Episode 30

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Loyalties, Part II

(Armond's panel beeps)
Armond: Captain, main control is being re-routed by the Commander's Authorization Code.
Daniel: From where?
Armond: The Shark.
Daniel: ...Seifer...

(The Phoenix-X rotates its nose towards the huge Array. It shoots out an orange particle stream to the dish of the Array. A light blinks on the Array and a warning signal is sent out to beyond the Milkyway Galaxy. Another identical Array receives the signal and someone on board it, checks the computer)
M5c^a: ...Edf79Jgc 3rt,2l%33f 34qww#!!
Jo#!?s: S$fgbc Fj421xxc fer8tu i. ...The Ceavon...
(M5c^a glances at Jo#!>s, awaiting his order)
Jo#!?s: Gbop*ws s%D22 45--1e...
(M5c^a agrees and taps at the computer. The half the computer wall cloaks, revealing a technical room beyond it. M5c^a activates an orb that appears in the room. A forcefield goes around it as the orb emits a multitude of particles.)
M5c^a: &6sdf3gcv tYtv##.
(The alien Array rotates, sending out a beam)

(The Ceavon's Array gets the beam as the Phoenix-X continues with the particle transfer)
Armond: Captain. The Array has received a communication.
Daniel: See? I knew it was just for communicating.
Armond: But our transfer is interfering. We're receiving it instead.
Daniel(shakes his head): Computer, discontinue beam; authorization Daniel-3-4-Alpha-8.
(The computer acknowledges and the beam blinks out)
*M5c^a: &6sdf3gcv tYtv##.
Daniel: What was that?
Armond(taps at the panels): The audio.
(The lights on the Phoenix-X blink on and off)
Armond: The computer is processing the transmission. It's so much information that it's starting to take up all our resources.
Daniel: Can you stop it?
Armond: It's okay. It just finished.
(The lights go back to normal)
Kayl: The venting systems have been activated.
(The Ceavon Lead ship hails the Phoenix-X)
*Ozio: I warned you, Captain. I warned you to leave.
Daniel: No you didn't. You just warned me.
*Ozio: Well, I meant to tell you to leave. Now, the spell has been cast... and I'm as good as dead.
(The screen clicks out)
Daniel: What is he talking about?

(The Shark tractor beams the Array)
Jet: It works!! Now the Federation has subspace particle transfer capabilities! Think of the types of particles we could transfer over long distances.... water... metal... plastic... --fart particles!
Seifer: Great.
Tyler(checks sensors): The Ceavon Fleet are turning around back to their homeworld. Ozio's ship is powering up its engines to leave too.
Jet: Good for them. Let's get this thing to Federation Space.

(The Phoenix-X fires Quantum Torpedoes at Ozio's Lead ship before it goes. It explodes.)
Daniel: Fire at the Shark until it disengages its Tractor Beam.
Armond: Aye, sir.

(Seifer runs over to Tyler. The ship shakes)
Seifer: What are they doing!?
Tyler: I don't know, but I just lost the Tractor Beam.

(The Phoenix-X tractors the Array and then speeds off in Transwarp. Flame Squad circles the debris of the Ceavon ship. The Dropzone beams the survivors aboard)
Samya: What is the Phoenix-X up to?
*Wasyati: They have turned against the Federation.
Samya: We better wait for Captain Jet's orders.
(The Shark suddenly goes into Warp the direction the Phoenix-X left.)
Samya: Okay, maybe not.

(On the Shark)
Tyler: The Phoenix-X appeared a brief moment in Sector 781 and then Transwarped again towards the Ceavon Homeworld.
Jet: Do they have the Array with them?
Tyler: No, sir.
Jet: Then they've dropped it off in Sector 781. Continue course.
Seifer: What about the Phoenix-X? We have go back for them. Something might be wrong!
Jet: Oh who cares about them. The Federation wants that Array.

(Flame Squad detects the Phoenix-X and heads to the Ceavon Homeworld. The Phoenix-X swoops towards the planet, firing and destroying space stations)
Armond: We're being tailed by four Ceavon ships.
Daniel: Red, get us behind them.
Red: Aye, sir.
(The Phoenix-X circles upward and then gets behind them. The Phoenix-X pumps out 12 Quantum Torpedoes and blows them up)
Shane(enters the Bridge): ...What are we up to?
Daniel: We're destroying the Ceavon.
Shane(nods): Oh, I see.

