Episode 45

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Crystal Method, Part I

(About the size of a fist; a ruby red Crystal sits at the gateway mouth of an alien Starship's phaser cannon. In a distant Sector, that unidentified Starship rotates around, aiming at a more curious gray Starship)

Kyle: This is the Federation Starship Blue Nose. We mean you no harm, please lower your weapons and respond.
(Captain Kyle stands at his Bridge, speaking to the on-screen view of the alien Starship)
Levis: No response, Captain.
Kyle(paces): I don't understand. We just wanted to meet them.
Levis: --They're charging phasers!

(The alien Starship blasts an advanced red phaser beam through the side of the Blue Nose's saucer section, leaving a devastating hole in the ship)

Padro(at internal sensors): Major blow to decks 3 through 5!!
Kyle: How did they get through our shields?!
(The crew struggles to keep their balance as the gravity plating is unstable with the ship shaking)
Levis: Unknown... --They're firing again!!

(The alien Starship blasts another hole through the Blue Nose's saucer section, tearing off a dangling piece to slowly wither off into space)

Kyle: All hands abandon ship!!!
(The Blue Nose crew of six-hundred scatter throughout the ship in panic, trying to get to the escape pods. Levis makes it to the Shuttle Bay)

Carmella(also makes it there): The Shuttle!
(They co-operate with each other, dodging debris of the ship falling apart, and board the Shuttle)

Levis(takes the helm): Let's get out of here.
(The Shuttle hovers off the floor and breaks out the Bay doors, safely into space)
Carmella(gets to a control panel): I'm beaming over as many people as possible.
(They notice out the window the Blue Nose in the distance suddenly exploding, sending a shockwave and large pieces of the ship flying towards them. They jump Warp to a safe distance)
Levis: It's too late...

(A week later, way back in Federation space, the Phoenix-X is rendezvoused with the Manila)
Daniel: Hey, what's up?
*Cid(goes on screen): Captain. We have a mission for you. We want you to take out this certain Evvelen vessel, located in the Honduras Sector.
Daniel: I am unfamiliar with the Evvelen. Are you sure about this?
*Cid: Yes. They are responsible for the destruction of the Blue Nose.
*(He puts estimated data of the vessel, on-screen)
Seifer: Why does your data say "only 1% accurate"?
*Cid: Well the image is right, the rest we just made up. You see, our scanners are defective against their armour and technology, so we can't really see them that well even if they were right in front of us.
Daniel: I understand, and you chose us because you figured the Phoenix-X's scanners would work better.
*Cid: What are you talking about? I chose you because you can kick their ass. Your scanners are the same as the rest of ours!
Daniel(looks sad): Oh.
Seifer: Uhh, okay Cid, we're on our way.
*Cid(nods): Good luck. Oh, and you also must be extra careful around that Sector. Long-range scanners indicated that parts of it were kind of, well, occupied.

(Soon after, the Phoenix-X gets on its way traveling via Transwarp to the Honduras Sector. They drop to normal space upon entrance and begin scanning)
Daniel(stands): Well, we have our orders...
Armond: --Captain! I'm detecting the Fragma Alliance a lightyear away!
Seifer(walks over): That's probably what Cid was talking about.
Daniel: The Fragma Alliance; here? I can't believe it.
Red: Do not forget how lethal they are. We don't stand a chance against them in combat with all the stolen technology they've got.
Daniel: At least not when they're all together.
Armond: Maybe its best we drop the mission.
Daniel: No.
Kayl: Shouldn't we just go around?
Seifer: Wait a minute. The Fragma could scan for the Evvelen ship. It's logical that they'd have advanced scanning technology!
Daniel: Commander, they're not the type to do people any favours; and we can't exactly make them help us.
Seifer: You know how the saying goes. If you can't beat 'em....
Seifer: How does the rest of that go again?

