologram starts dancing instead of fighting)

Alegra: Hey.
(Jessica meets up with her friend Alegra in the Lounge Room of the Phoenix-X)
Alegra: Things are going great, eh? I’m getting used to that smell... and Morris is shining my shoes.
Morris: Shine the other shoe govena’?
(Jessica looks sad)
Alegra: Jessica, what’s wrong?
Jessica(cries): I left my boyfriend on the Bochnah!
Alegra: Oh I’m sorry.
(She smells the air again)
Alegra: Wait a minute... I’m not getting used to that smell!

(Meanwhile, on the Bochnah. Red falls asleep at the Helm, making the Ship go downwards in space)
Red: Zzzzz...
Menchez: Wake up!!
Red: --Oh, my fault. You wanted to go downwards, right?
Menchez: No!
(He rechecks the course schedule)
Menchez: Okay, maybe yeah. But your idle ways are unacceptable!

(Amos and Kortos enter the Medical Facility of the Bochnah)
Kortos: I can’t believe there are flees on this ship!
Amos: Get them off me! Get them off me!
Terek(doctor): Be still! You Transfers are so pathetic.
Kortos: I think I liked it better when we were serving on the Phoenix-X.
Amos: I know. The people here are so sensitive.
(He points to Housto, who is crying about Jessica)
Housto(crying): I can’t believe my parma’chai is gone!
Kortos: Yeah, I tried that at lunch too. It needs more cheese.

(Kugo enters the Briefing Room on the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: Okay, what do we have?
Seifer(takes out a plan): Here it is. We take the Ship right into Borg Territory and start joking around with them. They’ll see how good we can get along together and be begging to hand Shane over, out of friendship.
Daniel: What else?
Seifer(takes out another plan): Okay. We get the Changeling Link to shapeshift into a female Borg Cube. They’ll attract the real Borg Cube and have cubical sex with them, hopefully having Shane transferred over.
Daniel: What else?
Kugo(takes out her plan): We contact the Borg over long-range subspace and stall them, so that we may attempt a beam out through a miniature Transwarp Conduit.
Daniel: Argh! All those plans are stupid!!
Kugo: But I really think mine---
Daniel: I said, they’re all stupid...

(Joe and Alegra secretly contact Menchez over long-range subspace)
*Menchez(puts his toothbrush away): --Uhh, Klingons do not brush their teeth...!
Joe: Captain, we respectively ask that we be returned to the Bochnah.
*Menchez: Hah! The ease of a Federation Starship not suiting you well?
Alegra: No, not really.
*Menchez: Oh. Well I am sorry, but this exchange was done through superior authority. You would have to speak to General Verticon or Admiral Theseus.
*(He starts brushing his teeth again)
*Menchez: To tell you the truth, I am kind of getting sick of the Transfer’s here. They keep trying to separate the Bochnah into three vectors.

(Meanwhile, on the Bochnah, some Klingon puts a laser cutter to the wall)
Targon(cutting): Heeheehee!
Menchez: Stop that!!
(Grath gets something on sensors as Targon walks away sad)
Menchez: Anyways, I must go. Kaplah!
*Joe: Clapa!
(The screen clicks off and then clicks back on to a view of a distant Borg Sphere)
Grath: Sir, we have found a Borg vessel. They are unaware of our presence.
Menchez: Excellent! ...Now, it is just a matter of who assimilates who...
Red: Sir, we do not have assimilation abilities.
Menchez: I’ll be the judge of what we have and don’t have!!

(The Changeling Link wonders the decks of the Phoenix-X. It enters a room with a Bajoran Shrine)
Keno(praying): This where we come to honour the deaths of fallen comrades who served on the Phoenix-X. I lost a friend to a Borg attack earlier.
-Changeling Link-(nods): We have also lost companions to the Borg.
Ensign Dan(kneeling on the floor): Sorry. I lost a contact lens here, during the last Borg fight.

(Armond and GoyCho are at consoles in the Shuttle Bay. They control two Jumper’s remotely, making them fly outside)
GoyCho: Cool! Okay, let’s battle each other now.
Armond: No! We’re supposed to be attaching these Jumpers to the side of the Ship.
GoyCho(already pressing fire): Huh, did you say something?

