Episode 46

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Crystal Method, Part II

(Skrilax brings the weapons console online on the Bridge of the Trance)
**Memphis: Memphis to Command. I'm pretty sure we have the Crystal properly installed.
Skrilax: Pretty sure?
**Memphis: Let's test this thing out.
(The Trance finds a gas giant Planet with moons encircling it. It approaches one of the tiny moons)
Memphis: Ready?
**Skrilax: Firing.

(The entire ship starts shaking like crazy. The stabilization field holding the ship becomes very unstable)
Ensign Dan: Oh my God. I can't believe I let you talk me into coming with you!
Shane: Me? This was your idea!

(Vinks checks the status screen)
Memphis(struggles over): It looks as if the phaser going through the Crystal is interfering with the integrity field.
(Support beams fall and explosions from all over the ship occur)
Vinks: We have to abort before we destroy ourselves!

(The Phoenix-X loses the other two ships and speeds off, crippled)
Armond(gets up): Did you see what the Evvelen was about to fire?
Daniel: Yeah.
Red: It has poor amour and defense, but seems to have excellent weapons.

(The Nega'Jem find the Trance and surround it. Memphis is too busy, trying to offload the Crystal)
Memphis(at a console): Argh!!
(A Nega'Jem troop beams into the Phaser Engine room)
Baek: Step back.
(He pushes Memphis aside and presses a bunch of buttons on the control panel. He then fires his tractor rifile, shooting out a lightning bolt that grabs the Crystal itself off of the phaser chamber)
Memphis: Nnnooo!

(The gas giant Planet sits in the background as the Nega'Jem Ships have the Trance as prisoner)
*Shadow Flare: You lose!!
(The screen clicks off)
Memphis: I can't believe this.
Shane: I know. They always have to have control.
Ensign Dan: We're all gonna die!
Memphis(turns around): What the--? Where did you two come from!? Stowaways!?!? Arrgghh!!
(He sits)
Memphis: I don't have the energy to put you in our Brig.
Shane(shrugs): You couldn't capture me anyways.
Ensign Dan: Those Nega'Jem are going to try to put that Crystal on their ship now. They'll probably overload their integrity field too.
Memphis(sits up): Hey, yeah. And their ship will explode! Hahaha! That's jokes.

(The Nega'Jem begin the installation of the ruby red Crystal into the phaser mouth on the Apocalypse)
Shadow Flare: Hey I was wondering. Was that the Phoenix-X flying with the Fragma earlier?
Ravacan: Nah.
Ganryu(scans the area): I'm picking something up. A fleet of ships are heading straight for us!!
Shadow Flare(walks over): Who are they?
Ganryu: They're Hellonesian!

(Baek gets the Crystal in place in front of the Apocalypse's phaser cannon)
Baek: How's that?
*Ganryu: With a little reversed polarity, yeah, I think it's good.

(The Apocalypse blasts a red phaser beam at the orbiting moon, exploding it into pieces)
Shadow Flare: Excellent.

(Two Hellonesian ships come soaring in, firing rapidly at the Apocalypse)
Clerkw: Destroy them!

(The Apocalypse fires the Crystal Beam at the closest Hellonesian Ship, burning a hole right through it. The Ship loses course into the gas giant Planet and explodes)
Shadow Flare: So the Hellonesians think they can get their good old Crystal back, eh?

(The Apocalypse and the rest of the Nega'Jem turn and commence firing on the oncoming large fleet of Hellonesians Ships)

Yarxes: We don't stand a chance against the power of this Crystal.
(The lead Hellonesian Ship comes firing in on the Likon)
Lox: Don't be afraid. I'm a Doctor.
Yarxes: That doesn't help this particular situation!

(The Jaden is hit by a Silencer beam, until the Apocalypse destroys the attacking Hellonesian Ship)

Memphis: I can't believe they installed it successfully!!! Damn!! ...So where is my Alliance?
(The Trance moves away from the crossfire)
Ensign Dan: Maybe we can contact the Phoenix-X. Sensors say they're the closest.

