Short 4

Invasion 101

The Mizarian homeworld always enjoyed their peace until one day a brutal force from beyond their reaches of the galaxy laid prey upon them. An enormous Borg cube approached Mizaria Prime, sending fear and cries all throughout the planet.

“Bring the Weapons online!!” General Vekor of the Klingon Bird of Prey Hidoken yelled in anger as he stood from his Bridge. He and his crew peered at the cube and planet on screen. They were about to test out their own concept of the transphasic torpedo. “Peh!! The Borg have had their last assimilation!”

The I.K.S. Hidoken craned across the front of the Borg cube blasting torpedo after torpedo into the giant wall. Explosions blew out from metallic technology, sending debris flying out in all directions.

The Borg Queen stood up from the central plexus of the cube, looking at the Bird of Prey on screen. She had expected something like this eventually, but not from the Klingons. With a simple thought impulse she locked a tractor beam onto the Hidoken, but the Hidoken insisted on struggling. The ship blew the beam emitter off and flew backwards into the atmosphere.

The Borg found their systems begin to incorporate minor malfunctions, but not minor enough that their orbit wouldn't begin to decay. The huge mass of technology descended along with the Bird of Prey down towards the planet's surface.

The Mizarians were in for a more violent destruction than they thought.


“Argh!!” Captain Rei slammed his fist into a punching bag in the Holodeck of his ship. He thrusted fist after leg after fist into it until his holographic instructor called him away. He was about to fight one of the biggest opponents in the program. But no sooner did his commbadge go off.

“Bridge to the Captain. We’ve just entered the Mizarian System.”

“On my way,” Rei replied.

The Federation Nova-class starship Mercedes was on the lookout for the Klingons. Starfleet Intelligence had gotten word that the Klingon’s were testing their own concept of the Starfleet based transphasic torpedo. Rather than an outrage, Starfleet had hoped to help the Klingon’s before it was too late.


The U.S.S. Mercedes approached Mizaria Prime, finding Borg debris all over the surface. Not too far off was the Hidoken’s debris. Rei and an Away Team beamed down and approached the crashed remains of the Hidoken.

“Are you guys alright?” Rei asked as he and his team approached a few Klingon’s working under an engine of the ship.

Behind them, littered across a cityscape, a vast collection of Borg debris could be seen along the horizon.

“We are okay. But many of us were lost in the crash...” Vekor got up.

“What were you guys thinking? The transphasic torpedo is highly classified.”

“We were thinking about honour and the satisfaction of destroying these patock! Do not worry about us. The Klingon Empire can look after itself.”

Rei looked at him and nodded. “Alright then. But let us take you out of here.”

Just then, his comm broke through. “Captain!” the voice of his tactical officer yelled. “There are 20 Borg headed in your direction!”

Turning around, Rei saw a drone approach him and grab his shoulder. Rei quickly ducked it and pushed the drone away.

Another drone began shooting transporter tags at Klingon’s, as more Klingon’s jumped out the Hidoken with bat’leths and disruptors.

Two members of the away team were hit with transporter tags and beamed out by the Borg. Another two Klingon’s were hit and gone.

“Rei to Mercedes! Beam us out of here!” He tapped his commbadge as he dodged a transporter tag. The tag flew over him when he turned to see a Klingon that was stabbing a drone in the chest with a bat’leth. The tag hit the Klingon and he was transported out of there.

Rei ran over and grabbed the Bat’leth out of the drone. The drone hit the ground as Rei began swiping drone after drone. More tags were shot at him, prompting him to swipe through the air at them. He sliced tag after tag until he was hit from behind.


He rematerialized inside the city littered with Borg debris. Out on a street corner somewhere, Borg had set up assimilation beds. There, Klingon’s were being thrown into them and locked in place. Instead of being assimilated, neuro-recievers were placed against their temples. “What is going on here?” he said aloud in shock.

A drone grabbed Rei and dragged him away. But Rei kicked the drone back and off him, allowing him to fall to his feet. The drone stumbled to the ground clumsily.

Another drone approached from behind, but Rei swung his bat’leth around and through the drone’s stomach. That drone hit the ground.

Two more drone’s approached, but Rei ran and stepped off one of their chests. He flew up into the air for a double aerial kick into both drone’s. They both fell over clumsily.

When Rei landed he began running for the drone’s handling General Vekor. Vekor grabbed the drone around him and threw it to the ground. He then palmed the last drone across the face, knocking it over its friend.

“General.” Rei approached.

The General looked at all his men, who were already unconscious on the outdoor assimilation beds. “It’s too late for them. They died with honour.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Forget it. Let’s go.” As more drones were now free to take them, they made a run for it.

