Episode 31

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Food for the Labyrinth

(A King approaches the court's best Knight)
Quasi: Dice Melone of Parchesia, you have been chosen...
Dice(kneels): It is an honour, your Majesty.
(The crowd cheers as the King places an Armlet in his hands)
Quasi: Believe you will be triumphant and you will be triumphant.
Dice(bows): --But... what if I believe I'm triumphant and I end up not being triumphant?
Quasi(shrugs): Well that's out of my hands.
(The trumpeters give a rushed goodbye melody and the guards hurry Dice outside the Castle to the Falcon Starship)
Dice: Hey, your stepping on my heals!
Borno(pushing): Come on, come on, this ain't a stroll.
Quasi(comes outside): The Court recognizes your bravery and sacrifice, blah, blah, blah, good luck and break a leg. --I mean, don't break a leg.
(Dice just looks at the King while being shoved into the Starship. The bay doors swoop close)
Quasi: You have to be able to run when you fight the Great Gorgava. Please don't die, but if you do, die with honour. See ya!
(The Starship takes off the ground and Dice just looks out the window at all the peasants cheering him on)
Dice(wines like a baby): But I don't wanna fight the Great Gorgava...

(Two guys are just chillin' in one of the Mechanical Surgery Rooms of the Falcon)
Weg: Man, I'd hate to be the guy going to fight the Great Gorgava.
Lopi: Tell me about it. Have you seen him yet?
Weg(shakes his head): No.
Lopi: Neither have I. But I bet he can't be that good, for all the guys we've sent to the Dark Planet by now; there just can't be that many more strong people left at home.
(They laugh)

(Dice sneaks along a hallway of the ship, passing by the Bridge. He ease drops)
Kiya: We are at Warp 2, Captain.
Tia: Good. Maintain velocity to the Dark Planet.
Kiya(checks sensors): Nearing an alien vessel.
Tia: Avoid it; be sure to keep our distance. It isn't normal for anyone to be on this trail.
Kiya: I know. The trail of Death is what I'd like to call it.
(They laugh)

(Dice continues to sneak on, faster)
Dice: Man, I ain't goin' there.
(He enters an empty Transporter Room and transports himself off the Falcon onto the alien vessel. He looks around the vacant hallway as he takes off his Transporter Locator Pin. An alien comes walking down the hallway)
Matt: Hey, who are you?
Dice: --Uhh, no one.
(Dice runs over and puts the Pin on Matt and gives him the Armlet. Matt is transported off the ship and onto the Falcon)
Dice(dusts his hands): Heh, heh. Home free.
(A whole bunch of Security Guards suddenly surround him, aiming phaser rifles)
Kugo: Not exactly.

(The Falcon continues to speed off, with no clue. Matt finds himself in the Transporter Room, holding the Armlet)
Matt: What the--?
(Weg and Lopi walk into the room)
Weg: There you are!
Lopi: We've been looking all over for you!
Matt: Huh?
Weg: Well we haven't actually been looking all over. We just came in here to get a freezie.
(He walks over to a small cooling unit and takes out a freezie)
Weg: Mmm. These are good.
Matt: Can I have one?
Weg: No!!

(The two guys drag Matt to the Surgery Room)
Matt: Listen, I am not the guy you think I am. I'm Chief Engineer Lieutenant Matt from the Federation Starship Phoenix-X--
(They strap Matt into an Operating Generator against the wall)
Lopi: Yeah, yeah, sure. We get a lot of guys like you who cry about being sent to the Great Gorgava. But you're gonna go and fight whether you wanna or not.
(They hook tubes into his neck and right forearm)
Matt: Okay, okay, if you don't believe my story, look at my face. I'm totally alien to you guys!
(They operate the computer systems)
Weg: Uh huh, yeah; your ears are larger, and your hair is hairier. You could be from one of the Southern States of Malia.
(They examine the Armlet. The Armlet has a computer panel on it)
Lopi: Advanced piece of machinery, eh?
Weg: Yeah, the King's Engineers are getting better at this.
Matt: Okay, but what about my uniform? It's not of your people!!
(They put a strap over his mouth)
Weg: The Southerners' new fashion trend.
Lopi: Now sit still. We've almost arrived at the Dark Planet and we haven't even armed you yet. Literally.

