Episode 11

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Betrayal and Honour

(On the Pheonix-X)
Commander Gotens[trill]: Remember in the days of Captian Kirk? When he encountered Klingons, their foreheads didn't have any wrinkles. Nowadays, everywhere you look, there's an improved klingon.
Lieutenant Commander Red[klingon]: Your point?
Gotens(sits at the table with Red): What ever happened?
Red(takes a sip of his drink): We evolved.
Gotens: Whoa, just think what you'll look like four weeks from now.
Petty Officer Amos[klingon](sits at the table): Greetings. What is the subject of dialogue?
Gotens: Kling-
Red: --Jello.
Amos: Klingjello?
Red: Yes, klingjello.
Amos: Must be some kind of Starfleet cuisine. I am glad I am a Klingon Warrior of the Empire and not a Starfleet Officer, or else I would be eating such weird aliments.
Red(rasies his drink): To not being a Starfleet Officer.
Amos(rasies his drink): Yes, to not being a Starfleet Officer!
Gotens(rasies his drink): Yeah! To not being a Starfleet Officer!
(The other Klingons stare him down)
Gotens(sneaks away in fear): Seeya.

(The Pheonix-X treks through space)
*Captian Daniel: Captian's log, stardate 52083.06. The I.K.S. Bochnah, a Klingon starship, has requested a rendezvous with the Pheonix-X. Half the Klingon Officers on my ship are from the Bochnah, including my only Klingon Bridge Officer, Lieutenant Commander Red. I have yet to determine the incentive for the rendezvous, but it doesn't mean I have nothing to look forward to. Captian Menchez is an old friend of mine.

(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
BOB[ferengi]: So how many klingons are working on this ship?
Captian Daniel[changeling]: There are approximately seventy-five Klingon Exchange Officers residing on the Pheonix-X since it set sail.
Lieutenant Kayl[human]: We are the second Starfleet Function to work in a mixed tribe environment.
BOB: We are?
Kayl: Yeah, ever heard of Deep Space 9? Starfleet works together with the Bajoran Mitilia there. Here, we work together with the Klingons.
BOB: An' me, don't forget I'm part of the Ferengi Alliance.
(Everyone goes back to work)
BOB: Yup, Ferengi Alliance.
Lieutenant Commander Armond[human]: Where is the Bochnah? We've been waiting here for an hour.
Gotens: You have to remember, the Bochnah doesn't have Transwarp like the Federation does.
Ensign Dan[bajoran]: What are you talking about? The Pheonix-X is the only ship in the whole Federation to have Transwarp, --Not to mention a cloaking device, tri-focal array and multi vector capabilities.
Daniel: That is too much information for you to recognize, Ensign. You're relieved of duty.
Ensign Dan: But I'm not on duty.
Daniel: Then what are you doing on the bridge?
Ensign Dan: I'm vacuuming the carpet. Move your feet please.
(Ensign Dan vacumes near the Captian. The Captian is sucked into the vacume cleaner)
Red: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Daniel(inside the vacuum cleaner): --This is more comfortable than it looks.
BOB(changes the subject): So...Night. I've always wanted to know where you guys got the cloaking device? I know the Federation isn't allowed to produce cloaking devices because of the Treaty of Algeron--
Gotens(walks away): Not now, BOB. The Captian is in dire need of our assistance.
Armond(on the upper level)(drums his fingers on the control panel): Just another day aboard this huge ship.
(Suddenly the Pheonix-X cloaks)
(Everyone turns around and looks at Armond)
Armond: Oh sorry, finger slipped.
(The security officers carry the vacume cleaner and Ensign Dan away)
Ensign Dan(being carried away): Hey, hey! I can walk you know!
Lieutenant Goycho[human](carrying Ensign Dan by the arms): Knowing you, you'll probably trip and accidentally cause a transwarp core breech.

