Episode 52

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Alien Interference

(Trunks, the android, stands at the back of the Bridge conversing with a few people)
Trunks: ...You know, the moons on Keldore Prime are quite interesting.
Seifer(walks over): What are you talking about? Oh I see. You're making small talk because you endeavor to become more Human.
Trunks: No I don't.
Seifer: Yes you do. Now, the first thing you must understand is "humour". What does your internal database define "humour" as?
Trunks: Sir, I really don't care about becoming Human.
Seifer: Sure you do. When Human's cry it can either mean happiness or sadness, you know. It all depends on the situation.
Trunks: I'm just going to go now.
(He walks away)

(The Phoenix-X soars through space. A couple people examine the Raekwon Generator, set up in Engineering)
Kugo: We could use this as a power source if we can get it working.
Cell: I'm not so sure about that. Raekwon technology is illegal in the Federation.
Kugo: Isn't that the whole point we keep our Ship secret?
Cell: Oh yeah, I totally forgot.
(They go over to the side of the Generator, opening a hatch, revealing a suspended light inside)
Kugo: The Generator is powered by a forced Quantum Singularity, incased in an inertial dampening field, which is incased in some kind of bio-gel membrane. It acts as an extra-phasic converter.
Cell: This should be on Broadway.
Kugo: The problem is, it needs a certain Raekwon BioRegenerative Field Device to regulate properly. It's technology unreplicatable and the one we have is decayed.
Cell: Maybe if we take the Phoenix-X to Nikon we could have a look to see if there are any there.
Kugo: No. We took everything salvageable from that place. We even stole money from their dead... In some cases right from their decomposing hands.
RaeLuna(walks over): The Planet Hexen had Raekwon technology. Over a hundred years ago, they raided Nikon and stole samples from them. Hexen is where Trunks was built. The last time I was there I saw much technology left behind and still in tact.
Cell(nods): That may be our best bet. We'll head over there as soon as I'm done regenerating.
RaeLuna: Why should we have to wait for you?
Cell: Don't talk back to me. Know your role!
(The Phoenix-X transwarps to the planet Hexen. They approach a big orange, ancient Planet, and take standard orbit)
Amp: Here we are. I hope they have citrus.
RaeLuna(scans): I've located the BioRegenerative Device. It's attached to the wall of a lone Compound in the northern hemisphere.
Cell: Alright. Trunks, Lox; you're with me.
BOB(sad): Awww.

(The three of them and four more miscellaneous Officers beam down beside the concrete Building. The sky is pink and the ground is warm-orange)
Lox(scanning): This entire planet is void of humanoid life. Trunks, was everyone really killed due to a war?
Trunks: Yes. Well, some people died of bladder problems.

(They go over to the Building. Lox walks off scanning the area, he travels over a root-infested hill and finds a strange Dimensional Rip in the distant horizon)
Lox: Hey guys. There's a thing over the thing, near a thing. It's thinging in some way.
(He is mesmerized by the stunning Rift and walks towards it, suddenly tripping over a root looping out of the ground. His fall disturbs a plant-like sack hanging in a Cave entrance to his left)
Lox: Ugh! I hate it when walking fails me.
(The sack suddenly releases a bunch of little bright illuminated Sprites. They swarm around excited having being free for the first time)
Lox: Cool. --I mean, Oops. ---I mean...
(He walks away, pretending nothing happened)

Cell(scans): The Device is inside this thing.
(They approach a large Cooling Unit sitting aside the Building)
Trunks: That is a true statement what you just said. Very true.
Cell(taps his commbadge): Away Team to Phoenix-X. We're going to detach this Cooling Unit from the Building's main systems so you can transport it.
*Seifer: Understood with certainty, sir.
Cell: Just say Understood.

