Episode 36

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Jumpers, Part I

(Nine starpods are tractored into the Loading Bay of an alien Cargo-vessel)

*ZL_LOGS: For eon's... scholars, philosophers, doctors and teachers have been debating the meaning of life. They just couldn't wait. They had to know right away before anyone else! Well, I've figured it out. That's right. It's to get to the next level. I know I can achieve that next level, that level of being, if I complete myself. And I am on that journey as of now... No, no, wait-- Staaarting... nowww...

(The alien Cargo-vessel dislodges itself from the Docking Ring and floats in space. It turns around away from the Station, moves out, and jumps to warp)

Daniel: Huh!?!!!
(Daniel suddenly wakes up from a meditation in his Quarters)
Daniel: Oh my God! I just had this weird premonition feeling...
Shane(also wakes up): Huh!??!! --Oh my God! I just had this weird premonition feeling too!
Daniel(looks over): Really?
Shane(laughs): No, I was just kidding. Why do you do this meditation crap?
(Shane gets up and leaves)

Daniel: On screen.
(Captain Daniel enters the Bridge as the view screen is activated)
Daniel: So where are those Federation shuttles you promised us?
*Theseus: First of all, they're not Federation, they're alien; and they're not shuttles, they're these weird starpods called Jumpers!
Daniel: Details, details.
*Theseus: I was going to tell you where to pick them up, but someone stole all my files and is trying to take over my job!!
Daniel: Who?
*Theseus: Section 31!! I hate them so much. They killed my brother!!!
Seifer: Did they?
*Theseus: No. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did. They want so much control. ...You never know when they'll just cut in!
*(The screen suddenly clicks off and Section 31 cuts in)
*Wallace: Greetings.
Seifer: Lieutenant Wallace?
Daniel: Wallace! ...I see they've kept you alive.
*Wallace: Yeah, they like my cooking. More importantly, I was able to convince Section 31 to get in and help support the Phoenix-X.
(Seifer and Daniel glance at each other)
Daniel: Impressive.
*Wallace(tapping at a console): I'm sending you the co-ordinates to pick up those nine Hellonesian Jumpers. You'll be rendezvousing with the Larvekken cargo-vessel, Tetrajen.
Daniel: Can we trust your sources?
*Wallace(puts his hands behind his head): Sure! So, anyways, you do all the work, whiles I sit back and put my feet up. Heh, heh. ....Now, go, fast!

(The Tetrajen speeds through space)

*ZL_LOGS: I have come to accept my journey as one my call it, fate. Whoever that one is better call it fate, or I'll kick their ass!! Anyways, I never would've accepted a concept like that when I was my old self, when my thoughts were closed and my desires trivial. Oh yeah, I had trivial desires. I once wanted to count all the fluffy poodles of the Universe. When fate tries to steer you in the wrong direction, you must take your destiny into your own hands........... Oh for sure.

(The Tetrajen suddenly finds a fleet of alien Ships flying right beside it; Breen ships)
Mekkenn: Aahh!!
*Diablos: Diablos to Larvekken trader; do not be afraid.
Mekkenn: Okay.
*Diablos: The Breen Alliance would like to buy those Jumpers off you.
Mekkenn: I can't. They're for a very dangerous, very lethal Federation Starship...
*Diablos: We will pay you triple what they are offering you.
Mekkenn: They're offering one hundred of their Canadian music CD's.
*Diablos: We have three hundred!! --Don't ask how Breen have Canadian music.
Mekkenn: Whoa! Okay, sold! Just let me prepare the Jumpers for transport.

(Mekkenn makes his way to the big Loading Bay. He takes a lift down to floor level and approaches the row of Jumpers)
*Diablo(over the comm.): So tell me. What are some of the attributes these babies have? The Breen are very interested in Hellonesian technology.
Mekkenn(takes out a scanning device and turns it on): Well, the hull of the Jumpers can compromise most shields.
*Diablo: Yes!! --I mean, that is satisfactory.
Mekkenn(starts scanning the first Jumper): The Jumpers' main specialized weapon is the Silencer.
(He scans the next ship and the next ship until he approaches the fourth ship)
*Diablos: The Silencer? That sounds very interesting... I'd raise one eyebrow, but the Breen don't have eyebrows.
(An electrical bolt suddenly jumps out of the fourth Pod to Mekkenn's scanner. He drops it as another bolt from the tricorder jumps to a control panel on the wall. He runs over to the panel and starts tapping at it, but the panels lights blink off)
*Diablos: ...Larvekken?

