Episode 65

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
New Beginnings

Space... the final frontier. The U.S.S. Phoenix speeds through space on a rescue mission. Captain Terry stands on the Bridge, peering at the view-screen.
Terry: “Time until interception?”
Rune: “Four minutes, Captain. The Klingon vessel has not altered their course.”

Terry nods and takes a seat.

LOG - Terry: “Captain’s Log, Stardate 49382-point-6. We have detected those foul Klingon’s in the Sector and changed course to attack. The Klingon vessel, the Hou-Ling, has done the same and is heading towards us...”

Rune: “Sir, is this a good idea? Our ship is pretty old. It’s been in service for ten years!”
Terry: “Stand your ground, Lieutenant. This is just the beginning of the war with the Klingons, and we have to prove ourselves!!”

The Hou-Ling and the Phoenix drop warp and open fire on each other. The Hou-Ling passes overhead, blasting disrupters into the Phoenix. After a lengthy battle, the Phoenix loses shields and is destroyed! Escape pods burst out into space.

Eight months later: the Federation-Klingon War ended. Everyone survived.

...A broken Captain Terry sits in a rocking chair in the Psychiatric Center of Starfleet Medical, rocking back and forth and back and forth.
Terry: “It was supposed to be a war... It was supposed to be a war...”
Theseus: “As you can see, five years after the war ended, Captain Terry is still in shock.”
Ludeki: “Will he ever be okay?”
Theseus: “Oh, he’s making great progress. Captain Terry was once the fifth member of the Jack-Pack. Unfortunately, a bellybutton-outie didn’t qualify him as genetically engineered.”

Admiral Theseus, and a Romulan named, Ludeki, leave Terry’s room and enter a Briefing Area. There, data is pulled up on-screen.
Theseus: “So! We’ve completed your 5-minute psychiatric evaluation. You are approved to join Starfleet.”
Ludeki: “Thank God... I don’t know how much more of this place I can take.”
Theseus: “Hey, the food isn’t bad here. Just left out for that room-temperature touch.”
Ludeki: “On a side note, I’ll be the first Romulan to enter the Academy... There will be a lot I’ll have to deal with. Prejudice... Love... and Life.”
Theseus: “Oh we’ll be keeping your admission on the down-low. Can’t have that controversy acting up, now can we?”
Ludeki: “You mean I’ll have it easy on me during my time in the Academy? What a jip!”
He looks out the window.
Ludeki: “...Oh well. Over two years ago I was found on Earth with my memory erased. Ever since then, I’ve been living with humans not knowing anything of my past...”
Theseus: “Wow! That’s the exact same time we put a man on the Romulan Continuing Committee!”
The Admiral thinks for a second.
Theseus: “Wait a minute. I wonder if you were left here by Romulans in order to work your way to our top?”
Ludeki: “Interesting. Then perhaps I’m not jipped of having some controversy!”
The Admiral quickly glances over.
Theseus: “Oh no you don’t. We’re not having any controversy whatsoever! You’re going to that Academy!”
He prepares to leave the Office.
Theseus: “...In the meantime, I have to get to ready for Voyager’s return. Let’s hope they don’t get too excited and fly right over San Francisco like many people have been betting.”

The next day, Ludeki packs his bags and enters Starfleet Academy. There he begins walking down the halls towards his Residence.
Joe: “Hi!”
Frank: “Hey!”
He passes person after person.
Ludeki: “Alright, Ludeki. Get ready for some controversy!”
Sara, bumps into him: “Um, hi! I’m Sara.”
Ludeki: “I’m Ludeki... a Romulan! Haha!”
Sara: “Oh, wow! I can’t wait to see you in my classes.”
Ludeki: “But... I’m a Romulan...?”
Sara: “Yeah, that’s great! I hope to see you around more often. Later.”

She walks away. Four and half years pass, and Ludeki has still not found anyone that has a problem with him.

He enters the Cafeteria with his friends.
Carl: “So I completed the Kobayashi Maru with flying colors. It was so easy!”
Devia: “Ah, the Computer-Reprogramming test?”
Carl: “Yeah. It’s too bad it’s not the final exam anymore. Now we have to go through Borg Simulations. Nothing but Borg Simulations!”
Sara: “Well, at least they cut the Xindi Test. I here it confused so many people, that they actually forgot the concept of time.”
Ludeki: “Well... I passed all my Exams... and I’m a Romulan! Ha!”
Carl: “That’s great, Ludeki. I knew you could do it!”
Ludeki: “What?? But I passed, and I’m Romulan...”
Devia: “Once again, congrats. I know you worked really hard.”
The Romulan throws down his padds.
Ludeki: “Never-mind. You guys suck!”
He stomps away in anger.