(All 6 ships of Flame Squad come out of Warp and approach the Ceavon Homeplanet. The Crucial takes command)
Menrow: Dropzone, you have to pick up as much survivors as possible.
*Reynolds: I'm on it.
Menrow: The Tsunami and the Ixion will try to evacuate the planet. The Hijinx and the Jenova, you're with me. We have to stop the Phoenix-X. We have reason to believe they are under an alien influence.

(The three Federation ships fly past a league of Ceavon ships towards the Phoenix-X. The Ceavon fire at them. The three ships fire at the Phoenix-X)
Kayl: The Crucial, Jenova, and Hijinx are firing on us.
Daniel: Leak the Warpcore plasma on them.
(The blue plasma spews from the four nacelles of the Phoenix-X onto the Federation and Ceavon ships behind it. The Ceavon fire, igniting the plasma all around them. All the ships are disabled)
Daniel: Take us down into the atmosphere.

(The Phoenix-X nose dives down to the planet. It swoops not too far above the surface, approaching a city in the distance.)
Daniel: Take it out.
(The Phoenix-X smashes through the tallest building, regenerating the damage to the hull of the ship. The ship comes around again, firing on the city, blowing up buildings and vehicles.)

(The Tsunami and the Ixion swoop down from the blue sky and bombard the Phoenix-X with torpedoes and phasers. Canons from the Ceavon city aim for all three Federation ships and fire at them. The Ixion flies over the Phoenix-X)
Wasyati: Phoenix-X, what is the matter with you? You must stop this!!
*Daniel: Okay, if you insist.

(The Phoenix-X flips over upside-down with its bottom pushing the bottom of the Ixion. The Phoenix-X rides the Ixion, pushing it up and then twirls both ships over. The Ixion is now on the bottom and the Phoenix-X is on the top as the Phoenix-X shoves the Ixion into the ground of the planet. The Phoenix-X flies off as the Ixion loses control and rolls along the ground, smashing into the cityscape.)
Daniel: Activate Multi-Vector Mode. Red, get us around the Tsunami.
Red: Aye, sir.

(The Tsunami pursues as the Phoenix-X splits in three, slows down and makes a triangle formation around the Tsunami.)
Daniel: Re-route 2 mega tons of energy pulses to the Tri-Focus Array.
(The three Vectors shock the Tsunami over and over again with bands of energy pulses. The Tsunami gets weak and crashes along the surface.)

(Seifer gets to a communications screen on the Shark)
Seifer: Shark to Phoenix-X, come in.
*Ensign Dan: Phoenix-X here.
Seifer: What are you guys doing?
*Ensign Dan: Destroying the Ceavon.
Seifer: Why?
*Ensign Dan: Because.
Seifer: Because why?
*Ensign Dan: I-- don't know. We just are.
*Daniel(walks over): If you were part of this crew, you'd be helping us!
(The screen cuts out)
Seifer: That doesn't sound right.
Jet(comes over): What doesn't sound right? Is it me? Am I farting again?
Seifer: Captain, we have to go back to the Ceavon Homeworld. They're being invaded by the Phoenix-X.
Jet: No!! We have to get that Array!
Seifer: But, Captain--
Tyler(stands): I have to agree with him and I think the rest of the crew would too. We're with the Captain until the end.
Seifer: Your loyalty is perpetual.
(Seifer takes out a phaser and stuns Tyler)
Jet: Fool! I thought you were one of us.
Seifer: One of the Shark? Not for all the booty this ship has to offer.
(Jet takes out his phaser and fires at Seifer. Seifer dodges and takes out Jet. He puts the phaser on widespread and takes out everyone else in the room.)
Seifer: And that's what the Phoenix-X is all about; kickin' your ass.
(He takes helm control)

(Ozio enters the Bridge of the Dropzone as they watch the Phoenix-X take on the Creavon fleet)
Samya: You survived?
Ozio: Yeah. Thanks for saving our lives.
Samya: What's wrong with Phoenix-X?
Ozio: They are under the spell of the Thalia, our ancestors. The Thalia wants us destroyed.
Samya: Why can't the Thalia do it themselves?
Ozio: The Thalia are in the Tagoth Galaxy. They can't get here, because our people stole their means of cross-galaxy transportation centuries ago. Their only way to get us is the Communications Array, which the Phoenix-X was engaged in.
Samya(shakes her head): Whatever...
Ozio(takes out a vile): Vent this into the Phoenix-X. This is the antidote.

