Episode 42

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Avalon Battlefield, Part I

(Seifer goes into a computer maintenance room behind the Vector 3 Bridge. He accesses a control panel searching through recent star charts)
Seifer: ...Hmm... Nope... nope.... no...
(A hiddden transmission is directed to the viewscreen behind him)
*Tevahn: Seifer! I found what you're looking for!
Seifer: You found my lucky nail clippings?
*Tevahn: Uuhh, no. I found an Iso-Star!
Seifer: Excellent. Send me the co-ordinates.
*Tevahn: Done.
Seifer: Yes! Now I can travel back to that other Universe and hunt down that other Trill that took my Symbiont.
*Tevahn: Yeah, you do that.

(The transmission cuts out and Seifer gets up to enter the V3 Bridge. Five people are there, calmly controlling the Vector)
Tellus(nods): Sir.
Seifer(nods back): Anonymous person.
(He quickly elbows Tellus in the forehead, knocking him out to the floor. Seifer grabs his phaser and fires twice at the two Helmsmen)
Jeera: Commander--!
(Seifer phasers her, as a man from the side tackles him to the floor)
Phinly: Argh!!
Seifer: Get off m--!!
(He knees Phinly in the side and punches him out. With the Bridge crew all out, Seifer gets up and goes to the Helm, laying in a course for the Iso-Star)
**Computer: That destination is unauthorized.
Seifer: ...Ugh.
(He authorizes the destination and then lays in a course for the Iso-Star)

Daniel(nods): Commander.
(THE PRESENT. Daniel passes Seifer down one of the hallways of the Phoenix-X)
Seifer(nods back): Anonymous person.
Daniel(walking away): I'm the Captain you idiot!
Seifer: Oh.

(Seifer takes a Turbolift down to a lower deck and enters the Torpedo Loading Bay. It's busy)
Armond: Most of the new torpedoes are being created here. We do need the Captain's authorization for some of this.
Seifer: Oh, right. Yeah, I haven't seen him all day.
(Two guys carry a Slipstream Torpedo Casing by)
Kortos: Where shall we bring these?
Ensign Dan(shaking): Hurry, I'm gonna drop it--!!
Kortos: Hold your side pfghwxdlmh!!!
Ensign Dan: Whoa, what Klingon word was that?
Kortos: Sorry, a bug flew in my mouth.
Seifer: Okay, just take it to Shuttle Bay 2.

(The Phoenix-X orbits the Morcas Planet, which is run by Starfleet. Daniel is down on the surface outside with a few engineers in front of a huge Generator tower)
Jeff: Yeah, we can't seem to get the darn thing to make fries. We heard you guys were good with technology.
Daniel: Argh... Is that the only reason you needed us here?
(He opens the circuit panel on the side and fixes the Generator)
Daniel: There!!
Jeff: Thanks man.
(Jeff gets back to the Generator as Daniel walks off, staring into the sky in grief. He notices something entering the atmosphere)
Daniel: What the...?

(Meanwhile the Paroga docks into the Phoenix-X's Shuttle Bay 2 and picks up the Slipstream Torpedo)
Malone: Thanks a lot. Section 31's really been wanting to take a look at one of these.
Seifer: You guys need a hobby.
Malone: Don't talk to me anymore!!
(He leaves, boarding the Paroga. Armond walks over)
Seifer: Is everything complete?
Armond: Yes. For repayment, they've installed a new Weapons Console on the Bridge with 5 new offensive attacks.
Seifer: ...Excellent.