(Kugo enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: Captain, we have captured an alien stowaway from that Falcon ship that just was going Warp past us.
Daniel: Aye Carumba!
Kugo: He beamed Lieutenant Matt off at the same time. We assume to his ship.
Daniel: Oh man. Matt was like a cousin to me.
Kugo: The intruder, Dice, refuses to answer any questions until we let him have sanctuary on the Phoenix-X.
Daniel: Tell him we won't give him sanctuary until he answers our questions!!
Kugo(leaves): Aye, Captain.
Daniel: Commander, what are we doing in this area of space?
Seifer: We are investigating a pulsating command transmission emanating from a planet in this System. The Federation is complaining that it is interfering with the Morcas Environmental Control System of the Morcas Planet. They are getting bad weather.
Daniel: Awww. I feel so bad for them. Red, change course and follow that Falcon ship. Kayl, try to hail them.

(A red and patchy black planet gets bigger as the Falcon gets closer. The ship takes standard orbit. The entire ship slowly begins to shake roughly.)
Tia: Stress levels are rising.
Kiya(activates the comm.): Weg, Lopi, let's move!

(Captain Kiya meets Weg, Lopi, and Matt in the Transporter Room)
Matt: You have the wrong guy!! Let me go!!
(The shaking gets more rough. Kiya makes a sacred motion with her hand and recites the words)
Kiya: The court recognizes your bravery and sacrifice. Please don't die, but if you do, die with honour. Oh Great Gorgava, please forgive us for approaching your Dark Planet.
(Matt punches for Weg's face, but Weg dodges his head to the right and grabs Matt's arm to lead his momentum to the Transporter Pad. Matt's beamed down to the planet)
Weg: Man, they are sending the worst fighters nowadays.

(Matt looks around. He's outside on a dusty open plain in the night. Murky clouds reflecting a red luminescence cover the sky, rumbling with thunder)
Matt: Where am I...?
(A pile of humanoid bones lie near his feet. He feels a hand touch his shoulder)
Matt(turns around): Aahh!!
Squall: Whoa, calm down! It's just me.
Matt: Who are you? --What's going on? --What is this thing on my arm!?!?
(He looks at the Computer Armlet around his forearm)
Squall: Just stay calm! Gorgava can sense fear.
(Squall looks around almost paranoid. He also has an Armlet around his forearm. They start walking towards the mountains in the distance)
Squall: You don't look Malian. Are you a Southerner?
Matt: No! I'm Human!! Whoever was supposed to go here, switched places with me!!!
Squall(shakes his head): Well then you are out of luck, Human; the Dark Planet means your death.

(The Falcon leaves orbit of the Dark Planet and is about to head home when the Phoenix-X buds in their way. The Falcon tries moving past, but the Phoenix-X matches their every move)
Kiya(shakes her head): Hail them.
(The screen goes on)
*Armond: This is Lieutenant Comman--
Kiya: Get out of our way!
*Armond: We just want to tell you that there has been a case of mistaken identity. A member of your crew has switched places with one of ours.
Kiya: Don't be ridiculous. Why would one of your crew wanna switch places with one of mine?
*(Armond brings Dice into view)
*Armond: I believe you will recognize this person...
Kiya: No. Never seen that guy before.
*Armond(persists): Where is Matt?
Kiya: That information is classified. His fate has been sealed.

(Squall and Matt take shelter in a cave)
Squall: I have been lucky to have survived this past year. Every year, the King of Malia sends the best Warrior of the Courts to fight Gorgava in hopes to end all the madness but no one ever returns.
Matt: What is this?
(He refers to the Armlet)
Squall: That is our weapon to battle the Great Gorgava. Yours must be a newer version than mine.
Matt: I hope I never meet this Great Gorgava. --WHAT IS THAT!?!?
(He points)
Squall: That's a rock.
Matt: No, WHAT IS THAT!?!?
(He points at a huge monster outside, looking into the cave)
Squall(stands): It's Gorgava! How did he find my cave??

