Episode 10

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Pure Evil

(The Pheonix-X moves closer to a miniture star, smaller than the ship)(Bolts of lightning come out of the star)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Lieutenant Commander Armond[human]: The star seems to be disinegrating at a constant speed. I estimiate it will just disappear in 8.4 mintutes.
Commander Gotens[trill]: Take us a within 200 kilometers of it.

(In the Ready Room)
(The Captian speaks to an Admiral on his view pad)
*Admiral Cloud[human]: That's not possible.
Captian Daniel[changeling]: Maybe you haven't read this guy's record, but according to this, he's a physco path.
*Cloud: Captian! He was granted a concluding chance, so long as he executes his duties like a Starfleet Officer, Mr. Lox remains!
(Screen goes out)

(On the Bridge)
Gotens(shakes hands with the Counsillor): Nice to meet you Councillor. I'm sure you'll like it on the Pheonix-X.
Councillor Lucricia[human]: Thank you sir.
Gotens: The Captian's expecting you.
Armond(reads the sensor logs): Hm...this looks familliar...
Lieutenant Commander Red[klingon]: Commander, I still cannot secure a satisfactory sensor reading.
Lieutenant Walace[human]: I don't recommend we go any closer than 100 kilometers of the occurrence.
Gotens: Take us in a hundred kilometers closer, Lieutenant.
Red: Aye sir.

(In the Ready Room)
(The door bell rings)
Daniel: Come in!!
Lucricia(enters): Captian--
Daniel: I swear, I'm this close to resigning from Starfleet.

(Suddenly the star bursts out a huge flash wave)(A bolt of lightning grabs a hold of the Pheonix-X)

(In the ships' Ready Room)
Daniel: That's it Councillor, I resign.
*Armond: Armond to Captian. Commander Gotens is dead.

(On the Bridge)
Daniel(enters): What happened?
Armond: The control panel beside him exploded.
Ensign Dan[bajoran]: Awww, to bad. Now who will be the brains of the outfit?
(Daniel takes the phaser from a guard)(Daniel fires phaser at Ensign Dan)(Ensign Dan vapourizes)
Lucricia: Captian, what are you doing?
Daniel: I'm tired of Starfleet. I'm tired if this crew. And I was definitely tired of the two officers from the Xena!!
Red(stars laughing): Ha! Ha! Captian, I now have respect for you.
Daniel: Good, Red, you're now First in Command.
Armond: But Captian, I'm supposed--
(Daniel fires the phaser at Armond)(Armond is vapourized)
Daniel: If you want to talk on my bridge you ask me for permission.
Lieutenant Kayl[human]: Captian--
(Daniel points phaser at Kayl)
Kayl: Uh...permission to speak?
Daniel: ....Granted.
Kayl: I'm detecting another ship on the other side of the star.
Daniel: What?
Kayl: It's registered as the U.S.S....Pheonix-X.

(On the other ship)
Daniel: What's going on?
Gotens: I dunno. The control panel over there exploded, luckily I moved away from it in time. The ship was hit by a bolt from the star. We retracted back 300 kilometers away from it.
Daniel: Good work Commander.
Armond: The star has disintegrated.
Daniel: Hail that ship.
(The screen goes on)
Daniel: I am Captian Daniel of the--
(Another Captian Daniel is on the other bridge, Red stands beside him)

(In the Conference Room)(The four ship leaders sit at the table)
Daniel1: This is an amazing phenomenon.
Daniel2: Uhhh...I agree. Unfortunately, my Commander Gotens, Lieutenant Commander Armond and Ensign Dan were killed by explosions on the ship.
Gotens1: That's terrible.
Daniel2: ...Yes, it is.
Daniel1: So...there's duplicates of everybody now?
Red2: It would appear that way.
Daniel2: Our Warp Nacels aren't blue anymore, they are red. I wonder if your Chief Engineer could assist my Chief Engineer to figure out the problem.
Daniel1: Sure. I'll send Kugo over.

