Episode 55

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Responsible Delinquent

(Amp transfers to the Research Lab and walks over to Trunks. He suddenly transfers his program into Trunks' body)
Trunks: --Hello. Look at me. I am Trunks. Look at me! Hahahaha.
(The android suddenly pushes Amp out and regains control of his own body again)
Trunks: Argh! Don't ever do that again!!
Amp: Hahahaha! Sucker.

(RaeLuna enters Torpedo Mechanics Research where Seifer and GoyCho are working on an open torpedo casing)
GoyCho: The upgrade is nearly complete.
Seifer: Can you believe it? They say Slipstream is just like Transwarp! When the Slipstream expert told me that, I punched him in the face and told him he was a liar.
GoyCho: But when we took a second look at our Slipstream Torpedoes, we suddenly saw what they meant and we started coming up with ideas to modify them.
RaeLuna: Enemies often rebuild their weapons until they have destroyed each other.
Seifer: Sure RaeLuna, whatever world you're living in.
(They lift the torpedo casing onto its side to get to another circuit hatch. The two look over at RaeLuna who is suddenly preoccupied)
RaeLuna: ...I think I sense something.

(The Phoenix-X treks through space. A thin brown Alien creature of 1 3/4 meters height and four arms, fly's straight for the Ship. Cell liquefies off the Captain's Chair having the screen activated)
Cell: What the hell is it?
Trunks(scans): Unknown.
[They watch it, with its flowing energy around itself as the Alien creature grasps the side of the Ship]
Jeera: He's hot. Do you think it's single?
[The screen zooms in on the Alien creature]
Cell: It's an omni-X...
(The ship is put on red-alert)

Epsen: Argh!
(The alien creature, a NechRen, uses its top right arm to punch a dent into the closed hatch. He then pulls the hatch off, viewing the airlock area inside. He swings in, passing through the force-fields)
Epsen(hits the floor): ...Where are you now...

(He breaks past the secondary glass door and leaves Airlock Exit Room 3 out into the Hallway. People see him and fire phasers)
Nathan: What's that? Kill it!
(A phaser beam cracks a wall display panel behind Epsen as he ducks it and then leaps up to stick to the wall near a venting frame. He shoots himself through the frame and infiltrates the venting ducts to a lower deck)

RaeLuna: Uh!
(Epsen breaks out a venting frame in a hallway and tackles RaeLuna to the floor. He recognizes her type of scent. RaeLuna uses her feet to grab Epsen by the sides and throw him against the wall in the distance)
RaeLuna: Get off me!!
(Epsen collects a ball of X energy beside him with his lower hands. He passes the energy to his upper hands and throws it at RaeLuna, who leaps to the ceiling dodging it)
Epsen: I don't need to waste my time inside this Ship, when this Ship is filled with enough dangerous energies that can kill you itself!

(Out the side of the Phoenix-X, Epsen breaks through another hatch, and fly's around in space, positioning himself in front of the Phoenix-X)
Cell: Shall we test out those enhanced slipstream torpedoes?
Seifer(takes weapons): They're not ready yet.
Cell: Again! You know, you don't come in handy.

(Epson gathers a larger amount of energy grater than his size. The Phoenix-X fires a quantum torpedo ramming him away. He fly's back over to his created energy-ball, flipping it around him, and throwing it)
Epsen: Take that, Klokian!

(The energy-ball bursts against the Phoenix-X, rupturing most of its initial systems. The lights and control panels flicker)
Cell: Initiate multi-vector separation. Now!!

(Seifer and RaeLuna get to the other two Bridges just as the Phoenix-X is splitting into three. Phoenix-Vector 1 comes around behind Epsen, firing torpedoes. Phoenix-Vector 2 locks a tractor beam on him as Phoenix-Vector 3 fly's around with RaeLuna at its Bridge)

Tong: We have a good shot.
RaeLuna: Fire.
(Phoenix-Vector 3 fires a torpedo, injuring Epsen. Epsen gathers his energy and blasts a beam at the tractor emitters on Phoenix-Vector 2, knocking it off. He flys in circle, blasting huge balls of energy, knocking and severely damaging the other two Vectors away. He gathers an enormously dense amount of energy to blast at Phoenix-Vector 3)
RaeLuna: He is after me.
Tong: Why?
RaeLuna: Because I am a Klokian.

(Epsen hurls the dense energy, but Phoenix-Vector 3 arch's to an axis, dodging it. The Vector activates a warp field and jumps to Warp)

Cell: Where is she going?
(Phoenix-Vector 1 leaks plasma, impulsing over)
Trunks: I don't know, but we'd better integrate to Vector 2 so it can regenerate.
Cell: Acknowledged.

(Epsen speeds at Warp right after Phoenix-Vector 3, blasting energy spikes. Phoenix-Vector 3 is hit a couple times, forcing the people onboard to hold on)
RaeLuna: Increase speed before he destroys us.

(The Vector takes on Warp 9, leaving Epsen far behind, unable to catch up. The Vector drops Warp and approaches a large Space City of interlocking stations and connecting roadways that expand as far as 1000 kilometres. The computer displays this as Illinex City)
Lox(enters): What exactly are we doing here?
Tong: Yeah, the X creature is just going to catch up.
RaeLuna: I know, I know. I think I can get rid of it here.
(The Vector passes a few leaving ships but docks at a Docking Ring at one of the interlocking bridges of the city)
RaeLuna: Wait here.

(RaeLuna enters the city. She goes through customs and takes a dematerialization transport to another part of the city. She enters a busy Bar, reeking with alcohol-like substances. She walks through the crowd)
Lernchet: Can I help you?
RaeLuna(walks on): No thanks.
Grunt: Hey baby, how about a ride on my love-ship?
RaeLuna(pushes him away): Get lost, loser.
(She approaches a table where a Jem'Hadar-looking alien is, surrounded by slave girls)
Shadow Flare: I am the seer. I knew you were coming.
RaeLuna: Shadow Flare, I need your help.
Shadow Flare: Don't tell me. I am the seer! I know what your problem is.
(She waits for him)
Shadow Flare: Uhh.... You're dental plan has expired?
RaeLuna: I need you to kill an omni-X because you're the only one that can.
Shadow Flare(gets up): That is true. I do kick ass on daily basis.