(On the Bochnah)
Commander Dorwin[klingon]: Captian, we've arrived at the coordinates.
Captian Menchez[klingon]: Where is the Pheonix-X?

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Lieutenant, decloak!
Armond: Oh yeah, I forgot.

(The Pheonix-X decloaks in front of the Bochnah)

(On the Bochnah)
Dorwin: Should I hail them?
Menchez: Nah, knowing the Federation as diplomatic people, they'll probably hail first.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Armond: Sir, do you want me to hail the Bochnah?
Daniel: Nah, knowing the Klingons as impatient people, they'll probably hail first.

(The two ships float in anticipation, for five minutes)

(On the Klingon Homeworld)
(In a dark room)
Hoglo: We will kill Menchez, for he has dishonoured my family by not giving me the cloaking device.
Jagh: What?? I can't hear you, the lights are off. Anyways, we checked his ship, it's gone.
Hoglo: I know, so we will kill him. I've already sent out Leantos to the council to take care of it for me. He says he knows someone on the ship who's willing to do the honours.
Jagh: What???

(An hour Later...)
(On the Pheonix-X)(Transporter Room 3)
Gotens: I feel like we're on a flag ship...goin' out, meeting with embassadors, talking with high council's, eating chocolate-
Daniel: Just remember, more than half of the klingons on the Pheonix-X served under Captian Menchez for at least 10 years, they've only been serving under me for 1 year and a half.
Gotens: Right. But you've only been in command of the Pheonix-X for 9 months.
Daniel: I was also in command of the Pheonix for 9 months.
Gotens: Whoa, the Pheonix was destroyed after 9 months...That sounds like a curse. Are you expecting the Pheonix-X to be destroyed anytime soon?
(Captian Menchez and Commander Dorwin beam in)
Daniel: Captian Menchez, welcome to the U.S.S. Pheonix-X.
Menchez(steps down): The exterior of your ship looks really amazing, you don't even look like a Starfleet vessel.
Daniel: Really?
Menchez: No, I was just trying to make a compliment.
Daniel: Oh. This is my first officer, Commander Gotens.
Menchez: Ah, new first officer? Whatever happened to your Commander Avery?
Daniel: He's commanding the U.S.S. Bautista.
Menchez: Anyways. This is my first officer, Dorwin, son of Bond.
Daniel: I see you have a new first officer too. What ever happened to Sano?
Menchez: I killed him.
Gotens: Why?
Menchez: He tried vacuuming the bridge one day.
Gotens: Would you like me to show you to your quarters?
Menchez: Dorwin will go to his quarters, I must have a word with your Captian.
(Gotens and Dorwin leave)

