Episode 53

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Particle Mechanics

(Kugo runs a first-person shooter Program in the Holodeck, about a tomb raider theme. Lox enters and hides back from killer wolves against a brick wall with her)
Lox: What is all this?
Kugo(loads two 6-mm handguns): Dangerous situations.
(She runs from the wall, turning the corner, firing both handguns at the wolves as they're leaping for her. The two wolves hit the ground, dead, as Kugo runs off to the next level)
Lox: Ohhh. I get it.
(He doesn't actually get it, so he leaves)

(The Phoenix-X trails through space. Captain Cell watches the stars fly by on-screen. They move past from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right)
Cell: ...Hey Amp, is the Ship moving at an angle?
Amp(checks his helm panel): Just slightly. I can have our maneuvering thrusters re-aligned.
Cell: Alrighty then.

(Amp transfers himself to the Deck outside Thruster Closet 2)
Gewdeque(walking by): Hey, Amp. What are you up to?
Amp: I have to re-align the impulse frequency slider.
(The door opens to the small room and when he places his foot through, his foot suddenly disappears)
Amp: Huh?
Gewdeque(enters the room): Oh, I don't think there are any holo-emitters in there. Don't worry, I'll do it for you.
Amp: Thanks.
Gewdeque: I hope I don't make them worse like I did this morning.

(Amp walks off, as the Councilor catches up with him)
Lucricia: Hey. Got any personal issues today?
Amp: I need to have some holo-emitters installed in the Thruster Closets.
Lucricia: That's not a personal issue. That's a technical problem.

(She leaves. Amp transfers to another Deck and makes his way to Tech Storage 7)
Amp: Computer. Open Tech Storage Room 7, authorization code Armond-4-2-Zeta.
(The doors open, and he can see the holographic-emitter devices sitting on a self. He reaches in, but part of his arm disappears)
*Computer*: Warning. No holo-emitters installed in Technology Storage Room 7.
Amp: What the--?

(He leaves, and takes a walk to the Cafeteria. He approaches the Klingon Chef)
Amp: Holographic food please.
Meghk: Holographic food? But you're a Hologram!
Amp: Duh! What did you think, that I couldn't eat?
Meghk(starts preparing food): This must be one of those days...!
Amp(leans on the counter): ...You know, I wish I never had all these limitations.
Meghk: It always has to be about you, doesn't it?

(The Phoenix-X Bridge is contacted via encoded transmission)
RaeLuna: Captain. It is Admiral Theseus.
Cell: Great! I love it when he calls.
(Everyone just looks at the Captain)
Cell: What? I'm trying to be more positive about things.
[Admiral Theseus goes on-screen]
Cell: What the hell do you want now?
[Theseus]: How dare you speak to me in that manner!
Seifer: Uhh, the Captain's just a little edgy ...and on drugs.
Cell: No I'm not. Seriously, what the hell do you want?
[Theseus]: I wanted to introduce you to Elena and Nelkast; my sub-Command Officers.
[Elena]: Hi.
[Nelkast]: Greetings.
Cell: Kamustas muchachos.
[Theseus]: They'll be taking over most of my work and planning when I don't feel like doing it myself.
(Seifer and Cell glance at each other)
Cell: So, why do you think we care?
[Theseus]: I'm just sayin'. You know. They're new.
(Cell and Seifer just glance at each other again)
Seifer: We don't understand.
[Theseus]: Argh!! Never mind!

(Ensign Dan steps off the Turbolift, fixing his new uniform. He goes into one of the Back Rooms of the Bridge where Trunks is, monitoring the security of the Admiral's transmission)
Ensign Dan: Ggrrghh. I finally got one of the new uniforms. You know, the ones with the gray on the top? Mine doesn't fit!
Trunks: I heard those have been issued for a couple years already. What took you so long to get one?
Ensign Dan(fidgeting): Argh! They couldn't find my size! I can't believe this. I wish you had to wear a uniform!
Trunks: I laugh at your pathetic uniforms and ship colours. It is all tasteless.
Ensign Dan: Well, can't argue with that.

