Episode 37

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Jumpers, Part II

(The Phoenix-X heads for an opening in the blockade, until they're confronted by another Breen, firing like crazy at them. The Phoenix-X ducks and then moves in, phasering the torpedoes just being launched. The Breen vessel blows apart in a rage of energy and plasma as the Phoenix-X flies right through)
Seifer: We're out!
(The Phoenix-X speeds through space)
Daniel: Armond; location of the Violator and the Ragonark?
Armond: The last sensor records show them heading into that big ice-asteroid cluster.
Red: It would take us days just to search it.
Armond: There are abnormal elements in all the ice, emitting radiation that scatters our sensors.
Daniel: Damn!
(Seifer sits at his chair, checking the external sensor console on its arm. Five Breen vessels close in, in the distance from behind)
Seifer: I think someone missed us...

(The Breen vessels speed along, catching up to fly along side the Phoenix-X. They open fire)
Neano: Destroy them, you fools!!!

(The Phoenix-X shifts to the left, tagging on a tractor beam to the nearest Breen. They circle the Breen ship to below them, smacking it into another Breen ship. The two are badly damaged and lose direction out of the chase)
Armond: Captain, I'm detecting a Conduit opening.

(The three remaining Breen fire at the Phoenix-X's shields, meanwhile to the right, and in the distance, a smaller Federation ship drops out of Transwarp, making a left turn to join the race)
Wallace: Paroga to Phoenix-X. Section 31 is very interested in knowing where the Hellonesian Jumpers are.
*Daniel: They're up your butt and around the corner.
Wallace(is about to check his butt): Oh okay, I'll just--- Hey!!

(The Paroga swings over to the chase and takes on one of the three Breen vessels, circling the huge ship and firing at all its critical systems. It fires at the Breen's warp nacelle, causing the Breen ship to explode)
Neano: Aaahh! You are all a bunch of complete morons!!!!
Aeathos: Even me?
Neano: Nah, you're good.

(The Phoenix-X soars over and above the Breen to the left, landing on top of it. The Phoenix-X spins both ships, flinging the Breen over to the right, which smashes into the last Breen ship. They both explode, as the Paroga flies right under, over to the Phoenix-X)
Wallace: Excellent work! --Now where are those Jumpers?
*Seifer: They were stolen by two Breen vessels.
Wallace: The Breen!! I should've figured when they bought three hundred Canadian music CD's from the Federation. No one trades Jumpers for anything else!!
*Armond: We've reached the ice-asteroid cluster.

(The Phoenix-X suddenly smacks into the wall of an ice-asteroid. The area of space is filled with large rocks of ice)
Seifer: What are we going to do? We can't scan.
Red: We could look out the window.
*Wallace: The Paroga is specially equipped with a filter. I can take my ship around to scan for the Breen.
Daniel: We'll follow you with the Phoenix-X. Armond, get that anti-virus program ready.
(Armond taps at his control panel as it blinks off defectively)
Armond: Unable to comply. We've lost power to thrusters.
Seifer: Why?
Armond(tapping frantically at the console): I have no idea! --Blame GoyCho!
*Wallace: The Breen are going to get away! I have to leave now to get those Jumpers back.
Daniel: Seifer, assemble an Away Team and beam over to the Paroga.
Seifer: Okay.
Daniel: Take the cloaking suits.

(Seifer meets up with Wallace on the Paroga with Red, GoyCho, Tong, Ensign Dan, Amos, Elly, Kortos, and some guy named BOB)
Wallace: What is BOB doing here?
BOB: I just wanted to be a part of the team.
Seifer: Everyone take one of these. We'll use them to infiltrate the Violator and the Ragonark.
(He tosses everyone a cloaking suit)
Ensign Dan(holding nothing): Uhhh, I didn't get one.
GoyCho(walks over and turns it on): No yours was just invisible.

(The Pargoa speeds through the ice cluster, ducking and weaving around large cold asteroids. It suddenly sees two Breen ships hiding in a concealed area. The Paroga hovers over behind an iceberg and beams the Away Team onto the Breen ships. The teams are invisible as they diffuse throughout the Breen vessels, searching deck after deck for the nine starpods)
*Wallace: I want the each of you to fly a Jumper outta there and get it back to the Phoenix-X as fast as possible. Armond said there was some kind of central-virus on one of them.

