Episode 44

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Killing Spree

(In the Battle Arena, Red forces his bat'leh down towards Kugo)
Red: Argh--!!
(Kugo moves out of the way, hacking the bat'leh with the spinning end of her own modified bat'leh that has three different sized loose blades)
Kugo: Umph!
(She flings Red's bat'leh away from her)
Red: ...Interesting combination of weapons.
(Kugo extends her bat'leh forward at Red. The smaller spinning part of her weapon hooks behind Red and stabs him in the back of his shoulder)
Red: Grgh!!
*(The computer acknowledges the session over)
Kugo(steps back): Ha! You can't expect to fight and not get hurt.
Red(rubs his shoulder): I think I'm going to have to check the manual. That is not a regulation Klingon weapon.
(He leaves the Battle Arena for the day. Kugo hangs her windmills' bat'leh on the wall and leaves too)

Kugo: Hey wait for me.
(She catches up and walks with Red down the hallways)
Red: I must get to the Bridge. Aliens could attack any minute.
Kugo: Yeah right. That never happens.
Red: You never know.
**Daniel: Daniel to Red. Report to the Bridge for possible alien attacks.
Red(taps his commbadge): Aye sir.

(He takes a Turbolift to the Bridge taking his place while a transmission is being brought on screen)
Daniel: On screen.
*Cloud: I am on screen.
Daniel: Oh. What can I help you with Admiral?
*Cloud: It's about Seifer. I believe that he may be a spy.
Seifer: Nah, I'm not.
*Cloud: Oh you're not? Okay my bad.
*(He checks his schedule)
*Cloud: I also wanted to give you a quick mission. You have to go to the Duratra Sector and meet with another ship. They've got a conversion system I think should be added to the Phoenix-X.
Daniel: Is it dangerous?
*Cloud: I don't know.
Daniel(shrugs): I guess we'll take it.

(Kugo enters her Quarters taking off the coat of her uniform in exhaustion from the fight)
Kugo: Ugh... --Computer; messages...?
**Computer: 4 messages... 3 unimportant... 1 more unimportant.
(She enters her washroom and turns on the sink)
Kugo: Trash that 1. Play the other 3.
** *GoyCho(message): Kugo. When you get in, let me know. We could go to dinner or something. Oh wait, I forgot. Vulcans don't eat. Nevermind then.
Kugo: Yes they do.
* **Gewdeque(next message): Kugo. Hey! Your commbadge was busy, so I thought I'd leave you message. Oh yeah, I forgot. Vulcans don't listen to messages. --Wait a sec, now that I think of it... that would be illogical. Nevermind.
(Kugo washes her face with water)
** *Matt(next message): Hey Kayl, this is Matt. I just wanted to check if my outgoing messages went to the right persons. Actually, forget it. Gewdeque can fix it. Nevermind.
Kugo: Okay...
(She glances at her reflection in the mirror, just noticing part of her skin peeling on her face)
Kugo: What the...?

(On Starbase 55, Admiral Theseus is flipping through the crew manifest of the Phoenix-X)
Theseus: Hmm. No... nope... nuh uh... no...
(Cloud enters the office)
Cloud: I'm done giving the Phoenix-X their orders to meet that ship. I had no idea we were that good friends with the Romulans?
Theseus: Only an old friend with power, Senator Cronenza. He does the same thing I do, harbour a secret ship masked in the public of his people.
Cloud: Oh yeah, when are we going to give the details of the Phoenix-X to the Federation Council?
Theseus: Never. --Guards. Escort Cloud to Sickbay...
(Two guards apprehend Cloud)
Cloud: What? Why? No... No! ...Nooo!!!!
Cloud: Actually, that would be a good idea. Lately I've been having this flem problem in my throat.
Theseus: Oh that's just disgusting. Go already.
(They leave, and Theseus goes over to his computer to contact Cronenza for some reason)

BOB: I will accept two slips of Latinum if you want this interesting holodeck program.
(Kugo and Lox enter the Trading Depot, a crowded plaza area on the ship where people can trade and sell items)
Elly: No. Why should I buy a holodeck program when it's so easy to just make one up on the holodeck?
(She leaves)
BOB: I never thought of that.
Lox(walks over): BOB the Ferengi dealer and trader? Didn't you use to have a bar in the Club?
BOB: Yeah, but now people are just getting drinks from the replicator. I'm telling you, sooner or later we'll all be replaced by technology!
Lox: Sure whatever.
BOB: Want a holodeck program? Only two slips of Latinum.
Lox: I only have currency in Seses.
Kugo(interrupts): I'm going over to "Amos' Blood Junction", it's a fast food restaurant.