Daniel(walks into the hallway): So Menchez, you're looking fatter than ever.
Menchez(laughs): Hahaha! Are you still as unstable as the last time we met? I remember you were suddenly liquified when your Commander Avery accidentally released quantum mono particles into the room.
(The two Captians walk down the hallway)
Daniel: Sometimes. I'm pretty sure some of the klingons on the ship are going to be happy to see you. I've sheduled a small reception for you tonight.
Menchez(nods): Hm. You have a powerful ship. It is nothing like the Pheonix.
Daniel: The Pheonix was a small ship, and it was hardly mine.
Menchez: Oh yes. Captian Maxwell, who had dishonoured the Federation and betrayed them, Captianed it.
Daniel: When he left, I took over and you came. You gave me more than two hundred klingon exchange officers to work with.
Menchez: Not to mention my cloaking device. There were many times I could've used it, but I still won hounorably, with the help of your Federation Officers.
Daniel: The Klingon Empire never gave you another cloaking device?
Menchez: It was thier way of telling me it was my loss.
Daniel: How are the Federation officers on your ship?
Menchez: They are doing fine. My human pilot is very good. I've also had to cushion most of the beds on the ship.
Daniel(laughs): Are they still wearing thier uniforms everyday?
Menchez: Captian, I must talk to you about why I've come.
Daniel: ....My officers aren't wearing thier uniforms...?
Menchez: The Empire believe's that there is a klingon spy aboard your ship.
Daniel: Aboard my ship? But that would mean I had a spy ever since I took command of the Pheonix.
Menchez: The Empire believes that, your Lieutenant Commander Red is part of the Duras family.
Daniel: The Duras family...? Aren't they the big enemy to the empire? But that's not true, Red is son of Tre. Does the Empire have any facts to base this on?
Menchez: Not hard facts, but the Empire does have facts that a member of the Duras family is planning to start a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
Daniel(speculating): And when the Federation and Klingon Empire converge war, at the end the Empire would be weak, and the Duras family would take over...
Menchez: The High Council has looked over all the records of your klingon half of the crew, and Red has been the logical choice.
Daniel: Logical? You can't just suddenly act like a Vulcan and pick the most logical one on my ship to be a person who starts the war.
Menchez: Captian, I agree with you. I've known Red for many years, he is like a brother to me--Or a cousin four months younger than me, living far far far away, and we still instant message eachother through subspace.
Daniel: So then why don't you fight this?
Menchez: Captian, the High Concil has not even talked to me about this. They gave the orders directly to my first officer.
Daniel: They don't trust you?
Menchez(looks at Daniel): ....Dorwin's orders are to kill Lieutenant Commander Red on sight.
Daniel(stares away): Computer, locate Lieutenant Commander Red.
*Computer: Lieutenant Commander Red is in Turbolift 4.
Daniel: Where is he headed?
*Computer: Deck 14.
Daniel(starts running): Com'on old friend, we can't let Dorwin get to Red.

(In Dorwin's quarters...)
Gotens: ...And the replicator is over there. If you need any assistance with anything, contact me on the comm.
(Commander Gotens leaves)
Dorwin(apporaches a control panel and view screen): Hmph...
(Dorwin opens communication with his ship)
*Lieutenant Matthew[human](on screen): Matthew here.
Dorwin: Let me speak to Kayjo.
*Matthew: Yes sir.
(Seconds later)
*Kayjo[klingon]: Commander.
Dorwin: Prepare to lock weapons and to fire. Thier shields are presently down. After I talk to Red, you will beam me out and destroy this ship. After we destroy the Pheonix-X, we will kill all the humans on the Bochnah.
*Kayjo: Yes Commander, but what about Captian Menchez?
Dorwin: The Captian will be a casulty of war...
*Kayjo: But we are not in war with the Federation.
Dorwin(smiles): Heh, heh...not yet...
*Kayjo: Destroying the Pheonix-X would be an act of war--ohhhh...I understand, kaplah!
Dorwin: Kaplah!
(The screen goes out)

(In the hallway of the Pheonix-X with Captain Daniel and Captain Menchez)
(They are running to the nearest Turbolift)
Daniel: Security to deck 9. Apprehend and detain the commander of the Bachnah......Computer, redirect Turbolift 4 to deck 15, authorization X-alpha-pie-gamma.

(In the Turbolift)
Red: What the-?
(The turbolift stops and goes back up to deck 15)
Red: Computer, all stop.
(The computer makes a cancel sound and doesn't stop)
Red: Computer, all stop!
(The computer makes a cancel sound and doesn't stop)

(The captains reach the turbolift entrance and it opens)
Red: Captain? There is something wrong with the Turbolift. I will report this to Lieutenant Kugo. Oh, Captain Menchez. I apologize for my greetings.
Menchez: Apologize? You've been on this ship for too long.
Daniel: Now that everyone is aquainted again, we need to apprehend your commander Menchez.
Menchez: I must warn you. He is a beligerent fighter.
Daniel: Warning noted.
Red: Is there something I missed?
Daniel: His commander is going to kill you.
(Red looks shocked)
Red: Well, we'll see about that.
Daniel: There is no time for you to go on one of your killing streaks. You are on my ship and under my command and will do things my way. I have a security team on its way to apprehend him now.
Red: Unless that security team are Klingons, then it won't work.
Daniel: Very well. Captain to the security team. Practice extreme caution. Set phazers on stun. Captain to Klingon task team. Join security on deck 9. There is a Klingon that has potential to cause resistence.
Red: That's better.
Daniel: Let's go to the bridge.
(The three officers get on the Turbolift and move up to the bridge.)