(Armond kicks him off and hovers the Jumpers around, outside the hull. The two Jumpers clamp onto the sides of the Phoenix-X)

Shane: Move it.
(Firewall is escorted to the centre of the Queen’s Borg Cube)
Firewall: Let go of me you music career failing toilet fixer!!
Borg Queen(walks over): Welcome, Firewall...
Firewall: You better be welcoming my foot into your assimilated ass device!!
Borg Queen: Don’t you even want to know why I’ve brought you here?
Firewall: No.
(Shane has a moment of sudden weakness, as his previous willpower tries to regain control. Firewall uses this opportunity to run. He runs out the door to a Walkway at the big open area of the Cube)
Borg Queen: Stop him!

(Shane goes back to being under the Borg Queen’s control and liquefies through the wall to the Walkway. Firewall leaps off and falls through the air. Shane changes into the mutant and leaps off as well)
Firewall: I’m out of this geometry nightmare!
(Shane liquefies his arms as whips and grabs Firewall as they’re falling through the air. They both land on a lower Walkway. Firewall starts a ball of flames above his hand and throws it at Shane)
Shane: Arrgghh!!
(Shane is hit, but reinstates his form, leaping overhead and grabbing Firewall’s arms behind his back. The Borg Queen comes down hung by a bunch of cords)
Firewall: Is that fun?
Borg Queen: I am offering you more, Firewall. I am offering you a purpose.
Firewall: ...
(Firewall is suddenly interested in what she has to say)

Daniel: Argh--!!
(Daniel enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, struggling under pain. He approaches a control panel and accesses it. The view of the sparkling Anomaly clicks on-screen)
Armond: Captain?
Daniel: Grgghh! It’s--- getting bigger---!
(He refers to the image of the Anomaly. Ensign Dan enters the Bridge with a weird growth on his hand)
Ensign Dan: Aaarrgggh! It’s getting bigger!
Lox(walks over): Okay, okay, I’ll end the weird-growth experiment.
(Lox heals him and then leaves as Daniel crawls to the Captain’s Seat)
Daniel: Uuugghh…. Q said he could help me. Maybe I should let him…. He said the Continuum created that Anomaly to destroy me.
Seifer(throws his anomaly-creating-device away): I knew this thing didn’t work!

(The Bochnah hikes across a vast cerulean particle stream in space, following a Borg Sphere. The particle stream masks their signature)
Grath: Sir, this Sphere is not the one who attacked us.
Menchez: This will have to do to fulfill our right of vengeance!!
(His scanners suddenly pick up signs of the exact Borg vessel that attacked them before)
Menchez: Oh... Well.... Perhaps I was a little too hasty... in my decisiveness. I know I am not a perfect Klingon. But I am a Klingon with mighty feelings.

(Firewall lets two Drones push him into an alcove. Four tubules from each side of the alcove wriggle out and stab into Firewall’s neck and shoulders. The Borg Queen is uneasy about this particular assimilation)
Firewall: …Are you sure about this?
Borg Queen: Yes. The entire Collective took a vote; since we are all one mind, it only took 1 vote.
(Shane looks around as a surge of omni-X energy pours into the collective Cube. Computer technology and Drones take on a share of Firewall’s omni-powers. The Queen’s eyes light up with omni-X energy)
Borg Queen: Mmhehahahaha!!
Shane: Uhh, you should get that checked.

(The Phoenix-X just floats through space. It doesn’t even bother to trek)
Daniel(just sitting there): I can’t believe we’re not going anywhere and have nothing to do. I feel like Sisko.
Armond(at sensors): Captain! I’m picking up a Borg Cube!
Seifer: Do you mind? We’re trying to sit here.
Armond: Captain, I’m reading another Borg Cube beside it! The first one seems to be the Queen’s Class 3 Cube.
Seifer(sits up): Well if the Queen’s on that one. The other Cube’s probably not that ranking.
Armond: The other one’s a Class 4!
Daniel: Okay, you’ve lost your excitement privileges.