(She walks over to the service window)
Amos: What can I help you with today?
(He shows the panel on the wall with the Klingon foods menu)
Kugo: Yeah, I'll have some blood soup with a side of gogh.
Amos(goes back into the kitchen): Coming right up.
(He accesses the replicator which makes the food right away)
Amos(hands her the plate): Here you go.
Kugo: Wow, that's fast food.

(She takes her tray to a table and is about to sit down)
Kugo: Ugh--!
(She feels a weakness in her immune system, and her body begins to morph. Her Vulcan appearance changes into Romulan)
Kugo: Argh!! ...Why is this happening...!?
(The people all around are surprised)

Red: To get to the Avardes Sector, we will have to twist a Conduit through this nebula in Sector 42-G3. That area of space is toxic with radiation unhealthy to biological lifeforms.
(He points to the holographic star-chart at the back of the Bridge)
Seifer: I know, I always get a rash when I'm there.
Daniel: Yeah a little too much info, Seifer.
Red: That nebula will protect us and be a passage to the next area of space, which is the Duratra Sector.
Daniel: Understood. Let's hit the slopes.
(They get on their way. The Phoenix-X jumps and speeds fast through space, creating Conduit structure)

Kugo: Doctor?
(Lox takes Kugo out into the hallway outside the Depot)
Lox: You're becoming Romulan.
(He scans her with a medical Tricorder)
Kugo: I thought your surgery was complete?
Lox: You can't stay a species you're not forever. Your system eventually found a way to reconvert your body's DNA back.
Kugo: In english, Doctor!
Lox: That was english.
Kugo: Oh yeah.

(The Phoenix-X makes its way through the nebula and drops Transwarp out the other side. They speed across space and approach the Romulan Starship Caterina)
Daniel: You?
*Tressa(on screen): That's right, us... --Wait a minute... You?
Daniel: What?
*Tressa: Huh?
Daniel: I'm confused.
*Tressa: We were supposed to meet a ship here.
Daniel: So were we.
*Tressa: I wonder where they are...?
Daniel: Uhhh, maybe we're that ship.
*Tressa: You're scheduled to have the Energy Trans-converter installed?
Daniel: I guess so. What does it do?
*Tressa: It's an emergency converter system that breaks down Torpedoes into power for the ship.
Daniel: Doesn't that waste torpedoes?
*Tressa: Yeah that's why it's emergency.
Daniel: Oh... Jeez, somebody out there must be running out of ideas.
*Tressa(checks the computer): Alright, I'll have my Installation team beam over to your ship right away.

(Later, Armond and Red enter the Briefing Room just as an encoded subspace transmission is automatically rerouted)
*Wallace: Guys! I'm glad you could make it.
Armond: Huh? Me and Red walked in here just to take a 3-hour early break.
*Wallace: Oh well. I just wanted to warn you about what's been going on.
Red: I knew it. Aliens are about to attack.
*Wallace: No. I'm not sure exactly what's happening, but I heard Theseus asked Cloud to do something important.
Armond: Like what?
*Wallace: I'm not sure, I said!
Armond: Oh right.
*Wallace: Alls I know is that Theseus is up to something and it has to do with you guys. Just be careful around those Romulans.
Red(glances over): Perhaps we should speak to Admiral Cloud?
Armond(nods): Agreed. --Bye.
(He presses a button on the screen)
*Wallace: Hey that's rude--!
(The screen clicks off and they hail over long-range subspace frequencies. Cloud goes on screen)
*Cloud(busy with reports): Yeah?
Red: Admiral, we must speak to you. What else is Theseus up to?
*Cloud: Oh yes, that. Hold on, I'll get back to you.
*(He leaves his desk to talk to an Ensign about reports. The screen clicks off due to inactivity)
Armond: Hey that's rude.
Red: Something is going on, and we have to find out what it is.
Armond: Do we have to?
Red: We can wait until after our break.
Armond(nods): Agreed.

(A couple Federation and Romulan officers are floating outside the ship welding lasers to circuitry panels. The installation is underway)
Matt: I don't like all this floating through space. I was queasy all through my Starfleet zero-combat training.
Tey(floats over): Really?
Matt: Nah, I was just making conversation.

