Chapter 3

Star Trek: Afterdeath

(The Bridge is quiet until long range sensors beeps)
Armond: Captain, I'm picking up the fragmented debris of a ship.
Daniel: It's probably nothing.
Armond: The debris are leading towards an uninhabited planet.
Daniel: Yeah, lots of debris do that nowadays.
Armond: Captain, it's debris from a Federation ship!
Daniel(stands): Well why didn't you say something? --Red, alter course.
(The Phoenix-X winds around past a moon towards a small Planet. They take the ship into the atmosphere past the stormy clouds and into the sky. The Phoenix-X speeds along over the surface in search)
Red: We will never find them with this charged storm distorting our sensors.
Daniel: You shouldn't talk like that, Red.
Red: Sorry sir. I meant to say, this is a waste of our time. You are all patoks!
Daniel: That's better.

(The Phoenix-X nears a trench leading towards a crashed Federation Akira Class ship. They hover above as an away team beams outside into the wind, examining the crashed ship with tricorders)
Seifer(scans): I'm not picking up any life-signs.
Kayl: They're all dead...
(They open a hatch and walk inside. Matt checks the computer)
Matt: It seems like Life Support was brought offline.
Seifer: The damage to the hull looks like they were under attack.
Kayl: Wait-- I can sense their thoughts... their afterdeath thoughts...
Matt: You can?
Kayl: Oh wait, no. Those were just the thoughts of distant Antelope.

(Meanwhile, across the countryside, two Antelope are eating grass)
Lupe: (so how was your day?)
Antes: (i eat grass all the time; how do you think my day was!?)

(Matt shuts down the computer panel)
Matt: It's pretty much an open-and-shut case. They were under attack so badly, they had to try to land on this planet.
Kayl: The question is; who attacked them?
Data(a voice from behind): I may have the answer to that.
Kayl: What did you say Commander?
Seifer: I said; I may have the answer to that.
(Matt and Kayl are intrigued by Seifer)
Data: Wait a second. I said that.
(They turn around to see the Federation's only Android walk down the hallway from out of the shadows)
Seifer: Yeah, I think I know when I said something.
Matt: It's --Data...?
Data: Greetings.

(The four of them beam onto the Phoenix-X where the Senior Staff meets in the Briefing Room, sitting around the big table)
Ensign Dan: What are you doing here?
Data: I was on expedition with the Cedar to check out the ruins of a destroyed culture on a planet in a nearby star system.
Kugo: Why did they need an Android?
Data: The atmosphere on the planet we were trying to reach is currently flooded with a certain trisolinear radiation, of which standard environmental suits and starships have no filter. I was to secure a breathable area before anyone beamed down.
Armond: I contacted the Enterprise; they're on the other side of Quadrant right now.
Data(nods): They had other missions to attend to.
Kayl: I have an idea how to make more Androids. We can download holograms into them!
Daniel: Don't talk about pointless things, Kayl. --Tell me about who shot you down.
Kayl(wines): Aww.
Data: We were confronted by two alien ships who claimed they were part of the Nikon Empire; of which is not established on any current Federation records. When they insisted they take over our ship and we denied, all internal systems of the Cedar started to run out of control.
Seifer: That's not consistent with what we saw.
Data: After that, the Nikon's hailed us, on screen this time, and begun to lay down their demands again. But for some odd reason their attitude suddenly changed, and they opened fire on us. The rest is obvious.
Ensign Dan: Not to me. Lieutenant Commander Data, I expect a much more clear report on my desk in 3 hours.
Data: Yes, sir.
Ensign Dan: Heh, heh, heh.
Daniel: Ensign Dan, stop taking advantage of the Android.
Ensign Dan: Yes, sir.

(A Ceavon ship, minding its own business, speeds through space)
Mekia: What is our heading?
Rens: We've changed course for Sector 781.
Mekia: Good. If it's not there, we move to the next Sector. We'll find our lost Array, yet.
Rens: Colonel Mekia! A ship is approaching us!
Mekia: It's not that Circus ship again?
Rens(checks the computer): No, it's claiming to be part of some Nikon Empire. They're ordering us to lower our shields and prepare to be boarded.
Mekia: What!? --Wait a minute. Our shields are lowered.
(The Nikon vessel hails them and goes on screen)
*Febes: Prepare to be boarded. Your ship is ours.
Mekia: Well I guess this is the end...
(They expect to be boarded, but nothing happens)
Mekia: ...Anytime now...
Rens: I'm not picking up any life-signs on that Nikon vessel.
Mekia(looks on screen): Are you alive, or are you not alive?
*Febes: Prepare to be boarded. Your ship is ours!!
Rens(scans them): They're all holograms, Colonel.
Mekia: Holograms? ...Hahaha!! Holograms?
(He looks on screen)
Mekia: Ooo, please don't photon-and-force-field us to death. Ha! Hahahaha!!
(All the control panels around him suddenly start blinking defectively on and off. Rens backs away from his panel)
Mekia(looks closely at a console): ...What the--?
<<Beep, beep>> <<Beep, beep>>
(The console suddenly explodes in his face)
Mekia(collapses): Aahh!!!!
(Other control panels shoot out bands of energy at other crewmembers; On board ceiling phasers fire at running crew in the hallways. Rens dodges a band of energy from his panel and looks at his crew being killed by the computers in horror)
Rens: Colonel!

(He finds Mekia dead. Rens looks on screen and then runs for his life down a hallway; he passes crewmember after crewmember who are dealing with their own injuries)
Lock(with plasma burns): Aaaahh!!!
(He grabs onto the side of the door to the Transport Hangar when suddenly the deck he's on has a hull breech. Everyone in the hallway tries to grab onto something as they're blown out into space)
Rens(hangs on): Argh--!!
(Rens pulls himself into the Transport Hangar and closes the door behind him before he's blown out too. Inside the Hangar he runs over to a small Transport Ship and gets in)
Lock: Wait for me!!

(The Ceavon Transport ship hovers above the floor, as Rens lets burnt Lock in. The Hangar begins to shoot out bands of energy from consoles, disabling the other Transport ships as Rens' Transport ship breaks through the huge doors out into space)
Rens(flying the ship): Are you alright?
Lock(on the floor): Ugh.... I can't feel my le...
(Lock passes out. The small Transport ship successfully speeds away from the two big Ships. The Nikon ship and Ceavon ship rotate around and fly away together with Rens' dead crew)
Rens: The Nikon will pay for that...