(The Phoenix-X ducks a torpedo and cuts the hull of a Ceavon ship with phasers. A critical part is hit and the Ceavon ship explodes, taking out four other Ceavon ships as the Phoenix-X flies through the explosion. The Dropzone engages engines towards the Phoenix-X.)
Daniel: I thought they were smarter than that?
Armond: They're locking a particle accelerator beam on us.
Daniel: Elude it.

(The Phoenix-X spins as the beam from the Dropzone shoots past)
Samya: Damn! I missed.
Ozio: Again!!

(The Dropzone shoots the beam again. The Phoenix-X splits into three, around the beam.)
Daniel(taps his commbadge): V2, propulsion. V3, navigation. Armond, aim for the Bridge...

(The Vectors swarm the Dropzone like flies. Vector 2 phasers the propulsion and Vector 3 phasers the navigation sensors. Vector 1 pumps out torpedoes towards the Bridge when suddenly the Vector is jerked away by a tractor beam from the Shark. The torpedoes miss)
Seifer: This is your Commander speaking; please keep all arms and legs inside the Vector.

(The Shark rockets upwards, dragging Vector 1 through the debris of the destroyed Ceavon ships. The Vector takes heavy damage as the other two Vectors come back to free it)
*Daniel: You betrayed us, Commander...
Seifer: You betrayed me first, Captian...10 years ago...
*Daniel: No I didn't.
Seifer: Oops. Sorry, wrong grudge. This Symbiont mixes me up so much.

(The Shark disengages the tractor hold and flies over to the Dropzone)
Seifer: Are you okay?
*Samya: We're disabled. You're the only Federation ship left.
(The Hijinx regains power)
*Samya: Except for the Hijinx.
(The Phoenix-X takes the Hijinx out)
*Samya: You're the only Federation ship left, again.
Seifer(nods): Okay.
*(Ozio takes out another vile)
*Ozio: You must vent this into the Phoenix-X's atmosphere.
(Seifer beams it over)
Seifer: Okay.
*Samya: How many of those do you have?
*Ozio: Lots. There are whole lakes of them on the planet.
Seifer: Heh. ...You're still alive?

(The Phoenix-X takes out 3 more Ceavon Ships as the Shark changes course to intercept)
Daniel(walks over to the helm): The Commander wants to take us on.
Red: He will not be victorious.
Daniel: Agreed.

(The Phoenix-X weaves through the fleet of Ceavon ships as the Shark follows closely behind until he smacks into one, taking it with him. Both ships shake like crazy.)
Seifer: Aaahh!!
(Seifer pushes the Ceavon ship away with a repulser beam.)
Seifer: Ha!

(The Phoenix-X dives down to the surface of the planet. The Shark follows, and both ships come soaring down from the night sky. The Shark shoots a particle beam with the antidote in it, but misses the Phoenix-X. The Shark shoots the beam over and over again as the Phoenix-X dodges.)
Seifer: Seifer to Phoenix-X; Sickbay.
*Lox: Sickbay here.
Seifer: Doctor, the crew is under a spell--
*Lox: Spell? I know. I detected alien particles in the venting system. They came from the other Galaxy.
Seifer: You know!?
*Lox: It isn't a spell. It's a molecule that attaches to the brain when inhaled. It gives a command to the command part of our brains. The whole crew is infected!
Seifer: I have the antidote! I'll beam it over.
*Lox: Yes. But after we destroy the Ceavon species.
Seifer: Don't you understand? The infection is making you do this!!
*Lox: You have to stop your attack on us. It's only slowing us down. We will have to destroy you if you continue to obstruct us.
(Seifer cuts the transmission)
Seifer(checks the panel): Damn! I'm almost out of antidote.

(The Shark chases the Phoenix-X above the sandy badlands of the Ceavon planet. The Phoenix-X phasers the ground behind it, sending billions of rocks into the air, blinding the Shark.)
Daniel: Ground them!

