Spin-off 3A

Forged in Something, Part I

The B'Rel Class Bochnah arched around in space, blasting disrupter pulses onto the upper hull of the Remen Warship. These two ships were the only ones in space for lightyears.
Menchez: "Full power to the Disrupters!!"
Kent: "Aye Captain!!"

The Bochnah was torn into by two photon torpedoes. One of them broke through a weak spot in thier shields.
Phine: "Hit them again...!"

The Remen Warship, the Legion, blasted more torpedoes out into space. They hit the Bochnah as it passed around again. They managed to revamp thier shield strength, but thier upper hull was spilling pieces as it was damaged beyond repair.
Menchez: "Fire!"
The Bochnah hit the Legion with disrupters.
Kent: "We've taken out thier shields!!"
Menchez: "Excellent!"
The Bridge suddenly shakes like crazy, and sparks go flying.
Kent: "They've taken out our shields!!"
Menchez: "That is not so excellent."

The Legion blasted another two torpedoes out into space, but the Bochnah quickly shifted itself to the side dodging them. The Bochnah then climbed over, dragging a dense tractor beam across the Legion's right side hull, busting hull fragments and large pieces out into space.
Tain: "We've lost Decks 13 to 15!"
Phine: "That Menchez is a swift one..."

As the Bochnah was departing from behind, the Legion quickly pumped a quantum torpedo onto the Bochnah's left wing. It exploded in chaos, sending the Bochnah spinning away. The Legion then jumped to Warp 4, out of there.

Kent: "They're gone."
Menchez, gets up in all the debris: "...Ugh!! ...Stop for repairs... They haven't seen the last of us."