Episode 59

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

The Doctor sits in 10-Forward thinking about something for a long time.
Lox: “That’s it. I’m going to do it!”
Elly, takes a seat: “Huh? Do what? I just got here.”

Doctor Lox gets up and leaves. He makes his way to the Secret Room and opens a hidden transmission. Nelkast goes on screen. He is busy shaving his legs.
>Nelkast: “Ahh!! What the hell do you want?”
Lox smiles as his plan is a great one...

...A month later, on a distant previously uninhabited Planet, life is anew. There, Federation Officer’s and Constructionists create streets and roads... buildings and facilities... alter appreciative environments, growing healthy grass and tall trees.
Lox: “What’s all this for you ask?”
The Doctor, inside the largest Facility on the newborn Neighborhood, adjusts a lifesupport tube connected to a new type of bio-chamber. Inside this vast Room are Bio-Chamber’s everywhere and inside each one is an infant baby. Each baby, crying or sleeping, is connected to monitoring tubes.
Lox: “You’ll see.”
He checks off a listing on his padd and moves on to the next baby.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix-X treks through space. Maxy makes her way down a corridors until coming to the Doctor’s Living Quarters.
Maxy, rings the bell: “Hey Lox! I just heard the Movie Planet is premiering a new movie. There’s a planet-wide state of excitement and commercial!”
She waits.
Maxy: “Lox?”
She opens the door and walks in, finding nobody there.
Maxy: “That’s strange...”

Later, the Senior Staff meets in the Briefing Room.
Cell: “Does anyone have any idea where the Doctor is?”
Seifer: “No.”
Kugo: “Nope.”
Amp: “No.”
Ensign Dan: “No.”
Seifer: “Nope.”
Trunks: “I do not.”
RaeLuna: “Perhaps he has escaped this vessel of hell!”
Cell: “...No, I don’t think he’d do that.”
Seifer: “Amp, what do the Transporter or Docking Logs say on possibly his movements?”
Amp looks up, accessing the Computer with merely his thoughts: “Oh yeah. They’re saying the Doctor left a couple weeks ago when we Docked at Starbase 78.”
Cell: “Whoa! You can just access the computer without touching a control panel?”
Amp: “Um. Aren’t you supposed to be more concerned about Lox?”
Cell: “To hell with him! He was never a good Doctor anyway.”
Seifer: “We should at least try to find out why he left.”
Kugo: “What about our current mission? To destroy the Tribble species?”
Trunks: “We should not destroy Tribbles. I... love... them...”
Amp: “You’re an Android. You’re not capable of Love.”
Trunks: “But--“
Amp: “I said... You’re not capable!”

The Phoenix-X drops Transwarp and approaches Starbase 78.
Parsons: “What the hell!? Did you just use Transwarp!?!?”
>Cell, on screen: “Umm... no. Your eyes must be playing tricks on you.”
Parsons: “My scans clearly show...”
>Cell, turns: “Amp! Corrupt their scans!”
>Amp: “Aye sir!”
Amp is transferred over to the Starbase’s computers, disrupting their scans with his virus program. He then transfers back and takes the Helm of the Phoenix-X.
Parsons, unsure what to think: “Umm.... uhhh... I’m confused now.”
>Cell: “We’re looking for Doctor Lox. He was left here a couple weeks ago when we stopped by.”
Parsons: “You’ve just noticed now that an Officer was missing from your ship??”
>Cell: “Hey don’t talk back to me!!”
Parsons: “Excuse me? I’m an Admiral.”
>Cell: “Oh. Sorry, Admiral.”
Parsons checks the records: “It says here your Doctor transferred to the U.S.S. Ixion.”
>Cell: “That traitor!”
Parsons: “What?”
>Cell: “--I mean... Our ship has no corruption.”
The screen cuts out.

Meanwhile, on the Planet, the small infants have grown incredibly fast. Two nurses bring out one of the first men.
Lox: “Greetings. I am Doctor Lox. Can you understand what I am saying?”
Jerred: “You.... Doctor... Lox....”
He tries to speak for the first time.
Lox: “Yes, that’s right. What is your name?”
Jerred: “Jerr.... Jerrr.... Jerred.”
Lox: “Precisely!”

