Episode 34

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Ghost Face Killah



_ur sense_


_As humanoids, we see our existence in this universe as limited to only what our senses and technological capabilities can tell us. We usually are ignorant, or if not, ignore, the possibilities of a more wider, grand scale universe we can't detect. But what if this larger existence starts to really threaten us? Will we be ready to protect ourselves?


_bilities can t_


_n tell us_

(Red smacks the tricorder a couple times)
Red: What's with all this distortion? It's so annoying.
Shane(walks over): Oh that was just the intro.
Red: The intro?
Shane: Yeah, the intro for when you turn on the tricorder. I made this cool distortion sequence in the reboot menu.
Red: Pitiful. It is a waste of those puny gigabytes.
(Shane and Red are in a dark room, on an abandoned alien Ship, trying to scan a weird technological device. The device is shaped like a humanoid Skull head, and sits on a pedestal in the middle of the room)
Shane: What do you make of it?
Red: It seems to be some kind of thing...
Shane: Fascinating.
(Red starts disconnecting the wires hooked into it and the computer)
Shane: Wait!! There's something written on the back of its head.
Red: I do not care.
(Shane shows Red the inscription)
--"Whosoever disconnects this Skull from its ship shall a curse on thee be cast until hunted down and killed... Under penalty of law."--
Red: That is the most stupidest inscription I have ever read since the Captain made us all have Phoenix-X Copyright's inscribed on the back of our necks.
(He unlatches the Skull from the pedestal and carries it out with him into the dark corridor. Shane and Red make their way through the decks, stepping over dead bodies and scattered bulkheads)
Shane: Whoever's responsible for killing this crew could have at least cleaned up after themselves.
(Red suddenly stops, staring into the darkness of the corridor in the distance)
Red: What was that?
Shane(stops): What was what?
Red(shines his light): I thought I saw something move over there.
Shane(takes tricorder readings): I'm not picking up any life signs.
(Both their tricorders start beeping incessantly. Red opens his and turns around)
Red: It's the pedestal in the Engineering Room; ...it's emitting a subspace homing signal; probably because we removed the Skull.
Shane: Let's rendezvous back to the beam out site with the other Salvage teams.
Red: Agreed.

(The Phoenix-X sits out in space, in the midst of some scattered debris leading towards a dead Alien Ship with a blasted hole in it. Daniel approaches Armond)
Daniel: Are my eyes aligned to the vertical centre of my face?
(They shift up and down)
Armond: I do not understand how you are able to have all this incredible omni-power and still encounter problems shape-shifting your own facial features.
(A signal on his control panel reports that all the Away Teams have safely returned to the ship. Red enters the Bridge)
Daniel: Hey, Red. How'd the Salvage Operation on the Carbonyte go?
Red: It went perfectly fine Captain.
(Suddenly three alien Ships drop out of warp and surround the Phoenix-X)
Red: Oh, except we accidentally set off a homing beacon.
(The three ships start moving in and firing on the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: I guess we should give them back the technologies we stole from their ship. Send them a message that that is our intent.
Armond: It is sent.
(The Ships continue to fire at the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: Maybe those torpedoes just accidentally fell out?
Armond: I do not believe so, sir. These people identify themselves as part of the pirate union, called the Fragma Alliance. This is just a standard revenge procedure for them.
Daniel: What? We weren't even responsible for destroying the Carbonyte! Never mind. Return fire.
(They return fire onto one of the Fragma ships. The torpedo just goes splat on their hull)
Armond: Minimal damage.
Daniel: Hail them. Let's see what they have to say.
(The screen goes on)
*Skrilax: Hahahahahahaaa!!!!
(Daniel turns it off)
Daniel: Okay, never mind.
Red: What about the Tri-Focal Array?
Armond: That is under repair.
Daniel: Do we have any Slipstream Torpedoes left?
Armond: A few, but they're under spider webs.
Red: Captain, what about your X-Powers?
Daniel: I exhausted them a couple days ago, blowing up asteroids for target practice.
Armond: What if we just make up a new weapon?
Daniel: That's a good idea!
(Daniel walks over to Armond and they get to work. Red looks over on screen and sees a fourth ship drop in, flying in circles like crazy around the Phoenix-X and the Fragma ships)
Red: What the--? Captain, one of these ships has become a collision risk.
(He flies the Phoenix-X past the Fragma ships into the distance. The fourth ship is lost. The Fragma ships don't bother chasing them)
Daniel: Oh way to go, Red!
Armond: Yeah, we wanted to make up a new weapon.
Red: But, sir, that fourth ship came out of nowhere.
Daniel: What fourth ship?
Armond(checks sensors): The logs only read the three that were firing on us.
(The view of space, on screen, tears up into subspace as the Phoenix-X enters a Transwarp Conduit. Daniel heads for the Captain's Ready Room)
Daniel: I'm going to start figuring out this new technology; by that I mean I'm going to get you people to start figuring out this technology.
Armond: Aye, Captain.
Daniel: Lieutenant Commander Red, I'd tell you to get more rest, but since you're a Klingon, I'm going to tell you to get more Klingon fighting done.
Red: Yes, sir.

