Episode 60

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The Timeship

The Phoenix-X treks through space. Captain Cell sits in his Ready Room when the doorbell rings.
Cell: “Enter.”
Seifer: “Captain, we have rondesvoused with the Enterprise.”
Cell: “Yes! Now it’s time for a little crossover.”
He gets up.
Seifer: “Actually, Trunks says he's not finished whatever it is he’s doing there. Apparently, there’s some kind of android named B4 who is a Data look-a-like, and they’re having android conversations.”
Cell, sits back down: “So... no crossover?”
Seifer: “Not today.”
Cell: “Damn!”

The Captain re-enters the Bridge, where the crew is looking at a view of the Enterprise.
Amp, at helm: “Wow... what a spectacular ship.”
RaeLuna, at tactical: “It is too sleek. Not my taste.”
Cell: “Ah, they get too much press anyway. Come on everyone. Let’s go home...”
End music begins to play.
Amp: “But sir, nothing happened. What about a crossover??”
Cell: “Trunks says he’s not finished over there, and I’m not waiting around anymore. We’re much too busy.”
Seifer, takes out the day-planner: “...Reverse polarity on all developing technology sites... Oh boy. That’s going to take a while.”

The Phoenix-X turns in space and jumps to Warp. Cell decides to then regenerate.
Cell: “Well. I’m going back to my quarters to... um... do normal stuff. You have the Bridge, Commander.”
The ship is suddenly approached by Klokian’s Timeship.
RaeLuna: “Captain. It would seem that there is a nearing vessel.”

At Warp, the Timeship speeds along side the Phoenix-X.

Cell: “What in the name of sleekyness? Hail them!”
>Sub Zero: “Greetings. I am Sub Zero.”
Cell: “Oh yes. I remember you. We sent you back to 21st Century Earth to protect those dangerous technologies. Ones we put there ourselves, willingly, and enthusiastically.”
>Sub Zero: “I have come to tell you... There is a battle going on in 21st Century Earth. Someone has stolen the Omega Bomb.”
Seifer: “Oh no! That bomb was our baby. There was a time I used to sing to it every night...”
Cell: “The Omega Bomb?? Who took it??”
Sub Zero: “I don’t know. Another android I have never seen before.”
Cell: “We’d better check this out.”
Amp: “Can I come?”
Cell: “Everyone can come. It’s crossover time...”

A few Starfleet and Klingon Engineers beam over to the Timeship with Seifer.
Seifer: “Hey, how’s it going?”
Sub Zero: “I am runing at 95-percent efficiency.”
Seifer: “Oh you crazy Androids. Always trying to become human. Heh! Heh!”
He slaps Sub Zero on the back.
Sub Zero: “Efficiency down to 83-perecnt.”

The Commander turns to his teams and sends them out.
Seifer: “Alright. Let’s get to work in adapting a multi-ship time jump. That multi-ship being the Phoenix-X and this vessel.”
Sub Zero, speaks to the teams aswell: “I have reconfigured the timeship, to work all the time. Unlike before when it was in the hands of the Federation where it worked only sometimes. It is a shame you Federation people are such idiots.”
Everyone gives him an angry look.
Sub Zero: “Err--- I meant, illiacs. It is a shame you are illiacs.”
Seifer, shakes his head in disappointment: “It’s so true... I live in shame of my illiac...”

Meanwhile, Lox enters Sickbay. There he sees RaeLuna waiting.
Lox: “Oh. Can I help you?”
RaeLuna: “I cut myself on one of the hover buttons on the tactical panel.”
Lox: “Again? I thought your skin was indestructible.”
RaeLuna: “Yes, but these buttons output Raekwon energy. It is weird.”
Lox: “I can’t believe the way the Raekwon's adapted thier technology. It’s so dangerous.”
RaeLuna: “Yes, and now the Raekwon Empire is destroyed. Let that be a lesson to you.”
She points to some kid who happens to be standing there.
Little Kid: “Mommy!”
She runs off crying.
Lox: “Why do you always scare the children?”

The Timeship positions itself in front of the Phoenix-X and hails them.
Cell: “Phoenix-X here.”
>Seifer: “We’re ready on our end.”
Cell: “Alright. Amp... get ready to increase speed on my mark.”
The Timeship suddenly starts its timejump.
Cell: “Mark!”
Ensign Mark: “Sir?”
Cell: “Not you. Mark!”
Ensign Mark: “But I’m right here.”
Cell: “Arggh! ...Okay, fine. Amp!”

