Episode 25

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Secret Shuttles, Part II

(The Timeship dissipates the Paroga's Tractor Beam with an energy pulse and flashes away)
Daniel: Good! Who cares about that stupid timeship anyway!?
(He looks at the navigation and realizes that he's back in time in the Essex System)
Daniel: Crap! I hate time travel!! I destroyed this system like two years ago.

(The Paroga-X suddenly slowly disappears from sight. Daniel finds himself inside a cloaked ship. He steps out the Paroga as a man in black approaches)
Floan: ...Captain Daniel? ...Of the Phoenix-X??
Daniel: Who are you?
Floan: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Floan.
Daniel: Floan?
Floan: Brother of Sloan.
Daniel(nods): Section 31...
Floan: We were just monitoring the Phoenix-X when we saw your entrance with the timeship.
Daniel(steps back): Timeship? What's a timeship? Then again, what is time...?
Floan: Don't play dumb with us. It's obvious you are from the future. ...And soon you will tell us what we want to know...
Daniel: I'm not telling you anything!
(He turns around to the Paroga-X and covers the name)
Daniel: Don't look! You're not supposed to see this.
Floan(signals the guards): Take him away.
(A bunch of guards with phasers take Daniel away)
Floan: Oh and don't bother trying to change shape. We have anti-Changeling devices all over the place.
Daniel: You won't get away with this Floan!

(The Phoenix-X descends Transwarp near the cloaked Section 31 ship. Wallace opens a hatch on the wall of his cell and taps on the controls. The force field lets down and he steps out of the Brig)
Wallace(activates a communications panel): Sloan! The Captian and the Commander know about Section 31!!
(Sloan goes on screen. He's at a pool party in California with girls in bikini's all around)
*Sloan: Can't you see I'm on vacation!? Go bug Floan!

(Floan enters as Daniel is shoved into the Interrogation Room)
Floan: Welcome to the Interrogation Room, Captain...
Daniel: Could use better decor.
(A computer panel beeps)
*Wallace(goes on screen): Floan!!
Floan: Wallace?
*Wallace: Remember when you said that I should destroy the Paroga-X after any signs of enemies trying to steal it? Well I sort of blew Section 31's cover instead.
Floan: You did what??
(Floan beams Wallace into the Interrogation Room)
Wallace(looks around): Captain?
Daniel: We time jumped, you idiot! We're back in the Essex System.
Wallace: Oh.
Daniel(stands): Come on, Wallace. We're getting out of here.
(The guards suddenly stand in the way, aiming phasers)
Floan: Not so fast.
(Daniel bows his head and reaches out his arm. He uses his inner X to blast the guards away.)
Daniel(crouches in pain): Arrgh!!
Wallace(tries helping him up): Captian-
Daniel(pushes him away): I'm okay!
(Floan takes a step towards them. Daniel and Wallace make a run for it)

(Armond takes a seat on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Armond: Okayokayokay. --We're back in time... That's normal. But what's not normal is that the Captain and Commander are missing...
(The screen goes on, showing the ship's Runabout escaping)
Red: The two Trill have escaped.

(On the Runabout)
Lex: Night looked pretty desperate to get the Symbiont back when we left.
James(laughs): There are no more shuttles on the Phoenix-X. What's he gonna do, dislodge Vector 3 and come after us?

(The bottom third of the Phoenix-X separates and chases after the Runabout. Night is at the helm of the Battle Bridge)
Night(desperate): Must get Symbiont back. Must get Symbiont back...
(Someone bangs on the door trying to get into the Battle Bridge)
*GoyCho: Who's in there? I heard a fart. I know I heard a fart.

(Lex turns her head and sees Vector 3 coming after them)
Lex: It must be the Seifer Symbiont. It doesn't have much ethics.
James(tapping at a panel): Just keep going. I've located the Iso-Star.
James: Though it seems to be a lot younger than when we first located it.

(Vector 3 and the Runabout disappear in the distance. Shane just watches on the view screen)
Shane: Okay, why couldn't we stop that?
Kayl(tapping away the panels): The Commander locked us out temporarily with a Level 4 Security Code.
(The computer beeps again)
Red: I've located the Timeship. They're right near the Essex Star.
Armond: Change course for the Essex Star. Getting that Timeship is more important right now.

(The top two thirds of the Phoenix-X cloaks and heads in the other direction. It approaches the Pheonix-X relevant to this time period as it decloaks itself, in front of a Cardassian and a Romulan vessel.)