(The Phoenix-X is about to break orbit of the planet that Data was found on)
Seifer: Helm, take us out of--
Armond: Commander, sorry to interrupt but--
Seifer: But what? What do you have to say that is so important you had to interrupt my command of where to go.
(Data looks at the intensity of the situation and is intrigued at the command structure)
Armond: It's just that there is a Ferengi Cruiser dropping out of warp right ahead of us.
Seifer: Oh.
Daniel: On screen Lieutenant.
*Yerod: Greetings Federation vessel. I am Captain Yerod of the--
*Domar: Captain, we need to get out of here.
*Yerod: I'm in the middle of a negotiation.
Daniel: Nice to meet you captain. I am Captain Daniel-X of the Federation starship Phoenix-X.
(Data wonders if the captain and the Phoenix-X share any relation due to their names)
*Domar: But captain, they might come after us.
*Yerod: You must excuse my Domar, he is a bit hysterical due to some events that have just happened. But not to worry. My sensors show that you have a pretty impressive ship. I see you have something of an impressive hull structure. Seems one that can regenerate.
Daniel: You are correct, but what events are your officer talking about?
*Domar: Yerod, remember number 185 of the rules of aquisition. He who runs today makes a profit tomorrow.
*Yerod: Well remember number 14, there is always time to make a profit...So captain, what do you say we make a--
Daniel: Captain, I insist in hearing about where you just came from. My sensors show that you have been under attack.
*Yerod: Yes, captain, but back to the issue at--
*Domar: Captain Daniel, we have just been under attack a couple of light years from here. Our ship was one of 25. But out of the blue, we were swamped with a fleet of ships. Some of us were fortunate to escape the battle, but most of our ships have been taken away.
*Yerod: You'll have to excuse my officer, he's on his way to the brig.
*Domar: Wait! Captain, you must listen. These guys that attacked...
Daniel: Yes, explain.
*Domar: These guys that attacked, they were holograms. And it seems they had the ability to remotely take control of our systems.
Seifer: Who were they?
*Yerod: They are some sort of empire. I've never heard of them before. Just seemed to pop up from no where. Well, like I was saying, you have regener--
Data: Captain, sounds like the ship that shot us down.
*Yerod: They weren't shooting us down or up, they just wanted the ship.
Daniel (to Data): Could these be the same people?
Data: It is worth a try to see.
*Yerod: Okay captain, forget about the hull, how much would you want for that thing you call Data?
Data (activates his emotion chip): Excuse me. I take that very offensive my brother. And I don't appreciate you fronting me in such manner. Now if you want, we can settle this machine to organic face to ear. But I guarantee I will drop your sorry excuse for a profit making &^@^ %%^&*!
Daniel: Armond, quick, cut transmission!
Kayl: Whoa, take it easy there Data. You don't have to be telepathic to sense the anger you have.
Data (calming down and switches emotion chip off): I am sorry for my outburst. It will not happen again.
Daniel (walking away from Data): Okayyy...(makes retarded gestures by beating hand against chest)
Seifer: So what do we do now?
Daniel: Helm, set a course for that battle. I want to find out what's going on here.
Red: Aye sir.

(The Ferengi vessel warps away. And the Phoenix-X breaks orbit and warps to the battle which is probably over by now)

(Meanwhile, on the escaped Ceavon Transport vessel)
Rens (slaps Lock around): Lock, are you ok?
Lock (speaking through the slaps): Yyy--ee--ss. Now--stop--hit--ting--me!
Rens: Oh, sorry.
Lock: What happened? Where are we?
Rens: Oh don't worry about it. I'm just going to take revenge.

(Meanwhile, back on the planet that Data was found on, two Antelop continue eating grass.)
Lupe: (I was thinking, if we do plan to mate, I think our first child should be named Bambi.)
Antes: (Bambi? What a sissy name. Where did you get that name, out of a Disney Masterpiece classic about some wannabe Antelopes?)

(The Phoenix-X travels at warp to the supposed battlefield.)
Daniel: Red, what is our ETA?
Red: Our estimated time for arrival is 1 minute.
Armond: Captain, I'm reading a fleet of vessels ahead. There are about 19 Ferengi vessels. 7 Klingon Birds of Prey. 8 Vulcan Science ships. 4 Romulan Warbirds. 12 Breen ships. 5 Cardassian ships. And 15 other ships native to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
(The Phoenix-X drops out of warp to face a whole fleet of vessels.)
Red: We're dropping out of warp. Look up, there's a hint.
(Everyone looks up but don't get it.)
Daniel: Oookayyy, On screen.
Bridge Crew: Ooooo..Ahhhhh.
Matt: It seems there are more ships than stars out there.
Armond: Captain, they're hailing us.
Daniel: On screen....Greetings, I am Daniel-X of the Feder--
*Budok (vulcan): There is no need for irrelevant quivel. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. The Nikon Empire thanks you for your-- And who do we have here. (Looks at Data) Seems like you are back to destroy us all.
Daniel: Armond, raise shields. Battlestations....Look, I don't know what you're talking about. We come in peace.
*Budok: You come in peace, yet you bring this...this...murderer.
Kayl: Captain, someone is tapping into our systems.
Daniel: Well block them out.
*Budok: Your destruction is at hand.
(Communications between the ships cut off. The enormous fleet commences on the Phoenix-X and bombards the ship with weapons fire.)
Daniel: Oh crap.
(Consoles begin to explode, bulkheads start to fall, the ship shakes constantly)
Daniel: Return fire. Bring those slipstream torpedoes online.
Seifer: How about separating?
Kugo: The coupling sequence for that has gone offline.
Armond: Captain, all torpedo launchers have gone offline.
Seifer: Can you activate them manually?
Armond (checks his console): No. I am getting casualty reports.
Seifer (whispers to the Captain): Captain, if this ship is destroyed, and we have that Omega bomb inside, then there is no telling.
Daniel: Say no more. Red, can you get us out of here?
Red: Maneuvering Thrusters and Impulse are destroyed and Warp is offline. Transwarp is still available.
Kayl: I'll focus the lightning shields on the Transwarp systems.
(The Phoenix-X takes a huge blow)
Red: Captain, the lightning shields saved the Transwarp drive from that last blow, but it took all the power to run Transwarp.
Armond: Shields 13%.
**Computer: Regenerative Shielding Stress are at dangerous levels. Hull-wide breach imminent.
Data: I'm terribly sorry for this Captain.
Daniel: Don't be sorry just yet...Kugo, Red needs more power. I want it now!
Kugo: I'm working on it.
Armond: The largest of the Breen vessels are coming around. This could be the hit that takes our shields out.
Kugo: Captain, I have an idea. If we can reconfigure our deflector dish. Breen weapons work on a reverse plasma discharge. When that Breen vessels comes in, I think I can harness their attack.
Matt: But that's a 50% chance of success here.
Daniel: Is he right, Kugo?
Kugo: Yes, captain. If I'm successful, I mean, when I'm successful, that should give us the energy we need.
Daniel: Make it so.
Armond: Shields at 5%.

(The Phoenix-X's deflector dish starts to glow. The ship comes about and aims its dish at the Breen vessel. The Breen vessel fires and the pulse blasts is absorbed in the deflector dish.)

(On the Phoenix-X, dozens of power conduits blow. Consoles go out everywhere)
Matt: Told you this was a bad idea.
Data: I am impressed by your ship Captain.
Daniel: Kugo, did we get it?
Red: Yes we did Captain!
Daniel: Then what are you waiting for, get us out of here. I'll make sure no one follows.

(A Transwarp conduit opens and the Phoenix-X slowly scraggles to the conduit and stretches out of there. Several vessels try to follow, but as the Phoenix-X goes through the conduit, Daniel emits a force wave that pushes the other ships back. Daniel drops to the floor from exhaustion.)

Data: Is he going to be ok?
Seifer: Yeah, he always does that. (Kicks Daniel a couple of times) You'll be all right Captain right?
Daniel: Urgghh...
(The conduit dissapates and the Phoenix-X are back in normal space)
Seifer: What happened?
Red: We didn't have enough power.
Seifer: Are we safe though?
Armond: Yes, we are several light years away.
Kugo: Commander, we are in really bad shape.
Kayl: Life support and environmental controls are almost destroyed. Captain, we need to get repairs at a Starbase fast.
Matt: We're too far the nearest starbase.
Seifer (taps his console): There's an L-Class planet nearby, helm set us down there. We'll make repairs ourselves.
Armond: Commander, sensors show that the planet you've chosen are flooded with trisolinear radiation.
Data: That's the planet the Cedar and I were to explore. I may be able to beam down and set up an environment safe for the ship and crew.
Seifer: Oh. Well, get to work on that. Kayl, make sure Transporters still work. Commander Data, my crew is at your disposal.
Data: Your crew will die if they are exposed. Because I am an android, it is better for me to go alone remember.
Seifer: Oh yeah, I knew that. Just trying to help. I can command this ship. Oh yeah, while you're down there, secure at least a square mile for us. We'll be waiting, good luck commander.
(Bulkheads and consoles continue to explode and fall. The computer has begun singing.)
**Computer: Oh oh now I....I will survive...
Seifer: Please Commander, make it fast.

