Episode 56

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Possible Regret

(Captain Cell brings Seifer into the Transmissions Room, showing him audio clips from people who were on the ship before)
Cell: Listen. This was Wallace's voice before...
**Wallace: "Heylow Starfleet memba's. How you doin' t'day? Heeheehee."
Cell: ...And this was Wallace's voice a year or so later...
**Wallace: "Hey guys. What's up? Heh, heh. Catch the game last night?"
Seifer: Amazing. Then we found out he was a spy.
Cell: Right.
(They stand there thinking about the transformation of his voice)
Seifer: ...Surgery?
Cell(nods): Yeah.

(The USS Phoenix-X slows through space approaching a large Debris Field of starship metallic broken parts and miscellaneous large pieces)
Cell: On screen.
RaeLuna: Aye.
[The screen clicks on, showing the view of the Debris Field]
Seifer(narrating): What we are seeing is the ancient debris of what used to be a Raekwon Ship Yard.
Cell: Fascinating. Tell me more.
Seifer: I-- uuhh... that's all I know.
Cell: You narrate for us with only one piece of information?
Seifer: But no one knows anything about the Raekw---
Cell: Thank you. I think we've had enough of your lack of research.
Seifer: But---
Cell: Thank you!
RaeLuna(scans): This Ship Yard must have been abandoned at least a century ago. It's hard to tell whether it was destroyed by the Nikon or the Hexens.
Amp: Why choose one? Go with both of them and call it a case closed.
RaeLuna: But they're the only species who've dealt with Raekwon technology.
Cell: Yeah and look what happened to them; they're dead. That's what you get for messing around with that kind of technology.
Seifer: Captain, we use Raekwon technology.
Cell: ...Oh yeah.
Seifer: Besides, it was war that tore those species apart; especially the Hexen's.
(Everyone shakes their heads at the fact that there is War in the universe)
Amp: Hey! I was going to make that point!
Seifer: I said it first!
Amp(gets up and runs over): I'll kill you!
Seifer: I'll kill you first!
Cell: --Gentlemen! Don't be like those stupid Hexen's!
RaeLuna: Captain! How could you say that? Trunks is standing right here.
Trunks(standing there): ...Hi.
Cell: Oh right. I forgot Trunks, you're from the Hexen Planet. Sorry.
Trunks: It's okay.
(Amp and Seifer start fighting again)
Seifer: I'm going to delete you!
Amp: I'll delete your deleting commands before you can do that--!
(Trunks suddenly feels a glitch in his systems)
Trunks: You guys don't haaavvvv---vvve have tttto fight.
Cell: Trunks, are you alright?
Trunks(shakes his head for a second): Yes, sir. I'm fine. It was nothing.
(Amp and Seifer keep fighting)
Seifer: I made that point first!
Amp: It should've been me!!
Seifer: Well it wasn't! I made that point about the, uhh, the... the thing.
Amp: Ha! You can't even remember that your point was about the... umm... the...
Seifer: Wait a minute. Isn't your memory stored in your database?
Amp: Yeah but I never bother to check it.
Cell: Will you just get back to your station Lieutenant! There's nothing for us here. Let's take the ship away.
Amp: Aye sir.

(The USS Phoenix-X speeds around through the metallic debris in a u-turn, Transwarping away. Back in Federation space, the USS Rune scans an interesting Nebula)

Blade: This isn't very interesting.
Lara: But Captain. This Nebula is nothing like anyone has encountered before!
Blade: It isn't? Well feed my chickens and call me Cletus. This Nebula is fascinating!
Lara: We're just not sure if it has subjected any of the crew with any weird effects.
(Commander Chain suddenly enters the Bridge, pacing his breath)
Chain: ...Oh my God ...What year is this?
Blade: 2379.
Chain(thankful): Oh--- That's great. Everything's okay... everything's okay. Thanks, Captain.
Blade: For what?
Chain: ...For saving my life in another time. Another time...
Lara: Commander, are you trying to say you had a time traveling experience due to this Nebula?
Chain: Uhh... no.
Lara: Yes you are.
Chain: No, I'm not.
Lara: Yes you are.
Chain: I'm not allowed to tell you anything; temporal directive.
Blade: We don't care.
Chain: I mean it! You can try to drag it out of me, but I won't speak!
Lara: Whatever.
Chain: Just try. Just try and you'll see I won't say a word!
Blade: We get the point!
Chain: ...Oh. You mean you don't want to hear what happened?
Blade: No.
(The Rune turns around, about to Warp out of there, when they're suddenly approached by a Hexen Vessel)
[Mirvish]: This is the Hexen Scoutvessel Logitech. We have come from far in search of your Federation.
Blade: Greetings. Oh, and salutations.
Blade: Wait, that means the same thing. ...Where's my thesaurus?
(He looks around)
[Mirvish]: We have heard rumour that Trunks is free and has joined your people. He belongs to us and we demand you return him!!
Blade(finds it): Do you 'demand'... or do you 'stipulate'...?
[Mirvish]: Give us Trunks back! He is a KY-2896 Raekwon Combat Android. Built for destruction!
Blade: I'm sorry, but there is no one named "Trunks" in the Federation. We don't know who you're talking about.
Chain: Oh I do! ...Wait... the temporal directive prevents me from saying anything.
Lara(eyes him): You moron. Do you really know who they're talking about, or are you just trying to get attention?
Chain(becomes sad): ...I just want attention.