(The Cooling Unit is beamed into the Appliance Cabin of the Phoenix-X. People start linking computers and systems, preparing to dissect the Raekwon technology)
Matt: Okay people, I want systems information, I want hazard stats, I want diagnostics; let's move! Move! Move!
(Half the people in the room leave because it's break time)
Matt: Ummm... yeah. Sure. Alrighty there. Y'all just do that then. Yeah...
(No one notices inside the Cooling Unit's framed shell sits a strange, gooey alien Egg)

Seifer: So that Torpedo Cannon is what caused that crater in the west region?
(They view recorded data at the back of the Bridge. A field cannon reminiscent of the war sits not too far east from the Away Team's Building and Cave)
Amp: No that was a dog's digging hole.
RaeLuna: Commander. Sensors are picking up some kind of Dimensional Tear in the eastern region. Its quantum resonance radiation energy field keeps rising and lowering unpredictably.
Seifer(checks internal sensors): It's affecting Phoenix-X online systems a little, but not as much to harm us.
Amp(shows that his right holographic hand is missing): Excuse me, but I'm part of the online systems too.

(Cell and Trunks continue on into inside of the Building as the other five away-team members beam back to the Ship. They get to a Control Room showing camera views of different parts of the continent)
Cell: These must be the target sites of that huge Torpedo Cannon outside. Either that, or someone's got bad taste in T.V. Hahaha! Get it? T.V. Ha! Ha! Ha! .....heh, heh! ...Heh. Never mind, you stupid Android.

(The Dimensional Tear on the horizon exists right near the Torpedo Cannon. The dazzling Tear breathes infinitesimally until it momentarily exhales two millimeters, causing its quantum resonance radiation energy field to densen up. The radiation activates the Torpedo Cannon online. The huge Cannon automatically looks around, until it suddenly aims up into the sky and fires a Frequency Torpedo at the Phoenix-X)

Amp: Commander. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am to be serving under your comman--- Oh my God what the hell is that!?
(The Torpedo hits the Ship and grapples energy bands around the Phoenix-X, causing all the systems on board to be infected. Half of the lights and systems are brought offline. Amp, the hologram, is deactivated)
Seifer: Aw man. He was complementing me. --You! I order you to complement me!
(He points at Phinly)
Phinly: Uhh... You have, uhh, nice eyes...

(The Phoenix-X is knocked into a lower orbit around Hexen. Cell and Trunks watch it onscreen in the Control Room, as the Torpedo Cannon outside powers down)
Trunks: We've lost contact with the Ship. I did not think any more Cannons were active on this desolate Planet. Well, actually I didn't really care because caring about those issues wasn't in my programming.

(One of the many Sprites from the Cave entrance wanders its way into the pink sky, through the atmosphere to the Phoenix-X. It passes through the hull and goes inside)

Jergen: The Ship is dark now. I hate the dark! Sometimes I avoid closing my eyes and even blinking for a whole day.
(He enters the Appliance Cabin where most alien technologies are dissected. He unhatches the Raekwon Cooling Unit's frame shell, exposing the technology inside)
Ensign Dan: I know what you mean. I have a flashlight in my Quarters. I'm going to go turn it on and sit beside it.
(He leaves Jergen alone in the Room. Jergen activates the BioRegenerative Field, which becomes active throughout the whole Ship. He notices the alien Egg sitting aside all the detailed technology)
Jergen: What the--?
(The Egg realizes his presence and shakes. It cracks open at the top and a slimey scorpion-like Creature leaps out at him)
Jergen: Aaauugggh!!!
(It wraps its scorpion-legs around Jergen's head, hugging his face. He falls back onto the floor incapacitated)

Seifer: Oh man...
(The Commander and the Doctor look over Jergen, in Sickbay, who is lying unconscious on the medical bed with the Creature still on his face)
Lox: It's converting oxygen and keeping him alive for some reason. I hope it doesn't do anything else.
(The Creature suddenly leaps off Jergen's face and scurries around the floor. Everyone in the Room panics)
Seifer: I got it! ...Take that, new life. Heh, heh.
(He pulls out a Klingon mek'leth and stabs the Creature on the floor. The Creature is killed)
Lox: Commander, you just did the total opposite of Starfleet's prime mission!
Seifer(realizes it): Oops.
(The Doctor and his assistant give Jergen a hypo to heal some of his internal organs. Jergen eventually regains consciousness and tries sitting up. They give him a meal to eat)
Lox: Are you alright?
Jergen: Well, considering I've been severely attacked and scared by some unknown Creature. Yeah. I'm doing alright. No, really. I'm not even being sarcastic.
Seifer: You got lucky. The Doctor couldn't do any kind of surgery for you since the power is offline.
Lox: It's not a good thing. My watch doesn't even work. Even though people don't wear watches in the future.
(The Commander leaves to get back to work, as they let Jergen rest on the medical bed for a while. The Doctor spends time in his glass-walled office while it's all is quiet, until some strange Alien thing bursts out of Jergen's chest)
Jergen: AaaAAaaahh!!!
(The Doctor runs over in time to see the small blood covered slimy Alien jump off out of Jergen and onto the floor. It scurries away)

