Episode 63

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The Shadow Maneuvers

The U.S.S. Atlantis rendezvouses’ with the Hellonesian Starship, Kejergen. Leaders of the Hellonesians beam aboard to meet with the Captain.
Nemo: “Greetings, and welcome aboard the Atlantis gentlemen. I’m Captain Nemo.”
AvecRanex: “Hello. Your presence is both valued and threatening.”
Nemo: “Um... nice to meet you too...”
Yarxes: “What my elder means is that we are grateful for this chance to join the Federation.”
Nemo: “Yes, I do hope we all can work something out from this. I look forward to the talks. If you’ll just follow my Commander; he will show you to your guest Quarters.”

Captain Cell, dressed up in a Lieutenant’s uniform, stands to the side as the five Hellonesian Elders are led out into the hallway. He remains in the Transporter Room as everyone else leaves.
Cell: “Cell to the Phoenix-X. The Elder’s have left the Transporter Room and are on their way to their Quarters.”
#Seifer: “Understood, Captain.”
Cell: “Just remember, do not scan the Atlantis or they’ll detect us.”
#Seifer: “We’re working on a way to run the sensor sweep without being found out. In the meantime, you may have to remain with the others on the Atlantis.”
Cell: “Agreed. I also think this vessel is too wishy-washy.”
#Seifer: “What does that even mean?”
Cell: “I don’t know, but that’s what it is.”
He taps his commbadge and leaves the Transporter Room.

Lieutenant Commander Kugo, dressed in an Ensign’s uniform, sits in the Atlantis’ 10-Forward with someone in a Lieutenant Commander’s uniform.
Rave: “Okay, just remain calm. We’re going to get through this.”
Kugo: “I am calm. It is you who seems edgy.”
Rave: “Look, I joined this mission with the Phoenix-X voluntarily. You’d better co-operate with me!”
Kugo: “Section 31 doesn’t give us a choice for who joins what. Personally, I think you’re rude and inconsiderate.”
Rave: “Really? ...Being from Section 31, that’s actually a compliment to me. I had no idea you felt that way...”
He becomes teary-eyed.
Kugo: “Uhh... I mean, you’re a good person.”
Rave: “How offensive!”

Seifer takes a seat in the Captain’s chair on the Phoenix-X. The ship is cloaked and undetected by the Atlantis and the Kejergen.
Seifer: “I hope they’re okay down there.”
Omega: “I am certain they will be okay.”
Seifer: “You again!? Don’t you have a home to go to?”
Omega: “The Phoenix-X is my new home.”
Seifer: “I find that very disturbing.”
Omega: “Please allow me to help with this mission of the Hellonesians joining the Federation. I will destroy them all if that is what you wish!”
Seifer: “First of all, the mission is just to scope out the Hellonesians’ real intentions if any. Second of all, go away!”
Omega: “My calculations lead me to believe the Hellonesians have no dishonourble intentions towards the Federation.”
Seifer: “Obviously! They’re good people and I’ve met them before. One gave me a fearful hug once.”
Omega: “May I give you a fearful hug?”
Seifer: “No.”

Nemo makes his way down the corridors of the Atlantis. During his walk, he finds Cell and stops him.
Nemo: “Make sure no one disturbs the Hellonesian Elders.”
Cell: “Yes, sir.”
Nemo: “Wait a second. I don’t recognize you...”
Cell: “Lieutenant Cellular, sir. I transferred over from Starbase 78 last week.”
Nemo: “Oh, right. Please continue, Lieutenant.”