(The Phoenix-X speeds through space towards trouble. All 4 existing Fragma ships immediately surround them to a stop)
Memphis: Well, well, well. What do we have here?
Skrilax(at scanners): I think it's a ship with some interesting technology.
(Memphis activates the communications channel)

**Memphis: Alien vessel. Today does not seem to be a good day for you. Just co-operate with us, and no one will get hurt.
Armond: They're locking on to our stuff.
(All the ships come to a complete stop)
Daniel: Fragma vessel, we did not come here by accident. We want to talk to you.
**Memphis: Hahaha!! --Uummm... no.
Daniel: We've defected from the Federation. We want to join your Alliance.
Seifer: The Phoenix-X has enough accumulated technology to fit in with you. We're all the rave around this part of the galaxy.
**Memphis: Fools! Don't flatter yourself. It takes more than technology to be one of us.
Daniel: But--
**Memphis: No!!

(The screen clicks off and all the Fragma vessels warp out of there, except for one that stays and confronts the Phoenix-X)
Nelvaun: This is the Fragma Alliance Techship Mako. We will be your plundering thieves for this morning. As an added bonus, Memphis has asked us to have you destroyed after we have completed stealing. Thank you and have a nice day.

(The Mako locks an energy draining focal array onto the Phoenix-X's shields)
Daniel: What do they think they're doing?
Red: I do not know. But we'd better do something about it!

(The Phoenix-X backs away and fires two quantum torpedoes at them. The Mako is barely hurt, but annoyed)
Nelvaun: Argh!

(Both Ships rotate around each other over and over, firing pulse phasers back and forth. The Mako locks a tractor beam and moves the Phoenix-X over, firing a proto matter missile at their side)
Daniel(holds ground): Grrghh!!!

(Technicians from the Mako start beaming onto different decks of the Phoenix-X, including Engineering)
Chavs(tampering with computers): Heh, heh, heh.
Matt: Hey, who are you?
(Chavs turns around and fires his pulse rifle. Matt activates his Armlet and blocks with a shield)
Matt: Oh so you're one of those people. Hey Kugo, what's up?
(Kugo walks over as Matt launches three metallic tentacles towards Chavs)
Kugo: Not much. I'm just impatient that we have to go through all this just to get to the Evvelen ship.
(The metallic tentacles dismantle the Chav's rifle. Matt runs over and takes Chavs hostage)
Matt: I'm impatient that the new dragonball-y episodes haven't come out yet.

(The Phoenix-X tries to regenerate faster as the Mako spins around blasting a trilithium warhead at them. The Phoenix-X attempts to move out of the way, firing a photon torpedo at it. The warhead explodes, but the explosion is close enough to the Phoenix-X to cause more serious hull damage)
Seifer: We're losing systems!

(The Mako gets keyed up and fires two more warheads except the Phoenix-X blasts a silencer beam onto the first one's launch, exploding it right beside the Mako)
Nelvaun: Aaarggh!!

(The Phoenix-X regenerates enough power to duck the other warhead and hover around the Mako; they suddenly stab a tractor beam into the back of the Mako, pushing them into the slowly escaping trilithium warhead)

Nelvaun: AaAaaaRrrGGhhhghhh!!!!!
(The Mako undergoes major, major hull damage)

Seifer(gets up): Owe! ...I must've dislocated fifty bones.
(The Phoenix-X sits there calmly, regenerating in the presence of the plasma flaming wreck of the Mako)

Memphis: What the--?
(All 4 existing Fragma vessels rush over and surround the Mako and Phoenix-X)
Skrilax: They nearly totaled Nelvaun!

(The Phoenix-X is hailed)
*Memphis: The Mako was one of our most powerful ships.
Daniel: Yeah, well, now it's one of your most damaged.
*Memphis: I am impressed...
*(He thinks for a second)
*Memphis: Hey, didn't we try to destroy you a couple months ago?
Daniel: Uhhh, no. You must be confusing us with some other Phoenix-X ship.
*Memphis: Oh okay. My bad.
*(He makes up his mind about something)
*Memphis: --Follow us.