Franket: I'm glad you're with me.
(He and Kortos walk down the dark hallway of Deck 6, on patrol)
Kortos: You pathetic Human!
Franket: I'll take that as a compliment.
Kortos: Word of this little Alien creature on the loose has spread. I do not fear little creatures!!
Franket: It's a positive aspect we're the kind of Crew who tells each other these kinds of things.
(They turn down the next corridor)
Kortos(nods): Absolutely. If such matters were not conversed throughout the population, we would be subject to preemptive attack.
Franket: I'm glad we're not like other Crew's who keep things to themselves because they are unwise.
Kortos: Those Crew's have many problems. Hahaha. I laugh at those pathetic Crews!
(They suddenly stop. Momentarily hearing a crunchy-slobbery sound)
Franket: Kortos.... please tell me that was your stomach...
Kortos: I have no obligation to assist you in your wretched emotional states, you pathetic Human.
(The Alien, large and grown, crawls along the ceiling and drops to the floor behind them. It screams at them, showing its sharp teeth)
-ALIEN-: Eeeeeaaaa!!!!!!
Franket: AAaaaahh!!
(The slimy Alien reaches out its long boney arm and grabs Franket by his head; capturing him for later use. Kortos takes his bat'leh and swings at the Alien. The Alien leaps back. It then swings its long tail over across Kortos' head, smashing Kortos against a wall interface)
Kortos: Argh!!
(He suffers his pain as the large Alien scurries away. He looks up, finding it gone)

Gewdeque: I know the phasers aren't working, but we have to find this Alien!
(She meets up with Tong in a Jeffery's Tube. They both have bat'lehs')
Tong: No, really? I thought it was optional!
Gewdeque: Be sarcastic all you want. But when this Alien comes for you, you'll be sorry.
(They open a hatch and exit out into a dark hallway to Deck 10. They start walking)
Tong: You may be right about that. I hate it when the obnoxious guy always gets killed off!
Gewdeque: Yeah I know. These usual situations are so predictable.
Tong: Tell me about it. Something bad is going to happen to us any second now. It's been done a thousand times. We know what's going to happen next.
(They stop, waiting for something to happen to them)
Gewdeque: Well... it usually happens after we stop suspecting it.
Tong(nods): True. But now that we suspect it to happen when we least suspect it, will it still happen?
(They approach the doors to Nacelle 4 Operation Room and place an unlocking device against them)
Gewdeque: It's best not to speculate.
(She opens the door to the wide Operation Room, finding many Egg's sitting on the floor, leading to the Alien in the middle of the Room)
Gewdeque: Oh my God...
(They see Franket and Phinly wrapped alive in a web of gue, and a couple more people on the floor. The Alien appears to be a female, with a huge pink tissue Tube coming out the back of her laying another Egg. Tong and Gewdeque close the door and stand safely out in the hallway in shock)

Seifer: I want to see this Alien. Jeera, you're with me.
(Gewdeque and Tong enter the Bridge where more people are. Jeera just stands there staring up at the ceiling)
Seifer: Uhh... Jeera?
Jeera: Sorry, sir. I was just thinking about getting my haircut.
Seifer: Oh. That's understandible. Last week an alien gave my friend a bad haircut just because my friend was an alien to him.
Jeera: Stupid aliens!
Seifer: I know. Why don't other alien's understand that we're aliens too?
Jeera: Yeah. We have feelings.
Seifer: It just hurts sometimes...
(The Commander and Operations Ensign make their way down the Jeffrey's Tube to Deck 10)
Seifer: I hope there'll be buffet tables.
(They open the doors to the Nacelle 4 Operation Room. There are hatched Eggs, and dead Officer's on the floor everywhere. The large female Alien seems to be gone, and sickening blood drenched holes are in each of the dead Officer's chests'. Seifer and Jeera just stare at the mess)