(The Phoenix-X rests in space. Armond accesses his console)
Armond: I've uploaded the central-virus deleting program. All we need are the Jumpers.
Daniel: They'll be here. Or else someone's getting fired!!
Armond: GoyCho?
Daniel: Maybe.
(All the computers on board start to lose energy and blink on and off)
Armond: Something's wrong.
Kayl(checks the computer): I'm picking up a massive energy drain to the Battle Arena.
(She looks over at Daniel)
Kayl: ...It's him.

(Matt, Shane, and Kugo are at the three computer stations in the Battle Arena, trying to shut the computers off)
Shane: I can't do anything!
Matt: Energy from all systems are being re-routed to here.
Kugo: --No, ....to here.
(She backs away from her console, as electric bands wrap it and shoot out. Daniel enters the arena)
Daniel: What the--?
(The electric bands collect in large clumps to each other, radically shaping into some kind of humanoid energy creature, grasping to get out of the computer frame)
ZL_: Hh--h--g-ggg-h--h!!--!!!
(Kugo takes out her phaser, but the ZL hits her with a shockwave that sends her flying across the room)
Matt: Kugo!
(Matt taps at his armlet, firing three sharp spikes at the ZL, which it just absorbs)
ZL_: Nice try.
(The creature hits him with a shockwave, and sends him across the room. Shane liquefies down and surrounds the ZL in strands. The ZL reflexes it arms, zapping the Shane liquid, making it splash all over the floor)
ZL_: Heh, heh.
(Daniel recalls his powers, flowing bands of energy around him)
Daniel: Come on....

(The Jumpers secretly turn on, in the Shuttle Hangar's of each Breen ship. The cockpits are opened and then closed. Some Breen guy, looks up from reading his Play-Alien Magazine, thinking he felt a breeze)
Reck(looks around): .....Nah.
(The Jumpers hover above the floor and break out the Shuttle Hangar doors into space)
Reck: What!?!?
(He reaches over and slams his finger on the console beside him)

Diablos: Get them.
(All nine Jumpers scatter like crazy to get out of there as the Violator activates its engines and turns around. The Violator gains on all the little pods, fanning a huge tractor beam that stops just about six of them from moving)
Diablos: Ha! Ha! Ha! These Federation people have no idea how to use them.
Yuan: Neither do we.
Diablos: Yeah I know. Thanks for pointing that out.

(The Paroga comes flying in from above, cutting its phasers into the hull surface of the Violator)
Wallace: I don't think so...

(The Violator stops, faces up at the Paroga, and blasts two photon torpedoes at the corner of its bottom, sending the Paroga spinning into a chunk of ice)
Diablos: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! We are so in.

(The remaining three Jumpers speed off away from the Violator)
GoyCho(taps the comm.): We have to go back!!

(Jumper 1 edges over)
Elly: We can't. Anyone of us could have the virus. Our orders are to return home with as many Jumpers as possible. Let's go!

(Kugo, Matt, and Shane regain consciousness and leave the Battle Arena. Daniel faces the ZL Energy Demon in the centre of the laser-marker circle)
ZL_: They got away... You won't.
(Daniel hops forward thrusting his fist, which gets moved aside by the Energy Demon. The Demon whacks its foot to Daniel's shin, then waist, then head)
Daniel(hops back): --Argh!!
(The Energy Demon jumps forward and blasts shockwave into Daniel's stomach. Daniel is knocked through the air into the wall, dropping all the bat'leh's to the floor)
ZL_(walks over): You're more indestructible than the others.
(Daniel gets up and punches the Energy Demon in its left shoulder, reinforcing it with omni energy)
ZL_: Owe!
(Daniel punches its waist, then goes over and punches its torso, then its other shoulder, and then he swings around punching the Demon across its face with the back of his hand)
ZL_(cradles its cheek): Argh!! --Wait a minute... You're the omnipotent!!
Daniel: Yup.
(He runs up the Demon's upper body, stepping his feet across its face and knocking the Energy Demon to the floor)
Daniel(lands on his feet): I know who you are. But why are you here?
(The Energy Demon re-stabilizes its form to standing up)
ZL_: Haven't you figured it out?
(It recalls more of its power, flinging ribbons of energy around him. He thrusts his arms forward, flooding Daniel with the energy and power. Daniel is shoved over against the wall again)
Daniel: A-rrggh-hh!!!-!
(Both their matters starts to fluctuate, and Daniel starts passing through the wall)
ZL_: ....I'm here to merge with you.