(Cell continues to speak to the Admiral on-screen on the Bridge)
Seifer: You guys go on. I'll just be on a lower deck, making fun of people.
Cell: No! I need you here, Commander.
Seifer: Really?
Cell: Not really. It's just that Ensign Belm's feelings always get hurt when you do that.
[Elena]: Captain, if we could have a moment of your time. There is a mission that we wish you to complete.
Cell: I am very specific of who gets my moments.
[Nelkast]: There is a warp-capable species called the Descenites. We need you to find and hold one of their Ship's for us.
RaeLuna: No problem. I'll start looking for them right now.
[Nelkast]: By find; I mean I have their co-ordinates for you.
(He e-mails it to the Phoenix-X)
*Computer*: You've got mail.
Seifer: I hope it's not more advertisements.
[Elena]: Bring us the Ship, and we'll contact you again.
Cell: Why can't we contact you?
[Elena]: Because we make the rules.
Cell: Excuse me? But I think I make the rules around here.
[Elena]: Just capture that Ship!
Cell: My rules don't be liking that attitude.
[Elena]: Just go already!!

(The Phoenix-X sits in space. Its matter regenerative outer hull begins to fluxuate and adapt additional particle material. The Ship stylistically turns partial black in some interesting areas)
Lox: What's going on?
(The Doctor approaches Trunks at the back of the Bridge)
Trunks: They want us to look different. I am altering the Phoenix-X's Borg regenerative-replicative hull plating and also adapting some holographic features.
Lox: I didn't know we could do that. Amazing! But why'd you rename the Ship after you?
Trunks(starts erasing it): Oops. How'd that get there...? Heh, heh.

(The Bridge crew changes their uniforms to not resemble the Federation, as the Phoenix-X speeds through a Transwarp Conduit. The Ship drops out to normal space and approaches three Descenite Starships in the distance)
Cell: Which one are we after?
RaeLuna: The left one.
Cell(shakes his head): It's always the left one...

(The Phoenix-X locks a tractor beam onto the Descenite Ship. The other two Descenite Ships turn around and start firing on the Phoenix-X. The Ship shakes dangerously)
Seifer: Their weapons are powerful--!
Cell: I hate it when that happens!
(Everyone falls from left to right. The Phoenix-X is damaged badly enough that the Descenite Ship stops firing. Ensign Dan keeps falling from left to right)
Ensign Dan: Aaahh! Oh, it's over now? You could've told me.
Cell(gets up): It's not over!! Seifer, load the Enhanced Quantum Torpedoes...
Seifer: Uuhh, those aren't done being enhanced.
Cell: Blast! Wait, I have an idea. What if we infect them with a little... computer virus?
Amp: That's a great idea. But where are we gonna get one of those?
RaeLuna: He means you, you idiot!
Amp: Me? But my corruption algorithms are offline; not to mention I had too much holographic chili this morning.
Cell: We can get those back online. Are you in? There are some baseball cards with reflective holograms in it for you.
Amp: Well... okay.

(The second Descenite ship comes around, firing around the right side of the Phoenix-X. Captain Cell takes the Helm and moves the Phoenix-X up and out of shot. Starboard pulse phasers are blasted at the Descinte ship)
Pargen: Argggh! Why are they after us, what did we ever do?
Seggek: We spit in the hamburgers at our intergalactic restaurants.
Pargen: Ohhh, yeah.

(Amp's Program is transferred to their Vessel through one of the gaps in their shields. He slithers around their computer systems, polarizing some of the control panels. He corrupts the Weapons Systems and then takes holographic form on the Bridge)
Amp: Hahaha!
Seggek: What the--? Our weapons systems are failing!
Pargen: Damnation!! Next time, you pick the security code letter!

(The other Descenite ship moves underneath, firing, prompting the Phoenix-X to arch around leading the firing to hit the second Descenite ship. Amp transfers over, finds their Energy-Route Systems and corrupts them)
Melgen: Aahh!! How did they do that!?
Kekineg(taps at panels): It's a Virus! --Quickly, back up the videos of me naked!

(Amp transfers to the last Descenite ship and takes their Sensors offline)
Okinen: Aaarrgghh!! Oh well. I didn't like those Sensors anyways.
*Cell*: Good work, Lieutenant.
Amp: Thanks, sir. You know, before I was complaining about my lack of ability; but I guess I have a lot to be proud of.
*Cell*: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just get back over here. I was doing your job while you were away.