(On deck 9)
(Commander Gotens walks down the hallway to the nearest Turbolift)
(A security team rushes down the hallway past the commander)
Gotens: What's happening?
(No one answers)
(Everyone passes down the hall ignoring the Commander)
(Commander Gotens grabs one of the security team members)
Gotens: What's happening here Ensign?
Ensign Borishnikov: We are under orders from the Captain to apprehend the commander of the Bochnah.
Gotens: All right. Carry on.
(Ensign Borishnikov hurries to join the rest of the security team.)
Gotens: Commander Gotens to Captain Daniel.
*Daniel: Daniel here. What is it Commander?
Gotens: I've just been informed that the commmander of the Bochnah is being apprehended upon your orders. Is that true?
*Daniel: Yeah it is.
Gotens: Why?
*Daniel: Meet me in the conference with the rest of the senior officers. From there I will tell you what is happening.

(Later in the Conference room)
Doctor: What in the Hypospray is going on?
Kugo: You must restraint yourself. There is no need for anger.
Doctor: Well you try operating on a patient and have being called to a meeting in the middle.
Kayl: What?!? Who is operating on the patient now?
Doctor: Well, I have the EMH program on it.
EMH: Did I hear my name?
(Shocked look on everyone's face)
(The Captains walk into the room)
Daniel: As some of you might have hypothesized, we have a situation.
Menchez: Yes.
Daniel: And by the way, this is Captain Menchez of the Bochnah.
Armond: So what is the issue at hand?
Daniel: The issue at hand is that the Commander of the Bochnah has orders to kill Lieutenant Red.
(Everyone looks at him)
Red: Cease.
Daniel: Anyways, his apprehension is at hand.
*Ensign Yelto: Ensign Yelto to the Captain. Commander Dorwin has been apprehended. He's been takin to the brig. Awaiting further orders.
*Dorwin in the background: I demand to speak to the captain of my ship. &*^%*%^$^%$.
*Ensign Yelto: Shutup you poor excuse for a prunehead.
Daniel: I beg your pardon.
*Ensign Yelto: Oh my gosh. I didn't know I this was still on. I mean everything is under control Captain. Ensign out.
Gotens: Hmmmm.
Daniel: Okay. To conclude, the Klingon empire has declared Red as a traitor. And we don't believe that. So I want you guys to investigate. There is a traitor, but it's not Red. Keep your eyes open. Meanwhile, Red and I will have a talk with the Commander.

(On the Bochnah)(Kayjo's Quarters)
Kayjo(sleeps peacefully): ...
*Lieutenant Matthew: Lieutenant Matthew Bonita Screeta Lilita Monifa Lactalos Bonchaviks Don Marrie Es Paso El Nino Kent to Kayjo.
Kayjo(hits his head on the bulkhead): Doh!
*Matthew: Sir, the Pheonix-X has confined Commander Dorwin to thier Brig.
(Later, on the Bridge)
Kayjo(talking into the viewscreen): You can't do this!!

