Episode 51

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Occurrence, Part II

(Kugo runs out to the Bridge, noticing the lights and panels slowly stop blinking. The Symbiont glances over at her)
-Symbiont-: Pointy-eared woman!
Kugo: ...What the heck are you?
Lox: It's the Commander.
-Symbiont-: That's right. You take orders from me, no matter what form I'm in! Do you understand? Okay, now, see if you can figure out what's causing these Ship distortions.
Kugo: I am.
-Symbiont-: Don't talk back to me Lieutenant!! I'll bite your kneecaps.

(The two Androids follow RaeLuna and Ensign Dan sneaking through the Shadowed Ship. Ensign Dan asks about RaeLuna's species)
RaeLuna: Well, I'm half Human, half Klokian.
Ensign Dan: Okay, okay. You don't have to go into a whole detailed explanation. Let's just get back to scanning.
(He reads his tricorder, not recognizing any of the shadowed Aliens or the technology)
RaeLuna: That's not too abnormal for explorers such as yourselves on the Phoenix-X.
Ensign Dan: Us on Phoenix-X, explorers? Hahahahaha! That's a good one. I never realized how funny you were.

(The small sluggish Symbiont continues to Command the Phoenix-X)
-Symbiont-: You! Recalibrate the calibration tools! You! Swab the Deck!
Elly: But it's carpeted, sir.
-Symbiont(shakes its tentacle-arm)-: ...Swab it...!!!
(The EMH and Lox crouch aside continuing intense scans of the Symbiont)
Lox: Oh my God. I'm picking up energy traces of that strange Rift inside the Symbiont.
(The Symbiont looks around suddenly noticing the whole ship falling into Shadow. Lox and the EMH are in shadow aswell)
-Symbiont-: ...Guys?
(There's no response until the shadow effect falls and everything turns back to normal. Lox and the EMH realize the Symbiont is back)
-Symbiont-: Oh my God! What just happened? I think I need to lay off the breakfast burritos.
EMH: I fed you those in good confidence!

(RaeLuna accesses her tricorder deciphering the shadowed Alien's language in the universal translator so that they can understand them)
-Bojerk: WwWhat are those other faded Ships out there!? In all my years roaming the Rockono Galaxy, I have never been so angry at something I don't understandDd.
Ensign Dan(accessing his tricorder): I didn't understand what he just said. Argh! It's making me angry.
RaeLuna: Wait! He said something about some other Galaxy. I think it was the Rockono.
Ensign Dan: I've never heard of that Galaxy.
RaeLuna: I have.
(She rechecks her memory to see if she really has)
RaeLuna: Oh wait, no, I haven't.

(Kayl adapts to routine, collecting food from the rainforest, and unsuccesfully trying to revive the liquid Captain. Across the forest, the Larvekken Ship is almost all back online as Kayl enters the Bridge to use their weak communications systems. She finds that there is a nearby Klingon Outpost)
Kayl: I knew it! Hey, wait a second. I think I'm detecting Ship's near it... One of them seems to be Federation!
Atekkaen(walks by): Do you often talk to yourself in monologue?
(Kayl links up a subspace communication that turns out distorted)
Kayl: This is Lieutenant Kayl of the Starship Phoenix-X! Two officers down on a deserted Planet, need immediate assistance!!
**Rachel: Ttthis is Ccca--pta-nnn Rrr--achel Garrett --of thhe F--dderatt--on Sttttar---ship E--rrr---ppp---!!! Ship under attack by Romulans, need immediate assistance!!
(Kayl turns off communications in despair)
Kayl: Oh man.