(Red enters, what used to be, the Klingon Practice Room)
Red: What happened to this place?
Kugo(walks over): Well ever since Lieutenant Wallace left, we felt kind of bad for keeping the room the way he had it. So we fixed this place up. Welcome to the Phoenix-X's new Battle Arena!
(Red looks around at the room)
Red: It's still pretty much the same, but with a different name.
Kugo: No, we added some stuff. Look, there's even a specialized Emergency Klingon Medical Hologram.
(She taps at a control panel)
EKH(appears): You will tell me the nature of your medical emergency or I will rip out your throat.
Kugo(turns off the hologram): So are you ready to fight me?
Red: Yes.
(They each pick out bat'leh's off the wall and position themselves in the middle of a big circling laser marking their boundaries. They commence battle, hacking bat'leh to bat'leh)
Red: I cannot concentrate with this big purple laser containing us.
(They clash bat'leh's)
Kugo: Yeah right. Face it, Red. You could never maintain a perfect hand-to-hand combat without complaining about a distraction or so.
(She pushes her bat'leh to his. He almost touches the boundary laser but regains balance)
Red: That is only because I am a pilot. I am trained to be aware of my environment.
(He thrusts for her side, but she dodges)
Kugo: Oh is that why you're never in here? The pilot world can't ever intersect the combatant world?
(She flings her bat'leh from underneath, but he blocks)
Red: I must be one with the ship. Being here is like existing on a different level of reality.
(Kugo jabs her bat'leh into the middle hole in Red's bat'leh and then spins it out of his hands. Red watches it go flying into the wall, not noticing as Kugo kicks him in the chest. He's launched through the air, past the marker laser, until he's dragged across the floor to the wall. He looks up and notices someone in the room watching them)
Kugo: Remember, your weapon isn't always the only weapon you have.
Red(points): Who is that?
(Kugo turns around)
Kugo: Who is what?
Red(stands): That person standing right there! Who are you?
(*)Tsneo: You're not doing it! You're not doing it!!
(Red walks towards him)
Kugo: Red?
(Red walks past Kugo)
Kugo: Red there's nothing there.
(Kugo grabs Red and holds him back)
Red: Let go of me!
Kugo: There's nothing there!!
(Tsneo suddenly dissapates from view. Red stops struggling as Kugo drags him along)
Kugo: Come on, crazy person.

(The Doctor approaches Red who is sitting on a medical table in Sickbay. The Doctor is reading a padd)
Red: Oh, it is good to know you have taken up reading.
Lox: Thanks. It's just an essay a friend of mine on the USS Xena wrote.
Red: Stop reading!!! ...I have a very serious problem here. Doctor, am I going crazy?
Lox(puts down the padd): Yes, Red. Yes you are.
Red: What!?
Lox: Well it's the only explanation! All the micro-molecular and bio-scans show nothing wrong with you.
Red: But then that means I'm not going crazy!!
Lox: Well if you want to look at it that way.
Red(gets up): That's it. I am going for a blood sundae.
Lox: Wait a minute. What if you're not going crazy?
Red: That is exactly what we have just established.
Lox: What if you're experiencing the echoes of what happened on the Carbonyte? We still don't know who killed them.
Red(turns around): What are you talking about? Only telepaths experience those things.
Lox: You don't have to be! It's all here in this essay; "Neural Frequencies." Theoretically, everyone has one. An example in this essay says that four years ago, a man on the USS Grolier was able to see the images of how his pet deer was killed. A giant foot squished it!
Red: What are you trying to say?
Lox: You're in tuned with someone that was killed on the Carbonyte.
Red: What? I don't think so. You're the crazy one, Doctor. Why don't you stop trying to help people and do whatever your job description reads?
(He leaves)