(On the Bridge)
Gotens: I've seen the face he made too many times in five life times, he's lying.
Daniel: About what?
Gotens: I dunno, it's just a feeling. Did you see the way Red mocked you in there?
Daniel: Yeah, something's different about them.
Red(turns around): Excuse me?
Gotens: Oh not you, the Red on thier ship is First in Command.
Daniel: That Captian made some changes to his face, he looks like a Tholian on 'drunk Ferengi impressions night'. Commander go talk to Kugo. Kayl, keep an eye on their ship.
Gotens: Yes sir.
Kayl: Aye sir.
Daniel: Ensign, we need to determine why the star made a duplicate of us.
Ensign Dan: Aye sir--
Armond: Captian, permission to assist the Science Officer...?
Daniel: ...Sure, if you think you can help.
(Armond and Ensign Dan walk to the Science Station)

(In main Engineering)
Gotens: ...And I want you to give me a full report. You're not only going there to assist your double with the warp nacels, I want you to observe the crew, the people you know.
Lieutenant Kugo[vulcan]: That is illogical, what is the purpose of observing the crew if it is precisely the same as ours?
Gotens: I have reason to believe that their crew just might be a little different...

(On the Bridge)
(The Captian and Lieutenant Commander observe the science station)
Armond: Luckily we got the readings before we withdrawed from the star. The star seemed to be giving off negitive and positive Isolinium Radiation. Sensors indicate were struck by a positive bolt.
Daniel: How is that possible? That still doesn't explain how we were duplicated.
Armond: Isolinium Radiation is known for capturing an object and--in a way, remembering everything about the object. As soon as I saw these readings, I knew there was something familliar about them.
Daniel: What are you getting at?
Armond(relaxes): A party of Vulcan Archeologists back in 2354 stumbled into a cave where they found ihorn bats. They claimed to see millions of them, when in fact only half of what they saw showed up on tri-quarter readings. Later it was found that the cave was ingulfed with Isolinium Radation from the type of rock.
Daniel: Are you saying the radation projected doubles of the ihorn bats?
Armond: Yes. Our case is obviously different. For some reason the radiation didn't just project a copy of us, it somehow replicated our molecular patterns.
Daniel: Could that have something to do with the warp core?
Armond: I dunno, our warp core is a lot different than other ships.
Daniel: The other Daniel was complaining that the warp core on thier ship was red, not blue.
Armond: That does signify a mystery.
Daniel: Good work Lieutenant. I want you to keep anaylizing this data and when Kugo comes back, anaylize hers.
Armond: Aye sir.
(The Captian leaves)

(On the second Pheonix-X)(In the Ready Room)
Red: I am having doubts about my honour. Now I am a malformality of nature.
Daniel: That's not true! We are the originals, they are the duplicates!!
Red: Yes sir. ...About the other Daniel?
Daniel: I don't like him. After we find out what the problem is with the Warp Nacels, we'll destroy them.
Red: Heh, heh...he wastes his time on speculations and other probabilities. Much like a, Starfleet Officer. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!!
Daniel: That reminds me. I want changes made, forge a program where we can initiate it at my command...Combadge frequencies are to be changed. I also want shield locality to be modified to block the other Pheonix-X's sensor readings, I want the Pheonix-X to be unable to read the interior of the ship. All passwords will be changed.. Voice command will be transferred to me only. Okay? Red, well you don't even wear a Starfleet uniform, but send out a message to the crew, uniforms aren't nessescary anymore. Oh and, if anyone challenges your command, kill them. --Do we have Transwarp, the cloak and Multi-Vector Separation?
Red: Yes sir, all in perfect shape.
Daniel: Good. Computer, change the ships' registery name to...Pheonix-V. NX-00002. Command-D-X-Beta-Tango-5-3.
*Computer: Working....ship now known as the U.S.S. Pheonix-V, NX-00002.
Daniel: Red, go--Oh, and send Doctor Lox up.
Red: Yes Captian.
(Red leaves the Ready Room)
Daniel: ...Moohoohahahahahahahahaa...!!

(On the Pheonix-X)
(On the Bridge)
(After Kugo gets back with her information and finished necessary repairs.)
Armond: Hmmmm......I wonder how this can be? Computer, get me all the files concerning the information recorded by Chief Engineer Kugo. Corrolate this information to Starfleet's database dating back to a century. Extrapolate any anomoly concerning..........