(Matt approaches a smaller panel near the large doors. He accesses his Armlet, linking thin rainbow tubes into the panel, and creating an adaptive deciphering program which breaks the lock to the door)
GoyCho: We're in!
Matt: Yeah I know. You don't have to get so excited about it.
(The six of them slowly enter the next room, which is empty, but filled with arbitrary tall doorway frames everywhere. Their weird echoing fades away)
Don: I have a bad feeling that I'm one of those extra characters that gets killed off first.
(Kortos kneels down, finding one of the Torpedo Casings)
GoyCho: It's Slipstream. What are the Gordarion's going to do with our technology they stole?
Targon(finds another piece of technology): And what do they want with this squirrel dispenser, that shoots out squirrels?
(Grath accesses one of the Frames. An energy field is activated within the Frame's doorway, showing a vast arctic World, if you were to walk through it)
Matt: It's a portal to another Planet. All these Frames must be portals to other Planet's!
Grath: You assume too much. But that's okay because I assumed that too.
Matt: How did they make these Portals?
Targon: I'm not sure, Lieutenant.
Matt: That was a contemplative question.
Targon: Oh.

(Kayl is walking through the rainforest when suddenly the Larvekken Ship hovers up into the sky, and leaves the Planet without her)
Kayl: Damn! I knew I shouldn't have jokingly faked my death in front of them.
(She enters the crashed Angel Wing, visiting the liquidized Captain)
Kayl: I can't stop thinking about that Captain Garrett. I know I heard about her from somewhere... --Computer, what Ship is Rachel Garrett currently assigned to?
**Computer: She is not currently assigned to any Federation post. History records Rachel Garrett was killed on duty in 2344.
Kayl: That's weird...
(The liquid Captain bubbles in anticipation in its Glass Tube as if it were trying to say something)
Kayl: That's weird too.

(The Phoenix-X sits 1700 metres away from the Rift)
-Symbiont-: Okay, so we've determined those malfunctions weren't caused by the Armond Virus Hologram.
Kugo: No, I determined that. You just sat there!
(The screen clicks on, after Armond has contacted the Shark via long-range subspace)
*Jet: Hahahaha. Yes it was me who adapted that Virus to your Technical Hologram! I'll expose you yet, Phoenix-X. Hahahaha!
Armond: Oh yeah? Well it was me who poured an unusual yellow substance into your coffee. Hahahaha!
(The screen statics off, as the lights and panels start blinking all over the Ship again. Red Alert is activated and they're notified the Omega Bomb is acting up)

Borishnikov: We have to neutralize it's hyper-data link with the particle. Hurry!
(They rush to the Torpedo Bay where the Omega Bomb is bulging under its own pressure. Kugo opens it up finding different coloured lasers between motherboards)
Kugo: Which one do I neutralize? Red laser, or green laser?
(She places her hyper-spanner to the red laser, neutralizing it. The Omega Bomb is calmed down, along with most of the other Systems on the Phoenix-X. Suddenly, the Omega Bomb is beamed out by the Gordarions)
Borishnikov: Uh oh.
Yeltso: Uuhh... We'll just say we fired it.

(The Symbiont leaps onto the holo-Control Panel at the back to figure out what's going on. He taps at the floating buttons, having to jump to reach some of them)
-Symbiont-: All these malfunctions are being caused by our Subspace equipment!! Can you press that button for me?
(Phinly presses the button)
-Symbiont-: Thanks.

(On the Shadow Ship, the shadowed Crew notices RaeLuna, Ensign Dan and the Androids)
-Derce: I dunno about you, but I'm noticing four strange beings over there in the hallway.
-Bojerk(looks over): Oh, uhh, yeah I noticed. I was just waiting to see if you would.

(RaeLuna, Ensign Dan, and the Androids start making their way to the transporter room)
Ensign Dan: We have to get out of here!
RaeLuna: That's what we're doing. Your reactions are so delayed.

(The Phoenix-X moves in closer to the Rift, getting ready to beam them out. A weird high-pitched noise is heard suddenly)
Armond: Does anybody else hear that?
-Symbiont-(at Helm): Yeah but I'm ignoring it.
(The computers and systems malfunction while small harmless Tears in subspace occur all over the Ship, and on the Bridge in the air)
Lox: Subspace Tears! Armond, do something!
Armond(looking around): I am. I'm looking at the cool Tears.