(Red enters the Bridge and walks over to Kayl at a Computer Station at the back)
Red: Are you sure internal sensors didn't pick up an intruder or an unauthorized transport?
Kayl: I'm more sure than two lezbian Trills on an all female ship.
Red: That's not very sure. Don't your telepathic abilities pick up any alien presence?
Kayl: Nope. Red, you're going to have to accept that what you saw probably wasn't real.
Red(nods): Very well. --What is it you are doing?
Kayl: I'm trying to access the database of that Ship we salvaged technology from. So far, I got past the title screen.
*(A logo goes on screen): Hello, and welcome to the Fragma Alliance. If you are not part of this secret alliance and are trying to steal important tactical information, please stop now. We can only say please.
Kayl: No.
(She accesses their database, scrolling through the file paths)
Red: Wait, stop. Go there; the Captain's Logs just before the Carbonyte crew was killed.
(The Captain of the Carbonyte goes on screen. His ship is under attack)
**Kregore: Captain's Log, Fev-date 9923 the third season. My crew is starting to lose hope. This ghost ship continues to attack us, seven days straight!!
**(Someone in the background runs around on fire): Aaahhh!!
**Kregore: The hull is starting to buckle and more and more systems are going offline. I have done everything to counter this enemy. I have tried communicating, manoeuvring, returning fire! But there is still nothing to fire back at. We have been cursed ever since we joined this stupid alliance! I cannot even see the enemy that tries to kill me! That is why I warn whoever finds these logs. Beware the ghost ship! Beware!!!
(The screen cuts out)
Red: Do you think we should beware?
Kayl: Nah.

(Seifer enters the Bridge as the Phoenix-X drops out of Transwarp. The control panel at Tactical starts beeping)
Seifer(checks it): Three Fragma ships are heading right for us.
Ensign Dan(walks over): What!? That's impossible! I was so sure we steered clear of them!
Seifer(looks at him): Are you even on duty right now?
Ensign Dan: No.
(Red jumps into his seat at the Helm)
Ensign Dan: They must have the ability to track our Transwarp Conduits.
Seifer: Red Alert! Raise shields! Load weapons!
Kayl: We already did all that.
(Daniel and Armond enter the Bridge)
Daniel: Sorry, we're late. We were trying to create a new weapon called a phaser, but it turns out someone already created one of those.
(The ship shakes)
Seifer: Captain, we're under attack. It's not that belching contest again.
Daniel: Understood. Return fire.
(The Phoenix-X pumps out a torpedo for each Fragma ship as they drop out of warp in front of them. The Fragma ships surround the Phoenix-X covering them with waves of torpedo and phaser fire. The Phoenix-X flies out of there)
Red: Do we have any other weapons online?
Armond: Give me another minute and I can have the Tri-Focal Array online.
(Seifer takes Tactical as Armond and Kayl get to work at the back rerouting more internal systems. The Phoenix-X makes good distance from the chasing Fragma vessels when suddenly they're hit by a white phaser)
Daniel: Great, who was that?
Ensign Dan: Sorry, I had tacos for lunch.
(The Phoenix-X is hit again by the white phaser)
Seifer: I'm not picking up any ships.
(The Phoenix-X shakes again)
Seifer: Those Fragma vessels are on their way back though.
Armond: Tri-Focal Array online.
(Armond joins Seifer at Tactical and loads the interface)
Armond: Where do you want us to hit them?
Daniel: Hit 'em where it hurts the most... their wallets.
Armond: This is a space battle.
Daniel: Oh. Then I recommend their Guidance Systems.
(Red manoeuvres the Phoenix-X around to head straight on for the three attacking Fragma ships. The Phoenix-X dodges the first two, tacking a quick beam onto their ventral sides, taking out their Guidance Systems. The two fly around aimlessly as the Phoenix-X heads on for the last ship)
Daniel: Ooo! Can I press the fire button?
Armond(sighs): Very well, sir.
(Daniel goes over to Tactical and watches on screen, as the view of the last Fragma ship gets bigger. Once in range, he immediately presses fire. The Phoenix-X suddenly shakes, disrupting the Tri-Focal beam before it hits the Fragma)
Daniel(checks the panel): Something's wrong. Someone just disrupted our shot.
Armond: Scan for vessels.
Daniel: There's nothing.
Armond: Do a visual scan.
(The screen clicks to different views from the different corners of the Phoenix-X. They suddenly spot a white phaser being shot out of nowhere at them)
Daniel: It's gotta be a cloaked vessel. Their shields are down, so I'm going to fire at them. Red, get ready to jump to Transwarp as soon as possible before the explosion.
(He fires a torpedo at the location of the white phaser attacks but the torpedoes just fly right through. The Phoenix-X is hit again)
Daniel: That doesn't make any sense.
(Red finally looks up from his control panel to the screen)
Red: This can't be...
(Red gets up from Helm and steps back)
Seifer: What is it?
Red: It's that fourth ship again!
(He radically clutches his face trying to block out the images from his memory. He looks up to his left and sees that same person again)
(*)Tsneo: You're not helping me find it! You're not doing it!! You're going to die!!!
(Tsneo runs off as Red glances back on screen. Seifer takes the Helm)
Daniel: The other two Fragma have interfaced their Guidance Systems with the third one. They're firing everything they've got at us.
Seifer: I'm going to make an Ultra-Transwarp boost that'll get us far enough away from these people so that they can't pick us up on their sensors.
Ensign Dan: They'll follow our Conduit like last time.
Daniel: I'll use the Tri-Focal Array to collapse the Conduit behind us as we go.
(Armond goes over to Tactical with the Daniel and starts initiating the procedures)
Armond: You're one crazy Captain.
(The three Fragma launch a wave of multi-coloured torpedoes and phasers as they chase the Phoenix-X away. The Phoenix-X suddenly stretches into Transwarp in a flash. That flash suddenly sucks an implosion in itself causing a white luminescence to momentarily blossom in subspace. The torpedoes fly right through)