In orbit of the Planet is the Ixion. Captain Wasyati enters the Bridge.
Wasyati: “What is going on here? What is the meaning of this!?”
Everyone just looks at each other confused.
Nadine: “Sir, there is nothing going on here. We are just monitoring the Teams on the Planet.”
Wasyati: “Oh, yes, yes. Of course.”
He goes over to the back computer stations.
Wasyati: “What is going on here? What is the meaning of this!?!”
Dale, working: “Sir! Please stop saying that. You say that every time you come onto the Bridge. I can’t take it anymore!!”
He goes crazy and runs out to the Tubolift.
Wasyati: “Well then. Keep up the good work.”
Grot, at Helm: “Captain! The Phoenix-X has dropped Transwarp and are hailing us!”

The screen clicks on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X.
>Wasyati: “Now, now. What is the meaning of all this?”
Cell: “We have reason to believe you are keeping Doctor Lox in a confined room with no food or no water.”
>Wasyati: “What reason is this? Your Doctor is on the Planet. He is head of the Eluvae Rejuvenation Organization!”
Cell: “So. He got promoted by Section 31 and you got jealous and kidnapped him!”
>Wasyati: “No!! Section 31 came to us. Apparently, we could do the job when you couldn’t.”
Cell: “What could Lox possibly be doing that we couldn’t help him with?”

He deactivates the communication and hails the Facility on the Planet.

Jerrod: “Jerrod here. Can I help you?”
>Cell: “We’re looking for Doctor Lox.”
>Seifer: “Yeah and hurry up about it!”
Jerrod: “You want to see the Doctor? Alright, then. Just hold on a second.”
He gets up and pokes his head into another room of the Cloning Chambers and brings Lox around.
Lox: “Here, here. I’m Doctor Lox. What can I help you with?”
>Cell: “Why are you talking like that? What the hell is going on!?”
Lox: “Sorry. I’ve been hanging around Captain Wasyati too much.”
>Seifer: “You’re dead Lox! You’re dead for betraying us!”
Lox: “Look. I had no choice. The project I am working on, you would never help me with.”
>Cell: “And why is that?”
Lox: “You would find it immoral and wrong.”
>Seifer: “What are you doing?”
Lox gestures to the Chambers behind him: “You remember the Eluvae?”
>Seifer: “The screaming species we encountered a while back?”
Lox: “Yes. Well before they became extinct, I had acquired their collection of dna samples.”
>Cell: “Are you saying all those Facilities down there are for Cloning?”
Lox: “Affirmative.”
>Seifer: “Scandalous.”
>Cell: “Yes, and very wrong!”
Lox: “I knew you would say that.”
>Cell: “You can’t just clone an entire species of Humanoids!”
Lox: “I have already done so. Jerrod here is a perfect recreation.”
Jerrod: “Hi.”
>Cell: “Shut up!”
>Seifer: “Look Doc. No one wanted the cloning of the Eluvae more than me. But I fought those urges. I took the lazy road and skipped out on work shifts. I took long breaks and used Phoenix-X computers for games instead of usefulness!”
Lox: “Um. What point are you trying to make here?”
>Seifer: “I’ll get back to you on that.”
>Cell: “What!? Commander, I must have a word with you later. In the meantime, Doctor, I order you to stop cloning!”
The transmission ends.
Jerrod: “He was nice.”
Lox: “Yeah he’s a good guy.”

An Ensign enters the Bridge of the Ixion. The Ensign hands the Captain a data-padd.
Morlani: “Here is a miscellaneous report.”
Wasyati: “Thank you. --Um, you do know I hate annoying Ensigns, right?”
Morlani: “Yes sir.”
Wasyati: “Just checking.”
Morlani: “But there’s one thing... I am not an Ensign.”
The Bridge is suddenly rushed by a group of Eluvae. Eluvae pour in and punch out the crew. They take over the Bridge and the controls.
Wasyati: “What is the meaning of all this!?!?!”