(Kayl sits bored, beside the glass tube with the liquid Captain inside. The Angel Wing computer is currently scanning the Narendra Sector for Federation Time Beacons)
Kayl: You know Captain, I think I want to have kids one day. I just hope I'm not stuck alone on this Planet forever. You know what I mean?
(The liquid Captain bubbles in response)
Kayl: Okayy...
(Suddenly the computer beeps indicating it found a distant Time Beacon)
Kayl(gets up): Finally. Maybe I'll at last know if it's lunch or not.

(On the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, the Symbiont suddenly phases out again. Everything around him turns to shadow)
-Symbiont-: Aaahh!! I hate when this happens. Oh well, I guess it's for the best.
(He suddenly has a craving for breakfast burritos. Also, a man from the Shadowed Ship suddenly beams in; in front of him)
Derce: I come from the Ship you see in shadow.
-Symbiont-: Aahh!! Oh yeah? Well I come from the Ship that can kick your ass.

(Those of the Infiltration Team are brave enough to enter some of the Portals to the other Worlds. Matt enters a tropical swamp Planet, where a crowd of aliens are cheering on ski-pod racers at their starting line of a racing event. Matt tracks through knee high water, where he finds a Gordarion adapting a Transwarp coil to one of the pods)
Matt: Hey that belongs on the Phoenix-X!
(He uses his Armlet to fire a black energy ball into the Gordarion, sending him flying into another guy on a ski-pod. Matt takes the coil and heads back through the Portal back into the Room)
Matt(looks at the coil): I hope I remember where this goes.

(The shadowed Guards on the Shadowed Ship catch up to RaeLuna, Ensign Dan and the Androids. They grab for Ensign Dan's arm, but their hands slowly phase through. They try grabbing again, and through increasing friction are able to get some kind of hold on Ensign Dan)
Ensign Dan: Ahhh!!! I'm being captured by shadows!
Trunks(just watching): One of them is trying to go inside you and posses you.
(Ensign Dan runs around in circles. While kicking a shadow Guy back, RaeLuna puts her mind onto figuring out why the alien Ship is so faded)
RaeLuna: If these guys are in another Galaxy right now, then that Galaxy must be existing on a sub-plane of existence! It stands to chance that their Galaxy is passing through ours. Perhaps this Rift is evidence of a minor fold in both Galaxies' interception.
Sub Zero: Or perhaps they have bad colour sense? That's the more obvious theory to put your mind to.

(The four of them are beamed into Transporter Room 2 of the Phoenix-X. They notice the noisy Subspace Tears opening up everywhere as they make their way to the Bridge)
Trunks: We came at a bad time.
Sub Zero: Oh well. Just whatever you do, don't touch their personal Subspace Tears. Remember how you broke that vase on the last Ship we tried joining?
(Kugo, Armond and Lox are phasering random occurring Tears closed all over the place)
Armond: First the subspace equipment and now these Tears. It can't just be a coincidence! It must have something to do with that Rift. I think it may be cutting into normal Space.
Lox: That's what I was thinking! But oh well, you got that.

(Kayl climbs the trees of the rainforest collecting alien foods. She looks over into an open area and finds Klokian sitting near a shelter and fire he built. He is stuck on the Planet as well)
Kayl: Hahahaha... Maybe I shouldn't laugh since I'm in the same situation.

(She makes her way back to the Angel Wing, where the computer downloads another stream of data from the Time Beacon indicating a current year of 2344)
Kayl: This Beacon is 34 years off... Unless... Captain Garrett is the same Captain Garrett who Captained the Enterprise in this time period. Oh my God! We're not in our normal time period! No wonder I can't see that Rift, or the Larvekkens couldn't contact their Spacedock.
(The Captain bubbles in response)
Kayl: It must've been when that Rift hit us. We were knocked back through time. The Rift must have some temporal properties to it!
(The Captain bubbles in response again)

Derce: Since I am part of a species who fears what it doesn't understand, I will destroy you and your Ship!
(The Symbiont is confronted by a strange alien man on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. The Bridge is shadowed indefinitely)
-Symbiont-: Since I am part of a species who retaliates offense with hatred, I will destroy you and your Ship too!!
(The Symbiont makes its way across the floor to do just that, but Derce stomps his feet trying to squish the Symbiont. The Symbiont hops around as Derce tries grabbing it)
-Symbiont-: I know what this place is now. It's a sub-plane of existence! The energy from the Rift that's inside of me is what's causing me to slip in and out of this Shadow Realm.
Derce: Hey stop moving and talking at the same time! I'll get you! I'll get you for sure! For sure, I says!