Jumping over extra beds, and knocked out drone’s, they came to an open hover vehicle. Rei started the engine and sped off, leaving those drone’s in the wake of their exhaust.


The Borg Queen’s central plexus was not what it used to be, but it remained in tact somewhere in the city. She had her eye on the two escapees and the street plans. Drone’s from other areas of the city were redirected to their heading because the Queen had different plans for the Klingons. She had a few experimental technologies to test out herself.


The hover vehicle sped through the streets at immense velocities. It wasn’t until they noticed two large hover trucks gaining on them, they began to worry. Rei turned his head and saw a half-assimilated hover machine flying over them. Inside the windows, partially-assimilated Mizarian’s could be seen driving it.

“It looks as if the Borg won’t give up on us.” Vekor said from his seat.

Rei swerved his vehicle out of the way as the large hover machine came careening down from above. The machine missed and cut through the paved road’s, sending torn chunks of concrete into the air behind them.

“Argh!” Rei irked in anger. He then slammed the vehicle’s side into the hover machine’s side in response. “Stupid Borg drivers!!”

The second machine from behind flew to the other side of the vehicle, surrounding him. Rei pulled back before tractor beams flew out at them. Instead, those beams attracted the two speeding hover machines together, smashing them.

They lost their stability and crashed along the road in front of Rei and Vekor. Rei struggled to dodge the incoming debris as the machine’s were thrown apart by uncontrollable spins.

Pieces of the machines bounced off the road, flying overhead Rei and Vekor’s vehicle. The vehicle swerved left, right, up and down until they had dodged the last remains of the debris. Collecting piles of Mizarian technology were piling up in the distance behind them.


In front of them, was the tallest building structure in all of the Mizarian city. Rei had to slam on the brakes before they would crash into it.

Getting out of the vehicle, Rei and Vekor paused to glance at each other.

“That was one hell of a ride,” Rei said.

“You’re telling me, Human,” Vekor replied.

Looking up, at the very top of the building was a large Borg diamond structure.

“What is that?” Vekor asked.

“It looks like the Central Plexus,” Rei responded.

“That is insane. How did it get way up there?”

“Who knows. Maybe the Borg relocated it for better interlink reception.”

Vekor carried his bat’leth, as did Rei. The Klingon glanced up at the large diamond structure again. “We have to destroy that somehow.”

“I’m open to ideas...” Rei said in vein.

Around them, coming out from behind broken Borg debris, were more zombie drones. They slowly walked towards them, pointing their lasers in the night.

Rei sliced one drone through the shoulder with the bat’leth. The drone’s arm flew to the ground.

Another drone came for Vekor, but was cut into the neck. Vekor pulled his bat’leth out and kicked the Drone back into the hover vehicle.

Five drone’s had Rei surrounded, until he spun himself in an arching circle, cutting drone after drone. Tubes and pieces of technology broke off their chests, sending them to the ground one after the other.

Vekor leapt out the way of a single drone and grabbed another one from the side. He threw the drone to the wall of the building. But before he knew it he was pulled to the ground by the first one.

“General!!” Rei yelled, but was too busy with his own problems. Rei was attacked with tubules, but he cut them in mid-air before they could reach him. Rei ran and flipped his back over the back of another drone, kicking two more drones away. He landed off and cut his blade across the top of a Mizarian fire hydrant.

Water began spewing out, disorientating the Borg drones. Stepping out of the rain, Captain Rei came into view of Vekor who was standing at the base of the building. Vekor was assimilated. “Resistance is futile...”

Rei stepped back in shock! He was surrounded and alone against more and more drones! He realized there was only one thing left to do, and that was to go it alone.

He leapt off the fallen bodies of two piled drone’s and flipped right over Vekor’s head. When Rei landed behind Vekor and the other drone’s, he ran through the building’s front doors.


Inside the Lobby, he made his way to the elevator and punched in a code to bring him to the top. All he had to do was slice the Borg Queen with his bat’leth and every drone in the city would stop running. That’s all he needed to do.


Making it to the roof, he stepped out the elevator. It was slightly windy, and the sky was covered in dark clouds. The horizon showed a sun-rising red sky beneath the clouds in the background. The Borg Queen sat in her throne, articulated under the bridging structure of the half Borg Diamond. It decorated her throne and her status. She sat there looking at Rei.

Two drone’s and a pack of Klingon’s stood between him and her. But they faced him, having been under control by the Queen. Rei looked and noticed their neural receivers. “What is this?”

“As you can see, I have developed a simpler assimilation technique,” the Queen said in her soft but evil voice. “I have immediate control of their motor functions this way. I gain their strength, their agility, and their technique. What do you say, Captain; do you stand a chance against ten Klingons?”