(The Phoenix-X speeds upwards, towards the two Cube’s, and starts firing. Two torpedoes hit each Cube. The Class 4 Cube rotates to face, and blasts three phased torpedoes onto the Phoenix-X’s hull)
-Borg-: ...Federation Starship, identified; Phoenix-X.

(The ship shakes roughly, but regenerates the torn hull. Sensors indicate that Shane is on the Queen’s Cube)
Daniel: Yes, we found him!
(Her Cube moves overhead, flowing with volatile omni-X energy)
Daniel: ...Not under the best circumstances.

(A Borg Sphere suddenly swoops by, rapid firing green pulses at the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X backs off in confusion when all of another sudden, the Bochnah flys by)
Menchez: Hahaha! We have it going on, as they say.
(The Bochnah fires disrupters at the Sphere, and dodges side fire from the other two Cubes)

-Changeling Link-: We will assist you.
(The Changeling Link enters the Bridge)
Seifer: Why would you want to help us?
-Changeling Link-: Long ago, in a time of---
Daniel(piloting): Uh, nevermind.
-Changeling Link-: No! You will hear our explanation! ...You see, we have been roaming the galaxy in search of other Changelings to join us. Since we have been unsuccessful, we feel we should help Shane.

(The Bochnah leaves the Sphere because the omni-Cube blasts thick energy currents at it. The Bochnah circles around passing the cerulean particle stream, where a fired omni-current explodes an inside asteroid)
Menchez: We will die with honour!
Red: Why?
Menchez: Look, don’t ask questions.

(The Changeling Link liquefies out of the Phoenix-X, into space, transforming into the Winged-Creature. The Winged-Creature flaps over to the Class 4 Cube, disgorging energy beams onto its surface)

**Daniel: Launch.
(Kugo and Kayl each take a Jumper out of the Shuttle Bay into space. Both insignificant Jumper’s dodge passing fire and quickly park underneath the omni-Cube)

Kugo: We made it!
(They elevate both Jumpers through openings in the Cube, past coils and cables, until they’re inside far enough)
Kugo: We made it! Oh, I already said that.

(The Bochnah diverts the omni-Cube’s fire, swinging by the Class 4 Cube whose corner explodes)
Menchez: Very good piloting, Red!
Red: Thanks.
Menchez: ---Which is unacceptable on my ship!

(The Phoenix-X is constantly attacked by the Sphere, until the Bochnah flys past calling the Phoenix-X over. They move behind the cerulean stream for a second)

Daniel: I don’t understand. How can that whole Cube have the power of the X?
*Menchez: A while ago, a warrior in my crew had been paid a visit by the X. He went by the name, Firewall; started becoming very powerful and eventually left us. That dishonourable tlhIngan!!
Matt: Captain, the people on Malia said Shane kidnapped a Klingon who was named Firewall!
Daniel: When were you going to inform me about this?
Matt: I dunno; later, I was thinking.

(The Bochnah and Phoenix-X break from the stream and swoop back over. The Phoenix-X heads straight for the omni-Cube, but is rammed off course by the Class 4 Cube’s tractor beam)
-Borg-: The Federation Starship Phoenix-X will be assimilated. Its technological distinctiveness will be adapted to serve the collective. Counter attacks will be neutralized.

(The Phoenix-X turns to face, blasting enhanced pulse phasers at the Class 4 Cube. The Cube regenerates and adapts)
Seifer: Well, I guess they were right about that.
(The Class 4 Cube uses phasic torpedoes to disrupt shields while cutting finite lasers into the Phoenix-X’s hull. The Phoenix-X covers itself with L-shields and rotates around the Cube firing disrupter pulses)
Daniel: Stupid square ship!!
(Outside, disrupter pulses shatter small areas in the Cube’s amoury. Computers onboard the Phoenix-X start blinking erratically as the Borg tries to network into them)
Armond: Oh man! My job just keeps getting harder.
(The Phoenix-X blocks the networking with a dampening field. The Class 4 Cube beam Drones onto the Phoenix-X, who stab tubules into the control panels. Phoenix-X Security take the Drones down infecting them with viruses and beaming them back)
Daniel: Heh, heh, heh.
(The Class 4 Cube stops to disinfect itself. The Phoenix-X launches two slipstream torpedoes at them. One hits and tears into a portion of the Cube to wreckage)