(A group of Admirals meet in the Conference Room on Starbase 55. A view screen to San Francisco Starfleet Headquarters shows the Admirals there in their meeting rooms)
[Paris]: Alright, now let's get to business. There seems to be some space dust heading towards Earth as we speak. I want two Starships on this matter immediately.
[Cloud]: Agreed.
[Paris]: Next on the list... A Jem'Hadar is trying to run for Earth President....
(Theseus whispers to his colleges at the other end of the table)
Theseus: These meetings just get more boring every week.
Nelkast: But sir, they are of utmost importance!
Theseus: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Paris]: ...And in Sector 382, a Hexen vessel seems to be becoming hostile towards the USS Rune.
Theseus(sits up): Hmm... that sounds suspicious.
Elena: Sir?
Theseus: I said it sounds suspicious. Pay attention.

(Across vast distances, Starbase 55 contacts the USS Phoenix-X)
Elena: ...It seems there is a Hexen vessel that thinks the Federation has this Android named Trunks. We were hoping you could destroy these Hexens, or at least badly damage them so that someone else will.
[Cell]: Trunks? We have an Android named Trunks.
Elena(surprised): You do? When were you going to tell us about this!?
[Cell]: I dunno. In a week or a month or so.

(The screen clicks off, and the USS Phoenix-X cloaks out of sight. Meanwhile, a couple Sectors away, the USS Rune continues to be hassled by the HSV Logitech)
Blade: Leave us alone, Mr. We don't even know you!
[Mirvish]: Give us what we want.
Blade: Look. Why can't you get it through your thick skull that we don't have or even know any "Trunks"?
(He looks on-screen at the Aliens' skull noticing it is very thin and partially transparent)
Blade: Never mind.

(The HSV Logitech momentarily emits a strange particle field around the USS Rune. A jolt to the Rune's sensors is felt on the system)

Lara(at consoles): Captain! Sensors are--! Oh wait, never mind. It's better now.
(Hexen aliens beam onto the USS Rune throughout the ship. Mirvish's second hand man beams onto the Bridge)
Aberfoyle: ...Give us Trunks... Trunks!
Chain: Captain watch out!
(Aberfolye slowly approaches the Captain, waving his hands in mysterious motions. Nothing really happens and it takes forever for him as he's dancing over)
Blade/Chain: ....
Aberfoyle: Trunks! He must be destroyed!

(All the other Hexen aliens throughout the Ship don't really do anything, but dance and wave their arms around making demands)
Kajien: ...Trunks! Trunks!
Jack: Hahaha. You're funny.

(Commander Chain enters Transporter Room 4 where the Transporter Chief has been replaced)
Chain: Who are you?
Kugo: Lieutenant Casey Evans, sir. I transferred over from the Ixion the other day.
Chain: Oh. Well, we want to try to beam these stupid aliens back to their vessel. Can you get a lock on one of them?
Kugo(taps at the panels): ...Attempting to do so.

(Seifer and Lox enter the Rune's Main Engineering, where people are scrambling at computers in panic. They notice one of the Hexen alien's dancing around)
Verbatim: Trunks...! Trunks...!
Adam: Excuse me, gentlemen, who are you?
Seifer: Lieutenant Commander Narley, and this is Ensign Dude. We're trained negotiators visiting from the Tsunami.
Adam: Oh. Well that shuts me up.