(RaeLuna's senses heighten as Epsen suddenly enters the Bar. She turns to see him behind the centre bar stand. Epsen leaps up onto the bar stand, scaring a bunch of people away)
Lernchet: Aaah! It has jumping abilities!

(Shadow Flare gathers his energy, and it flows along his arms. He walks around his table and peers at Epsen across the room)
Shadow Flare: This is going to be fun.

(Epsen leaps off the bar towards Shadow Flare, but Shadow Flare blasts energy that knocks Epsen back out of mid-air. Epsen crashes into a bunch of stools, but then gets up)
Epsen: Hhhrrhhh....
(Epsen gathers a ball of energy and tracks it through the stools, dematerializing them and collecting their matter into the ball. He throws the energy at Shadow Flare who back flips to dodge, but the energy splits into four and two balls burst against him)
Shadow Flare: Argh!
(Shadow Flare is ricocheted to an angle, smacking his head off the bar and twirling into the back-wall. The other two energy balls curve around and pound Shadow Flare into submission)
Shadow Flare(tries getting up): ...Uuuugghh...

(RaeLuna is without luck as she glances sympathetically over at Shadow Flare. Epsen runs for RaeLuna but RaeLuna picks the table up and smacks it against Epsen, sending him crashing into the drinks cabinet)
Epsen: Owe!!!

(RaeLuna runs off. Meanwhile, Phoenix-Vector 1/2 speeds through space, suddenly stopping at the approaching of a NechRen ship)
Cell: On screen.
[Telse]: Please. Have you been fighting with a creature that looks similarly to us?
Cell: I don't have to answer these allegations!
[Telse]: Epsen is a part of my crew. We are trying to get him back.
Cell: He attacked us!
[Telse]: Yes, he seems to have gone crazy.

(RaeLuna runs desperately down a vast roadway leaving the Bar station. The roadway is inside a huge tube that leads to another station. Approaching hover Vehicles curve to a stop past RaeLuna as Illinex Soldiers jump out and blockade the place)
Norleng: Get ready men! It's coming!
Kinglet: I'm going to make my mother proud!
(The Soldiers stand in a line aside each other, firing pulse rifles as Epsen comes flying out the Station doors. Epsen is hit by a multitude of pulses, flipping and pushing him left and right)

RaeLuna(stops running and watches): Wait a minute... Omni-X's aren't immune to everything. If I hit him with enough torpedo blows, I can probably take him out.
(Epsen is injured from the constant rifle blasts and is in need of regeneration. He stops flying and drops to the road. He turns around and runs off in search of food and energy. On the other side of the blockade, RaeLuna sprints in the other direction)
RaeLuna: I have to get to Vector 3!

(Phoenix-Vector 1/2 and the NechRen ship speed through a Transwarp Conduit. The omni-X's parents are brought on-screen)
[Boles]: Our son was living a normal life here until the X-Continuum ruined it.
[Aeta]: We took care of him for a whole part of his childhood!
Cell: What about the other part of his childhood?
[Aeta]: That's when we were disciplining him.
Seifer: It seems like he really had a life on that ship.
Cell: Don't tell me what to seem!

(RaeLuna stops running down the road and accesses a panel on the wall. The city schematics hover on-screen, showing diagrams of starships leaving and docking the Illinex City)
RaeLuna: Computer, show me where the Federation Starship Phoenix-X Vector 3 is.

(A triangle logo starts blinking. RaeLuna memorizes the map and runs off. She comes down another road, finding people, security, and fire crews standing around assessing a smoking pile of hover vehicles and fallen support beams blocking the way)
RaeLuna(approaches someone): What happened here? My ship is on the other side.
Logenek: Oh it was another showdown between the Illinex Soldiers and that omni-X. They really did a lot of damage. There's a radiation leak, blocking the scanners in this area now.
(RaeLuna walks away and taps her commbadge)
RaeLuna: RaeLuna to Vector 3; one to beam out.
(There's no response. She runs across the street to the large window and sees Vector 3 docked a couple metres away. A guy beside her is admiring it)
Toreg: Nice ship you got there. Looks like only part of a larger ship though.
(RaeLuna ignores him and starts climbing the glass window. She makes her way over to the top of the pile of vehicles and fallen support beams. There's a crack in the ceiling, where a support beam was, exposing space. She climbs out into space, passing through the protective force-field)

Epsen: Hhhhnnhh...
(RaeLuna uses her sticky hands and feet to climb along the outside of the Road-Tube. She jumps through space towards Vector 3 when suddenly Epsen tackles her from the side. They both go flying into a corner of the Road-Tube architecture)
RaeLuna: Rrrrggggg!!!
(She uses her leg to rotate off the edge and kick Epsen across his face. Epsen starts twirling but grabs RaeLuna's other foot, throwing her out into deep space away from the City)

Amp: Now approaching Illinex City.
(Phoenix-Vector 1/2 and the NechRen ship drop Transwarp past a few exiting ships to the vast space city. RaeLuna is lost in space until Vector 1/2 passes by and she clings on. She climbs inside opening a hatch as Vector 1/2 positions itself above Vector 3, integrating. The Phoenix-X undocks the trashed Docking Ring)
RaeLuna(enters): I almost died out there.
Cell: RaeLuna. What's going on here?
RaeLuna: I'm sorry, Captain. I thought Shadow Flare could help stop the creature.
Trunks(scans): Lox and Kugo are still in the City.
RaeLuna: They must've had a look around when Vector 3 was docked.
Cell(taps his commbadge): Cell to Kugo and Lox, come in.
(The transmission is rough but clears up)
*Kugo*: Kugo here. We found the Illinex Automated Repair Control Centre.

(Lox and Kugo are at a Control Tower at the east side of the City. The Control Tower controls automated robots, which look like large eggshells with robot arms)
Kugo: We got control of one of their repair-units.
Lox: It was easy. We told the guy usually in here that his lunch was in his co-worker's locker.

(Meanwhile, in the control tower's lower Cafeteria, the guy eats a sandwhich from a paper bag)
Gegin: Heyyy... this isn't my lunch!