(The Phoenix-X speeds through space, on its way to the rendezvous co-ordinates)
Armond: We're being hailed long-range.
**Memphis: Phoenix-X, we're detecting major damage to your hull. Are you alright?
Daniel: Yeah, don't worry about it. We ran into-- a meteor cluster. Go figure, we forgot to scan before we impulsed.

(An ancient wrecked old Ship suddenly soars along side the Phoenix-X heading in the same direction. It turns out to be an Evvelen)
*Lven: Nnnnnnnnn...

(The Phoenix-X hovers over)
Daniel: Shields!!
Armond(scans): I don't think it's the same one we were trying to destroy earlier.
Kayl: I told you! It's the Ancient.
(They scan the ship for life-forms, finding that there is only one and it's spread throughout the entire Evvelen ship)
Seifer: That ain't right.
Armond: It's some kind of plant-like intelligent life-form. It's controlling the whole ship.
Kayl: It wants the Crystal back!
Red: Want me to ram it?
Daniel: Hold course and speed. Kayl's right; it's not our enemy.
Kayl: Thank you already.

(The two ships head towards the gas giant Planet. Meanwhile, the Mako is up to other things)

Levis: I've figured out why that advanced alien Ship destroyed us.
(The Blue Nose Shuttle still heads for home)
Carmella: ...Why?
Levis: Because we were in its way. It was on a course for Hellonesia.
Carmella: You may be right. I heard the Hellonesians used to be at war with some species called the... Evvelen, I think.
Levis: It could've been on its way to start another war, or something.
**Computer: Proximity alert. Proximity alert. Ship approaching!
Levis: What the--?
(They're contacted onscreen)
*Nelvaun: This is the Fragma techship Mako. We will be your plundering thieves for this morning. --Oh and there's one little added bonus...

(The Mako approaches the Shuttle and locks a tractor beam onto them)

Clerkw: AAaaaaAAAaaaaahhhhHHhhh!!!!!!
(A Hellonesian Ship is blown to pieces, sending more people to their deaths)

Yarxes: The leaders have sent us on another failed war.
(They're fired on by the Likon)
Kugo: Your history is repeating itself.
(The Ship begins to shake violently, people are hit by falling debris)
Matt: We have to get out of here!

(The three of them head for the ship's Hangar where the Federation med-shuttle Angel Wing with the Jumper's clamped onto the sides is. They get in, and fly it out into space)
Lox: This is the ultimate ship combination.
Kugo: I've re-routed the Silencer beam into the medical shuttle's offensive computer system.

(The small Angel Wing dodges oncoming and over-crossing miscellaneous Ship's and locks onto the Jaden, firing)
**Shane: Trance to Angel Wing. You have to come get me and Ensign Dan. --Well, Ensign Dan if you want, but mostly me.
Kugo: Shane? Where are you?
**Shane: We're behind the 4th Moon, repairing.
Matt(points out the window): It's that one over there.

(The Angel Wing leaves the crossfire, nose-diving for the 4th Moon and Trance. They lock onto the two to beam them out)
-Ensign Dan(dematerializing): Bye.
Memphis: Where do you think you're going?

(The Angel Wing turns away and flies off away from the gas Giant and everyone else)
Kugo: That is one dangerous war.
Ensign Dan: It looks like most of the Hellonesians are being destroyed.
Lox: We shouldn't have told them about the Crystal.
Matt: What do we do now?
Shane: How about, not get killed? Yeah that works for me in some way.
(The Mako and the Sazann pass overhead and commence firing onto the Apocalypse)

Leaky: Aaaaah! Take them down!!
(The Apocalypse turns and fires the Crystal Beam at the Sazann, burning through the Sazann's left extension)

Shadow Flare: We've annihilated the Hellonesians! Ha! Ha! Ha! Back home we could've never taken them out.
(The Apocalypse is hit over and over again by more Fragma)
Ganryu: Uhh, sir?
Shadow Flare: What now?
Ganryu: We're under attack and being boarded!
Shadow Flare: What!?!?
(Chavs beams in. He fires his pulse rifle at Ganryu sending him across the room)
Chavs: I have a message from Memphis... you lose.