Ludeki makes his way out the Cafeteria and into the hallways. There, he is confronted by Captain Malone.
Malone: “Ah, Ludeki. You’re just the man I wanted to see.”
Ludeki: “Yes, sir?”
Malone: “As you may or may not know, the U.S.S. Phoenix is finally being re-launched after all these years. It was brought back once, but then got destroyed again. This time we’ve combined the Intrepid Class with the Sovereign Class, and threw in a little of the Defiant Class for fun... to make the ultimate starship Class, the Mondo!”
Ludeki: “Whoa! That must be... one interesting vessel.”
Malone: “Yes, and I’d like you to join. I know your fresh out of the Academy, but your scores are so incredibly high and we’d love to increase our popularity by having the first Romulan serve on crew!”
Ludeki: “Captain Malone, I accept!”
Malone: “Great! I’ll have to ask you to hide most of your customs, because that’d just be controversial. But we’ll see you in a week!”
He walks away.
Ludeki: “Controversial? Yes! This is going to be one great adventure!”

A week later, the newly built Mondo Class, Phoenix, sets to leave Spacedock. All the crew has arrived for the first time, and Malone has finished all dramatic conversations with Admirals.

The Captain enters the Bridge of the U.S.S. Phoenix.
Malone: “Everything seems to be in order here. I feel good!”
Kevin: “Me too!”
Suddenly, the view-screen clicks on.
>Janeway: “Congratulations on your new crew, Captain Malone. I know your ship will be one heck of an explorer, slash-- fighter, slash-- scientific vessel.”
Malone: “Thank you, Admiral.”
>Janeway: “On a more serious note; the U.S.S. Dropzone has been reported in distress in the Nitroks Sector. It says here... the Phoenix has been called to assist. The situation is unknown.”
Malone: “That area of space hasn’t been explored yet. Looks like we’ve got our first mission!”
>Janeway: “Good luck. Janeway out.”
The screen blinks off and the Captain turns to his crew. Ludeki is at Tactical and Kevin is at Helm.
Malone: “Alright, set course and engage!”

The ship sets out and jumps to high Warp.

After much mission pre-drama with the crew, the Phoenix enters the Nitroks Sector. There they scan carefully for the Dropzone.

Kevin: “Sir, I’m picking up the Dropzone. But there’s another vessel near it. It’s Federation!”
The ship slowly approaches them.
Malone: “Ah, a friendly. Let’s see what they’re up to.”
Ludeki: “But, sir... the vessel is registered as the, Phoenix-X.”

They’re hailed, and the view-screen clicks on.

>Cell: “Hi. I’m Captain Cell of the Federation Starship Phoenix-X. We’ve been called here to assist the Dropzone.”
Malone: “Wait a second................ Phoenix-X?”
>Cell: “Yeah. We’re a different name. Only we have an added X.”
Malone: “But there can’t be two Phoenix’s in service??”
>Cell: “Well, the X isn’t the number of the ship, like the Enterprise has E. The X is there due to our Klingon Exchange Program in which half the crew are from the Empire.”
Malone: “Oh. Well we’re here in response to the Dropzone distress call!”
>Cell: “Read that transmission again, buddy. It says Phoenix-X.”
Captain Malone goes over to the tactical console and reads that the original transmission does in fact say ‘to the Phoenix-X’.
Malone: “He’s right!”
Ludeki: “The Admiral must’ve misread the distress call.”
Malone: “...Well. Err. --We’re at least going to explore this Sector. Yeah.”
>Cell: “Oh don’t worry about it. We have that covered... Nothing but empty space.”
Malone: “What?? Then, umm...“
>Cell: “It’s okay. These things happen. People make mistakes.”
Malone: “But...?”

The screen clicks off and Malone is left standing around, dumbfounded. The Phoenix turns around and jumps to Warp, out of there.

Meanwhile, Captain Cell and his crew are on the Bridge of the U.S.S. Phoenix-X.
Cell, shakes head: “Man! Some people.”
Seifer: “Well it’s an honest mistake. They did just launch.”
Cell: “Yeah. They’re newbies. I can’t be mad at them. But who names a ship, the Phoenix? I hope people don’t get confused.”
Seifer: “Let’s just be thankful the Klingons became better allies than we thought.”
Cell: “Agreed. In the meantime, let’s get to this adventurous and possibly controversial mission!”