The first Klingon approached with his bat’leth, swinging at Rei’s head. Rei immediately blocked it with his bat’leth. They both pulled back for a second.

Rei smiled, suddenly getting used to his circumstance. "Alright then, bring it on."

Then another Klingon approached, swinging his bat’leth. Rei blocked that, and then another attack from the first Klingon. He then swung back, clashing bat’leth after bat’leth against both attackers. He spun himself downwards, cutting his blade through both Klingon’s ankles. They fell to the ground.

Then three more Klingon’s ran for him, yelling, “Aaaaarrrrhhhh!!!” Rei blocked and clashed bat’leth’s, while dodging a swing for his head and jumping back from a swipe to his knees.

He ran between the Klingon’s, stabbing into one of their backs. Using that connection, he thrusted the Klingon around as a shield against the incoming bat’leth of the one to his left. He then let go of his weapon and kicked the Klingon into the other.

He leaned back, dodging the bat’leth from the third Klingon to his right and then punched for his face. The Klingon stepped back, just as Rei got up in quick speed and kicked him in the chest. That Klingon stepped back again, spinning his bat’leth around to Rei. But Rei dodged again and kicked his opponent off the edge of the roof.

The last five Klingon’s ran for him. He dodged one blade from above, and kicked into the Klingon to his left. He grabbed the incoming blade of another, blocking against the repeated attack from the first.

Rei pulled the bat’leth out of the Klingon’s hands and cut across the chest of the one closest to him. Blood splattered as that Klingon hit the floor of the roof.

He turned and kicked two more Klingon’s off the edge, and then stabbed the second last Klingon in the chest. Rei double punched the last Klingon, and kicked him across the face. When Rei was done, the two Klingon's hit the floor. He looked down, finding deep cuts and blood all over his body.

The Captain then ran towards the Queen who was standing from her chair. Her two drones blocked Rei’s path, but Rei just leapt and aerial kicked them to the sides with both feet. He landed and jumped his way up the broken diamond debris to the Queen.

He grabbed her, but she quickly jabbed her hand into his neck. She squeezed and threw him off the throne area back to the floor of the roof. “You annoying Human...” She leapt down and approached the fallen Captain. “You think after all the Borg have been through with the Federation, that you’re done with us? Did you and your Klingon friends think those transphasic torpedoes marked the end?” She slammed her foot against Rei’s head.

“Argh!!!” He struggled to push it off him, but none of his previous opponents’ strength compared to her’s. “You— are just— a plague—!!”

“No...” she replied. “Individualism is the plague. Your kind need to be saved from yourselves. I want your precious Starfleet to know that it’s not over. We have adapted.”

Just then, the U.S.S. Mercedes flew closely overhead. It had came in from orbit. A phaser beam shot out as they came for a second pass, and the Queen’s plexus throne was vapourized. She let go of Rei as she looked up at the ship!

The Captain was beamed out, and the Queen left to her own demise.


Entering the Bridge, the crew gave a fearful look at Captain Rei. They hadn’t been able to get through to him before. “Are you alright sir?”

“Yes. Lock onto the roof of that building and destroy it...” He said grimly.

The Mercedes shot a torpedo into it at one last pass before they headed back into the atmosphere. Pieces were sent out in all directions, and the Queen was destroyed!

They returned to space and headed out of there. More Federation starships were just arriving to handle the situation. Rei was lucky to have gotten out of there alive.


Later, he took a moment for himself in remembrance off all those who just died. Stardate 57849.3. He drank a glass of bloodwine in 10-Forward, sincerely hoping the Mizarians would recover from this devastating invasion.

Turning around he ran into his tactical officer. “Captian, are you alright?”

“I'm fine...” Rei said.

“No one expects you to be fine, sir. Not after what happened.”

Rei took the two steps down to the lowered floor of 10-Forward. He stood there for a moment with his tactical officer. People continued on their own business in the background. “I can't believe how I was able to take them all on like that... I felt as if I was unstoppable.” The tactical officer glanced at the Captain, as Rei continued. “To be honest, it was a relief to let myself go. Almost as if there was something deep inside of me trying to get out... a sort of barbaric mentality...”

He then walked away, wondering if the Drone Queen was right— but was suddenly blocked by a Klingon who just stepped through the doors. He was one of the soldier’s from the Hidoken. “I just wanted to know what happened to General Vekor?” the Klingon asked.

“We fought together, and he died honourably,” Rei answered.

“Tell me what happened,” the Klingon blocked Rei before he could try to leave.

“I’m not really in the mood...”

“Tell me!” the Klingon insisted on a story.

Rei was blocked again, but this time gave in. “Very well.” They took a seat and Rei began explaining the events to his new Klingon friend.