Spin-off 7A

Immortal Coil, Part I

Planet Vulcan. In the midst of a long range of tall mountains is a valley where starships are being built. The valley is occupied by at least a hundred busy but casual Vulcan's and tractor-beam machines, as they are putting together two new type starships.

A Vulcan operator, Pharal, staggers into the valley approaching the site. The odd Vulcan stops working and notices him, as Pharal is wrapped in a strange vine-like lifeform which has manifested itself underneath his clothes and attached to his skin.
Pharal: "Ughh! ...I need-- assistance..."
He falls, slamming into the grass in pain. The other Vulcan's leap from off the starship and run over, some more cautious than others.

Wrexet: "Back!"
The Vulcan leader yells from the Bridge of one of the starships, which had no hull cover yet. The others back off from Pharal, as Wrexet activates the phaser array on the incomplete starship. Pharal looks up with his bloodshot eyes, noticing the discharger on the array swinging around from the back to the side and aiming at him. Wrexet seems to be familiar with the situation and intends on vapourizing him.

Pharal gets up immediately; adrenaline rushing, even though the few vines that are wrapped around his upper torso and limbs. He calls up a great energy which seems to make the wind blow by.

He kneels one knee to the ground arching his arms behind him and somehow levitates clumps of dirt and grass from behind him into the air. He looks up at Wrexet ready to attack in anger, but Wrexet can't return that emotion. Although Wrexet feels a certain... disappointment for the situation.

Wrexet accesses the weapons console, and the starship fires phasers at Pharal, totally vapourizing him. The vine structure, although, is not vapourized. It falls to the ground.

Wrexel and the other Vulcan's are shocked that it wasn't vapourized.
Lej, a worker: "What is that?"
Norea, another worker: "I do not know."

The Vulcan's speak to each other in curiosity. Wrexel has no idea what to do next. The pile of vines sitting in the pot hole in the ground seem to start moving like snakes. The other Vulcans start picking up handheld weapons, firing phasers and disrupter pulses at it. It is not harmed. The pile of vines then jump out the hole taking another Vulcan worker to the ground, this time killing him. Vines shoot out from all sides of itself, stabbing through the others.