Episode 48

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Destiny's Revenge, Part II

Kayl: I’m sensing some strong emotions from the Captain.
(Kayl enters the Lounge Area of the Phoenix-X where some of the other Senior Staff are sitting)
Matt: Well then why don’t you help him?
Kayl: I ain’t no counselor; Counselor Lucricia is.
Ensign Dan: What ever happened to her?
Armond: She must’ve left, just like Wallace, Red and now Shane.
Seifer: And just like that BOB guy.
BOB: I never left.
Seifer: Oh, sorry.
Ensign Dan: Not that I care... but if Shane and Shoon have to stay separated to keep from the Borg taking control of them, then wouldn’t that mean the Borg kidnapped them now just to eliminate that purpose?
Kugo: It is logical.
Ensign Dan: You’re not a Vulcan.
(Kugo gets up and punches Ensign Dan in the stomach and then goes back to her seat)

-Drone-: ...UuhHHhh...
(Shane and Shoon are escorted back to the Queen’s Lair in the Cube)
Borg Queen: Perhaps you need a little persuasion...
(The screen clicks on showing clips of many inhabited Planets)
Shane: I hope this isn’t what you people call popular TV.
Borg Queen: These are seven inhabited technologically slow Worlds. Normally, the Borg would leave them alone.
Shoon: She’s right about that.
Borg Queen: But in light of your recent attitude, I hope to go to each of these Worlds and eradicate them...

(The Borg Cube approaches one of the Planet’s and locks a medium level tractor beam onto a tectonic plate)
Legita: Ahh... What a beautiful day.
(She sets up dominos along the ground, making a creative design. The ground starts shaking and all her dominoes are knocked down perfectly)
Legita: Aaaaahh!!!! Earthquake!!

(People in the towns and villages all over are in panic. A nervous guy runs around in circles)
Gago: Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.
(A tree falls on top of him due to the earthquake)

Borg Queen(reads the data): Oh well look at that. 43, no 44, no 46 people are already dead... Well, Shane?
(Shane and Shoon glance at each other. It’s like looking into a mirror since they both look exactly the same)
Shane(looks back over): Alright. We’ll do it.
(The Cube stops the tractor beam at the Planet. Shane liquefies, and his exact Double also liquefies. They form into one being)
Borg Queen: ...Good.

(The Phoenix-X treks through space. Daniel and Seifer enter the Bridge. Daniel looks untangled)
Seifer: You were a paperclip again?
Daniel(nods): Yeah.
(Armond gets to Sensors, as Seifer gets to Weapons, and Daniel takes the Helm)
Armond: Captain. I’m picking up a Borg ship not too far away.
(The Phoenix-X powers up and jumps to Transwarp. They drop back into normal space approaching the Borg Cube in the distance)

Daniel: Not this guy again.
(The Winged Creature is seen flapping around the Cube, firing its energy. It starts to cause major damage to the Cube)
Armond: It’s our old friend.
Seifer: He’s not my friend.
Daniel: See if you can find any signs of Shane on that Cube.

(The Winged Creature claws into the edges of the Cube, and tears off coils and armour piece by piece. It bites into the side of the Cube, ripping its teeth through the manifolds and decks)

Seifer: I think it’s hungry.
(They watch as Borg debris float off into space. Armond finishes his scans)
Armond: No signs of Shane.

(The torn Cube loses all power and just sits there. The Winged Creature stops and then jumps off the Cube. It flies off without a trace)

Armond: It looks like there are minimal survivors.
(The Phoenix-X approaches the half destroyed Borg Cube)
Seifer: It’s too bad we can’t use this to find the Cube that Shane’s on.
Daniel: Wait a minute! We can!
Seifer: Oh. What did I say, can or can’t?
Daniel: If we hide the Ship inside the Cube and access their systems. We might be able use it as a sheep’s skin to get close to the Borg where Shane is!
Seifer: If he’s still alive.
Daniel: Why do you have to be so negative?

(The Phoenix-X starts cutting light phasers intricately at the Cube, so that the ship can fit inside. Matt enters Engineering)
Matt(hands a padd): We’re going to need to set up a dampening field.
Gewdeque: Understood.
Matt: Here, take this padd.
Gewdeque: Nah, I don’t want it.
(She walks away for no reason. Elly enters Engineering)
Elly: You have a transmission via long-range subspace.
Matt: I’ll get to it later. I’m really busy right now.
(He picks the dirt out of his fingernails)
Matt: Arggh. I hate it when this happens!