GoyCho: I hit my head on a doorframe. What were we doing again?
(A bunch of people sit around, drinking, at a table in the Reception Area of the Phoenix-X)
Maxy: Let's just relax and forget the whole thing.
Amos: Aaaaahh...
GoyCho: You look satisfied. Or is that some strange Klingon expression for sexual tension?
Amos: Finally. We get to sit and have a drink.
Maxy: We were just about to be ambushed by Alien's there. I just know it.
GoyCho: This whole anticipation of being ambushed by Aliens is tiring me out.
Amos: You might as well not waste your energy being scared.
Maxy: Yeah. I don't understand why we waste our energy being scared in anticipation of an ambush when one isn't going to happen?
GoyCho: It's very rude of those Aliens if you ask me.
(A large eerie Alien walks along an upper platform behind, preying on them. It leaps off and lands on the floor and they all get up in surprise. Amos flips around his windmill bat'leh, but the Alien smacks it away from him)
-ALIEN-: EEeeeeeaaaa!!!!
(Another Alien breaks in from a Jeffrey's Tube and tackles Maxy to the floor. Maxy pulls the Alien's left limb inwards and shoves its right up shoulder with strength, flipping the Alien off her and onto its back)
Amos: There's more of them!
(A third large Alien crawls into the Area, preying on GoyCho. Meanwhile, Amos right-cross punches the first Alien across its elongated face, grabs for Maxy and runs out the door)
GoyCho: Argh--!!!
(The second Alien jabs its tail right through GoyCho's heart and out his back, dripping blood. GoyCho is killed. Amos and Maxy are forced to run)

Phil: Hmm. Hmm. Hm... Just standing. Just standing around is fun. It's all I ever wanted.
(The Secondary Maintenance Ensign just holds his post in a dark Control Room on the Phoenix-X)
Phil(content): Dootoodoo...
(An Alien breaks in from a ceiling entrance and takes him to the floor. Phil takes out a knife and stabs it into the Alien's chest. The tall-thin Alien spills a gooey blood in pain but takes its extensive upper teeth and pierces Phil's right shoulder and chest)
Phil: AAaauUUuugghh!!!

(The Commander takes a bunch of people to lead a revolt against the Alien's. They enter Engineering)
Belm: I am ready to fight, Commander! Rraaarrhhh! :cough!:, :cough!: Aarrhh!!
RaeLuna(points): There are three Aliens in here. There; there; and there.
(Grath takes out a d'k tahg and flings it into the darkness of the upper platform. An Alien falls off and onto the floor with the dagger in its forehead. They think its dead until it gets up and runs at Grath, pinning him against the wall)
RaeLuna(uses her sense's): Four more Aliens have entered Engineering!
(An Alien swings from an upper platform and kicks RaeLuna in the head. She smashes against a control panel, dodging the next Alien attack. The Alien jabs its tail, missing her, and stabbing it into the panel. RaeLuna leaps over the Alien, landing on its back, and jumping off it again so that the push would force the Alien's head into the control panel)
RaeLuna(lands): Prey on that.
(Grath, pinned up, cross-kicks the Alien across its face. He drops to the floor, picking up a fallen bat'leh and stabbing the Alien through its stomach)
Seifer(attacks): Rrraaaahhh!!!
(More people rush in fighting the Aliens, but the Aliens kill most of them off. One Alien leaps off the wall and steps on Belm, taking him to the floor. It grabs Belm's head and tears it off. Everyone starts retreating)
Seifer(leaving): Hmm... Maybe next time I won't try this.

(The Phoenix-X continues to be enveloped in flowing bands of Frequency energy. Kugo crawls a Jeffery's Tube to the Bridge where Lox is alone)
Lox: The BioRegenerative Device is on. It's emitting a field throughout the Ship! ...It's giving me a rash in a place on my body I cannot disclose.
Kugo: Not all the systems onboard are offline. The infection of the Hexen Torpedo keeps fluxuating in different parts of the Ship. Systems keep coming back on and offline.
(She takes out her phaser and fires it at the doors, rupturing the surface. Lox goes over to a control panel and brings the holoVirus online)
Amp(appears): Please state the nature of the uncorrupted database.
Lox: We have to find out how these Aliens got onto the Ship in the first place.
Amp: I saw the transporter logs before I was deactivated. We beamed some alien Egg on with the Cooling Unit by accident.
Kugo: Damn! We should've known. Who's in charge of transporters? Oh well never mind. He's probably dead now.
Holo: No, I'm right here.
Kugo(doesn't notice him): Yup. He's probably dead now...

