Episode 47

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Destiny's Revenge, Part I

(A person falls through the atmosphere of a certain Planet. He blazes across the blue sky and slams into the ground)
Firewall: Aarghh!!!
(He gets up, and dusts himself off)
Firewall: That wasn’t so bad.
(Firewall looks around having no idea where he is and having come to a point in his life where he is confused of his purpose. In a sudden rush of adrenalin, he runs through the tall grassy fields towards a small Village in the distance)

**Daniel: Captain’s Log, Stardate 55994-point-1. The Phoenix-X is en-route to rendezvous with the Klingon Bird of Prey Bochnah. It has come to my attention that our short-term officer exchange program is unfortunately at an end. The whole Klingon half of my ship is to return to their ship, as the whole Federation half of their ship is to return to mine. It’s like separating a half cat and a half dog after they’ve been sewn together! ...Not that we’ve ever done that before.
(He turns off the wall-control panel in Sickbay beside the catdog experiment. People are looking at him weird)
Lox: Why do you always do your Log entries here?
Daniel: This is my ship and I can do them wherever I want!
Lox: Yes sir.

(Lox goes back over to Shane, who is sitting on the medical bed)
Shane: So how am I?
Lox: My scans show that your nano cell-implants are remaining dormant. There is maybe 40-percent harmless electromagnetivity.
Shane: Tell me about it; sometimes things like spoons and forks will magnetize to me out of nowhere. Even when there aren’t any in the room!
Daniel(walks over): What’s going on here?
Shane: I’m just getting a check up on my changeling self. I was hoping to ask you to link with me.
Daniel: Well keep hoping, and maybe, one day, you will ask.
(He’s about to leave Sickbay)
Shane: No I mean that was my asking, just now!
Daniel(leaving): Oh. Okay we can link later if you want.

(Daniel enters the Bridge where Kugo and Seifer are at the back going over data)
Kugo: We’ve been detecting this Anomaly for a while now.
(A white Energy in space is shown on the small screen)
Seifer: Why wasn’t I informed about this sooner?
Kugo: ‘Cause you put that Don’t Inform Me About Anything Right Now sign on your door. Who knows what you were doing in there.
Seifer(puts his anomaly-creating-device away): I wasn’t doing anything!
(The Phoenix-X speeds through Onnicon Space)
Red: ETA-- 2 hours until we meet with the Bochnah.
Daniel: 2 hours? You know, we have Transwarp.
Red: I thought we were told not to use it here, since the last time we were in this part of space we ruined it with too many Transwarp Conduits, which in turn caused the Onnicon Ships to emit a farting noise whenever they flew around..
Daniel: Oh yeah... Our ship isn’t emitting a farting noise, is it?
Armond: No. Our thrusters are of a different technology.
(The sensors proximity alert for a second. A dragon-like Winged Creature is momentarily seen in the distance, but disappears)
Red: What was that?
Armond(checks): I don’t know... I saw it for a second, but we passed by it too fast.
Daniel: Red, how may times do I have to warn you about speeding? To avoid sparking our curiosity, always go really, really fast!
Red: Aye, sir.
Daniel: You guys keep the ship heading for the Bochnah. I’m going to regenerate.
Armond: Understood, sir.
(Daniel leaves)
Armond(plays a tape): ...
::Understood, sir::
Armond: I’m going to play that from now on every time he tells us he needs to regenerate.
(Daniel sits in the Battle Arena, meditating)
Daniel(meditates): ....
(As he strengthens his X-power, he can’t help but feel as if something or someone is watching him)
Daniel: Ahh!!
(He stops caring about it and goes back to meditating)
Daniel(meditating): ....