(The other two Descenite ships just float around, damaged. The Phoenix-X tractor beams the main Ship)
Cell: Ggrrggh. What's taking so long?
Trunks: We can't seem to get transporters to break through their hull. We're working on it.
Kugo: No we're no---
(He looks at her)
Kugo: I mean, uhhh, yeah... We're working on it very intensively.
(The Captain walks over to the weapons station)
Cell: What does Theseus want with this Ship anyway?
Seifer: It's best not to speculate.
Cell: What are you talking about? This is the perfect opportunity for speculation!
Seifer: Oh, I thought that was just a figure of speech.

(The Phoenix-X fires phasers at the Descenite ship, burning a hole in their hull. They are able to beam an Away Team in)
Okinen: Hey you!! Get off our Ship!
Matt: No.
Okinen: --Okay.

(Ensign Dan walks over to the Sensors on the Bridge, trying to help RaeLuna, but accidentally messes up the position of the buttons on the holo-panel)
Ensign Dan: Oops.
RaeLuna: Hey! You're relieved!
Ensign Dan: You can't relieve me!
RaeLuna(makes a fist): I said, you're relieved...!
Ensign Dan(backs off): Okay, okay.
(The holo-panels light up)
RaeLuna: Captain, I'm getting a message from Starbase 55. It's about the Descenites.

(The Away Team is given direct directions from the Phoenix-X on what to look for. They enter a Technology Room and find a strange ball floating above a plate; unknown energy particles orbit the sphere)
Lox(scans): These particles are some kind of nano-matrix...
GoyCho: Phew. For a second there I thought they were fart particles.

(The Senior Staff meets back at the Phoenix-X's Briefing Room. They have the platform-sphere technology sitting on the negotiating table)
Seifer: Finally, some neo-classical artwork for the Briefing Room.
Kugo: The sphere and platform are merely a holder for that particle stream. It's the nano-particles we're mostly interested in.
Seifer: Yeah right. You don't know art.
Cell: These 'nano-particles', are they anything like what I have?
Lox: No. These seem to be much smaller and bio-energy-based.
[Elena]: The Descenites developed it themselves. Only, they did it in Federation space.
Cell: Elena? When did you get on screen?
[Elena]: I go on screen whenever I feel like it.
Trunks: If I may interlude; what gives us the right to steal their discovery?
[Elena]: Oh, who cares about what's right. Besides, it looks to have extremely dangerous energy that could harm the Federation.
[Nelkast]: We have just begun to scratch the surface of Particle Matrix technology.
Cell: Nelkast? When did you get on screen?
[Elena]: He was sitting beside me the whole time!
[Nelkast]: The point is; we hope to study more of Particle Matrix technology. This is only the beginning.
Seifer(in awe): ...Wow. The beginning.

(Amp transfers to the Holodeck where he meets up with RaeLuna and Jergen)
RaeLuna: I was told to run a diagnostic on your program.
Amp: What's the point in running a diagnostic on a virus program?
(The computer finishes)
*Computer*: Diagnostic complete. Warning; 100-percent error found.
RaeLuna(turns off the disgnostic): Okay, never mind.
Amp: To tell you the truth, I have been feeling a little off lately ever since you reactivated my corruption algorhythm.
RaeLuna: Off?
Amp: Yeah, I feel more... powerful. See? Watch.
(He pushes Jergen like a bully)
Jergen: Hey!
(A floating holographic representation of Amp's program parameters is brought up)
RaeLuna: It looks like your resurfaced algorhythms are over powering your other algorhythms. We should try to level it.
(Amp shoves Jergen again, making him fall down)
Jergen: Don't do that!
Amp: Sorry.
(He tries not to laugh)