Later, Malone’s Phoenix speeds through space with misplaced purpose. They are not sure what to do with themselves.

They dock at Starbase 55, for new mission briefings. Meanwhile, Ludeki boards and scrolls through a computer console, in hopes of joining this, Prometheus-resembling, Phoenix-X.
Ludeki: “Ah, here it is... The U.S.S. Phoenix-X. ‘Information inconclusive’.”
The Ensign scrolls down and clicks the Join button.
Ludeki: “Registration? Ugh! This is always so time-consuming.”
He begins filling in the fields.
Elena: “I’m sorry, but that vessel is not open for new entries.”
Ludeki: “Ahh!”
The Romulan turns to find two Humans standing behind him.
Ludeki: “But it has to be. I won’t join any other ship!”
Nelkast: “No! Besides. That vessel isn’t your... average starship.”
Elena: “Now get out of our Section 31 Database!”
The Ensign swings his chair around.
Ludeki: “Section 31, eh? ...What if I were to tell you that someone just sent a copy of this-- ‘Database’ to the Tholians? Heh, heh.”
He quickly covers the console and presses a bunch of buttons.
Nelkast: “Who would do such a thing??”
Ludeki: “Uhh-- umm... Tom Paris?”
Elena: “Damn! He is always messing with us. First the Delta Flyer, and now this!”
Nelkast: “If we put this Romulan on the Phoenix-X he will be obligated to keep this information secret.”
Elena: “Good idea. Then all we have to do is take care of that Tom Paris!”
Nelkast: “Agreed.”
They both turn and walk away.
Ludeki: “Yes!”

The Romulan packs his bags and says a fond farewell to his first Starship. After a hard goodbye, Ludeki makes his way to the Docking Rings of Starbase 55. There he boards the, Multi-Vector Class, Phoenix-X.

Entering the ship, he finds it is a place of wonder and amazement.
Ludeki: “Wow! This ship is beautiful...”
Seifer: “That’s right. All the colors of the rainbow!”
He steps through to greet the Commander.
Ludeki: “Permission to come aboard, sir?”
Seifer: “Permission denied!”
He reads through Ludeki’s transfer padds.
Seifer: “There’s a spelling mistake on this Transfer. I’m sorry, you’ll have to come back next week.”
Ludeki: “What??”
Seifer: “Besides. We’re kind if in hysterics right now. The Dropzone was attacked earlier... and we’re in chaos right now trying to figure out what happened.”
Ludeki: “Well, it was a great ride while it lasted.”

He turns and leaves through the airlock. A week later, the Phoenix-X is back and he re-boards with the proper paperwork.

The Captain shows him to his Quarters.
Cell: “Replicators, couch, big window, carpeted floors. There you go.”
Ludeki: “Uhh-- sir? I am not sure if I am in my place asking this... but perhaps I could get a tour of the ship?”
Cell: “A tour of the Phoenix-X? ...Well why didn’t you say so!”

In a rekindled mood, Captain Cell gets the Commander to give the tour throughout the ship. They visit interesting sights and sounds.
Seifer: "The first thing you must realize, is that the Phoenix-X isn't your average ship. We keep some... ‘technology’ here secret. They are masked to other ships when they try to scan us, or when we dock at Starbases."
Ludeki: "What is this ‘technology’ word you speak of?"
Seifer: "It’s a type of thing, that keeps other things in order.”
Ludeki: “And all this... everything you guys do... has to be kept a secret?”
Seifer: “Mostly. There are some exceptions, and a lot of the time lies must be told in order to keep us from gaining attention... But it is always for the greater good.”
Ludeki: “Who is to say what is right and what is wrong?”
Seifer, takes out an object: “This magic 8-ball! It pretty much gives us seniority over all situations.”

The first place they go to is the Technology Lab.
Seifer: “Welcome to a place of amazement!”
Ludeki: “Amazing.”
As they walk in, someone at a parts-table notices them.
Amp: “What the--?? Oh! As you’ll notice; this lab is where we investigate new forms of technology. It is a place of mystery and intrigue serving various devices, bio-electric transmitters, gravimetric distortion emitters, and man-made spacial anomalies. Some, if you will, placing us in a continuous time-loop!”
Ludeki: “How long have we been trapped in this time-loop?”
Amp: “It’s hard to say. But I think we’re down to two months.”
Ludeki: “Amazing!”