(Daniel watches as a humanoid alien figure is entering through the atmosphere to the surface. It's half-omnipotent, and it walks over to Daniel)
Cora: Greetings...
Daniel: Hey, you're an omni-X!
Cora: Very perceptive.
Daniel(gestures): Hi, how's it goin'?
(Cora suddenly jumps and kicks Daniel across the face. Daniel goes flying into the wall of the Morcas Building)
Daniel: Uggh...
(Cora gathers energy in her hands as she runs over, jump-flipping through the air towards Daniel. She lands in front of him, blasting the power at his stomach)
Daniel: Aaaaaahhhrrghh!!!!
Cora(jumps back): Haha.
Daniel(gets up): So it's a fight you want, huh?
(Cora doesn't hesitate to hop forward and blast a pulse of energy towards Daniel's head. Daniel purposely falls back, ducking it, and catching the ground before his back hits. He scissors both his feet to trip Cora back her way, and then rolls under as she's in the air, kicking her straight up into the sky)
Cora: Aaaaaahhh!!
(Daniel gets up as she goes flying down to the ground in the distance. He reinforces his strength with his energy as he leaps through the air towards Cora)
Daniel: Coming down!!
(He lands to the right of her, jamming his fists into her stomach)
Cora: Aaauugghh!!! --You will pay for that!
(She elbows Daniel in the face as she gets to her feet. Daniel hits the ground in pain, but quickly jumps back to his feet as they both turn to face each other)
Daniel: No, you'll pay for that!
(They both punch each in the face simultaneously. Daniel punches again but Cora spins to the side grabbing his arm and blasting more energy at him)
Daniel: Aaaahhh!!!
(He is knocked away upside down, but places his hands on the ground flipping back to his feet)
Daniel(disorientated): You-- uhh, will pay for that...
(He talks to a tree)
Cora: I'm over here.
(Daniel turns to face her, as she attacks again, jumping and kicking both feet repeatedly into Daniel's chest)
Cora(lands): Hmm. I hope he realizes this is an unprovoked attack and that I am merely trying to gain experience.
(Daniel goes flying backwards into the ground in pain. He gets up in anger)
Daniel: Argh!! ...The Q must be sitting back having a good laugh.

(Matt enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. He approaches Red)
Matt: What are we still doing here orbiting this planet?
Red: We are a little backed up with the Weapons incorporation and the Captain hasn't returned yet.
Matt(takes out a padd): I have a Subspace Engine experiment going on Rotonro 8 and I have to check up on it.
Red: We were just there last week.
Matt: It's a weekly experiment!!
Red: I do not understand why we just don't leave you there.
Matt: That's it! You-- me-- Battle Arena.
Red(stands): You are on. But please speak in complete sentences next time.
(On the view screen showing the planet, the omni-X, Cora, is seen flying out)
Matt: What-- the--?

(Daniel walks through the Phoenix-X hallways, disorientated and physically unstable with his changeling liquid)
Daniel: Uughh...
Kayl(walks over): Captain are you alright?
Daniel: ...Do I look alright? Can your sensing abilities sense me being alright?
Kayl: Umm-- Oh look, a hallway.
(She turns down another hallway. Daniel continues walking, passing the open Weapons Storage Bay doors)
Daniel(stops): Huh...?
(He enters the busy place)
Daniel: Where did all these new weapons come from?

(He makes his way to the Bridge)
Daniel: What...? Where did this new Console come from??
Borishnikov(walking around): This chair... Where did this chair come from?
(He is lost)
Borishnikov: Where's my couch...? My bathroom...?
Daniel: Borishnikov, you're sleepwalking on the Bridge again.
(Borishnikov leaves in search for his Quarters. Armond enters the Bridge)
Armond: Hey, Captain. What happened to you?
Daniel: I got into a little fight with another one of those omni-X's. Please don't tell me what I think happened while I was gone.
Armond: Commander Seifer had a more advanced Weapons Arsenal installed by trading one of our Slipstream Torpedoes to Section 31.
Daniel: Lieutenant I gave you a direct order and you did not follow it.
(Armond is disappointed in himself)

Seifer: Hey, guess what--
(Daniel enters the Briefing Room where Seifer is)
Daniel: You had to give out more secrets to Section 31. What were you thinking!?
Seifer: But--
Daniel: Don't you think about anybody else than yourself?
Seifer: Sure I do. Remember that picture of me I gave to you for your Birthday?
Daniel: Seifer I know how difficult it is to maintain your identity with that new Symbiont. This is something you'd never used to do. You needed my authorization.
Seifer: Oh yeah I forgot to ask you; I need your authorization for some of this.
Daniel: Argh!! I'm sending you to the Brig until you can sort out your personal issues.