(Meanwhile, the Captain is in his ready room awaiting Chief Engineer Kugo)
(Kugo walks in)
Kugo: Returning from.....well....from, you know. That other ship.
Daniel: Understood Chief. What did you find?
Kugo: Well, all their instruments are standard according to Starfleet. Although, there was something I had overtake.
Daniel: Yes?
Kugo: With all my instruments, I had to reverse the polarity. Otherwise, everything was the same.
Daniel: What do you mean reverse?
Kugo: It's like a magnet. I'm trying to attach this magnet to their systems, but the only way to do it was to turn the magnet the retracting way.
Daniel: I see.
(Armond walks in)
Armond: I got it!

(On the Pheonix-V)
(In the Ready room)
Daniel: Kugo, does Kugo suspect anything?
Kugo: I don't think so.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Armond: I suspect that there is nothing wrong with their propulsion system.

(On the Pheonix-V)
Red: How are we going rebuild the warp system without them knowing?

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: What do you mean?
Armond: They are lying. From the readings that Kugo got, everything is in working order. It's just that the energy is reversed. They are capable of doing everything we can, of course, but not in this space.
Daniel: This space?
Armond: This space is for this Pheonix-X. We are able to create warp bubbles in this space allowing us to go faster than light. They can do that same thing with their energy, but it works on different terms.
Daniel: So they are copies of us right?
Armond: Right.
Kugo: But their entire molecular flow is reversed.
Armond: Yeah, you can say that.
Daniel: Okay, that means we have a copy Pheonix-X and crew. But their molecular flow is the inverse of ours. Would thier attitudes be reversed as well?
Armond: I suppose so. But the radiation affects differently to the different species.
Daniel: So we have a renegade Pheonix-X. They are sitting ducks where they stand....If it was I, I would get my ship back online. Then I would finish off the only threat to my existence.
Kugo: Then the only way is to have them rebuild their energy coils to the flow of energy opposite to what they have now?
Armond: And once that is done, they would annhialate us.
Daniel: I couldn't say it better than myself. Now, we have to do something about this.

(Later...)(In the Conference Room)
Daniel(sits back): Options...?
Red(slams his fist on the desk): We have to destroy them, now!! We connot have doubles of us roaming the galaxy and impersonating us!
Gotens(leans forward): No way, they're people now. Whether you like it or not, we have to respect them like they were normal people.
Kayl(biting her fingernails): They know everything about us. Our fears, our past, everything!
Ensign Dan: Don't be such a baby. --Oh wait, we could use that to our advantage and scare the other Kayl! Maybe she'll accidentally blow up the ship.
Gotens: Well, Kugo? You went to the Pheonix-V, what did you see?
Ensign Dan: Pheonix-V? I'd choose the letter 'Z' if I were renaming, it gives it...a zing, don't you think?
Kugo: I do not have a comment on the name of the ship. But I did notice personality differences between our crew to thiers. For example, Ensign Gewdeque is usually loud and annoying. I found that on the Pheonix-V that she was most quiet and shy.
Gotens: ...I'll be sure to add that to my log.
Kugo: Everyone was not wearing a Starfleet Uniform. And the lighting was really bad.
Ensign Dan: Hey, can we have a non-uniform day too?

(On the Pheonix-V)
(In the Captian's Ready Room...)
Captian Daniel(stands): I have full confidence in you.
Doctor Lox: Thank you--
Daniel: Shut up, you Patok and just do it or I will replace you with the EMH.
Lox(heads for the door): Right, I guess I'll be going....heh, heh...
Daniel: Not just yet... Guards, give Doctor Lox my thank you.
Lieutenant GoyCho[narsican](enters the room): Hello.
(GoyCho knees Lox in the stomach)
Lox(falls to the floor): Uughh!
(GoyCho starts punching Lox in the face)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Is there any way we can use our knowledge of the Radiation to our advantage?
Armond: Well...--
*Lieutenant Tong: Captian, I'm detecting another ship.
Kayl: Oh my God! A third Pheonix-X! When will this hell end!?!
(Everyone gets up and heads for the Bridge)
(On the Bridge...)
Daniel: Report.
Tong: It's on its way here, warp 2, mark 3 7. We have not come into thier sensor range yet.
Gotens: What kind of ship is it?
Tong: It is a Trill Medical Ship.
Gotens: ...Trill?
Daniel: Hail the Medical Ship.