(Matt and Targon enter a Portal to a desert area of the ancient Vulcan planet. They find them selves at the outskirts of two converging large crowds of Vulcan's running towards each other for hand-to-hand combat. They look over to see a Gordarion placing the Omega Bomb between the two crowds)
Targon: These Portals must not only lead to other Worlds but other time-periods as well. These are primordial Vulcans? I am impressed.
(He runs over to the Gordarion, tackling him to the ground and punching him out. Matt retrieves the Omega Bomb before the surrounding fighting Vulcans get it. They dodge jabbing and kicking Vulcans finding their way back to the Portal)
Targon: My scans show that these Portals are focused by the energy from the Rift. The energy from the Rift must not be chaotic.
Matt: It is logical that the Gordarions just want to use these Portals to test their stolen technologies in other environments. Whoa, we'd better leave; I'm starting to talk like a guy who likes to say 'logical' all the time.

(The King of the Gordarions just finishes fixing the panel underneath the main-Bridge computer. He slides out and gets up)
King Gordan: Finally! --Computer, begin weapon's rebuilding sequence.
(The pulse guns outside the Gordarion Ship start rematerializing, but in the distance the Xena aims, firing)
King Gordan: Curses!! Oh well. All that hard work has to go towards something. Yup. I am not mad.

(More Tears start ripping into the walls and computers of the Phoenix-X. Armond drops his phaser, leaps over the back control panel and takes the Helm. He's about to take the Ship away from the Rift, but a Tear suddenly rips into him, distorting his matrix offline)
RaeLuna: Ouch. That's gyotta hurt.
(She leaps over the panel to the Helm and backs the Phoenix-X off herself. The Tears all over the Ship disintegrate away)
Kugo: Thanks whoever you are! ...Uhh, who are you?
RaeLuna: My name is RaeLuna, and I believe you may know my mother... Kayl.
Elly: Kayl is your mother? Yeah right! And I'm my own daughter... I really am. No, seriously. I'm not even being sarcastic.

(The shadow Ship engages towards the Phoenix-X, chasing them. The Phoenix-X fires torpedoes, but the torpedoes just pass right through the shadow Ship)

Kugo: That's not fair! Of all the unfairness, that is the most fairless of them all.

(She tries hailing the Xena, but the Xena is firing phasers at the Gordarion Ship)
Aeris: Keep firing!! Don't even stop to answer anyone's possible hail.
Wendy: But the Phoenix-X is hailing.
Aeris: Did you hear what I said? Don't make me replace you with a six-year old like I did before.

(Kayl stands under the door to outside the Angel Wing, looking at the peaceful night sky above the rainforest. The Enterprise in this time period is taken over)
Kayl: I can't believe I'm going to be spending the rest of my life on this Planet... My telepathic web ability doesn't even work anymore.
(She suddenly gets an idea, grabbing a hypo, and heading out into the forest towards Klokian's site)
Kayl: Heh, heh, heh... Hahahahahaha!!! ....Heh, heh, heh.......... Heh.
Kayl: ......Heh.

(The Symbiont starts fading in and out of existences again. The Symbiont is seen passing through the walls into the Briefing Room. Lox follows)
Lox: Commander! I forgot about you. I mean, I was in so much distress at your absence. Yeah.

(In the other Realm, the Derce guy leans in trying to pick the Symbiont off the floor. The Symbiont leaps up, off the table, and up to Derce, kicking Derce across his face)
Derce: Argh! Hey!
(The Symbiont leaps onto Derce's shoulders, pouncing and beating him up. Derce falls to the floor in pain)
-Symbiont-: Hahaha!