(Seifer is escorted to the Brig. The force field goes up)
Yeltso: We're getting a lot of people in here lately.
-(Seifer takes a seat)
-Seifer: Yeah I was having fun putting people in here over the past few weeks.
Yeltso: Well then, I think you are getting your just desserts.
-Seifer: I get dessert?
Yeltso: Uhh... yeah.

(Seifer relaxes, thinking to himself. He recalls THE PAST. Vector 3 speeds through space and he's on the Bridge)
Seifer: Computer. Estimated time to arrival...?
**Computer: 3 hours.
(Vector 3 heads outwards the galaxy, through a dark space with hardly any stars viewable in the distance)
Seifer(opens a drink): This is taking forever.
(The doors to the Bridge are locked and people from the other side keep banging on them)
-GoyCho: Commander, let us in!!!
-Lox: This is against regulations, Commander!!

(GoyCho and Lox converse, locked out in the hallway)
Lox: Okay, what are we going to do? We're stuck in this time-loop and we can't ask anyone for help because that'll alter the timeline.
GoyCho: I've got an idea. We'll both run at the door and maybe both our impacts will knock it down.
Lox: Great! Okay, make sure to tell Seifer about this conversation later on so he can one day look back on it and remember with accuracy.
GoyCho: Okay.

(They run at the door and break it in. It's loosened enough to open, and they enter the V3 Bridge)
Lox: Commander Seifer!
Seifer: ...Curses!
(A bunch of guards flow in and apprehend Seifer)
GoyCho: How could you do this, Commander? We trusted you.
Seifer: Well there's nothing you can do! I've purposely drained this Vector's energy, and the nearest Space Station is that one near the Iso-Star. Hahahahah!!!
GoyCho(checks a console): He's right.
Lox: Damn! We'd better stop there to fill up on Deuterium.
GoyCho: We'd better get the Premium instead of that Regular crap this time.

(Seifer is thrown into the Brig. He takes a seat)
Billy: You think about what you've done!
-Seifer: But I can't remember.
Billy: Well then you think about what you're probably capable of and think about not doing it!!
-Seifer: Alright.

(THE PRESENT. The Phoenix-X drops out of Transwarp and takes orbit around Rotonro 8. Matt and Daniel beam down to the surface)
Daniel: Let's make this fast.
(They approach a huge Warp-Core-like Engine sticking out of the ground outside. A couple Engineers are maintaining it)
Matt: Status?
Jergen: Everything is fine. --AAAahhh!!!!
(He runs away scared)
Matt: I dunno, that scream kinda throws me off.
(Everyone notices an omni-X descending from the sky. He lands before Daniel)
Daniel: Oh great.
Zargon: Hmph! Let's fight!
Daniel: Ugh... Why?
Zargon: Must become more powerful. Fight!
(He jabs for Daniel's neck but Daniel dodges and blasts him in the stomach. Zargon goes flying)
Daniel: Okay. I'm gonna definitely kick your ass.

(They go off into the open deserted land, fighting. Matt turns around and notices some alien sneaking around the pile of huge rocks in the background)
Matt: What the...?
(He goes over and finds no one there)
Matt: Hmm... --Aaahhh!!
(He's suddenly jumped. The alien turns out to be Klokian)
Klokian: Hhhssss!!!
(Matt activates his Armlet in defence. Three metallic ropes squirm above it)
Matt: How---? I killed you!
Klokian(throws a big rock): HHsss...
(Matt flings out the metallic ropes and diverts the rock before it hits him. Klokian runs off)
Matt(runs after): Arggghh!!
(He boosts his jump and leaps in front of Klokian. Klokian stops and they converge fighting)
Matt(punches): How are you alive again--!?
Klokian(blocks and counters): Klokian exist in more than one place at a time.
(Klokian uses his huge forearm and punches Matt. Matt goes flying into a rock)

Zargon: Argh--!!!
(Daniel liquefies his arms into collages of blades and stabs one into Zargon's upper body)
Zargon: I will kill you.
(He places his foot onto Daniel's shoulder and pushes off, back-flipping away landing on his feet. He's gets ready more energy when he's suddenly attacked by the side)
Klokian: Hhhhhh...!
(Klokian and Zargon roll around the ground fighting. Klokian punches Zargon in the face repeatedly)
Daniel: What's going on?
Matt(runs over): I don't know.
(Klokian takes out a modified Pain Stick from his pack. He jabs it into Zargon sending a tracking energy, knocking him out)
Klokian(gets up): You would've been next...
(He points to Daniel, but then runs off activating a switch that beams him out)
Daniel: What does he mean by that?