(In a dark and cold room a paralysed humanoid Alien is alone, pinned up and preserved on a round medical bed against the wall. His head is shadowed. Rens appears on a holographic viewscreen before him)
*Rens: Thank you once again for this formula. Are you alright?
(Alien): ...Yes.
*Rens: How do you know so much about Nikon physiology?
(Alien): ......
(The holo-screen is deactivated)

Rens: That wasn't a very nice thing to do.
Lock: I know.
(Their ship speeds through space)
Rens: Okay, let's go commit murder.
Lock: Okay.

(Data beams down to an immensely hot orange-red planet, in a destroyed city. Five large Force-Field Emitters are beamed down around him from the Phoenix-X)
**Armond: Phoenix-X to Data. Place these Emitters around a 2-kilometre radius. As soon as they're in place, we'll lock in to their Environmental Controls.
Data(scans): I do not believe there is sufficient power to filter the radiation and generate a breathable environment at the same time.
**Armond: Well then, when we take the Phoenix-X down we're going to have to use Environmental Suits to go outside.
Data: Acknowledged. Data out.

(On the Bridge, Daniel is still unconscious on the floor)
Seifer: Captain?
(He pokes Daniel with a stick)
Seifer: Captain?
Lox(stands): I've done all that I can for him. He's gone.
Seifer: Kayl, you have to revive the Captain telepathically.
Kayl(preoccupied): I can't. I keep having flashbacks to those Antelope.
(She leaves as Daniel changes his form to standing up. He grabs the stick and smacks it upside Seifer's head)
Daniel: Don't do that!

(The Phoenix-X activates its Lightning Shields and prepares to enter the Planet's atmosphere. Data activates the surface's Shield grid as the Phoenix-X falls down from the red sky. The ship passes into the surface's Shields, dropping its Lightning Shields, as it lands coarsely in the street)
Titan(scans): Hmm...

(Most of the crew puts on environmental suits to begin repairs to the outer hull of the Phoenix-X. An away team walks over and meets up with Data in the streets)
Data(reads his tricorder): I am picking up two energy signatures; one on the west side of the city, and one further off in the north.
Matt: One of them has to be the computer we interfaced with before we came down here.

(The six of them split up into two teams and head off through the dead city. They pass broken buildings, melting vehicles, debris on fire, and old skeletons about to turn to dust)
Shane: I know where I'm spending my next vacation.
(Alpha Team walks through the open ruins of an office building and approach a large computer frame encased in a safety force field)
Ensign Dan: What was that noise!?
Shane: I didn't hear any noise.
Ensign Dan: Oh, okay then.
Data(scans): This is the computer we downloaded the filter specifications from orbit.
Titan(breathing heavily): Hhhhehhhh...
Ensign Dan: What was that noise!??
Titan: I didn't hear any noise.
Ensign Dan: Oh, okay then.... Wait a minute...
(Data flashes his light at Titan; a short robotic cylinder with two metallic hind legs)
Ensign Dan: Aahh!!!
Titan: Who are you?
(Data is intrigued)
Shane: Whoa. It's an Android...

(Beta Team approaches a large Building, in tact and under filter force fields. Matt uses his Armlet to emit a neutralizing field as he reaches across to access the entrance control panel)
Matt: This field has been weakening for over one hundred and twenty-four years.
Seifer: Can you get us inside?
Matt: Yes.
(The doors slowly open. Matt creates another force field bubble around the three of them as they enter to pass through)
Lox: What are we doing? Are we crazy? I think we're crazy here.
(They walk through an open room with generators and induction coils all over the place. They approach the main Generator and scan it with tricorders)
Lox: What is it?
Matt: It's registered as a Raekwon Generator. Raekwon is a type of energy these people created.
(They look up at the Generator and notice the blown out metal of the reserves chamber)
Seifer: Is it possible that there was an explosion?
Lox: ...An explosion that killed the entire population of this planet.
Matt(reads his tricorder): The molecular structure of this Raekwon residue is consistent with the Trisolinear Radiation encompassing the planet. I'd say it's more than a possibility.

Lox: Take a look at this.
(They enter a dark and cold room where a paralysed humanoid Alien is pinned up and preserved on a round medical bed against the wall)
Seifer: Hey, are you okay?
(He pokes the Alien with a stick)
Seifer: ...Hey.
Lox(takes the stick away): Don't do that!

(Titan leads the Alpha Team towards its home Building)
Ensign Dan(crosses his arms): Oh great; more Androids.
Data: Curious. My scans do not show any indication of a neural net within you, although I do detect an automotive command centre. How are you intelligent?
Titan: I am not an Android; I'm really organic.
(The small Titan robot leads them into the large Structure's entrance)
Titan: --I am sorry, but only mechanicals can pass through this force field.
Data: That would include me.
Shane: My protoplasm has nano-technology.
Ensign Dan: Fine! I can take a hint.
(He leaves, as Data and Titan enter the building. Shane places his glove against the force field and liquefies himself through his Environmental Suit into the building)
Titan: Welcome to last freestanding structure of the Nikon Empire.

(They enter the room where Seifer, Lox, and Matt are scanning the unconscious Alien on the wall)
Seifer: Hey, all the mechanicals are here. All we need now is Seven of Nine.
(All of a sudden Seven of Nine enters)
Seven of Nine: I am here.
(Seven of Nine suddenly shape shifts back to Daniel)
Daniel: Just kidding.
Lox: Captain, you were able to go through all that radiation without getting harmed?
Daniel: Yup.
Shane: Is it true this planet is the real Nikon home world?
Titan: Yes...
(The Titan robot walks over, then stops as if really sick, then continues to the Alien hanging on the wall)
Titan(breathes heavily): I am able to control technology with my mind. This Alien you see in the preservation liquid is really me.
Lox: You can control machines?
Daniel: Not even I can do that. There are so many calculations to every computer.
Titan: ...Well our species has that comprehension. But only the two of us mastered telekinesis.
Data: What are you trying to say?
Titan: Never mind. --By what you have told me about the recent claims of the Nikon Empire, I believe I can hel... help you...
(Lox's tricorder beeps as the Alien on the wall goes under cardiac arrest)
Matt: He's infected with Trisolinear Radiation.
Titan: Let me-- let me have control of your ship. I'll stop him--! I'll find him and talk to him. Argh!!
Daniel: Who?
Lox: Captain, he's having a heart attack.
Daniel: No. You're dying. Tell us how to remove your preservation so we can treat you.
Titan: Argh!! --No time...
(The robot breathes in)
Titan: Dismantle... Dismantle the Raekwon Generator... Adapt it to your subspace field emitters... --Argh.
Daniel: Why?
Titan: Trust me...
(Lox's tricorder drops a dead beep as the robot collapses. The Alien on the wall dies)
Data(glances over): ...I believe we should take his suggestion seriously.