(The rest of the Nega'Jem are too weak from the battle to move onto fighting with the Fragma, so they just sit there in the debris, rebuilding, hoping not to get hit)

Shane: Captain?
(The Angel Wing sees the Phoenix-X and the Ancient Ship arriving in the distance)
*Daniel: Mission incomplete. What happened here?
Matt: You don't want to know.

(The Ancient Ship scans all the other Ships for its Crystal. It suddenly finds the Ship its on)

Skrilax: Fire.
(The Apocalypse is taken over by the Fragma and blasts the Crystal Beam at the Ancient Ship. The Ancient Ship explodes)
Skrilax: It works. See if you can get it out now.
Gritz: Aye.

(The Phoenix-X hails the Trance)
Daniel: You didn't need to do that!
*Memphis: It was a threat.

(The Mako approaches the Trance and the Phoenix-X)
Nelvaun: Memphis, there's something you need to know.
**Memphis: Just a sec.

(The Angel Wing boards the Phoenix-X safely)
Matt(enters): We're okay, Captain.
Daniel: Understood.

(The people on the Apocalypse play around with the phaser cannon controls)
Gritz: I wonder what this does...
(He activates a switch and two levers, that result in the movement of the phaser cannon. The Crystal jiggles lose and falls out into space)
Gritz: Aahh!! Oops. I better get back to my ship so we can tractor it.

**Nelvaun: It's about the Phoenix-X, though.
(The Trance receives its away team from the Apocalypse)
Memphis: What is it?
*Daniel: ...
**Nelvaun: This may be a little disturbing, but I have evidence the Phoenix-X is on its own mission for the Federation.
*Daniel: Heh, heh, heh. What is he talking about? Old Nelvaun must be kickin' back, high, right now.
**Nelvaun: They were trying to destroy an Evvelen starship that destroyed one of their Federation ships!
*Daniel: Don't listen to him, Memphis.
Memphis: This cannot be true...
*Seifer: How could Nelvaun possibly know that?
Nelvaun: Because I found the Blue Nose's Shuttle!!
*Daniel: You did?
**Nelvaun: Yes... and I destroyed them. Raahahahahaa!!!!
*Seifer: You bastard!
(The Bridge is silent as Memphis takes all this new information in. He is lost in confusion)
Memphis: ...I can't believe this...

(Daniel and Seifer glance at each other in their hopeless situation)
Daniel: ...
Seifer: We're dead.

(The Phoenix-X backs away and then speeds forward, past the Trance and Mako to the Apocalypse. They tractor the crystal away)

Nelvaun: After them!
(The Mako and the Sazann turn around and speed after, the other Fragma follow)

Red: What is our plan? They all know the truth!
(The Phoenix-X brings the Crystal inside and dives down to the gas Giant, skimming through the surface clouds atmosphere)
Daniel: I'm thinking!

(The Apocalypse gets self control again and recruits the sleeping Nega'Jem)
Shadow Flare: Let's move!

(The Nega'Jem follow behind the Fragma Alliance, chasing the Phoenix-X off into space. The Trance just sits there)
Memphis: ...The Phoenix-X is a traitor...?

(All of a sudden, the Evvelen Ship from the beginning approaches out of nowhere. It doesn't detect the Crystal with the Trance.)
Evln: Ffflllllh~hh~hh.

(The Evvelen Ship sifts through the debris of the Ancient and Hellonesian wreckages, confused as to what happened. Skrilax walks over to the Captain)
Skrilax: It's another one of those ships! Should I destroy it like the last one?
Memphis: No, that is not necessary. They're not who we want!
(His anger builds)

Red: I don't know this Sector.
(The Phoenix-X races deeper into the Honduras Sector. The Fragma Ships and the Nega'Jem Ships are on their tail)
Seifer(gets to the back of the Bridge): The grid-plate! Maybe that can tell us a hiding place.
Daniel: Good idea. Armond, give us the grid-plate!
Armond: I'm on break.
Seifer(happy): It's good to know you're following schedule.
Daniel: Argh!! Forget that!
(He finds the grid-plate and activates its holo-map. He examines the stars)
Matt: There's differences with our data of this place.
(Matt activates his own holo-map above his armlet)
Daniel: You're right. On my map there's an asteroid colony in grid 34-G, and on yours there isn't.
Matt(closes his armlet): Fine then, be that way.
Armond(scans): Our sensors aren't registering that anywhere.
Daniel: It must be there.

