Episode 24

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Secret Shuttles, Part I

(Gotens enters the Shuttle Bay with an electronic padd checklist)
Gotens: Okay, now to do my job.
(He counts the ships)
Gotens: One Runabout....check! And one Timeship....check! There, I'm done.
(He sees another shuttle)
Gotens: What the--?
(He reads the inscription on the shuttle)
Gotens: Paroga-X? That's not on my list. Jeez, this list keeps getting longer and longer.

(The senior staff gathers in the conference room)
Matt(points to the view screen): This is the Paroga-X. The fastest most agile Shuttle slash Runabout the Federation has to offer. It's got Transwarp, it's got Torpedoes, it's got Multi-Phasic Shielding, it's even got a resizable anti-stain resistant cup holder for those long morning missions when the toilet acts up and there's nowhere else to go. Any questions?
Kayl(raises her hand): Yeah. Who are you?
Matt: I'm Matt; the head of the Paroga-X project. Anymore questions?
Armond: Can someone please tell me what the freakin' X is for?
Matt: The X is for a Transwarp capable ship. Back in the beginning of the century, we called the Transwarp project the X-Project. Will there be anymore questions?
Kugo(raises her hand): Yes. Can the Paroga-X create Conduits?
Matt: No it cannot. It was built only to sustain Transwarp pressures, therefore being able to enter an already created Transwarp Conduit.
Wallace: When can we test it?
Matt: Well, it's not exactly ready yet. There are still a few things we need tweaked.
Kugo: Great. You are giving us more work.
Matt(thinks): I do not know if that is sarcasm or not because you are Vulcan, but you will not be making the adjustments. We had to combine some alien technology to the Transwarp drive to make it work better; since it is a smaller version of the Phoenix-X's Transwarp drive.
Daniel: What aliens?
Matt: The Trill. They should be on their way here now.
(The ship shakes from an attack. Red alert goes on)
Matt(looks around): Hm. Maybe that is them.
(Everyone runs to the Bridge)

(A Cardassian attack cruiser swoops around and fires on the Phoenix-X)
Armond(reads the sensors): The name of this ship is the Scorpion.
Gotens: Return fire.
(The Phoenix-X fires two quantum torpedoes at the Scorpion)
Armond: They have undergone heavy damage.
Shane: These Cardassians are forgetting about the Federation's peace treaty with their people.
Gotens: Hail them.
*Tellus(goes on screen): You have something that we want...
Gotens: Money?
*Tellus: No.
Gotens: Women?
*Tellus: No!
Gotens: We have lots of women, you know.
*Tellus: No!! We want that vessel in your Shuttle Bay!
Gotens(sighs): Well okay. If that's what you go for.
(The Scorpion moves above and slams a Tractor Beam onto the hull of the Phoenix-X. Armond and Red work the controls and blast out a Tractor Beam back at the Scorpion while spinning the ship around to face them. The beams disengage and the Phoenix-X fires quantum torpedoes at the ship. The Scorpion takes heavy damage and warps out of there.)

Tellus: Damn! Their ship is way too powerful to penetrate!!
(The Scorpion hides behind a meteor. Tellus paces on the Bridge of his ship)
Tellus: Well!? You're the advanced one! Don't you have any ideas!?
(A short stubby, long armed alien stands on the Bridge with him and just shrugs his shoulders)
Tellus: Well what would you know anyway? You eat people for a living.
(The alien gets a hunger and walks towards Tellus)
Tellus(pushes him away): Aaah!! Get away from me you stupid alien!!
(The alien steps back)
Tellus: We have to devise another plan.

(Daniel sits on the operating table in Sickbay)
Lox(walks over): You've gone through many transformations in the past few months.
Daniel: Tell me about it.
Lox: Well, you went from Changeling to Q, to half omnipotent changeling.
Daniel: I didn't really mean for you to tell me about it.
Lox: Oh.
Daniel: My body has been feeling a little stringent ever since the X changed me. I have refrained from changing shape ever since then.
Lox: My scanners did pick up an unusual temporal flux within your Changeling Protoplasm. That could be the X material you claim to have.
(Lox gives Daniel a type of vaccine)
Lox: I'm giving you a certain changeling physiostimulator developed by the Doctor on DS9. You should be able to change shape more easily now.
Daniel: Great.
Lox: But any change of shape could alter that temporal X material within you. Anything could happen.
Daniel: Understood Doctor. But I will need to test this out sooner or later.
(Wallace enters Sickbay and walks over to the Doctors computer. The Doctor and Captain just look at him)
Lox: Can I help you, sir?
Wallace: Uhhh, no. I was just checking something on the Paroga...
(He immediately leaves)
Daniel(glances at the Doctor): Check your computer.
Lox(checks it): He blocked whatever it was he was accessing.