(Lox and Kugo make one of the Robots fly around outside. It speeds away)
*Cell*: What are you doing with it?
Kugo: We found the omni-X and we're chasing him with the Repair-unit.

(Epsen flys through the city, ducking passing road-tubes and transport pods. The Repair Robot chases after him at full impulse)
Epsen: Ggrggh!!

(RaeLuna sits at the Helm beside Amp on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
*Lox*: We keep poking him. It's funny.
RaeLuna: Here, let me patch the controls in through the Phoenix-X. I may be able to catch him.

(The Robot suddenly stops impulsing, it drifts through space, past city architecture, until it suddenly lights up again. The far away Phoenix-X gets control of it, making it fly around)
Epsen: Cccrrrhh!
(Epsen clings to a Station, and fires an energy out his mouth at the Robot. The Robot flies over and picks Epsen off the wall, holding him tightly)
Epsen: Argh!
(Epsen gets really mad and uses his lower arms to pry the Robot arms off him. He spins around, kicking it away. The Robot bumps off another Station behind it, but comes back. Epsen fires an energy from his mouth at the Robot. The Robot is vapourized as the energy beam rushes past)

Kugo: Oh no!
(They can see Epsen vapourizing the Robot in the distance from the control tower's window. The energy beam also hits the City's East-end Power Core, shattering the hull. A white light is released)
Lox: Ah well. It's not our City. Let's go home.
Kugo(stares out the window): Good luck trying...

(The destroyed Power Core centre starts sucking everything in like a miniature black hole. The Power Station crumbles and pieces off, shrinking metal right into the Core's white light. The connecting Road-Tubes' glass shatter, and the road's bend towards the Core. Escape pods and people in environmental suits retreat to the other side of the City that of which is not being affected)

Kugo: We have to get out of here!
(Lox and Kugo take a ladder down to the hallway to a Road-Tube. They start running but the Control Station they just left suddenly begins to crumble under pressure. The air around them starts to escape from where they just came from. They leap to the sides of the road and hold on to the architecture)

Cell: Beam them aboard. Hurry!
(The Phoenix-X suddenly approaches the Control Tower, which is shattered)
Trunks: Unsuccessful. The quantum singularity is interfering.
Cell: Seifer, take a Jumper down to get them.
Seifer: Okay fine. But you have to stop telling me what to do.

(Jumper 1 launches out the back of the Phoenix-X. It speeds around and docks against the side of the nearby Road-Tube. Seifer and RaeLuna come out the airlock-passageway with three pattern-enhancers. They clamp them on the road just in case)
RaeLuna: It's windy in here.
Seifer: This place is about to sucked into the Quantum Core.
(They find Lox and Kugo in the distance, holding on for their lives as the air gushes by them. RaeLuna and Seifer run over to help them)
Lox: Thanks, RaeLuna.
(RaeLuna's senses heighten and she looks up as Epsen grasps onto the glass outside the Tube, trying not to be sucked away. He punches a hole in the glass and falls to the road)
Epsen: Ugh... I'm dizzy...

(More air is blown out the new crack in the glass as Lox holds on tight to the lower architecture. Espen gets up and starts running along the road past all four of them towards the other Station. RaeLuna runs after him, as Seifer and Kugo struggle over and help Lox up)
Lox: She left us!
Kugo: --Didn't you say 'thank you'?
Lox: I can't remember!

(They watch in the distance as RaeLuna tackles Epsen to the road. Epsen reaches out for one of the pattern enhancers and hacks it against RaeLuna's shoulder. RaeLuna falls to one knee grabbing another pattern enhancer and using it to block another hack from Epsen)

RaeLuna: Listen to me. We have to stop this---!
(Epsen pulls his weapon back with his lower arms and uses his upper arms to blast a ball of energy, that of which RaeLuna leans back to dodge)
Epsen: Argh!!
(They both come back clashing their pattern enhancers like swords. RaeLuna uses the kick-stand on her weapon to hook into Epsen's and twirl his weapon out of his hands)

Kugo: Uh!
(Kugo leaps over the fallen pattern enhancer as she, Lox and Seifer get to the airlock-passageway against the glass-wall. They pass through and get into the Jumper outside)
Lox: What about RaeLuna?
(They wait until the last minute but they watch as RaeLuna chases after Epsen down the road towards the further Station. They detach the Jumper, as it hovers, and fly's up through the gravimetric disturbances into the Phoenix-X)

Seifer: Seifer to the Bridge. We're in.
(The Phoenix-X turns around and impulses away, but is suddenly sucked backwards)

Cell: Amp, get us out of here...
Amp: I'm trying!
(The Phoenix-X accelerates to maximum impulse, but doesn't go anywhere. The distant Quantum Core continues to suck them in from behind)
Cell: Go to Warp, Transwarp, anything!
Trunks: They're offline!
Cell(paces): Re-route power from all non essential systems.
Trunks: ...I have.
(The Phoenix-X continues to be pulled backwards. The hull starts to buckle)
Cell: NechRen vessel. We need your assistance!
[Telse]: You were trying to destroy Epsen. We saw it!
Cell: You don't understand---
[Telse]: We hope you die!
(The screen clicks off. Cell looks around)
Cell: What's left!? Suggestions?
*Kugo*: Captain. We may be able to integrate power from the Raekwon Generator.
Cell: Do it!!

(Kugo enters Engineering where the Raekwon Generator is in the third open area behind the first two, which the engines occupy. She activates it, and circuits around it light up)
Kugo: Done.

(The Phoenix-X suddenly accelerates out of there. The ship heads back deep into the City, dodging overhead Road-Tubes and Stations. The Quantum Core is left behind, sucking the rest of that East part of the city in)
Cell: Let's hope nobody liked that place.

