Episode 33

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The Nega'Jem, Part II

(Matt activates his Armlet. The crew is safe and sound on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Seifer: That was really amazing how we were able to escape the Nega'Jem.
Daniel: Yeah. I'm glad things are back to normal.
Seifer: Funny thing, though. I can't seem to remember how we came up with that brilliant plan...?
Daniel(laughs): Heh, heh! That can all be explained later on... Let's just get back to looking cool on the Bridge.
(They pose, as if for a magazine)
*Armond: --Hey, Matt! Let's go!!
(Matt turns off the mini-Daniel-and-Seifer-holograms floating above his Armlet)
Matt(sighs): ...If only it was that easy...

(The thick tentacles squeeze harder, trying to crush Vector 3. The Vector shakes like crazy)
Armond(looks at the screen): This could be the end...
Shane: That's it! I'm outta here.
(He's about to run away when Matt stops him)
Matt: Stop! I have a plan.
Armond: You're not cool enough to have a plan. Shane had a better one!
(He turns to Shane and points to the screen at the scattered debris of the Nega'Jem Ship)
Armond: Beam us directly into that part of the Tekken over there. It's still working.
Matt: Wait!! What if we could communicate to this tentacle species!? --Also known as the Sleri.
Armond(tries levelling with him): Wait a minute; you're saying there's a name for this species, that of which can be vocalized to refer to them in a casual manner?
Matt: What? I'm saying we can give them the command to let us go!
Shane: He's right, Commander; the ship is being held by a huge tentacle and we do want to be let go.
Armond(throws up his hands): Alright! What steps can we take to accomplish this? I have many skills in voodoo dance.
Shane: Ummm.... no.
Matt: The Nega'Jem normally use a list of bio-electric command subroutines to communicate with them. They just send it over hailing frequencies.
Armond: "Good thinking, Matt!!" which is what I'd be saying if we knew anything about bio-electric communication.
Shane: We don't have to! I can link up our computers with what's left of their debris. Man, if their computers aren't still in tact, you can call me Charlie.
(Armond walks over as Shane operates the computer)
Armond: Good. Their computers are still in tact. Can I still call you Charlie?
Shane: No... --Well, okay.
(They link their computer systems up with the computer systems of the floating debris of the Tekken and use it to send out a wide spread signal throughout the asteroid cluster. The Sleri Tentacle Species stop wiggling around their tentacles, and the Sleri holding the Vector lets go)
Shane: Yes! They're not alive... They're not alive!!
Matt: Now they're just awaiting our next command.
Armond: Good work!! --You know, I used to treat you badly because I felt threatened by your talent to always follow protocol. But now I think we'll be the best of friends.
Matt(moves away): Don't touch me.

(Kayl is still possessed by the Nega'Jem Commander. Vector 1 is still surrounded by the four Nega'Jem Attackships)
Daniel(shrugs): Well what are you waiting for? I feel like we've been at this stalemate for at least two episodes.
Kayl: Well you know... I thought we'd bate our points of view for a while? You know, a couple bad guy good guy pot shots...?
Daniel: No!! What do you think this is, Battlestar Galactica?
(Shadow Flare goes on screen)
Kayl/*Shadow Flare: You will pay for your insolence!!
Daniel: Uhhh... could you stop possessing Kayl now? It's like an echo.
Kayl/*Shadow Flare: Oh, sorry.
(Kayl collapses to the floor)
Kayl: Ugh...
*Shadow Flare: You will pay for your insolence!!
Daniel: Where did you get your powers?
*Shadow Flare: From the same people who gave you yours; the X.
Daniel: What, are they handing out free membership now? I feel so categorized.
*Shadow Flare: Hey, if you have a problem, you can go talk to them later. In the meantime I'm going to have to kill you for your insolence.
(The surrounding Nega'Jem Ships bombard the top Vector with torpedo pulses)
Daniel: Uh!! I really thought we had a bond going.
Red: I could get us a considerable distance ahead of them if you were able to distract them, Captain.
Daniel: You're not suggesting I seduce them by shapeshifting into a female Nega'Jem?
Red: No! Use your X powers to disorientate their ships' sensors.
Daniel(disappointed): Oh, okay...
(Daniel touches his finger to his forehead and concentrates his powers. There's a sudden flash everywhere, momentarily confusing the Nega'Jem's targeting sensors)
Red: Great! Except you threw off our targeting sensors too.
Daniel: Just fly the ship.
(Vector 1 shifts back a little, dodging an incoming cluster of torpedo pulses. The Vector nosedives away from the circle of Nega'Jem ships and speeds off in the distance. The four Nega'Jem break formation and chase after Vector 1)