(The Phoenix-X rises, falls back above the Shark and slams the Shark into the ground. The Shark fires the particle beam, but the debris of sand distorts it)
Seifer: I'm out! I need more antidote.

(The Shark pushes the Phoenix-X off and heads off in the other direction)
Red: The fool is running.
Daniel: Don't let him get away.

(The Shark approaches a bunch of lakes in the distance)
Seifer: Computer, do any of these lakes match the molecule structure of the antidote residue in the particle array reserves?
*Computer: Affirmative.
Seifer: Beam it aboard.

(The Shark jabs a lake with a particle beam and sucks up the water.)
Daniel: He's vulnerable... Destroy him.

(The Phoenix-X pumps out 4 Photon Torpeodes hitting the Shark right on. The Shark is disabled, and crashes into the small lake. Seifer beams onto Deck 12 of the Phoenix-X as it soars off)
Elly(walking by): Commander? What are you doing here?
Seifer: Just visiting.
(He gives her a vile)
Seifer: The Bridge crew is starting to lose their interest in destroying the Ceavon. Put this in the ventilation systems and vent it through the whole ship. It'll make everyone back to normal again.
Elly(takes the vile): Aye, sir.

(She runs off. Seifer takes a turbolift to the Bridge)
Seifer: I don't how Changelings were affected, but I bet the Thalia molecule couldn't resist infecting whatever makes you think.
Daniel: Seifer! You will pay for your insolence.
(Daniel leans forward, shooting out his arm as a long metallic spike. Seifer rolls, dodging the spike, and cuts his arm off with a phaser)
Daniel: Argh!!
(Daniel liquefies his other arm around and picks Seifer up by the neck. Daniel raises Seifer into the air)
Daniel: Any protectors of the Ceavon will suffer!
Seifer(choking): --Lucky for you guys, I'm always there for you.
(The vents all around the ship open up, leaking a white gas. Everyone inhales it and after a moment the Thalia molecule is neutralized.)
Daniel(shakes his head): Huh? What's going on?
(Daniel drops Seifer)
Seifer: Red, take us into orbit.
Red: Yes, sir.
(Seifer goes over to communications to alert the Dropzone, and steps in a puddle of the Captain's arm)
Seifer: Yuck!

(The Shark hails the Phoenix-X)
Jet: Well thanks to you, we don't know where the Array is! Our computer memory was damaged and I can't remember because of your Commander's phaser!!
*Daniel: The Array?
Jet: Yeah! You hid it!
*Armond(checks the computer): It seems we deleted the known location of it after we hid it.
Jet: Doesn't any of you remember where it is?
*(Everyone looks at eachother clueless)
Jet: Argh! Stupid crew. I'll get you for this, Phoenix-X. I know you have secrets! I will have my revenge!! ...But it's going to have to be a legal revenge because we're both on the same side.

(The transmission cuts out. Daniel collects his liquid)
Daniel: Thanks, Seifer. I guess you do have some loyalties.
Seifer: Thanks for going crazy or else I would've never came back.
Daniel: No problem.
Ensign Dan: I contacted Flame Squad. They say they still owe us their loyalty even after we beat them up.
Seifer: Cool.
Ensign Dan: And they told me to get more help, so I called the Xena and the Manila over.
Daniel: Aw man! The Manila is Starbase 55's ship. They'll tell the Federation everything!
Ensign Dan: Oops. I guess I'm relieved of duty, then.
Daniel: No! Get back to work. Your shifts are doubled!

(The Phoenix-X regenerates its hull damage and rendezvous' with the Federation Starship Manila in orbit of the Ceavon planet)
*Cid: This is the worst mess you've caused in your career, Phoenix-X!
Daniel: I never considered it a career before.
*Cid: Luckily for you, the Ceavon understand and are not going to go to war with us. They have to live with the betrayal of their forefathers.
Seifer: I understand how that could suck.
*Cid: Admiral Theseus says for you to continue on wherever you were headed before all this. Me and the Xena are to help repair the Flame Squad ships.
Daniel: Okay.
*(Cid shakes his head)
Daniel: What?
*Cid: I don't understand. They were our best combo of fighters and you took them all down.
(The screen cuts out and the crew glances at each other. The Phoenix-X Transwarps out of there)