Short 1


Stardate 54013.4

Kuru clenched his fist, aimed at his opponent and decided this time to bring his leg for an attack. He kicked his teacher, a Captain Tekoren in the side and then, with leg still lifted, kicked again for the head.

But Tekoren predicted this move and blocked easily with a forearm. He then force-palmed Kuru in the chest and knocked him into the air and back.

Kuru's feet lifted off the matted flooring and he fell onto his back, hard! When the rest of his body followed, the old Captain dropped his palm and looked down upon his opponent.

"You're quite good... but with a hint of naivete," Tekoren said.

Kuru collected his inner strength and pulled himself to a sit up. The calm air of the Tactical Training Arena at Starfleet Academy had relaxed his senses. It felt good to be back here.

"Um, thanks, Captain," he replied, only picturing himself rolling his eyes. The young Ensign had quite a large amount of respect for this man, as Tekoren had been his teacher inside the Academy and even before the Academy.

But Kuru wasn't here for the Academy. The Ensign was getting promoted finally. A well deserved promotion in Tekoren's eyes, yet he would never openly say so that easily.

"Mheh, heh, heh," the old man chuckled for what seemed like the first time ever in Kuru's eyes. "You've surpassed my expectations, Kuru. An old man like myself could have no better a pupil than what you have been.... Thank you," he smiled warmly.

What the heck is wrong with the master? Kuru asked in his head in complete shock. He never talks like this! - "Is everything alright?" Kuru allowed the Captain to grab his hand and pull him to his feet.

"Fine, fine," came the reply before a pause. He was caught looking away in sentiment, "Just... getting old," the Captain admitted - this time being a sure first.

Kuru sighed. He then patted him in arm, and smiled in response, "Don't you have a meeting to get to?"

"Ah," the old man's eyes lit up. "Thanks for reminding me."

Tekoren turned and left the Arena - knowing full well the meeting was involving the promotion of a few Ensigns, that of including Kuru.

The young Ensign stood alone in the Arena for a few seconds, thinking back to all that had happened with him recently. The Captain he had come to catch up with had been changing, and it seemed it was for the better. Was he preparing for death? - It was then Kuru was disturbed by another man standing in the Arena on the other side... staring at him.

Kuru turned and gazed at the man, "Who are you?" His instincts were flying through the roof.

The tall man, appearing to be Human, slowly walked over. He wore a Starfleet uniform with the Command rank of Captain. Kuru hadn't noticed this part until suddenly.

"...Uhh, sir." Kuru added to his previous question.

The Captain failed to respond, choosing only to continue walking and staring at Kuru. If Kuru didn't know any better, he could have sworn there was an inching smile of evil acorss the man's lips.

"I'm not in Starfleet," the man said. "I'm not even normally part of this plain of existence."

Kuru was getting a bad vibe from all this and decided it would be worth calling in security. He tried lifting his arm to tap his commbadge, but found the weight of the limb was too much to move. A force of some kind was holding it down.

"Ensign Kuru to Security," he then said - hoping the computer would pick it up anyway. But there was no response.

The man shook his head slightly. "Don't concern yourself with them." He held out his hand and opened it. The force that was keeping his arms down was now being endowed upon him from the man's palms. Kuru was then forced to his knees, struggling to accept the pressure and deal with it.

"Arrrgggghh!!!" He gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut! The force was too much to bear. "What-- are-- you---??"

But in an instant later the man released his hand and all the pressure on Kuru. The young Ensign was too weak and exhausted to look up. He only fell forward, holding his body off the floor by his already weak arms.

"Many of us have left our incredibly boring existence and decided to make our own. We've gone around and given mortals like yourself what we have so that one day you would join us," he then leaned in. "You are a chosen one... one of many."

Kuru could feel the man's scentless breath pat his skin upon every horrible word just said. After it had been spoken, Kuru snapped his head up for a menacing glare - but the presence of the being had alleviated. The fake Captain... fake Human... was gone.