(The Phoenix-X slows as its suddenly surrounded by an area of asteroids with blue radiation all around. Most of the asteroids are infested with plant-like life-forms with vines wrapped around them and interconnected with other asteroids. The colony is like a big web)

Matt: Cool.
Daniel: Hopefully they won't find us here.

(The Phoenix-X slowly moves through. They notice that in many miscellaneous green patches throughout the meteor cluster, there are Crystals everywhere)

Seifer: ...What is this place?

(The Nega'Jem and Fragma ships get there, and slow down, looking around in curiosity)
Baek: This ain't the Sleri.
Shadow Flare(senses them): No, these are much more intelligent.

(Each of the Crystals have vines coming out of them that are part of the plant life wrapping around the Asteroids)
Leaky: Hahahaha! Crystals!!

(All the Fragma Ships and Nega'Jem Ships start planting tractor beams onto each Crystal and tampering with them)
Nelvaun: They're mine!

(The Phoenix-X moves around the other Ships who are too busy plucking Crystals off of the Asteroids)
Armond: The Nega'Jem and Fragma keep collecting Crystals.
Seifer: They're going crazy.

(Plant life-forms throughout the place start withering away and dieing, due to the fact the Crystals are being removed)

Daniel: They're killing the plant life-forms. What are those things?
Lox: They're called tiva-jades; highly advanced organic space vines.

(The Apocalypse tries incorporating a Crystal they got)
Shadow Flare: Status?
**Ravacan: The new Crystal is installed.
Shadow Flare: Alright. Let's test this thing out!
(He presses fire and nothing happens)
Baek: Uh oh.
Ganryu: I'm out of here.
Shadow Flare(punches a control panel): Argh!! These Crystals have no power!!!

(The Mako has a few Crystals installed on their ship and finds they don't work either)
Gritz: Yikes.
Nelvaun: None of these Crystals have power!
(He ejects the dead Crystals out into space)
Nelvaun: Gggggrg!!

(The Fragma and Nega'Jem sit there with no idea what to do next. The Likon scans the Phoenix-X)
Iacon: They're the only ones with a working Crystal.

(The Apocalypse fires at the Phoenix-X)
Shadow Flare: After them!!!

(The Apocalypse and the Mako engage towards the Phoenix-X. Red taps at the Helm like crazy, moving the Phoenix-X past Asteroid after Asteroid, ducking and weaving the web of vines)
Red: Argh!!

(The Phoenix-X gets a good distance away from them, as they get caught in the vines)

Daniel: This doesn't make any sense. Why would we have the only working Crystal?
Shane: This boggles my mind as well. Oh no! I'm melting, I'm melting!
(He liquefies through the floor and leaves the Bridge)
Shane: Heh, heh. They fell for it.

(The Trance and the Evvelen Ship cross into the Asteroid colony and start weaving over and under vines. The Trance passes by the remaining Fragma and Nega'Jem Ships who are still picking Crystals)
Memphis: That Phoenix-X is dead. Follow me!!!

(The other Fragma Ships get off their asses and fly with the Trance, deeper into the blue radiationed Asteroid Colony)

Seifer: Can I turn the viewscreen off for no reason?
(The Phoenix-X is lost with all the Asteroids and tiva-jade Vines everywhere)
Red(looking at it): No! External scanners don't work here, I need that to see!!
Seifer(steps back): Okay fine, you don't need to freak out.

(The ship approaches a different looking area of collective Asteroids, where there are thinner tiva-jade Vines and baby Crystals inbedded in the rock)

Daniel: What now?
*(A mining Robot with arms, moves around collecting ripe Crystals and putting them in its compartment)
Kayl: This place must be some kind of harvesting area for those Crystals.
Armond: That Robot is made up of Evvelen technology.

(The Mako charges down from above, bombarding the Phoenix-X with photon torpedoes)
Nelvaun: Hahahaa!!