(Ensign Dan walks down Deck 14 with one of the new Federation Officers)
Joe: This is a cool Ship. Things are exciting already! Don’t you think?
Ensign Dan: No. Not really.
Joe: I’m just happy to be out in space.
Ensign Dan: It doesn’t take much for you, does it?

(Kugo meets with a couple of the new Federation Officers in Transporter Room 2)
Kugo: So how do you like the Phoenix-X so far?
Alegra: It’s great! What’s that smell though?
Kugo: You get used to it.

(Seifer checks the computer on the Bridge)
Daniel: Report?
Seifer: We’ve beamed some people over to the Cube. They’re going to see what they can do.
Daniel: You know these new Federation Officers are really efficient.
Seifer: Yeah, one of them is shining my shoes right now.
Morris(shining Seifer’s shoe): Shine the other shoe govena’?
Daniel: Stop that!

(Morris leaves as Kayl joins Armond at a different computer station)
Kayl: What’s up?
Armond: I’m trying to think of different maneuvers against the Borg.
Kayl: We should just move out of the way when they fire at us.
Armond: It is not so easy as that.
Kayl: Why not? It should be. I want it to be!
Armond: Okay, you need nap time.

(The Shipmaster meets with the President, on the Onnicon Homeworld)
Ghraldi: Nice day today, sir. Don’t you think?
(They stand before flaming wreckage of buildings and burned down forests)
Ghraldi: This wasn’t just the work of the Borg.... it was that Federation ship that lead them here, that Phoenix-X!!
Mrunha: Yrruuhhh...
Ghraldi: I swear, Mr. President. I will find them and have our revenge!
Mrunha: Yyuuurrrhh.... we are the Borg.... Uuuhhh....
(Science Analyst Yehkm approaches Ghraldi)
Yehkm: Sir, we were hoping to use your ship’s facilities to continue our research of the Temporal Anomaly.
Ghraldi: Forget about that Anomaly! It’s not like it’s hurting anyone.

(Meanwhile, some Ship approaches the sparkling Anomaly)
Jevaun: Hmm. I wonder what this is.
(His Ship suddenly is sucked in, never to be seen again)

(The Bochnah rockets through space. They are at a loss of luck with finding any Borg activity)
Kortos: I swear, Ensign Dan has seen more action than this.
Menchez(pacing): We have to focus our scanning on Borg recognizable signatures only!
Grath: What do you think I have been doing?! --Oops. Wait. Let me start over.
Red(at the Helm): Permission to go off duty. My shift ended like two hours ago at 0-36-hundred.
Menchez: All right, fine!!

(Amos walks the decks of the Bochnah in search of his new living quarters. He finds them and enters, noticing cushions on his bed)
Amos: That is good.
(He feels the fluffiness of his cushion, making sure that no one is watching him feel the fluffiness)
Targon(notices): Hahaha!

(Red enters the Drinking Room)
Keyla: So, it is the top Klingon Officer from the Phoenix-X! Hahaha!
Red: Why is that so funny?
Keyla(confused): ...I don’t know.
Necktos: So, Red, how do you like being back here?
Red: It’s not bad.
Necktos: You know, the Bochnah was 48-percent more efficient when those Federations were serving here.
Red: That is interesting. When we were serving there, the Phoenix-X was 48-percent less efficient.

(The Phoenix-X puts up a dampening field around the ship, incase of any Borg data streams. Matt monitors the output in Engineering)
Matt: What the heck do all these numbers mean?
Matthew(walks over): Sir! Reporting with a transmission from Malia, sir!
Matt: Hey, you’re the guy from the Bochnah with almost the same name as me.
Matthew: Sir! My full name is Lieutenant Matthew Bonita Screeta Lilita Monifa Lactalos Bonchaviks Don Marrie Es Paso El Nino Kent! Sir!