(On the Pheonix-X, Bridge)
Daniel(confused): But...I just did.
*Kayjo(on screen): Well, yes, I admit you physically can do it. But, this is an act of war!!
Daniel: Ha! Just because a Federation ship puts a Klingon Officer in jail for no evident reason, doesn't mean it's an act of war.
Red: Actually, it is.
Daniel(to Red): Oh, make note of that for next time.
*Kayjo: See! Even Red, who we were supposed to ki--I mean--Even the Klingons on your ship know better than you!
Daniel: Aha! But I do have a reason for capturing your Commander. He was conspiring to assasinate Lieutenant Commander Red, son of Tre. Ha! Mr. Doubty Mustafa. Thank you Alex, that will be Captians with good reasons for 500.
*Kayjo: Captian Menchez! How can you just stand there!? Do something about this!
Menchez: You're right. Captian, I strongly recomend you return my First Officer to me before it ruins Federation-Klingon relations, resulting in a huge war between our two peoples that could seriously damage our personal friendship.
Daniel: Well...no.
Menchez: I tried. Wanna go for some blood wine?
Daniel: Sure. I'll see you when I see you, Kayjo.
(The two Captians walk into the turbolift)
*Kayjo: But, but--

(On the Bochnah, Transporter Room)
Gotens(beams in): Hello.
Transporter Chief Houtso[klingon]: I choose not to speak to you Humans because of the current conditions of our situation.
*Jessica[human](on the comm): Ohh Hutsooooooo....heehee, are you coming home early tonight?
Housto: Heehee, yes honey.

(On the Pheonix-X, Deck 19 hallway)
Menchez: I believe my men will not open fire upon your vessel, they have too many Federation companions on my vessel.
Daniel: And I believe we'll clear Red's name in no time. We have everything under control.
Ensign Dan(chases a little kid down the hallway): Jason! Come back here, that's evidence to clear Red's name!

(In the Brig. The two Captians walk in. Dorwin paces in his cell)
Dorwin: Captian! Get me out of here!
Menchez: Okay.
(Menchez reaches for the control panel)
Daniel: No! He was going to kill Red, remember?
Menchez: Oh yeah. You idiot, Dorwin!
Dorwin: You can't proove that that was my intention!
*Borishnikov: Captian, we've just intercepted the message telling Dorwin to kill Red.
Daniel(taps his combadge): Good work.
Dorwin: --Uhh..well you can't proove that I was intentially going to kil him!
*Yeltso: Captian, we've just found a dagger in Dorwin's Guest Quarters.
Dorwin: Well--uhhh, I always carry a dagger with me, you cannot proove that I was going to actually do it!
*Yeltso: There's a paper wrappred around it, saying 'to kill Red with'.
Dorwin: What! Anyone could've wrote that.
*Yeltso: --Signed by Dorwin.
Dorwin(walks around in circles): My memory is failing...uhhh, where am I....?

(On the Bochnah, Mess Hall)
Gotens: Check it out baby. You, me, an' a bucket of chicken.
(The Klingon Female slaps him in the face and walks away)
Gotens(sits at a table with another Klingon): Hello.
Kayjo: Hmph.
Gotens: Heyyy, aren't you Kayjo?
Kayjo: What is to you?
Gotens: I heard rumors that your Commander was planning to assasinate a Klingon Officer on the Pheonix-X.
Kayjo: People talk such trash.
Gotens: If Menchez told Daniel about how Dorwin got direct orders from the High Council...how did Menchez find out?
Kayjo: Hmph, internal sensors detected an ease dropping siganl between the High Council and Dorwin's communication. It was obviously the Captian listening.
Gotens: Yeah, but...who at the High Council told Dorwin to kill Red? And why?
Kayjo(takes a sip of his bloodwine): I believe I've told you too much. I choose not to speak to you anymore.
Gotens: Good then I can do all the talking. Let me tell you about the time I had to babysit a Klingon. It was in my second host, Elena...
(He continues yapping away)

(On the Pheonix-X. In the Turbolift)
Daniel: Now we have hard evidence that Dorwin was trying to kill Red.
Menchez: But that does not proove the Red is not of the family Duras.

(On the Bochnah)
Gotens: And the baby had the cutest beard--
Kayjo: Okay! Okay! I'll tell you! His name is Leantos! He told Dorwin to kill Red!
Gotens: Oh, okay. Wanna hear the rest of my story?
Kayjo(runs away): Aaaahhhhh!!!