(Plutark on his Vessel relevant to this time period)
Plutark: Ah! It's the Pheonix-X. Attack!!!!
*Meloneous: Yeah, same here.

(On the Pheonix-X relevant to this time period; Bridge)
Daniel: Firing torpedoes now.
(The Slipstream torpedoe is fired at the two ships)
Daniel: Haha.

(On the Romulan vessel relevant to this time period)
Plutark: Destroy that torpedoe now!!
(The Romulan vessel destroys the torpedoe......it opens a conduit between the two ships.)
Plutark: Get us out of here.
*Meloneus: Yeah, same here.

(The two ships attempt to escape, but the slipstream conduit also engulfs part of the star. The star is suddenly torn between spaces. The ships strain to be released from the conduit.)

(On the Pheonix-X relevant to this time period; Main Engineering)
Kayl: Captain, readings show that the slipstream conduit is making the star unstable. I predict that it will go nova in one minute.
*Daniel: That isn't good. I need all the power you can muster down there.

(The Phoenix-X from the future just sits there, watching)
Red: I'm reading the Timeship. It's cloaked and it's heading towards the Cardassian ship... They've just beamed someone off it.

(On the Timeship)
Meloneus(beams in): What is going on here?
Tellus: Uncle! I just saved your life!
Klokian(turns to Tellus): Klokian debt paid. Now Klokian return to Klokian Homeworld in future.
Meloneus(looks around): Huh?? Who are you?? Tellus what are you doing here??

(Shane looks at the star on the view screen and then walks over to warn Armond)
Shane: Armond, get us out of here.
(The star to the left begins to rumble.)
Armond(holds up his hand): Just wait...
Red(reads his panel): The Timeship is powering up its temporal engines.
Kayl: The Essex star is tearing between space's. 3 point 367 seconds until nova.
(The Pheonix-X relevant to this time period transwarps out of there)
Armond(takes the helm): Engaging Transwarp.

(The future Phoenix-X transwarps right through the Timeship as it makes a time jump. The star goes nova and destroys the Romulan and Cardassian ships. The explosion sends shockwaves of fire and energy out to the ends of the Essex System)

(Floan looks out the window of the Section 31 Ship and sees the shockwave coming towards him. The Paroga-X breaks out of the Section 31 Ship with Daniel and Wallace in it.)
Daniel(tapping away): 3 seconds until impact.
Wallace(tapping away): I've located the Phoenix-X's Transwarp Conduit...
Daniel: Engage.

(The Paroga-X stretches into Transwarp as the shockwave bursts the Section 31 Ship out of cloak and into a million pieces)

(The Paroga-X descends Transwarp and everything calms down)
Wallace: We're alive.
Daniel: Are you sure? 'Better check our pulses.
(They feel their wrists)
Daniel: Oh no! I don't have one!
Wallace: That's cause you're a Changeling.
Daniel: Oh yeah. --Hey, what's part of the Phoenix-X doing there?
(He points out of the window at Vector 3 who is chasing the Runabout in the distance)
Wallace(checks sensors): It's from the Phoenix-X relevant to our time period.
Daniel: Go to the Shuttle Bay.

(The Paroga changes course for the Vector. It parks in Shuttle Bay 4. The Captain and the Lieutenant head for the Battle Bridge but a whole bunch of people are outside the doors trying to get in)
Daniel: What is going on here? Where is the Captain?
GoyCho: You are the Captain, sir.
Daniel: --That's right--And don't you forget it!!
GoyCho: The Commander has sealed himself on the Battle Bridge trying to apprehend the renegade Trill. That, and we went back in time about two years I think.
Daniel: I know that, you idiot!
Wallace: Heyyy. I thought 'idiot' was our thing...? You always used to call me 'idiot'.
Daniel(shakes his head): Hhhh.... What an idiot.
Wallace: Awww. You remembered.
GoyCho: Sir. With all due respect; why don't you just shape shift your way through the floors?
Daniel: "All due respect"?--What do you mean by that!?!?
GoyCho: --Well--You're a Changeling.
(Daniel checks his pulse)
Daniel: Oh yeah.
(He glances up and recalls a memory...)
<<Lox: Any change of shape could alter that temporal X material within you. Anything could happen... happen... happen...>>
Daniel(nods): I better not.
GoyCho: Sir?
Daniel: Weren't you listening to the recall?! --Just shoot down the door!
GoyCho: We already tried that. Besides, you outrank the Commander. You can just override his lockout codes.
Daniel: Are you telling me what to do!?!?!
GoyCho: No I just--
Daniel: Fine! Don't shoot the door down!! I'll just override the Commander's lockout codes! I mean, I do outrank him.