The Phoenix-X speeds through the time-jump. In a matter of seconds, they drop into normal space in front of Earth. The year is 2005.

Everyone is silent on the Bridge.
Amp: “Oh my God... we’re actually at Earth. It’s beautiful!”
Cell: “Um... we were here the other day, only in our time.”
Amp: “No! We’ve been lost in the Delta Quadrant for the past seven years, and now we’re finally here!”
Cell: “I think you’re thinking of another Starship.”
Amp: “Oh, right.”

The Timeship docks within the Phoenix-X. Seifer returns to the Bridge.
Seifer: “I believe we should cloak, so that we won’t be detected.”
Cell: “I agree. We’ll also be taking an Away Team down to the surface. Computer! Early 21st Century clothing.”
The bunch of clothes are replicated in front of them and fall to the floor.
Seifer: “Maybe you should have waited until we were ready for that.”
Ensign Dan walks by and trips over the clothes: “Aahh!!”
He gets up.
Ensign Dan: “Okay. What’s going on here!?”
Cell: “We’re going to Earth. Now put on your clothes!”
Ensign Dan: “Yes, sir.”

The Phoenix-X cloaks and heads into the atmosphere. They approach an island where Sub Zero from the past and some other Android is fighting.

The other Android leaps up and blasts a torpedo at Sub Zero. He’s sent back, dragging across the dirt until he leaps to his feet. He then returns fire with a disrupter charge.

The Phoenix-X watches it all on the viewscreen.
Sub Zero: “Okay. This is where I knock him out into sea. You’ll see. This is my favourite part!”
Amp: “What the?? How are you there and here at the same time??”
Sub Zero: “I brought us back at the precise moment I left, so that you could see this Android.”

They watch as the other Android is knocked out into the sea. He rockets back and kicks Sub Zero across the face. Sub Zero is sent spinning back to the ground. He then makes a run for the Timeship and jumps inside. The Timeship then disappears.

The Captain steps up.
Cell: “Alright. Let’s get him.”

Two Jumpers exit the Phoenix-X and fly out into view. They circle around and tractor beam the Android off the ground. The Android quickly crosses his arms and blasts the two Jumper’s away.

He then rockets towards the invisible Phoenix-X and opens fire at it.

Seifer: “What the!? He sees us!”
Cell: “Shields!”
The Phoenix-X puts up shields and then returns fire. A phaser beam knocks the Android back towards the small island and he crashes through a thick tree.

He gets up and throws the tree at the Phoenix-X. The tree ricochet’s off the invisible ship, illuminating it for a second and then falls to the sea.

The Captain paces.
Cell: “Okay... plan B.”
The Phoenix-X launches its own tractor beam around the Android and pulls him up. The Android tries rocketting away, but can’t.
Seifer: “Haha! We got him.”
Just then, the tractor beam emitter is destroyed by the Android’s torpedo. He’s then let free.
Sub Zero: “You see? He’s very good.”
Seifer: “We’re very good too. Tell ‘em, GoyCho.”
#GoyCho, over the comm: “Yes sir?”
Seifer: “Tell ‘em.”
#GoyCho: “Tell who what? I’m kind of busy right now.”
Seifer, turns to Sub Zero: “You see? We’re good.”
Sub Zero: “That didn’t explain anything!”

Suddenly, Amp gets up.
Amp: “Captain! I have a plan.”
Cell: “I have a better one. We’ll send you to take over that Android’s body. You know, since you’re a virus program.”
Amp: “That was my plan.”
Cell: “Sure it was. Sure it was.”

Amp is suddenly transferred into the Android’s computer brain. He is suddenly taken over. The Android then stops his attacks and boards the Phoenix-X.

Later, RaeLuna enters the Battle Arena. There she runs into Matt.
RaeLuna: “Oh! I didn’t know anyone was in here.”
Matt: “It’s okay. I was just finished.”
RaeLuna: “Trunks and I were going to watch a holo-match in here today. But since he’s unavailable, I guess the holo-match is cancelled.”
Matt: “Yeah I watch holo-matches sometimes. There was a great one between a Ferengi and his wife yesterday. Haha! Oh those naked Ferengi women.”

Meanwhile, the android is brought to the Technology Lab, where Cell and Kugo meet him.
Kugo: “According to Amp, who is still inside the Android, his name is Omega.”
Cell: “Who-ega?”
Kugo: “Omega.”
Cell: “Om-who-ga?”
Kugo: “Omega!”
Cell: “Ohhh, Omunga.”
She looks at him.
Cell: “That is one heck of a complicated name.”