(A fleet of Ships from almost every dominant race in the Quadrant approaches the alien world of Turismo. A fleet of small Turismo ships try to guard their planet)
Jevaun: We will die for our planet...

(The lead Turismo ship speeds in to the attacking Nikon fleet, under-dodging a Breen vessel; firing torpedoes, taking out its dorsal deflector shields)
Ulouer: Hmph. Excellent shooting, comrades.

(Another Turismo cruiser swoops under, blasting the Breen vessel into pieces)
Magore: My shooting was even more excellent.
*Ulouer: Too right. Props up to my man, Magore.

(A Klingon bird-of-prey crosses by and fires photon torpedoes onto the front of a small Turismo ship)
Lauvun: AAahhh!!!
(He taps at the console's trying to fight the unknown force taking over his ship's computers. An overload causes the Turismo ship to suddenly explode into pieces. The pieces are caught by the planet's gravitational pull and burn in the atmosphere)

**Jevaun: S.O.S., I repeat, S.O.S. The Turismo homeworld is under massive invasion. We need major assistance, immediately!! I repeat..........
(The Ceavon Transport ship picks up the subspace signal)
Lock: It sounds like the Nikon again. This is their third invasion.
Rens: We'd better change course and help them. Lock, bring the torpedoes online.
Lock: Uhh, I'm kind of paralysed right now.
Rens: Oh yeah, sorry. I thought you were just being lazy all this time.

(The Ferengi Cruiser also picks up the distress signal)
Domar: It sounds like the Nikon again. This is their third invasion.
Yerod: We'd better change course and run away. Domar, bring the torpedoes offline.
Domar: Uhh, I'm kind of lazy right now.
Yerod: Oh yeah, sorry. I thought you were paralysed. I wanted to make you feel pain as you tried to do it. Hahaha. That would've been funny to see.

(The Bridge of the Phoenix-X gets busy)
Daniel: Report.
Seifer: Repairs are just complete. We adapted the Raekwon Generator to our Transwarp Field Emitters.
Daniel: Take us out of here.

(The Phoenix-X lights up with the L-Shields as it rises through the atmosphere out into space. The L-Shields drop and the Phoenix-X speeds off, suddenly receiving the Turismo S.O.S. message)
Armond: Captain. It's the Nikon Empire, they're invading a planet in a nearby system.
Kugo: If this home world was the real Nikon Empire, then what Nikon Empire is that Nikon Empire?
Data: Perhaps it is a fake...?
Seifer: Hahahaha! You Androids have the funniest sense of humour.
Armond: Captain, should we help them?
Daniel: Yes. Change course, maximum speed.
Red: Captain, Transwarp is offline due to the Raekwon Generator.
Daniel: I am aware of that. Follow my orders.
(Data access his databanks realizing an algorithm denying him permission to reveal any Transwarp information to anyone other than members of the Phoenix-X)
Data(intrigued): Hm.
Daniel: What did you say, Data?
Data: Nothing, sir.

(The Phoenix-X and the Ceavon Transport ship speed along, meeting up with each other. They can see almost a hundred ships firing at each other in the distance)
**Jevaun: We need assistance, immediately!! Jeez. Take forever why don't you.

(On the Phoenix-X bridge)
Armond (as he reads his console): Captain, part of the Nikon fleet has set an intercept course towards us. I am also reading a Ceavon Transport ship of our starboard side.
Daniel: One thing at a time. Hail that transport ship. What the heck is it doing way out here?
Kayl: Channel open.
Daniel: Ceavon vessel, I am Captain Daniel of the Federation Starship Phoenix-X. Please state your purpose. You have all the time in the world to explain, as long as you do it in 1 minute.
*Renss: Uhhh, ok. Captain, we were attacked, had to abandon ship, mindless holopeople, Lock injured, have virus to kill bad guy, need help, please. (panting from saying explanation in one breath)
Seifer: Ohhhkayyy. Someone has been out in space for awhile.
Daniel: Well, I didn’t understand that, but oh well. There is a fleet of ships heading this way that want us dead most likely. You don’t stand a chance in that dinky vessel of yours. Red, tractor that ship into the hangar and bring Rens to the bridge. Captain to Sickbay, prepare to receive a patient.
**Lox (yelling over what seems a primitive drill): Yes of course captain.
**Doctors Patient: Ahhh-
Red: Captain, they are safely on the ship.
Daniel: Great. Armond, time till the fleet gets to us?
Armond: 5 minutes sir.
Daniel: All right. Red Alert. Bring that Raekwon Generator online. Raise the L-Shields. Arm weapons. Commander, I want you to gather some of the best Jumper pilots and gather to Vector 3. Stay there with your men and await my orders. Kayl, alert the Turisions that we’re on the way—
(The lights and computer consoles blink and transmission of a voice is trying to get through the comm., not very clear)
*Nikon Telepath: You….ha-…great techno-…Can’t…get through, can’t contr-.
Kayl: The transmission has ended Captain.
Data: I believe that is the other Nikon telepath.
Ensign Dan: No fair, you looked at his name on the line above Kayl’s.
Data: I beg your pardon.
Ensign Dan: Nevermind.
(The whole bridge crew shrugs at Ensign Dan’s stupidity)
(The turbolift opens and out comes Kugo to control Engineering functions from the bridge and Rens who tells the Captain all he knows)
Kugo: Captain, need I remind you, that my Vulcan half says that the chances for success in this battle are 3 to 20. Yet my Romulan half says, let’s kick some holo butt.
(Red looks over intrigued by Kugo’s fiery enthusiasm)
Daniel: Your station Lieutenant!
Kugo: Yes sir.

(Meanwhile, in some distant asteroid)
Nikon Telepath: Uggh, I couldn’t get through. I couldn’t control that ship. It was shielded using Nikon technology. Where could of they got that? Probably was that android they’re housing. Ahh, I will destroy them yet, and their pretty little android too. Hehehehehehahahahaha Ahahahahaha!–Cough, cough…

(In Turismo space)
Jevaun: It’s about time we got some help. The odds are still against us with the fleet that’s left, but they were better than before.

(Back over at the Phoenix-X)
Armond: Captain, 2 minutes till the fleet arrives.
Daniel: I’m inspired, let’s have some fun. Red, fire two slipstream torpedoes. Have them detonate in the middle of that fleet that’s coming. Let’s give them a surprise of what is to come.
Red: I like your style sir.
(Two slipstream torpedoes are launched and warp past the head of the fleet and drop out of warp in the middle of the fleet. The sensors of the fleet detect the sneak attack, but are too late. The torpedoes detonate in the middle of the fleet. Seven ships are destroyed from the explosions.)
Armond: Captain, I’m reading 3 Ferengi vessels, 3 Klingon Birds of Prey, and 1 Breen ship destroyed.
Kugo: Captain, the detonation of two slipstream torpedoes atthat close proximity to each other would create a temporary, but strong, gravitational pull.
Daniel: Even better.
(Ships at the back of the fleet who are heading through the blast are caught in the gravitational pull and collide with each other.)
Shane: Now they know we mean business.
Data: Business? I thought we were battling?
(Shane shape shifts into a dunce cap onto Data’s head)
Rens: This is one weird ship.

(In the hallway where sickbay is located, some crewmen run to their stations to get ready for battle. They pass the sickbay…)
Lock (behind the doors of sickbay): AHHHH!
Crewman (stops and looks to his other crewman): Promise me that if I’m hurt in this battle, just set the phazer on kill and shoot me.