The next place the Commander leads him, is the Tri-Focal Processing Center.
Seifer: “Welcome to a room of more than just bi-focal glasses.”
Ludeki: “Excellent!”
They enter, noticing an Ensign noticing them.
Ensign Dan: “Hey, visitors! If you look here, this is where we regulate the Focal Beam which is emitted from the Deflector and used to suck energy from enemy ships.”
Ludeki: “How do you protect the ship from overloading surges?”
Ensign Dan: “Most of the energy is kept in sub-conduits throughout the ship. Some of them going straight through people’s Quarters!”
Ludeki: “Excellent!”

They re-enter the corridors and make their way to the Torpedo Bay.
Seifer: “Welcome to more magnificence!”
Ludeki: “Nice!”
They near an open Torpedo which is being worked on.
Omega: “Tour Initiated. These Torpedoes are labeled Slipstream Torpedoes. When fired, a temporary conduit next to an object or a vessel is created to send said object or vessel a light-year away in an analogous slingshot action.”
Ludeki: “Aren’t subspace weapons banned by the Khitomer Accords?”
Omega: “Those Accords are irrelevant on this ship.”
Ludeki: “Nice!”

The tour continues on to the Cloaking Device Room.
Seifer: “Welcome... to the world of tomorrow!”
Ludeki: “Fantastic!”
They step through the doors, as an officer’s voice is heard out of mid air.
-Gewdeque: “Hi there! You can’t see me, and clearly this room is empty to you. But truth be told, a merging of systems has allowed this room to contain a Cloaking Device of Klingon Technology!”
Ludeki: “Huh? Where are you?”
-Gewdeque: “Right here in the corner!”
Ludeki: “Fantastic!”

Commander Seifer and Ensign Ludeki make their way to the Battle Arena.
Seifer: “Welcome to danger, passion, and two thumbs up!”
Ludeki: “Stunning!”
They glance over at the Captain who is sitting in the middle of Arena, cross-legged. He gets up.
Cell: “Oh, I didn’t notice you two entering. I sometimes use this place to meditate... even though the room was made for the Klingon’s to practice fighting.”
Ludeki: “Aren’t you in people’s way?”
Cell: “Yeah, but the crew fears me. So it’s alright.”
Ludeki: “Stunning!”

They step out and the Commander shows him everything else.
Seifer: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannd........... 10-Forward, Shielding, and Borg Regeneration.”
Ludeki: “Wow!”
Seifer: “Yeah, that’s what they always say.”

The two of them enter Engineering.
Ludeki: “Unbelievable!”
He enters, peering up at a big structure in the middle of the room. The Chief Engineer walks over.
Kugo: “I see you have noticed our Transwarp Engine. Developed by a secret tech-group, the technology was derived using schematics secretly given to us over 90-years ago by a grateful Whale Species.”
Ludeki: “Whales, is there anything they can’t do?”

He’s about to leave when he stops for a moment.

Ludeki: “Uhh... Hey what species are you, again?”
Kugo: “Romulan.”
Ludeki: “Whu... what?”
Kugo: “I said, I am a Romulan.”
Ludeki: “But I’m... supposed to be the first Romulan in Starfleet... Me!”
He runs out of there, crying.
Kugo: “Poor guy. What are we feeding these newbies?”
Seifer, shrugs: “A little bit of lemon salt. Some teriyaki.”

Later, Ludeki sits in his Quarters, crying. When he has had enough, he goes to the Bridge to ask people for advice.
RaeLuna: “I think you should go with wearing white socks, rather than grey. But didn’t you want to talk about your Romulaness?”
Ludeki: “I’m still too broken up about that...”
Suddenly the comm.-panel beeps, and RaeLuna checks it.
RaeLuna: “We are receiving a transmission from the Dropzone. They want to speak privately with... you?”
Ludeki: “Oh great. I bet it’s one of my Academy friends. It’s so annoying how they love me so much.”

He turns and takes the message in a back room behind the Bridge called the Secret Room. It is dark and mysterious.
>Plutark: “Greetings. My name is Plutark, and I am not on the Dropzone but on a Romulan vessel.”
Ludeki: “What the???”
>Plutark: “You see, I attacked the Dropzone in order to attach a routing-transceiver to it so that I may contact you without notice.”
Ludeki: “Then why did you want to contact me?”
>Plutark: “So that I could tell you this; ...I am your father!!!”
Ludeki: “Aahh!!!”
>Plutark: “I did not mean to say that so loud.”
Ludeki: “So you may be able to explain what I’ve been doing on Earth all these years?”
>Plutark: “Yes. You see, I placed you there long ago. My intention was for you to graduate the Academy and eventually launch an internal attack on the Federation.”
Ludeki: “What went wrong?”
>Plutark: “Shortly after, my enemies drove me into hiding where I spent years building a private Fleet for revenge. Now that I have built it, I intend on reaping that revenge!! And I want you to start with destroying that Phoenix-X.”
Ludeki: “...I’m sorry but I can’t do that.”
>Plutark: “Excuse me? Then you will die along with them!”
The screen cuts out, leaving Ludeki alone.