(Epsen leaps past two guards into a departing Train)
Shensh: Hey!
(RaeLuna runs by, pushes past the guards aswell, and then leaps onto the side of the moving Train. She climbs in through a hatch and enters a car. She walks by many lazy people, who are either sleeping, or watching entertainment screens)

[*Kela*]: This just in. The destruction of East Illinex is almost to an end as Quantum Core N3-7 begins to depressurize.
(The view-screens show the immediate news, as few people look up to watch it)
[*Kela*]: Telepathic detectives and internal systems analyzing has come to conclude the destruction of the Power Core to be caused by the provocation of a powerful alien being. The provocation was through a subspace link into a Repair Robot. Detectives have determined that the provocationist is a half Klokian.
(RaeLuna is suddenly surprised, and looks around in shock of their criminal system's ways)
[*Kela*]: Authorities are on the lookout for this provocationist. If you have any details or know anything about this person, please contact us.....
(RaeLuna walks past a couple who are sleeping. One of them wakes up, unwraps their blanket, and walks down the Train to complain to stewardess about the temperature. RaeLuna grabs that person's blanket and wears it like a cloak around herself. She looks around incase anyone has seen her and suddenly catches sight of Epsen, sticking to the ceiling in the distance)
RaeLuna: ...
(The stewardess and the other person leave a Back Room and comes walking down the Train. RaeLuna walks past them and follows Epsen who scurries into the Back Room)

Epsen: Cccaa!!
(Epsen falls to the floor noticing RaeLuna's entrance. RaeLuna unwraps her cloak and twists around Epsen, tactfully tying the blanket around Epsen's front, back and arms, slamming him against the wall)
Epsen: Argh!!
RaeLuna: What's wrong, X?! Can't you vapourize my insignificant molecules?
Epsen: I must regenerate my powers for that. Besides, Klokian skin isn't as breakable as mortal skin.
(RaeLuna glances away to change the subject and then looks back at Epsen)
RaeLuna: ...I know you heard about me as being the only mortal Klokian to exist and that's why you wanted to take advantage of that and kill me. I am telling you now that I am not like the other Klokians. I don't hunt omnipotent beings!
(Epsen kicks her back in anger not believing her and RaeLuna slams against the door, breaking out into the open hallway of the Train. Epsen concentrates his energy, burning to a crisp the blanket around him. He blasts a hole through a window and jumps out the Train. Automatic force-fields immediately cover the hole as RaeLuna runs back in, watching Epsen falling in the distance past City Structures in escape)
RaeLuna: Damn!
(She goes back into the hallway and takes a seat. She stays on the Train in exhaustion as the Train speeds along tube-tracks that intertwine around the City. It stops off at the next Station)

RaeLuna: Ugh... I need a drink.
(She departs the Train Deck and enters the Station. She follows people and hallways throughout the Station to a Pub. It's filled with relaxed people, drinking and conversing)

Telse: Where is Epsen?
(The NechRen ship slowly travels through the City passing Stations and Road-Tubes nearby. They scan the vicinity)
Onio: I still can't find him. He's a sneaky little bastard!
(Epsen's parents are standing right there)
Boles: Hey! We did get married you know.
Aeta: Yeah.
Telse(walks over): Who cares about that! ...We have to regain control here. Locate that Klokian girl.

(RaeLuna notices at the bar, Kugo, Lox, Trunks, and Amp who are ordering drinks. She walks over)
Amp: Hey, it's RaeLuna!
RaeLuna: Amp? How are you able to be here?
Amp: They've got holo-emitters throughout the whole city! The engineers use holographic tools here.
(One of the engineers throws a holographic wrench across the Pub that hits Amp in the head)
Amp: Owe!!
Logenek: Hey, that usually just passes through people.
RaeLuna: What are you guys doing here? What happened to you?
Lox: What happened to us? What happened to you?
RaeLuna: Don't change the subject.
(The view-screens throughout the Pub click to the latest news. Kela speaks for a few seconds)
[*Kela*]: ...And telepathic image rendering artists have been able to generate a picture of the wanted provocationist.
[RaeLuna's picture is shown on all the view-screens in the Pub]
RaeLuna: Not again!
(A green laser-wall sweep sweeps through the Pub from one end to another, passing over everyone. The sweep suddenly picks up RaeLuna's life-signs. Police Robots, which look like triangle plates, suddenly break off the walls and extend metallic legs and lasers launchers. They start walking towards RaeLuna, firing lasers. Soldiers break into the Pub in search of her)
RaeLuna: You guys have to help me!
Lox: Uuhh...
(Amp, Lox and Kugo glance at each other in hesitation)
Kugo: We'd better get out here.

(RaeLuna, Kugo, Amp, Lox and Trunks make a run for it. They dodge laser fire out into the hallway, turning corners until suddenly being confronted by a NechRen away team of eight)
Trunks: It's the NechRen!
Onio: Hold it right there, Klokian. We'd like to have a word with you.
(The NechRen's advance on her)
RaeLuna: Not a chance, four-arms!
Splej: Hey! We're very sensitive about that!
(Trunks opens a torpedo launcher out of his left forearm and launches a torpedo at an approaching NechRen, who dodges it and returns strange fire. A net opens around Trunks, electrocuting him to his knees)
Trunks: Argh!
(Kugo lowers herself to swing her foot around, tripping a NechRen onto his back. Two other NechRen's leap over, grabbing Kugo and pinning her against the wall. Amp attacks but one of the NechRen's download his program into a heavy computer module)
Lox: This looks like a job for me!
(Lox approaches a NechRen. The NechRen suddenly points to two of his guards who are waiting to capture Lox. Lox just gives up and walks over to the two guards who capture him)
RaeLuna: Let go of me!
(One of the NechRen's grab RaeLuna's arm from the back. RaeLuna swings around, picking him up and pinning him against the wall. The NechRen slaps an isolinear tag onto RaeLuna's shoulder. All the NechRen's and the four of them are suddenly beamed out)

Splei: Move it, two-arms!
(The NechRen shove RaeLuna, Kugo, Lox and Trunks onto the Bridge of their Ship. Mini-tractor beams focus out from the ceiling at the back and pick the four of them up, holding them in mid-air)
-Lox: Ugh! My back is killing me!
-Kugo: Let us go! Our Captain isn't going to be very happy about this!
Telse: We don't care about his happiness!