(He gets back to work as Seifer and Lox approach the Hexen alien)
Verbatim: ...Trunks! Chunks--- I mean, Trunks...!
Lox: Swimming trunks...? The trunk of an elephant...? Help us out here.
Verbatim: We want the android, KY-2896.
Seifer(raises a hand): Greeetings. I come in peace. Can-- you-- tell-- us-- how-- you-- got-- here--?
Verbatim: Please restate question.
Seifer: How did you got-- I mean, get here? Your people we're all annihilated a century ago.
(The Hexen alien just dances around, waving its arms in a fluid motion)

Amp: There's one!
(Cell and Amp enter the Rune's 10-Forward where it has been evacuated due to a Hexen alien dancing around)
Cell: Why haven't they been apprehended or fired at?
Brian(runs out gayly): Eeuu I'm not touching them.
Samsung: ...Trunks! Trunks!
Cell: Who ever you people are, you're not getting away with this.
Amp: Yeah, Trunks is the only android my program can take control of. --Well, there's Data, but he's on a different Ship.

(The crew returns to the cloaked USS Phoenix-X in exhaustion. They enter the Briefing Room)
Kugo: Ugh... It's impossible to do anything with those creatures.
Lox: ...And they keep repeating, Trunks! Trunks! What's with you and that name?
Amp: Yeah, it's like you ripped it off from dragonball-z.
Trunks(nods): It is true my creator was into dragonball-z. He may have named me after a character on it. ...But I do not understand how these Hexen's could have survived the Great Wars...?
Cell: It's possible that they could have escaped the Planet during the choas.
(Everyone sits there, thinking about the situation)
Trunks: ...I recall my life as a Destroyer. My creator made me for that purpose alone. Hexen was divided into two; the west continent and the east continent. We were at War for so long, as technology kept building. Engineers from the east continent created Sub Zero to destroy all those on our continent; and Engineers from our continent created me to destroy all those on the east continent.
RaeLuna: It wasn't until long when all life on the planet would have been eliminated.
(Seifer, who is sitting beside Trunks, suddenly moves his chair away. He keeps trying to get away from Trunks)
Seifer: Ahh! I didn't know that you were a destroyer!
Cell: It's your job to know the personnel.
Seifer: --Oh, uhh, I mean, I knew all that.
(Seifer stops trying to get away as everyone glances over at Trunks)
Trunks: I was only programmed to destroy Hexen's. Since they are all dead, I no longer need to destroy anything else.
Kugo: Don't you feel bad for killing so many people?
Trunks: I have no emotion at all.
Seifer: Hahahaha. Just like Data.
Trunks: I will not harm any of you, if that is your fear?
(Everyone glances at each other, unsure of this)
Cell: It's not that we don't trust you, it's...
Seifer: ...We don't trust you.
Lox: Yeah.
Trunks: But programming is absolute. I am not programmed to want to destroy anyone else!
Amp: He's yelling! Ahh!
(Everyone runs out the Room, scared)

Aberfoyle: ...Trunks! ...Trunks!
(The Hexen alien continues to dance on the Bridge of the USS Rune)
Blade: The trunk of a tree...? The trunk of a car...? Help us out here.
Aberfoyle: ---Uhh... Trunks! Trunks!

(The HSV Logitech receives an encoded transmission. They quickly crack it)
Mirvish: ...Who are you?
*Cell*: This is the Federation Starship Phoenix-X. We have Trunks. If you want him, meet us at these co-ordinates.
[The co-ordinates are put on-screen]
Mirvish: ...Who are you?
*Cell*: ...Uhh... I just told you.
Mirvish: ...Who are you?
*Cell*: Why are you repeating yourself?
Mirvish: ...Who are you?
*Cell*: Umm... I'm just going to go now.

(All the aliens from the Rune disappear as the HSV Logitech rotates around and speeds out of there. The USS Rune is left with the Nebula again)
Blade: Finally.
Chain(enters the Bridge pacing breath): ...What... what, what year is this...?
Lara: We're not falling for that again.
Blade(tries confusing Chain): Oh no, it's, uhhh... the year 2002. Heh, heh.
Chain: What!? Aaahhh!
(He runs away)

(The HSV Logitech speeds through space until coming to a complete stop. The USS Phoenix-X suddenly decloaks in front of it)
*Cell*: Greetings. We come in peace. Now, prepare to be boarded.