The next day, the senior staff meets in the Briefing Room to go over some important issues.
Amp: “Well, I’m finally out of that annoying time-loop! Man, was that repetitive!”
Cell: “Actually, we’re here to discuss the attack on the Dropzone?”
Amp: “Oh, yeah. Here are my results.”
He hands over a padd.
Cell: “This is empty.”
Lox: “All our reports are empty!”
Seifer: “We haven’t been able to depict the attackers of the Dropzone. The weapons signature was masked all too well.”
Cell: “What!? We’re supposed to be the most advanced ship ever and you guys can’t even extract the data on a weapons fire??? The Enterprise could have done it in two hours!”
Kugo: “Please, sir. You are comparing us to the Enterprise again.”
Cell: “Sorry. But our ship is greatly advanced. It should practically be doing the work for you! Enterprise your efforts!”
Seifer: “Maybe we’re just a little overloaded with technology. Perhaps a change is in order?”
RaeLuna: “I suggest a cleansing in which all pointless systems are removed.”
Lox: “Even the chipmunk creator? The kids love that!”
Cell: “No. Changing what we are would be like removing an arm, or a bracelet. We will not take out anything.”
Seifer: “Can we at least uninstall the Fairhaven program? It’s starting to take over Deck 13 again.”
Cell: “Yes. That we can take out. The rest stays!”

The crew gets back to their stations while Ludeki makes his way to 10-Forward, where he stands at a window, staring out into space.

Ludeki: Sigh...
BOB: “Hi, there. Feeling a bit confused? Yeah, that’s why people come in here a lot.”
Ludeki: “A Ferengi, named BOB? What are you doing here?”
BOB: “I’m pretty much the server in this area. If you need a drink, I’m there for ya. If you need a connection to the Orion Syndicate, I can hook you up too!”
Ludeki: “Nah. Although I have shown interest in The Circle.”
BOB: “A dangerous yet dizzying organization. I may be able to do something for you.”
Ludeki: “It’s okay. I’m really just here to worry. You see, I was meant to destroy, which I can’t because it’s wrong. But I have these feelings of destruction and evil.”
BOB: “Whoa. Whoa! I didn’t ask for your life story. Let’s just keep this relationship strictly business.”
He goes back to the bar. While turning away from the window, Ludeki fails to notice a large D’deridex Warbird uncloaking in space.

A blinking panel goes off on the Bridge.
RaeLuna: “De-cloaking successful.”
Seifer: “You were right, Captain. There was a Warbird nearby.”
Ensign Dan: “Hey! Don’t I get credit for randomly guessing Romulan?”
Seifer: “No. You’re relieved! Credit goes to the low-level ionic pulse that spiked their quantum drive enough to knock their cloak offline.”
Cell: “It was a long shot, but the most impossible strategies always work out in the end.”
Seifer: “Even when they go against reason?”
Cell: “Especially when they go against reason! Now hail them. I have a feeling this vessel will somehow explain the attack on the Dropzone.”
The Phoenix-X hails them.

The Warbird receives the hail.
Tense: “Sir, they’re hailing us.”
Plutark: “Ahh! Let’s get out of here!”

The Warbird suddenly turns around and Warps away towards Romulus. Seifer and Cell glance at each other.
Seifer: “Shall we just assume it was them?”
Cell: “We’ll do what I say and when! .........Okay, NOW we’ll assume it was them.”

The Phoenix-X brings its engines online and Warps after the Warbird. Later, Ensign Ludeki has entered Sickbay where he is receiving a check-up.
Lox: “Everything seems to be fine, Ensign. You’re in perfect health!”
RaeLuna: “Now please check me.”
Ludeki glances over at the alien female sitting on the bio-bed next to his.
RaeLuna: “I do not understand how known races get checked before me!”
Ludeki: “What species are you exactly?”
RaeLuna: “It is nothing you have ever heard of. My species is called the Klokian.”
Ludeki: “Nope. Never heard of it!”
RaeLuna: “I am only half-Klokian. The Klokian species is one of indestructible reptilian skin; that of which stands against super-human powers.”
Ludeki: “So then you probably stand against half those powers.”
RaeLuna: “I have never thought of it that way. You have disillusioned my outlook.”
Ludeki: “Oops... Sorry.”