Matt: This is the new Free Fall Cage.
(Matt shows a couple people to an open room on Deck 9. Gravity plating and field destabilizers are all over the walls, floor and ceiling)
Grath: Hey! These used to be my living quarters!
Matt: Be quiet, Grath; I'm trying to explain. This room is mainly for leisure. A person is put in here, where gravity and momentum is regulated so that they may enjoy the experience of freefalling without actually going anywhere.
(They watch someone inside the simulation, hovering in mid-air, but getting rushed with wind from below. He is surrounded by a holographic sky and turbulence)
-Phinly: AAaaahhh!! Get me off this thing!!! Aaaahh!!!
Matt(laughs as he faces the crowd): Heh, heh. But of course, if we don't like the person, we can make it go a lot faster.
Amp: Hey, can I try?
Matt: No, it'd be too real for you since you're a hologram too.
Amp: I can handle it. I can handle anything!
Matt: I'm sorry, but the Free Fall could over-stimulate your program and really cause damage.
Amp: No!! The Free Fall could over-stimulate your program!! And really cause damage for you!!!
(He walks off, angry)

Cell: Hey Amp. What's with that holographic vein on your forehead?
(Amp just walks by the Captain and enters the Briefing Room in anger. No one else is in there as the lights in the room activate)

Amp: Ggrrgghh!! I can do anything! I have more power than anyone on this Ship!! ---Well, that may be going too far; when Borishnikov has his targ soup, he lets certain gasses go like there's no tomorrow...
(He notices the Particle Matrix platform on the table and grabs it)
Amp: I can do whatever I want! ...Like, take this thing!

(Kugo and Lox go over the Particle Matrix data on screen in Main Engineering)
Lox: ...And now the Federation is investigating my medical techniques. Well, I say I can do whatever I want! ...Like, take this thing!
(He steals GoyCho's coffee as he's walking by)
GoyCho: Hey!
Kugo: Doctor! We're supposed to be examining the Descenite Particle Matrix technology!
Lox: Oh yeah.
(They look at the diagrams and analysis on-screen)
Lox: Well, I don't know what it could be. But it is advanced and highly energy reactive.
Kugo: Maybe if we just poke at it until something happens...?
Lox(nods): Good idea.

(Trunks enters the Bridge where RaeLuna is scanning the region)
RaeLuna: The Descenites have left to their homeplanet in the next star system.
Trunks: I wonder what those aliens will do for the rest of their lives?
RaeLuna(shrugs): Probably nothing interesting.

(Two larger Descenite ships drop out of Warp in front of the Phoenix-X, and open fire. Captian Cell and Commander Seifer get to the Bridge and make the Phoenix-X return fire. The Phoenix-X backs up, ducks underneath one of the Descenite ships and comes around its back, locking a tractor beam)
Pargen: Ggrrgghh!!! Hail them!
Seggek: All right, fine. We'll just do everything you want to do.

(The Phoenix-X twirls the large Descenite ship into the other Descenite ship. The two Ships crash into each other, badly. Their shells are broken into each other, and they are stuck as debris are flying everywhere)
Cell: So, you've come to beg me to stop?
[Pargen]: No, you fool--!!
Cell: How dare you call me a fool! I'll counter-attack you to death for that!

(Four smaller Descenite Jumpers spurt out and swarm the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X hatches off its top Vector and tractors a Descenite Jumper as its coming around. The Phoenix-X hatches off its bottom Vector and fires at the Jumper being held)
Iggnekg: Hey leave me alone! I'm really a nice person!

(Phoenix-Vector 2 flips to its side, dodging phasers from the large Decenite ships, and returning pulse phaser fire onto their back hulls)
*Melgen*: You must listen to us--!
Elly: I'm sorry. Did you say something?

(Phoenix-Vector 1 drags a Descenite Jumper around and smashes it into the Jumper Phoenix-Vector 3 was dragging around)
Tellud: Hey! ...Oh man. I hope those people are okay.
*Wettekgnek*: We're fine. It's all part of the job.
Tellud: Phew.

(The Phoenix-X reintegrates and hovers around the two large Descenite ships merged together, awaiting their reaction)
[Pargen]: You fools! That Particle Matrix technology is highly experimental and you don't know how to handle it!!
Cell: What kind of reaction is that?
[Okinen]: Listen to us!
Cell: No.
[Okinen]: --Okay.