(They go over to control panels. The NechRen ship starts impulsing away from the Station with the pub. The Phoenix-X is facing the same Station just as Captain Cell and Commander Seifer enter the Bridge noticing it empty)
Cell: What is the meaning of all this?
Seifer: I assume you mean the missing senior staff.
Cell: You better explain as well as you assume.
Seifer: Don't you remember? They all took a break and went to that Pub.
Cell: No. I was regenerating!
Seifer: Oh.

(The NechRen ship hovers away through the City. They track Epsen's movements on their monitor)
Onio: He's at the West end. His energy output is at maximum.
Telse: Don't lose him.
-Kugo: Listen to us. We're very sorry about the fact the X-Continuum ruined your friend's life!
-RaeLuna: Yeah.
Telse: That doesn't help anything!!
Onio(tracking): He's knows we're nearby. He's trying to escape.
Telse: How can he treat us this way? We didn't get him those powers for nothing!!

(RaeLuna and Kugo glance over at each other in confusion, when suddenly the view-screen clicks on magnifying on Epsen who is clinging to a Road-Tube. The ship approaches and he jumps off. He leaves the City out into space. The Phoenix-X finds out what's going on and accelerates after)
Seifer(scans): I'm reading signs of Kugo, Trunks, Lox and RaeLuna on that ship.
Cell: We're going after them.
(He takes the Helm. The Phoenix-X speeds over, catching up to the NechRen ship that is following Epsen into open space. Epsen's energy starts flickering around him as he begins to submerge out of existence)
Cell: What the--?

(The NechRen ship activates their own special Drive)
Onio: ...He's leaving...!
Telse: Over-charge the Submergence Drive. Don't lose him!!
-Lox: What the hell is going on?
-RaeLuna(shakes her head): He jumped to the sub-existence.
-Lox: I thought we were done with that existence!
-RaeLuna: I told you that galaxy's interception was only the beginning!
-Kugo: But why are we going there!?
-RaeLuna(shakes her head): ...It's their home-existence. That's where these people are from.

(The NechRen ship disappears out of sight with Epsen, leaving the Phoenix-X behind)
Cell: Hey! Where did they go?
Seifer: I think I know. They went to the sub-existence!
Cell: Yeah right. How do you know that?
Seifer: I just know. Remember, my Symbiont is infected with that interception-energy?
(Cell just looks at him)
Seifer: My Symbiont kept slipping in-between existences!!
(Cell just keeps looking at him with no clue)
Seifer: It was able to talk on its own!
(Seifer drops the explanation and looks back on-screen, seeing Epsen and the NechRen ship in the other galaxy. His eyes strain and loses sight of them, as he cannot keep mental comprehension of the laws of the other existence)
Seifer: Well, they're gone now.
Cell(makes a fist): We'll see about that...

(The NechRen vessel follows Epsen through space. They're happily going along until space suddenly turns blue all around them. They continue happily along until the area around them is filled with many football-field sized asteroids and smaller)
Epsen: Hrrrhhhh...
(He dodges behind asteroids, fooling the NechRen vessel's sensors, and clings behind a distant asteroid to regenerate his omni-powers)

Onio: I lost him.
(The NechRen vessel slowly passes asteroid after asteroid, scanning. The crew admires the look of the blue lightyear-diameter space)
Splei: ...We can see this place from our homeplanet but no one ever bothered to come here before.
-RaeLuna: Why is all the area blue and cloudy?
Splei: We think the asteroids emit a certain magnetic radiation that holds an oxygen, carbon dioxide atmosphere.
Onio(looks out a window): It is very amazing if you ask me...
-(Kugo, Lox and RaeLuna glance over at Trunks to let him know now is the best time for escape)
-Trunks: ...Why must you all look at me like tha--?-- Processing... I now understand your intentions.
(He establishes a subspace link with the un-protected computer module sitting in the corner, and releases Amp. Amp is activated in front of everyone, as he grabs a nearby Guard and coils the Guard's body to a fallen angle. Amp transfers back into the computer and disables the tractor beams. Kugo, Lox, RaeLuna and Trunks fall to floor)
Onio: What the--?! Escaping is not allowed!
(RaeLuna gets to the sensors grid-panel while the others apprehend the NechRen officers)
Trunks: I will attempt to lock out the Bridge and use the computers to fool the NechRen's on the lower decks that nothing is wrong.
(He gets to the side control panels as Lox takes out a hypo-spray from his thigh pad and goes around hypo-spraying the NechRen officers unconscious)
Lox: I never leave home without it.
Kugo: Ookkayyyy....
RaeLuna(scans): I found him! ...You guys wait here.

(She runs over to left side of the Bridge, climbing a ladder up to the ceiling where she swivels a hatch open. She climbs outside of the Ship and leaps off, floating through the sky)
RaeLuna: ...
(Gravity pulls her down to an asteroid, which she pushes off of. She leaps from asteroid to asteroid, in search of Epsen. Epsen doesn't wait; he approaches from the distance and blasts a huge amount of omni-energy at her)
Epsen: Aaacccc!!!
(RaeLuna angles to a side, dodging it, and crashing herself into Epsen. They both go whirling through the sky, until smacking against another piece of floating land)
RaeLuna: Ooo-f!!
(They can hear air escaping through tiny holes in the rock, as if it was breathing. Two live tentacles suddenly grow out from the rock, circle around, and tie around each of their waists')
Espen: Grgh!
RaeLuna: Uh!?
(Nevertheless, they get to their feet. RaeLuna jumps forward, kneeing Epsen at his chin. Epsen is forced back, but propels his four fists around redirecting RaeLuna's punches. He blasts a ball of energy at her, knocking her away)
RaeLuna: Ugh!!

(The tentacles around each of them strengthen and pull them up into the sky. In the distance they can see Trunks, Lox, and Kugo leaping off from the idle Vessel, and hopping from rock to rock towards them)
Trunks(jumping): Are you two sure you can breathe out here?
Kugo(jumps): Yes already!

(He lands in a tactically good position on a rock and kneels, aiming his torpedo launcher at Epsen being held in the distant sky. He fires a torpedo, knocking Epsen away)

RaeLuna: Guys! --Get me off this thing--!
(The tentacle squeezes tighter, swinging her around. Kugo, Trunks, and Lox make it over to her rock)
Lox: This rock is a lot nicer than the others.
(Kugo pulls out her phaser and aims it, but a tentacle from the side rushes her off from the surface. More tentacles grow out and grab the others)
Kugo: Argh--!! How rude!