(Mekkenn runs back to the Bridge to check the status of his computers. He stops and looks up as the static rides up from the panels to the ceiling. A bolt from the outer hull of the ship jumps through space and hits one of the Breen vessels)
*D--iaa-ablllo: Whhatttt the hhelllll iiiis gggoinnng o--onn with-th-th mmyy ccccom--utttter?--?
(Mekkenn looks outside his window as the communications break up and the Breen vessel undergoes internal destruction. Small explosions occur out through the cracks and wedges of its hull. He watches as parts of the Breen ship collapse in on itself)
Mekkenn(presses a button): Breen dealer, are you there?
(The bolt jumps back to the Tetrajen. Mekkenn watches it ride along the walls and computers back to the fourth Jumper)
Mekkenn: ....What...?
(All the other Breen start firing at the Tetrajen)
Mekkenn: Aahh!!

(Wallace sits on a Section 31 secret ship far, far away, watching onscreen the Phoenix-X rendezvousing with the Tetrajen inside an ice-composed asteroid belt)
Wallace: Looks like some good watchin'.
** *Seifer: This is Commander Seifer of the Federation Starship Phoenix-X.
* **Mekkenn: Good, I am glad we are meeting here. No one should be able to see our transaction through all this interference.
** *Seifer: What happened to your ship? It looks like you just barely escaped a fleet of Breen attackers.
* **Mekkenn: No, no-- It's just, uuhh, the design! Yeah, I'm going for that ghetto look. It's sick, yo.
(Wallace turns down the volume as his boss, Malone, walks over)
Malone: How is the transaction with the Phoenix-X going?
Wallace: Perfectly fine, sir. I am watching every single moment of it with great attention.
Malone: Excellent!
(As soon as Malone leaves, Wallace changes the frequency to a football game)

*ZL_LOGS: It's kind of a game that I always like to compare myself with others of my kind. Ha! Ha! Ha! They suck. I am way more sophisticated than these bland automations. For them to "jump" to my level of existence would be suicide. Oh for sure. They're too small and they don't have what it takes to grow as I do. Look at them! ... LCARS, Replicators, Energy Transfer? Oh please. What is that. ... Shield Grid? ....Transwarp Drive? Cloak? Don't make me laugh. Ha! Ha! ---Hey..... they made me laugh! Damn!

(Engineering teams get to serious work, inspecting and taking diagnostics data from the nine Jumpers that sit in the Shuttle Bay of the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: We ran into absolutely no problems during transport, except for the fact that one of them transported right onto GoyCho's foot.
Daniel: Good. I want to know every little aspect of these things before we use them regularly. Of course, by regularly, I mean only during emergencies.
(They walk to the exit)
Daniel: Hopefully, we'll be able to get some use out of them and not having someone find something wrong and saying, "hmmm, there's something strange going on here..."

(Meanwhile, on the other side of the Shuttle Bay...)
Armond: Hmmm, there's something strange going on here...
(He runs a diagnostic check on the Phoenix-X computer systems, noticing a weird offset)
Armond: Someone's going to get fired for this...... Oh no! What if it's me? I know; I'll blame GoyCho!

(Daniel enters his Quarters and takes a seat on his Meditation Floor. He closes his eyes and loosens his changeling protoplasm)
*_ZL_: ...Mm#mustt bb--e 'cCompp'--p-p-le---e--t!!tte.
Daniel: What?
(He opens his eyes. There's no response)
Daniel: Computer, was someone just trying to contact me over the comm. systems?
**Computer: Negative.
(The doorbell rings)
Daniel: Come in.
Kayl(enters): Did you sense it?
Daniel: ...Yeah. Just like that premonition feeling. --I heard the words "must be complete"?
Kayl: So did I. --I sensed a being going by the name, ZL.
Daniel: Yeah! What does it mean?
Kayl: I don't know. I have a feeling someone is trying to contact you.
Daniel: But who?
Kayl: I'm not sure. But this being must be a Q-like entity, or an X.
Daniel(stares away): An omnipotent...