(Back on the bridge)
Armond: They’re hereeee.
Daniel: Fire!
(The Phoenix-X maneuvers through the first flank of ships, then cuts right and follows the first flank of ships. The crew on the bridge holds on and ends up leaning to the right because of the sharp maneuver. Phoenix-X fires torpedoes and phazers at the ships. Phazers are being shot atevery angle from the ship. The ship is constantly being wrapped in electrical currents showing its lightning shield being hit by enemy fire.)
Armond: Shields holding sir.
Red: 5 ships destroyed sir.
Kayl: Captain, the Turisions are requesting assistance immediately.
Daniel: Uggh, everyone needs our help. Red, set a course to Turismo space. Daniel to Commander, are you and your men ready?
**Seifer: Almost set Captain. What are our orders?
Daniel: We are on our way to the Turismo home world. I want you and your jumpers to secure the planet.
Armond: Captain, our jumpers wouldn’t survive a trek through space through that fleet.
Daniel: Don’t worry, I got them covered. How long till we arrive to Turismo space?
Armond: 2 minutes.
Daniel: Kugo, we’ll need to separate. Give me all the power you’ve got.
Rens: Separate?
Kugo: Captain, as we get closer to Turismo space, I find it harder to maintain the Raekwon Generator. I’m having to recalibrate the logicpod circuits.
Rens: We must be getting closer to that Nikon trash.
Data (about to question Rens’s words): But--..nevermind.
(The ship is constantly shaking from the attacks.)
Armond: Shields down to 90%.
Kugo: The regenerative shielding is holding up.
Armond: Captain, we’ve destroyed over 20 vessels, excluding the vessels on your slipstream attack. The remaining vessels are retreating and joining the rest of the Nikon fleet.
Daniel: Ok, we’ve got them on the move. Computer, initiate Multi-Vector Separation.
*Computer: Please specify target.
Daniel: No target specified. Armond, you have the V1 bridge. Good luck. Shane, Matt, Data, and Rens, you’re with me. To the Vector 2!
Shane (speaks under his breath): Yes sir Batman sir.
(The three vectors separate and fly in a triangular form to the battle site)
Daniel: Captain to all Vectors. Man your battle stations. Armond, you are join me to help destroy the fleet. Commander, I’m counting on you to secure that planet and help them. Use the cloak on your vector. Vector 1will draw fire just in case. Good luck!

(Vector 1 leads off and engages the fleet, drawing ships nearing the planet. V1 rolls, dodging all the phazer fire and torpedoes. V1comes about and flies circles around the Big Breen ship and fires phazers along its hull. The Breen vessel can’t put a lock on the fast ship. Other Nikon ships come to the Breen aid, but as they fire upon V1, they miss and end up firing on the Big Breen vessel. The Big Breen ship is destroyed and crashes out of control to two Romulan Ships. V1 vents plasma into space and speeds around witha trail behind them. V1 maneuvers around spelling the word, “Gotcha!”)

(Vector 3 cloaks from formation and sees its chances to enter the Turismo atmosphere. Being that it needs its shields to enter the atmosphere, it decloaks. The area Nikon vessels detect the ship and engage V3.V3 enters the atmosphere and Turisions on the surface can see the big Vector as it engages the Nikon on the planet. Behind V3, a bunch of Nikon fighters enter the atmosphere firing on V3. V3 hovers over the ocean and phazers the attacking ships as they follow. The seas are parting from the speed and power of V3 above it. V3 speeds ahead and torpedoes the ocean in front of them. A huge explosion of water and mist is made. V3 enters the mist. Another moment later, an invasion of jumpers exit the mist and engage the Nikon vessels by surprise. The jumpers are followed by V3 coming back towards their way as it exits the mist with a rain of phazer fire. Commander Seifer laughs maniacally as he pilots and fires.)

(Vector 2 warps in and out of the battle. V2 warps to one part of the battle, comes about and fires torpedoes and phazers at the ships in the area. Then V2 points down and warps. The Nikon ships are puzzled by this change of course. Then V2 drops out of warp from above and destroys the puzzled ships.)
Daniel: I got that move from a holo-cartoon.
Data: You must have, being that that move was virtually impossible.

(Thirty minutes pass and the battle dies down. The remaining Nikon fleet are being destroyed.
Rens: Remember, we still don’t know where that Telepathic Nikon is.
Daniel: Oh yeah.
**Seifer: Vector 3 to Vector 1, we have secured the planet. We have transported rations to get this ravaged planet started on the road to recovery.
Daniel: Great job Commander. We are finishing up here. Though we still don’t know where that Nikon person controlling the ships is at.
**Seifer: Captain, I may have an idea.
(Fade out, time has elapsed to the end of the battle. All the Nikon ships are destroyed. The Phoenix-X is together again.)
Seifer: All right Kugo, are you ready? Data, are your Raekwon shields that Kugo has put on you operational?
Data: Yes.
Seifer: Okay, once we drop the Raekwon protection, that Nikon guy should control our ship and bring us to him.
Kayl: But what prevents him from destroying us?
Seifer: Well, I think he wants Data. Data is on this ship, and if he wants Data, then he’ll have to bring the ship to him.
Daniel: Ahhh, I see. Clever. All right Kugo, disengage the Raekwon generator.
(The Raekwon generator has been disengaged. The consoles and lights begin to flicker. The voice of the Nikon Telepath is heard through the comm.)
*Nikon Telepath: I now have your ship under control.
(Data is struggling to keep the Nikon out of his head.)
*Nikon Telepath: Although, I can’t get through to the android. No matter, the destruction of your ship will destroy the android as I wanted.
Seifer: But I thought you wanted the android.
*Nikon Telepath: You thought wrong. I just wanted him dead.
Seifer: Oh.
(Daniel slaps the upside of Seifer’s head)
Daniel: So much for your great plan.
Seifer: Wait, this android…..uhhh, wouldn’t it be better if destroyed him in person?
Data: Ummm, what are you doing?
Seifer: Yeah yeah yeah, if you bring him to you via ship, then you can destroy him in person.
*Nikon Telepath: Oh yeahhh. Then when you get here, I'll kill you.
Seifer: Phew. (looks to the bridge crew) See, told you.
Red: Perhaps you neglected to hear the kill part.
Seifer: Hey, I’m getting us there aren't I? What happens after that, is not my fault.
(The ship engages to warp towards the Nikon Telepath. Communications between the Telepath are severed.)
Daniel: You idiot!
Rens: I still need to administer this virus. (He holds a hypospray sort of contraption)
Data: Well, he wants me. When I come in contact with him, I will administer the virus.
(Data’s stomach opens and he puts the hypospray in there for storage)
Ensign Dan: Eeuu.
Kayl: Well, what about us, he still’s gonna kill us when we get there. Can we prevent that?
Daniel: Hmmm.
Seifer: Easy, we’ll just put up the Raekwon shield.
Daniel: Whoa, that’s brilliant, I’m glad I thought of that.
Seifer: But—
Daniel (one of his arms turns into a blade): Yes commander, did you say something?
Seifer: No sir! (and stands to attention)
Daniel: Good.

(Meanwhile, on the asteroid home of the Nikon Telepath.)
Nikon: How will I destroy the android? By the time he gets here, I should be able to control him no matter what. There’s no way he can fight my power. I will have him destroy his friends, then have him destroy himself. Too bad I won’t get to use my pretty new toys.
(Nikon refers to three battlezoid robots.)