(On the Pheonix-V)
Kayl: The Pheonix-X is hailing them.
Red(steps up): ...Initiate.

(On the Pheonix-X)
*Speng(on screen): Captian, we have everything you asked for. But, if I may ask, isn't this against Federation Regulations?
Daniel: What are you talking about? I never--
(Screen goes out)

(On the SS Mehlow, a Trill Medical Ship)
Hinto: Connection lost, sir.
Speng: See? I told you he was rude. These Federation people...
Maggie: I see.

(The Pheonix-X cloaks)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel(turns around): Why did you initiate the cloaking device?
Kayl: I didn't. According to this, our shields are still up and our cloaking device has not been activated.
Armond: Captian, the Pheonix-V's cloaking device is activated. But it is our ship that is cloaked, not thiers.
Daniel: Hail the Pheonix-V.
Armond(taps the control panel): They're not responding.
Daniel: Hail the Medical Ship.
Armond(taps the panel): ...Our communication is being jammed.
Gotens: Can you unjam it?
Armond: I think so, but it will take me a couple hours. I've seen these jamming sequences before, I bet it was my double that did this.
Ensign Dan: Your double was killed, and so was mine. So we're lucky.
Gotens(turns around): How can they just turn on us like this?
*Kugo: Kugo to Captian.
Daniel(taps combadge): Yes Lieutenant?
*Kugo: Sir, I cannot access the Transwarp Drive. Propulsion system's are inaccesable.
Kayl: They've got us. All they have to do is push a button and innitiate the self destruct sequence.
Daniel: ...Self Destruct..? Darn, I forgot. You have the bridge Number One.
(The Captian enters the Ready Room)
Gotens: Armond, rotate the Shield Frequencies.
Armond: Aye sir.

(The Mehlow rondevous' with the Pheonix-V)

(On the Pheonix-V)(Bridge)
Red: Do you have the Tachion Coil Spanner we requested?
*Speng(on screen): Right here Mister Klingon.
Red(stares away): Hmm...Mister Klingon...I like the sound of that...
Kayl: Uuhhh...Commander?
Red(shakes his head): Oh yeah, you may Transport.
*Speng: Alrighty, I will just need a little time to assemble the Medical Team.
Red: No! No Medical Team, please.
*Speng: But--
Red: Only transport one person!!
*(Speng glances at Maggie)

(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
Daniel: What's our status?
Gotens: Other than losing control of the ship? I do have this cramp on the left side of my back, just up near my shoulder.
Lieutenant Elly[orion](rubs his shoulders): Oh let me get that for you.
Daniel(puts his hand on his forehead): Arghh, can we please stay concentrated here? You are supposed to be Starfleet Officers.
Kayl: So that's why we wear these uniforms...neato.
Gotens: ...A little to the left.
Daniel(paces): Arrghh.
Armond(sitting at the communication station): It's not that we don't want to concentrate. It's just that it has been two hours, and all we've been doing is watching a Medical Ship transport one person and some supplies over to our duplicated counterparts.
Gotens: Yeah...what are they doing over there?
Red: Getting thier ship back online, unlike us.
Armond: I've almost severed the jamming signal, just a few more algra-rhythms, so hold on to your wrinkled Klingon forehead.
Daniel(sits down): I've gotta recruit.
Red: Sir, I've detected a Federation Destress Beaken. It's from the Delta Quadrant, from a Federation Vessel called the U.S.S. Voyager. Ever heard of that ship?
Daniel: Hmm...nope.
Gotens: ...No.
Kayl: Uh, uh.

(The Pheonix-V fires a torpedo on the Beaken. The Beaken explodes)

(On the Pheonix-X)(Bridge)
Armond: There, I've got it!! We can now communicate! ...By text only. I'll get back to you iliterate people.
Gotens(rotates shoulders): Why is there a Trill Medical Ship helping them with Transwarp Core problems...?