(Kugo enters Main Engineering. People are looking at her, uncertain how to approach her because of her Romulan appearance)
Gewdeque: Hey-- uhh, the new Systems are almost complete. We just have to make sure the Transwarp Field isn't affected.
(She hands Kugo a padd)
Kugo: Oh-- uhh, yeah. Thanks. Definitely...
Gewdeque: Is there a problem?
Kugo: Ohh, heh, heh... No of course not... heh, heh...
(Kugo takes it and walks away from her, acting busy)
Shane(liquefies): Hey, you look weird. It's like you were one shape and now another. I've never seen that before.
Kugo: Uh huh...

(The Bridge gets ready to test the Energy Trans-conversion System)
Armond(walks over): Did you guys separate the energy range frequency not to interfere with any of the other systems?
Kayl: Yes.
Armond: Good work. Your efforts have been noted.
(He just stands there)
Kayl: ...Noted in your memory or in the computer?
Armond: ...My memory.
Kayl: Yeah then that means they weren't really noted...!
Armond(nods): True, true.

(Kayl enters the Captain's Ready room where Seifer is re-hailing Cloud over subspace)
*Cloud: What can I help you with?
Seifer: I've been trying to contact you for hours.
*Cloud: That's weird. For some reason I can't remember where I've been.
Seifer: Tell me the real reason Theseus wants us on this mission.
*Cloud: What mission?
Seifer: This mission!
*Cloud: Ohhh. That mission.
Seifer: You were about to tell Red and Armond before.
*Cloud: I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
Seifer: Are you just saying that because you think I'm a spy or do you really not know what I'm talking about?
*Cloud(shrugs): I really don't know.
Kayl: He's telling the truth, Commander.
Seifer: You can sense that?
Kayl: No, you can just tell from his tone of voice.
(They sit there surprised about that strange fact. They suddenly have an awkward moment from sitting there too long)

Tressa: Captain.
(Daniel and Tressa walk down the hallways of the Phoenix-X)
Tressa: We believe that this new conversion system is going to work perfectly without any problems.
Daniel(nods): The crew should be testing it out right now.
(Main Power throughout the whole ship suddenly drains out. Main lights and control panels black out and only backups blink online)
Tressa: What the--?
(They're left in the dark)
Daniel: This is what happens when you leave things to my crew.

(Everyone on the ship is in panic, having no idea what went wrong. Ensign Dan enters Engineering)
Ensign Dan: Aahh!! It's the end of the world!
Matt(walks over): Yeah probably.
Ensign Dan: Aaaahh!!
Matt: I'm on my way to the Caterina to help compare their conversion system to ours. That way we could find out where we went wrong.
Ensign Dan: I'll come too.
Matt: Aahh!! It's the end of the world!

(They beam over to the Caterina. Kugo is already there in command of the away team)
Kugo: You will do as I say. I give the orders around here!
Matt(nods): Okay.
Kugo: I'm taking my long break. You can have command if you want.

(She leaves the Caterina's Engineering feeling out of place with her crew. She's suddenly pulled into another room by some guy)
Kugo: Hey!
Heif: Sshhh!! There's a secret message for you.
Kugo: There is?
Heif: Yes. What, do you think I do not know a secret message when I see one?
Kugo: Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
(Heif clicks the screen on in this hidden room. Kugo is left alone with a subspace transmission from Romulus)

*Vanitrox: Greetings, Kugo.
Kugo: I thank you for those greetings.
*Vanitrox: I appreciate your appreciation.
Kugo: What do you want already?
*Vanitrox: I come with warning. They… want you dead.
Kugo: Who are they?
*Vanitrox: When I said They, I really meant Cronenza.
Kugo: I don't even know who that is. Who are you?
*Vanitrox: I am with the Tal Shiar. We know that on this mission there are Romulans not working for us who are going to kill you.
Kugo: I see. Why is that?
*Vanitrox: Because of what you are and your past! Don't you see? You're a Romulan living on a Federation Starship!
Kugo: Oh yeah, I forgot. …Why are you helping me?
*Vanitrox: The Tal Shiar are not as evil as most people think. …Take our advice; watch your back… get out of there!!

(The screen clicks off and Kugo is left surprised. She walks out into the hallways where Shane walks with her)
Shane: I'm shape-shifted as one of you guys so the crew on this ship won't get suspicious.
Kugo: Heh, heh… that's nice…
(They pass Romulan crewmember after Romulan crewmember)
Shane: What's the matter Kugo? You don't seem yourself today.
(Kugo starts to recognize some of the crewmembers as they pass)
Tey(nods): …
(Kugo waits until Tey passes to pull Shane to the side)
Shane: Huh?
Kugo: Oh my God! That was Tey.
Shane: Do you need someone to talk to?
Kugo: Tey isn't part of their crew... He's an assassin!
Shane: Are you having emotional problems?
Kugo: Argh!! Never mind you idiot.