He quickly leaves Sickbay before she gets angry. In the corridors he runs into Lieutenant Amp.
Ludeki: “That was a close one!”
Amp: “The Doc try to add an extra limb to your body? He’s always doing that to organics.”
Ludeki: “Organics? You seem to speak from an objective point of view.”
Amp: “That’s right. Because I am a Hologram!”
Ludeki: “Wow!”
Amp: “Not only that. I am a Computer Virus, manifesting itself as a Hologram. They also let me Helm the ship!”
Ludeki: “Isn’t that bad for the ship? ...And the command structure?”
Amp: “Well, in the beginning I was created to sabotage the Phoenix-X. But the crew deactivated my evil programming, allowing me to function and fit in as a crewmember.”
Ludeki: “I am very pleased to hear that.”
Amp: “Yeah I pretty much control this ship with my mind. Uh oh! Looks like the Bridge needs me!”
He disappears, transferring his body to the Bridge. Ludeki just shrugs and turns down the next corridor.

There, he sees the Commander turning on a Holodeck Program.
Ludeki: “Sir, isn’t there a situation on the Bridge that needs attending to?”
Seifer: “Oh we’ve got that covered. I’ll be notified of any change to the enemies movements immediately.”
The doors open, showing a Program of intense car-racing.
Ludeki: “What the--??”
Seifer: “Yeah, my new Symbiont seems to be attracted to fast things.”
Ludeki: “New Symbiont?”
Seifer: “You see, I’m a Trill; and long ago my Symbiont got tampered with by an evil alien-race. Ever since then, it’s been mutated and over-conflicting to my system.”
Ludeki: “Shouldn’t you get that checked out?”
Seifer: “Nah! I’ll be fine as long as I feed him his velocity needs. My good judgment and self-control over-rule like the new Ferengi Government.”
He steps into the Holodeck, leaving Ludeki alone.

The Ensign makes his way into the Turbolift down the hallway, where he enters with Omega.
Ludeki: “Uh, hi. I don’t suppose you have ever encountered someone claiming to be your father?”
Omega: “My creator was destroyed after the immediate assembly of my exoskeleton. His memories and experiences were downloaded into me before that.”
Ludeki: “Wait a minute... Metallic armour... bulky proportions... cybernetic devices...? You’re an Android!”
Omega: “Precisely. I am a Combat Android built from a dangerous bomb based on the Omega Molecule.”
Ludeki: “Then I guess I can’t relate. Nice danger-level though.”
Omega: “Thank you. But my origins have no relevance to my ability... except to cause misconceptual prejudice among the crew!”
Ludeki, pats him on the shoulder: “Ah, you’re not so bad.”

He gets off at the next Deck where he sees the Captain opening the doors to the Captain’s Quarters. He notices the Captain fluxuating in form before the doors close.
Ludeki: “What the--!?”
He takes out his phaser and rings the bell to the Quarters. When he’s let in, he aims the phaser at the Captain.
Ludeki: “I’ve got you, Changeling!”
Cell: “What??”
The Captain turns around and sees Ludeki.
Cell: “Of course I’m a Changeling!”
Ludeki, brings down the phaser: “You are?”
Cell: “Yes. I have been in Starfleet ever since the beginning!”
Ludeki: “Oh I get it. Now that you serve aboard this secret ship, you feel comfortable enough to allow others knowledge of what you really are.”
Cell: “Exactly! ...That, and I have a small fraction of omnipotent power.”
Ludeki: “Well that’s good--- Huh???”
Cell: “You see; sometime ago I was approached by a new type of Q... known as the X. They couldn’t survive, so they bestowed a small fraction of their power to select mortals all over the Galaxy!”
Ludeki: “Then I guess that power... is what was causing your fluxuation. I’m sorry, Captain.”
Cell: “It’s quite alright. This’ll be one for the cocktail parties... assuming I went to them.”

Just then, the Phoenix-X and the D’deridex Warbird drop Warp in front of Romulus. The senior staff enters the Bridge.