(Vector 2 speeds through space as the Nega'Jem ship, the Zidane, chases and fires at it. The Vector gets weaker and weaker after every shot)
Seifer: Aahhh!!! We're all gonna die!!
Kugo: Don't worry, Commander. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.
Seifer(gets up): Oh, okay then. I'm gonna go take a break. Anyone want anything?
Kugo: No!! You have to keep flying the ship; we're under attack!!
Seifer(sits): Oohhhh yeeaah.
(Seifer taps at the Helm, raising Vector 2 up and falling back, positioning itself above the Zidane. They cut phasers into the Zidane's hull, shattering millions of hull fragments. In the distance, where the two ships are headed, is a small, small star throwing out strips of flowing energy)
Seifer: It's the Iso-Star...
(The ship shakes)
Kugo: Shields down to 23 percent.
Seifer: Seifer to Doctor Lox; how's that tactical information coming?
*Lox: Oh just fine. Thanks for asking. You know, it's really comforting to know that your superiors actually care about the work you do once in while--
Seifer: Stop talking!! Just send us their shield frequencies!
*Lox: Yes, sir.
(The Zidane suddenly slams a green ray of particles onto the Vector and then flies off. A bubble forms around Vector 2 and the Vector static's out of normal space)
Kugo: ...There are conduit walls all around us. We're contained in some kind of Transwarp Room... I think we're locked in subspace!
Seifer: Damn!! --You know that break? I'm gonna take it now.

(Deep in the asteroid cluster, Shane gets all the tentacle species to do a dance in sequence flailing)
Armond(slaps him upside the head): Stop that!!
Shane: Owe!
Armond: We have to get back to our mission and cover our tracks now. Prepare the phaser array so we can vapourize all that Nega'Jem debris.
(The computer beeps)
Matt: --Uhh, sir. The Sleri seem to be emitting high frequency bio-electric waves.
Armond: If you people don't shut up, I'm going to be emitting some high frequency waves.
Shane(checks a console): They're interfacing with the Nega'Jem computer...
Matt: We're being hailed...
*(Sleri): We are the Sleri. Prepare to be assimilated.... into nothingness. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be totally destroyed, along with anything else you have.
Shane: Commander, they've evolved into sentience!
Armond: Borg?? Where??
*(Sleri): We have always had sentience since we were created by the ones you call Jem'Hadar.
Shane: No, we changed their name to Nega'Jem.
*(Sleri): Whatever. Prepare to be unexpectedly destroyed for disrupting our perfect existence. Remember, it is an unexpected destruction, so prepare for it.
(The comm signal cuts out, and the tentacle species grab for the broken half of the Nega'Jem ship for themselves. They cradle the debris to maintain their own sentience)
Armond: We needed to destroy that debris! This is all your fault Shane!!
Shane(shrugs): Oh well. Good thing I'm not a Starfleet Officer, eh? I'd be in so much trouble. Heh, heh.
(Armond busts a vain and couple thousand brain cells)
Armond(checks pulse): ...He is only a Changeling... He is only a Changeling...

(The Nega'Jem ships chase Vector 1 through space, towards the Sleri Asteroid Belt in the distance)
Baek(checks sensors): We're gaining on the one ahead of us.
Shadow Flare: Good.
Ganryu: Weren't there three Phoenix-X Vectors all together?
Baek(looks up): I thought there are only two in this area.
Shadow Flare: No thinking!! Besides, the other's should be taking care of them. I think we have a good catch already.