The Phoenix-X gets a signal from the Ixion.
RaeLuna: “Captain! The Ixion is firing at us!”
Cell: “What!?”

The ship is hit. The Ixion flys over and begins blasting phasers and torpedoes at the Phoenix-X.

Cell: “Hail them!”
>Morlani: “Good evening.”
Cell: “You’re not Wasyati. Why did you change your face Wasyati!?”
>Morlani: “I’m not Wasyati! I am Morlani of the Eluvae. We have taken over this Federation Vessel.”
Seifer: “How is that possible!? You were just created!!”
>Morlani: “We learn fast.”
>Serath: “Yeah and we’re going to kick your asses!”
>Morlani: “Whoa there Serath. Just come down buddy.”
>Serath: “Yeah! Kick your asses!”
>Morlani: “As you can see, my men are revved up for our independence. And now you will be destroyed.”

The Ixion blasts a torpedo at the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X speeds over and pumps quantum torpedoes into their shields and a photon torpedo into their hull. The Ixion’s hull is purged and the ship is knocked back.

Morlani: “Argh!! Return fire!”
His men work the controls. The Ixion rotates around and blasts three quantum torpedoes at the Phoenix-X, but not before the Phoenix-X phasers them out in midspace. The explosions knock both ships back.

Cell: “Ha! Ameteurs. Hail them.”
They go onscreen.
Cell: “Don’t even try.”
>Morlani: “Oh we will try. We will try not to disturb our sitting while we destroy you!! We will have our independence!”

The Ixion speeds over and locks a tractor beam on the Phoenix-X. They drag the Phoenix-X down into the atmosphere, burning the ship. The Phoenix-X quickly spins itself and fires torpedoes up into the Ixion.

The Ixion is flipped out into space, out of control. The Phoenix-X then flys over and locks the tri-focal array on them, disrupting their systems. The Ixion is disabled.
RaeLuna: “We’ve got them sir.”
Cell: “Good.”
Seifer: “Well, I’m off to lunch. Anyone want anything?”
Cell: “No.”
Seifer: “You sure? You look hungry.”
Cell: “We kind of have a situation here!”
Seifer: “Alright. But if you get hungry later, don’t blame me.”
He leaves.

Later, Lox is beamed to the Phoenix-X. They meet in the Briefing Room.
Kugo: “Well, well. Look who’s back.”
Lox: “I had no idea the Eluvae were going to do that. I’m their creator!”
Cell: “You’re a regular John Hammond of Jurassic Park.”
Lox: “Who?”
Cell: “You’re a spiffed up Doctor Frankenstein.”
Lox: “A what?”
Cell: “You’re a Joe Schmoe sheep Cloner.”
Lox: “What are you talking about!?!?”
RaeLuna: “You have violated the laws of nature.”
Lox: “If the laws of nature were so straight then they wouldn’t have given me the intelligence to alter them.”
Ensign Dan: “He’s got a point there.”
Cell: “You’re relieved!”
Ensign Dan leaves the Brienfing Room, grumbling something about unfairness.
Cell: “Listen Doctor. I can accept what you have done. But now your creations have gotten loose. They want more than just a meager existence as science rats.”
Lox: “That’s what the Town is for. Why do you think the Ixion is here? They are helping to build a society for them down there.”
Cell: “Why don’t we speak to the Eluvae themselves? I don’t think their attack was just out of self defense.”

They enter the Brig where the leader of the Eluvae is held behind a forcefield.
-Morlani: “Hey!? Where the hell are you keeping the others?”
Elly: “Oh we packed them away in the Cargo Hold. They’ll be okay.”

Meanwhile, in the Cargo Hold, all the Eluvae are packed inside, so close and unable to move.
Porta: “This is not comfortable.”
Tsent: “You’re telling me!”

The Captain deactivates the forcefield.
Cell: “Now. I am letting the field down as a gesture of trust...”
-Morlani, attacks: “Rrrraaarrrhh!!!”
The forcefield is quickly put back up.
Cell: “Okay, obviously you’re not a trusting guy.”
Lox: “Morlani. I created you. Why did you lead a take over of the Ixion?”
-Morlani: “Because! We Eluvae have nothing else.”
Lox: “Well you could’ve taken over the Phoenix-X. Then you would’ve definitely gotten away.”
Cell: “Doctor!”
-Morlani: “That is not what I meant!”
He glances at them.
-Morlani: “Speak to the others. Then you will understand.”