(Gorgava is 9 feet tall with bulging muscles in his upper body. His fur is red, and his eyes are an evil black amid yellow pupils. He opens his overly large mouth with hunger, showing his sharp teeth)
Matt: He kinda reminds me of a Teletubby.
(Squall leaps over Matt to confront Gorgava)
Squall: Remember. He has a strong outer surface!
(Squall crouches and activates his Armlet. Gorgava swings his arm around to Squall but Squall's Armlet raises a small force field, blocking it)
Gorgava: Raaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
(He gets angry and leaps over Squall, swings around, and smacks Squall from his back. Squall goes flying 10 feet through the air, into the ground)
Gorgava: Ha, ha, ha, ha!!
(Squall rolls over, lifting his head from the soil)
Squall: Matt!! My back-- it's out!
(Squall activates his Armlet. A heavy metallic ball appears out of thin air and shoots itself to Gorgava. Gorgava is hit in the shoulder)
Gorgava: AaarrrrrhhhH!!!!!
(Squall repeatedly makes metallic balls appear out of thin air and shoot at Gorgava. Gorgava gets hit over and over and over)
Gorgava: Aaaaarrrrhhh!!!
(Gorgava gets really mad. He lifts his fists into the air and smashes the ground. The crust of the dry land breaks apart all the way to where Squall is. Plates of land stick out of the ground, blocking Squall's view.)
Squall: Matt?
(Matt watches from the cave as Gorgava leaps through the air onto Squall)
Squall: Aaaahhhh!!!!
(Gorgava tears him apart)

(The Phoenix-X powers up and emits a pulsating energy beam against the Falcon. The Falcon starts to lose energy)
Kayl: The modified Tri-Focal Array is holding.
Seifer: What's their status?
Armond(checks the computer): All I can say is, that they're feeling alotta pain.
(Daniel enters the Bridge)
Daniel: I hate to do this.
(The Falcon hails the Phoenix-X. Kiya goes on screen. Her Bridge is a mess, with support beams falling and panels exploding)
*Kiya: Urg--!!
*(She falls against her console, trying to breathe the last oxygen)
Daniel: We are going to board your ship. If Matt is alive, you'll be set free. If he's not...
*Kiya: Matt--! Matt's not here--- Gorgava--
Daniel: Gorgava?
(Kiya is about to faint. Daniel signals to Armond. Armond disengages the Tri-Focal Array)
*Kiya(pulls herself up): The Dark Planet. He is there...
*(The systems on her ship boot up one by one)
*Kiya: But the multiple atmospheric layers contain constantly shifting anti-matter storms. If you're lucky, you can get a shuttle through it without being destroyed.
Daniel: Thanks.
(He cuts the transmission and the Phoenix-X turns around towards the Dark Planet)

(Gorgava finishes off Squall and then looks over to Matt)
Matt: Squall!!!
(Gorgava stands and then runs towards Matt. Matt gets out of the cave and starts running towards the jungle behind the mountains)
Matt: Okayokayokay-- this Armlet seems to have some replicator properties.
(He taps at its computer systems while running)
Matt: No! It's a Holographic Matrix!
(He stops running)
Matt: Amazing. It extends 19 Feet around me.
(He taps at it. Gorgava is getting closer)
Gorgava: RooooOOOOoooaaaaa!!!
(Matt faces Gorgava, in ready-to-fight stance)
Matt: I'm in ready-to-fight stance.
(He pulls his arm back as three long holographic metal spikes appear above his fists)
Gorgava: Rooaa!!!!
(Matt runs towards him, leaping and swinging his spikes around. The spikes cut Gorgava's shoulder)
Gorgava(gets angry): RrrraaaaaAAAaooOOo!!!
(He throws a punch at Matt, but Matt emits a force field bubble all around him)
Matt: Heh, heh. You can't even touch me.
(Gorgava gets even angrier, jumping and bashing the ground. His eyes glow and strips of electricity flow around him)
Gorgava(laughs out of insanity): Heh, heh, heh...
(Gorgava reaches out his polarized arm and passes it through Matt's force field)
Matt(jumps back): Aahh!! That's not allowed!
(Matt runs off, shooting spikes and metallic balls at Gorgava. Gorgava absorbs them all)
Matt: Getting him angry, was not a good idea.
(Matt sprints into the jungle scene and hides behind a tree. Gorgava enters, looking around)
Gorgava: Matt...

(The sky above the King's Castle on Malia gets dark and heavy winds come from the sides. The King peers out the window)
Quasi: The Great Gorgava is angry... He hasn't reached this level in years.
Borno: Gorgava must have met his match.... Dice Melone of Parchesia.
Quasi: Yeah. --Or he's constipated.