(Meanwhile on the chased Vector 1...)
Red(looks over): Hey, you think we're being lured?
(His colleague thinks about it for a sec)
Kayl: Nah.

(The Federation Vector rumbles nearby rocks as it passes into the scattered asteroid belt. The Nega'Jem pump out countless torpedo pulses, hitting the Vector and exploding some rocks. Vector 3 detects them)
Matt: I'm detecting them.
Armond: Good for you.

(Vector 1 dodges an incoming tentacle, letting the tentacle smack into a Nega'Jem, throwing the Nega'Jem off into another direction in the pool of asteroids. Vector 3 brings their systems back online and heads about towards the remaining three Nega'Jem, bombarding them with photon torpedoes. Vector 1 turns around and matches Vector 3's tactical manoeuvres)
Daniel: Kayl, tell Armond to match our manoeuvres.
(He walks over to the Helm)
Daniel: I think you still have a few tricks up your sleeve.
Red: Yes, sir. But I do not have sleeves with this Klingon Armour.
Daniel(with attitude): How many times do I gotta keep telling you to just fly the ship?
(Vector 3 follows Vector 1's flight path around the three Nega'Jem. Every time the circling Vectors pass the Jem's Transwarp Emitters, they fire torpedoes at them)
Red: This will prevent them from creating anymore Conduit's to screw us over, sir.
Daniel(focuses his powers): I'm gonna see what I can do cause some major damage...

(Shadow Flare senses Captain Daniel's increase in omni-potential activity)
Shadow Flare(angry): He is attempting to once again screw us over!!

(Kayl stops operating the computer and looks up at Daniel with a red glow in her eyes)
Kayl: You will pay for your insolence...
(She walks around the Bridge to the Captain and places her hands on his temples. The omni-energy engulfs both Kayl and Daniel. Kayl links her mind, causing a flash to occur, throwing the both of them across the room and knocking both Vectors' Targetting Sensors' offline)
Daniel: Hggh!!!
Red(trying to fly): What are you two doing??

(Meanwhile, far, far away, the middle Vector tries to get out of the subspace Transwarp Room)
Kugo: Sensors do penetrate the bubble, but the emitters don't seem to have any effect with them.
Seifer: We might have to alter the emitters to match the Nega'Jem Type Conduit Walls.
Kugo: But how?
Seifer: Only one medical scientist can answer that question...
(Doctor Lox enters the Bridge with a Padd)
Lox: I've got it; the modifications to the Emitters.
Seifer: Oh man, I was hoping it'd be a different Doctor.
Lox: We are so on top of their technology. Two times in row!
(Lox and Seifer laugh)
Kugo: Stop laughing!! --What are you guys talking about??
(Lox and Seifer stop laughing)
Seifer: Uhh... nothing.
Lox: Yeah. We're not keeping any secrets about the Nega'Jem.
Seifer: Nope; none at all.
<<Beep, beep>> <<Beep, beep>>
Kugo(checks sensors): The Zidane is firing on the Iso-Star. They're trying to destroy it.

(The Zidane pumps the small star up with torpedo pulses. The star begins to bulge and throw out more rapid strips of energy)

(Meanwhile in the asteroid cluster, the two Vectors retreat the three Nega'Jem ships for loss of targeting sensors. The Nega'Jem chase)
Red: I am getting tired of being chased by these people...
*Armond: Armond to Vector 1. We're going to cloak; we need you to stay within 2 kilometres.
Red: Understood. What about a plan of attack?
*Armond: Leave that to us...
(The two Vectors cloak as they head towards a huge Sleri Tentacle, wrapped around the half of the Nega'Jem ship, in the distance)