Omega enters the Lab. He is obviously an advanced android, somewhat like Trunks and Sub Zero. He turns to acknoledge the Captain and Engineer.
Omega: “Captain.”
Cell: “Amp? Are you still in there? Get out!”
Omega: “But it’s so much fun in here.”
The Omega Android begins dancing.
Omega: “Doo-too-doo! Too-doo!”
Cell kicks Omega in the shin: “Stop that!”

Amp then transfers himself out and into holoraphic form.
Omega: “Greetings. I am Omega.”
Amp: “I deactivated his evil programming.”
Cell: “Thank you. --Omega, where did you come from?”
Omega: “I was created by the one you call... Trunks.”
Cell: “Trunks??”
Omega: “Yes.”
Kugo: “Wait a second... that makes perfect sense!”
Cell: “No it doesn’t! Let him finish.”
Omega: “I was programmed to destroy Sub Zero by Trunks. I was created two weeks ago in a city called Los Angeles.”
Amp: “That’s where all your dreams come true.”
Cell: “Omega, are you saying Trunks is in this time period and living in Los Angeles?”
Omega: “Affirmative.”
Cell turns to the side: “It can’t be...”
Kugo: “It would appear so. That makes perfect sense! ...Now that he explained it.”

They then return to the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. There they change course to Los Angeles, California.

The Away Team meets in the Locker Room.
GoyCho: “Phew! I was worried that we weren’t going to be going on an Away Mission for a second there.”
Ensign Dan: “I understand why you and me can go... But why is Kortos, an obvious Klingon, coming?”
Kortos, putting 21st Century clothing on: “What? Do I look bad in this?”
GoyCho: “Hey the Commander arranged it that way.”
#Seifer, suddenly cuts in over the comm: “Hey GoyCho. Why don’t you explain to Omega what I’m talking about.”
GoyCho: “Sir?”
#Seifer: “Tell ‘em, GoyCho.”
GoyCho: “Commander! I wasn’t there for your conversation. I don’t even know what you’re talking about!”
#Seifer: “Oh yeah. You see what he’s saying, Omega? Now you see.”

The Away Team beams down to the streets of Los Angeles, including Captain Cell.
Cell: “Alright, this way.”

They walk down the street, and people are looking at them weird.
Cell: “I don’t get it. Are we standing out?”
GoyCho points at Kortos: “It’s him.”
Cell, glances over: “Kortos! What are you doing here? You’re a Klingon!”
Kortos: “I will not allow this discrimination to proceed! We Klingons deserve equal rights!”
Cell: “Okay whatever!”

They enter a building and make their way to the roof. There Trunks is standing, making calculations to himself.

They approach slowly.
Cell: “Trunks!”
Trunks suddenly turns around.
Ensign Dan: “Oh my God, we’re gonna die.”
Cell: “Trunks, what is going on here?”
Trunks: “Must destroy... Sub Zero.”
Cell: “How did you get here? How did you time-travel?”
Trunks pauses and then processes the question a lot slower than usual.
GoyCho: “I don’t trust him, sir.”
Trunks: “I arrived through the... Narendra III portal.”
Cell nods: “Okay. The one at Kayl’s place... So then why have you decided to now kill Sub Zero?”

They slowly get closer.

Trunks: “Must destroy... In my... programming...”
He ticks his head slightly.
Trunks: “After.. link with B4... downloaded all memory of the one known as Data... Program conflicts---“
Cell: “I get it now. You’re meeting on the Enterprise. You linked up with B4 and malfunctioned?”
Trunks ticked his head: “No. ---Saw... core programming... Purpose...”
GoyCho: “Captain he’s right. His original programming was to destroy the East Raekwon’s. Those Raekwon's included Sub Zero. I think he’s now included Sub Zero as a target.”
Cell: “Trunks, you have to stop this. You’re a better Android now, remember?”
Trunks: “No-- must... destroy...”

He then notices the cloaked Phoenix-X, hovering above them. He scans it...

Meanwhile, on board...
Lox: “Uh oh. He’s going to shoot us!”
The Doctor enters the Bridge where Sub Zero, Omega and Seifer are watching the events from the Building rooftop onscreen. Trunks has located Sub Zero and lifted his arm at them.

The Phoenix-X is hit by a torpedo, destroying part of the cloak.
Seifer: “RaeLuna! Reroute power to the cloaking device!”
RaeLuna: “That will not help since it is partially destroyed.”
Seifer: “Oh. I thought rerouting always helped.”
RaeLuna: “It does not, and I’m frankly tired of constantly rerouting!”