(The entire Fragma fleet speeds off; the Phoenix-X follows, and the Mako pulls itself together and follows too)

Seifer: What's going on?
*Memphis(piloting): Let me tell you about the Fragma. Rule 1; those of the Fragma do not abandon each other. Loyalty is all that is true with us.
Daniel: ...
*Memphis: Rule 2; friendship amongst all Fragma members must be instilled. We do not make friends with outsiders or other worlds.
Daniel: I see.
*Memphis: Know this, if I do not like you, I will kill you.
(The screen clicks off, and additional data is sent to the ship. The Phoenix-X then continues on towards the Honduras Sector, flying with the Fragma Alliance)
Seifer: What just happened here?
Daniel: I think we're in.

(Ensign Dan is ordered to release all captured prisoners to the Mako. They report to Captain Nelvaun)
Nelvaun: You were captured.
Stino: Sorry, we went up against some powerful fighters.
Chavs: I think that Phoenix-X is on their own mission!
Nelvaun: I don't want to hear it!! You two have three months of training to do. Get out of my sight!
(They leave)
Nelvaun: You know, I don't entirely trust this Phoenix-X...

(The Captain's and Commander's from each Fragma vessel are called over to the Trance. Daniel and Seifer beam over and join the crowd of people in the Trance's Gathering Arena)
Seifer: What's going on?
Daniel: I don't know, but we'd better not call attention to ourselves and just go with whatever they're into if we want to stay with this Alliance.
Seifer: Okay, but I draw the line at some points.

(Memphis addresses the crowd)
Memphis: Welcome everyone. As you are all aware, our search for the lost Crystal continues!
Borono: Yeah! Wooo!!
(The crowd cheers in excitement as Memphis brings up a small holochart of stars circling above a grid-plate on the table)
Daniel: I didn't know that.
Memphis: Well now you do. As for this map, my crew has not been able to defragment. I was hoping one of you would be more successful in doing so. I have copies for each of your crew.
(Grid-plates are handed out)
Leaky: I don't know if my crew can handle this technology.
Memphis: That is okay, your help is only voluntary. What do you say Phoenix-X, can you figure this out?
Daniel(takes one): Sure, I guess.
Nelvaun: Not a chance. My crew specifies in this technology. Hahaha!
Daniel: Okayyy....

(Kugo and Armond are in Holodeck 2 with the grid-plate)
Seifer(enters): What are you guys doing?
Kugo: We're just taking a look at this thing.
(They connect it to the wall and maximize the program to a scatter of stars circling the room)
Seifer: Well you're supposed to be on break. How am I supposed to run this ship when people like you never follow their schedule?
Armond: Sorry, sir. We just thought maybe we could figure this grid-plate; it's Hellonesian technology---
Seifer: No! Get back to do nothing!!
Armond: Yes sir.
(They leave)

Memphis: What is going on?
(All Captain's are invited to the Trance again. Nelvauna brings his grid-plate and activates the map)
Nelvaun: I called this meeting because my tech-crew was able to figure out more of this map!
(Everyone in the room cheers in excitement)
Memphis: Excellent!
Daniel: Wow, that's fast.
Nelvaun: I knew you'd be jealous, Phoenix-X. You see, our ship has advanced file recovery technology. We synchronized the grid's emitters, which cleared up more of the map.
(Everyone in the room has no idea what he's talking about)
Memphis: Uhh, excellent.
Nelvaun(points): If we're right, the Crystal should be located here somewhere, at the border of Hellonesian space.
Memphis: Yes! The Crystal is as good as ours. Let's move!

(All 5 ships now, of the Fragma Alliance, activate thrusters and speed towards the border. Seifer beams over to the techship Sazann)
Seifer: I was wondering if we could have a copy of your scanning technology. Not that we want it to scan for something specifically; we just want to look at it because it looks cool.
Leaky: Sure, but what do we get in return...?
Seifer(takes out a data-chip): You can have this 1994 digitally remastered version of Forest Gump.
Leaky(accepts it): Uhh, thanks.

(The Phoenix-X flies alongside the other Ship's in anticipation. Daniel and Seifer enter the Bridge)
Daniel: Report.
Matt: We begun installation of the new systems, but it won't be finished for a while.
Seifer: In the meantime we could use our normal scanners.
Daniel: Yeah right. What could we possibly find with our stupid old scanners?
Armond: This for one thing.
(He shows a long-range scan of a Federation Shuttle on screen. It moves through space about a lightyear away)
Seifer: Where did that come from?
Daniel: It must be the Blue Nose's.