(The Captain and the Combat Android exit the Building to outside)
Cell: So what was your role in the great war?
Trunks: I was ordered to kill the entire enemy population and two chickens.
Cell: I can't believe it...
Trunks: Yeah. It wasn't easy catching those chickens.
(They peer over the hill at the Torpedo Cannon and the Dimensional Tear in the background)
Cell: What's happening to me? I feel so tingly.
Trunks: Scans indicate that Tear is emitting some kind of quantum resonance radiation energy field, harmful to technological life-forms. A normal biological person could walk right through it with no problem.
Cell: I am not a freak!

(Meanwhile on the Phoenix-X, a Sprite wanders aimlessly throughout. A bleeding Alien crawls down a hallway, trailing its slimy gue along the walls and floor. The free Sprite accidentally lands in the gue against the wall, and merges with the alien d.n.a.)

Lox: Hey I saw one of these on the Planet.
(The Doctor accesses internal sensors on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. He zooms the in on the Hallway where the Sprite had merged with the alien d.n.a. where a Sprite 'birthing sack' is growing)
Holo(bleeding, on the floor): ...Ugh. Doctor you said you were going to help me half an hour ago!
(RaeLuna enters the Bridge as the screen clicks on, showing a fleet of little Sprites ascending from the Planet and heading straight for the Phoenix-X)
RaeLuna: They're being attracted to the BioRegenerative field. We should deactivate it.
Amp: I agree with that course of action. ...Good luck there.

(RaeLuna leaves the Bridge and makes her way through the Decks. A large Alien suddenly attacks her, but she jumps up and clings to the wall. The Alien looks up at her about to attack, but RaeLuna is gone)
-ALIEN-: CCccaaa!!!

(RaeLuna crawls the ceiling to the Appliance Cabin and then drops to the floor. She deactivates the BioRegenerative field. The field is dropped just before all the Sprites can pass through it)

Keno: Death echos against the hull of the Ship...
(Two people infiltrate their way through Deck 8)
Greyen: You're looking well.
Keno: I'm so afraid of being attacked by an Alien!
Greyen: People are always making such a big deal of things. We should take a more relaxed outlook on life.
Keno: No way! If anything we should be making more of a big deal of things.
(They suddenly notice the Sprite 'birthing sack' hanging off the wall. It tears open and a small Alien, about the size of a small monkey, crawls out like a lizard. It glances over at the two as they aim their pulse disrupters, but then minds its own business and runs off)
Keno: Ahh!!!
Greyon: I am relaxed.

(The Petty Technician Officer roams the Jefferey's Tubes as he finds an Alien sitting in an open Section and traps it in a forcefield)
Nathan: ...:gulp:... Some... Some of these Aliens have those Sprites in their heads.
(He scans it with a tricorder)
Nathan: I'm so claustrophobic. --Nathan to anyone, respond!
*Elly: Lieutenant Elly here. Comm systems are partially online.
Nathan: I'm getting really nervous! What do I do?
*Elly: Just relax. Let's talk about something to get your mind at ease. Ran any good holoprograms lately?
Nathan: Don't patronize me! Besides, most holoprograms are a waste of time.
*Elly: No they're not. They provide a story one can learn from.
Nathan: Holoprograms, and movies. They're all so predictable. I know exactly what's going to happen next all the time!
*Elly: That must really suck for you.
(The comm and forcefields suddenly cut out as an Alien creeps up behind Nathan. He feels its breath on his neck and then panics. The Alien lunges forward as Nathan crawls for his life. The Alien is forced to chase Nathan through the Jeffery's Tube)
Nathan: Aaaahh!!!
(He comes to dead end with the Alien grabbing his leg)
-ALIEN-: EeEEAa!!!!
Nathan: Aahh!!! Stop!!!
(The Alien unexpectidly stops and lets go. It just sits there looking at him)
Nathan: Ookkaayy...