(Daniel enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X just as they're hailing Starbase 55)
*Theseus: Ah, the crew of the Phoenix-X; I love each and every one of you.
Seifer: Cut the crap, Theseus. What's really going on here?
*Theseus: Well I got one of those Bajoran scented candles in my office and I'm starting to get high off it.
Daniel: That's not what we're talking about.
*Theseus: Ah, right... those pesky rumours. I assure you, nothing is going on.
Seifer(cracks his knuckles): I don't believe him Captain. Let's beat him up...
Daniel: He's two-hundred Lightyears away.
*Theseus: I ask the both of you to remain focused on this Installation. Our undercover relations with the Romulans are very good right now.
Seifer(shrugs): ...One of them looked at me and I kind of punched him in the face.
*Theseus: You idiot!! Anyways, how goes the Installation?
Daniel: Ah, well we lost power to the main systems and are slowly getting them back online. Lieutenant Kugo should be on top of things right about now.

(Armond is in Engineering at work)
Kortos: We were able to get communications online, but we still cannot even get main lights on.
Armond: Let's concentrate on the more critical systems like Shields and Propulsion. Who is supposed to be in command here?--
Gewdeque: Commander! We've got a coolant leak in the warp engine room!

(All the team runs to it in emergency. Kugo enters while everyone's gone, accessing a computer to reschedule her work hours)
**Computer: Only officers with level 4 or higher clearance may alter the work sched--
(She uses a code to get past it)
**Computer: Acknowledged. Schedule changes saved.

(Kugo leaves Engineering making her way through the dark Phoenix-X, passing person after person including many Romulan officers from the other ship)
Kugo: Open bay doors; Authorization Kugo-98-Beta-3-X.
(The computer acknowledges and the doors to the Weapons Storage Bay open for her. She enters and draws a Klingon mek'leth blade off the wall)
Kugo: ...
(She looks around the cluttered room picking a cloaking suit off a hangar. Not hesitant, she puts it on, and then activates its cloaking field, rendering her invisible...)

*Daniel: There was an energy surge that overloaded the warp engine.
(The team on the Caterina is contacted)
Matt: I ran a simulation on my Armlet to test out any more potential problems.
*Daniel: ...And?
Matt(checks): It says, Battery Power Low. …hmm...
*Daniel: Does the Caterina's conversion system have a trans-subsonic filter?
Matt: Yeah, why?
*Daniel: Well there's one lying around on the floor here. I tripped over it!!
Matt: Oh yeah I knew we forgot something.

(Tey speaks to Billy in the Phoenix-X's transporter room)
Billy: Shouldn't you be's at work?
Tey: Yes.
(While Billy's being distracted, a Romulan beams in sneaking in a disrupter gun)
Fen(hides it behind his back): I am to work on Lieutenant Kugo's team.
Billy(glances over): Alright, sir's.
(Fen steps off the transporter pad and leaves the room. He walks down the dark hallways, already with knowledge of the ship's architecture)

Kugo: ...
(The present hallway seems to be empty. Fen stops walking and glances around feeling as if he wasn't alone)
Fen: Hello?
(No answer)
Fen(loads his disruptor): ...Must be my imagination.
(Kugo is invisible and walks up behind him, grabbing his forehead back and using the mek'leth to slice his throat)
Fen: Aaughh~hh~!!!~!!!!…

(The screen is activated on the Bridge)
Daniel: We have completed the installation.
*Mocca: Including the trans-subsonic filter?
Daniel: Yeah, I mean it's not like we really forgot it.
(He avoids eye contact)
*Mocca: Superb. Now it is just a matter of cleaning up and getting our people back to our ships.
Daniel: You and I both know we looked at each other's secret databases during all this time.
*Mocca(confused): We never did that.
Daniel: Oh-- uhh, just forget what I just said.
(He avoids eye contact again)
*Mocca: Anyways, I hope you will enjoy the fun-ness of this very exciting piece of technology and that it brings the joy and happiness into your lives that it has to ours.
Daniel: Thanks.
*Mocca: …
*(He starts to look nervous as if he just lied about something. Daniel notices)
Daniel: …Hey! You never even tested out this conversion system before!
*Mocca: Aahh!!
*(He hides under his computer)
Daniel: All this time installing when you don't even know how it works.
*Mocca: Yeah that's pretty much it.
Daniel: How do you expect your technology to advance if you don't risk testing it out?
*Mocca: Look we're too paranoid to do all that. What if the ship exploded? I'd lose my mp3 collection!!
Daniel: Who cares!? I want to know if this system works. I'm going to run a test at 04:00 hours.