(The Phoenix-X roars past a few asteroids)
Seifer(takes a seat): I’m sorry that you’re going to be leaving us soon, Red.
Red: Sorrow is not a Klingon emotion!
Seifer: Well sorry, I was just making conversation.
(They receive a broken up transmission)
Armond: Commander, it’s from the Bochnah!
Seifer: On screen.
*Menchez: Ppphoenxxxx-XX wwwe’ve beeeennnn--- aatt---kked bbbby ttthe----!!
(The screen clicks off)
Armond: There’s subspace interference interfering... you know, with the subspace.
(The proximity alert, alerts again. This time with a more serious beep)
Kugo: That beep sounded pretty serious.
Armond: Commander, we’re being approached... by the Borg!
Seifer(stands): Oh my God... did you say a piece of board?
Armond: No, I said the Borg.
Seifer: Oh. That’s even more worse.
(A large Borg Cube speeds over along side with the Phoenix-X)
-Borg-: We are the Borg...
-Borg-: ...That is all.

(The Cube fires two torpedoes onto the Phoenix-X as its raising l-shields)
Kugo: Those bastards!
Seifer: Take the Weapons station, pointy-eared woman.
Kugo: Aye, sir.

(The Phoenix-X flips underneath the Cube, locking the focal-beam onto them, draining their power)

Daniel(awakens): We must be under attack.
(He liquefies through the floor of the Battle Arena to the next deck)

Shane: Hey Captain.
(Shane’s liquefies over and they both take shape and start running through the corridor)
Daniel: What?
Shane: You think we can have that link now?
Daniel: Argghh. Not now, Shane!
(He liquefies up through the ceiling. Shane just stands there looking sad)
Shane(frowning): .....
Kayl(walks by): Awww.
(She gives him a hug)

-Borg-: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded... Did we mention we were the Borg? That is all.
(The Phoenix-X moves around, firing pulse phasers. The Cube detaches the focal-beam, momentarily weakening the Phoenix-X’s shields. They use the opportunity to beam over three Drones into a hallway)
Ligus: The Borg!
(He faces a Drone, about to take out his phaser. The Drone smacks him across the face and jabs two tubules into his neck for assimilation)
Ligus: Uugghh!
Kayl: Stop that!
(She blasts her phaser at maximum into the Drone’s chest. The Drone goes flying into the wall with a smoking hole in his chest)
-Drone-: --!!
Shane: Watch out!

(He liquefies over between another Drone who is about to get Kayl. Shane upper cuts the Drone, sending him flying through the hallway)
Kayl: Thanks. He could’ve really ruined my complexion.
(The ship is hit with another torpedo, blasting a wall inside to pieces on one of the lower decks. Daniel takes shape noticing someone trapped under the debris)
Phinly: --Argh!
(Daniel starts moving the debris off of him when he suddenly feels as if something or someone is watching him again)
Daniel: ....
(Phinly looks at him)
Daniel: ...Q? Show yourself!
(There’s no answer)
Phinly: Captain, I don’t know if you noticed but I’m about to die here!
(Daniel goes back to helping Phinly out until more people arrive to handle the situation, so that he may keep heading for the Bridge)

Kayl: Shane!
(The last Drone activates an anti-Changeling device, and puts a transporter tag on Shane’s shoulder)
Shane: Hey I’m not into that kind of thing!
(The other two Drones work on the ship’s control panels, distorting the Phoenix-X’s shields while Shane is beamed out)
Armond: We’re losing shields!!
*-Borg-: The Borg will destroy you now. That is all.
(The Borg fire three torpedoes, causing damage to the Phoenix-X when suddenly a Winged-Creature flaps in, breathing energy beams onto the Borg ship)
Armond: Okay, I did not see that coming.
Daniel(enters): What is that thing?
Seifer: Unknown.

(The Winged-Creature flaps around all sides of the Cube causing major damage. The Cube starts moving off in plasma flames and then speeds out of there. The Winged-Creature disappears without a trace)

Daniel: Follow them into the Transwarp Conduit!
Red: Unable to do so. They’ve collapsed it.
Daniel: Crap!
Seifer: They never said they wanted to assimilate us.
Armond: It’s possible they where afraid of the Captain’s omni-powers.