(Matt walks over to one of the small view screens. A familiar face goes on-screen)
*Dice: Matt! Our Planet is in great danger!
Matt: So?
*Dice: Another monster threatens us everyday and things just keep getting worse! He’s running a muck!
Matt: Didn’t you understand my “so”?
*Dice: Please! We need help from anybody! This monster goes by the species Klingon. He calls himself Firewall!
Matt(thinks for a second): ...Uhh, it’s nobody I know. But okay, I’ll talk to my Captain and see what I can do.
*Dice: Thank you! Thank you!
Matt: So?

(The Phoenix-X slowly moves inside the Borg Cube. A right space has been cleared for the ship)
Seifer: We’re like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
(He makes the Phoenix-X lock tractor beams to the insides of the Cube so that they can move it. Daniel takes the Helm)
Daniel: Don’t ever use that analogy again.
Seifer(walks over): Alright Armond, let’s link it up.
Q: Does anybody ever notice when I pick my nose in public?

(On one of the decks on the Cube, Kugo and her away-Team adapt a Federation computer filter device to the Cube’s computer’s)
**Kugo: It’s activated.
(Daniel notices Q on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Armond: ...We’re receiving the connection.
(The Federation LCARS computers on the Phoenix-X start blinking into Borg screens)
Q: Uh oh. Looks like trouble!
(Armond counters the assimilation with a ZL-virus cleaning program. The computers blink back to normal)
Armond: I guess that link-up isn’t going to work.
Q: We have a bright one here, Captain.
Daniel: Go away, Q!
Q: Umm... no.

(Daniel and Seifer are called to the Battle Arena in emergency. They find Kayl sitting at the centre, clutching her head in pain)
Seifer: Are you alright?
Kayl: --Grggh!! The Drones on the Cube--- I’m telepathically reading them---
(Q pops in to continue bugging them)
Q: She’s seems to be in real pain. Uh oh! How does this further your plot?
(Lox gives Kayl a temporary hypospray)
Kayl: --I can-- find out what Cube Shane is on... Argh!
Q: Well that answers my question. Haha!
Daniel: Arrgghh!
(Daniel finally gathers his X-power and blasts and energy pulse at Q, knocking Q out of corporeal existence)
Daniel(feels better): I bet Picard would’ve wished he could do that.

(The Borg Queen approaches the new Shane on the Cube)
Shane: ...
Borg Queen: You are now one with us... Well, half at least. We’re not that good at assimilating Changelings.
Shane: I serve the Collective.
(The Queen activates a screen, showing the view of a certain Planet)
Borg Queen: I have a mission for you...
(She just thinks the mission details over through the powers of the Collective)
Borg Queen: Phew. That is much easier than talking it to you.
(Shane nods, then liquefies through the ceiling and takes shape outside the Cube in cold space. He crouches looking around for the right direction and then leaps off, growing propulsion gills to accelerate)

-Borg-: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and prepare to be met with Borg Drone representatives. These Representatives will negotiate assimilation treaties with your personnel. Resistance is viable.
(The Cube with the Phoenix-X controlling it inside, speeds through space. Seifer plays with the Borg voice changer)
Daniel: Stop that!
Seifer(-Borg-): I was just coming up with new intro’s.

(The Phoenix-X Cube approaches the other Cube)
Borg Queen(notices them): You’re link to the Collective is severed. Like seriously, what’s with you?

(The Queen’s Class-3 Tactical Cube hovers over, attempting a mending data stream when suddenly the Phoenix-X Cube blasts a Quantum Torpedo at them) Daniel: Fire Torpedoes! Oh, you already did.

(The Tactical Cube backs off)
Borg Queen: What!? How dare you!? ...Wait a minute... You’re the Phoenix-X!! (She notices the small Phoenix-X Copyright Inscription on the side of the other Cube)

Seifer: I have to stop labeling everything.
(One Cube locks a Tractor Beam on the other Cube, and tries to tear the metal. The other Cube ruptures the Beam and circles overhead, firing rapid Pulse Torpedoes)

Borg Queen: Maximum Armour!
(The Tactical Cube strengthens itself, rendering the Phoenix-X Cube’s Torpedoes ineffective. The Torpedoes just go splat)

Kugo: Her vessel is more advanced than ours.
(The Phoenix-X Cube hovers back and jams a Focal Beam at them, draining the Tactical Cube’s main power)
Seifer: Yeah, but our’s looks more square.