(On the Phoenix-X)
Armond: Captain, we are slowing speed to an asteroid field. We have stopped and are orbiting a large asteroid. There seems to be an atmosphere on that asteroid. It’s suitable for us.
Daniel: Kugo, initiate the Raekwon generator and open a channel.
Data (struggling to fight the Nikon’s control): Captain, please inform my captain of what has happened.
Daniel: No, I will not, because I’ll leave that up to you. I'm not letting you die Commander. We’re going down with you.
Data: But Capt—
Kayl: Captain, he’s on.
*Nikon Telepath: Welcome captain. Let me introduce myself. You can call me Nibbu. I see you have put up your shield using my people's technology.
Daniel: Your time is up Nibbu. Commander Data, you’re with me. Red, I want you to organize 4 of your best Klingon fighters and beam down to the surface with me, oh yeah, leave phazers here, but don’t forget those Bat’lehs. Those will be standard weapons this time. No technology in those. Seifer, the ship is yours.
(5 Klingons, Data, and the Captain beam to the surface. Although they are not together at the targeted site. Nibbu must of controlled the transport signal and directed them as he pleased. Data is located at the opening of a cave dwelling where Nibbu is located. The Captain and Klingons are located half a kilometer in front of the same cave separated by three battlezoids.)
Daniel: Well, I guess we have to get through these fellows.
Red and the Klingons speak together: Today is a good day to die!
(These battlezoids are 15 feet tall, they stand on two legs much like a dinosaur, and have a weapon on one hand and is armed on the other hand. These zooids are agile and fast.)

(Back on the Phoenix-X)
Kugo: Commander, I am having a hard time maintaining the Raekwon protection.
Seifer: Keep trying. It must stay up. What’s the condition on the surface?
Armond: Data has been transported near a sort of cave structure when the others are half a kilometer away confronted by like three metallic objects. Unknown at what those objects are at the moment sir.
Seifer: Can we get a weapons lock on those objects?
Armond: I can try sir, but there’s a good chance we might hit them sir.
Seifer: I’m willing to take that chance.
(There’s a silence on the bridge, the crew is surprised at the Commander’s decision.)

(On the surface, the captain sees Data in the distance running towards them.)
Daniel: Great, Data is coming to help.

(As Data is running…)
Data: I understand my orders, kill the Phoenix-X crew.

(At the Zoid battle site, the 2 Klingons engage a zoid, the3 rest of the klingons engage the second zoid. Daniel is referred to the last zoid.)

(The 2 Klingons attack the first zoid. One heads the attack and jumps, swinging his bat’leh, attempting to cut the zoid’s weapon up. The second Klingon jumps on the zoid’s back and tries to do damage as the zoid bucks up and down.)

(The three other Klingons engage the second zoid. As they do a head-on attack, one of the Klingons are shot in the arm. The two other Klingons attack. One Klingon attacks one of the zoid’s leg. Then the other Klingon jumps on its arm and tries to attack its face. The third Klingon is on his knees in pain, sees his comrades courage and throws his bat’leh at the zoid. The bat’leh hits the zoids crotch and sticks in there.)

(The captain is left to deal with the last zoid. He decides to use his X-powers. The captain stands firm in front of the zoid as the zoid approaches. The captain bursts into energy, the force of his energy circles him and blows the loose dirt away from him. The zoid pauses in his step. The land around the zoid and the captain start to shake. Then the captain jumps up high into the air towards the zoid. The zoid looks up, following the captain. The captain comes down and grabs a hold of the zoid’s neck and pushes the zoid’s body down into the ground. The zoid is pushed down into the ground making a hole. The captain then rips one leg off of the zoid and stabs it through the zoid’s body. Then the captain jumps up high into the air and fires a blast to destroy the crippled zoid.)

(The Klingons seem to have success with their zoids as well. The three Klingons who attacked the second zoid have tore it to pieces and are singing a victory song near it. The other two Klingons with Red, are trying to salvage usable parts. All regroup. Then Data approaches.)

Daniel: Data, it's okay. We've taken care of these Zoids.
(The Federation Android just stands there, looking at the Captain)
Red(walks over): You must go back over there and administer the Hypo to that Telekinetic Alien!
Data: I am not here to help you...
(He shoves Red away, sending him flying into the debris of the Zoids. The other Klingons are alerted to the hostility)
Daniel: What are you doing? That's not proper edict for a Federation officer!! It is customary to shove with both hands for the full pushing experience.
(Data leaps up and kicks for Daniel's head. Daniel dodges it)
Data(lands): I will kill the Phoenix-X crew.
(The other Klingons run over)
Amos: Ether he has become possessed by that Nibbu guy, or he is trying to dance Russian style!!
Targon(scared): Aaahh! Russians!!
Daniel(steps back): I'm not going to fight you, Data.
Data(crouches, about to attack again): Resistance is futile.

(Nibbu stands in the center of his computer decorated cave dwelling, watching through Data's eyes on screen)
Nibbu/*Data: I will destroy the crew of the Phoenix-X, and then I will destroy you!! Hahaha!!
*Daniel: ...But I am part of that crew. Why do I get special attention?
Nibbu/*Data: Look, don't make things so complicated---
*(The Data on-screen suddenly shakes his head and looks away from Daniel in confusion)
Nibbu: What the--?
(He gets mental control over Data's neural net again. The Data on-screen looks back at Daniel with a sinister look)
Nibbu/*Data: Okay! Where was I? Oh yeah. I will destroy you!
*Red: You are all talk, Android.

(The Phoenix-X begins shaking under its own stress, above the Asteroid)
Armond: Wwe arrre lllosinggg ssstabilittty....
Seifer: I cannn tttell thhhat by ttthe wayyyy youuu're talkking~
Armond: Oh sssorry. I'll trrrry ttto ssssstopp.
Seifer: Nnnno, iiiit's okkkkay. I wwwouldn't wannnt to ppput youu thhhhrough ttoo much tttroubllle.
(Kugo compensates by matching the gravity on the ship with the source of the stress)
Armond: That's more like it.
Kugo: Commander, we're losing the shielding effect of the Raekwon Generator!!
Seifer: Damn! I knew I shouldn't have left all those spare parts out of it.
Armond: I think the source is coming from the surface, sir.

(The stars roll by in the sky as Data gets ready to fight Daniel and the Klingons)
Kortos: Enough with the anticipation, let's fight already.
Daniel: No! --Uhh, you might break a Klingon nail.
Kortos(checks his finger): Oh my Khalis; you could be right.
(Data suddenly clutches his head in pain)
Data: Aaaarrrggghh!!!
Red: He's having Android constipation!
Daniel: No! He's fighting back!

(Nibbu fights for control in his cave dwelling, over the positronic neural net that is Data's brain. He suddenly is hit by an energy surge)
Nibbu: Ugh!!
(He goes flying back into a control panel, and falls unconscious on the floor)

Kugo: We've got it!
(The systems on the Phoenix-X flicker back on, except the Raekwon Generator)
Seifer: Good work, Kugo.
Kugo: I didn't do anything; I just stood here.
Seifer: Oh, well good work anyways.
Armond(checks): The Generator has stopped fluxuating.
Seifer: Yes!
Armond: ...And is down, and in-operational.
Seifer: Dang.
Matt: Then shouldn't the ship be taken over by that Nibbu guy by now?
Ensign Dan: Yeah. What's going on here?
Seifer(angry): I'll make the intriguing questions around here!

(Lox approaches Kayl at the back of the Bridge, who seems to be concentrating)
Lox: What are you doing?
Kayl: Argh-- Maybe if I can get a telepathic link with the Alien, I can find out his favorite hobbies and stuff--- Grgh!
Shane(walks over): No, you have to find out why he's doing all this; why he's trying to control all these ships!!
Kayl(trying to concentrate): Okay, okay! Get over it already.