(4 Nega'Jem Starship's drop Transwarp in the distance and all of a sudden speed over to fly alongside the Fragma Alliance)
Shadow Flare: ...What is this?

(The Trance continues to head the Fragma; they hail the lead Nega'Jem ship, the Apocalypse)
Memphis: What is going on here?
*Shadow Flare(goes on screen): I was just about to ask you the same thing. Out of our way!!
Memphis: You can't tell us what to do. --Out of our way!

(The Apocalypse fires two trans-phasic torpedo flares at the Trance)
Shadow Flare: That's what you get you fool!

(The Trance is hit hard, but moves back in closer, flowing out plenty of quantum torpedoes along the side of the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse shakes violently)
Skrilax: Argh--!! Heh. We got 'em.
Memphis: Alert the other ships to attack, but not to lose course!

(The Nega'Jem starship Jaden flies aside locking a compression beam onto the Fragma techship Sazann)
Eenka: Hmph!

(The Sazann flips underneath and locks clamps onto the Jaden's dorsal hull, tearing off large pieces of plating)
Leaky: That's old school style! Yeah, yeah!

(The Phoenix-X speeds along behind all the Ships)
Daniel: This is not our fight.
Seifer(walks over): What about that shuttlecraft?
Daniel: If we leave now, we'll blow our cover.
Red: If we stay, we'd better do something before the Fragma question our loyalty.
Shane: I can do a little dance.
Armond: I think he means we should fight. If we do anything else, the Fragma will destroy us!
Shane(looks sad): Oh.

(The Phoenix-X speeds over to beside the Jaden, locking a tractor beam onto them)
Eenka: Hey!

(They move upwards and over past a bunch of firing ships. The Phoenix-X slams the Jaden into the Apocalypse)
Daniel: Good work.

(The Apocalypse gets caught in the Jaden's stabilization field, trying to get lose)
Ganryu: Captain, how much longer must we endure this course?
Shadow Flare(meditating): This is the path to the Crystal! I can almost see it....

(The Trance fires torpedoes as the Apocalypse gets free and zooms over)
Memphis: You are after the Crystal too, aren't you?
*Shadow Flare: Yes but I do not need trivial maps as you do.
Memphis: What, you're powers? I have omni-X's in my crew too, Nega'Jem. They can kick your ass!
*Shadow Flare: My ass is of no significance to you!

(The Nega'Jem starship Likon flips over across the top of the Mako dropping two anti-matter bombs. The bombs ignite causing major damage)
Nelvaun: Son of a---!

(The Mako blasts the Likon with torpedoes over and over again, overwhelming the Likon)
Iacon: Argh!!

(All the Ships suddenly catch up to a Comet in the distance; they slow to match its speed)

Memphis: Hey look, a Comet.
Skrilax: We never picked up this on sensors before.
(The Trance hovers over scanning it. They find that there are traces of Hellonesian technology and a Crystal inside)

Shadow Flare: The Crystal!!
(He moves the Apocalypse closer and unsuccessfully tries a matter transport through the Comet)

Daniel: Hellonesian technology... ?
(The Phoenix-X slowly hovers around, behind all the other Ships)
Seifer: What's going on? Who cares about this stupid Crystal.
Daniel: Perhaps the Hellonesians have some explaining to do...
Kugo: It is said, they never speak to outsiders.
Daniel: Well they will now. Kugo, I want you to transfer our cloak to the medical shuttle.
Kugo: Are you picking me because I'm standing the closest to you?
Daniel: Yes.