(The Phoenix-X continues to orbit the planet. Matt and Daniel enter the Bridge)
Armond: I'm not picking up anything.
Daniel: Where did he go?
Red: He could have left on a cloaked ship.
Kugo: I don't understand. I thought he was dead?
Matt: Klokian said he exists in more than one place at a time.
Daniel: Just like that Casio guy we ran into a while back.
Kugo: How is that possible?
Lox: He must create clones and have the ability to link into their minds, like a Borg.
Daniel: Well there's nothing we can do about it, but mind our own business. Where's our next mission?
Armond: Oh, uh, we have to find the Tree species and destroy their illegal watering technology.

(Seifer sits in the Brig feeling the ship move)
Seifer: We must be on our way to the Tree Planet. Those plant lifeforms only think about themselves.
Elly: Yeah, and what do they need water so badly for anyway?
(She checks the time)
Elly: Oh. Commander, your designated Brig time is over.
Seifer: I'm free?
Elly: Like, yeah.

(They let Seifer out. He walks out the Brig remembering his PAST. Seifer sits in the Brig when suddenly his friend breaks in from the ventilation)
Tevahn: Come on! I'm breaking you out!
(He drops the force field)
Seifer: Yes! You got your ship?
Tevahn: Yeah I stole it back from those Ferengi thieves.
Seifer: I'm sorry for giving it to them. They said they just wanted to borrow it.
Tevahn: It's okay. Let's go!
(They sneak out to the Transporter Room and beam onto Tevahn's small Hellonesian Starship, speeding along side Vector 3)

Seifer: Nice ship.
(The Hellonesian Ship speeds up faster than Vector 3 into the distance)
Tevahn: They didn't even detect me.

(They approach an area of space where more stars can be seen in the background. They dock at an enormous and busy Space Station)
Tevahn: Welcome to Hekacos Social. This station is the only civilization you'll find here for Lightyears.
Seifer: Why?
Tevahn: This is where most Black Market deals are made. Come on, everyone's friendly here.
(They walk down the biggest Promenant ever seen. A cool Starship sits in the middle surrounded by a laser barrier and a crowd of different alien people. A man stands on a stage, auctioning it off)
-Haqoth: Do I hear 4000 Seses?
Runnl: 4000!
-Hagoth: I heard 4000-- do I hear 4500? 5000, do I hear?
Tevahn: 5000!
Seifer: What are you doing?
Tevahn: I'm just playing around. Someone will bid higher than me.
Vennka: 6000!!
-Hagoth: I hear 6000-- do I hear 6500? 7000?
(Tevahn walks away to look around. An alien girl in the crowd is having trouble with her sensing abilities)
RaeLuna: ...Aaaaggghhh...!
Seifer: Are you okay?
RaeLuna: --It's--starting-- argh! I must-- mustt--
Seifer: Huh?
RaeLuna: I have to get out of here. We'll all be caught in it!
Seifer: Are you saying Security is coming?
RaeLuna: No! I need that ship. Argh--! Bid on it--
Seifer: I don't have any money.
RaeLuna: --I... I have 20 000 Seses--!!
Seifer: Okay...
(He glances over at Hagoth far away on stage)
Seifer(signals): --20 000!
-Hagoth: I heard an amazing 20 000! Do I hear 25 000 Seses?
(No one bids)
-Hagoth: Okay... I guess not. --Sold! 20 000 for the unnamed Silillian Starship. The ship goes to the man in the funny clothes.
Seifer: ...Yes! --Hey! --Oh he means me.

(THE PRESENT. Seifer fixes his uniform as he enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: Seifer, we're just on our way. You can take the Weapons Console in case these Tree's have anything up their bark.
Seifer: Aye.
Armond: Captain, I'm picking up some strange readings off the port-bow.
Daniel(looks on screen): .....Keep the ship here. I'll be right back.