(Crew from the Phoenix-X beam onto the HSV Logitech. Cell and Seifer rematerialize on their funny-looking Control Bridge)
Mirvish: Trunks. Where is Trunks?
Seifer: Wait a tick. Why do you want to destroy Trunks so badly?
Mirvish: The KY-2896 is responsible for the deaths of millions of Hexen's. Our people must be avenged.
Cell: I see. So it's a personal thing?
Mirvish: Yes!
Seifer: How did you guys escape the Hexen Wars?
Mirvish: We were lucky enough to get a Ship. We have been spending all these years in space.
Seifer(laughs): Who would waste their time doing that?
(Cell glances over at Seifer)
Seifer: Oh, right.
Cell: Excuse me, but do you have any proof that Trunks will be dangerous again?
Mirvish: Our people must be avenged.
Seifer: He's got a point there.
Mirvish: Our people must be avenged.
Cell: Listen Mirvy; Trunks doesn't need to be destroyed anymore now that he's killed all those millions of people. Now he's just a guy without a hobby.
Mirvish: Trunnnnks-- Where is Ttttrunks?
Seifer: Am I hearing an echo?
Cell: These people are weird.
Seifer: I know; even more so than us.
Mirvish: ...Trunks! Trunks!!!
Cell: Arrggh. Enough already!
(Four more guys pour onto the Bridge, chanting Trunks' name over and over again)
Seifer: Aahhh!
(The people on the Ship seem to glitch for a second)
Cell: ...Okkkaayyyy... There's something about these people that doesn't seem just right.
Seifer: Let's get outta here.
Cell: Agreed.

(They beam out, back to the USS Phoenix-X's Transporter Room 2. Cell and Seifer head for the door, and swing it open. Someone walking out in the hallway suddenly slams into the open door in pain)
Lox: Owe!!!

(He falls to the carpet with a twisted ankle. On the other side of the door as its closing, Cell and Seifer walk in the other direction down the hallway, not having noticed)
Cell: Why did you install swinging doors on the Phoenix-X?
Seifer: I was getting tired of those automatic doors.
Cell: Well I want those automatic doors back!
Seifer: Okay okay, you don't have to bust a vein.

(Trunks walks by and notices Lox in pain on the floor)
Lox: Arrgghh...!!
Trunks: Are you okay?
Lox: No. It was one of those stupid swinging doors---
(He looks up and notices that he's talking to Trunks)
Lox: --Aahh! ...Uhh, I'm fine.
Trunks: Are you sure? Can I help you to Sickbay?
Lox(gets up): No! ...I mean, I said I was fine. Don't worry about it. You just go on, not killing people and stuff. I'll be just the wellness.
(He limps off in fear down the hallway on his twisted ankle, leaving Trunks confused)

RaeLuna: ...Speak.
(RaeLuna enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X)
Amp(at the back): I've scanned the Logitech completely. But I get muffled information when I try to scan on a sub-molecular level.
RaeLuna: Captain Cell said he saw the entire crew glitch; as if they were perhaps holograms.
Amp: If that's true, it's possible they might be fooling our sensors with false readings.

(They look around in curiosity as Red Alert suddenly goes on. The HSV Logitech momentarily emits a strange particle field around the USS Phoenix-X. A jolt to the Phoenix-X's sensors is felt on the system)

Trunks: Hey, funny lights are blinking.
(Kugo has Trunks' side-head panel open, working on his responsive systems. She puts them back to normal)
Kugo: Oops. ...You know, you have a really long range subspace signal emitter.
Trunks: Thanks. Some say it's my most endearing quality.
(A Hexen suddenly beams into Engineering with them. He flails his reptile arms around, shocking Kugo with an energy burst. Kugo smashes back into a control panel)
Trunks: Lieutenant!
(He turns to face Aberfoyle, ready to fight. Trunks unfolds his torpedo launcher and fires two small torpedoes. Aberfoyle ducks and flips through the air as debris from the wall explosion follows him behind. He lands on Trunks' shoulders and head as debris bounces off Trunks)
Aberfoyle: ...You will be destroyed.
(He runs bio-electric energy through both their bodies, causing minor damage to Trunks)
Trunks(throws him off): Grgh!
(Kugo wakes up on the floor and tries swinging her foot around to trip Aberfoyle, who leaps into the air. Kugo gets to her feet and jabs for Aberfoyle's side, but Aberfoyle spins out of the way with great speed)
Kugo: That can't be good.
(Aberfoyle kicks Kugo with much muscle power, sending her flying across the Room and out the swinging doors)
Trunks: Argh!
(The bio-energy around Trunks lets the Logitech lock onto him and beam him out)

RaeLuna: They have Trunks.
(The HSV Logitech turns and speeds out of there. The USS Phoenix-X races after)
Cell(stands): They're going to destroy him...
Seifer: Oh well. His character wasn't really developed anyway.