(On the Pheonix-V)(Sick Bay)
Lox(with bruses on his face): I've finally succesfully finished a surgery! Wohoo!
EMH: Hey, I helped!
Lox: Huh? Well I can't give credit to a Hologram, what would the medical tools say?
James Gotens(sits up): You are such a physco.
Lox: Sshh! Not in public! I moved the Gotens Symbiont from the Night host into the James host, succesfully. Oh, and if you feel a little queezy when you sit down, it's just the Tarkeesion Skittle I dropped in your stomach; don't worry, in about twelve years it will just dissolve.
Gotens(shakes his head): What are you going to do with Night?
Lox: I dunno, burn him. He's dead, I'm sure he won't mind.
Gotens(stands up): Well, I'm not a Federation Officer anymore, I think I'll go steal a shuttle and hook up with an Orion Slave Girl.
Lox(jumps up and down): Hohoho, ha! Ha! Computer, erect a level one force field around the Night body and put the temperature up to 500 degrees! Heh, heh.
(The Computer complys and Night gets creamated in the middle of the room)
(James hurries out of the room)
(In Main Engineering...)
Kugo(taps combadge): There! Captian! I've reversed the Tachion Polarities!
(In the Captian's Ready Room)
Daniel(stands up): Then I think it is about time to shake our booty.
*Computer: Please request dance music title.
(Daniel leaves the Ready Room)
Daniel: I think the first issue at hand is to get rid of our help. After all, it's not like we'll need their services anymore.
Red: I understand. Fire-
Daniel: Get ready to fire photons at their warp engines.
Red: Like I was saying, fire on their warp engines.

(Pheonix-V fires upon the Trill vessel. It explodes and everyone on the ship dies.)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Elly: Our sister ship has just opened fire on the trill vessel. It is destroyed. No survivors.
Daniel: What?
Elly: Our sister shi-
Daniel: I heard you the first time. I'm just kidding with you bud. ...-Where did that come from?-...
Armond: One more algo-rythym left sir.
Daniel: I was just going to ask that.
Armond: Done.
Daniel: Great. Restart systems from the start.
Red: Captain, we are getting a message from the other ship.
Daniel: On screen.
*Daniel2: Well, it seems that you have severed our link.
Daniel1: It appears so.
*Daniel2: Let me guess. You are planning to restart your systems and destroy us.
Daniel1: Perhaps.
*Daniel2: Then I guess we aren't as alike as you think. Because once you initiate your tactical systems I will destroy your vessels with a pair of torpedoes.
(Captain motions for the signal to be cut)

(On Pheonix-V)
Daniel: I think that should convince them that we're not joking.
Red: After all, we're going to kill them anyways.

(On Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Kugo and Armond, is that possible? Can they really destroy us that easily?
Kugo: Yeah.
Armond: Their sensors would be able to read our systems powering up and they can act faster than our systems powering up.
Daniel: We need to destroy them. Any suggestions?
Gotens: I have one.
Daniel: Okay.
Gotens: How about if we reroute main power through the auxilliary power distributors. From there they would never suspect our systems.
Kugo: But our weapons they can detect.
Gotens: Well.....let me finish. I didn't say that we would power up weapons.
Daniel: What exactly are you saying?
Gotens: We'll use that power to make a Transwarp 1 jump. We'll lose them for about one minute expecting pursuit. We can power up weapons and counter attack.
Daniel: Sounds good. Make it so.

(On Pheonix-V)
Daniel: Everything is going as planned. They are like putty in my hands. Get ready to fire on them. Lock on torpedoes 3 and 4. Fire on my mark.

(On Pheonix-X)
Gotens: Power rerouted.
Daniel: Good. Transwarp 1 jump on my mark.

(On Pheonix-V)
Daniel: Fire!

(On Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Engage!

(The Pheonix-X warps out. The torpedoes explode where the Pheonix-X was.)

(On Pheonix-V)
Red: Sir, their ship has jumped to warp before we nailed them. Shall we pursue?
Daniel: Definitely. Make it so.
(Their ship jumps to warp and pursuits)

(On Pheonix-X)
Daniel: All stop and bring us about. Power weapons and lock. Fire!
(Torpedoes are fired on intercept to the other ship)

(On Pheonix-V)
Daniel: Oh Sh--

(Pheonix-V was destroyed with a big boom)

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