(Two omni-X's speed by the Phoenix-X towards the Tree Planet. They battle each other)
Meriana(blasts him): Aaaaahhh!! Die!
Shadow Flare(gets hit): Argh!!!
(They plummet down to the surface, landing in a forest)
Meriana: I will be the most powerful!
(She kicks Shadow Flare's side, but Shadow Flare catches her foot and pulls her around, tossing her into a tree)
(Tree): Hey!
Shadow Flare: I will be the most powerful!!
(He runs and jump flips over, stepping on Meriana's shoulder and head, bringing her to the ground)
Meriana: Aaaaaarrrhhhh!!!!
Daniel(beams down): Stop!
(They stop and glance at him. Daniel senses Klokian around the forest somewhere)
Daniel: I have to warn you. The Klokian's are on the hunt for the omni-X's.
Meriana: Yeah right.
Shadow Flare: The Klokian only want the Q.
(There's suddenly a flash)
Q: Correction. The Klokian want any omnipotent power.
Daniel: Q!
Q: Oh Captain Daniel. You have no idea the hole that has been left in the Continuum forever. We'd be in so much chaos if it weren't for the X.
Daniel: Huh?
(Klokian suddenly emerges from the bushes)
Klokian: ...Hello...
Daniel: Q, watch out!
(Klokian leaps and tackles Meriana to the ground)
Meriana: Aaahh!!
(She kicks him off while Shadow Flare escapes)
Meriana: What's it doing??
(Klokian takes out his modified Pain Stick and twirls it around. He advances on Meriana jabbing it repeatedly towards her)
Meriana: Hey!
(She dodges left and right until she's hit in the waist. She's flowed with a tracking energy and falls to her knees)
Q: Well we'd love to stay and chat, but there are more omni-X's out there and I think one of them we hit is actually making a move to X-Time.
Daniel: Wait--!!
(Q flashes out and Klokian activates his beam out device)
Meriana(tries getting up): Ugh.... I'm okay...

(Daniel beams onto the Phoenix-X)
Armond: Captain I'm picking up a Larvekken Freightor. Klokian is on it.
Daniel: Follow it.

(The Phoenix-X cloaks and matches the Larvekken Freightor's course and speed)

Seifer: Captain?
Daniel: I saw Q. He's working with Klokian!
Kugo: But I thought Klokian's hate Q?
Daniel: Yeah but now they're working together for some reason. He said something about X-Time.
Seifer: X-Time?
Daniel: I think they're trying to get to it or something... They're tracking the omni-X to find its location.

(The Phoenix-X speeds off invisible. Seifer looks back to THE PAST. He and RaeLuna pass through the crowd towards Hagoth on stage)
Seifer(hands it over): Here's the 20 000 Seses.
Hagoth: Someone has money to spend. What do you wish to name the ship?
(Seifer glances at RaeLuna who is too preoccupied in her senses to care)
Seifer: The Raptor.
Hagoth: What kind of name is that? Okay if you wish.
(He walks off to prepare the ship for release)
Seifer: Hey, we got it!
RaeLuna: Well let's go already!! --We have to get out of here before X-Time begins...
Seifer: Huh?
RaeLuna: X-Time!! The events are almost setting into motion... Mortals and normal matter are limited to entering and exiting X-Time from only its beginning or its end.
Seifer: Like I said... Huh?
RaeLuna: You fool!! It'll start here... Do you want to be caught in it? That's why I want to leave... Now!!
Seifer: Alright, alright. Keep your weird alien hair together.
(RaeLuna fixes her hair)
Seifer: Hagoth, let's get a move on already!

(THE PRESENT. Seifer takes his seat at Weapons as the Phoenix-X and the Freightor enters a dark area of space where hardly any stars can be seen)
Kayl: I can sense something... Many energies....
Daniel(looks on screen): Where are we?
Lox(enters): I've been here before.
Shane: Why did Klokian come for all those other omni-X's and not you?
Daniel: Huh? Shane? Where've you been?
Shane: I was destroying the water generator on the Tree planet. Those liquid enthusiasts!
Daniel: Oh yeah. --Good job.