Cell approaches the doors of one of the Hellonesians’ Quarters. There, Rave is standing on guard.
Rave: “I just got here.”
Cell: “I’m supposed to be tracking the Hellonesians on this deck. You’re on the wrong deck!”
Rave: “Change of plans. This mission is far too big to mess up.”
Cell: “Some mission this is. You suspect the Hellonesians’ intentions!”
Rave: “That’s right; and we won’t rest until we find out their true reasons for wanting to join the Federation.”
Cell: “I’ve met the Hellonesians and I know they’re not ones for foul play.”
Rave: “Perhaps that is what your feeble mind believes, but I for one know something is up. Think about it... why would a race as huge as the Hellonesians need to join the Federation?”
Cell: “Because in many ways they’re too humble!”
Rave: “Or because they’re plotting something.”
Cell: “You’re crazy!”
Rave: “No you’re crazy! Actually, I believe your crew is far too incompetent to be running this mission. Why Section 31 didn’t just send a team of Agents instead of you, I’ll never understand. I’m ordering you to take my place on Deck 4.”
Cell: “You’re not---”
Rave: “Do as I say, Captain or I’ll throw you off this mission without a breath of reasoning!!”

Suddenly the doors open and one of the Elders steps out.
Frexers: “We are ready for the discussions.”
Cell and Rave glance at each other in shock and then look back at Frexers, a tall Hellonesian.
Rave: “Excellent. This way please.”
He walks down the corridors leading Frexers towards the Briefing Room.

Lox and Amp remain in the Atlantis’ Engineering as all this goes on. There, communications with the Kejergen go on in order to stabilize magnetic fields between both ships.
Lox, working at a station: “What is the big deal with these magnetic fields? No starship has ever had problems with them before.”
Amp: “The way I see it, new and unexplainable Starship problems arise everyday. There’s no need for understanding. Think of it all as a kind of techno...babble.”
Lox: “Techno music? Where??”
Amp: “No, I said technobabble.”
Lox: “Oh! On a side note, a Hellonesian has entered Engineering.”
He points at one of the Hellonesian Engineers who arrive to help the Engineering crew out.

Meanwhile, negotiations in the Briefing Room go uncertain.
Yarxes: “...And we must be friendly and unfriendly towards all races we encounter.”
Nemo: “Well, we’ll definitely be friendly. But what about trade? Do you think your people will be interested in taking part of Federation Trade?”
AvecRanex: “That question is both valued and threatening.”
Jones: “As Commander of the Atlantis, I find this meeting very confusing.”
Frexers: “What my colleague means, is that it could be a possibility.”
Nemo: “Very interesting.”
He looks through padds.
Nemo: “Well I believe we have covered many grounds for now. Why don’t we all take a short break?”
Yarxes: “Your suggestion is both desired and unaccepted.”
The Hellonesians’ on the one side of the table, stand up, along with the Federation Officers on the other side of the table.

Cell meets with Kugo in the Atlantis’ 10-Forward. The place is moderately busy.
Kugo: “Sir?”
Cell: “It looks like Agent Rave is taking things into his own hands.”
Kugo: “That jerk.”
Cell: “Well, there’s nothing we can do but wait until he realizes the Hellonesians have no bad intentions whatsoever.”
Kugo: “Well the Hellonesians have always been an in-between kind of people.”
Cell: “What are you saying? That they could have bad-intentions?”
Kugo: “They could and at the same time they couldn’t. They’re very in-between like that.”
Cell: “Well, I don’t agree with Rave suddenly taking over the mission. I think we’d better go up there and see what he’s doing.”
Kugo: “Aye, Captian.”

Rave hides behind a wall in a back-room, where a Hellonesian has met with another Hellonesian by a replicator.
Frexers: “Let us get sustenance.”
ToconDua: “What do they have in a mild, yet extremely tangy flavour?”

Rave takes out a black tri-corder and begins scanning the Hellonesians. He finds no hidden weapons.

Frexers: “Ugh! What is that high pitched noise?”
ToconDua, places his hands over his ears: “It is musical but also annoying!”
They both fall to their knees in pain.

Rave finishes scanning and closes his black device. The Hellonesians get up and rub their ears in confusion.

Frexers: “What was that... I now have a head-pain.”
ToconDua: “Perhaps we should discontinue talks until tomorrow?”
Frexers: “No... I will go on for importance sake.”