(Meanwhile, the Phoenix-X emits green wormhole conduit walls as it pushes through subspace, at the same time firing the white Tri-Focal Array ahead of them into the wall matter. They conceive a spectacle of creation ahead of them and collapsing behind them)
Armond: The ship won't be able to take this power drain much longer. We'll be torn apart in, oh I'd say 5 to 6 seconds.
Daniel: I'm disengaging the Array.
Seifer: Dropping Transwarp.
(The Phoenix-X stretches back into normal space)
Armond: Congratulations, you two just created the shortest Conduit ever; 7 meters in length.
Seifer: Well it's good to know we evaded all the lose ends.
(The Phoenix-X is suddenly hit again by the white phaser from the invisible ship)
Daniel: You stop talking from now on.
(Armond checks sensors)
Armond: Well, I can tell you where that cloaked ship could most likely be.
Seifer: But we still can't blow it up cause it's like it doesn't even exist.
Daniel: It's draining our shields, so it definitely does exist.

(Red wanders the decks of the Phoenix-X. Tsneo follows him around)
(*)Tsneo: If you don't help us, we will eliminate your crew.
Red: I do not believe in you. You do not exist!
(Red tries covering his ears and keeping his eyes to the floor. He enters the Battle Arena)
(*)Tsneo: Fine! I will find it myself. If I do not find it before my patience runs out and your shields drain, your ship and crew will be destroyed!!!
(Tsneo leaves, passing through Kugo as she enters)
Kugo: The Captain is looking for you. He believes you can see what is attacking us outside.
Red: It's not real!!
Kugo: It's real!!
(She picks him up and slams him against the wall. A couple bat'leh's hit the floor)
Kugo: Remember what you said about existing on this level of reality? Well now you have no choice!! The ship you've become so in one with is about to be destroyed if you don't agree to help us now.
(The ship shakes in the background. Shane liquefies onto the floor of the Battle Arena and takes form)
Shane: You guys might want to see this.

(Kugo and Red follow Shane to the Cloaking Room. The Skull Device is on a pedestal in the middle of the room, wired up to a circling glowing antennae and box)
Lox: Like it? The Xena was in range a while ago and their Doctor sent me this prototype for a Neural Frequency Hub.
Matt: He wanted to wire it up to the Skull Head. It has a similar subspace discrepancy drive.
Lox: Not subspace, but subspace of subspace...
Red: What kind of drugs have you people been exposed to?
Matt: The Doctor thinks you're in tuned with this Skull Head. We wired it up to the Cloaking Device because it's the only technology on this ship compatible with it.
(The ship continues to be fired upon in the background)
Red: Maybe I should get to the Bridge and try to evade this ghost ship?
Kugo(pushes him along): No! Ever since we've been under attack by this ghost ship, that Skull has powered up. It has to have something to do with them.
Lox: Kugo, I need you to lock onto Red with the Transporters.
(Kugo gets to a workstation as Lox operates the Hub and Matt monitors the Skull. Red looks over at the Skull Head, who just stares right back at him)
Red: "Whosoever," eh?
(The computer gets a lock onto Red's bio pattern as the Skull suddenly starts to light up and work to its full extent. A bright field is emitted around him and everyone else is cast into darkness)