Later, Seifer meets up with Cell and Lox at the Cargo Hold.
Seifer: “Well, when we packed them in here, we used a shovel.”
He opens the door and a couple Eluvae fall out onto the floor.
Cell: “Commander! This is not humane at all!”
Seifer: “Oh no, they love it. Don’t you guys?”
The Eluvae on the floor groan and moan in pain.
Nelana: “Uurrhh... I want to breathe again...”
Lox: “What is your problem people?”
Tsent, gets out: “You’re the problem Doctor!”
Fetoy: “Yeah. We have no purpose. We were just simply created!”
Lox: “Oh I get it. Feeling a bit jaded of being test-tube babies?”
Nelana: “Argh! You’ll never understand.”
More Eluvae fall out onto the floor.
Vert: “Owe!”

The Doctor takes a seat at 10-Forward. He enters deep thought.
Amp, approaches: “Hey Doc. You look distraught.”
Lox: “Oh... It’s nothing.”
Amp: “Phew. Good. I thought I was going to have to talk to you.”
He’s about to leave but is held back.
Lox: “It’s just that-- All this work I put in, and the Eluvae do not even appreciate it.”
Amp: “Um. I’m trying to leave here.”
Lox: “Why couldn’t they just live on the Planet peacefully?”
Amp: “Hey, you’re hurting my arm!”
Lox: “What? Your arm is holographic.”
Amp: “Hey that’s a good point. Weird...”
He examines his arm.
Lox: “Weren’t you listening to me!?”
Amp: “Oh right. Go on.”
Lox: “Anyways, like I was saying... I wish the Eluvae would understand the blood and sweat I put into their cloned bodies.”
Amp: “That’s disgusting!”
Lox: “Figuratively speaking.”
Amp: “Oh, alright then.”
Phinly, from another table turns to give his input: “Maybe you just need to give them time.”
Lox: “Who said that? Where’s that voice coming from?”
Targon, from a different table turns: “You patok!! You must not bother yourself with such pointless drivel!! Become a warrior like me!”
Lox: “Uhh, sure.”
Gewdeque, at another table: “Hey, are you going to eat that muffin?”
Lox: “No.”
Gewdeque, swipes it: “Thanks!”

The Commander enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X.
Cell: “What’s the status of the Ixion?”
Seifer: “They’re alright. Wasyati is back in command and asking what the meaning of all this is again.”
The screen clicks on.
>Wasyati: “What’s going on here? What is the meaning of all this!?”
They quickly cut the transmission.
Cell: “Okay good.”
RaeLuna: “All the Eluvae have been returned to the Planet.”
Cell: “Even that really annoying guy who spoke to me on several occasions?”
RaeLuna: “Yes.”
Seifer: “Captain, these are not vermin. These are actual people with feelings and emotions.”
Cell: “I suppose you’re right, Commander. What was his name? Morlani?”
Seifer: “How the hell would I know? I’m not going to associate myself with mutants.”
Cell: “RaeLuna, hail the Facility. I want to apologize to Morlani for all the ignoring I did to him.”
Trunks: “Ignoring?”
Cell: “Yeah between 4 and 5-PM. I was sitting there with nothing else to do, so I decided to sit there and ignore a few people. It took no effort and no one probably noticed, but I got the job done.”