(An opening is intentionally broken up from the rock beneath, and they're each thrown down into the asteroid. They slowly get up and dust themselves off, finding that they're inside a cave-like corridor, inside the asteroid. The rock opening above them suddenly closes)
Lox(gets up): Uggh... Where are we?
Trunks(helps Kugo up): Inside the asteroid. My weapons must regenerate.
(A line of enslaved ant-like Aliens slowly walk by, ignoring them, and each carrying a strange gel pack. Kugo, Trunks, Lox, and RaeLuna follow their source, finding that the ant-Aliens are picking the gel packs up from a spewing hole in a back wall and carrying them down a corridor to a rock-processing cavity)
RaeLuna: These creatures must be forced to maintain the health of this Asteroid species.
(Smaller tentacles spit out from the walls, poking and pushing them to get into line. In the distance, they see a tentacle pushing one of the ant-Aliens too far)
"Ant-Alien"(fights back in anger): Rraahhraahhrah!!
(The tentacle suddenly stabs itself through the ant-Alien's chest, killing him. He falls to the floor, as the other ant-Aliens continue on as this behavior is normal. The other small tentacles push Kugo and RaeLuna along to get in line)
RaeLuna: He is dead.
Trunks: We'd better do what they want.
Lox: Oh man! This all wouldn't have happened if we never came out here!
Kugo: I know. Whenever we're around RaeLuna something bad always happens.
(They each start picking up gel packs)

Cell: Try all hailing frequencies.
(The Phoenix-X sits in space, where they last saw everyone. Seifer accesses the external operations hover panels)
Seifer: I'm picking up a signal…!
*Gegin*: ….My lunch. It's gone. It's all gone. Please, you have to help me!
Cell: What the---? That's not who I wanted to hail!
Seifer(cuts the connection): Well I can't seem to contact them.
Tong: What do we do now?
(The Apocalypse suddenly rushes overhead, in the other direction. It approaches Illinex City in the distance)
Cell: Hmm…

(The Phoenix-X re-enters Illinex Space City. It docks at a port right beside the Apocalypse. They are unable to use transporters due to the left over Quantum radiation from east Illinex)
-Hersha-: You in? It's a thirty-slip latinum fee.
(Cell and Seifer enter the Station and hand latinum over to an alien in a booth before an Ecstasy Club. They enter the chaotic Club where hundreds of aliens and humanoid aliens are dancing and socializing to loud pulsating music and plasma flow effects)
Seifer: What now?…!
Cell: …There's Shadow Flare. …!
(They a forced to yell over the remixing music. Cell points to Shadow Flare who is luxuriously sitting on an upper level, drinking, with orion slave girls all around him)
Dredge(walks over): If you cause any kind of negative ruckus on the dance floor, you will be destroyed.
(The bouncer points to large laser cannons on the walls that point to the dance floor. He walks away, as they notice all the girls in the place; one of which is an orion slave girl who descends from the upper level to get a drink)
Cell: Hey.
(He approaches her)
Veele: Hi. I'm Veele.
Cell: So are Orion slave girls really as irresistible as they say?
Veele(moves in closer): …Does this answer your question…
(The bartender gives Veele her drink)
Cell: Let me talk to your carrier.

(She nods. She takes Cell's hand and leads him across the dance floor to the upper level. They approach a table where Shadow Flare suddenly recognizes him)
Shadow Flare(sits up): …Captain.
Cell: It's Captain Cell to you.
(Shadow Flare puts his drink down arrogantly)
Cell: How do you know RaeLuna?
Shadow Flare: We met once, at a place just like this.
(He picks up his drink again)
Shadow Flare: …I know your problem. You lost your friend's to the NechRen. I guess you came here to find more! Hahahahaha!
(Cell stands there)
Shadow Flare: You lost your powers. Do you have any idea how much more powerful I am than you now?
Cell: If it wasn't for me, no omni-X in existence would've ever had any powers to begin with.
Shadow Flare: So! I once destroyed an entire planet with my powers.
Cell: I'm not afraid of you.
(Shadow Flare waves his hand, signaling the girls to leave. He stands up with hatred and approaches Cell)
Shadow Flare: …
(He jabs forward at Cell's chest, but Cell leans to the side, grabbing the arm and redirecting the jab. Still holding on, they circle around and Shadow Flare throws Cell through the wall into a back Hallway)

Shadow Flare: My wisedom exceeds your own.
(He enters the Hallway, charging his right hand with omni-energy. He blasts it towards Cell, who curl-jumps out of the way onto his feet)
Cell: My body exceeds your own.
(He liquefies a spike through Shadow Flare's chest, missing his heart. Shadow Flare is in pain but blasts another shot into Cell's stomach, slamming Cell back against the wall)
Cell: Argh!
(Shadow Flare pumps out five or six more shots. Cell liquefies around out of the way, tripping Shadow Flare and blocking liquid density against him. Shadow Flare tries getting up)
Shadow Flare: Grggh! ...You fool!
(He stops, realizing his fallen place, and sighs reluctantly)
Shadow Flare: ...You are a worthy adversary... for your size.
(Cell liquefies off and back to himself. Shadow Flare sits up and takes out a blinking device from his suit pocket)
Shadow Flare: This is a communications device for the impending sub-galaxy. That's all I can do.
Cell(takes it): ...Thanks.

(RaeLuna, Lox, Kugo and Trunks walk in line with the ant-Alien's in the asteroid caves, carrying gel packs)
Lox: We have to get out of here.
Kugo(taps her commbadge): Kugo to Lieutenant Amp. Transport us out of here.

(Amp is slammed against a control panel. He knees Onio in the stomach and kicks Onio away)
Amp: Unable to comply---
(Splei is at a distant control panel, accessing systems as Amp starts static-ing on and off)
Onio(gets up to attack): Argh!!