(Meanwhile, the Commander is at the controls, firing phasers at the Trill)
Night: You won't get away with this!!
(GoyCho is still banging on the door from the hallway)
*James: Yes we will! ...Now Lex has the Gotens Symbiont and I have the Gotens Symbiont from the nega-verse!!
Night: What "nega-verse"? Why do you keep on mentioning that?
*James: Why don't you just access your new Symbiont's memories? It knows all about it.
(Night glances up and recalls a memory from the Seifer Symbiont...)
<<James: Think of another dimension. One as similar to this one, but with minor opposites in peoples attitudes and matter anti-matter polarities. That one is the negative universe and this one is the positive universe... universe... universe...>>
Night(looks around): What's with that echo?
<<James: Soon, my love. We will return there where we are safe! ...safe! ...safe!>>
Night(shakes his head and talks to communications): Why did you call me your love?
*James: I was talking to Lex at the time, you idiot! She and I are now one with the Gotens Symbiont. We are in love.
Night(thinks about it): Eeuu. That's like me being in love with me. How more weird can things get?
(He looks at his reflection)
Night: Although, I do have many attractive qualities.
(The force fields all around the room go down and Daniel and everyone enters the room)
Night(gasps): Gasp!
*James: Looks like you're busted, Seifer!!! Hahahaha!!!
(The communications cut out and the Runabout speeds off)
Night: I'm not Seifer!
(The guards pick him up and hold his arms back)
Daniel(approaches him): What do you think you are doing, Commander?
Night: I'm missing my Symbiont!!
Daniel(looks him up and down): Funny, I don't see anything missing.
Night: The Symbiont is a separate being who lives inside of my body... Of course you can't see it!!
(Lox scans him with a triquarter)
Night: They performed surgery on me and replaced my 5-Life-Time old Symbiont with this 1-Life-Time Symbiont!!
Ensign Dan(raises his hand): Uhh, I still don't understand the concept of Symbiont's.
Lox(puts the triquarter away): Whatever Symbiont replaced the Gotens one, changed Night considerably. He's a totally different person now, taking on traits from his former self and the new Symbiont.
Night: His name is Seifer. Get it right.
Daniel(nods): Understood, Doctor. Wallace, confine Night to Quarters and put guards on him at all times. We don't know what to expect of him.
Night: Expect the same as before. I haven't changed. I can still dance!
(He starts to dance)
Daniel(covers his eyes): Hurry! Take him away!
(Wallace grabs Night and shoves him to some guards outside in the hall)
Daniel: Now... Pursue that alien vessel!
Ensign Dan(at the helm): Yes sir! Except it's not an alien vessel. It's just one of ours.
Daniel: Whatever. Just do it! They're up for some chasin'.

(A really small star sits in space, active with bolts of lightning coming out of it. The Federation Runabout with the Trill on it approaches it)
Lex: I recognize this thing...
James: It's an Iso-Star; a neutral tear in the bi-polar universe. They disguise themselves under Isolinuim Radiation; that's why we thought they created a double of the Phoenix-X before.
(Lex takes more readings)
James: This one is identical to the one we encountered before. Only it's a little bigger. It might not totally disintegrate after we pass through it because we are so small.
Lex: I am having second feelings about all this.
James: It's just your Symbiont speaking. Ignore it. Activate an intensive sensor sweep; that's what irritates the star enough to transport us over.
Lex: That kind of sweep is pretty high...
James: I don't want to take any chances! Vector 3 is still after us. Do it!!

(Vector 3 approaches the Runabout from the distance. It locks a tractor beam onto it)
Daniel: Pull them in.
Wallace: Sir, it's one of those stars.
Daniel(nods): I know...

(The Runabout engages it's intensive scan causing the star to rumble and throw out longer strips of lightning. The Iso-Star captures the Runabout and Vector 3 with its bolts of lightning and disappears them out of this universe. The two ships reappear in the nega-verse)

GoyCho: Great. Now we're back in time, inside a parallel universe! ...That is very annoying to me.