(While all the other Ships are busy with the Comet, the bay doors of the Phoenix-X open releasing the cloaked Angel Wing and two Jumpers. They speed off to Hellonesia)

Memphis: You're an omni-X right?
Kenezen: Yeah.
(The Trance locks a tractor beam onto the Comet)
Memphis: See if you can use your powers to get the Crystal out of there before the Nega'Jem get it.
Kenezen(nods): Okay.
(He concentrates his power and focuses on the ship debris encircled Crystal hidden inside the Comet. The Crystal lights up suddenly and then dies down)
Kenezen: Well, that's all I can do.
Memphis: That's it??
Kenezen: Yeah, I don't have all the power in the universe you know.
(He walks away)

Shadow Flare: Fire.
(The Apocalypse jams phasers into the rock of the Comet)
Ganryu: If we can't beam it out, we'll cut it out. Brilliant! Well, not that brilliant. But close.

(In a distance, beyond the Sector, an ancient Evvelen ship suddenly awakens... It powers up and makes its way through space)

Levis: How much longer to the Federation?
(The Blue Nose Shuttle accelerates through space. Carmella opens the shutters to the windows to look outside)
Carmella: Not another couple days. Don't worry, we're safe now...
(The ancient Evvelen ship suddenly roars by, not caring about the Shuttle)
Levis: Aaahh!!!
Carmella: Shields up!
(They watch as the ancient Evvelen ship gets smaller in the distance)
Levis: Where's it going?
Carmella: I don't know, but it doesn't seem like it was after us.
Levis: It didn't look like the ship that destroyed the Blue Nose. This one looked more damaged...

(The Angel Wing uncloaks itself and the two Jumpers as they approach the large and busy planet of Hellonesia 1)
Lox: Here we are...
**Breaker: Unidentified Medical Shuttle; you arrive with Jumpers of our technology.
Matt: We wish to speak to someone about a certain... Crystal.

(One of the many wise leaders of Hellonesia agrees to meet them. They beam down to an open room, near the volcanoes on the Planet)
AvecRanex: Hello. Your presence is valued and threatening.
Matt: Uhhh, nice to meet you too...
Kugo: Do you know of the growing search of a certain Crystal?
AvecRanex: ....
Lox: The Nega'Jem and Fragma have already found it in the Comet! Your technology was found in its presence.
AvecRanex: Yes, long ago our peoples were at war with another world's whom harvest such a Crystal.
Matt: This story is so exciting.
AvecRanex: Nevertheless to say, that Crystal could be the reminiscent of an episode where someone on our side stole it from their side and through battle was forced to crash land in that floating rock.
Lox: That would be an interesting episode to read.
AvecRanex: No, that was just an educated guess. We perhaps should do something about this Crystal...
(He turns around to leave)
Kugo: What is all the hype about this Crystal anyway?
(The leader turns around again to address her)
AvecRanex: Foolish one, that Crystal is the source of an immense power.

(Enough ships are tampering with the Comet that it starts to get crazy. The Sazann finally blasts a torpedo onto it, exploding the Comet into little bits and leaving the Crystal floating in space)

Leaky: Uhh... Yes!!
(The Sazann attempts a tractor beam, but the Jaden flys in and tractor beams it away themselves)

Eenka: Ha! Ha! That's our school style my friend!!
(Passing by all the other Ships the Jaden heads into a purple and red nebula)

Nelvaun: Don't let them get away.
(The Mako comes crashing down from above, blasting torpedoes like crazy. They follow through knocking the Jaden off course)

Seifer: There it is.
(The Crystal is dropped and the Phoenix-X locks onto it)
Kayl: Captain... --Argh! ...I sense an ancient ship is coming for us. It's coming for the Crystal!
Daniel: Now's not the time, Kayl.

(The Mako leaves the Jaden and follows behind the Phoenix-X)
Nelvaun: Give it here.
**Daniel: It's okay, we've got it.
Nelvaun: I will take it to Memphis. You will only lose it to the Nega'Jem!
**Daniel: Trust us, Nelvaun.
Nelvaun: Argh!!

(The Phoenix-X approaches the Trance and drops the tractor. The Trance takes it)
Memphis: Good work, Phoenix-X. I didn't think it'd be you who'd succeed in getting the Crystal.
*Daniel: Thanks.
**Nelvaun: Argh! That was our catch!
Memphis: Put a sock in it, Nelvaun.