(The Phoenix-X sits out there in space, regenerating, as they’re approached by the Bochnah. Menchez beams aboard)
Daniel: It is good to see you again, old friend.
Menchez: It is good to see you again as well!
Daniel: Uhh... You’re eyes are closed.
Menchez(opens his eyes): Oh, sorry. It is just that I’m keeping my ship on a 36-hour day schedule.
Kayl: Captain. We’re going to have to put an end to our research on that Anomaly to look for Shane now.
BOB: How come nobody put an end to research for the last anomaly when I was kidnapped?
Ensign Dan: You were kidnapped?
Menchez: I must tell you; the Borg attacked my ship as well and took Shoon.
Armond: We have the weirdest coincidences.
Seifer: The Phoenix-X is nearly regenerated, but the Bochnah is going to take a little longer to get battle-ready.
Menchez: Yeah, some Ships here aren’t overloaded with technology.
Daniel(slams his fist on the table): We have to find the Borg!!
Kayl: I am sensing strong emotions coming from somebody in this room.
(Everyone avoids eye contact with the Captain, and tries to think of a way to get to the Borg)
Menchez(ponders): I wonder what is it they want with Shoon and Shane...?
Seifer: Probably not to chat.

(The Borg Cube speeds through Transwarp. Shane is shoved into the Queen’s Lair of the Cube, where Shoon is)
Shoon: Hey.
Shane: What’s up?
Shoon: Not much.
Shane: Oh.
(The Borg Queen assembles herself)
Borg Queen: Everyone thought I was dead. But now I am back. Alive! Hahaha!
Shane: Yeah, how do you keep doing that?
Borg Queen: Fools! Ever heard of cloning?
Shoon: What do you want with us?
(The Queen paces and stops, glancing over at them)
Borg Queen: That is just simple... I want you two to link.

(Armond enters Engineering where Matt, Daniel and Seifer are)
Armond: My butt is itchy.
Matt(walks over): What’s going on here? I thought we were examining that Anomaly?
Armond: We have to put that on hold for now.
Seifer: Relax. There’s one other World studying it right now. They’ll send us their information... you know, if they don’t get assimilated by the Borg.
(He points to the screen with a picture of an alien Planet)
Matt(reads it): The Onnicons?
Armond: They’re technologically advanced, but not as much as the Federation. That’s probably why the Borg never assimilated them.
Matt(scanning the Anomaly): Huh? Did you say something?
Seifer(turns it off): Stop that!
Daniel: ...Wait a minute. If we can make the Borg think the Onnicons are technologically advanced enough to be assimilated, then they’ll come to us!
Armond: I cannot begin to tell you how many ways that could backfire.

(The Phoenix-X and the Bochnah turn left towards the Onnicon Homeworld)
*Menchez: We must get ready for the exchange of our crews.
Daniel: I haven’t really had a chance to say goodbye the Klingons here. They’ve been with me for so long.
*Menchez: Klingons do not say goodbye!
Daniel: Yes they do.
*Menchez: Okay, maybe sometimes.

(Red walks over to the back of the Bridge where Armond and Seifer are)
Armond: We’re working on a few tactical maneuvers. You should probably help us since you’re the only one who can pull them off.
Red: Giving me more work? I challenge you to a fight!!
(Another Klingon enters the Bridge and walks over)
Kortos: Commander Red, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready to move?
Red: Don’t tell me what I’m supposed to be doing. I challenge you to a fight!!
Kortos: I’m sorry, it’s just that there isn’t much else for me to do.
Ensign Dan(walks over): Hey, Red, you’re lucky to be leaving this ship. Trust me.
Red(nods): Yes. I’ll finally be away from you.
Ensign Dan(pats him on the back): The feeling’s mutual, old friend.
Red: Don’t touch me.

(The Bochnah and Phoenix-X approach the Onnicon Planet. The Phoenix-X starts trailing false signatures around)
Menchez: This is a waste of time. They don’t know what they’re doing!
Derok: Oh.
Menchez: Well maybe they do. I don’t know! I am a Klingon.
(The Phoenix-X trails back and forth)
Armond: The technology signature is being emitted.
Daniel: Do you think we should’ve told the Onnicon about this?
Armond: Nah.