(Vector 2 gets control of the subspace field surrounding them)
Lox: Yes!! We can now drop the Transwarp Walls.
(They drop the subspace field. The Zidane suddenly blows up the Iso-Star; a thick rupturing bi-dimensional shockwave is produced)
Lox: Uhh... maybe not.
(Lox puts the subspace field back up. The shock wave shatters the Zidane and heads outwards for V2. The shockwave hits the transwarp walls around them and starts pushing them along)
Kugo: Oh my God; we're not destroyed!!
Seifer: But we are travelling sideways at Warp 27...
Kugo: Doctor, how did you know to do that? It isn't possible you knew that from the Brain Extraction Procedure...
Lox(gets nervous): Sure it is... heh, heh...
Lox: Alright, I give!!!
Seifer(shakes his head): Stupid Doctor.
Lox: We didn't develop the Brain Extraction Procedure by ourselves; we stole the technology from the Nega'Jem a long time ago!!
Kugo: You mean during the time-loop?
Lox(sad): Yes. I was on the Vector with Commander Seifer. We had a few encounters with the Nega'Jem before this...
Seifer(shakes his head): Stupid Doctor.
Kugo: Commander! How could you? No wonder the Nega'Jem are so bent on destroying us.

(Kayl and Daniel regain consciousness)
Kayl: You may be cloaked, but we will destroy you for your insolence!!
Daniel: Don't you ever get tired of saying that?
Kayl: Not since it was you who brought us to this Universe; you who countlessly defies us; and you who expects us to leave!!!
Daniel: I did all that?
Kayl: Yes!!!
Daniel: Well you've plundered and pillaged four Federation Planets and three underdeveloped pre-Warp civilizations!
Kayl: Well what do you expect!? We're bad guys!!
Daniel(shrugs): I guess you have a point...
Kayl(stands up): You assume, since you brought us here, we want to go back. We do not, Captain.
Daniel: Not even a little?
Kayl: No!!

(The Nega'Jem swarm around, firing everywhere to find the cloaked Vectors. The lead Nega'Jem ship, the Apocalypse, fires near the debris of the Tekken and hits Vector 3. The two Vectors become visible as they're headed towards the huge tentacles wrapped around the half of the Nega'Jem ship)
Matt: I can't link with their systems; they're using some type of encryption.
Shane(walks over): If only there was an expert at these encryption things...
Armond: I'm an expert.
Shane: Maybe Armond's an expert.
Matt: I think he is...
Armond: Yes, I am!!
Shane: Let's ask him.
Matt: Okay.
Armond: I already know what to do, you idiots!!!
(Matt and Shane face Armond)
Shane(points his thumb): Hey, there's a--
Armond: I know!!!!
(Armond shoves through them and starts typing on the console. Matt checks his Armlet)
Matt: Oh I had the sound wave force field on.

(They link up with the broken Nega'Jem ship with the tentacles around it, and access the phaser array on it. They get the broken debris to fire phasers at the swarming Nega'Jem. The Sleri Tentacle gets agitated, trying to keep it under control. A phaser cuts off the wing of an attacking Nega'Jem ship)

(Meanwhile, the shockwave of the Iso-Star continues to increase in diameter exploding planets, comets and debris of the Sector; while pushing along Vector 2 inside the Transwarp Room)
Kugo: We're heading for the Asteroid Cluster, Commander.
Lox: They'll all be destroyed...
Seifer: Not if we can slow the Iso-wave down.
Lox: No way, man! That's crazy talk! You're all crazy!!
Seifer: Pull yourself together, man!! --If we can reverse what we have of the Transwarp Room around us and display it flat behind us as big as possible, it might stop the wave long enough for us to get to the cluster.
Lox: I dunno...
Seifer: Believe in me, Doctor. We can do this... together.
(Seifer extends a friendly hand)
Lox: I believe... I believe...
Kugo: That's nice. I am attempting the procedure.
(The shockwave pushes along as the Vector starts to become visible in normal space, turning around to face and converting the Transwarp Walls against the shockwave. They slow to a halt and a flat grid momentarily becomes visible as it spreads out light-years into permanent space. The shockwave is stopped from passing, but continues to grow against the wall on the other side. Vector 2 turns around and heads for the Sleri Asteroid Cluster)
Kugo: The shockwave is going to eventually out grow the wall, so we better be fast in alerting the others.
Seifer: Can we hail them?
Kugo: No! Subspace comm frequencies were ruined, remember?
Seifer: For your information, no, I did not remember.