(The Phoenix-X approaches the Dark Planet. Dice sits in a cell in the Brig of the Phoenix-X. Seifer and Red enter the room)
Seifer: You have to help us.
Dice: Why?
Seifer: Because you've been trained in knowledge of the Dark Planet.
Dice: Yeah but I slacked off during all the classes. When we turned off all the lights to pretend we were on the Dark Planet, I fell asleep.
Red: Arrghh. I have to fly through 17 layers of anti-matter storms. I cannot anticipate all the breaks in them.
Dice: Anticipate? Man, you people don't know nothing. You have to assess the storms equation. With that you can spell out their pattern.
Seifer: How do we do that?
Dice: You just do it. It's easy!
Seifer: No it's not. You're advanced knowledge is getting on my nerves.
Dice: Fine! I'll help you.
(They drop the force field and drag him along. The Phoenix-X separates and Vector 2 engages towards the Dark Planet's atmospheres)

(Matt accesses his Armlet. Invisible echo tubes are shot out everywhere in the jungle. Matt is able to throw his voice)
Matt: Over here!
(Gorgava rushes over to a tree)
Matt: No, I'm over here!
(Gorgava rushes over to another tree)
Matt: Hey! I'm right here!
(Gorgava doesn't even bother this time. He just walks around, looking for him)
Gorgava: How is it that I am able to understand your language?
Matt: I'm wearing a standard Federation Issue Universal Translator.
Gorgava: You are not of the Malia. Why are you here?
Matt: They mistook me for one of them. Those patoks!
Gorgava(laughs): Heh, heh, heh, heh.
Matt: Heh... Does this mean we're friends now?
Gorgava: I do not make friends with my prey.
(Matt senses Gorgava coming closer, so he hides behind another tree)
Matt: But I'm not even supposed to be here!
Gorgava: This is not negotiable.
Matt: Not even a little?
Gorgava: No.
Matt(wines): Oh man.
(Matt makes a run for the waterfalls. Gorgava chases after)

(Vector 2 weaves through the holes in the anti-matter storms of the atmospheres)
Kugo: We've cleared eight layers, Captain.
*Daniel: Good, kee--p m---e pos--ted.
(The channel breaks up)
Shane: We've lost communications with the rest of the Phoenix-X.
Kugo: Continue course, Red.
Red: Aye.
Kugo(looks at Dice): What are you doing?
Dice(at a computer): I'm calculating the equation for each of these anti-matter storms. If we know their format, we'll be able to manoeuvre back out.
Kugo: Okay. But stop doing it so annoyingly.

(Matt puts on rocket boots and rockets up to the top of the waterfalls. He looks down at Gorgava)
Matt: I've detected my ship. They're coming for me.
Gorgava: You will not escape. Your life is mine.
(Gorgava shoots out a blast of lightning. The bolt soars through the air and strikes Matt in the chest. He falls to the ground at the top of the waterfall. Matt tries to activate his Armlet but it's inoperative)
Matt: Argh!
(He tries to get up, but is weak. Gorgava starts climbing the rocks beside the waterfall)
Gorgava: Only a few make something of their lives and become important. But people like you, who have no importance, come to me.
(Matt starts crawling with his arms, away)
Matt: I have importance. I'm Chief Engineer of my ship.
Gorgava: And what kind of life is that? You work everyday from morning 'till dusk, for the mere purpose of ship's operation. Your ship means nothing to the rest of the universe.
(Matt throws a rock at him)
Matt: Go away!
Gorgava(still climbing up): You have no fate. But I will give you one.
Matt: What, to be your prey? Oh I'm so honoured.
(Matt gets his Armlet working again. He fixes his broken bones with holographic additives)
Matt(stands): Ha!
(Vector 2 flies by)
Matt: Ha, again!
(Gorgava gets to the top and walks towards Matt)
Gorgava: You still do not understand. You are my property.
(Gorgava raises his hand and the wind and clouds in the sky gets rougher, shooting out lightning. Vector 2 loses stability and is lead away)

(Vector's 1 and 3 just sit out in space)
Armond: It looks like those pulsating command transmissions are getting worse. The Federation is reporting that the Morcas Planet's weather is getting fatal. The Malia Planet doesn't look good either.
Kayl: They're coming from that Gorgava guy. I can sense it.
Daniel: So can I. He must be part energy to be able to send subspace transmissions.
Seifer: Can we intercept them? Maybe we can send our own to the environmental control systems of those planets.
Armond: I believe so, sir.