(The Phoenix-X is taken downward, smacking off an Asteroid and spinning off into blue-space)
Daniel: Argh!!
Seifer: --The Apocalypse is activating trans-phasic torpedoes.

(The Apocalypse comes in from the side, blasting trans-phasic torpedoes. The Phoenix-X dodges them and hovers over to an angle, rapid firing enhanced pulse phaser's into the Apocalypse's side)

Shadow Flare: Crap!

(The Mako floods out a wave of torpedoes. The Phoenix-X illuminates its lightning-shields absorbing most of them. Daniel meditates his omni-power deflecting a few of the torpedoes back at the Mako)
Armond: Good work, sir.

(The Phoenix-X turns over, tractoring an Asteroid and swings around it to get into range of the Apocalypse. They both trade torpedo blows, draining eachother's shields)

Lox: I got it!
Kayl: I just read your mind! These baby Crystals aren't born yet, and have no vines coming out of them!
Lox: I'm going to have to do something about that mind-reading ability of yours.
Seifer: What are you saying?
Kayl: Those baby Crystals have that immense power that everyone wants.
BOB: I don't want it.
Kayl: Nobody's talking to you, BOB.

(As the Apocalypse and Phoenix-X are rotating around firing, the Phoenix-X accidentally bumps into the mining Robot)

Red: My bad.

(The Robot suddenly lights up its weapons arsenal and fires lasers at the three Ships. The Apocalypse is hit on the side, having a part of its hull torn off)
Shadow Flare: Crap!

(The Mako swings around, firing at the Phoenix-X and accidentally hitting the Robot. The Robot swipes over stabbing its lasers right through the center of the Mako)
Nelvaun: Ha! Ha! Ha! --Huh? What?
Gritz(holds steady): Rrghh-- I'm out of here!!

(He gets to an escape pod as the ship is shaking like crazy. The Robot pierces another laser, exploding the Mako into large flaming pieces)

Shadow Flare: The Evvelen have an incredible source of focused bio-electric energy.
(The Apocalypse backs off from the Phoenix-X)
Ravacan: Let's never come back here.
Shadow Flare(nods): No Crystal is worth this.

(The Apocalypse turns around and speeds out of there. They call upon the other Nega'Jem and have them follow them out of the blue Asteroid Colony towards home)

Ensign Dan: Maybe they have the right idea.
(The Phoenix-X is about to head out until the Fragma techship Trance confronts them)
Red: What the patokness?

(The Trance fires two photon torpedoes and a phaser beam as the Phoenix-X backs off. The 3 other Fragma also arrive and begin firing)

Daniel: Load torpedoes!
Seifer: Duh, what do you think we were going to do?

(The Phoenix-X blasts four pulse disrupter shots into each Fragma vessel, when all of another sudden, the Evvelen Ship from the beginning arrives)

Red: It's that ship Captain Cid sent us to destroy!
Daniel: You're right. --Divert targeting.

(The Phoenix-X forgets the Fragma and turns to face the Evvelen Ship. The Phoenix-X fires rapid charged polaron beams into their shields and hovers away)

Armond: It's so convenient for it to come to us.
(He activates more systems)
Seifer: I don't think it was trying to be nice.
Kayl: It's after the Crystal!

(The Evvelen blasts two black and purple energy bubble's, one that hits the Phoenix-X as its hovering away and one that explodes an Asteroid)
Evln: Gggnnnn~nnddd~ddlll!!!
(It links up with its Robot's main control and makes the Robot turn and fire at the Phoenix-X)

Seifer: Damn!!
Daniel: The Crystal! What if we adapt the Crystal we have to our phasers?
Armond: We'd have to reverse polarity like the Nega'Jem did. But I think it'd work.
Daniel: Do it.