(Kugo resets Amp's holographic body to be transferred to the Holodeck)
Kugo: Amp! The Captain said he needed you on the Bridge!
Amp: Hey! How'd you do that?
(Kugo checks Amp's program, finding his algorthyms are out of alignment)
Kugo: Your viral capabilities are making you out of control! I think I might be able to adjust it.
(Amp vanishes and then reappears)
Amp: Hey, I'm better! ...And I have my arm and foot back!
Kugo: It was easy. That RaeLuna don't know nothing about technical problems.
Amp: Thanks, Kugo!
Kugo: Your program is 23-percent more active with your viral capabilities.
Amp: It's no problem. I feel I can handle the extra power now. Just because I can do anything I want with it, doesn't mean I should.
Kugo: That's the spirit! Well, actually you don't have a spirit, or a soul. But you could if I program one.

(Captain Cell liquefies up from his seat on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Cell: Okay, okay. Maybe we should work together in solving our issues.
[Melgen]: You could've said that before we started fighting!
Seifer: Yeah, we feel bad for attacking you. We were under orders.
[Melgen]: It's alright. We enjoyed the diversion from our experimentations. Oh, that reminds me, one of our experimentations spilled over from the attacks.
[He goes off to clean it up]
RaeLuna: These are very weird negotiations.
(Amp enters the Bridge and meets RaeLuna at the back)
Amp: Guess what. Kugo fixed me. Oh, and she said you suck.
RaeLuna: What? Let me check your program.
(RaeLuna goes to another computer and scans Amp's program)
*Computer*: Warning; 123-percent error found.
RaeLuna: Yeah, I guess she did. But some of your memory logs are badly damaged.
Amp: It must've been from the integration of my viral abilties.
Cell(turns around): Do you guys mind? We're trying to negotiate these people's surrender.
[Melgen]: We're not surrendering!
Cell: Oh come on. You know you want to.

(Two more Descenite ships drop out of Warp and start helping to repair the damage to the larger Descenite ships)
Terkenek: Oh my God! Are you guys okay?
*Pergen*: What do you think!?
Terkenek: Well if that's your attitude, no complimentary targ soup for you.

(Captain Cell and Commander Seifer enter the Breifing Room)
Cell: What the--? Where's the Particle Matrix technology?
Seifer: Hey! Where's my secret videogame padd--?
(Cell looks at him)
Seifer: --Uh, I mean, I pay attention to all the meetings.

(Kugo, RaeLuna and Amp meet the Captain in his Ready Room)
Amp: You see it's like this; I kind of stole the Matrix Particles, but now that I'm sane again, I don't do that kind of thing no more.
Cell: I don't care about that! Where are they??
Amp(shrugs): I dunno.
Kugo: During our diagnostics of the Amp Virus, we found that some of his memory logs were damaged.
Amp: Don't talk about me like I'm not here.
RaeLuna: My diagnostics found that. Kugo overlooked those logs.
Kugo: At least I know how to fix a program.
RaeLuna: At least I know I can kick your ass!
Kugo(pushes her): Bring it!
Cell: Ladies! Do you mind? We have to find this Particle Matrix technology!

(Captain Cell enters the Bridge)
Cell: I want an extensive search for this Particle Matrix technology. Recalibrate the internal sensors to find them but not cause the particles to explode or anything when scanned.
Trunks: Aye, sir; explode particles.
Seifer: I've already sent search teams throughout the Phoenix-X.
(He sneaks away mysteriously)
Seifer: Heh, heh, heh... That means the Free Fall Cage is not being used...

(Amp transfers to his Quarters, which are Armond's old Quarters. He finds underwear lying around)
Amp: I know I'm a hologram, but still, there's no way I'm touching those.
(He paces back and forth from the living room to his bedroom, trying to recall where he put the Particle Matrix technology)
Amp: ...Where... where... where!?
(He tries thinking of another word to say)
Amp: Where!?
(He suddenly gets an idea, a hunch of where he may have hidden it)

Okinen: Those Phoenix-X guys just stopped talking to us! That's rude!
(The Descenites almost have the two large Ship's separated and sealed. The commanding officers of the science ships meet on the lead Ship's Bridge)
Melgen: They also badly damaged our starships! But yeah, the stop-talking thing is pretty rude.