(Matt forms a liquid metallic rope above his Armlet. He shoots it out at Gorgava and ties him.)
Matt: Where's your power now?
(Gorgava summons his energy and dissipates the hologram)
Matt: Oh there it is.
(Gorgava reaches out his arm as a strip of electricity flings out behind him and pulls out a tree. He shoots the tree at Matt. Matt jumps over it with his rocket boots)
Gorgava: Your weapon doesn't stand a chance against me. I've killed countless others with the same Armlet; every attack as pitiful as the next. My surface is unbreakable.
Matt: But... I bet your insides aren't.
(Matt runs towards him, ducking another burst of energy from Gorgava. He leaps onto Gorgava, with his arms around Gorgava's neck)
Grogava: RrraaaAAAAoooo!!!!!
(Gorgava pulsates more energy)
Matt: AaaaaaaAHh!!
(Matt's almost fried as he reaches for the console on his Armlet)
Matt: Aaarrrgghhh---!!
(Waves of energy run through his body when he suddenly writes the holographic program. Holographic fields and photons enter Gorgava's insides)
Gorgava: Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhh!!!!

(The weather on the King's planet gets dangerous. Large chunks of hail smash through the skylight of the King's Court. The peasants run for cover)
Quasi: Everyone, take cover! Into the cellars!
(Everyone): Aaaaaaaaahhh!!
Borno: Sire, we have no cellars.
Quasi: Yes we do. I had them installed last year.
Borno: Yeah but we converted them into cold storage rooms last month. We're storing freezies.
Quasi: Everyone, take cover! Into the freezie rooms!
(Everyone): Yaaaayyy!!

(Gorgava loses balance and falls off the top of the waterfall with Matt. They descend through the air. Matt moves Gorgava below him and they hit hard ground. The dust clears and Matt gets up)
Gorgava: Ugh...
Matt: You had to die, Gorgava.
Gorgava: Ugh... It was only a matter of time...
(Gorgava passes out. Matt walks away from him. The winds stops and Vector 2 comes back)

(Matt is beamed on)
Matt: You!!?
Dice: Oh hey.
(Matt activates his Armlet about to attack him)
Kugo: Hold it! He's helping us.
Red: Unfortunately those anti-matter storms are natural and still in the atmosphere's. We still need him to get us off this planet.
Matt: Why would he help us? He's a sell out!!
Dice: Yeah but I've changed my ways. So, can I have my Armlet back?
Matt: No!
(Vector 2 heads back out the complicated layers of atmospheres)

(The weather on the Morcas and Malian planets calm down. The King of Malia looks out his window as the bruised Falcon lands at its spot)
Quasi: Well the weather stopped. Which means either Gorgava was killed or Dice was killed and Gorgava is happy.
Borno: It must be that Dice is dead.
Quasi: Yeah, let's assume that. Who's next to be honoured?
(He looks at him)
Borno: No, not me!
(The Phoenix-X swoops down from the sky and hovers in front of the Castle. Dice is beamed into the King's Court)
Borno: Dice!
Quasi: You have returned victorious?
Dice: Yes, your Majesty.
Quasi: This is amazing. We figured you were gonna di-- I mean, we believed in you from the start!! This is a cause for celebration. Everyone, to the freezie rooms!
(Everyone): Yaaayyy!!!

(The Phoenix-X flies back through the clouds to space.)
*Cloud: This is the worst mess you've caused Phoenix-X!!
Daniel: No it isn't. We actually stopped those storms.
*Cloud: Oh. Well, I'm still mad at you from that last time you messed up!!
Daniel: Which was...?
*Cloud: I can't remember. You're cut!
(The screen cuts out. Matt enters the room)
Matt: They did surgery to my arm so this Armlet is stuck on me forever.
Daniel: What!?!
Matt: Just kidding. No, I'm serious.
Daniel: What!?!
Matt: No, I was kidding. We can take the Armlet off, but not the internal devices in my arm.
Daniel: So you are the only one who can use it?
Matt: Yeah.
Daniel: Great. This'll improve your usefulness.
(He drums his fingers together)
Daniel: ...Excellent...
Matt: Uhhh, yeah. Well, I gotta go back to my job now.
(He leaves the room. The Phoenix-X transwarps out of there)