(Matt enters Engineering where he meets up with Kayl)
Kayl: The Captian has requested that we begin testing the converter.
Matt: Understood. We can use it to bring power to the remaining other systems that are offline.
Kayl: Hey that's actually a good ide--- I mean, of course; that's what we were going to do.
(Matt just looks at her)

Gewdeque: Has anyone seen Kugo?
(Gewdeque approaches Armond just as he's about to leave Engineering)
Armond: No. I haven't seen her lately.
Gewdeque: Hmm… that's weird.
Armond: Yes… it is…. Hmmm… Hhmmm……
(He looks away in deep thought)
Gewdeque: Are you undergoing some kind of constipation?
Armond(stops): No…!

(Tey meets two more Romulans in Kugo's Quarters)
Lonv(takes out his disrupter): I just want to kill her and get over it already.
Ina: Scanners said she was in here.
Tey: Wait here for her.
(He leaves in impatience)
Lonv: This is the longest assassination attempt ever. Where is she?
Ina: …
(Ina's eyes wander and she catches a visual distortion of space behind the couch. She aims her disrupter)
Ina: There…
(She fires at it, but it ducks out of the way and a control panel blows apart)
Lonv: She's cloaked!!
(Kugo, still invisible, grabs Ina from behind. Ina elbows, but Kugo pulls Ina's head back and then flips her over, dropping Ina to the floor)
Lonv: Argh, die!!
(He fires like crazy, uncertain where Kugo is)
Ina: Stop you fool!
(He continues firing as Kugo grabs his arm and aims his firing at Ina)
Ina: Nnnoooo!!
(Ina is vapourized on the spot)
Lonv: Aarrgghh!!!
(He feels Kugo's breath behind him and turns around, grabbing her invisible arm before she attacks with the mek'leth)
Kugo: Uh!
(Lonv knees her in the side, and grabs for Kugo's weapon, pulling it and tearing her suit. The skirmish tosses the mek'leth away out of the suit's cloaking field)
Kugo: Argh!
(Kugo's suit malfunctions rendering different parts of her visible)
Lonv: Ha ha ha!
(Kugo punches right-cross Lonv's face, knocking him off balance)
Lonv: Uff--!
(He fires his disrupter as Kugo dodges the laser forward, extending her arm fast and grabbing the disrupter. They both hold it struggling until it's fired through the window)
Kugo: Argh! …Shields and primary life support aren't online!
(Items throughout the entire quarters are blown out, smashing the window into pieces, as Kugo leaps for her door. She grabs the side and pulls herself safely into the hallway)
Lonv: AAaaaaaahhh!!!!
(Kugo watches as the doors are closing, Lonv being blown out through the window into space)

Armond: Get ready to be blown away…
(A bunch of people stand around a quantum torpedo in the torpedo bay)
Kayl: You mean that figuratively, right?
Armond(unsure): I think so…
(Lasers connected from the launch hatch and the torpedo begin to light up as the torpedo is being broken down)
GoyCho: I spent 4 hours putting that torpedo together!
Armond: Sshhh!

(The Caterina hovers a little away from the Phoenix-X)
Mocca: Uhhh, we'll just go here for no reason.
*(The Phoenix-X powers up; lights from windows all over it flicker on and the four nacelles illuminate)
*Daniel: See? Nothing went wrong.
Mocca: Oh yeah? Well about that window on your left side that's blown out?
*Daniel: Look. I implied that we could get the system online; I never said no windows wouldn't be blown out.

(Seifer accompanies Captian Tressa on their way to the transporter room)
Seifer: Well I hope you've enjoyed your stay here on the Phoenix-X.
Tressa: I keep telling you, I haven't!
Seifer: Oh. Anyways, I'm glad we were able to get that converter online... like we'd be stupid enough to use it.
Tressa: What did you say?
Seifer: I said... with all the stuff it does, we couldn't refuse it.
Tressa(nods): Definitely. Technology is amazing nowadays…. Even though you keep getting it from other species.
Seifer: Hey, this is the only time we've got technology from you.
Tressa: This is the second time. The first time was 4 years back when Theseus requested a Quad-Neural Pathogen.
Seifer: Really?
Tressa: It increased his Doctor's abilities for the Mind Erasing technique.
Seifer: Are you sure it wasn't a new kind of viagra?
Tressa: Definitely. If I were you, I'd make sure I knew what my boss was really up to.
(She glances at him as he thinks about the use of the mind erasing technique)
Seifer: …Cloud.