-Winged-Creature-: Ccccaaaa!
(The Winged-Creature dodges fire from the Sphere while clamping onto the back of the omni-Cube. It liquefies itself through the cracks in part of the Cube and busts out pieces. The Sphere rockets by tractoring away the Winged-Creature as it’s re-taking shape)

Armond: A Federation fleet even has trouble taking the Borg. What makes us, a single solitary ship, able to do just that?
(The Bridge shakes due to three torpedo blasts from the Class 4 Cube)
Seifer: Who said we thought we could beat them?
Daniel: No! We’re the Phoenix-X. We can out smart them...
(While soaring around, the Phoenix-X is hit roughly by a stream of energy from the omni-Cube)
Armond: Umm... yeah okay.
Seifer: Firewall seems to be feeding the Borg X power. But the omni-abilities of the Borg seem to be confined to only that Cube!
Daniel(powers up his own energy): ...Looks like I’m going to have to take care of it.
BOB(puts his phaser away): Phew, that was a close one. I thought I was going to.

(Shane stands at the side as Firewall walks around hooked to an alcove sharing his power with the whole Cube. The Borg Queen is one with Firewall as he watches a view screen, firing currents at the Phoenix-X)
Shane: Argh--!! Must--- fight--- back---!
Borg Queen(glances over): Shane! You’re not trying to fight back are you?
Shane: ...Uhh, no.
Borg Queen(gets back to business): Okay then.

(Daniel floats through space, approaching the omni-Cube)
Daniel: Hahaha!
(He blasts a beam of energy at the Cube, gashing the metallic armour of the omni-Cube)

Armond: He’s out there.
(The Phoenix-X monitors Daniel’s life-signs)
Lox: I believe I should have something to do with this. I am a Doctor.
Seifer: No, go away!
(The Phoenix-X is hit with two torpedoes. Lox takes Weapons and Seifer takes Helm. The Phoenix-X turns to face the Class 4 Cube)
Seifer: Okay you can stay. Fire!

(The Phoenix-X fires silencer beams but the Class 4 Cube spins to dodge them. The Bochnah continually comes around firing at the Class 4 Cube, when suddenly the Winged-Creature flaps out of control by having just broken free)
Winged-Creature: Ccccrrraaaa!!!
<Translation: “This is not good.”>

(The Borg Sphere hovers overhead behind the Phoenix-X while it’s busy with the other Cube. The Phoenix-X doesn’t notice the Sphere breaking past their dampening field. Suddenly all the computers blink to Borg screens like crazy)
Armond: Not again! They’re tapping into everything!
Lox: We’re being assimilated!
Seifer: I wonder what the Winged-Creature translation is for, This is not good?
Lox: Wait! Maybe we can still activate the Transwarp systems!
Armond: Maybe you didn’t hear your previous comment?

(The enormous omni-Cube blasts a succession of energy currents at Daniel. Daniel easily dodges them all. He leans back, liquefying his upper body into many strands and then leans forward flaring his own X energy at the Cube)
Daniel: Ha!
(Twenty strings of his energy hit the walls of the omni-Cube, but the omni-Cube starts to regenerate the damage while powering up)
Daniel: Heh, heh. Oooo, I’m so afraid.
(The omni-Cube spins to face an outward direction, launching a static current of reversed polarity energy out into space)
Daniel: Okay, yeah you missed me.
(The static current hangs out into space for a couple seconds and then suddenly pulls back something bright. It turns out it is dragging the Sparkling Anomaly over)

Kayl: This way!
(Kugo and Kayl sneak through the preoccupied omni-Cube. They enter the Queen’s Lair, where the Borg Queen and Firewall are too busy to notice them, and Shane is struggling under his own willpowers)
Shane: Arggghh!!!
Kugo: Shane! Are you alright?
Shane(clutches his head): You--- will be assimilated---!
Kayl: He seems fine.
-Borg Queen(busy paying attention to Daniel): Hahahah!!
Kugo: Okay, Shane is overwhelmed with Borg protoplasmic nano probes.
Kayl: Duh.
Kugo: Maybe we can disrupt them enough for Shane to regain control.
Kayl: I think I’m thinking what I think you’re thinking...
Kugo: I was just about to ask you if you were thinking what I was thinking.
(Kugo and Kayl take out their phasers and set them to level 2. They both fire phasers at Shane)