(Jumper 5 is far enough to break out of the Violator's tractor beam. Jumper 5 soars around when suddenly the Ragonark approaches, firing like crazy)
*GoyCho: Commander, you have to get back to the Phoenix-X!
Seifer: Just a sec.... What is this... Silencer?
(He circles around to the hull of the Ragonark and activates the Silencer. A thick beam floods out, melting the hull surface of the Ragonark)
Seifer: Whoa!

(Jumper 5 pulls the beam along the Ragonark, liquidating parts of its duranium-tritanium hull surface. Liquid hull splashes everywhere)
Freados: Aaahh!!! Get away!!

(Daniel tries to get away as the Energy Demon keeps pushing through wall after wall, beyond room after room, until they fall out into cold space)
Daniel: Aaarrghh!!!
(Daniel rolls away, breaking free from the Energy Demon's grasp. They both land onto the surface of an ice rock)
Daniel: Why!? You've already begun the process of omnipotency!
(The Demon reaches out its arm and runs forward, blasting pockets of his energy at Daniel. Daniel leaps and dodges them all, planting his foot into the Energy Demon's stomach as he gets closer)
ZL_: Hhhrghh!!
(Daniel rolls back, flinging the Energy Demon over through space and into another ice rock in the distance)
ZL_(re-stabilizes its form): Because!! Because the process takes too long!! It will take ages for omnipotents like you and me to become full Q's or X's or whatever the-hell else is out there!
Daniel: ...Well there are twenty-four more letters to choose from.
(The Energy Demon recalls all its power and force, shattering the big ice-rock behind him into large floating chunks. The Demon thrusts all its energy across the distance, into Daniel again)
Daniel: Aaa--aa-a--hhh-hh-h!!-!

(Jumpers 1, 8 and 3 zoom by and approach the Phoenix-X)
Red: We are receiving three of the Jumpers.
Armond(scans them): No central-virus detected.
Red: We must find it before that Energy Demon destroys the Captain.
Armond: We are slowly regaining power to most systems. But the thrusters are still offline!!

(Jumper 5 continues to drag the Silencer Beam across the enemy's hull. The Ragonark suddenly explodes, tossing Jumper 5 away, and hurling a large chunk of the Ragonark across the Violator's tractor beam. All the other Jumpers suddenly are free and speed off)
Diablos: Stop them!!

(The Violator dodges the flying pieces of the other ship, and speeds after the remaining five Jumpers. Jumper 4 is hit with large piece of the other ship and knocked off course)
Ensign Dan: Aaahh!!! This can't be good for my health.

(The Phoenix-X regains most of its health, activating its thrusters and shooting off into the ice-asteroid cluster. It meets up with the oncoming five Jumpers)
Armond: Scanning vessels....
Red: We're missing two Jumpers.
Armond: ...No viruses.
Red: The virus must be on Jumper 4 or 5. Or perhaps we were wrong in assuming these starpods contained it in the first place...

(The Energy Demon flies over, continuing to flood Daniel with his energy)
ZL_: If I merge with you, I'll automatically become a full omnipotent!! ---Hahahahahahaa!!!
(Daniel tries to counteract with his powers)
Daniel: --Arrgghh!! --Why? You should have to earn it through experience. That's what the X are doing!
(The rock behind him suddenly shatters into large chunks of ice)
ZL_: Well, you see... I just can't wait.
(Their bodies begin to merge together)
ZL_: Besides, it's the 24th Century! No one makes it to the top without taking a few shortcuts.

(Daniel and the ZL Energy Demon suddenly become one. A bright flash occurs, and the recreated being that they've turned into appears taller and alien. It finds itself in an area of white limbo)
* *X_Daniel: What have you done to the Universe? You destroyed it, didn't you!?!
(The same person speaking answers, but in a different voice)
* *X_ZL(wines): Yeah but I was going to put it back.
* *X_Daniel: You don't know anything about this kind of power!

(The X curls its head and arms into its stomach, re-dividing the mixed omnipotent energies. They find themselves split apart, back to normal and the universe restored. They hover in the area of the ice-asteroid cluster)
Daniel: There!
ZL_: Hey!

(Jumper 4 weaves over a couple ice rocks as the Violator chases after, firing photon torpedoes)
Ensign Dan: Aaaaaahhh!!! There's a spider in here!!
(He looks out his window and sees the Violator firing at him)
Ensign Dan: Aaaaaahhh!!! --Two bad things at once is not good.
(He notices a bruised luminescence on one of the side control panels)
Ensign Dan: Hmmm....