Cell and Kugo sneak around the corner just as the two Hellonesians are leaving. They look around until Rave steps out from behind the wall.
Rave: “What is going on here?”
Cell: “You know that scanning device hurts the Hellonesians! Why did you use it!?”
Rave: “I had to be certain they weren’t carrying any bio-geneic weapons.”
Kugo: “No, but only you are allowed to carry that.”
Rave: “Exactly. Now out of my way. I intend on being a Guard during the rest of the talks.”
Cell: “Wait! Someone’s coming.”

Suddenly, Jones and Yarxes enter the back-room. They approach the replicator.
Jones: “So I says to my wife, why not learn kung-fu? It’s the only way to defend yourself against the blood-sucking parasites of Keldore Prime! Hahaha! Get it?”
Yarxes: “Your humour is more agonizing than calming.”
Jones: “Well that’s a first.”
Yarxes: “Do not worry. I accept all your spoken words.”
But Yarxes suddenly turns and places a hand on Jones’ head. He’s shocked with energy until their minds are linked.
Jones: “Ahh!!”
Yarxes: “You will progress these negotiations and desire our joining into the Federation.”
Jones: “Ah! --I will... progress these negotiations and desire your joining into the Federation--!!”

He falls to his knees, not remembering any of this. Commander Jones gets up and walks back out into the Briefing Room. Yarxes follows.

Cell: “Oh my god!”
The three step out again.
Rave: “It is true! The Hellonesians are up to no good!”
Kugo: “That can’t be! They are such nice people!”
Rave: “You mean in-between.”
Kugo: “--Yeah. I mean, no!”
Rave: “Forget it! Now you two see the truth. These Hellonesian must be stopped, and the Phoenix-X can’t be involved in messing this mission up.”
Cell: “We don’t have time for this, Agent Rave!”
Rave: “Oh but we do. I’m ordering all your personnel off the Atlantis immediately!”
Cell: “What are you planning to do? You can’t do it alone!”
Rave: “Did you not hear me, Captain? Return to the Phoenix-X and get out of here now. Report back to Elena and Nelkast. Get out!!”

He leaves the back-room in anger, and re-enters the Briefing Room where the talks continue to take place.

RaeLuna makes her way down the corridors of the Atlantis, cloaked and invisible. She suddenly runs into Lox and pulls him to the side.
Lox: “Ah!”
RaeLuna, takes off her helmet: “It’s me!”
Lox: “Oh! I thought I was being grabbed by ghosts.”
RaeLuna: “You fool. What is going on? I have not found everyone on their scheduled Decks.”
Lox: “Change of plans. Agent Rave went up to the Briefing Room and is watching the talks as a guard. The Captain and Kugo were up there too.”
RaeLuna: “I’m supposed to be the communication between all departments. When did this go down??”
Lox: “Forget that. Agent Rave has ordered all Phoenix-X crew off the Atlantis!”
RaeLuna: “I see.”
Lox: “But the Captain hasn’t given us any orders yet, so no one is going anywhere.”
RaeLuna: “There are ship-wide shift changes happening. Some of us have to take our positions on other Decks or we’ll be found out.”
Lox: “You’d better speak to the Captain then.”

The Commander waits on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. He taps his commbadge impatiently.
Seifer: “Seifer to Captain Cell.”
There’s no response.
Seifer: “Seifer to Captain Cell, come in!”
There’s still no response.
Seifer: “Argh! What is he doing?”

Cell and Kugo follow silently behind Agent Rave as he walks down the corridors of the Atlantis. He stops for a second, looking around him.

RaeLuna: “What is going on? I thought he was staying with the talks?”
She takes off her cloaking helmet, hiding along-side Cell and Kugo.
Kugo: “Shh!”
RaeLuna: “I am sorry, but my species does not have whispering capabilities.”
Cell: “You don’t get it; Rave suddenly left the talks and now seems to be headed towards Engineering.”
RaeLuna: “Does he know we’re still here?”
Cell: “He hasn’t taken out his scanner yet, so he must be giving us time to leave.”
Kugo: “Maybe he’s looking for us.”