(They suddenly run into a group of people surrounding a dead body in the hall. Lox takes a look at the body that is Fen)
Gewdeque: What happened?
Lox: He's dead.
Seifer: We can see that.
Tressa(kneels down): He's not one of my people.
Lox: But he's Romulan.
Kortos: Puh! He is a stowaway.
Tressa: Stowaways, from my ship?
Lox: Someone had to have killed this man.
(He examines the cut wound across Fen's neck)
Lox: …Klingon Mek'leth or D'k Tahg.
Yeltso: Who could've done this?

(The Captain is interrupted on the Bridge)
**Ensign Dan: Ensign Dan to the Captain.
Daniel(taps his commbadge): I can't believe I wasted my energy on tapping my commbadge for you.
**Ensign Dan: …There's something you should see here.

(Daniel is summoned to make his way 13 decks down to Kugo's Living Quarters where a crowd of people are around the force-fielded doorway looking inside at the mess)
Kugo(walks over): I can't believe my Quarters blew out.
Daniel: That's the problem.
(He points out the hole regenerating in her quarters at two cold Romulan bodies floating in space…)
Ensign Dan: Romulans… I hate Romulans!
Kugo: What?
(She punches him in the face)
Ensign Dan: Owe! My precious face!
Daniel: We have a killer on board the ship.
Ensign Dan: There was also a body found on deck 4 with a mek'leth cut to his throat.
Daniel: That's it. I want a full investigation! Interrogate every possible suspect possible!
Ensign Dan: Who should I interrogate first?
Daniel: Uuhmm..... that guy.
(He points to a random person walking by)
Amos: Hey!

(The trial begins in the Phoenix-X's Court Room)
BOB: All rise. Court is in session.
Ensign Dan(paces): Mr. Red… did you or did you not kill those three Romulans!?
(Red is in the interrogation chair and suddenly points at someone else)
Red: No! It was Kugo! She's the one who has been acting weird lately!
Shane: I object!
Kugo: …
Ensign Dan: It's her! I knew it!
BOB: Over-ruled.
Shane: No!! Lieutenant Kugo's just been insecure about her sudden change. It's understandable for her social diffusion to be a little rough at first.
Red(shrugs): I guess that makes sense.
BOB: Sustained. This Court is dismissed.

(The Caterina turns around and heads away from the Phoenix-X)
*Tressa: Be sure to give our boss's regard to your boss, Theseus.
Daniel: No. They can do it themselves.
(The screen clicks off. Seifer accesses long-range communications)
Daniel: Oh no! You're rebelling against us again!
Seifer: I'm just contacting Admiral Cloud.
(The screen is re-activated)
*Cloud: I'm being advised to keep communications with you low, because of Section 31's nosing around.
Seifer: Admiral, Theseus has been erasing your memory to keep his secrets after you do work for him.
*Cloud: Heh! Yeah right. I'm always doing work for him. Just last week I did work under his request and I was supposed to……. Ummm….
*(He thinks about it)
*Cloud: Oh who cares!
Daniel: Admiral Cloud, this is very disturbing. You have meetings with the Federation High Council all the time, and Theseus must use you also for the ranking power in other parts of the fleet.
*Cloud: I am not a victim of conspiracy.
Seifer: Would you consider yourself a victim of fashion?
Daniel: Seifer!
*Cloud: Listen. If you insist, I'll be a little more cautious. --Cloud out.

(Everyone leaves the small Courtroom to get back to their posts)
Shane: That was fast.
Kugo: That and we don't know the rules of court.
Matt(walks over): What's the verdict?
Kugo: …Not guilty.
Matt: I heard they used holographic representations of dwarfs for the jury.
Shane: Yeah, we were tied between smurfs or chipmunks.