(The Fragma ships speed out of the Nebula, losing the Nega'Jem inside. They find a safe spot in space and recap)

Armond: The new scanners are working, Captain.
(The Phoenix-X hovers around the other Fragma Ships)
Daniel: Okay, good. See if you can pick up any signs of Evvelen ships out there.
(An advanced alien 3D holo-configuration appears over and under the glass of Armond's control panel)
Armond: We're reading a single ship, in grid-98-32-17. That's three lightyears away.

(The Trance hails all Ships)
Skrilax: Open.
Memphis: Listen up everyone. We've got the Crystal and with it, the power. Now we can steal from more powerful worlds and get more richer riches!
**(Excited voices are heard over the comm.)
Memphis: The only thing is, we have to install it and that'll take an hour or so.
**(Winy voices are heard over the comm.)
Memphis: Shut up!... The Alliance is on temporary leave. Meet us at 87-32-29, in 3 hours.

(All the ships depart for personal business or leisure activities. The Phoenix-X jumps to Transwarp)
Seifer: I guess that means we're free to do whatever we want.
Daniel: There will be no guessing on my ship!

(The Mako stops and turns around. They detect the Phoenix-X's Transwarp Conduit)
Nelvaun: Now, now, now. Where do they think they're going in such a hurry...?
Gritz: They seem to have some kind of Transwarp capability.
(The Mako jumps to advanced speeds, following a course parallel to the subspace Conduit)

Red: Finally, we are on it.
(The Phoenix-X drops, re-entering normal space. It approaches the Evvelen starship)
Kayl: This looks like the ship I sensed, but is not it.
Armond: I'm picking up fragments of the Blue Nose's hull in theirs.
Daniel: This is definitely the ship Cid wanted us to destroy...
(They get ready)
Seifer: Weapons online.
Daniel(stands): ...Prepare to be whacked.

(The Evvelen Ship picks up the Phoenix-X and creates a huge black and purple energy bubble at its mouth. It fires the enormous bubble at the Phoenix-X, but the Phoenix-X swoops downwards)
-Evln: Hhhuuuu~uuuu~uu~....

(The Phoenix-X flies underneath and around the back of the Evvelen, discharging pulse disrupters at it and easily causing it serious damage)
Daniel: This weak little shell of a ship is what destroyed the Blue Nose in one shot?

(The Phoenix-X locks a tractor beam onto it, about to fire quantum torpedoes until they're suddenly hit)
Nelvaun: Hey!

(The Phoenix-X backs off the Evvelen and receives a hail from the Mako)
Daniel: Oh great.
*Nelvaun: What is going on here!? Explain yourself, Phoenix-X!
Daniel: Sorry, no time.

(The Evvelen fires another black-purple energy bubble and hits the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X undergoes serious damage, but still loads weapons)
-Evln: Nnnnddd~~sssdddd~!

(Meanwhile, Shane and Ensign Dan stowaway on the Trance, and enter their Phaser Engine Room with a bunch of their crew)
Shane: What's with this Crystal?
Ensign Dan: I don't know. What's with you?
Shane: Nothing.

(A couple people place the Crystal in an energy field chamber, in front of the mouth of the phaser array)
Vinks: I hope we don't blow ourselves to smithereens.
Memphis: Relax.
Vinks: This Crystal is said to have enormous power that no shields can protect against.
Memphis: I know. I love it!

(The Phoenix-X fires a slipstream torpedo at the Evvelen, at the same time the Mako soars overhead, firing a cascade of photon torpedoes. The Phoenix-X ducks most the torpedoes but takes on more damage)
Nelvaun: Explain yourself!

(The Evvelen Ship backs off from the slipstream crack in space, as its little robot pod regenerates its hull. The Evvelen opens its phaser array and the ruby Crystal inside, aiming at the Phoenix-X)
-Evln: Fffrwwwww~~w.

(It's about to fire, until the Phoenix-X backs off)
Armond: Hull at critical!!
Seifer: We're not going to survive this with the Mako firing on us!
(Beams fall and gases escape broken vents)
Daniel: Retreat. We'll wait until we're fully regenerated to take the Evvelen again.