Ensign Dan enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X holding another Ensign’s uniform in his hands.
Seifer: “This isn’t a good time.”
Ensign Dan: “Sir, I’m ready to go down and help infiltrate the Atlantis. But do I have to dress up as an Ensign?? I’m already one!”
Seifer: “If you don’t like it, you’re relieved of duty!”
Ensign Dan: “Uh! That’s so rude.”
#Amp: “Amp to Phoenix-X. What’s going on? Agent Rave has suddenly entered Engineering.”
Omega: “Perhaps he enjoys the hustle and bustle of Engineering.”
#Amp: “There’s only myself, the Hellonesian Engineer and the Atlantis’ Chief Engineer here. There’s a shift change going on.”

Meanwhile, in Engineering, Rave walks over to the Hellonesian and the Chief Engineer.
Brian: “Is there something we can help you with?”
Rave: “You can go away and cry to your mother!”
He kicks Brian in the stomach, sending Brian to the floor. The tall Hellonesian turns around, appalled.
GrotuCan: “What is the meaning of this??”
He grabs for Rave, but Rave ducks to the side and jabs a hypo-spray into the Hellonesian’s neck.
GrotuCan: “Aaauuhh!!”
He falls to the floor, as his veins are infested with poison.
Amp, runs over: “Hey!”

Agent Rave looks over at Amp.
Rave: “You should be back on the Phoenix-X. Don’t meddle in things that don’t concern you!”
Amp: “What did you do??”
Rave: “I protected the Federation, which is what your incompetent crew can’t do because they are too busy being incompetent!”
Amp: “You’d better have bruise protection against the punches I’m about to lay on you!”
Rave: “I have something better!”
He takes out a small device and throws it at Amp, shocking Amp’s holographic projection until it disappears.
Amp: “AAa--a-aa-a-aa--aah--- hh---!!”

Rave runs out Engineering, only to bump into Cell and Kugo.
Cell: “You’re not going anywhere!”
He flows his arms with omni-energy, then blasts it at Rave. But Rave quickly takes out another one of those devices and throws it to the side. All of Cell’s currents of energy are re-directed and attracted to the device, giving Rave a chance to escape.

Seifer, Ensign Dan, and Omega beam down to the Atlantis. They approach a Hellonesian who has remained in his Quarters.
AvecRanex: “Huh!?”
Seifer: “Be calm. We’re not going to hurt you. We just want to ask you a few questions.”
AvecRanex: “Your presence is both curious and understandable.”
Omega: “I am here for protection. You will not harm the Commander!”
Ensign Dan: “Yeah, and why are you using mind-control during the talks!?”
AvecRanex looks down in disappointment: “It is our way.”
Omega aims his fore-arm torpedo: “Your looking down is a form of attack! Now you’ll be destroyed!”

Meanwhile, the Bridge crew of the Atlantis picks up some strange readings.
Charles: “What the heck? I’m reading massive energy readings outside Engineering, and there seems to be a fluxuation in the shield harmonics. Did something beam through?”
Max: “It’s possible. It is also possible that the Hellonesian in Engineering has given his ship our shield harmonic frequency.”
Charles: “Oh, you always say that.”
Max: “But I really mean it this time!”
Charles: “Haha. You’re hilarious Max. That’s why I like you.”

Commander Seifer outstretches his hands in order for Ensign Dan and Omega to stop.
Seifer: “Enough you two! How the heck I got stuck with you guys I’ll never know.”
AvecRanex: “Please do not hurt us. We use mind control in important situations only. It is not as an offence to the Federation.”
Seifer: “I’m confused.”
AvecRanex: “In our culture we do whatever it takes to get our goals, for that is what is right.”
Seifer: “Now I get it. You don’t even know what you’ve done...”
Ensign Dan: “We’d better get out of here, Commander. We could be found out.”
Omega: “Impossible. We have adapted the Phoenix-X’s interaction with the Atlantis to be undetectable.”
Ensign Dan: “That may have worked for the sensor sweeps, but not for this ice cream bar!”
He takes out an ice cream bar.
Seifer: “Aw crap, Ensign Dan! Why did you have to bring that? Alright everyone, let’s get out of here! --Commander Seifer to Phoenix-X, three to beam up.”
They transport out of there.