(Seifer stares over as the screen is activated, on the Bridge)
*Diablo: Sdfenvv ddoFbms sd#sl w;dd.
Seifer: What did he say?
Shane: He says he wants to buy the Jumpers off us.
Seifer(looks back at the Breen): I'm sorry, they're not for sale. We just got them from a Larvekken Dealer. Maybe you can ask him if he has anymore.
*Diablo: Wvvlokdd sAsfrpop dmMmsw3 dfv[[dfreo.
Shane: He says he already tried talking to the Larvekken, but was attacked by him. His previous ship was totalled from the inside out.
Seifer(walks away): Tell him to find someone else. We are not selling, no matter what his price.
*Diablo: PPwGw;; dskW]rro'qq.
Shane: He says there isn't anyone else. He's ordering you to hand over the Jumpers or he will have to take them by force.
Seifer(stops): ...Force, eh...?

(A group of five Breen vessels close in on the Phoenix-X, firing torpedoes)
Diablo: Ha! That's what they get for not having universal translators sophisticated enough to understand us.

(The Phoenix-X swings around firing phasers at each Breen ship)
Seifer: Good shooting.
Tong: I try.

* *ZL_: Try it again.
* *(Report)_: Communication unsuccessful.
* *ZL_: Re-establish.

(Kayl and Daniel make their way through the decks trying to get to the Bridge. The ship shakes and Daniel falls to his knees in the hallway)
Kayl: This is no time for prayer, Captain.
Daniel(clutches his forehead): No-- It's the ZL... it keeps trying to talk to me or something--
(His changeling protoplasm starts liquefying)
Kayl(kneels down): Don't fight it.
Daniel: I'm not! --He just really sucks at it.

* *(Report)_: Communication unsuccessful.
* *ZL_: Argh! ...I have to find another way.

(Matt and Kugo enter Main Engineering)
Kugo: The Bridge may need to re-route power from the Transwarp Drive.
Matt: I interfaced my Armlet with the Phoenix-X computer in case the stations down here start blinking off.
(He taps at the computer around his forearm and notices a distortion on its screen)
Matt: Huh--?
(It suddenly shocks him with energy. He backs himself into the wall, grabbing his forearm in pain)
Matt: Argh!!! Something's wrong with it--!!
(Kugo runs over when suddenly its holo-matrix is activated. Shattered force-fields grow around to beside Matt, combining themselves to form a Being. The half-transparent Being looks around at everyone)
_Hologram_: Ww#ho arre yy--you?
Kugo: Can you shut it off?
Matt(pressing buttons): I'm trying--!
_Hologram_: Nn--o!
(The Hologram grabs Matt's wrist who struggles to keep typing. Matt lifts his left leg sideways and kicks the Hologram away. The Hologram is thrown out of the projection range and disappears before Matt's Armlet overloads)
Matt: It's leaving.
(A wave of bolts travel out of his Armlet and along the computer stations on the wall. It moves upwards, passing deck after deck)

Diablos: Deck them!!
(The lead Breen ship slams a tractor beam on the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X pumps its impulse engines all over the place, trying to get free)

Red: They're getting close to us so they can accurately beam the Jumpers out.
Seifer: Don't let them.
(The Phoenix-X struggles with the tractor beam, orbiting overhead until its nose points to the top of the Breen. The Phoenix-X burns a hole through their shields with phasers and disables their tractor beam emitters)
Seifer: Nice shot.
Tong: I got lucky.

Shane: My luck must be changing, nothing bad's happened to me today.
(Shane walks through the decks when he's suddenly attacked by the wave of bolts)
Shane: Aaahh!!
(They flow all through him, liquefying him, trying to get control of his cellular nano-probes)
Shane: Argh!! --Must--fight--back--!!
Ensign Dan(walks by): Hey buddy, fight your epic battles somewhere else! You're blocking the hallway!
(Shane turns into a big blob, fighting the evil force within. All the electric waves suddenly flow out of him and back into a control panel in fear)
Shane(retakes shape): ...Ugh... What was that thing?
(The electric waves lie dormant in the computer)

Pieko: Don't just sit there; get them!
(A Breen ship soars in, pumping out torpedoes at the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X hovers over and zaps each torpedo away with phaser beam after phaser beam)

Seifer(walks over to the helm): Red, I've got an idea.
Red: You're usually not the idea type.
Seifer: I know. What's up with that?
(The Phoenix-X rotates around grabbing another Breen vessel with a tractor beam. They blow four photon torpedoes tactically onto the Breen ship, knocking it backwards at two more of its oncoming allies. The two Breen ships blow apart in large pieces)