(Amp transfers over into one of their empty hallways, as the Descenite ship is powering up its engines)
Amp: It has to be here somewhere! If not, then someone's going to be chosen to be in big trouble.
(The two large Descenite ships jump to Warp one after another. The Phoenix-X is left alone with the other two smaller repair Ships)

Lox: So... how are things?
(He speaks to the Descenites on-sceen)
[Terkenek]: Actually, things are alrigh--- Hey! You can't trick me into idle conversation! Now tell me. Where did you people put the Particle Matrix technology!?
Lox: No! Besides, what were you going to do with it anyway? Put it all into a little sandbox and play in the sand with it, making little sand castles and other such sand creations?
[Terkenek is momentarily dumbfounded by that stupid remark. He then admits his guilt]
[Terkenek]: ...Yes.

(The larger Descenite ship speeds through space. It approaches the planet Descenite)
Melgen: What a coincidence how our planet is named after our species.

(Amp finds himself sneaking through the Decks of that Descenite ship. He notices the Planet outside the window)
Amp: Hm. That wasn't there before. Planets these days... always showing up when you don't expect it.

(He enters an ignored room with a table at the centre. On the table is the platform and sphere which the Matrix Particles orbit)
Amp: Aha! I knew I put them in here. I must've did it out of blind rage.
(He shakes his head)
Amp: People these days... always doing stuff out of blind rage.
(Amp walks over to the Matrix Particles and picks up the platform, when two Guards suddenly enter the room)
Seggek: Hey!! Stop right there!
Genzin: That's some good shout'n, Seggek.
(Amp accidentally drops the platform and sphere, the Particles are knocked out of orbit. They swarm around, and circle Amp)
Amp: Aahh!
(The Particles are attracted to the energy being produced by Amp's body and cling themselves all over Amp)
Amp: ...My body is made up of photons and force-fields. These particles, they're some form of computer!
(The two Guards just glance at each other, not knowing what to do)
Genzin: This is awkward.
(Amp is able to transfer his program to the Particles clinged to his holographic body. The Matrix Particles also produce energy to emit holographic photons themselves. Amp moves around, free of being trapped by the computer)
Amp: ...Nice.
Seggek: After him!
(The two Guards sprint for Amp who faces them, until he crouches and leaps over their heads. Amp runs out the door down the hallway)

Pargen: Take us down. We must secure our Factory in case those stupid Phoenix-X guys decide to interfere with it too!
(The large Descenite ship enters the Planetary atmosphere)
Melgen: You can't blame them. We were going to use the Particles for evil anyway.
Pargen: Evil was one of many options! We were also thinking about using them for nasal congestion relief. Don't you want relief!? I know I do!
Melgen: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

(The Phoenix-X sits in space, before the two normal sized Descenite ships. They have just finished hailing each other)
Cell: You know, for once, I'd like to meet an alien ship who's Captain wasn't an angry character.
Seifer: I know exactly what you mean, sir. Every word you just said, I agree with.
(Cell notices Seifer preoccupied with a videogame padd)
Cell: Do you even listen to me when I talk anymore?
Seifer: Not usually.
(Trunks enters the Bridge, checking the internal computer system network)
Trunks: Sir, I can't seem to find Lieutenant Commander Amp. His program is not in the computer anywhere.
Cell: Damn! He must've transferred to one of the Descenite ships. But why...? Why!?
RaeLuna: Maybe he's ignorant?
Cell: No... The Matrix Particles must've been on that Ship. We have to find him!

(The Phoenix-X cloaks out of sight, leaving the two Descenite ships confused)
Terkenek: This is awkward.
Jekegen: What, the Phoenix-X leaving?
Terkenek: No. Us sitting here with our partner Ship. We never talk.

(Meanwhile, the large Descenite ship ascends to the Planet surface where a large Factory Generator is sticking out of the ground. The Ship lands beside it)
Amp: Nothing can stop me!
(Amp leaps off the Descenite ship and runs across the land. He is amazed by the fact he can exist outside a Starship and stops to enjoy it)
Amp: ...Amazing.

(The Phoenix-X drops out of Transwarp before the Descenite Planet. It passes by the other big Ship, and takes orbit)
Cell: Don't worry. Amp can only exist within a computer's parameters.
(They scan the vicinity for him)
RaeLuna: I found Amp. He's on the surface!
Seifer: That's impossible!
Cell: I know.
Seifer: No, I was talking about this girl's frequency number I got. It starts with 555.