(Over in the asteroid area, continue two Vectors and three Nega'Jem attack ships swarming the centre Sleri Asteroid, with the tentacle wrapped around debris, which is firing at everybody)
Red: The thrill of the battle is mine!!
*Armond: Red, you're not getting turned on are you?
Red: Perhaps.... perhaps not... Then again, perhaps...
Red: Uhh... oh, and perhaps not... heh, heh... --Almost forgot to say that. Someone might've seen through my deception for a second there.
*Armond: Uhh, Red, the communications signal is still open.
Red: Aahh!!
(He turns it off)
Daniel(walks over): Kayl, don't let him possess you... You can fight back if you try!!
Kayl: ...Nah, I don't feel like it.

(Vector 3 dodges a line of pulse torpedoes and swoops under a passing Nega'Jem, using manual targeting to attack another ship behind with quantum torpedoes)
Shane: Their shields are down to 34 percent.
Armond: Yes! We da bomb, man. Absolutely nothing can go wrong now.
(Suddenly something goes wrong)
Matt: Commander, our linkup has been terminated. The Sleri are over powering it with excessive amounts of their bio-energy.
(Every ship is suddenly snatched and held hostage by a Sleri Tentacle)
Armond: Oh man. That's a crap and a half.
*Red: What happened to my glorious battle? What happened to the plan of attack?? You said leave it up to you!!
Armond: Obviously I'm not the kind of person you can leave things up to.

*(The Sleri hail all the ships)
*(Sleri): Nega'Jem ships. We have displayed our individuality. We think for ourselves now. You will leave us, or be destroyed!!!
*(Shadow Flare responds from the Apocalypse)
*Shadow Flare: Oh come on! We gave you so much! ...Life, for instance.
*(Sleri): Yes, but you treat us badly.
*Shadow Flare: No we don't.
*(Sleri): ...Okay. But you are evil!!
*Shadow Flare: You can be evil too!
*(The Sleri think about it)
*Shadow Flare: We can agree to work together against the dangers of this Dimension.
*(Sleri): Interesting proposal... We agree.
(The Sleri Tentacles release the Nega'Jem ships)
*Shadow Flare: Ha! Ha!! Suckers! --Bye!!
*(Sleri): Uh!
*Shadow Flare: Just kidding.

(Vector 2 comes flying in, dodging flailing tentacles)
Seifer: Seifer to Daniel. We have a very serious threat coming.
*Daniel: It's not another era of Country-Disco is it?
Seifer: No. A large bi-dimensional shockwave is headed this way.
*Daniel: Let me guess. You screwed up the Iso-Star mission...?
Seifer(diverts eye contact): ...Noooo...
(He looks back on screen)
Seifer: Okay, yes. But I bet you screwed up your mission too. ...Missed a certain Transwarp Conduit I see?
*Daniel: That was your fault too!!
Seifer: Look. We can argue all day about me or how Armond was not supposed to let that Nega'Jem ship get destroyed, but we have a major Iso-Star explosion on its way here.
Kugo(steps in): Captain, we have to evacuate the Sector. We calculate after a couple more parsecs the shockwave should weaken and die down.
*Daniel: Understood. Our survival is up to you guys now. Whatever you do, do not get caught by the tentacle species.