Red: Doctor?
(*)Kugo: He's gone. I didn't even initiate a transport.
(*)Matt: It has to be the Skull. The Skull must be some kind of subspace Filter.
(*)Lox: Then he is not dead.
Red: I may as well be.
Tsneo(walks through the walls): You have it.
(Tsneo tries grabbing the Skull off the pedestal but his hands just phase right through)
Tsneo: You don't know how to use it!! Give it back!!
Red: Is this your technology?
Tsneo: "Is this your technology?", "Is this your technology?" --Tsneo to Xoleras. Prepare the Vacuum.
*Keiver: Loading.
Red: The Vacuum is what you used to kill the crew of the Carbonyte, isn't it?
(Tsneo takes out a long Shock weapon)
Tsneo: Whosoever you are, you will be hunted down and killed.
(Tsneo jabs the Shocker for Red, but Red dodges and grips the Shocker from the side. Red turns around to elbow Tsneo in the face)
Tsneo: Aahh!!
(Tsneo falls, letting go of his weapon)
Red(points the Shocker at him): Tell Xoleras to discontinue loading the Vacuum.
(*)Matt: The Skull is starting to get weaker. It needs a new support system.
(*)Lox: It's tied into the Cloaking Device isn't it?
(*)Matt: Yeah.
(*)Lox: Well, interface it.
(*)Matt: I was going to... I was just seeing if you would've done it.
Tsneo(looks up at Red): You will be killed...
(Tsneo kicks the Shocker out of Red's hands and jumps onto his feet. They fight each other, blocking and jabbing, wrist to wrist)

(Daniel checks long-range sensors)
Daniel: I've located the Fragma Alliance.
Seifer: They didn't find us again?
Daniel: No, but they found someone else. They're attacking the Xena.
(The ships shakes)
Daniel: Shield strength down to 13 percent.

(Tsneo kicks Red in the chest and sends him flying through the walls into the corridor. Tsneo enters the corridor as Federation Officers are in panic, running through and past them)
Tsneo: You must be from our galaxy if you were able to see us...?
(Red swipes his foot to Tsneo's leg and trips him. Red jumps to his feet)
Red: Your galaxy must be on the same frequency as my neural pattern.
(Red picks him up)
Red: Why are you here?
Tsneo: We travelled here on exploration many years ago. But our technology was stolen by your people. All we want is it back so we can return home to warn our people about the future.
Red: The future?
Tsneo: The future, when both our galaxies will undergo a collision course. It will be chaos if any part our galaxies exist on the same plain of existence. This is what our data has told us.
(Red drops him)
Red: How soon will this be?
(Gewdeque enters the Cloaking Device Room, opening the door long enough for Red to hear someone calling for him)
(*)Lox: Red, wherever you are, get back here for the interface.
(The doors close)
Tsneo: Know that either way, our patience is running out and you will be hunted down and killed.
Red: I think you need us.

(Red walks through the door and stands where he was standing before. The Cloaking Device is activated. The Phoenix-X suddenly disappears. The screen on the Bridge shows the view of the Xoleras ship, attacking them)
Daniel: So that's what they look like.
Seifer: Let's kill them! Hahahahaha!! We should be bad guys.
Daniel: Yeah, we're good at that.

(In the Cloaking Device Room, a bunch of Federation Guards grab Tsneo. Kugo glances over at Red)
Kugo: You're back.
Red: I think you just joined me. These are not echoes, Doctor... They're real.
(Tsneo punches out the two guards)
Tsneo: You will be hunted down and killed.
(He accesses a control panel on his shoulder and beams back to his ship)

(Red makes his way to the Bridge. Daniel fires torpedoes at the Xoleras ship)
Daniel: Make torpedo go now.
Red(enters): Captain, we're cloaked into their dimension. Everything is not back to normal.
Daniel: I figured that much. This isn't one of those plains of existence, is it?
Red: Yes.
Daniel: That Matt person from Engineering never quits.
Red: If we return the Skull technology to the Xoleras, they'll leave us alone.
Seifer: Is that what this is all about? And all this time I thought it was my cologne.
(He smells himself)
Red: We could transport the Skull Head back to their ship.
Daniel: Agreed.
(He glances at Sensors at a Federation logo and three Fragma logo's surrounding it)
Daniel: But first we have some unfinished business...