(The Robot approaches from the side and fires its laser. The Phoenix-X hovers down, dodging it, and then hatching off the bottom Vector)

Memphis: That Evvelen Ship seems to be helping us for some reason. Go figure.
(The other Fragma come around, about to fire again)

Shane: I'm in command here. Time to kick some ass.
(Vector 3 soars overhead and locks a tractor beam onto the Robot)

Red: ...
(The top two-thirds of the Phoenix-X hovers to aside the Evvelen Ship, jamming a Tri-Focal beam into it and draining its power)

Evln: Nnnnrrrr!!
(The Evvelen Ship sends a charged feedback discharge through the beam, knocking the top two-thirds of the Phoenix-X away)

Skrilax: It's ours!
(Two Fragma vessels blasts torpedoes at it repeatedly)

Shane: I said, time to kick some ass!
Matt(at controls): Oh, sorry. I thought you melted.
(Vector 3 grapples the firing Robot around to face the Evvelen Ship. The Robot fires three lasers right through the Evvelen Ship, seriously blowing it apart)

Armond: We have officially taken care of the Evvelen Ship.
Seifer(stands): Understood.

(Daniel enters Phaser Control Room 3)
Kugo: Reversing our polarity doesn't work with the Crystal.
(They look at the Crystal, clamped in front of the large phaser array)
Daniel: I think I might be able to do something about that.

(The Sazann circles around, bombarding the top two-thirds of the Phoenix-X with cloraphine torpedoes)
Leaky: Wait a minute. We're trying to get the Crystal back; we can't let it be destroyed.
(His crew is too busy operating the ship to respond to his pondering)
Leaky(answers his own doubts): No! The Crystal is indestructible! Remember when we destroyed the comet with it inside?
(He answers himself)
Leaky: Oh yeah.

(Vector 3 tractors an Asteroid and smacks it into the Sazann, sending the Sazann away)

Leaky: Aaaahh!!

(The Vector re-integrates itself into the Phoenix-X, momentarily dropping its shields. Someone from the Trance beams aboard, into the Phaser Control Room)
Stino(aims his rifle): Hold it right there!
Daniel: I can't --aaarrghh!!
(Daniel places his hands against the Phaser array, flowing his energy through it and the Crystal)
Kugo: He's right, you know. So there.

(The Robot zooms over and fires its lasers again, until the Phoenix-X rotates around and punches an ignited phaser beam through it. The Robot carrier explodes in the presence of the energy, along with all the collected Crystals)

Lox: We got it.
Armond: Well I guess we know now what power is able to destroy the Crystals.
Seifer: That's not all we're able to destroy...

(The Phoenix-X turns and fires at the Trance, singeing its edge)
Memphis: Curses! That Phoenix-X has become all too powerful.
(He pauses for a second)
Memphis: Curses! Curses! Curses!!!
Skrilax: Sir, your language.
Memphis: Argh!!!
Skrilax: It's not against our rules to retreat.
Memphis: I know our rules!!

(The Trance backs away and turns around, they speed out of there. The Kifa and Sazann follow)

Matt: We did it.
Kayl: Almost destroyed too.
Red: Look at those cowards run away. How pathetic.

(The Phoenix-X sits there regenerating all its dents and holes, in peace, around all the Asteroids and blue space. Ship debris becomes part of the environment)

Lox: It's over.
Armond: I guess we'd better begin repairs to the ship. You don't want to know about the casualties.
Seifer: Good. Now with the mission complete, Captain Cid and the Admirals are going to be pleased the Evvelen ship was taken care of. I'll start on the reports.
Ensign Dan: The ship's toilets are going to be needing some re-cleaning. Who knows what kind of mess and overflowing occurred with all these battles.
(They all get to their business, preparing to bring the Ship out of there)

Shane: We'll be heading back to Federation space in a couple minutes. Are you alright?
(Shane and Lox enter the Phaser Control Room)
Daniel: Yeah.
Kugo: That Crystal packs a punch.
Daniel: It has caused so much death and destruction. Can no good come from it?
Lox: Biological contact with the Crystal is supposed to encourage tiva-jade growth.
(They look at him)
Kugo: Really?
Daniel: It's true no one has touched it yet.
Lox: Yeah, but I wouldn't recommend doing it on the ship.
Shane: Hmm...

(Shane opens a hatch outside the ship. He jumps through space through all the blue radiation, holding the Crystal)
Shane: ...
(He glances at it, as its already begun sprouting vines. He lands on an Asteroid and places the Crystal down. As he's leaping back to the Phoenix-X, he watches as life occurs and the Crystal's Vines are making themselves at home around the Asteroid)