(Daniel looks back to THE PAST. He is in the Science Lab where a metallic spherical chamber is opened, releasing an omnipotent being. Q arrives to stop things)
X: Captain, I seek asylum upon your vessel.
Q: Hahah, what's that going to do?
X: You're right. Hmmm...
Q: Face it, there's nothing else to do. Just go back in that box and everything is ok.
X: Not if I...
(X starts to glow. He holds out his hands like he is giving something away towards the Captain.)
Q: No, I cannot allow this. Stop this at once.
(Q starts to advance toward X, but is thrown back with energy. X turns into a sort of energy that starts to surround Daniel. Daniel is destabilizing.)
Daniel (distorted): What is happening?
(Daniel is lifted off the ground he transforms into X, then back to himself, then to X, then back.)
Q: X, you mustn't do this.
(Daniel flashes into his solid human form. He is lowered on the ground. Losing the glow. X is gone. He kneels on the ground with his bowed head in his hands.)
Shane: Daniel?
Daniel: I feel....I feel...
(Daniel closes his eyes and sends a sort of "feeling signal")
Shane: Wow, what a feeling. What has happened to him? And where is X?
Q: X is gone. He has passed on his X abilities to Daniel here.
Daniel: Yes. I understand.

(THE PRESENT. The Freightor and the invisible Phoenix-X head for a large white bubble of energy in the distance. The space around it is chaotic, bending light and shattering its image)
Daniel(stands): ...What is that?
Lox: I remember that! It almost killed us.
Shane: When?
Lox: When we were left in the time-loop. We would've died thanks to Seifer!
Daniel: I dunno what it is... But I have a feeling I had something to do with this too...

(The Larvekken Freightor parks at the edge of chaotic space. Klokian gets out into cold space, crawling around the Freightor's hull. He stands up and tries jamming his modified Pain Stick into chaotic space)
Klokian: Argh!!
Q(appears): No, no. You idiot! Do you really think that'll get us in?
Klokian: Klokian would like to see you have a better idea.
Q: Watch.
(Q snaps his fingers at the white bubble, but is knocked back by a flash)
Q: Aah!! ...Damn!
Klokian: Hahahaha.
Q: Be quiet!

(The Phoenix-X decloaks and Q and Klokian are on screen. Q glances at the Phoenix-X)
*Q: Oh now you make an appearance.
Daniel: What's going on Q?
*Q: We are trying to get into X-Time. Isn't it obvious?
Daniel: Why?
*Q: Believe it or not Captain, but when the other Q's started converting to this horrid X, it left a wide hole in the Q-Continuum. Now if I can get in here, I can send them all back.
Daniel: I see...
*Klokian(tries again): Unsuccessful.
*Q: Argh!! Why can't I get in!?
(They cut the screen off)
Daniel: We have to get in before them.
Armond: Why?
Daniel: This X-Time must've been created just after I was combined. I think I'm responsible for this, and I have to find out what it is...
Red: How do we get in?
Seifer: Mortals and normal matter can only enter and exit from its beginning or its end. It's just too late.
(They all think for a second)
Matt: We can enter through the Timeship, can't we?
Daniel: There you go, now you're thinking like a Starfleet Officer! ... Red, take us back. Armond, locate the Xena.
Armond: Aye, sir.
Daniel: It'll be faster if we take Transwarp. --Engage.

(The Phoenix-X drops into normal space and approaches the Xena. They're hailed)
*Daniel: Captain. Remember how we wanted to borrow the Timeship from you before to stop us from saving Voyager?
Aeris: Uhhh... no.
*Daniel: Well anyways, we need it again for a second time.
Aeris: This is your first time getting it!
*Daniel: Yeah, yeah, sure.
Aeris: It is your first time!!
*Daniel: Okay, whatever.
Aeris: You never borrowed it before!!!
*Daniel: Okay.