(Amp runs into the tall Factory Generator place. He goes up the stairs as the Guards are chasing him)
Seggek: Stop right there!!
Genzin: That's some good shout'n.
(One of them leaps and grab's Amp's ankles, tripping him to the stairs. Amp flips over, kicking the Guard across his face sending the Guard over the railing and falling off the stairs)
Amp: You can't stop me. I am all powerful! Hahaha!

(Kugo, Trunks, Lox, and Cell beam in, at the floor of the Factory where the Guard suddenly hits in pain)
Seggek: Aaarrrhhh!!!
Lox(looks up): There's Amp!
Kugo: What is this place?
Trunks: It is some kind of Particle Generator. It must be how they created those Matrix Particles.
Kugo: Sure, Trunks. You just keep on believing that.

(Amp continues to climb the stairs. He finds a control panel, that regulates the particles being created by the Generator. He looks over the ledge at the controlled bright ball of light at the centre of the whole Factory)
Amp: I'm not confined to only computers anymore. I have no more limitations!! Hahahaha!
*Cell*: Captain Cell to Lieutenant Amp. What's going on?
Amp(clutches his head): Argh! --I have to stop this! ---Can't... handle...
*Cell*: Yes. Go on?
Amp: --Grgghh!!
(The remaining Guard leaps onto the platform with Amp and fires a disrupter blast at him. Amp is hit in the shoulder)

Cell: We have to help him.
(Trunks activates propulsion photons at the sides of his boots and blasts off. Cell crouches down and jumps really high)
Lox: Great. What are we supposed to do?

(Trunks and Cell make it to the top platform where Amp and the Guard are. Trunks opens a torpedo launcher in his arm and aims at the Guard)
Genzin: Hey!
(The Guard fires at Trunks and the Captain. Meanwhile, Amp crouches in pain, trying to transfer his program to the Factory Computer)
Amp: Got to... extract program---!!
(Another self of his self leans back from his waist, showing that there are two of him connected to his legs. Amp then leaps out, back-flipping out of his former self which stands there lifeless)
Cell: What happened?
Kugo(makes it up the stairs): It's Amp! The Matrix Particles won't let go of Amp's old body!
Amp: That ain't right.
(Amp walks over and pushes his old body over the ledge. It falls through the air and into the bright ball of light at the centre of the Factory. The energy ball of particles begins to react to the new element)
Trunks: Argh!
(Trunks leaps over incoming disrupter blasts and tackles the Guard to the platform)
Genzin: I'm not into that! ...Oh no! There's a new element in the reaction chamber! We're all going to die!
Cell: Oh come on. You don't have to exaggerate.
(The Guard blasts a disrupter pulse into Trunks' chest, sending Trunks flying off the platform and through the air. Trunks hits the floor where Lox is standing. The Guard gets up and sprints his way outside to the upper balcony. He leaps off it, falling through the air outside and lands on his Ship)

Pargen: Let's get outta here!
(The large Descenite ship hovers off the dusty ground and impulses up into the sky. It leaves the atmosphere)
Pargen: Phew. I'm glad we're outta there now.

(Amp statics on and off as the computers in the Factory all begin to explode and be charged with negative energy)
Cell: This place is going to blow. We have to get out of here!
Kugo: Yeah, I think we knew that.
(Amp leans over the ledge and glances down at the ball of light. He can see his old body in the brightness being pushed around like a doll, as it's appearing to scream for help)
Trunks(flys up again): Here. Transfer yourself to my backup memory.
Amp: Okay. There better not be any weird memories in there.
Trunks: There's nothing. Well, except for a strange sexual encounter with this one female android...
(Amp deactivates his hologram body and transfers his program into Trunks. The ball of light expands as support beams fall and the stairs break apart. Panels explode all over the place)
Lox: Argh!
(Lox runs out the main doors along the ground as the tall Factory is exploding behind him. Trunks, Kugo and Cell leap out from the top as the explosions lead upwards. In the sky, Kugo grabs a hold of Cell's back as he extends batwings, gliding through the air and doding debris)

Seifer: Four to beam up.
(Lox, Trunks, Kugo and Cell meet on the ground and watch the Factory explode. The Phoenix-X has to pass in through the atmosphere. It soars down and beams the four aboard)
Seifer: Did you get them?
RaeLuna: Yes. What, did you think I was ignorant?
Seifer: No. Why, did you think I was ignorant?
RaeLuna: ...Well there was a thin line.