(Suddenly Vector 2 gets caught by the tentacle species. Kayl approaches Daniel)
Kayl: Now, we want to destroy you; but we can't because you have one of our technologies and we want it back.
Daniel: Is it the coffee maker?
Kayl: No!! --It's the brain extraction module.
Daniel: The what? I think you have us confused with some other Phoenix-X ship.
Kayl: No!! --It was you... More specifically, I think it was your Commander.
*Seifer: He's telling the truth, Captain; we did steal his coffee maker.
Daniel: He said you stole the brain extraction module.
*Seifer: Yeah, that too.
Kayl: If you return it and all your Vorta and Nega'Jem prisoners to us, we will let you go free.
*Seifer: How do we know that we can trust you?
Kayl: You have my word as a bad guy.
*Seifer: Good enough for me.
Daniel: Agreed.

(V2 beams the prisoners over and the machine onto the Bridge of the Apocalypse with Shadow Flare. It's beamed onto his foot)
Shadow Flare: Owe!!!!

(Daniel approaches Kayl)
Daniel: Now let us go.
Kayl: No!!
*Seifer: But you gave us your word as a bad guy!
Kayl: I know. The word of a bad guy means to double cross. I'm sorry; I don't make up the rules.
*Seifer: We understand.
(Daniel shakes Kayl)
Daniel: Kayl, snap out of it! Fight back!! Don't let him control you! Don't let him control your speech pattern!
Kayl(shakes her head): I-- can't-- stop-- talking-- like-- this--
(Daniel gets an idea. He places his hands on Kayl's shoulders, enforcing X-power to her concentration. She looks upward emanating bright lights from her eyes)
Kayl: --A-A-Aa-aa-aaa-ahh-hhhh!!!
Daniel: Kayl, use the linkup against him!!

(Shane turns to Armond, on Vector 3)
Shane: We can use the link up against them!
Armond: What link up? They overrode it!!
Shane: Oh yeah. Well can't we undermine their lockout? I noticed an unused secondary backup generator in the Nega'Jem changing rooms. They use it to iron their polka dot underwear.
Armond: That's a little too much info for me. But I will try.

(Meanwhile, far away, the shockwave out grows the square Transwarp barrier and spews waves from all sides. The subspace pressure rises and the sudden shattering of the Transwarp barrier becomes momentarily visible. The wave continues on)

(Red turns around to see a display of energy emanating from Daniel and Kayl)
Daniel(transfers power): Focus...!! Your mind is linked with his. You have just as much control as he did!!
Kayl(shoots out energy): --AAaaaaahhh!!!--

Shadow Flare: ...aaaaaaAAHHHhhh... Huh?
(Kayl finds herself on the Bridge of the Apocalypse)
Shadow Flare: I did it!! I'm in control.
Baek: Did you say something, sir?
Shadow Flare(checks his nails): Man. I need to manicure these, and fast. Fashion emergency!
(He snaps like a gay person)
Baek(surprised): I knew it! --I have to come out of the closet too, sir! Fashion emergency!
(Baek snaps like a gay person too)
Ganryu: Commander. The Phoenix-X's third Vector has regained control of the Tekken Debris.
Shadow Flare: Let 'em go. What's the worst they can do?
*(The Tekken Debris fires phasers at the bases of each Sleri Tentacle holding a Vector. The tentacles are cut off one by one, unravelling the Vectors)
Ganryu: That's pretty bad, sir.
Shadow Flare: You know what's ever more bad? I'm not even a sir!! Hahahahaa!!
Ganryu: Yes, we know you are gay.
Shadow Flare: No! I'm Lieutenant Kayl! Hahahaa!!!
Ganryu: Are you saying you are going to go for that cross-dressing thing now?
Shadow Flare: Never mind.

(The three Vectors shoot out of there as fast as possible, avoiding more tentacles. They initiate re-integration sequence, combing the entire Phoenix-X)
*Computer: Re-integration sequence complete. For information on the re-integration sequence please contact no one, since this is a secret ship. Thank you, have a nice 24-hour day unless the world of which you come has an extended or limited hour day of that has not been acknowledged or cared about by any Starfleet personal.
Daniel(looks around): I really have to shorten that reply.
(More senior officers enter the Bridge. They see Kayl in a trance)
Armond: What's happening to Lieutenant Kayl?
Daniel: She's a little pre-occupied right now.