Amp: “Captain. You’re just on time.”
Cell: “Open fire. Don’t ask questions---“
Just then the screen cuts in.
>Plutark: “Well, Phoenix-X. It appears we meet again!”
Seifer: “Wait a second... I recognize you...”
Cell: “Plutark!”
>Plutark: “That’s right. Your arch nemesis!”
Seifer: “But I thought you died from our attack seven years ago?”
>Plutark: “Ah, the Slipstream Torpedo incident. Your prize technological break-through! What you failed to realize was just before you tried to destroy my ship with that explosion, we beamed aboard your ship. You didn’t even notice when you reset your shields! ...After a week, I and the few of my crew that survived, escaped safely to begin our own Fleet.”
Cell: “Curse those Slipstream Torpedo Mark I’s!”
Seifer: “Just be glad we have the Mark II’s now.”
>Plutark: “In the meantime, my fleet and I will be destroying you... including my son!”

The screen clicks out to a view of the D’deridex. Behind it, three Norexan Warbirds decloak. Meanwhile, Ludeki has made his way to the Shuttle Bay. There he locates a few rocket-shaped alien shuttles.
Ludeki: “Uhh, what the heck is this thing? Why can’t I just steal a normal Shuttle?”
GoyCho, walks over: “Oh hi. Those are called Jumpers, a new stealth ship given to us by random aliens.”
Ludeki: “I guess you can’t doubt random aliens.”

He leaps inside finding the controls easy to use. He then fly’s the Jumper out into space, passing the battle.

The Phoenix-X positions itself between two Norexan Warbirds and blasts phasers into their shields. When they become weak enough, the Phoenix-X launches a tractor beam into one and pulls it around into the other.

Those two ships collide; and the Phoenix-X jumps over them landing its shields on-top of the third Norexan’s shields’. When both shields overload and drain, the Phoenix-X plants a Torpedo beneath them, blowing that Norexan ship apart.

They back away immediately, debris raining past, turning to face the final D’deridex Warbird.

Ludeki: “It’s you!?”
Ensign Ludeki has parked his Jumper on the planet surface, along the outskirts of Ki Baratan, the capitol city. There, he has made his way to the deep underground caverns where he meets Spock and the Re-Unification group.
Spock: “Precisely. You have returned from Earth with a subconscious inclination to meet me here. Seven years ago, you asked me to help you forget; Forget the pains and expectations your father had put on you.”
Ludeki: “...It’s all starting to come back to me. You were an old friend.”
Spock: “At one time you considered joining the movement, in hopes of learning a new way. It is that way, that your father despised so much.”
Ludeki: “Fascinating!”
Spock: “Please do not say that.”
Ludeki: “Sorry.”
Spock: “It is now up to you, what your intentions are. For you must act upon them... If you have returned, then your father may have also.”
Ludeki is left to think about his natural instincts compared to his past. He makes up his mind, and runs off towards the surface.

Meanwhile, Plutark is laughing his head off as he brings Ki Baratan into his targeting sensors. He has left the Phoenix-X trapped behind the spacial disturbance of a Slipstream Torpedo Mark I he developed over the past seven years.
Amp: “Captain, it seems as if Plutark is going to attack the Romulan Capitol City.”
Cell: “Damn! An already disjointed political government, trying to piece itself back together, about to be annihilated in another feat of revenge.”
Seifer: “Who was the first guy?”
Cell: “Shinzon!”
Amp: “It’s worse with Plutark. He actually made it to his destination!”

The Captain opens hailing frequencies, as Ludeki’s stealth Jumper breaks through the D’derdex’s Shuttle Hangar. There, he opens fire on retaliating Engineer’s. Leaping out of his ship, he steals their weapons and makes his way to the Bridge.
>Cell: “Don’t do this Plutark. They’re your own people!”
Plutark: “The Senate never supported my evil ways. They’re responsible for my turning even more evil. That’s what we Romulans were meant to be; EVIL!! But no! There had to be good in every species. How sickening!”
He cuts the transmission, just as Ludeki enters the Bridge.
Ludeki: “Please. I’ve come to offer you my services. ...I will join you. But only if you stop your attacks!”
Plutark: “Ah, you have made it, my son. Indeed you will join me. But I must complete my attack...”
He turns back to the view-screen and clenches his fist.
Plutark: “Make no mistake!!!”
Ludeki, aims his rifle: “Then you leave me no choice...”

He fires just as Plutark leaps up into the air at him. The disrupter pulse blows the view-screen, while Plutark comes down with a drop-kick. Ludeki quickly grabs his leg and swings Plutark around, back towards the exploding view-screen.

Plutark: “AAAahhh!!!!”