Seifer: Lox is right. I can bypass the Sphere’s network stream through manual Transwarp control.
(The Phoenix-X is under assimilation from the Borg Sphere)
Armond: I knew that.
Lox: Sir, we must do what we can now before we’re taken out!
Seifer: No; really?
(He activates emergency Transwarp and the Phoenix-X jumps into subspace. The Sphere is dumbfounded but decides to follow the same way)

Armond: Now what, Commander?
(The Borg Sphere gains on the Phoenix-X, inside the Transwarp Conduit)
Seifer: I don’t know--- I mean, don’t ask questions!
(The Phoenix-X disrupts the Conduit and drops back into normal space. The entire subspace conduit collapses crushing the Sphere. The Phoenix-X stops as the Sphere debris pop out into normal space, raining past them)
Armond: I see.

(The Winged-Creature drags its claws across the Class 4 Cube. The Class 4 Cube seems to be getting really damaged)
Winged-Creature: Hahahahahaa!!
<Translation: “Hahahaha!”>
(The Winged-Creature doesn’t notice its movement above the Cube’s torpedo module, as the Cube suddenly pumps out four torpedoes into the Winged-Creature. The Creature is momentumed away in pain, as its left side is liquefied into spillage)

Daniel: --ArggGGgghHGghgghh!!!!
(Daniel tries to attack the omni-Cube again, but the Killer Anomaly is seen in the distance. He suddenly feels a gravitational pull towards it)
Daniel: Oh no! Gghrrrgggh!!

(The Borg Queen watches from the Lair in pleasure)
Borg Queen: Yes. Hahahaha! We are the bomb, as they say.
(Kugo and Kayl stop firing at Shane, who falls to his knees, liquefying into various mutant beings and back again)
Kugo: That last one he turned into looked pretty cool.
Shane(stresses): Aaaaahh!!!!
(He changes his form into standing up, feeling in control)
Shane: Hey!
Kayl: You’re back!
Shane: I didn’t know all it took was phaser fire. Some of my nano probes seem to be damaged now.

(Daniel starts to warp out of shape, being sucked closer and closer to the sparkling Anomaly)
Q(floats by): I just wanted to bid you adieu.
Daniel: Okay, okay! You can take my powers away!
Q: Really? Are you sure you don’t have any last minute good to do?
Daniel: I’m sure! I’m sure! Do it already!!
Q(sighs): Well alright. I knew you’d give in.
(Q snaps his fingers taking Daniel’s omni-powers away just as Daniel almost touches the Anomaly)
Q: I think the Continuum doesn’t need this anymore.
(The Anomaly expands itself into nothingness. Daniel and Q just float there. Daniel’s protoplasm starts to freeze in space)
Daniel: Ugh!!
Q: You don’t look so good.

(The Borg Queen watches Daniel on the Borg screen)
Borg Queen: Hahaha! That’s just funny. Don’t you think Shane?
(She glances around, not seeing Shane anywhere)
Borg Queen: Wait a minute.... Me not seeing you means... You’re not here!!

(Both insignificant Jumpers drop out of the omni-Cube and speed off through space. Shane is safe inside one with Kugo. Kayl flys her Jumper over to Captain Daniel, who is slowly freezing to death)
Kayl: Captain!
(Daniel notices her and liquefies into inside the Jumper)
Daniel: I’m okay... I just thought I’d take an outdoor walk.

(The Bochnah rages past the two Jumpers, pumping disrupter fire along the sides of the Class 4 Cube)
Red: I forgot about us.
Menchez: How could you forget about us? We are with us at all times!
Red: Oh yeah. Never mind.

(Different areas of the Class 4 Cube explode. The Bochnah sweeps by, planting unused torpedo casings onto surfaces of the Cube. The Bochnah then trails plasma around, firing into it. The plasma ignites around the Cube, setting off the torpedo casings. The Class 4 Cube explodes into large pieces, flying past the cerulean stream)

Menchez: Haha!! Revenge is ours! ...Kids, do not try that at home without plasma containment ability.