(Communications break up as the four of them are urged to move on by the ant-Alien behind them)
"Ant-Alien2": Rrrhh.
RaeLuna: I have an idea.
(She takes her gel pack and runs over to the processing cavity in the rock, which all the ant-Aliens have been dropping off gel packs. She throws her's in)
Lox: You want us to work for them instead of the Federation?
Kugo: I think she wants us to overload the processing cavity.
RaeLuna: Exactly.
(They each go back and forth from the spewing gusher taking gel from it and packing it into the cavity)
RaeLuna: ...If they want us to feed it, then we will.

(The cave begins to shake. The entire Asteroid is aggravated, as more of its tentacles flail out. Tentacles from all the other Asteroid's flail out as well, illustrating a creepy sight)

Kugo: I think that means it's happy.
(The walls quake and rocks fall. Ant-Aliens start running around crazy)
Lox: I think that means it's mad.

(A large rock falls out, as light beams in and they find a hole they can escape from. They each climb out to the surface of the Asteroid, noticing all the tentacle-Asteroid species starting to move around)
RaeLuna(senses): Epsen is still here.
(The rock beneath them quakes. Rocks all around the entire blue-area of space start to form together. They look to their left and see a huge collection of rocks and a hole of a mouth approaching them. The enormous mouth has chaotic teeth circling inside)
Lox: Something else is here...!

(They all start jumping away, leaping from rock to rock as the large Rock Creature slowly heads for them, eating those rocks after rocks)

Epsen: Hhnnnrrrnnn...
(They notice Epsen sucking on a hole of one of the distant rocks, assimilating the gel energy into himself. RaeLuna lands on his rock and looks at him)
RaeLuna: Hey.
(She jumps of and continues leaping from rock to rock with the others. Epsen notices the oncoming Rock Creature's teeth and stops)

Cell: Why haven't we left the City yet?
(He approaches Seifer who is under the back hover control panel, fixing the circuit pathways)
Seifer: I can't install that communications device and pilot the ship at the same time. We need more people on the Bridge.
Cell: I don't trust anyone! Oh well, I guess you're right.
(Ensign Dan walks by)
Cell: You! Alter the course and activate thrusters!
Ensign Dan: Aye Captain!
(He goes over to the Helm)
Ensign Dan: This is my big chance to prove myself. Don't screw it up...
(He accidentally fires phasers, even though phaser control isn't normally routed to that panel)
Ensign Dan: What the--?
Cell: You moron! You're relieved!
(Ensign Dan walks away in confusion)
Ensign Dan: But... But how...?
(Seifer gets up and accesses communications)
Seifer: I've got it installed. Some of the Bridge controls may have jumped to other panels.
Cell: Can you hail the NechRen vessel?
(Seifer attempts to make contact through existences. A tiny point of light is pierced through normal space, in front of the ship)
*Amp*: Captain is that you?

(Meanwhile, on the NechRen vessel in the sub-galaxy, Amp punches a NechRen out. He accesses gravity control and makes all the NechRen's fall down to the floor in their own increased weight)
Telse: Argh--!! I hate this!
*Cell*: What was that?
Amp: Nothing, Captain. I think I may be able to open a portal. You have to come to these co-ordinates...
(He just thinks the co-ordinates into a text message on a panel and transmits it)
*Cell*: We're on our way.
(Amp is content until he senses through external ships sensors that all the asteroids are forming into one huge Rock Creature. The screen is activated)

Cell: Engaging thrusters.
(He takes the helm as the Phoenix-X speeds away from Illinex City and out into space again. They approach a spectacular opening in space)
Seifer: Something's gotta be going on.
(Through it, they can see blue and cloudy space, the NechRen vessel, and the circling asteroids)

RaeLuna: Argh!!!
(Epsen doesn't care about the Rock Creature. He tackles RaeLuna from the side, and plummets to the surface of a moving rock. His energy is at full now and he inflicts subatomic charges along RaeLuna's body)
RaeLuna: Listen to me. All this fighting must stop--! ...I'm telling you, I'm really not like the other Klokians...!!
Epsen: I don't believe you... Prove it!
(RaeLuna looks from side to side, having no idea what to do next)
RaeLuna: ...I can't...
(She looks sympathetically over at the others, who are in the distance, leaping from asteroid to asteroid with the huge Rock Creature gaining on them)
Epsen: I thought so.
(RaeLuna pulls one of Epsen's right arm in, making one side of him lean in. She punches his other side, forcing it to lean out. He's at an angle, as she trucks her right knee into his stomach, putting her at a parallel angle. She flips him over and slams him against the rock)
Epsen: Hey!!
(She steps her foot into his neck as she jumps off into space. Epsen is suddenly covered by a merging rock)

Kugo: Ahh!
(Her foot gets caught on an asteroid. Trunks activates his thruster boots and flys over, picking her up. He fires a torpedo at the teeth of the Rock Creature as it covers them. He blasts away from being eaten, while carrying Kugo)
Kugo: Thanks.

(The Rock Creature gains on Lox who leaps from a rock. RaeLuna comes down and leaps by his side)
RaeLuna: You okay?
Lox: No!
RaeLuna: Then hold on!
(Lox takes another jump into the air. RaeLuna goes underneath him, making him hold onto her back. They both land on another rock, just before the spectacular portal. The Phoenix-X sticks its nose through)
"Rock Mouth": UUURRRRHHH!!!
(It closes in on them as she jumps onto the Phoenix-X and opens a hatch, letting Lox in)

Cell: Seifer, what the hell is that thing?
(The Phoenix-X is halfway through the portal with the huge Rock Creature in front of them)
Seifer: Look, I'm not your dictionary.
(The Phoenix-X backs out towards their own space, but the Rock Creature shoots out tentacles that jab into all sides of the ship, draining power from the Raekwon Generator. Kugo, Lox and Trunks get to the Bridge)
Trunks(accesses controls): Shields, deflectors, transporters, containment fields, structural integrity, inertial dampening, life support, all going offline!
Cell: Whoa, that's a lot of stuff.

(RaeLuna pushes off from the Phoenix-X, jumps off the upper mouth of the Rock Creature and heads left floating through blue space until landing onto the hull of the NechRen vessel. She reads the name inscribed on it)
RaeLuna: That's a cool name for a ship.

