Short 5A

Commander Rune Sith
Second Officer, Starbase 001
Renegade Alliance Vessel, Teketeran
Scorpion's Descent, Part I

Sith awoke in a terrible blur. He felt as if a transporter beam knocked him out. When he came to, he found he was on a medical bed in a shady lab of some sort. Rubbing his head, he came to and sat up.

"The patient has awoken," a strange voice said from the other side of the room. When the man, walked over, it was obvious he was an Android. "My name is Kerikin. I come from the planet Omnicron Theta."

Sith looked at the half shelled Android, looking at features unsolicited. "Where... where am I? The last thing I remember is that I was on 001?"

"You were," he said. "We simply beamed you out without notice... being a race of Android's, our technology far exceeds anything you can comprehend."

"I've seen your homeworld. I think I have a pretty good idea how far your technology can go... and how to counteract it." Sith held up his arm, revealing the fact it was a mechanical replacement. "You did this to me, didn't you?"

"One of my people, I suppose. You're welcome for saving your life, by the way."

Sith felt a conflicting of emotions, as he came to realize the truth as it was; they really did have the intentions of helping him back then. "Alright, I'm willing to admit I've always been kind of hard on what you people did to me. But that was the past," he glanced over. "So what do you want with me now?"

"Actually, the whole crew has been reprogrammed to capture and transfer you to Kintoka. We do not know the reasons why, or who reprogrammed us."

"If you know that, then why are you still doing it?"

"We cannot go against our own programming. It would be a violation."

"You're sentient beings, far more advanced than any Androids in the galaxy... you must have the ability for free will? Especially since you're conscious of your actions and thier reprecussions??"

"It is not that simple. Of course we have free will, but this reprogramming lies deep within our protocols. There are some things even we can't change in ourselves."

Sith shook his head, "I just don't get it! If you want to stop, just stop the ship!"

"You misunderstand, the reprogramming goes as far as to create a desire to complete this unknown mission. It overshadows any desire to change that desire and so on. Therefore, any desire's not to complete the mission come second to that priority reprogramming. It is impossible to alter it."

Sith jumped off the bed, frustrated. "Fine. Whatever! I'll just leave, myself."

Kerikin stepped over and approached Sith. "I don't think you'll be going anywhere."

"Am I going to have to reprogram you to let me go?" Sith said sarcastically.

Suddenly, Kerikin launched a fist towards Sith, who instinctively blocked with his mechanical arm and pushed Kerikin away with the same arm. Kerikin took a few steps back to retain his balance, and shock.

"How do you know to do that?" Kerikin asked.

"Starfleet training," Sith replied annoyed at the sudden lapse back into conversation. "If you're an Android, then shouldn't you be a little faster than that?"

"That was fast," Kerikin said.

Sith eyed him, confused. He was sure Kerkin was capable of going faster. So he attacked again to find out. He launched his mechanical left arm for Kerikin's head, and Kerikin dodged to the right. The Android knocked the arm away and began jabbing repeatedly for Sith's upper body. But Sith dodged his waist to the right and then left, and with space began blocking all the attacks with his arm.

Kerikin powered his arms and launched a full straight on force of fists at Sith. Sith quickly leaped above the fists before they could reach him, and while using the outstretched arms as a base to hold himself up... he spun himself around capoeira style so that his mechanical legs would swing around and smack Kerikin in the side of the head.

Kerikin was knocked to the side, as Sith used him one last time to remain above. Sith came down with powered legs towards the floored Android, but Kerikin immediately twisted himself to the side as to avoid it. Sith broke through the floor plating upon landing. Shattered pieces popped up into the air from his reinforced feet.

"You're good," Kerikin stumbled to his feet while clasping his electrofied head. He was starting to lose his vision.

"I get it now..." Sith said. "You all must have different models. Some faster, some slower... some smarter. You're just like organics, with faults."

"Quite observant, Human! But you fail to realize one thing... this vessel is crewed by Androids; and I know of a few that can take you down. I've already called them," Kerikin threatened.

Sith shook his head. He had to get off the ship before he would be killed. He immedaitely ran for the doors and kicked right through them. He continued running through more Lab Rooms, with the possibility for survival extremely low.