(Daniel leaves Sickbay just in time to see Wallace turn the corner. Daniel follows Wallace, but doesn't follow him into the Shuttle Bay.)
Daniel: Well... he is security officer of the ship. Maybe he's just doing a safety check...
(Daniel leaves. Ensign Dan walks by staring at a fish tank he's holding with two lizards in it sitting on top of each other)
Ensign Dan: Well... they are a male and a female lizard. Maybe she's just giving him a piggyback ride...

(Wallace approaches the Paroga-X and opens a hatch on it.)
Gotens: And here is the Paroga-X.
(Gotens and two Trill scientists enter the Shuttle Bay. Wallace hides.)
James: Thank you, Night. We will contact you if we need any engineers to help. In the meantime we prefer to work alone.
Gotens: Hey, how'd you know my host name?
James: --Uhh, you just look like that kind of host to be named Night...
Gotens: Oh, okay.
(He leaves. The two Trill walk over to the Paroga-X)
Lex: What are we supposed to do now? We didn't really come here to fix the Paroga.
James: I know, I know! But we had to kill those two other scientists to get here...
(Wallace hears everything they are saying.)
James(clasps his girlfriend's shoulders): I promise you, Seifer. Before the day is out, we will have it stolen and we will escape!
(Wallace comes out of hiding)
Wallace(aims a phaser): No you won't.
James: Aahh! --Wallace?
Wallace: ...So, first the Cardassians want the Paroga, and now two Trill terrorists want it... All the more reason for the Paroga to be destroyed.
James: What are you talking about, Wallace? We were just talking about--uhhh, how easy it is to get booty on this ship.
(Gotens enters the Shuttle Bay)
Gotens: Oh and one more thing; if you're thinking about getting booty on this ship, then you thought wrong-- Wallace? What are you doing??
Wallace(still aiming the phaser at them): These two plan to hijack the Paroga-X.
Lex: That's impossible! Our ship isn't even big enough to fit a shuttle!
Wallace: They plan to escape on it!
James(laughs): This man is either unfit for duty, or drunk!
Gotens: Wallace, put the phaser down. We have no proof.
James: Yeah! You have no proof!
Wallace(puts the phaser back on his belt): Oh, I'll get proof. I'll get all the proof necessary...

(Gotens enters the Captian's Ready Room.)
Gotens: I just don't know what is up with him lately. Wallace hasn't even handed in his security report yet; instead, I got a padd with his dry cleaning bill.
(Daniel goes over to the control panel on the wall)
Daniel(taps at the panel): Wallace has been acting differently lately. That's why I did some checking up on him.
(The screen blinks and then shows a list of deleted records)
Daniel: I found these in our backup systems. Wallace has been secretly communicating with a man named Sloan on an alternative low frequency Federation transmission for all the time he's served us on the Phoenix-X.
Gotens(looks through the list): No way. Really?
Daniel: ...I think we've found our spy.