(Matt and Shane leave. Kugo is left alone to think about her cover story)
BOB(walks by): So you were lighting Bajoran scented candles in the cloaking device room while all the killings were going on, eh? I've gotta try that.
Kugo: …

(She feels guilty for lying to her friends and catches up to anyone)
Matt: Huh?
Kugo: Lieutenant! …I have a confession.
Matt: We know about the smurfs.
Kugo: No…. I killed those Romulans.
(He thinks about it)
Matt: You did?
Kugo: They were here to assassinate me for leaving them a long time ago.
Matt: So you're the killer?
Kugo: Yes. I had no choice! Hit Mans Rule number 1; take them out before they take you out...
Matt: You're gonna get the court-marshaled for this.
Kugo: I understand, but I doubt it'll be that harsh considering we're on the Phoenix-X and I was doing it out of self-defence.
Matt: Wait here. I'm going to get the Captain.

(He makes his way to the Bridge where Armond and Kayl are at a console at the back)
Kayl: It looks like we got most of the systems online.
Armond: Even this Ship-Wide Species Identification system. It usually doesn't work.
Kayl: What does it do?
Armond: It can count the number of species on the ship. See, let's try....
Kayl: Romulan!
Armond: Okay. There should only be 1; Kugo.
Kayl: Computer, count the number of Romulans on board.
**Computer: There are 2 Romulans remaining on the Phoenix-X.
(They sit there thinking about it)
Armond: That's not right.

(Kugo is bored and re-enters the empty Courtroom. She is about to turn on the lights)
Kugo: Computer, ligh--
Tey: --Aarrghh!!
(Kugo dodges his attack from behind and turns around to look at him)
Kugo: Huh?
(She can't find him anywhere because Tey is invisible)
Tey: Heh, heh, heh.
Kugo: You're cloaked.
(Tey fires his disrupter, as Kugo leans to the side dodging it)
Kugo: Ugh!
(She grabs a chair with her foot and flings it off the floor at him)
Tey: ...
(The laser from his disrupter is shot out of mid air, vapourizing the chair)
Kugo: Kugo to security...
(She doesn't have time to talk as Tey fires again, missing her and blasting a wreak in the wall)
**Elly: Lieutenant?
(Kugo makes a run for it out the Courtroom and turning down the hall)

Kugo: Computer, activate life-support console.
(A command screen lights up on the side in the hallway and she accesses the ship's lighting systems)
Kugo: Turn on Transparent Light; authorization Kugo-98-Beta-3-X.
(Tey is behind her and he suddenly becomes visible as a white ghost)
Tey: Huh?
(He fires at Kugo but Kugo dodges and the panel explodes. Kugo avoids the explosion and enters the next room which is the Transporter Room)

Kugo: Billy, beam me to anywhere else on the ship.
(Billy is confused)
Billy: Where?
Kugo(gets on the padd): Anywhere!
(The Tey ghost enters just as Kugo is being beamed out)
Tey: Argh!!
(He fires at Billy, who just dives behind the computer frame, as Kugo is de-materializing out)
Tey(accesses the transporter control): Computer!

(Kugo re-materializes in Sickbay where the Doctor is with a patient)
Lox: Lieutenant?
Kugo(sarcastic): Oh this helps.
(She grabs a vile of volatile acid off the shelf as Tey is beaming in)
Tey: Argh!
(He is about to fire when Kugo tosses the vile at him, which shatters on his disrupter. He drops his weapon)
Lox: Computer, erect a level 10 force-field arou--
(Tey punches Lox in the stomach and pushes him over the medical bed)
Lox: Ooff!!
(Kugo grabs Tey from behind and spins him around to kick him in the side of the head)
Tey: Uh!
(He grabs her leg before it hits him, as she leaps off her other leg and uses that one to knee him on the other side of his head, twisting around to above him and kicking him to the ground. Kugo lands on her feet as Tey hits the floor in pain)
Tey: Arghh!!!

(Kugo makes a run for it in search of a weapon. She runs down the hallways and Tey leaves Sickbay too after her)
Kugo: ...Who told you to have me killed?
(Tey activates a control panel on the side of the wall and accesses life support easily)
Tey: ...Heh, heh. Someone... on your side.
(He takes gravity off on that deck, making the two of them float)
Tey: Now you can't run.
(He turns on the propulsion tubes on the sides of his boots to speed over to Kugo)
Kugo: I don't have to run.
(She flips in full circles, kicking him up his chin. He goes flying back until he stops himself)
Tey: Haha!
(Kugo pushes herself off the wall down the next hallway)