(The Symbiont jumps up and down beating Derce up, while phasing in and out of Existences. Lox sees him while working on the data on the medical tri-corder)
Lox: Commander, I believe I can merge you with your Host now!
(The Symbiont ignores him, while pouncing the unconscious Derce. Lox takes out a baseball glove and catches the Symbiont in mid-air)
-Symbiont-: Hey! I had him! You'll get demoted to Doctor for this.
Lox: Uh!

(The Gordarion Ship shakes like crazy under stress due to constant phaser fire from the Xena. The six guys of the Infiltration Team journey in and out of different Portals in that Room, retrieving stolen technologies and unconscious Gordarion Soldiers)
Kortos: I beat this guy up good. Look, he has only one eye now.
Grath: Uhh, that's his belly button.
(The Ship shakes and support beams start to fall; one crushing a Portal Frame. The Ship continues to shake like crazy, ready to explode)
Matt: We have to get out of here! What if we use one of these Portal's to escape? They can be the answer to all our problems!
GoyCho: No! We can't leave the Jumper's behind!
Matt: Are you in love with those Jumpers?

(Life goes on for Kayl, on the arbitrary Narendra Planet. She builds a house with plumbing, beside the crashed Angel Wing. After several tries to catch Klokian, she finally does, tackling him to the ground. She takes a hypo and steals some of Klokian's sperm)
Klokian: Klokian feel abused!!
(Klokian pushes her off and runs away. He intends on living on the other side of the Planet. Kayl, on the other hand, having just contradicted the right-to-privacy morals she set for herself when her mind was raped a long time ago, goes ahead and impregnates herself with Klokian's sperm)
Kayl: Come on baby; show me the latinum.
(Months pass by, and Kayl is happily pregnant, and living safe)
Kayl: Wohoo!

(Armond is brought back online, as the Phoenix-X is being followed around the Rift by the shadowed Ship)
Ensign Dan: What are we going to do about this guy?
Armond: I have an idea.
Ensign Dan: I like your idea.
Armond: I haven't even demonstrated it yet.
(He takes the Helm, and flys the Phoenix-X around. The Phoenix-X soars around the Xena and Gordarion Ship, as the shadow Ship follows. The Phoenix-X then heads straight towards the Rift, as Tears begin all over again onboard)
Kugo: Oh man!
(The shadow Ship follows, but the Phoenix-X pulls off to the left, away from the Rift. The shadow Ship goes straight into the centre of the Rift, to be lost on some other plain of existence, never to be seen again)
Ensign Dan: That was kind of mean.
RaeLuna: Out here, survival is only for the fittest.

(The Gordarion Ship suddenly loses its particle stream with the Rift. The Jumpers all boost out there as phaser beams from the Xena blast by them, hitting the Gordarion Ship's weak point. The Gordarion Ship flames of plasma, and withers out escape pods when suddenly the entire Ship explodes. Large pieces of the ship go flying by)
Don: Oh no!
(One of the large chunks of the Gordarion Ship hits a Jumper and changes its course. An intact door-frame Portal is seen following behind as they all take on gravity from the nearby Planet. The metallic piece, Portal, and Jumper fall through the sky of the Planet and hit the ground of a rainforest hard)
GoyCho: We better see if he's okay. It's the least we could do.

(The fleet of Jumpers turn around and head to the Planet, landing smoothly in the forest where the crashed Jumper and metallic chunk are. Don gets out alive)
Don: I didn't die! Yes!
Matt(gets out): Are you okay? I'll take that last thing you said as a Yes.
(Targon walks past a couple trees and finds the Portal Frame, still intact. He activates it)
Grath: It's the last surviving Portal. Who is going to walk through it?
Don: I'll do it!

(He walks through the Portal, finding himself in a huge active City. He looks around, finding it to be the 21st Century Earth, in one of the biggest cities in North America. He walks out to the sidewalk where a thug runs over to steal from him. The thug finds nothing to steal and instead stabs Don in the heart. Don dies)

Matt: I wonder how Don is doing?
(Matt sticks his head through the Portal and finds Don dead on the ground)
Matt: Uh oh.
Kortos(looks too): That's not good. I wonder if he died with honour?
*(Ensign Dan contacts them, and they tell him about 21st Century Earth)
*Ensign Dan: I hear 21st Century Earth had some pretty secluded areas. I have an idea. We can disable and hide the Timeship and Omega Bomb there.
Matt: Okay. But I think we have to do something about Don who just died. Maybe we can go back in time and save his life.
*Ensign Dan: Alright. We'll be right over.