(Jumper 4 speeds along, ducking a fairly sized ice rock that suddenly gets hit by one of the Violator's torpedoes. Puffs of snow disperse into dust on contact with the Violator's hull as it rushes by)
Diablos: Don't destroy it! Just disable it.
Yuan: We could interface with the Jumper's computer system and take control.
Diablos: Great idea! You are my sunshine.
Yuan: I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.

(Reality sets in and Daniel floats over to the Energy Demon)
ZL_: You're ruining my plans!!!
Daniel: I'm not sorry.
(Daniel upper cuts the Energy Demon, and whacks his fists' across its face, spinning the Energy Demon in mid-space. He swings his foot around at the spinning Energy Demon, knocking it away into the distance)
ZL_(stops itself from spinning): Argh!! You will pay for that!
(The Energy Demon spits out four torpedoes of energy at Daniel. Daniel recalls his power and blocks each one with one forearm after another)
ZL_: I hate you!!!
(The Energy Demon fires eight parallel lasers of his power, that Daniel hovers out of they way of)
Daniel: Tisk, tisk. Not very focused today, are we?
(Daniel leans back recalling as much of his power as possible. Flames of plasma and light surround him. He thrusts his arms forward, aiming at the ZL Energy Demon, blasting out a chaos of large translucent semi-circles)
ZL_: AA-A--aa--aaa!!!
(The circles near the ZL, dispersing the energy that is his body, until he's totally dissolved out of existence. Daniel just floats there watching)
Daniel: Hmph. I didn't know I could do that.

(A light blinks on Armond's control panel on the Phoenix-X)
Armond: Red! That virus is gone from our computer!
Red: What about the main one that was controlling it?
Armond(points at his readings): Oh that's sitting in Jumper 4.

(Diablos approaches Yuan on the Bridge of the Violator)
Diablos: What's going on? We're linked with Jumper 4 aren't we!?
Yuan(checking the computer): Yeah! ...But we took on an unauthorized download.
Diablos: Of what!?
Yuan: I don't know.
(They look to their left as one of their computer stations begins to light up in electric bands. The electric bands shoot out and collect in large clumps, radically shaping into the ZL Energy Demon)
Diablos: Uhh, Yuan?
Yuan: Yeah?
Diablos: Escape pods. Now.

(A couple escape pods shoot out of the Violator as the Phoenix-X approaches in the far distance. Jumper 4 circles around to the back of the Phoenix-X and docks onboard)
Red: What are we going to do about those escape pods?
Armond: Leave them. --Armond to Shuttle Bay 2.
*Ensign Dan: Ensign Dan here. Jumper 4 is back and I think I can confirm the virus being on board it.
(Daniel enters the Bridge, feeling a little weak)
Armond: Captain, are you alright?
Daniel: Yeah. --Report.
*Ensign Dan: I think the Violator interfaced with the Jumper 4 computers.
Armond: What? Then the Violator obtained the same virus, the same way we did.
Daniel(looks at him): But I just killed it.
Armond(shakes his head): It doesn't matter. The trampoline salesman said the ZL virus can multiply more of its sub-viruses. It remembers everything it learned from being on our ship and fighting you.
Daniel(looks on screen): Then we're too late.

(The ZL Energy Demon struggles, grasping to get out of the computer frame on the Violator)
ZL_: Hhh--hh-gg-g-gghh--h!!-! ...Need... more power from the computer---!!

(The Violator sits out there in space, giving all its power to the virus inside. On the other side of the ship, in the distance, an enormous white block of ice approaches. The Paroga is towing it with a tractor beam)
Wallace: The Breen will pray they never messed with us.

(Jumper 5 soars along, applying its Silencer Beam to the huge block of ice)
Seifer: You damn straight, Wallace.

(The huge block of ice melts to a large mass of liquid. The Paroga and Jumper 5 drop their beams and fly out of there, letting the huge mass of water over come the Violator. The Phoenix-X just watches)
Red: What the--?