(The Phoenix-X speeds out from the Planet back into space. The other Descenite ships notice it)
Melgen: Crap!! Look what happened to our Factory. Oh well. I guess we had it coming...
Okinen: No we didn't. It was all that Phoenix-X's fault.
Melgen: I said, we had it coming...!!
Okinen: Yes, sir.
Melgen: Notify the other Ships. At least we have other projects going. Those we will complete with discretion.
Seggek: I just know our gummy-bears technology is going to be a big hit!
Melgen: We're canceling that. Someone already invented gummy-bears.
Seggek: Nnooooo!!

(The Captain makes it to the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Cell: It doesn't look like the Descenites will be making anymore of those Particles anytime soon...
Lox: That's a shame.
Cell: Yeah it is. They weren't really bad.
Lox: Yes they were. Admit it!
Cell: Do you think you could create such Particles yourself, Doctor?
Lox: Dammit Cell! I'm a Doctor, not a Micro-Particle technician!!
BOB: I'm a Micro-Particle technician.
Cell: BOB! Stop bothering us right now. Me and the Doctor are trying to have a conversation!

(Matt re-opens the Free Fall Cage on Deck 9. There is a long lineup for it)
RaeLuna: Hey Kugo. I heard you did well on that mission to the Factory. It looks like you have really proven yourself. Good job.
Kugo: Thanks... except it was you who was supposed to prove yourself!!
RaeLuna(thinks about it): ...Oh yeah.
(They wonder when the line is going to get shorter)
Kugo: What is taking so freakin' long!?
RaeLuna(looks at the Free Fall): I will never understand why you people indulge yourselves in such paranoid activities.
Kugo: I know! I'll fake a Transwarp Core breech so that everyone will panic and have to leave. Heh, heh, heh.
(She sneaks away)

Cell: On screen.
(Trunks, Cell and Seifer enter the Briefing Room where they're hailed)
[Elena]: Greetings.
Cell: Oh man. Off screen!
[Elena]: You can't off screen me. I control your screen! Now tell me, how did the mission go?
(Cell and Seifer glance at each other)
Seifer: We lost the Matrix Particles... but at least I got this girl's real number.
[Elena]: You lost them!?
Cell: Sorry.
[Elena]: Argh!! I can't believe it!
Cell(shakes his head): So much anger...
[Nelkast]: I thought... I thought this would be the beginning... Why? Why would you do this to me?
(The screen clicks off. Seifer finishes extracting Trunks' backup memory to the main computer. Amp is activated)
Amp: Please state the nature of the uncorrupted database.
Trunks: Oh my God! He corrupted my backup memory engrams! It's going to take me forever to fix them!
(He runs out of the room in panic)
Cell: It's good to have you back Lieutenant.
Amp: Thanks, sir. ...Existing outside the computer; it was... interesting.
Cell(nods): I don't doubt it.
(Captain Cell turns around for a second, doubting it)
Cell: ...What a moron. Hahahaha.
Amp: Sir?
Cell(turns back): Nothing, Lieutenant.
Amp: I think I can live without the extra abilities. My database corruption abilities are all I really need.
Seifer: But you're supposed to be the pilot of the Ship.
Amp: ...Oh yeah, I forgot.
(They walk out to the Bridge, noticing the Transwarp Core breech in progress)

Amp: What's happening?
(Seifer checks the systems)
Seifer: There's a Transwarp Core breech in progress!
Cell: All hands, emergency stations! Red alert!
Ensign Dan: We're all gonna die!!
Amp: I'll fly us a safe distance from Federation space!
(He takes the Helm. As the Ship speeds through space he notices the stars fly by on-screen, moving from the top left corner to the bottom right)
Amp: Hmmm... You know what. This isn't a bad place to explode.