(The EMH and RaeLuna enter Sickbay, where the Doctor has completed putting the Symbiont back into the Seifer Host. Seifer sits up)
Seifer: Ugh... I feel so much taller now. I think I feel more agile and co-ordinated. What happened to me?
Lox: Your Symbiont was changed by the Gordarions. We think it's more evolved.
Seifer: Where's Captain Daniel?
RaeLuna: Daniel? That's not his name anymore; it's Captain Cell.
Seifer: Huh?
RaeLuna: I grew up on the Narendra Planet with your liquid Captain. Me and mom were able to communicate with him telepathically for about 3 decades now, and he changed his name.
Seifer: Huh? Can I still say Huh?

(The Phoenix-X takes orbit around the Planet. Seifer, Lox, RaeLuna, Trunks, and Sub Zero beam down. RaeLuna shows them to the House that Kayl built beside the crashed Angel Wing. Kayl is sitting peacefully in a rocking chair on her front porch. She is very much older)
Kayl(surprised): Oh my! You're all here!
Seifer: Lieutenant? What happened to you?
Kayl: Just a little aging, Commander. I see you've met my daughter, RaeLuna.
Lox: You must've been knocked back in time by the Rift. We'd better go back in time and stop this.
Kayl: No! I've lived my life, and had my daughter. I don't want to change what life I have made for myself.
Seifer: Are you sure? Your plumbing doesn't seem to go very far.
Kayl: I just have a request. If my daughter wishes to join the crew, could you let her? I've trained her well, and she has had a couple years experience in space herself.
Seifer: Well, okay. But I'm not sure about those Androids.
Kayl: Oh, they're okay. I've met them a couple times when RaeLuna has come back to visit me.
RaeLuna: I found Trunks and Sub Zero on deserted Planets. They're honourable and trust worthy.
Seifer: Who's RaeLuna's father?
Kayl: Klokian is. I was pretty desperate and emotional at the time, and Klokian was the only male being around.
Seifer: I can't believe all this. I need to take a moment to let it all sink in. Ah well, who cares about sinking in. I'll just go with it.

(Kayl and RaeLuna bring Lox into the Angel Wing where the Captain is still a liquid in a glass tube)
Lox: You mean after all these years, he still hasn't taken shape?
Kayl: We don't understand either, Doctor. I tried everything. I even made funny faces at him.
(The liquid Captain bubbles in bad memory recollection)
Lox: Well, I was thinking about jolting him with a bio-electric pulse, to make his nano-cells active. I guess I'll give that a try.
(He connects the tube up to the computer, and simulates a bio-electric pulse. The liquid Captain is jolted and almost takes shape, but isn't able to)
Lox: It's no use. I can't simulate a proper pulse.
RaeLuna: What about me? I'm half Klokian, and I have some bio-electric energy.
(She unlatches a computer panel and finds the energy transfer coil. She places her scaly hands on it and concentrates. A small weak pulse is sent to the protected coil, which the computer is able to enhance 3x)
Lox: Amazing.
(The liquid Captain's nano-cells are activated and he is able to move around. He buldges in the glass, shattering the glass into pieces. He pours out as a metallic liquid and takes humanoid shape)
Cell: Uugghh. Finally!! I feel like I missed so much.
Seifer(enters): Captain... uhhh, Cell?
Cell: That's right. Do you have a problem with that?
Seifer: No.
Cell: Good.