(The USS Phoenix-X swings above and fires two Photon Torpedoes onto the HSV Logitech. The HSV Logitech's hull and structure suddenly begins to erratically static on and off)

Cell: Tractor Beam them.

(The USS Phoenix-X positions itself under and to the right, fanning the HSV Logitech with the Tractor Beam, causing the Logitech's structure to completely deactivate. The ship is unmasked as nothing more than a 'suitcase' sized box with big propulsion engines attached to its sides; while a cable and clamp pulls Trunks unconscious along)

Amp: Our bad.
Seifer: There really weren't any Hexen's!
Cell: What is that thing?
RaeLuna(scans): ...Some kind of decoy pod, using holographic and replicator environmental systems.

(The USS Phoenix-X swings over to the HSV Logitech Pod's left and Repulser Beams it, changing its course. The Phoenix-X fires Torpedoes but misses. The USS Phoenix-X flips underneath the Pod dragging Trunks Repulser Beams it upward, firing again)

Amp: Miss.
RaeLuna: ...I can't get a transporter lock on it either.
Cell: If I had a mother, she would've told me there'd be days like this.

(The HSV Pod and Trunks accidentally enter an area of space filled with broken Ship debris. The HSV Pod smashes into a floating hull fragment, exploding its left propulsion tank and becoming immobilized. The USS Phoenix-X slows as it enters the Debris Field)

Cell: Location?
RaeLuna: I'm picking up Hellonesian and Evvelen debris.
Seifer: This is grid-98-32-17; remember when the Hellonesian fleet was destroyed by the Nega'Jem and Fragma Alliance?
Cell: Oh yeah. ...War.
(He shakes his head at the fact that there is War in the universe)

(With a giant Planet in the background of all the debris, the HSV Pod that is immobilized in an egg-shell hull plate intelligently links its systems into a working Phaser Launcher that floats by)

RaeLuna: Shields up.
(The Phaser Launcher blasts a beam that misses the USS Phoenix-X due to an off angle)
Seifer: Hahahaha.

(Thousands of weapons and emitters activate throughout the Debris Field due to the power of the HSV Pod. They all start firing and blasting torpedoes in all directions)

Amp: That doesn't look too good.
Seifer: Look Captain, maybe we don't need Trunks that badly. I mean, is anyone really missing him?

(Meanwhile, on Deck 18, Ensign Dan finds he is alone in the Technology Research Lab)
Ensign Dan: ...Hey, where'd Trunks go? I have to test out these new refrigerator magnets on him and he's the only one with a metallic exoskeleton.
Lox(enters): How's the research on the refrigerator magnet's going?
Ensign Dan: It's not done yet.
Lox: What? You're relieved!!

(The USS Phoenix-X is forced to enter the active Debris Field to dodge an incoming Torpedo)
Cell: We have to get Trunks back. Because of that time-loop I experienced, I've apparently known him for at least 15 years; ...although I couldn't communicate with him and he was gone on some adventure most of the time.
Seifer: That sounds like an interesting sitcom.
Kugo: Captain! I've completed my examination of the HSV Logitech Pod.
Cell: Listen, this is not the time to be looking for praise.
Kugo: The Pod is Raekwon Technology. That's why it's so smart. Probably enough to out-smart us all!
RaeLuna: Perhaps it came from the Ancient Shipyard we passed earlier?
(The Phoenix-X shakes from constant fire)
Cell: ...Great. Any suggestions to get out of this mess?
Seifer: No.
RaeLuna: No, sir.
Amp: Nope.
Seifer: No.
Kugo: Sorry.
Seifer: No.

(A graviton wave is emitted from somewhere in the sea of ship Debris, rupturing space and the positioning of all the active and inactive Parts eventually hitting the USS Phoenix-X. The USS Phoenix-X takes on heavy damage, tilting to a degree)

Trunks: Uggh... Finally, I can talk.
(Trunks awakens finding himself connected to a cable floating in space, connected to the crashed HSV Pod. The Pod runs another electric shock, knocking Trunks out again)
Trunks: ...Uggh!