(The Violator is broken in to, and drowned in a chaos of water, being pushed along with it. The water begins to re-freeze due to the element of space. The Violator is frozen inside it. All the decks and rooms onboard are filled with water that suddenly freezes, causing the computer systems to be killed and the ZL Energy Demon to disappear due to lack of power. Jumper 5 and the Paroga soar over to the Phoenix-X)
*Seifer: Yes!!
Wallace: That radiation will knock out all the computer's data.
*Seifer: Oh, uhh... Yes...!! ...I think--?
Wallace: Yes.
*Seifer: Oh, okay.

(Daniel sits in the Phoenix-X's Battle Arena, meditating. Wallace enters)
Wallace: Well, Captain. I just wanted to say goodbye, and order you to keep those Jumpers for all those special atmospheric planets you can't transport through.
Daniel(opens his eyes): Thanks for all your help, Wallace. You've really changed for the better.
Wallace: Well my cooking has been improving. ...I shouldn't have just jumped Section 31 into this whole Phoenix-X undercover thing. It's too much for us to handle.
Daniel(nods): You should be careful next time.
(Wallace leaves the Battle Arena. Daniel continues his meditation until one of the screens is activated)
*Theseus: Captain! I hope that Section 31 has finally gone.
Daniel(opens his eyes): Yes. I hope you know those Jumpers you were so eager to give us contained an omnipotent virus.
*Theseus: Omnipotent? I thought it would've been just an advanced computer program.
Daniel: You mean you knew about it!?!
*Theseus: Of course! Why else do you think I wanted you to get those Jumpers? We heard that the owner of Volouski's Trampoline Services was experimenting with a new computer-teaching matrix that would advance all the systems of a ship or station. ....Section 31 is so gullible. They did all my work for me!
Daniel: That matrix almost killed us. How much trouble do you think we can handle??
*Theseus: Well I guess we were wrong. Sorry about that.
(The screen cuts off)

Wallace: So, I'm off.
(Wallace walks over to the Paroga, sitting in Shuttle Bay 2. Shane and Matt walk over)
Wallace: I really don't know what all this virus stuff was all about. --I took the liberty of downloading a copy of each Jumper's entire database. Section 31 will be very interested in the Hellonesian history.
Shane(pats him on the back): We're sorry to see you go, Wallace. We'll really miss you.
Matt: Yeah, and all those times we had together.
Wallace: What are you talking about? I never even hung around either of you!!
Shane(turns around): Oh. Then what are we doing here? Come on, Matt. Let's go.
Matt(walks away): Who was that Wallace guy?
(They leave and Wallace gets into the Paroga)

Seifer: Getting into more meditation?
(Seifer enters the Battle Arena)
Daniel(opens his eyes): I'm trying. Being in space for so long isn't really that good for my changeling protoplasm. I'm trying to heal it.
Seifer: How were you able to talk in space when sound can't travel there?
Daniel: It's an omnipotent thing.
(He closes his eyes again)
Daniel: I guess you were right about the crew defeating the actual ZL virus.
Seifer: Yeah, but we would've been destroyed before that if it weren't for your fight with it.
Daniel: You know, that Silencer weapon seems pretty amazing. Do you think we could adapt it to the Phoenix-X?
Seifer(shrugs): We tried, but the Hellonesian technology is just too different.
(Seifer leaves the Battle Arena. Daniel gets back to more meditation when Armond suddenly enters)
Armond: Captain. We have just successfully deleted the actual main virus from Jumper 4.
Daniel(opens his eyes): Excellent work, Lieutenant. So it's dead now, for sure?
Armond: Yeah. The virus that was in our computer was just an extension of the main-virus. Those Energy Demons were just extensions of the sub-viruses that were in our computers.
Daniel(shakes his head): Yeah, but it's definitely gone for sure?
Armond(shrugs): Yeah. Unless it can travel and duplicate itself right before I ran the Volouski Delete program on it. But there's no other computer for it to go.
Daniel(nods): Understood.

(The Paroga speeds, via Transwarp, heading for home)

*ZL_LOGS: Arrgghh!!! I was this close to having all the power! --I even did have all the power until that Phoenix-X Captain stopped me!! ...And what was he talking about with the "experience" and the "earning?" You don't need to have any stupid experience to reach your goals. What a moron!! He must teach his crew to be morons too!! Anyways, he obviously wasn't the one. But I know for sure there are more half-X being's out there, and one of them must be willing to join with me. Thanks to that Phoenix-X, I've learned a few more attacks...

(Wallace falls asleep at the helm of the Paroga, not noticing a bruised luminescence on one of the side control panels in the back)