(The Phoenix-X returns, firing phasers at the omni-Cube)
Borg Queen: Haha! Who needs that Changeling when I have all this power!
(The omni-Cube turns around and Transwarps out of there)

Seifer: After them!
Lox: What about the Captain and the others?
(The Phoenix-X receives the two Jumpers as the Bochnah rides over)

Seifer: Okay, fine! We’re not a Borg hunting ship anyway.
(He crumples up his Borg-hunting license)
*Menchez: Bochnah to Phoenix-X. You have survived.
Armond: Only thanks to me. Our computers were almost taken over, but I stopped them.
*Menchez: Really. How?
Armond: I don’t feel like explaining. Stop bringing it up!

(The two Jumpers land smoothly in the Shuttle Bay. The cockpit opens on each Jumper and the Shane and Daniel liquids pour out to the floor in exhaustion)
Kayl: Eeeuu. That’s more disgusting than the runny nose on the Blair Witch Project.
GoyCho: That movie is 400 years old; get over it!
Kayl: No you get over it! You’re relieved!
Daniel: Uuuhhhgg.... one of my shoulder protoplasmic cells hurt.
Shane: Ugghhh.... Haha! ...Uuhgghh...
Daniel: Shane, you’re back!
Shane: Hey you’re right. I am back! ....Wait a minute. What year is this? I’m not supposed to be here...
Daniel: Shane there was no time traveling.
Shane: Oh.

(The Phoenix-X scans the area for hostility. There are no more signs of the Anomaly, and the omni-Cube’s Conduit is collapsed)
Armond: We’re getting a hail on subspace channel 303-point-7.
*Theseus(goes on screen): I can’t believe you failed another mission!!
Seifer: We weren’t on a mission.
*Theseus: Oh. I mean, Who keeps sending me messages!? All these crewpeople keep wanting me to reverse the Exchange Program... And something about too many fleas in their rubber pants?

(Kayl goes with Shane and Daniel through the hallways on their way to the Bridge. Out the window they notice the injured Winged-Creature floating towards them)
Daniel: I knew I should’ve had the living quarters next to the windows instead of the hallways.
(The Creature liquefies through and takes humanoid shape in front of them)
-Changeling-Link-: Thank you Captain for everything.
Daniel: No prob.
-Changeling-Link-: We will be on our way now. Our existence must go on.
Shane: And I’m going with them!
Daniel: You’re what?
(There’s a sudden pause)
Kayl(cries): This is so emotional.
Shane: Captain, that omni-Cube is still out there and a threat. If it wasn’t for me, none of this would have happened.
Daniel: Spare me your explanative speeches.
Shane: It was only two sentences. Anyways, my point is, I have to leave to track them down and somehow keep them from causing major damage to the Galaxy.
(Superhero music plays in everybody’s mind)

Ghraldi: Hey.
(The forgotten Onnicon ships go through space, returning to their home Planet)
Ghraldi: Our ship isn’t emitting a farting noise is it?
Deghl: ...Uhhh, no comment.

(The Phoenix-X treks through space)
**Daniel: Captain’s Log, Stardate 55994-point-3. It seems that the Phoenix-X Bochnah Exchange is back on; except not all passengers will be returning for their own personal reasons. Yeah, like I care?
**(A soft sniffle is heard)
**Daniel: --Uhh, anyways. The day I have expected has finally passed; when the Q took my omni-powers away. Personally, I think they’re kind of selfish having to cause my discomfort just so they could balance the Continuum.

(Most of the Klingons return to the Phoenix-X as most of the other Federation Officers go back to the Bochnah. Red and a couple other Klingons enter the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: Lieutenant Commander Red. It is good to see you again.
Red: Thank you. It is good to see this Bridge again. I guess perhaps it seems it was inevitable for me to return.
Seifer: It’s good to have you back, Red.
Red: Well, I am not returning. I just came back to say goodbye.
Seifer: You’re not staying with us?
Red: No. I am sorry. This Ship runs into too many weird anomalies, and with my abnormal neural frequency problem I hope to see a qualified Doctor.
Lox: Hey!
Red: Plus, this whole experience with getting revenge against the Borg has re-energized me to my Klingon self. I have a couple Right of Vengeances to fulfill on the Homeworld. Kayjo and Dorwin for example.
Kugo: Ooohhh yyeah.
Lox: Who’s going to be the new pilot?
Red: I have no idea. You don't need any professionals. A six-year old could pilot a Starship.