Tey: You know, you used to be one of us, Kugo.
(Kugo goes to a control panel while Tey picks up a heavy cargo box off the floor and uses his propulsion boots to boost the box's momentum towards her)
Kugo: Uh!
(She flips over the box, but a part it cuts her shoulder. Blood spills out in floating blobs everywhere)
Kugo: Aaarggh!
Tey: Heh, heh... Excellent.
(She grabs her arm in pain, still accessing the control panel)
Tey: What are you doing?
(The box finally hits the wall down the hallway, blocking the Turbolift. Kugo re-activates most of the gravity grid and they both fall to the floor)
Kugo: ...
(The box makes a big sound and her blood splats. Kugo jets into the Battle Arena)

Tey(follows in): What is this place?
(Kugo prepares to fight him)
Kugo: Let's do this. Fairly.
Tey: One thing about assassinations...
(He uses this time to unwrap a hidden disrupter behind his shin pad)
Tey(aims it at her): They are not meant to be fair.
(He fires it at her, just cutting the shoulder of her uniform)
Kugo: Ugh!!
(He fires again, but she collapses her legs and rolls forward to him, swinging her foot around to trip him)
Tey: Uh!
(He leaps it and kicks her in the face; Kugo falls onto her back in the centre of the arena)

Tey: Now you'll finally die...
(She gathers her energy and rolls to the side, dodging another laser)
Tey: Don't you ever get tired!?
(Kugo gets up, grabbing her Windmills' Bat'leh off the wall)
Tey: What is that?
(She swings it around tactically, and flings the spinning end of it to his disrupter. The pointy end grabs the weapon and flings it across the room)
Tey: You're not the only one with ideas.

(He notices a control panel on the wall and runs to it)
Kugo: What are you doing?
(He activates three holographic Narsican fighters)

Red: Kugo!
(Red enters the Battle Arena in time)
Kugo: Red, cover me!
Red: Computer, de-activate holograms.
**Computer: Unable to comply.
Tey: Yeah, I rule at computer hacking.

(Narsican 1 approaches Kugo, kicking for her face. Kugo leans back, dodging it, and then grabbing his foot and spinning to the side, taking the Narsican to the ground. She breaks its leg and it disappears)
Tey: Ha! Ha! Ha!

(Red grabs for the disrupter, but Tey back kicks Red twice on the side and then the head. Red steps back and charges at him to tackle, but Tey leaps and knees him in the face and still in mid-air, kicks him across, sending Red flying into the wall)
Tey: The gravity must still be weak.

(Kugo jump flips over Narsican 2 and kicks it in the back of its head while in mid air. She lands to her feet as it hits the floor. Kugo spins her windmills bat'leh around and stab it in its back, and it disappears)

Red: Arrgghh... You do not want to make me mad.
(He picks a bat'leh off the wall and swings it to Tey's neck. Tey leans back to get away, but it keeps going and cuts across the chest of his ghosted suit)
Tey: Ah!!

(Narsican 3 goes to attack Kugo, but Kugo spins around to behind him and grabs around his shoulder and side. Kugo flips over, still holding, the Narsican, and flips the Narsican over her, tossing it to the floor. The Narsican disappears on level of pain)
Kugo: Gotcha.

(Tey rolls along the floor to his disrupter and picks it up. It is partially malfunctioning)

Red: Kugo, watch out!
Lox(enters with a medical kit): Is anyone dead yet?

(Tey fires and the disrupter as it spurts out a few weak lasers at Kugo. Kugo throws the windmills bat'leh tactically at Tey, but Tey dodges and Kugo is hit. She falls to her knees almost vapourizing)

Red: Got it.
(Red catches the windmills bat'leh and swings it overhead and its moving parts around to Tey. Tey tries to dodge it and fire at Kugo again but is stabbed through the heart)
Tey: Aauhhgg!!!

(Lox runs over to Kugo and puts a hypospray to her)
Lox: This'll stop the molecule breakdown of the disrupter.
Kugo: Ughh... Thanks.
(Elly and the rest of security finally arrives)
Lox: Oh there you are. You just happen to arrive after all the action.
Elly: How is Kugo?
Lox: She'll be okay.
(He puts another hypo-spray to Kugo as security cleans up the dead body of Tey)

Red(walks over): ...
Kugo: Ugh... It is possible Theseus had my death ordered through Cloud and the Romulans...
Red: ...
(She tries to sit up)
Kugo: I didn't think anyone would come for me... because, you know.
Red: Just because you're Romulan doesn't mean we still won't come to save your life.
Kugo: Thanks.
Red: ...This does come in handy.
(He hangs the windmills bat'leth on the wall and leaves the Arena. More security arrives to take care of things)