The Phoenix-X watches as all the lights on the D’deridex blink off one by one. They fire a subspace beam from the deflector tri-focal array, calming the space around them.
Seifer: “Impossible strategy going against all reason?”
Cell: “We do have these technological devices for a purpose, you know. The Klingon’s aren’t part of the crew just for show!”
RaeLuna: “Captain! Someone is deactivating Plutark’s systems!”
Cell: “Very well! Then I suppose we’ll call it a day.”
Seifer: “Shouldn’t we find out why and how?”
Cell: “I believe we have done enough for now. We don’t want to overwork ourselves. It is up to the Romulan people now to grow and become more like us.”

The Phoenix-X cloaks out of sight; just as the Romulan Military finds Plutark’s broken-down D’Deridex vessel with Plutark inside and struggling to get up. The Military Subcommander peers at his view-screen in disbelief.
Bochra: “Well, well, well. We’ve been trying to catch Plutark for years!”
T’Rul: “Whomever did this, has done a great service for the Romulan people.”
Bochra: “But who...? And where did this mysterious super-ship go?”
T’Rul: “I suppose we’ll never know. Thank you, mysterious super-ship... where-ever you are!”

Later, Ludeki’s Jumper boards the Phoenix-X. He meets the Doctor, Captain and Engineer in the Shuttle Bay.

Lox: “Nice work, Ludeki!”
Cell: “Indeed. You have proven yourself a true adventurer. I look forward to working with you more, in the future.”
Ludeki: “Actually... I kind have already resigned my commission. A glimpse into your lives has inspired me to take mine further.”
Cell: “Whut chu talking bout Ludeki?”
He points to the Jumper, as Ambassador Spock steps out.
Ludeki: “I plan on joining the Re-Unification Group.”
Kugo: “Ambassador Spock!”
Spock: “Greetings. I hoped my presence here would persuade you to accept Ludeki’s departure. We anticipate Ludeki’s bond with our movement to be productive. With us he will be able to not only join the Romulans to a Vulcan-esque mind-state, but also the newly acquainted Remens.”
Cell: “Ambassador Spock, we would like to thank you for your help. I suppose, I’m not unlike another Captain you once served under... many years ago.”
>Spock: “You suppose incorrectly.”
Cell: “Oh. --Then, just thank you will suffice.”

The Jumper leaves the Phoenix-X and heads back towards Romulus... where everything will be alright. Meanwhile, the Captain is alone in the Briefing Room going over his Log.

LOG - Cell: “Captain’s Log, Stardate 58743-point-9. We’ve crossed the Neutral Zone back to Federation Space, and there’s still no word from Section 31. I have yet to know their reaction to all this. In the meantime, the crew is holding the usual bloodwine and live food feast in 10-Forward.”

Suddenly, a transmission breaks through and the view-screen to his right turns on. It turns out to be Section 31.
>Elena: “So! How is our new guy doing?”
Cell: “He’s left, actually. Ludeki joined the Re-Unification group.”
>Nelkast: “What!?!?”
>Elena: “How could you do this, Phoenix-X? We needed him for guinea-pig plots!”
Cell: “But---?”
Nelkast: “No, But’s! It’s your ass in a food decompiler for this! Section 31 out!”
The screen goes off, just as Kugo enters the room.
Cell: “Ah, Section 31. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”
Kugo, nods: “It’s too bad Ludeki had to leave.”
Cell: “He had to choose his own life. I think this is just the beginning for him.”
Kugo: “Maybe you’re right, sir. Besides, he was... cute.”

Kugo turns and leaves the Briefing Room. The Captain watches her exit and turns to the window viewing of the stars. Space... a new beginning.

--Back on Earth, two giant doors outside the Psychiatric Center of Starfleet Medical swing open. Captain Terry stumbles out, recovering from a dazed and confused state.
Hillard: “Congratulations, Captain. You’ve been approved to re-join Starfleet and take command of that dis-proportioned Mondo Class vessel. Poor Malone, he suddenly hated his ship for some reason.”

The Captain zombie’s his step, squinting his eye in the bright blue sky of the outdoors. He ignores the man at the door and continues walking away.

Terry: “Must... must... go back to Starfleet... Must... not tell anyone of inner hatred towards Klingons... Must stop all those who support Klingons...”
He glances down at a Padd, with a list of all the Starships. Information is opened on a random ship. The screen reveals sketchy details of the Phoenix-X and their joint-Klingon crew. Terry stops in his tracks in shock.
Terry: “What?? Phoenix-X... Phoenix-X!!?!?!???”