(At the Klingon High Council Room)
Chansler Gowron(alone in the room, talking into the viewscreen): Leantos?

(On the Pheonix-X, Bridge)
Gotens: Yeah, ever heard of him?
*Gowron(on the screen): Not that I know of...if he was on the Council, I'd know...Oh yes, I know of him, he's our Janitor.
Ensign Dan: Do you know what type of Vacuume he uses?
*Gowron: No.
Gotens: Why would a Janitor give orders to a Galaxy Starship?
*Gowron: I don't know, nor do I care. I am very busy.
Daniel: Well, he gave direct orders to the Commander of the Bochnah to assasinate Red.
*DelieveryKlingon(in the background, on screen): Your Blood Pita's here!
*Gowron: I do not know of such orders. I must go.
Menchez: Wait! Will you look into this for us?
*Gowron: Yes, I'll get back to you in a couple weeks. Bye--
Daniel: Wait! That's not good enough. Send us your communication files for the past week.
*DeleveryKlingon(bangs on the steel door): Your Blood Pita's gett'n dry!
*Gowron(taps on the control panel): Very well.
(The screen goes out)
Armond: We've got them.
Daniel: Good, get to work on them.
Armond: Aye sir.
Daniel: Helm, set a course for the Klingon Homeworld. Transwarp 4.
Red: Aye Captian.
Menchez: Transwarp?

(The Pheonix-X accelerates into Transwarp)
(On the Bochnah)
Matthew: Third Officer Kayjo, the Pheonix-X has left. Captian Menchez says to wait here.
Kayjo: What!? How are we supposed to start a war with the Federation if the Pheonix-X is not here!
Matthew: What did you say?
Kayjo: Uhh... I said--How are we supposed to store the refridgeration if the reflex is not beer...

(On the Pheonix-X)
Armond: I've deciphered the communications. There were a lot of them, but I finally found it.
Gotens: Interesting...
(Two screens goes on)
**Chink: Ooo that's nice...
**Keyla: Now how do I look with it off?
Armond: Oops, wrong one.
(Armond taps on the panel)
**Leantos: My polka dot underwear is itching so much.
**Dorwin: You have polka dot underwear too!?
Armond: And it goes on. They talk about killing Red, but they say nothing about Red being a traitor.
Gotens: Interesting...
Armond: Oh, and he uses at Type KGQ300 Vacume Cleaner.
Ensign Dan: Interesting... Thank you my good man. Now I must relieve thy of my presence.
Gotens: That wasn't interesting.
Red: Captian, we've arrived at the Stingon Porcurled.
Daniel: What!? We were supposed to go to the Klingon Homeworld!
Red: Ooops. Making course correction. Engaging... We've arrived at the Homeworld.
Daniel(taps his combadge): Good. Daniel to Commander Gotens...

(On the Klingon Homeworld. In a science room with computers)
Einstein: There! Do you see now, how E equals M, C, squared!?
Jagh: No, go back to your time machine. I'll figure this out for myself!
H.G.Wells: Com'on ol' chap.

(The two walk away. Gotens and Armond beam in)
Gotens: Hello.
Jagh: What!? We tranporter proofed this room!
Armond: Ha, I guess you haven't been up against Federation type A Transporters!
Jagh: Nooo!!! I'm melting!! I'm melting!! Ohhhh what a worrrld!!
Armond: Get a hold of yourself man! It's not over man! Man! Maannn!!!
Gotens: Just do your job, Armond.
Armond(goes to the control panel): Okay.
(Gotens fires a phaser at Jagh. Jagh falls to the ground)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Kayl: Captian! There are 13 rock fragments heading towards us off the port bow!!
Daniel: Oh no! ...And on a Friday too.
Kayl: Oh, and there's also all those Klingon Birds of Prey astern.
Daniel: Shields up.