Cell runs and tackles Trunks off the roof top. They go falling through mid-air and crash to the streets below.

Trunks gets up and throws Cell away, who has scrambled in liquid-putty form. Cell crashes through the building wall, and then retakes shape. He steps out and watches Trunks fly up to the bottom of the Phoenix-X.

Trunks begins tearing apart the hull through the cloak.

Cell: “Cell to Phoenix-X! We have to stop him!”
#Seifer: “But sir, he’s our friend.”
#Lox: “Yeah, I was beginning to enjoy his dangerous company.”
Cell: “If he takes down the ship, then all of Earth will know about us!”
#Seifer: “I can live with that.”
Cell: “Do it!”

The Phoenix-X sends a shockwave down its hull, knocking Trunks off it and onto the roof of a building across the street.

GoyCho: “I see ‘em.”
Lieutenant GoyCho picks up his torpedo rifle and aims it across to the other roof. He fires and knocks Trunks down, but no sooner does Trunks get back up.
GoyCho: “Damn! These things are useless!”
He throws his weapon down.

Trunks begins articulating a ball of energy in front of his arm cannon and then blasts it at the Phoenix-X. The ship begin’s arching and moving towards another building. The edge of the building is crashed in to, and bricks and debris fly out.

People walking by, look up in astonishment. They have no idea how that happened.

Trunks fires more and more torpedoes at the Phoenix-X, revealing holes in the cloaking device.
Cell: “Oh man... Cell to Phoenix-X! You have to destroy him!”
#Seifer: “We sent the shockwave. But now you want us to destroy him? What are we... murderers?”
Cell: “Didn’t you kill someone last week by accident?”
#Seifer: “Those reports are false!”
Cell: “Just torpedo Trunks. He’ll be destroyed then!”
#Seifer: “Well... I dunno. He’s more RaeLuna’s friend. What do you think RaeLuna?”
#RaeLuna: “I... umm... I do not know...”
#Amp: “Send me down.”
Cell, shakes his head: “Alright fine. Do it. Hurry!”

Amp is transferred to Trunks but immedietly he transfers himself back.
Seifer: “Amp?”
Amp: “Whoa! There’s corruption in that computer brain of his. If I stayed in there, I would have decompiled. You know how I dislike my own decompiling.”
Seifer then turns to RaeLuna: “Alright RaeLuna... fire a torpedo. Don’t worry about the fact that it’s in broad daylight, infront of people.”
RaeLuna pauses for a moment... She wasn’t ready for this.
Seifer: “RaeLuna, hurry!”
RaeLuna: “Umm... I suppose...”
The ship shakes again from hits. She locks on to Trunks and closes her eyes. She remembers all the good times she’s had with her friend Trunks and then fires the torpedo.

Trunks is hit, and is blown apart. A gaping hole is also left on the roof of that building, but luckily the impact on Trunks’ powerful structure absorbed most of the blow.

RaeLuna just stands there, looking into her thoughts at the fact that she just destroyed one of her best friends; someone she knew for a long time.
#Cell: “Good work, Phoenix-X.”

Later, everyone returns to the ship and the Phoenix-X speeds out of the atmosphere and back into space.

Lox meets with RaeLuna in 10-Forward. They sit at a table, with a view of Earth in the nearby window.
RaeLuna: “What have I done...”
Lox: “Don’t worry RaeLuna. You did the right thing. You destroyed your best friend.”
He pats her on the back.
RaeLuna: “Oh what would you know? Your best friend is the EMH!”
The EMH walks by: “Hey Lox, don’t forget our hover-golf game tomorrow!”
Lox: “See you there!”
He smiles.
Lox: “Good ol’ hover-golf. The game that champions are made from.”

Meanwhile, the Timeship departs the Phoenix-X and positions itself in front. Seifer is at the helm of the Timeship.
Seifer: “Wooo! This is fun! I can go anywhere...”
He suddenly activates it, and jumps into the distant, 22nd Century. After having an incerdible adventure which crossed over with the NX-Enterprise, he returns back to this time to pick up the Phoenix-X.
Seifer: “Whoa! That Captain Archer is one heck of a fellow. But who do I think is hotter... T’Pol or Hoshi...? Man, I can’t choose!”
>Cell: “Seifer! Where did you go!?”
Seifer: “Uhh... Nowhere.”
>Cell: “Alright then. Take us back to the 24th Century.”
Seifer: “Aye sir.”