(She enters the NechRen vessel and goes over to the controls where Amp is)
Amp: What do we do? What do we do?
(RaeLuna accesses controls. The NechRen vessel archs around, and fires three quantum torpedoes which hit the Rock Creature one after another. Pieces explode on the Creature and it wines)

"Rock Mouth": NNNNNRRRHH!!
(The Rock Creature detaches its vines from the Phoenix-X and backs up. It turns and heads slowly for the NechRen vessel, which fires four more quantum torpedoes. The torpedoes burst more rocks along its side)
"Rock Mouth": RRRRNNNNHHH!!!
(The NechRen vessel hovers a little over, firing two quantum torpedoes and three photon torpedoes. Each torpedo hits the upper mouth, bursting more rocks)
*Rock Mouth": RRHHNN!!!

(The NechRen vessel fires more photon torpedoes, bursting more parts of the Rock Creature. The Rock Creature turns around and heads out of there, causing the blue sky to follow him)
RaeLuna: He's leaving...
Amp: Great shot! ...I would've never thought of doing that.

(RaeLuna and Amp get back to the Phoenix-X, as it's stuck in the portal between existences)
Cell: Thanks RaeLuna, we were almost depleted there.
RaeLuna(takes sensors): I was due.
Seifer: Isn't it about time we got the hell out of here?
Amp: Impulse engines are offline.
Trunks(taps at the side panels): ...It's going to be a minute.

(The portal around the ship suddenly starts closing. The Phoenix-X gets minimum impulse online and starts backing up slowly. The portal starts inter-phasing the molecules of the hull, fading and confusing existences)

Cell: Reverse course, now. Now is that time...
(The Phoenix-X quakes as it roughly backs out. It makes it to normal space, and the portal disintegrates before them)
Amp: We're out.
[The NechRen vessel resurfaces into normal space, and opens fire]
Amp: ...Looks like they got their gravity back.
Cell: This is not a place for useless comments!

(The Phoenix-X is hit by torpedoes. It returns fire onto the NechRen vessel. They sit in space, exchanging fire, until a fleet of Illinex ships suddenly drop out of Warp)

Norleng: Halt! Hand over the Klokian and you will not be harmed.
(Eight Vessel's surround the Phoenix-X and NechRen)
Kinglet: Hah! They fell for it.
Norleng: Don't say that. They can still hear us!
Kinglet: Oops.

(The Phoenix-X speeds up, passing under an Illinex Ship, phasering out their deflector array. The Phoenix-X passes Illinex Ship after Illinex Ship until it's behind them)
Cell: Seeya.
(The NechRen Vessel watches from a distance as the other Illinex Ship's are turning around. The Phoenix-X suddenly cloaks out of sight)

Bleth: Hey. Where'd they go?
(The Ships just sit there)

Cell: Hey.
(The Phoenix-X becomes visible beside an Illinex Ship disabling their starboard weapons array with torpedoes)

Bleth: Aaah!
(The Phoenix-X disappears and then reappears beside another Illinex Ship, firing phasers along their warp-field emitters. The Phoenix-X disappears again)

Cell: Suggestions?
(He looks over to his crew)
Seifer: The enhanced slipstream torpedoes are online.
GoyCho: They are locked and loaded.
Seifer: They're not supposed to be locked.
GoyCho(leaves): I'll go unlock them.

(The Phoenix-X becomes visible again, beside an Illinex Ship. It fires phasers at the Phoenix-X, but the Phoenix-X fires an enhanced slipstream torpedo)
Yegge: What is this?
(The torpedo blossoms underneath the enemy Ship, bubbling an invisible field around them. The Ship is suddenly stretched, being pulled into a Slipstream Conduit. The Illinex Ship is shot a lightyear away)

Cell: Awesome!
(The Phoenix-X cloaks and becomes visible somewhere else. They fire a slipstream torpedo, which explodes a conduit a lightyear long, sling-shooting the Ship away)
Cell: Are they harmed?
Seifer: No. It's not much of a destructive weapon.
Cell: That's good. It's funny too.

(The other Ships scramble to fire torpedoes at the Phoenix-X, but it keeps cloaking and reappearing. The Phoenix-X appears out of nowhere and fires slipstream's at Ship after Ship, sling-shooting them away)
Norleng: Aaahh!!

(The Phoenix-X leaves the remaining Illinex Ships and Transwarps out of there)
Cell: Haahahaha! Good work people. ...We have to do more of that in our spare time.
(They lose their eye on the NechRen vessel)
Tong: What are we going to do about them?
Cell: Drop them like a bad habit. Have you ever had a bad habit before?
Tong: N---
Cell: It'll be exactly like that! ...We'll drop them like a bad habit...

(RaeLuna walks down a hallway of the Phoenix-X. Jeera meets up with her)
Jeera: Hey.
RaeLuna: What is it?
Jeera: Some of the guys and I just wanted to show our appreciation for, you know, giving a crap about us back there.
(She gives her a bottle of 2374 Kanaar)
RaeLuna(takes it): Oh ...uhh, sure.
Jeera(leaves): It's a good year. The year the Phoenix-X was launched.

(RaeLuna enters her Quarters. She asks for the lights, but they don't turn on. She suddenly senses someone else's presence in the room)
RaeLuna: ...
(The lights go on. Epsen holds his finger on the lights button at a wall control panel. He crouches at the top of a chair)
Epsen: I never wanted to be an omni-X. It was Telse who summoned the X and requested the power ascendance. He wanted his ship to have me as a weapon.
RaeLuna: I never asked to be Klokian.
Epsen(looks away changing the subject): ...They're still after me, you know.
RaeLuna: They won't catch you. I know this from experience.
(He jumps off the chair and approaches her)
Epsen: Consider yourself lucky to be with a Federation crew. They respect you. You become one of them.

(He breaks away, out into the Corridor, running along the floors, walls and ceilings, dodging people)
Nathan: Aah! Kill it!
(Epsen breaks into Airlock Exit Room 3 and passes through the secondary glass and hatch, out into space)

Epsen: Argh!
(He jumps off the hull of the Phoenix-X and speeds away into space)