(The Borg Queen sits at her throne on the Cube, waiting for the two Changelings to link)
Shane: If we link, then our nano probes will be in close proximity to each other.
Shoon: Yeah, and then we’ll be assimilated!
Borg Queen: That’s the whole point. I swear, some people just don’t get it!
(The Queen turns off the anti-Changeling device so that they’ll link. Shane and Shoon glance at eachother and instead, liquefy through the ceiling and out of there)
Borg Queen(gets angry): They won’t get far...
(The Cube, speeding through normal space, is suddenly accompanied by that Winged Creature. It fires energy out of its mouth at the Cube)
-Winged-Creature-: CCcchhhaaaa!!!!

(Shane and Shoon liquefy out the sides of the Cube, taking partial shape to look around)
Shoon: What now?
Shane: I don’t know. You’re the thinking half of me!
(They notice the Winged Creature flying close by. It shoots out its leg towards them, which turns into a liquid. A Drone from inside the ship clicks on a handheld anti-Changeling device)
Shane: Aargghh!!
(The field grabs Shane and Shoon’s feet as they’re trying to jump out into space, and starts to pull them back in)
Shoon: You know what, I’m thinking this is bad.
(They notice the Winged Creature extending a liquid part of its foot to them. Shane reaches and links his hand with it)

Daniel: .....
(Daniel sits in the Battle Arena meditating. He once again feels as if the Q is watching him)
Daniel(opens his eyes): Q! I know you’re here!
(Matt enters the Battle Arena)
Matt: Okayyy... Who are you talking to?
Daniel: Uhh, no one.

(Sticking out the side of the Cube, the Drone continues to pull Shane and Shoon back in, as they’re trying to fly through space. Shane holds his small link with the levitating Winged Creature)
Shane: <you’re a changeling!>
Winged Creature: <yes.>
Shane: <sorry, I’m just so surprised>
Winged Creature: <your surprised reaction is alien to us.>

(The Drone increases the field and pulls Shane and Shoon back inside. The Winged Creature is fired at, so it flaps away in pain)
Shoon: Aw crap!
(He continues to say more bad words)

**Daniel: Captain’s Log, Supplemental. I think all this stress is making me think Q is watching me. To relieve my stress, I’ve shape shifted as an untangled paper clip. It’s helping a little. In the meantime, the Bochnah re-exchange is complete. I’m sorry to lose my Klingon crew, but I’m sure that the old Federation crew will be just the compensation. Kind of like two cat brains filling in a dogs’. ...Not that we’ve ever done that before.

(The Bochnah breaks orbit of the Planet Onnicon and flys over to the Phoenix-X)
Menchez: We cannot stand this waiting. We are going to look for the Borg ourselves.
*Armond: Understood. Let us know if you engage battle, so that we may also join you in the honour.
Menchez: Stop patronizing the fact we fight for honour!

(The Bochnah warps out of there as the Phoenix-X continues its patrolling)
Daniel(enters the Bridge): Any signs of the Borg?
Seifer: The who?
Daniel: We’re trying to attract the Borg!
Seifer: When was I going to be informed of this?
Armond: Long-Range sensors indicated Borg activity not too far away before we started.
Seifer: Yeah but they’re never going to come.
(A Borg Cube suddenly approaches the Phoenix-X)
Seifer: Oh okay, there they are. Well, it looks like our job here is done. Red, take us home.
Daniel: No! Now we fight them for Shane!
Seifer: Oh yeah. Red, belay that order!
(No one is sitting at the Helm)
Daniel: He transferred to the Bochnah two hours ago!!
Seifer: When was I going to be informed of this?
Daniel: Arrgghh!

(Daniel pushes Seifer to the side and takes the Helm. The Phoenix-X hovers over behind the Cube as the Cube is advancing towards Onnicon)

-Borg-: We are the Borg. Your world will be assimilated. Your distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

(A couple Onnicon Ships fly out of the atmosphere of the Planet and fire photon torpedoes at the Cube)
Ghraldi: Wait a minute. Did they say resistance was futile?
Deghl(shrugs): I dunno.
Ghraldi: I’m probably wrong. Continue firing!