(Ensign Dan walks the hallway on Deck 14 with Targon)
Ensign Dan: The power in my flashlight faded out.
Targon: Why do you not use a candle?
Ensign Dan: That kind of lighting is so artifical.
(He looks around the hallway)
Ensign Dan: This hallway looks fake too. It looks like a set piece for some scary movie. Like they keep reusing the same walls for every Deck.
Targon: Do not insult the Ship architecture.
(They notice an Alien in the dark not too far before them. Targon approaches it with an 'aqleH. He flips it around and then stabs the Alien. The Alien pulls it out and smacks Targon across his face, sending Targon flying into Ensign Dan)
-ALIEN-: EeeeEEeaarhhcc!!!
(GoyCho approaches, tackling the Alien from behind and slaming its head against the floor. He picks up the 'aqleH, stabing and twisting it through the Alien's neck. The Alien loops its tail over and around GoyCho, throwing him into the wall)
GoyCho: Argh!!!
(Ensign Dan takes out his phaser and fires it at the Alien, the beam is distorted and weak, but injures the Alien nevertheless. GoyCho gets up and jumps over the Alien to meet up with the two)
Targon: GoyCho? I thought you were dead. Amos said you were killed in the Reception Room earlier.
GoyCho: Huh? No I wasn't! How would you like it if I told you Amos said you died earlier?
Targon: I'd probably be honoured.

(Amp is transferred to the Cafeteria to help the Engine Sub-Technician Assistant move a dead body)
Norman: I never knew this guy. But I just hope he's in a better place now.
(They shove him into a storage locker)
Amp: It's better we put him here so that the Alien's won't feed off him.
Norman: Understood.
Amp: If anyone asks, this was your idea. How could you be so insensitive towards the dead!?
Norman: Hey!
Amp: Just kidding.
Norman: You know, I have much respect for the dead. But people always think I'm not mourning for them because of the lack of expression on my face.
Amp: I always thought you were having constipation problems.
(The small monkey-Alien journeys into the Cafeteria. Amp and Norman watch it leap onto the wall, and, through the vents of the storage locker it strangely dematerializes the dead body and sucks the dead body's particles into its mouth)
Norman: Aahh!!! It's doing weird stuff!
(When the monkey-Alien is done, it runs off into the shadows. Amp and Norman open the storage locker finding no dead body there)

Grath: Since when did we get one of these?
(A huge cargo-mover Robot stomps out into the Shuttle Bay, with Kugo inside controlling it)
Kugo(shrugs): I dunno.
(She stomps the Robot over)
Kugo: Time to kick some Alien ass! I won't let us be haunted by these ghosts.
Grath: I do not believe in ghosts. They do not belong in the science fiction genre!
Kugo: Yeah, well I don't believe in science fiction! This is reality.
(One of the Xenomorphic Alien's breaks out the Federation Med-ship Angel Wing surprising everyone. It attacks for Kugo in the Robot, but Kugo makes the Robot smack the Alien against its head)
(The Alien opens its mouth, sticking a smaller resembling Alien head out of it. It tries biting for Kugo through the Robot's protective frame)
Grath: I recognize this Alien!
Kugo(in the Robot, struggling): Duh. It looks just like all the others!!
Grath: No! I killed this specific Alien earlier, during the raid in Engineering! At the time I thought it was coming on to me... But then I showed him! ...I mean, it.

(Matt helps Belm and Jergen, who are injured but okay, into the Briefing Room for a safe haven)
RaeLuna(fixing a silillian module to a phaser rifle): Hey, you two are supposed to be dead!
Jergen: Huh? What are you talking about?
RaeLuna: You were killed in Sickbay by a Face-hugger planting an Alien inside of your chest!
Matt: I don't understand either. We keep finding more and more people who have been reported dead, back alive. The internal sensors are okay with it.
Belm: The last thing I remember is that Alien coming straight for me, and then suddenly I was standing in the Hallway perfectly okay! I once found myself wearing women's clothes once, but that wasn't nearly as weird.