(Meanwhile, on the Apocalypse, Shadow Flare is hailed)
Shadow Flare: After I do these nails, I'm going to have to do some skin treatment.
*(The Sleri go on audio): Three of our kind has just been injured. Why? Why did you create us to feel pain??
Shadow Flare(looks around): What the #$@% was that?
Ganryu: Commander, I'm picking up a bi-dimensional shockwave heading for us. ETA, five minutes. We could protect ourselves with a subspace Transwarp Room.
*(Sleri): You must protect us from danger!
(Commander Seifer from the Phoenix-X suddenly goes on screen)
*Seifer: Kayl, we've gotta break; so drop any poltergeist act and get your slack-assed consciousness back here.
Baek(stands): How did you know the Commander's new bi-sexual identity!?!?
Shadow Flare: Sit your fruity-ass down, boy. --Lieutenant, alert the other ships to create that Transwarp Room around the entire ---mmwwwaaaaa!!! Get out of me you stupid b----!!! ---Uh--! ...around the entire Sleri Asteroid Colony.
Ganryu: Yes, sir, your freakiness.

(The other Nega'Jem ship's depart and start placing themselves around the Asteroid Cluster. In the distance the immensely growing shockwave becomes visible)
Armond: The Nega'Jem are establishing a Transwarp Base Plan. They may be getting ready to create a Conduit.
Kugo: More like a protective Bubble.
Seifer: They're going to create one strong enough to withstand the shockwave. If we stay here, we'll also be protected.
(The energy around Kayl and Daniel subsides as she returns to her body)
Kayl: .....a-aa-aaa-aAAA-AAHHH--! ...Where am I now?
Daniel: The Land of Oz. Where do you think?
(They're hailed and Shadow Flare goes on screen)
*Shadow Flare: Argh!! As soon as we're clear this shockwave, we will destroy you!!
Daniel: Not before we disrupt your Transwarp Containment Wall.
*Shadow Flare: If you do that, we'll all be destroyed!!
Seifer: Yeah, I have a life long record of avoiding destruction.
Daniel: It's either all or nothing, Shadow Flare.
(He laughs)
Daniel: Heh, heh. I am so the one in control.
(The computer beeps and Red Alert goes on)
*Computer: Warning; unknown radiation about to come into proximity.

(Shadow Flare steps forward)
Shadow Flare: Fine!!! If you leave us alone, then we'll leave your precious Federation alone. It would have been like that in the first place, but you and your stupid crew had to exist.
*Daniel: What? Just for that, I'm gonna disrupt the Transwarp Walls anyway.
*Kayl(stops him): Wait!! This is the best progress we've ever made with the Nega'Jem. We can't just throw it all away!
*Daniel: Sure we can. I'm about to press the button.
*Lox: Captain, I strongly oppose on another misunderstanding with the Nega'Jem.
*Kugo: Captain, this may be our only chance. The Nega'Jem are a major contaminant in our Universe.
*Seifer: Captain, what about my record??
*Daniel: Alright already!! We have a deal, Shadow Flare. Starting now.
Shadow Flare: Good. You are welcome to stay once we establish the Barrier.
*Daniel: I think not. Red, take us out of here. Now!!!