The Timeship jumps, prompting the Phoenix-X to jump through. They return two weeks after their first timejump.

The Commander enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X.
Seifer: “Sorry about the miscalculation. I guess I’m no Android. We know who’s replacing Humanity now.”
He looks over at Omega.
Omega: “What?”

#Cell: "Captian's Log, Stardate 57849-point-3. We've now returned from the past. Well, that's pretty much all I can put since everything we did there would have to have been put in a log from that time-period. End Log."

Later... Cell, Seifer, and Kugo meet with Omega and Sub Zero in the Briefing Room.
Kugo: “According to my unbelievable research. Yes, I know, I’m amazing. It turns out that Omega here, is our Omega Bomb. He was reconstructed with that technology, and additional technology Trunks brought from this time period.”
Everyone slowly steps away from Omega.
Cell: “Are you saying... he’s a bomb?”
Seifer: “A bomb of unimaginable destructive capability?”
Kugo: “He was. But his reconfiguration renders that possibility null.”
Sub Zero: “Well, it was good seeing the all of you one more time. But I must be going.”
Cell: “Where will you go now?”
Sub Zero: “Oh I’m sure some planet is in need of a hero. And I will be that hero...”

He opens a hatch on the Phoenix-X’s hull and leaps out into space. He then flys off into the distance, never to be seen again.

Everyone watches on the viewscreen on the Bridge.
Seifer: “You go, Sub Zero! You’re the man!”
Ensign Dan, dusts his hands: “Well. All the loose ends are tied up.”
Seifer: “Not exactly...”

Two seconds later, Ensign Dan is thrown into the turbolift.
Seifer: “You’re relieved!!”

The Commander then returns to the Bridge.
Seifer: “So what are we going to do about the Timeship?”
Cell: “We’ll give it back to the Xena. It can’t be trusted here, amung the deciet and lies of this ship...”
He eyes everyone on the Bridge mysteriously.

Later, the Phoenix-X rondesvous’ with the Xena.
>Aeris: “Again?”
Cell: “Yes. It’s safe with you. Plus we need the ability to Timetravel when it’s called for.”
He looks at her.
Cell: “Only we maintain its access codes, so no one will be able to use it but us. That is how Sub Zero reconfigured it.”
>Aeris: “Damn! ...I mean, we never used the Timeship before... No...”
She immedaitely deactivates the viewscreen.
Cell: “What a second--!”
Seifer approaches: “Captain. We have a visitor.”

The Captian turns to see a man he doesn’t recognize.
Cell: “Who are you?”
Train: “I am Lieutenant Train of the Federation Timeship Relativity. I have come from the 29th Century to ask you not to time travel anymore.”
Cell: “Oh. Well we haven’t done any time travelling...”
Train: “We saw you do it on our monitoring stations!”
Cell: “Seifer have we done any time travelling?”
Seifer: “Nope.”
Train: “But--“
Cell: “He said no. Now get your future ass off my ship!”
Train: “Argh! You haven’t heard the last of me, Captain Janeway!”
He suddenly beams out. Cell looks at Seifer strangely.
Seifer: “Yeah, I told him your name was someone elses so he wouldn’t bother us anymore.”
Cell: “Good thinking.”

They take their seats at the Bridge. Lox takes a seat with them.
Lox: “What? This is my spot!”
Cell just shakes his head: “Okay fine...”
Seifer: “Hey I have an idea. Why don’t we use the Timeship to go back in time and stop all the bad things that have happened to us over the past six years!”
Cell, sits up: “We could even bring Trunks back... You’re right.”
Seifer: “We could even save million’s of lives!”
They then look on screen at the Xena, which has the Timeship. The Xena suddenly jumps to Warp.
Cell: “Oh crap. They’re gone.”
RaeLuna: “Would you like me to hail them and call them back?”
Cell: “Nah, it’s too much of a hassle. Don’t worry about it.”

Later, RaeLuna encounters Omega in the hallway.
Omega: “Greetings.”
RaeLuna: “Oh, hello.”
Omega: “My name is Omega.”
RaeLuna: “Hi, I am RaeLuna...”
Omega: “I know you. My memories from Trunks reveal you were a friend.”
RaeLuna: “You have his memories?”
Omega: “Yes. And others he has downloaded.”
RaeLuna: “Oh. Well it was nice to meet you. I will see you around.”
She then smiles. A feeling of calmness surrounds her as she then continues walking. Everything will be alright.