(Not too far away in the rainforest is the six Jumpers and the last Portal sticking out of the mud)
Matt: Are you sure 21st Century Earth is a safe place for these things?
Ensign Dan: Yeah, nobody goes there. Not to mention, we're just saving the Timeship and Omega Bomb until we really need them or figure out how to completely dismantle them.
Matt: Hey, I've got better things to do.
Ensign Dan: I've picked an island no one has discovered yet. But maybe we should leave someone there to guard the stuff.
Kortos: Don't look at me.
Sub Zero(walks over): I will go. I have no current purpose, and standing around for eons is something I have done before.
Ensign Dan: Well, you've gained my trust, so okay.
Matt: He hasn't gained my trust; and for all we know he's a dangerous killer Android planning to cause major destruction and revenge everywhere. But I'm okay with it too.
(Sub Zero picks up the disabled Omega Bomb and Squirrel Dispenser and enters the Portal to safe 21st Century Earth)
Grath: What a nice fellow.

(Matt beams back to the Phoenix-X and gets into the Timeship)
Matt: Uh oh. Better make sure I choose the right Paradox.
(He selects a paradox on the screen's pull-down menu and takes the Timeship and flashes to 21st Century Earth, saving Don before he dies. He leaves the Timeship with Sub Zero and walks back through the Portal with Don who is alive)
Don: How did you know that thug was going to stab me?
Matt(shrugs): Eh.

(Kugo sits at the Bridge of the Phoenix-X watching onscreen the Xena turning around and Warping back to Federation space. She's suddenly hailed on a secret channel)
*Armond: Kugo! It's me the real Armond.
Kugo: Armond, are you alright?
*Armond: Yeah. I just wanted to let you know that Monique and I are on the team working on the X-Project now. We secretly left the Phoenix-X with Theseus a couple days ago to see if you'd figure out that I was a Hologram.
Kugo: Can we come to visit you sometime?
*Armond: Sure. Just make sure not to bring any other lettered Projects. It makes the team here jealous.

(Matt and the rest of Infiltration Team take the Jumpers and head back to the Phoenix-X)
GoyCho: I hope you all went to the washroom before we left.
*Targon: I did! Except it was right beside Jumper 3.
*Grath: Eeuu.

(Trunks pulls the Portal out of the mud and carries it to Kayl's House)
Kayl: You can leave that Portal here. Whenever you need to use it, just come over.
Cell: Thanks Lieutenant. I can't wait to leave this dumppp--- I mean, wonderful House you've built.
Kayl(takes off her commbadge): As for the formalities... I respectively and officially resign my commission.
Seifer: That's not a commbadge, it's a Cool Ranch Doritos chip you glued onto your shirt.
Kayl: I know, sorry. I lost the real commbadge.

(Cell, Seifer, RaeLuna, Trunks, and Lox salvage the Angel Wing, getting the Phoenix-X to beam parts of it at a time back aboard. They beam back themselves after saying bye to Kayl)
RaeLuna: See you later, mom.
Kayl: Take care, Rae. Don't forget to fight for good and not succumb to evil... and brush your teeth!
RaeLuna: Yes, mom.

(Cell enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X where everyone is waiting. The view of the Rift is on-screen, as they continue monitoring it)
Seifer: You know that Armond Holographic Virus? He said his actual name is Amp.
Cell: The who is the what now?
Seifer(goes somewhere else): So... RaeLuna, how's that Raptor doing?
RaeLuna: I left it with my mother, in case she ever needed to leave the Planet.
Trunks: I seem to have accidentally left my sonic wallet on it. Crap.
(The Phoenix-X backs off from the Rift, that seems to be deteriorating)
Cell: I don't understand. What's going on?
RaeLuna: The Rift, which is actually a Fold, must've been natural in occurrence; caused by the intersecting Existences.
Seifer: Does that mean the intersection is over?
RaeLuna: Not at all, Commander. It's only the beginning...
(Pause for dramatic effect)
Cell: Could you imagine two Galaxies colliding? It'd probably look like that.
(He accesses long-range visual sensors showing two actual Galaxies colliding in the cosmic distance)
Seifer: Yeah, there have been studies.
Cell: Oh well. Amp, set a course for get-the-hell-outta-here... Transwarp.

(The Phoenix-X turns around and jumps to Transwarp, leaving the random temporal subspace Fold to disintegrate)