(Captain Daniel and Commander Gotens step off the turbolift and walk down the hall to Wallace's Quarters. The bell rings)
Wallace(turns off a transmission): Come in.
(They enter)
Gotens: What's going on, Lieutenant? Who are you working for?
Wallace: What are you talking about, sir?
Daniel(throws a padd at him): Three years of deleted transmission records to a secret Federation location with a man named Sloan.
Wallace(gulps): Gulp.
Daniel: Don't gulp. Explain yourself.
Wallace: You can't make me explain anything!!
Daniel: Heh. You don't seem to understand. The Phoenix-X isn't like other Federation ships. Here, we do things a little differently... Commander.
(Gotens grabs Wallace and slams him against the wall)
Gotens(interrogates him): What's going on? Have you been relaying secret Phoenix-X data to an enemy? Are you really human?
Wallace(choking): Aaccckkk!!!
Gotens(loosens grip): Oh, sorry about that.
Daniel: Don't apologize to him!
Gotens: Oh yeah. --I take that back, Wallace!!.
Wallace(gasps): Gasp! You can't take back a "sorry about that"!
Gotens(gives him the evil eye): Well I did... and I'll do it again if I have to...
Wallace: Okay, okay!! I'll tell you! ...I am human and I haven't been relaying information to an enemy. I'm a member of Section 31.
Daniel: Section 31?
Wallace: Yeah, it's another section of the Federation. They specialize in fixing political problems that other Federation ships legally can't do.
Gotens(drops him): But that's some of what we do.
Wallace: Exactly why I've been sending reports to Sloan. They support the Phoenix-X.
(Daniel and Gotens glance at each other)
Daniel: How can we confirm all this?
Wallace: You can't. You have to take my word for it.
Daniel: Not good enough. Take him to the brig.
(Gotens picks him up and shoves him to a guard standing outside in the hall)
Daniel(looks out the window): I do not tolerate any secrets under my command...
Gotens(walks over): And I do not tolerate --anyyy..... umm... secrets.... under my... uhh... command...
Daniel: Don't copy me.

(Matt strolls into Engineering)
Matt: So this is where you keep the Transwarp Engine, eh?
Kugo: Is that supposed to be a joke?
Matt: Yes.
Kugo: Oh. ...Ensign, laugh for me.
Gewdeque: Hahahahaha!
Kugo: Thank you. Get back to work.
Matt: What is the status of the Paroga-X?
Kugo: The Trill report that they are finished with repairs and the ship should be ready for launch.
Matt(checks the panel): Did you compensate the bubble hull field to the atmosphere inside the ship?
Kugo: No. That is not necessary because the Paroga will not be creating any Conduits.
Matt: The bubble field isn't only for Conduit construction! It compensates the atmospheric pressure for Transwarp Evolutionary Syndrome! Do you want the passengers of the Paroga to be mutating into salamander-like life-forms!?!?
Kugo: Well sorry, "Mr. Attitude". Jeez. 'Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? 'Sit on a tack today? 'Wink at a Klingon Female and got beat up?'
Matt: Actually, yes. And I'll thank you to keep out of my business.

(The two Trill enter a Holodeck. Armond's panel beeps on the Bridge)
Armond: Commander, take a look at this.
Gotens(walks over): You better not be showing me a body part.
Armond: I'm picking up reverse polarity from one of the Trill in Holodeck 5.
Gotens: The Trill? Why didn't you pick this up before?
Armond: Well we never scanned them. When you enter the Holodeck, the computer automatically scans you to compensate the Holodeck program.
(Gotens reads the scans)
Gotens: It's like he doesn't even belong in our universe...
Armond: Sir, I recognize these readings from the Phoenix-V.
Gotens(leaves): I'll get on it.

(Meanwhile, on Holodeck 5, a Trill operating room is recreated)
James: There! All we need now is to lure the Commander in here.
(The Commander enters the Holodeck)
Lex: That was easy.
Gotens: Who are you?
(James activates a holographic spider robot)
James: I guess you can't recognize me in this body, Commander. I'm you.
(The spider leaps over the operating table and tackles Gotens to the floor. The spider jabs its metallic leg into the Commander's commbadge and pulls it off him)
Gotens(tries pushing the spider away): Arrghh!!
(The spider throws him onto the medical table. The room suddenly fills with holographic doctors)
James: I did some research after I escaped the Phoenix-V. That star that supposedly created a duplicate Phoenix-X? It didn't. It brought our Phoenix-X into the polar-universe.
Gotens: Argh! How could you escape?? The Phoenix-V and the Medical Ship were destroyed!
James: Shuttles, Commander. I escaped on one. It's all about shuttles...

(On the Bridge, Matt hands the Captain a padd)
Matt: The Engineering department reports that it's ready to test fly the Paroga-X.
Daniel(looks at the view screen): Well, we're not.
(On screen, the Cardassian ship swerves around the Phoenix-X and slams a Tractor Beam onto the Trill's ship)
Daniel: What are they doing? There's no one on the Trill ship.
(The Scorpion impulses towards the Phoenix-X, ramming the Trill ship into the Phoenix-X's shields. All the ships shake like crazy)
Armond: Shields are going, Captian!
Kayl: Captian, they've beamed into the Shuttle Bay!! The Cardassian and the--

(Tellus and the weird alien beam into the Shuttle Bay)
Tellus: There are three shuttles in here, Klokian. Which one is yours?
Klokian(points to the Timeship): That one!