(The Phoenix-X turns and shoots out of there as fast as possible. Then the Transwarp Barrier is established just as the Iso-Shockwave makes contact with it. The whole circle around Asteroid Colony lights up in heavy energy flames while the Phoenix-X makes a quick exit stretching into Transwarp)
Daniel: And that's the end of that. ...You know, I think we've all learned a valuable lesson from all this.
Lox: Uhh... It's not over yet, Captain.
(The Iso-Shockwave nudges the Asteroid Colony over a little, but still passes over towards the area where the Phoenix-X made their exit)
*Computer: Warning, Transwarp Conduit destabilizing from unknown source.
Kayl: We have to drop Transwarp or we'll be torn apart, Captain.
(The Phoenix-X stretches safely back into normal space)
Daniel: And that's the end of that. You know--
Kugo: Captain! We are still in range of the destructive path of the Shockwave.
(The Iso-Shockwave is visible in the distance, heading straight for them)
Seifer: Take us 200 more kilometres out of here, Red.
Red: Aye.
(The Phoenix-X speeds ahead as fast as possible, until the shockwave passes over them, shaking the ship like crazy. The shaking stops and the ship isn't destroyed from the weakness of the shockwave)
Daniel: Now? Is now the end of that!? You damn better all have learned a valuable lesson from all this!!
Armond: Yes, Captain.

(The Phoenix-X returns to Federation space. Kayl and Red take a stroll down Deck 12)
Kayl: I feel kind of bad for abusing the Nega'Jem so much. They do have a right to their own privacy.
Red: Much of what the Phoenix-X is about is breaking the rules. I believe we should have stayed focused in our mission to extract those threats to our Universe; whatever the cost may have been.
Kayl: You just wanted a reason to fight, didn't you?
Red(lowers his head in shame): Yes.
Kayl: Red, we have to consider the enemies goals before we charge in firing. They might've changed their minds at the last minute, and us interfering could have sent them back to their previous motivations.
Red: That is exactly how Klingon's make sure there is battle all the time! See? I knew you would understand.

(Armond enters the Captain's Ready Room just as a communication from Starbase 55 comes in)
*Theseus: This is the worst mess you've caused to this date!!!
Daniel: But, Admiral, you couldn't have already gotten my report. I haven't written it yet.
*Theseus: Oh, sorry; the guys and I are just so used to saying that to you. You did have a successful mission, didn't you?
Daniel: Uhhh... --Oops, my finger slipped!
(He turns off the communication)
Armond(hands a padd): Reports of the destroyed Sector 8814. Not many casualties, sir. The inhabitants of the only planet were able to escape in time.
Daniel: We could help them locate a new home. What's the word with the Nega'Jem?
Armond: They make daily runs from their nest with the Sleri Asteroids, scavenging uninhabited planets and comets for food or power sources they need. They haven't made any hostile attempts towards the Federation.
Daniel: Understood. But if they do, we'll be there.... we'll be there....
Armond: I heard you the first time.
Daniel: I know. I'm just making it sound dramatic.
Armond: I think you were insulting my ability to listen to what people say the first time.
Daniel: No I wasn't! --Fine, just go. I have your report... I have your report...
Armond: You did it again! --That's it. I'm outta here. ...I can't take this anymore.

(Seifer enters 10-Forward, where it's decorated with a Welcome banner)
Seifer: Oh, thanks. I knew everyone cared.
Ensign Dan(at a table): It's not for you, you idiot. It's for my parents. Remember? They're coming aboard.
Seifer(walks over): ...Ohhh... yeah. Um. I kinda called them to cancel their trip.
Ensign Dan: What!? Why??
Seifer: Well I felt kinda bad for forcing it on you. That, and there was all these battles with the Nega'Jem and stuff. I thought you were upset that they were coming?
Ensign Dan: I was but I changed my mind!! Man, don't you ever mind your own business??
Seifer: Not really.
Ensign Dan: Well if you'll excuse me; I have toilet duties to get back to.
(He gets up and leaves)

(A soldier approaches the Fleet General of the Ceavon Homeworld)
Mekia: General!! Our forces have been re-supplied with material to create ablative armour and weapons!!
Ozio: Damn them!! --Oh wait. That's good. Who did that?
Mekia: There are rumours going around that it was the Nega'Jem.
Ozio: Well stop those rumours! We can't have people believing total--possible fiction. Just tell them it was the Ceavon Fairy of Re-supplement.
Mekia: You don't really expect me to say that corny excuse, do you?
Ozio: Yes!! ...And send our regards to the Nega'Jem. They're not the kind of people we thought they were