(Phinly, Elly, Seifer, Tong, and one of the Xenomorphic Alien's sit around a poker table in the Leisure Room playing Poker, when Maxy enters the Room)
Elly(placing a bet): I'll see your ten and raise you fifteen!
Seifer: ...You're bluffing.
-ALIEN-: Rrgggh.
Maxy: Guys!
(They all look over at her)
Maxy: You're playing cards with one of the Alien's!
Tong: Don't be so categorical, Maxy. Aliens got to have some leisure time too.
Seifer: Yeah. It's not all killing and hunting for their Alien Queen.
-ALIEN-(nods): Rrrhhh.
Maxy: Don't you think this is a little weird for their renowned murderous behaviour...?
(They all glance over at the Alien. The Alien just shrugs its shoulders)
Maxy(takes medical tricorder readings): It's those Sprites. They're sitting in the Intention Centre of the Alien's brains.
Phinly: What does that mean?
Maxy: I don't know. I'm not a Doctor.
Seifer(gets up and slams his cards on the table): You mean your mind was being tampered with the whole game!?
-ALIEN-: Rrnnrrr, gggrnn rrnnnn. Vvrrgnnn vvnnnrrgg!! Rrnngg.

(Kortos and Targon get that monkey-Alien in their sites during one of their patrols through the Hallways. Kortos sneaks up on it and tackles it to the floor. They bring it to Sickbay)
Lox: Good work. I'll start scanning this thing.
-Alien-: Rrrrhhh!
Kortos: You know. This little Alien actually looks cute in a way.
Targon: What?
Kortos: I mean, it is a piece of patok!!
Targon: This Alien would make for a good traveling companion; like a dog, or a parrot, or a hyena.
Lox(scans): This is strange... I'm picking up some kind of chronotonic internal organ system.
Targon: Perhaps that has something to do with its ability to dematerialize people and those other Aliens.
Kortos: Or perhaps it means it is a piece of patok!!

(RaeLuna enters the Bridge, meeting up with Kugo and Amp who are trying to scan the Planet surface for the Captain and Trunks, that crazy old Android)
Amp: ...The sensor array is having a hard time.
Kugo: Keep trying... or you will be deleted!
Amp(works faster): --Yes ma'am.
RaeLuna: I do not understand where these Xenomorphic Aliens came from. They were not on this Planet before.
Kugo: Neither was that Dimensional Tear. It's possible that the Egg in which all these Alien's spawned, came through the Tear.
RaeLuna(nods): These Alien's must come from a species in another Dimension.
Amp: What about the Sprites?
RaeLuna: They are indigenous to the Planet. Sprites were known to cause medical problems for the inhabitants of Hexen.
Amp(holding drinks): No, I was asking if anyone wanted a can of Sprite. There's a whole 6-pack of Sprite's here.

(Commander Seifer is called to the Surgery Ward, where the Doctor has examined the monkey-Alien. It escapes as soon as Seifer enters through the doors)
Seifer: Oops.
Ensign Dan: Way to go, Commander.
Seifer: You're relieved!!
(Ensign Dan leaves as Doctor Lox brings a padd of data over to Seifer)
Lox: The Sprites have been invading the Ship. They take nutrients from living inside the Alien's brains, causing the Alien's to act differently. That little Alien was born because the BioRegenerative Field fused Xenomorphic Alien DNA with one of the Sprites.
Seifer: I see. But what have you found out lately?
Lox: Uh! This. Anyways, behaviour patterns suggest that that little Alien is harmless. In fact, its temporal abilities let it break a dead person's molecular structure down very much like a transporter. It sucks the molecules in like a transporter buffer, and in a way, brings the person back in time.
Seifer: You talk crazy, crazy talker.
Lox: In fact it brings a person back to a time before he was harmed, therefore alive. The Alien then rematerializes the person, like a transporter, and the person has no recollection of being dead.
Seifer: ...Because of the time differential. Fascinating.
Lox: The little guy isn't restricted to only humanoid life forms either. It brings the other dead Aliens back to life too.
Seifer: This makes a lot more sense now. The computer indicated that all personnel are accounted for; aswell for the Alien count. Nobody's dead! ...Well, except for Dead Ned.
Lox: The whole point of my research aims towards this hypo I came up with. It can force the existing Sprites from the Alien's.
Seifer(takes it): Excellent work. You get a happy face on your next evaluation report.