(Seifer enters Sickbay where Rens has met up with his friend Lock)
Lock: ...Ugh...
Rens: Will he be all right?
Seifer: I don't know.
Rens: I have to know if he'll survive!
Seifer: I told you, I'm not a Doctor!
Rens: You never told me that!
Seifer: I don't have to tell you anything! You're friend is dead! He's not alive anymore!!
Lock: I'm not dea---
Seifer: Be quiet!

(Data kneels on the ground, covering his face. Red and Daniel examine him)
Red: It looks as if he is unable to use his motor functions.
Daniel(taps the emitters on the side of Data's neck): These seem to be working. He's shielded with Raekwon energy right now.
Amos: It's possible they weren't working before.
Daniel: We know that it's being powered from the ship right now. Maybe only one Raekwon shield can work at a time.
Red: You mean, it's either the ship or Data.

(Kayl awakens from her concentration at the back of the Bridge)
Kayl: I'm in contact...
(The ship suddenly jolts)
Armond: Oh great. Now I gotta scan all over again!
Kayl: You don't have to. ...Follow me.

(Armond and Shane follow Kayl through the ship to Holodeck 4)
Shane: I can't believe the other three holodecks were occupied.
Kayl(taps a control panel): Nibbu isn't conscious of what he's doing, but I got him to take over the Phoenix-X.
Armond: Traitor!
Kayl: No! I can link his memories with the holodeck. This way we can find out what happened!

(The Nikon Homeworld is recreated. Two teenagers are standing on a field, perfecting their telekinesis powers)
Futti: Do you think this is weird for us?
Nibbu: I refuse to answer that.

(They enter the city and start controlling little machines for fun)
Nibbu: This is so cool!
Futti: Heh! Heh! Heh! Did you see what I did to that remote controlled baby stroller? Heh! Heh! His mother is chasing it, worried sick!
Nibbu: Hahaha! Hey, lets see if we can do bigger machines.

(They enter a Building and cross into an open room with generators and induction coils all over the place. They approach the main Raekwon Generator)
Futti: This powers the city.
Nibbu: Let's see how the city will survive without electricity for a day! Hahaha!
Futti: Uhhh, are you sure about this? Maybe you shouldn't mess with that.
Nibbu(already concentrating): Too late.
(The Generator starts shaking. A small pre-explosion bubble explodes around the two, then the Raewon energy is released free and shoots out in all directions)
Nibbu: Uh oh...
(The Raekwon energy harms no matter, except renders all biological life forms brain dead. The energy encompasses the entire Planet)

Kayl(turns off the Hologram): Oh my God.
Armond: He was responsible for the deaths of his people!
Shane: That bubble must've protected them against the Energy. That's why they survived.
Kayl: Maybe they didn't realize Raekwon energy had an adverse effect against their powers.
Armond: We must inform the Captain.

(Lox enters Sickbay)
Rens: Look, we obviously got off on the wrong foot here.
Seifer: I agree.
Rens: Let's just settle this like adults.
Seifer: You can't tell me what to do.
Rens: I'm just saying. We should be more mature about this.
Seifer: No. You be mature about it!
Rens: Don't start again!
Seifer: You don't start again!
Rens: That's it, you're dead!!
(Lox leaves Sickbay)

Data: I seem to be partially immobile.
(He tries getting up. The Klingons help him)
Daniel: Data, you were taken over by Nibbu.
Red: We were ready to battle you.
Data(nods): That would be interesting to see if I would stand a chance against five Klingons. But I would prefer not to.
Daniel: Data, give me the Hypo. I'll administer the dosage myself.
Data(takes it out): Yes, sir.
(Daniel receives it and runs off)

Nibbu: Ughh...
(Nibbu sits up and shakes his head in confusion)
Nibbu: What happened...? Where am I...? Who am I...?
(He stands)
Nibbu: Oh never mind. I know the answers to those last two.

(Red opens Data's hairpiece and is about to operate on the neural net)
Data: Excuse me. What is it you are doing?
Red(puts it back): Uhh, nothing.
Data: Perhaps we need a qualified computer technician to jumpstart my automotive commands.
Red(taps his commbadge): Red to Phoenix-X. We need help getting Data online.
**Armond: Understood. We're sending someone down.

(Daniel liquefies through small holes in the collision of rocks blocking the entrance to the Cave dwelling. He finds Nibbu alone and surrounded by an advanced computer security system)
Daniel: ....
(The monitors peek into all the Ships which are under his control, including one on the Phoenix-X)
Nibbu: Ah! Now I remember. I was controlling that Android when suddenly... He zapped me with some kind of feedback pulse!! Argh!! That imbecile!!
(He looks into the Phoenix-X)
Nibbu: Hm. When did I get control of them? Oh well. I guess I must be that good.

(Matt beams down in front of the Klingons and Data)
Red: What do you know of positronic nets?
Matt: I don't know. They just wanted me to do something.

(Water drips in the cave as Nibbu approaches his control panel)
Nibbu: I must get control of that Android again to have my revenge!! That Raekwon Generator is a bitch to get through, but not impossible...
Daniel(takes shape): You know, you really have to stop talking to yourself.
Nibbu(turns around): What the--!? You!? You're tracking footprints all over the floor!!
(Daniel tries thinking of a way to distract Nibbu so he can administer the Hypo)
Daniel: Hmm...
Nibbu(takes out a weapon): Get out of my cave.
Daniel: Stop all this! You can't use all these Ships to recreate a culture that is gone!
Nibbu: That culture is my culture! The Nikon Empire!
Daniel(walks over): Yes I know. What happened to them? Tell me; how were they destroyed...?
Nibbu(avoids eye contact): ....I... I don't know... I...
Daniel: I know how they were destroyed; my crew told me. It was you!
Nibbu(covers his face in shame): Nooo!!!
(Daniel uses this opportunity to attempt the Hypo)

Armond: The Raekwon Generator is acting up again!
(The Ship shakes and starts to get pulled down towards the Asteroid)
Seifer(enters the Bridge): See if you can stabilize it.
Kugo: Unsuccessful!
Seifer: Did you even try?
Kugo: ...Not really. But my arm flinched a little.

(Nibbu clutches his head in pain, as his stress goes into overload. The electronics in the Cave suddenly are affected and go haywire. Bands of Raekwon electricity fly around dangerously)
Nibbu: Nnnooooo!!!
Daniel(looks around): Hey-- stop-- What are you doing?
(He's about to apply the Hypo to Nibbu's shoulder when suddenly he's zapped by a bolt of electricity)
Daniel: Aaaarrgh!!
(He liquefies all over the floor into unconsciousness. The Hypo hits the floor, but doesn't brake)

Matt: It's not a Transwarp engine, but I think I did the job.
(He closes Data's hairpiece, and notices the Phoenix-X's orbit decaying in the sky)
Red(looks up): We have trouble.
Data(grabs his neck): That's not all you have...

(Red kicks Data's stomach, pushing away from his grasp. He hits the ground)
Red: What is this?

(Data brings his foot up and down towards Red, who rolls away. Data's foot smashes into the ground as Targon, with a bat'leh, and Kortos, unarmed, approach)
Targon: Aaaaarrrrrhhh!!

(Targon hacks his bat'leh down for Data's shoulder, but Data twists around, jabbing his back hand into Targon's neck, and then round housing a kick into his side, sending Targon flying into the distance)
Targon: Aahh!!