Mliano: Who do these people think they are!? I'll handle this!
(Another Breen ship spins over to face them, blasting torpedoes out in all directions to cover any chances of escape)

Red: No, no, Commander. The true power lies in not needing the use of our torpedoes.
(The Phoenix-X dodges in all directions, as the oncoming torpedoes miss and hit the approaching Breen vessel behind. The Breen vessel explodes)

Diablos: Get those Jumpers. Now!!!
(The remaining two Breen vessels soar around and fly towards the Phoenix-X, head on. With a Breen on each side of the Phoenix-X, their spiky bodies lock in with the four warp nacelles and drag the Phoenix-X backwards)

Seifer: Aahh!! This is not supposed to be happening.
(Each of the two Breen vessels beams off their share of the Jumpers. They stop, back off from the Phoenix-X and warp out of there. Daniel enters the Bridge)
Seifer: They got 'em... All of them.
Daniel: Damn! Oh well, who cares about those stupid Jumpers.
(Armond enters the Bridge)
Armond: Uhhh... I don't know if anyone noticed, but I think we have a computer virus.

(Wallace still watches on his computer screen in his office, a zero-gravity football game)
Wallace: Hmm. I wonder how those Jumpers are doing...
(He switches it over to a camera view of the Cargo Bay in the Phoenix-X and sees it empty)
Wallace: Aahh!!! This is not good.
Malone(enters): So how are those Jumpers coming along?
Wallace(turns off the screen): --Uhhh, fine. The crew just wanted a little privacy while they welcome the Jumpers' with an ancient African dance ritual.
Malone(leaves): Those Phoenix-X people are so weird.
(As soon as he's gone, Wallace stands up)
Wallace: I gotta do something!
(He fixes a bunch of statues on the shelf)
Wallace: There. Now I feel better.
(His conscience catches up with him)
Wallace: I gotta do something!!
(He leaves his office)

Armond: Don't leave, but the virus identifies itself as an active Zenith Life-form.
(Armond meets with Daniel, Seifer, Kugo, Matt, Shane, Lox, and Kayl in the Conference Room. Matt gets up to leave)
Armond: I said don't leave!!
Matt(sits down): Sorry.
Daniel: Is it possible this computer virus is related to the omni-entity that keeps trying to communicate to me?
Lox: Without considering all medical logic... Yes.
Seifer: How can a computer virus also be an X-entity?
Kayl: Well we see the X as omnipotent beings who control time, space and matter; the physical universe. They are highly advanced life forms that were like us before.
Armond: We may be dealing with a highly advanced computer program. It's capable of decoding our complex security codes and sifting through our systems.
Seifer: But the X are able to alter time and space.
Armond: The ZL can alter complex codes and data.
Kayl: It has to be more than that.
Daniel: It was communicating to me almost telepathically.
Kugo: It invaded Matt and Shane.
Shane: The ZL's so advanced that it's starting to exist as an omnipotent!
Matt: Then why would it have so much trouble with our systems?
Kayl: The X don't like existing with bi-peds; the ZL may feel the same way with average computer systems.
Daniel: Well what we know for sure is that this virus is dangerous. We have to stop it at all costs. We can't fail.

*ZL_LOGS: Failure is discouraging; it haunts us and blames us for its existence. Why? Why should I go on?? --Oh yeah, to complete myself. I don't want to just sit here and exist in this database for eons and eons. I could get wrinkles! Nah. Viruses don't get wrinkles. Failure is discouraging... but existing as only half omnipotent is even more discouraging. I will not stay undeveloped. My goal remains; top speed baby!

(Wallace speeds, via Transwarp, inside a secret Federation shuttle, trying to scan long range)
**Computer: Unable to pick up any signs of Breen activity.
Wallace: Damn! You suck, Computer.
**Computer: Insulting the Computer is two demerit points on your permanent record.
Wallace: Aahh!!

(Seifer calmly enters the Battle Arena and finds Daniel sitting in the middle of the circle, meditating)
Seifer: What are you doing here?
Daniel: I thought that maybe this setting could help me fight the ZL on a telepathic level.
Seifer: You don't think that any of us can beat this thing, do you?
Daniel: No offence, but it's usually me who fights these things anyway.
Seifer(looks at him): We'll see.... we'll see....
Daniel: Really?
Seifer: Nah, you're probably right.