(On the other side of the Sector, the three Fragma ships circle the Federation Starship Xena. They bombard them with torpedo and phaser attacks. The Xena's shields weaken)
Mable: Captain, shields down to 12 percent!!
Aeris: Damn! That's less than half a quarter percent of what we usually have.

(The lead Fragma ship swoops around towards the Xena)
Fayez: Their shields are down to 12 percent.
Skrilax: Great! That's probably more than one tenth of what they usually have.
Fayez: Sir, you know how much I hate fractions.
(Their ship suddenly shakes from phaser fire)
Fayez: We're under attack.
Skrilax: From who?
Fayez: Unknown. These Federation people are a lot more cunning than we thought.
Skrilax: Let's get out of here!

(The Phoenix-X flies around, firing at each of the Fragma ships. The Fragma start weakening, system after system. They each fly out of there, one by one, leaving the Xena alone. Matt and Lox enter the Bridge)
Seifer: Ha! That'll teach them to mess with the evil bad guys.
Daniel: We're the good guys.
Seifer: Oh yeah.
Armond: Captain, the Xoleras is approaching.
Daniel: Jeez. They have some pretty fast engines.
Red: We can return their technology now.
Seifer: Yeah, but what about us? We're still stuck on this plain of existence.
Matt: We need their technology to return us.
Kugo: But we have to return the technology before we go back.
Shane: We definitely have to return the technology. That just leaves us in this existence...
(Everyone looks over at Daniel)
Daniel: Why are you looking at me? Are my eyes not aligned again?
Kayl: Captain, you could take us back with your powers!
Daniel: Ooohhh yeah. I forgot I had those.
Lox: You would have to bridge from Red's neural frequency.
Daniel: Okay.
(The Xoleras starts firing on the Phoenix-X)
Seifer: Armond, beam back the Skull Head.
(Armond taps at the control panel)
Armond: Beam over successful.
Matt: Captain, try linking up with the Skull Head on their ship. It's the inter-universal filter that brought us here in the first place.
(Daniel grasps Red's shoulders and concentrates his powers. A radical spark of energy shoots out from the Phoenix-X over to the Xoleras. The Phoenix-X suddenly disappears and reappears in their normal plain of existence)
Kayl: I think we're back. I can sense the crew of the Xena.
Armond: We're being hailed.
Daniel: Is the Xoleras gone?
(Red looks on screen and sees the Xoleras fly off)
Red: Affirmative.
Daniel: Good. I'm going to go regenerate. Red, you can have your Helm back, and Commander, you handle this.
*(Aeris goes on screen. She talks fast and nags annoyingly)
*Aeris: Whatisgoingonhere? Youbettertellmerightnowbeforemorebadstuffhappens. DidyouknowIwasalmostkilled. Wherewereyouthen. Whyaren'tyouansweringme? Answermeandtellmewhat'sgoingonhere. Hurryhurrryhurryhurry. Rightnow.
Seifer: Well, Captain, it's a looooonnng story.
(He thinks about it for a second)
Seifer: Actually, I forget what happened.

(Red meets the Captain in his Ready Room)
Red: Thank you, Captain; on behalf of the crew.
Daniel: No, thank you, Red; and our apologies for not believing you; on behalf of the crew.
Red: You almost had me convinced that I was going crazy. The ghost people are actually part of a neighbouring galaxy on that plain of existence. Captain, their galaxy is on an intercept course with ours.
(Daniel thinks about it for a second)
Daniel: There are a lot of things I forgot when I was transferred from Q form, but I thought I would've at least remembered something like this.
Red: So you actually believe me this time?
Daniel: Did they say when?
Red: No. But the effects should be minimal since they would just pass right through us.
Daniel: But they have the technology to cross over. There's bound to be some kind of diffusion...
Red: I guess we are just going to have to wait and see. If their galaxy was on our plain, it could mean the destruction of our own.
Daniel: Something like an apocalypse. I guess we got lucky.
Red: Or unlucky.

(The Xoleras is about to head back to their Galaxy, but changes course for the Gamma Quadrant to Dominion Territory to retrieve more of their lost technology)