(Meanwhile, on the Federation Starship Xena)
Aeris: That's some good piloting Linda.
Linda(six-years old): I can't believe I'm on contract.

(The Commander walks over and shakes Red’s hand)
Seifer: I guess we’ll catch you around, Red.
Red(nods): You haven’t seen the last me, old friends.
(He leaves the Bridge)

Housto: You’re back!
(Jessica meets with Housto in the Drinking Room of the Bochnah)
Jessica: Yes. For you.
Menchez(standing right there): Hey! I thought you said I was your best Captain?
(Housto and Jessica run away)
Menchez(drinks): Stupid tlhIngans!! Whatever that means.

(Daniel enters the Briefing Room where Kayl, Ensign Dan, Shane and The Changeling Link are conversing)
Shane: ...And that’s how I single handedly saved the British.
-Changeling-Link-: We find that very interesting.
Daniel(walks over): I’m sorry that you’re leaving, Shane. I feel that I might greatly miss another Changeling on the Ship.
Shane: I’m sorry too. But don’t forget the friends you have in this crew of solids. They may be a little off sometimes, but their sentience is as real as shapeshifters’.
Daniel: Shane, that’s the most intelligent thing you’ve ever said.
Shane: Huh? What did I say again? I forget.
Ensign Dan(shakes his head): Idiot.
Kayl: Captain. You can’t let Shane go on with the micro-cellular protoplasmic nano probes he has; the Borg could easily take control of him again!
Daniel: Wait a minute. She’s right.
Ensign Dan: Oh no! This doesn’t mean he stays, does it?
Daniel: I know. I could link with you to diffuse most of the nano probes into me.
Shane: Are you sure? I think the Borg put some enhancements into them. You might be capable of more.
Daniel: If we leave them all in you, you’ll be re-assimilated along with the Changeling Link!
Shane(shrugs): Good point.
Ensign Dan: Yes! This means one less Changeling again. Heh, heh.
(Shane glances at the Changeling Link in hesitation, but then walks over to the Captain)
Shane: ...Ready?
Daniel(nods): Yeah.

(They both grab wrists and liquefy into each other. The Borg nano-probes diffuse into the Daniel liquid quickly and they both turn a metallic colour)
Daniel/Shane: Uggghh!!

(The Daniel and Shane liquid blobs fight around in pain, trying to endure the transformation. Kayl ducks out of the way)
Kayl: Captain!

(The two blobs stop fighting and clam down. They exist as two sitting blobs of Changeling metallic liquid on the floor. Kayl calls Lox in to scan them)
Kayl: Are they...?
Lox: They’re alive. They seem to be unconscious.
Kayl: Can you revive them?
Lox: No. But we’d better let them rest for now. My scans indicate the Daniel liquid has 89-percent of the nano-probes compared to what Shane stored.
Kayl: That’s what Shane gave him to reduce the possibilities of Borg control.
(The Changeling Link walks over)
-Changeling-Link-: We will take care of Shane and hunt down the omni-Cube.
Kayl: But you don’t have that desire.
(The Link reaches its arm out to the Shane blob and sucks him into themselves. Shane becomes a part of the Traveling Link)
-Changeling-Link-: We do now.

(The Captain’s Liquid is placed safely in a large Federation Containment Glass in Sickbay. Seifer is given temporary command of the Phoenix-X)
Seifer: You have the weapons station, pointy-eared woman.
Kugo: Aye, sir.
Armond: Commander, the Travelling Link has departed.
Seifer: Understood.
Matt: They're gong to fight the Borg?
Kayl: They may be equal in strengths.

(The on-screen view shows the Winged-Creature flying off. It eventually catches up to its mischievous arch-rival, the omni-Cube; to deal with for as long as it takes)