Meanwhile, a group of Federation Guards encircle Rave, Cell, and Kugo.
Blarney: “Hold it right there!”
Lekeebo: “Yeah!”
Blarney: “You’re going to have a little meeting with the Captain!”
Cell: “Won’t that interrupt the Hellonesian talks?”
Blarney: “This is more important!”
Lekeebo: “Don’t say that!”
Blarney: “Oh yeah. I mean, let’s go!”

During the meeting in the Briefing Room, Captain Nemo is approached by an Officer who whispers in his ear.
Nemo: “Ahem. Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me. But a minor matter has arisen that I must attend to. --Commander Jones, your support for the Hellonesians has been exceedingly great lately.”
Jones: “Thank you sir.”

Nemo enters the Bridge of the Atlantis, where Cell, Kugo, and Rave have been brought.
Blarney: “These three were caught in the vicinity of the excessive power readings.”
Nemo: “What is going on here? I don’t recognize any of you.”
He walks around them, looking them over.
Nemo: “Lieutenant Charles, get the three of these Officers’ files online. I want to know everything about them.”
Kugo: “If it says anything about my weight, it’s all a lie!”
Nemo: “In the meantime, you three are confined to Quarters. Take them away, Blarney Stone.”
Blarney: “Sir, I keep telling you that is not my last name!”
Nemo: “Oh, right. Sorry.”

The three are escorted down the corridors to their assigned Quarters until the doors are shut behind them.
Cell, rolls his eyes: “Great...”

Because at that moment, Rave double-taps his commbadge and beams out of his Quarters. Cell quickly shapeshifts his way out his own room and through the ducts to the Jeffery’s Tubes.

Kugo is met by RaeLuna who hands her another cloaking suit.
RaeLuna: “We have to get off the Atlantis.”
Kugo: “Why?”
RaeLuna: “The whole crew of the Atlantis are searching Deck by Deck for anything suspicious.”
Kugo, puts the suit on: “Good reasoning. Let’s go!”

Going down a corridor, Lox is chased by Rave. Agent Rave throws an electrocution device at Lox, but Lox dodges it and turns a corner.
Lox: “Lox to Phoenix-X, beam me out!”
#Seifer: “Just a second, Doctor.”

On the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, Seifer runs over to the Tactical Console where Omega and Ensign Dan are.
Seifer: “What’s going on? We just used the transporters!”
Omega: “Sir, if we use those transporters again, we will be detected.”
Ensign Dan: “It looks like some Androids perfect calculations altered the Atlantis’ shield frequency!”
Omega: “It was... some other Android... yeah.”

As a Security Team heads for Lox’s direction, Lox quickly climbs up a nearby extended computer station and holds himself up at the corner and ceiling of the hallway.

The Security Team runs in, looking around but can’t find him. Lox looks down at them as he holds himself there, but he begins to lose his strength and falls.

Cell: “Gotcha.”
The Captain liquefies around and grabs Lox before he falls upon the crowd.

Blarney: “Well there’s no one here. Split up!”
The Security Team splits in all directions down other corridor exits.

Lox: “Captain!”
Captain Cell lets them both down when the coast is clear.
Cell: “So far, no one on the Atlantis has any evidence we were here. Now we have to keep it that way, and get the hell back to the Phoenix-X.”
Lox: “How are we going to do that?”
Cell: “Look, I have a crew for a reason and that reason is for them to solve all my problems.”