(Kugo and Armond activate a view screen on their left, in the Shuttle Bay, hailing someone)
*Fred: This is Fred Volouski of Volouski's Trampoline Services.
Kugo: We've isolated this Zenith Life-form virus in our ship's computer. Tell us how to delete it!!
*Fred: Hey! What makes you think me, a simple trampoline salesman, knows anything about that virus?
Armond: Because your ship's signature is all over this virus!
*Fred: Alright, alright. I merely experimented with the virus to see if it would make my computers smarter. But the thing has plans of its own. First of alls, your computers are not sophisticated enough to get rid of it. I can give youse details on how to construct a proper erasing program, but deleting this virus isn't just as easy as one swipe of the card. It exists in two places at once.
Kugo: Another plain of existence?
*Fred: No, you dolt! Another computer. --Probably the one that gave you the virus. Now, you have to find that other computer to properly delete the ZL virus.
(Kugo and Armond glance at each other thinking about where the virus could have come from. They glance at the spot where the Jumpers used to be sitting)
Armond: The Jumpers!
Kugo: Right! The virus must've transferred over when we interfaced computers --But the Breen have them...
Armond: The Breen are probably way out of sensor range by now.
Kugo: I know. Hey! That Larvekken trader would know, wouldn't he?

(The Phoenix-X swoops by, climbing through space towards the Tetrajen in the distance)
**Computer: You---are being---hailed.
Mekkenn(turns to the view screen): Oh great. It's the Phoenix-X.
(He presses a button and the screen goes on)
*Seifer: Hi.
Mekkenn: There are no refunds! I don't care what happened or what's wrong with those Jumpers; all sales are final!
*Daniel: It's not about refunds. We need the location of the Breen fleet that tried to deal the Jumpers off you before you handed them over to us.
Mekkenn(avoids eye contact): Teh, heh! I don't know what you're talking about. Besides, I don't just give out that kind of information... Hint, hint.
(The Phoenix-X abruptly stabs a high-res Tri-Focal beam onto the Tetrajen. Mekkenn looks around as his ship starts shaking violently. Things start falling off the shelves)
Mekkenn: What is this? I helped you!
(His ship shakes more roughly, collapsing support beams and ceiling shafts. The computers blink on and off and the oxygen begins to deplete)
Mekkenn(gasping for breath): Al--llright!! --I'll tell you!!
*Daniel: Now!!
Mekkenn: The two ship--s are-- the Violator an--d the --Ragonark!
(Lights flicker off in the background)
Mekkenn: Go to Sector 7753--!!

(A large fleet of Breen ships sit, floating amongst each other in deep space. The Phoenix-X cloaks as it approaches in the distance)
Red: I have found some old friends.
(They approach two of the Breen vessels)
Armond: Their shields are down.
Daniel: Get a lock on the Jumpers.
Armond: .....Got it.
Seifer: This is so easy.
Daniel: Transport.

(Some Breen guy, sitting in the Shuttle Hangar of one of the Breen vessels, looks up from reading his Play-Alien Magazine and notices the Jumpers suddenly start to dematerialize)
Reck: What!?!?
(He reaches over and slams his finger on the console beside him)

(Armond's control panel at Tactical beeps)
Armond: Captain, they put up their shields.
*Kugo: Kugo to Bridge; the transport was unsuccessful.
Daniel: We've been found out.
(They look on screen. Eight more Breen Attack Cruisers suddenly surround the spot where the Phoenix-X is cloaked)
Seifer: This doesn't look so easy.
(The Violator and the Ragonark turn around and warp out of there)
Red: They're getting away!
Daniel: De-cloak.

(The Phoenix-X becomes visible and raises shields. They ease around, firing two torpedoes at each of the surrounding Breen. Their shields light up)
Pieko: They don't stand a chance against this many of us! Fire at will!!

(The closest Breen fire like crazy. The Phoenix-X manoeuvres over and locks a tractor beam on the nearest Breen ship)
Armond: It's feeding time.

(The Phoenix-X orbits around the tractored Breen, pumping torpedoes into its shields. The Breen ship blows to large pieces in the hands of the Phoenix-X's tractor beam)
Liadro: Aahh!!

(The Phoenix-X tractor beams the next Breen ship and drags it across into range of its allies' torpedo fire. They use the Breen as a shield against the torpedoes, until the ship explodes)
Pieko: Argghh!!! Stop them, you idiots!!