(Kortos leaps for momentum and grabs Data by the neck, bringing him down into the dust. Data lifts Kortos with one hand and throws him into the next Klingon as Amos is approaching)
Kortos/Amos: Aaaahhhrrgg!!

(Red and Grath run over as Data is getting up. Grath swings his mek'leh to Data's neck, when Data grabs his arm with one hand and forces the other hand into Grath's left shoulder)
Grath(falls to his knees): Aaarrgghh!!

(Data swings the mek'leh to his own use, blocking as Red hacks a bat'leh into it. Red twists the bat'leh around the mek'leh, stabbing Data in the side)
Data: Umh!
(Data moves away with the bat'leh still in his side, picking up Grath by the armour. He throws Grath into Red and they both go flying off into the distance)

Armond: The gravity is taking us in!!
(The Phoenix-X increases speed, falling down towards the fighter's below)
Seifer: Thrusters activated; full reverse!

(The ship topples overhead the fighting, but gains altitude across safely back into space beyond the Asteroid's pull. The ship tilts away in the distance)

Seifer: Why did the orbit decay?
Armond: The Generator. It's causing all kinds of problems for us.
Kayl: Commander-- it's Nibbu; he's lost all ability to reason!
Seifer: That sucks. Has he been Hypo'd?
Kayl(checks): No.
Seifer: We have to beam someone in.

(Matt activates his Armlet, blasting a distracting rain of pellets towards Data. Data is confused as the millions of pellets just spring off him)
Data: ...?
(Matt rockets upwards over Data's shoulders, and comes crashing down enforcing his boots with dense tritanium, pushing Data over and into the ground)
Data: Aarggghh!!

(Data flips backwards, kicking Matt away, and back flipping to his feet. Matt resets his Armlet and lands on his feet)
Data: You cannot defeat me.
Matt: So? You can't defeat me.

(Data runs over and racks his left arm for Matt's head, which gets blocked by a force field. Data rams his other arm, and Matt blocks again. He jams his fists, which Matt deflects, over and over again until Matt leaps back for some breathing room)
Data(runs and crouches): ....
(Matt launches two energy spikes into Data's stomach as Data comes up upper-cutting Matt in the chin. They both go flying away from each other, hitting the ground hard)

Lox: Captain?
(Lox beams into the Cave dwelling where Nibbu notices him and walks over, stepping in the Daniel liquid)
Nibbu: Look at my floors!!
(Lox dodges an incoming electric bolt, and picks up the Hypo at the same time, the bolt hits Nibbu in the shoulder sending him flying into a viewscreen)
Daniel(taking shape): Ugh...
(Lox runs over to Nibbu pressing the Hypo to his shoulder)
Nibbu: Uuuuhh....
Daniel: What exactly does that hypospray do?
Lox(thinks about it): You know, it's never crossed my mind.
(The malfunctioning computers static in the background)

Rens: Let's get out of here.
(Lock and Rens get to their Ceavon Transport Ship in the Shuttle Bay. The Phoenix-X's Bay doors open and they fly the ship out of there)
Lock: There's no doubt, when you request something you get it done.

(Matt gets up and approaches Data who gets up as well. Matt gets ready to fight again)
Data(checks his systems): I believe I am not possessed anymore.
Matt: Are you sure? There's always a last minute surprise.
Red(runs over): The atmosphere of the Asteroid is getting thinner.
Data: Perhaps we'd better return to the Phoenix-X.
Matt: No, I think I'll come up with all the Perhapses.
(He taps his commbadge)
Matt: Matt to Phoenix-X. Perhaps you should beam us up.
*Armond: Understood. I was going to wait a little, but if that's what you want...

(Matt, Data, and the Klingons are dematerialized by the Phoenix-X's transporters, but start to static unfavourably back and forth between locations. Nibbu clutches his head in rage, trying to get control of the Phoenix-X's Raekwon Generator)
Daniel: Looks like he's not unconscious anymore.
Nibbu: Aaarrggghh!!!!
Lox: You are very observant sir.
(The new chemicals introduced into Nibbu's system interfere with the telekinetic part of his brain. Lox scans him and finds his powers fading into nothing)
Daniel: The hypo did it! Whatever it did.

(The Phoenix-X starts shaking under its own stress. The Away Team just beams aboard in time)
Red: We have avoided a dishonourable death.
Kortos: Nah.

(Data gets to the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, everything is still shaking)
Seifer: Does anyone else notice that?
Armond: Commander, the Raekwon Generator is overloading!
Data(checks the computer): With all this stress, it will destroy the Ship!
Seifer: It's the end of the world!

(The computers in the Nibbu's Cave dwelling go haywire once again, but interfere with the structural integrity of the Cave. Rocks and boulders start falling everywhere)
Daniel: Daniel to Phoenix-X. Get us out of here!
*Armond: Understood. I was going to wait a little, but if that's what you want...
Daniel: Yes!!
*Armond: Okay, okay.

(Data taps like crazy on the control panels, accessing more Phoenix-X systems finding more information he is required to keep secret)
Data: Even with my emotion chip off, I find this very annoying.
Seifer(walks over): Data, what are you doing?
(Data uses the Transwarp Field Compressor to neutralize the Raekwon Power overload. The Phoenix-X stops shaking)
Seifer: Oh. Thanks, robot guy.

(The Cave collapses in on itself, covering Nibbu forever. The Phoenix-X speeds out of there. Ensign Dan approaches Data)
Ensign Dan: I contacted the Enterprise. We should be rendezvousing with them shortly.
Red: Hey. I wasn't informed of any rendezvousing and I'm the pilot!
(He runs away in panic)

Daniel: We had to stop that guy from his delusions of the long dead Nikon Empire.
Seifer: I can't believe anyone could control technology with their mind.
Daniel: Seifer, what you can't believe could fill the inside of a very large Star.

(Matt and Kugo check on the Raekwon Generator in its own Room)
Kugo: This thing doesn't work anymore for some reason.
Matt: Maybe, one day... we will figure it out...
Kugo: Speak for yourself. I have the mysteries of life to figure out.

(The Phoenix-X rendezvous' with the Enterprise. Daniel and Seifer meet with Data at the Transporter Room)
Daniel: Thanks for everything Data.
Data: Thank you, Captain. And I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused.
Sefier: Finally he apologizes!
Daniel(hits Seifer): ! -- Anyways Data, it wasn't your fault. You are welcome back to the Phoenix-X anytime.

(Data nods and as the dematerialization energizes. He's beamed into the Transporter Room of the Enterprise)

Geordi: Data, are you alright?
Data: I cannot disclose any information regarding the Phoenix-X.
Troy: He only asked if you were alright.
Data: I cannot disclose any information regarding the Phoenix-X!
Picard: We are not interested in what's going on with that Ship. Maybe, perhaps, one day, the Federation will learn to be more open with itself and acknowledge this Phoenix-X... Maybe... One day.
Data: Nah.

(Lock and Rens' Ceavon Transport goes back to its search for their lost Array. The Phoenix-X Bridge is quiet until long range sensors beeps)
Armond: Captain, I'm picking up the fragmented debris of a ship.
Daniel: It's probably nothing.
Armond: The debris are leading towards an uninhabited planet.
Daniel: Yeah, lots of debris do that nowadays.
Armond: Captain, it's debris from a Federation ship!
Daniel(stands): Is it the same Akira class Ship from the beginning?
Armond(checks): Yeah. Sorry. I guess they haven't cleaned that up yet.

(The Phoenix-X heads out into deep space going back to seeking out new life forms and new civilizations)