(Ensign Dan and one of the Alien's stand in a corridor, conversing)
-ALIEN-: Rrnn rhhh errrrrpp. ZZppprrpp, nnnrrrrnnn.
Ensign Dan: Yeah, tell me about it. Getting relieved is not good for your record.
(RaeLuna and GoyCho sneak through the shadows, with phaser rifles modified to carry the anti-Sprite hypo substance. They fire a tag onto the Alien)
-ALIEN-: AAAaaaaa!!!!
(The Alien throws it upper body back in pain. The Sprite in its head leaves and the Alien is back to its old self)

Matt: I found another one.
(Amos and Matt enter the Battle Arena where two Aliens are standing. They fire hypo-tags onto each one, forcing the Sprites out their brains)
-ALIENS-: AAAaarrr!!!! AAaannnrrr!!
(The Aliens then turn and attack for Matt and Amos. Matt activates his Armlet, firing electric currents into them. The Aliens are crippled)

-ALIEN-: AAaaa!!
(Many Sprites leave the Phoenix-X and head to the Planet. More of the Aliens are tagged, and more of them go back to hunting the crew)
Amp: Uuhh... Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Seifer: RaeLuna, can you get Transporters online?
RaeLuna(at computers): I'm trying.

(Particle radiation from the Tear give Cell and Trunks a hard time as they struggle to walk towards the Torpedo Cannon)
Cell: Arrgghh!!!
(They get to the Cannon and access the controls)
Trunks: Argh--! What are you doing, sir?
Cell(taps at the panels): ---If... If I can get this Torpedo Cannon back online...
(The Torpedo Cannon lights up. But the noise of the Tear continues to irritate them)
Trunk: Ggrrgg!!! I am one annoyed Android.
Cell: I think I can reverse the polarity frequency of the Torpedoes. A reversed charge might neutralize the effects on the Phoenix-X....

(He liquefies around the base of the Cannon, pushing it upwards and aiming it at the Phoenix-X coming around in orbit. Trunks taps at the panels, firing a Frequency Torpedo into the sky)

Amp: You know. I think things with this Ship can't get any worse than it is right n--- Oh my God what the hell is that!?!
(The Torpedo hits the Phoenix-X, wrapping bands of reversed Frequency energy around the Ship, shaking it. They are knocked into a higher orbit as RaeLuna has more ease at the controls bringing more systems online)

Cell(takes shape): What the--?
(They notice a bunch of Aliens rematerializing not too far away. The Aliens see Cell and Trunks and run over to attack them)
Trunks: They are creepy!
(He opens a plasma gun from his arm and blasts one of the Alien's to pieces. Cell liquefies over and stabs two of the Alien's through their chests with shape-shifted metallic spikes)
Cell: Captain Cell to Phoenix-X. Two to beam up.

(They're beamed aboard and enter the Bridge. All of the Alien's have been beamed onto the Planet)
Kugo: Except for this guy.
(She holds the monkey-Alien's hand, walking it to the Bridge)
Kugo: Say hello.
-Alien-: Nnrrllllhh.
Cell: Okay...
Amp: Captain, you saved us!
Cell: What were those things?
Seifer: Aliens. From another Universe. I wonder how many Ship's in their respective Universe they distressed...
Trunks(checks the computer): Captain, ship's Systems are coming back online.
RaeLuna: The Tear on the surface, it's disintegrating.
Cell: It has been doing that ever since its burst that made the Cannon shoot that first Frequency Torpedo at the Phoenix-X in the first place.
Amp: That's just crazy; mad crazy.
Seifer: We'd better get out of here, and leave a warning Beacon about this Planet.
Cell: Agreed.

(The Phoenix-X drops a Beacon, while turning around and heading out of the Hexen Star System. They jump to Transwarp. Captain Cell enters Engineering)
Kugo: We were able to get the BioRegenerative Device working properly with the help of Trunks.
Trunks: I could not have done it without Kugo's expertise in Quantum Singularity power sources.
Kugo(giggles): Oh stop.... No, go on.
Cell: Good work people. Trunks, I hope you understand that I feel I can trust you albeit the expected prejudices of your past.
Trunks: I guess you mean all those people I killed.
Cell: Umm, yeah.
Trunks: Thank you, sir.
Cell(stretches): Well. I'm off to regenerate; then you all can go on break.
Trunks: Why should we have to wait for you?
Kugo: Trunks, don't even bother.

(Cell goes off to regenerate for a couple hours, after which the crew is allowed a break)