(The Tactical Cube rotates around at an angle, and blasts three heavy green Pulses at the corner of the other Cube, sending the Phoenix-X Cube twirling away in momentum)
Borg Queen: That’s what you get!

(An Onnicon Starship de-cloaks in the distance, locking their intense scanners on the normal Cube)
Deghl: I’m reading signs of the Phoenix-X. We should strike!
Ghraldi(nods): ...Agreed.

(The Phoenix-X Cube stops itself and re-approaches the Tactical Cube, which fires another three heavy Pulses. The Phoenix-X Cube is pushed back a little, but absorbs the damage)
Seifer: We’ve adapted.
Daniel: Good. Now, let’s assimilate them...
Seifer: Uhh, we’re the good guys.
Daniel: Oh yeah. Then just get Shane.

(The Phoenix-X Cube launches two Jumpers, which fly for the Tactical Cube to look for Shane until they’re hit by distant Onnicon fire)
GoyCho: Jumper 4 to Phoenix-X. We’re under attack!
*Daniel: So? You don’t have to complain about it.

(Both Cube’s circle each other on a tilt, firing Pulses and distracting Beams at one another. They don’t notice the Onnicon Ship suddenly swooping in-between them) Armond: Captain. One of the Jumpers has been destroyed!
Daniel: Damn!
Armond: Captain. Something else is approaching!
Daniel: Darn!!

(The Winged Creature arrives out of nowhere and clamps its dragon-claws into the sides of the Tactical Cube)
Borg Queen: Not again! Doesn’t this Creature have a life!?

(The Tactical Cube blasts a heavy Pulse into the Creature, exploding it into seven liquid Blobs, two of which vapourize)
Armond: They’re Changelings!
Kugo: They appear to be the free Changeling Link we encountered a while back.
Seifer: Well, duh.

(The remaining five Changeling Blobs shoot themselves safely at the Phoenix-X Cube to take sanctuary. The Onnicon Ship comes about, focusing their fire at the Phoenix-X Cube only. The Tactical Cube also fires at will)

Kugo(holds on): We’re taking on heavy damage! Our Cube is going to collapse!!
(Q flashes in, freezing time. It’s quiet as all the chaos of the star wars and everyone else is paused, except for Daniel)
Q: I can’t believe you knocked me out of corporeal existence!
Daniel(turns from the helm): Your face is becoming so annoying that people are actually enjoying the company of the common fly.
Q: Oh come now, aren’t you the least bit interested at what all your stress is about?
Daniel: No.
(Q changes the on-screen view to a sparkly white Energy in space)
Daniel(stands): The Anomaly.... that’s what’s been causing my irritation?
Q: It was created by the Continuum especially for you. It will eventually get close enough to you to kill you... unless... you let me return your powers to the Continuum!
(Daniel thinks about it)
Daniel: I can’t--- not yet.
Q: You never cease to amaze me, my liquid Captain.
Daniel: Shut up! I use my powers for good, and I need them to get back a member of my crew.
Q: Excuses, excuses! You know, I think that ‘common fly’ analogy fits in here somewhere.
Daniel: ---Be gone, Q!!

(Q flashes away, unfreezing time. Loud noise ensues as the Phoenix-X Cube shakes like crazy under attack. Structural integrity weakens and the Borg Queen gets a data-stream to the interplexing beacons of the sleeping Drones on the Phoenix-X Cube)

Seifer: We have to get out of here!
Armond: Yeah, that guy is right!

(The Phoenix-X backs out of their occupied Cube into space. The Onnicon Ship swoops around, firing at them in satisfaction)
Ghraldi: Hahah!

(The Phoenix-X is damaged badly, but not enough that it can’t cloak. The dilapidated Borg Cube explodes due to a late blast from the Queen’s Tactical Cube)
Borg Queen: Oops. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. ---Oh yeah, we are. Let’s just pretend I never said that.

(Soon after, the Phoenix-X drops Transwarp and drifts through space. The Changeling Link gathers together as a single person)
Armond: Well it looks like the Onnicon got their revenge. They ruined our second chance!
Daniel: ...We deserved it.
-Changeling Link-: You people are after Shane... That is our goal too.
Seifer: It’s talking. Let’s kill it!
Daniel: Wait! It’s the Traveling Link. Remember, we’re friends with them?
Seifer: I don’t think I’m the remembering type.