(People are beamed out of their cities and into the Cube. Drones beam down to force-fielded buildings and break in. The secretary glances at the Drone)
Eela: Do you have an appointment?
(The Drone assimilates her as more Drones enter)

Armond: They seem to be focusing on the Assimilation.
Seifer: Yeah I think we’ll try to stop themmm..... now.
(The Phoenix-X hatches off Vector 1. It swoops around one side of the cube and the bottom-two-thirds of the Ship move around the other side)

Daniel: Fire!
(Vector 2/3 stabs a focal beam, draining the Cube’s main power, while Vector 1 throws out rapid disrupter fire to the other side)
Daniel: This is taking forever. Why didn’t we get a copy of Janeway’s special Borg-killing weapons?

(Two Drones walk onto a movie set, where an Actress is being chased by two Zombies)
Sezeli(girl): AAaaahhh!! --What the? Who are you?
Mhoen(director): Alright that’s it. Cut! Cut! Gentlemen, you’re on the wrong set. I’m trying to create a masterpiece here!
(The Drones assimilate him and the movie equipment)

Seifer: Yes! The Cube is weakening on both sides!
(The Borg Cube rotates 90 degrees so that its stronger sides are facing the two attacking halves of the Phoenix-X)
Seifer: Damn!!

(A mime is beamed off the street and into the Borg Cube. The Drones look at the mime in curiosity)
Chevk(mime): ...? ...! ....! .....!! .....? ....”....”.....
(The mime communicates fear through action. The Drones grab him and assimilate him)

Mrunha(president): I will lead this Planet to freedom!
(The President addresses a crowd of political followers. A drone beams down and assimilates the President)
Mrunha: Aaarrrggghh!!!
(His eyes scramble and skin turns pale as he re-addresses the crowd)
Mrunha: UuhHhhh.... We are the Borg. You will be assimilated... UuHhhhh...

(The Cube blows up an oncoming Onnicon vessel so that it can have room to tractor another Onnicon vessel. They pull it in)
Jheka: Perhaps a fate of death is much better than this assimilation...
Szehn: I think now’s the time to tell you... I am your father’s husband. '
Jheka: Oh my God! ...I have a confession aswell. I’m your daughter’s biological daughter.

(The Phoenix-X re-assembles and blasts Slipstream Torpedoes at the Cube)
Armond(scanning): The Away Team we beamed over isn’t having any luck finding Shane.
Daniel: Crap!! Let’s just hope the Borg don’t catch on to our plan.
(The Cube fires at the oncoming Slipstream Torpedo, causing its tear before it reaches them. The Cube backs off and beams all the Drones on the planet off)

-Borg-: There is no required intelligent or technological distinctiveness to be adapted in Species 9901. Assimilation aborted.

(The Phoenix-X moves in after the Borg Cube as the Cube is about to leave)
Seifer: Yeah I think they’ve caught on.
Armond(scans): The Away team is back.
(The Cube Transwarps out of there, collapsing the conduit before the Phoenix-X can follow)
Daniel: Argh!!
(The Phoenix-X just drifts there)
Seifer: Look at it this way. We haven’t lost a chance in finding Shane; we’ve gained the possibility of a second chance.
Daniel: I can’t take this anymore...! Bring the ship out of here and start thinking of a new plan. You have the Bridge.

(The Captain enters his Ready Room. His anxiety and irritation increases)
Daniel(paces): .....
(He looks around the room)
Daniel: Q! ...Q!! I know you’re here!
(Q suddenly appears, sitting behind the Captain’s Desk) Q: Alright you got me. Okay, now you hide.
Daniel(leans in): Why do you keep following me? You’re driving me crazy!! (Strands of energy flow around him in anger)
Q: You think that’s stress that’s making you so irritated? Hahahaha. No, no, my liquid Captain.... it’s something much more. Beyond your trivial thoughts, beyond your futile search for Shane...
Daniel(steps back in curiosity): The upcoming Superbowl?
Q: No!
(Q flashes, switching positions with the Captain)
Daniel(sitting): You’re here to take my powers away...
Q: Yes!
(Q dances in excitement)
Q: You knew this day would come. Well no time say goodbye--
Daniel(stands): Wait!
(Q stops)
Daniel: I can’t let this happen. Not yet.
Q: Trust me, you don’t want to put this off.
Daniel: I said not now!
(Daniel leaves the Ready Room)