(The USS Phoenix-X hovers to the side, locating the HSV Pod and Trunks)
Cell: Disengage thrusters.
(All the lights and main systems are deactivated on the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X pretends to be inactive debris)

(The HSV Pod forgets what its target was, but picks up another floating body. The USS Phoenix-X suddenly lights up again, not under its own control)

RaeLuna: Its linked into our main computer and automated systems driver.
Cell: Good.
Seifer: I dunno where you come from, but where I come from that's not good; and I come from many places.
Cell: Trust me...
(Kugo, at the back of the Bridge, creates her own piggyback connection along the Pod's linkup. She sends commands to the HSV Pod to let Trunks go)

Trunks(awakens): Uhh... Where am I...?
(The cable clamp uncouples from Trunks. He activates his thruster boots and jets over towards the USS Phoenix-X, where he opens a hatch and leaps inside)

Kugo: Oops.
(The USS Phoenix-X floats, being hit by a phaser blasts from the sea of Debris)
Cell: That's okay, Kugo.
Kugo: That's not what I'm Oopsing about...
(A large Graviton Shockwave explodes from somewhere in the sea of Debris. It spreads and grows, vapourizing, exploding and knocking away other debris)
Seifer: It must've been an overloaded Hellonesian Engine.
Cell: Take us out, Mr. Amp.
Amp: Oh, so now it's Mr. All of a sudden?

(The HSV Pod is given the command to command the USS Phoenix-X to leave the Debris Field. The Debris Field slowly becomes more chaotic and explosive as the Phoenix-X speeds out of there, leaving the Pod to be destroyed)

Cell: Welcome back Trunks.
(The senior staff enters the Briefing Room, where everyone is either taking a seat or walking around)
Trunks: Thank you sir. You were the only one who believed in me.
Cell: Well if not me it would've been Seifer.
Lox(walks over): Hey, I believed in you too!
(Trunks looks over at Lox acknowledging his entrance into the conversation. Lox suddenly feels incredibly guilty and runs away)
Lox: Aahh!
(Trunks and Cell approach Kugo who is leaning forward against the Captain's chair)
Amp: I don't understand. If those annoying Hexen's were really holograms from that Logitech Pod, then why was it trying to destroy Trunks?
Kugo: ...I was examining Trunks' sub-neural net and memory engrams. It turns out it was him that activated the Logitech Pod when we first approached the Ancient Raekwon Shipyard. It probably left the Shipyard after us, or cloaked even.
Cell: He could've been controlling the Logitech Pod all that time with his interplexing subspace signal emitter.
Seifer: This was all Trunks' fault!?
(He glances over at Trunks and slowly moves away)
Trunks: I didn't mean to.
Amp: Why would he do that?
Kugo: It was because of a dormant program inside his sub-neural net. I can't explain it. Its creation date was a lot later than his primary programs.
Trunks: Right after the Hexon Wars, while I stood on the Planet for years alone...
RaeLuna(walks over): Maybe in a way Trunks felt bad for killing all those millions of people and created that program to do whatever it could to destroy himself. That's where the Logitech came in.
(They all glance at each other)
Trunks: I have no emotion.
Seifer: Hahahaha. Just like Data.
Trunks: I have no ethical programming.
RaeLuna: Who knows, maybe you're advanced enough that you're starting to fill in what you don't have.

(The USS Phoenix-X returns to grid-98-32-17, finding 80-percent less Debris left. They find the Logitech Pod and beam it aboard without its engines. Amp walks over to it on the transporter pad, finding it's just like a suitcase)
Ensign Dan: That thing survived a graviton wave?
Amp: Shway. I can use this as a mobile emitter; just like that Doctor from Voyager!
Ensign Dan: That thing is ten times bigger though.
Amp: Hey, don't be dissin' my Moble Emitter Suitcase...!
(He picks it up and leaves)

[Elena]: Phoenix-X, we have one last mission for you this week.
(The Captain is contacted long-range during fight practice in the Battle Area)
Cell: Great! We get the rest of the week off.
[Elena]: We think there may be evidence that someone has had a time-traveling experience on the USS Rune.
Cell: ...Really...
[Elena]: We want you to take care of it.
Cell: ...It'll be my pleasure.

(The USS Phoenix-X cloaks out of sight. Hours later, the crew has infiltrated the USS Rune)
Lara: Look Commander, we've had it up to here with your stories. You can't prove you went to the future and stopped the Federation who has a Jem'Hadar for a President from taking over the Quadrant!
(She leaves the Turbolift and Chain remains in there sighing in exhaustion. Two more officers enter)
Chain: Hhhh.... No one believes me.
Seifer: ...Greetings Commander Chain. So, you've had a little time-traveling experience, eh?
Kugo(punches her fist): ...You won't be going anywhere tonight.
Chain(falls): Huh? Who are you? I don't recognize you as part of this crew... Who are you? Hey, leave me alone... Get away from me! Stop!! Aaahh!!!
(They advance on him...)