(In the computer room)
Gotens: Did you get it? Is Red's name in there?
Armond: Yeah...look there are so many people part of the Duras family... Dorwin... Leantos... Kayjo... Hoglo... Jagh... Orange... Blue... Green... nope, no Red.
Gotens: Good. That prooves Red isn't a traitor. Gotens to Pheonix-X. Two to transport.
*Daniel: You're going to have to wait, we're under attack and our shields are up.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Kayl: There's just too many of them!!
Daniel: Initiate multi-vector separtion mode. Tactical Sequence Beta-6-3-Omega.
(The ship shakes)
Daniel: I don't understand. They're Klingons, our allies.
Menchez: They're the Duras fleet. Duras is the enemy of the empire.
(The ship shakes. Support beams fall)
Walace: Shields down to 22%. Vector 2 shields to 34%. Vector 3 shields to 10%.
Daniel: Bring us back together.
(The ship shakes)
Walace: Shields at 12%.
Kayl: We've destroyed most of thier ships. Only two left.
Daniel: Fire Quantum torpedoes.
(The ship shakes again. People fall all over the place)
Kayl: We've destroyed one ship. One remaining.
Walace: Shields down.
Daniel: What!? Oh no. Night was right, it is a curse.
(The Bird of Prey fires torpedoes towards the Pheonix-X. Suddenly another Bird of Prey flies between the Pheonix-X and the Duras ship and takes the hit.)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Took you a while.
*Matthew: We had to catch up with you. We've thrown Kayjo in the brig for conspiring under the Empire and Federation.
Daniel: Good--
*Matthew: One sec.
(The Bochnah fires torpedoes at the Duras ship and destroys it)
(In the dark room)
(There's banging at the door)
Gotens(reading the tri-quarter): There are ten Klingons behind that door.
Armond: Thanks for the late breaking news.
(The door breaks down and ten Klingons run towards the two.)
Gotens(reading the tri-quarter): The door has been broken down. The group of renegade Klingons are not 50 feet away....30...20...10..5--
(The two are beamed out)

(On the Pheonix-X. Transporter Room)
(The two dematerialize)
Gotens(still reading the tri-quarter): We have just been beamed onto a ship of some sort.
Transporter Chief Billy: Sir?
Armond: Commander, if you only just look up--
Gotens: There is some guy with a Southern Hill Billy accent just 10 feet away from me--
Armond(snatches away the tri-quarter): Give me that.

(The Pheonix-X flies beside the Bochnah outside the orbit of the Klingon Planet, Klinzai)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Menchez: Thank you Daniel for getting me out of that delema.
Daniel: Hey, I've done it before.
Menchez: Captian Menchez to the Bochnah. One to transport. ...Until we meet again, Captian.
(Menchez is beamed off the ship)
Gotens: Captian, I've taken care of Dorwin. He has been turned over to the Klingon Authorities.
Daniel: What about Kayjo?
Gotens: The Bochnah turned him over too. I've also cleared Red's name with the Empire. They claim they hadn't even accused him of being a traitor.
Armond: Red was framed so Dorwin could start a conflict with the Federation. If the Federation got into a war with the Klingon Empire, both sides would be crippled. Letting the Duras family take over the Klingon Empire.
Daniel: Whoa, you figured that all out by yourself?
Armond: That, and some of it was in a fortune cookie.
Red(relaxes): I'm not a traitor, and my honour is restored.
BOB: Yeah, yeah. Can't you see you're not the centre of attention anymore!!
Daniel(takes a seat): Helm, set a course for our previus destination before we were interrupted with this matter, Transwarp 5.
Ensign Dan(walks in off the turbolift with a vacume cleaner): Now to try my improved KGQ300.
Daniel: Engage.
Ensign Dan(turns on the vacume cleaner and it flies him around the room): AAaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!