Kugo and RaeLuna make their way to the Tranporter Room and deactivate their cloaking suits.
RaeLuna: “Where is Lieutenant Amp? I wasn’t able to locate him.”
Kugo: “I don’t know, but I’m going to need this room secured for the next half an hour.”
RaeLuna: “Why?”
Kugo: “I’m going to reconfigure their Transporter so that we can use it without being detected and without leaving any evidence behind.”
RaeLuna: “Is it just me, or do we always somehow perform technological miracles just at the last moment when there is suspense?”
Kugo: “It’s you; and the fact we know Federation Technology better than any other.”

Chief Engineer Brian gets up and approaches a strange energy distortion that remains on the floor. He kicks away the black electrocution device, to which the distortion suddenly turns back into Amp.
Amp: “I’m back!”
Brian: “Ah! You’re a hologram?”
Amp: “Actually I’m a virus.”
He thinks for a second.
Amp: “Oh crap! I shouldn’t have told you that.”
Brian: “What the hell is going on here!?”
Amp: “Look, I’m here to stop that guy who killed the Hellonesian. I’m on your side.”
Brian: “You just said you were a virus!”
Amp: “No I didn't. You're so wrong.”
He runs out of there.

Cell and Lox are being chased down a corridor by a Security Team. Cell does a flip as a phaser blast is shot under him. Lox rolls and one is shot over him. The walls are singed while they turn a corner.

The Team turns and finds that Cell has destroyed a majority of the lights in this corridor. They shine backup lights and find that Cell and Lox are gone.

Lieutenant Amp finds Rave down one of the lower Decks. He approaches him.
Amp: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
Rave quickly turns from his control panel and throws three electrocuting devices at Amp. But Amp quickly transports himself to another spot in the hallway.
Rave: “No matter!”
He throws another black device up into the ceiling. The holographic emitters there are destroyed in a blaze of bolts, and Amp is forced to jump to a distance from Rave where the emitters are working.
Amp: “I’ll get you for that!”
Rave: “Hahaha. You’ll get nothing, Virus! Because I’ll have killed all the Hellonesians before you do!”

He makes a run for it and enters a Turbolift. Amp transfers himself to an upper Deck.

The Turbolift Doors open and Rave enters the Bridge. He hides along the back walls and under computer frames before he can be seen, while making his way across.

Amp re-appears into the back-room of the Briefing Room. Rave enters this way, so that he can make an entrance to the Briefing Room, but is confronted.
Rave: “Out of my way, Virus!”
Amp thrusts a punch for Rave, but Rave dodges to the left and fists one of his electrocuting devices for Amp. Amp leans back before it can hit him and then swings around to elbow Rave across the face. Rave falls to the floor in pain and Amp leans down and grabs him.

Meanwhile in the Briefing Room, the Hellonesians are reported of the death in Engineering. Someone whispers it to them, prompting them to stand up.
Nemo: “And I believe following Federation Rule is of most import--- Huh? What is the matter?”
Frexers: “Something very upsetting, but also possible. Please excuse us...”

Just as the three Helonesians enter the back-room, Amp grabs the unconscious Rave and hide behind the wall.

Back on the lower Decks, Captain Cell decides to leave the Transporter Room.
Cell: “Progress?”
Kugo: “Almost there! I just have to cross a few more wires that none of you have ever heard about.”
Cell: “I’m going to find Amp. When the next communication window opens to the Phoenix-X, tell them we’re beaming up and to resynchronize our cloaking frequency to the transporter beam.”
Lox: “Will do.”

Captain Cell runs down the hallway, shape-shifting into Captain Nemo.
Blarney, running by: “Sir! We’re still on the lookout for those intruders. Internal sensors still can’t read how many or who they are.”
Cell_Nemo: “Keep up the good work, Blarney.”
Blarney: “Thank you sir, and thank you for not trying to say my last name!”
He runs off, just as Cell is stopped by AvecRanex.
AvecRanex: “You’re not Captain Nemo.”
Cell, changes back: “No. But I know who you are. You’re one of the Hellonesians.”
AvecRanex: “Yes.”
Cell: “I know what you did to Commander Jones. You guys used him to help progress the Federation talks.”
AvecRanex: “That is true. It is our way.”
Cell: “Don’t you see? That’s wrong. You can’t do that type of stuff here!”
AvecRanex: “It was not wrong for us, neither right.”
Cell: “I know, in-between. But you have to understand that was wrong and we won’t accept deception. I really want to see at least a peace between our people. You have to promise not to do it again--”

Suddenly, Amp rounds a corner dragging Agent Rave along with him.