(The Phoenix-X returns to the big white Bubble trapped under chaotic space. They move around to a different side where Klokian and Q won't find them)
Seifer(just stands there): Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Daniel: Yes.
Seifer: Are you really sure?
Daniel: Yup.
Seifer: Are you really, really sure?
Daniel: Uh huh.
Seifer: Are patronizing my Command position?
Daniel(thinks about it): ...Well, yeah.

(Matt leads the Timeship and parks it right before chaotic space. He contacts the Phoenix-X)
Matt: It's uncertain where in the bubble we'll be entering with this barrier of chaotic space we have to pass through.
*Daniel: Understood. Is everyone ready?
Matt: I kind of have to go to the washroom.
*Daniel: Okay everyone. Let's begin!
Matt: But--
*Daniel: I said, Let's begin...

(The Phoenix-X positions itself around, aligning with the Timeship and the wall. The Timeship is activated and begins to flash with the Phoenix-X jumping through it. THE PAST)

Seifer: Alright, we're outta here.
(The Raptor undocks Hekacos Social, turning around to jump to Warp)
RaeLuna: Fina--ly-- Grrghh!
(She continues to receive time echoes of the upcoming X-Time Bubble)
Seifer(piloting): Don't worry RaeLuna. I'll take you to a place where you'll be far away from all this.
RaeLuna: ...
Seifer: In fact it'll be a totally other Universe.
(RaeLuna glances up at him in fear. The Raptor drops out of Warp and approaches the Iso-Star)
Seifer: See? Everything'll be all right from now on.
RaeLuna(walks over): You idiot!! This is the exact midpoint of the beginning of X-Time!!
Seifer: Look Rae, I'm pretty sure this is an Iso-Star. I know these things, okay?
RaeLuna: Aaaaarrrgghh!!!
*(The viewscreen shows a wave of particles coming from far away and feeding into the Iso-Star. The Iso-Star begins to buldge...)
Seifer: What's that?
RaeLuna: Get us out of here, now.
(Seifer takes the Helm again, rotating the Raptor around as the Iso-Star explodes in a huge shockwave)
Seifer: I think I'll do that. AAaaahhh!!
(The Raptor speeds away, dodging a meteor with the shockwave coming up behind them)
RaeLuna: Go faster!!
(The growing shockwave over takes the Raptor and passes by it)
Seifer: Why are we not dead?
RaeLuna: It's not an explosion; it's X-Time!
(The Raptor speeds up, passing out ahead of the shockwave. Additional thrusters unfold on the sides of the ship, pushing the Raptor even more faster)

GoyCho: That Hekacos Social Station told us they'd be out here somewhere.
(Vector 3 slowly heads out through space, looking for Seifer)
Jeera: I'm picking up temporal interference ahead of us.
Lox(points): Seifer's ship is out there too!
*(On screen it shows the X-Time Shockwave and the Raptor heading for them)
GoyCho: Let's, uhhh, turn the ship around.
Jeera: Yah. Dieing is not really my thing.

(Vector 3 flips around and starts speeding away too. The Raptor catches up to them and they both speed along side each other with the Shockwave riding behind them)
Seifer: Oh hey.
*Lox: Seifer you are ordered to return to the Phoen-- I mean, bottom-3rd-of-the Phoenix-X.
Seifer: I out rank you.
*Lox: I am in command here!
*GoyCho: What, I thought I was in command here?
*Lox: Yeah but I want to be.
RaeLuna: Could we please watch where we're going!?

(The Raptor runs through a mist of plasma particles. The thrusters are almost neutralized and they slow down. Vector 3 averts it and beams Seifer back over)
Phinly: Welcome back.
Seifer(nods): Anonymous person.
(He looks on screen as the Raptor is overcome by the Shockwave)
Seifer: Nnooo!!!! That was gonna be my new ship!
Jeera: We took upon a couple paricles--! We're slowing!
GoyCho: Boost power!
(The Vector speeds by the Hekacos Station, which also gets overtaken by the Shockwave)
Jeera: That doesn't help! This is your queue to scream.
Seifer: Aaaahhh!!

(Vector 3 just makes it away from the extent of the shockwave. They head back for home towards Federation space to embark upon many more exciting new adventures in their time-loop. THE END ...or is it? ...is it? ...is it the end? ...is it? ....come on, is it?)