(Daniel runs over to Armond's control panel on the Bridge)
Daniel: They weren't after the Paroga... Klokian wants his Timeship back.

(Daniel beams himself into the Shuttle Bay just as the two are getting in the Timeship)
Daniel(aims a phaser): Hold it right there!
(Tellus grabs the handle of the door and holds it)
Daniel: Okay now... Stop stealing.
(Klokian walks towards him, threatening to touch him)
Klokian: Klokian body anti-Q...
Daniel: It doesn't matter if you touch me or not anymore, I'm not a Q!
(Klokian hisses in anger. He crouches, about to make a move. Daniel fires the phaser but misses because Klokian leaps through the air backwards to his ship. He lands on his door, breaking it in and pulls Tellus inside. Daniel fires at them, but the door regenerates and blocks the phaser)
Daniel: Damn!
(The Timeship hovers above the floor. Daniel jets towards the Paroga-X and leaps in)
GoyCho(enters the Shuttle Bay): What is going on here? I heard a fart. I know I heard a fart.
(The Timeship smashes through the Shuttle Bay's garage doors as the Paroga-X hovers and grabs a hold of them with a Tractor Beam. Outside, the Trill ship continues to be subjected to the shields of the Phoenix-X. The Timeship drags the Paroga outside into space, passing by the Trill ship as the Trill ship suddenly bursts into a explosion close range to all the ships)

(The Holodeck environment starts to destabilize. Objects and holographic doctors flash in and out of the program.)
James: What's going on?
(The Night host and the Lex host are on different beds unconscious and in the middle of an operation)
James: Computer, reroute auxiliary power to the Holodeck; authorization, Gotens-LSR-55-Omega.
(The Computer acknowledges)

(The Timeship drags the Paroga out of the explosion alive. The Phoenix-X and the Scorpion suffers minimal damage. Armond takes command)
Shane: Klokian is going to activate his Time machine to escape.
Armond: We must destroy him before he activates it!
Red(takes Armond's control panel): Weapon systems are the only thing offline. Someone is re-routing power to the Holodeck.
Armond: Stop it!
Red: I can't, the clearance code is higher than mine.
Matt: Commander, I have an idea.
Armond: Does anyone have any ideas?
Matt: I just said I did! We can capture the temporal vortex when the Timeship tries to jump the timeline.
Armond: How??
Matt: With our Transwarp field bubble!
Kugo: That would be like creating a Conduit on top of them. That would tear them apart!!
Matt: Trust me. They won't be able to make the time jump!
Armond: All in favour of Matt's crazy plan?
Matt: Aye!
Armond: All opposed?
(Everyone): Naayy!!
Kugo(steps forward): Oh well, let's do it anyway.
Armond(nods): Okay.

(The Timeship drags the Paroga a safe distance from the Phoenix-X. The Timeship powers up its engines, and begins to flash as the Phoenix-X rotates its nose to point at them. The Phoenix-X stretches into Transwarp, right through the Timeship and the Paroga and all three ships disappear in a large flash)

(Meanwhile in Sickbay, the Night host and the Lex host sit up)
James: Excellent... Night Seifer, meet Lex Gotens.
Night: What!?!!
Lex: The Symbiont exchange is now complete.

(Armond activates the screen on the Bridge. The ship is currently in Transwarp)
Armond: All stop. Cloak the ship.
(Phoenix-X descends Transwarp and the lights dim)
Armond: Where are we?
Red: The Essex System.
Kayl: That's impossible, the Essex System was destroyed when the star went nova almost two years ago.
Kugo: In fact, I believe it was we who caused it to go nova when we first used the Slipstream Torpedo here.
Shane: We must've went back in time. Duh.
Armond: I had a feeling that was gonna happen.
(A fleet of 7 Romulan ships fly by, cloaking themselves, and heading towards the centre of the Essex System)
Kayl: It's Plutark's Fleet. They're going to ambush the Phoenix-X in this time period.
Armond: Forget about them. Our problem is getting back to that Timeship and the Paroga-X; and finding out what the hell is going on. Engage Transwarp.