Amp: “Captain! Well, I got away. But we’d better keep moving because Security is on every Deck.”
Cell: “Don’t worry. Give me Agent Rave.”
The Captain takes Rave into the Transporter Room. Amp takes one last look at AvecRanex.
Amp: “I’m sorry about your colleague.”

The Phoenix-X receives a communication from the Atlantis. Seifer is about to exit the Bridge.
Seifer: “Alright, I’m going to the Transporter Room. You have the Bridge-- umm...”
He looks at Ensign Dan and Omega, unsure who to hand it off to.
Ensign Dan: “Duh, give it to me. I’m an actual Federation Officer!”
Omega: “I have Federation Training and experience from past integrated information.”
Seifer: “On second thought, I’ll just stay on the Bridge.”

Captain Nemo leaves the Briefing Room and enters the Bridge of the Atlantis.
Charles: “Sir, those three we sent to their Quarters are now gone!”
Nemo: “I don’t get it. What the hell is going on here!???”
Max: “Sir, no one knows!”
Nemo: “What about those background checks?”
Max: “I didn’t even find their names in the database.”
Charles: “Not only that, GrotuCan has been found dead in Engineering.”

The other Hellonesians enter the Bridge.

Nemo: “Elders. I... just don’t know what happened.”
Yarxes: “We do not know, but understand, either. One of our own has been murdered in your Engineering.”
Nemo: “Charles, get a medical team to Engineering immediately!”
Yarxes: “Under the current circumstances, we request to end the talks until further notice.”
Nemo: “Please, you must know we will have a full investigation on this. We will allow you to investigate aswell.”
Yarxes: “Indeed we will, and with effort. But in the meantime, talks must end. We had hoped to join and gained so much, but are unsure now of what has happened.”
Nemo: “I am as in much of the dark as you are.”
Yarxes: “We will contact you from our own vessel. Farewell, Captain.”

The crew of the Phoenix-X return to the cloaked ship. Captain Cell enters the Bridge.
RaeLuna: “It looks like the Hellonesians returned to their own ship. They’re pressing charges against the Federation.”
Cell: “Has Agent Rave woken up?”
RaeLuna: “No sir.”
Cell: “Get us out of here and then contact Elena and Nelkast.”
Seifer: “I’ll be taking an extended break from Omega and Ensign Dan.”
He leaves the Bridge.

Later, Lox enters the Battle Arena where Captian Cell has been meditating.
Lox: “Are you alright Captian?”
Cell: “I don't know. I just wish things didn't have to turn out the way they did. If only Agent Rave hadn't been so arrogant.”
Lox: “I know what you mean. I tried giving him a checkup, and then he told me to checkup my ass!”
Cell: “Well, I just hope Section 31 understands what has happened.”
Lox: “Do you think the Hellonesians will change thier ways?”
The Captian thinks for a second and then nods.
Cell: “Yeah, I kind of do.”

Commander Jones meets with Captain Nemo in the Ready Room on the Atlantis. Nemo is not in a great mood.
Nemo: “Do you know, that there are no traces of those three officers? And apparently Brian encountered some virus in Engineering!”
Jones: “The computers turn up nothing. The only evidence we have is the minor fluxuation in the shield harmonics, but that could have been caused by spacial fluxuation!”
Nemo: “I suppose you’re very disappointed that the Hellonesians didn’t get in.”
Jones: “Yes, very. I really wanted them to join. Uggh. Why didn’t they join??? Why??”
Nemo: “Don’t worry, Commander. There is still time to mend these wounds. In the meantime, I want a thorough investigation.”
Captian Nemo shakes his head in disbelief.
Nemo: “Who was here...?”