Lox enters the Battle Arena. There, Kugo is fighting holographic representations of 21st Century Actors who normally wouldn’t fight.
Bruce Willis: “Hey! Who is this? I, I don’t think I like this intruding here.”
Kugo stops: “Doctor?”
Lox: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize anyone was in here.”
Kugo: “There are logs that you can check.”
Lox: “You’re right, Kugo. I’m going to do something about these Eluvae.”
Kugo: “What? I thought we were speaking about Logs?”
Lox: “I’m going down to that Planet and giving those Eluvae a purpose to live!”
Bruce Willis: “Look pal. Get the hell out of here.”
Lox: “The Eluvae’s purpose is to live everyday to the fullest. Their purpose is to create their own purpose.”
Kugo walks over and places her hand on Lox’s shoulder affectionately: “Aww... That’s so sweet.”
Carrie Ann Moss appears: “Alright. Let’s do this.”
Bruce Willis: “Hi. Corbin Dallas. It’s a multi-pass.”
Carrie Ann Moss, takes out a gun: “Dodge this.”
She fires at him, knocking him back.

Meanwhile, Captain Cell is on the Bridge apologizing to Morlani on the viewscreen.
>Morlani: “Enough already! I don’t care!”
Cell: “But--“
>Morlani: “Aaahh! I can’t take it anymore! You people drive me crazy!”
He deactivates the screen as Lox enters the Bridge.
Lox: “I have to beam down there and talk to them.”
Seifer: “There’s no way we’re letting you down there for any reason at all!”
Lox: “My luggage is down there.”
Seifer: “Oh alright then.”

Lox beams into his Lab in the Facility. He looks around, running into Jerrod.
Jerrod: “Doctor!”
Lox: “Listen. We must gather everyone. I have something to tell all of you.”
Jerrod: “No time. We’re getting ready.”
Lox: “Ready? For what?”
Jerrod: “For exacting our revenge and hatred for you.”
Lox: “You all hate me??”
Jerrod: “Well, we may be over reacting. Basically, we’re just going to get our independence back.”
Lox: “I created all of you to worship me!”
Other people in the room suddenly stop and glance at the Doctor.
Nelana: “We’re supposed to worship you?”
Tsent: “Cause if we are, just say so. Because we’ll do it.”
Lox shakes his head: “No, no! Look, you all don’t have to exact any revenge. Your purpose in life is to create your own purpose.”
Morlani: “We understand that.”
Lox: “You do?”
Serath: “Yeah. Don’t worry about it Doctor.”
Lox: “Then why are you all putting on space suits right now? And what are those weapons for?”
He notices the phasers.
Lox: “You’re not going to shoot anyone are you...?”
Jerrod: “Uhh, no. These are for...”
He looks around.
Jerrod: “Decoration!”
Vert: “Yeah, we like the look of them.”

Just then, Eluvae troops start beaming onto the Ixion. They pour into the Bridge, where Wasyati is.
Wasyati: “Not again!? What’s going on here!? What the meaning of this???”
Fetoy: “We’re taking over this vessel.”
Nadine: “But you already did that. You’ve already taken over this ship before, and now it’s back to our control. You can’t do it twice!”
Wasyati: “Yeah! That’s repetitive!”
Fetoy: “Well we are, and have.”

The Phoenix-X faces the Ixion.
RaeLuna: “Captain! The Ixion is beaming Federation Officers onto the Planet!”
Cell: “How delightful.”
RaeLuna: “No sir. It’s beaming all the Federation Officers.”
Seifer: “Then who’s controlling the Ixion?”
RaeLuna: “The Eluvae.”
Cell: “Again!? And right after the Ixion repaired its damages!”
Seifer: “Well, I guess we have to destroy them even more.”
Cell: “Agreed. Violence always before anything else.”

The Phoenix-X engages impulse engines and speeds around the Ixion. The Ixion quickly jumps to Warp out of there. The Phoenix-X jumps after them.

In Warp, the Phoenix-X fire phasers onto the Ixion.
Morlani: “Stop!!”
>Cell: “That was not a warning shot.”
Morlani: “We are leaving this place. We have found our purpose.”
>Cell: “Oh yeah? And what is that?”
Serath: “To explore space! To boldy go where no Eluvae has gone before!!”
Morlani: “Whoa there. Calm down a bit Serath.”
Serath: “Yeah! We’re going to explore! Woooh!”
>Cell: “Wait a minute. You’re going to be explorers?”
Jerrot: “Yes. We get to decide our own fate, do we not?”
>Cell: “That is a Federation Vessel!”
Morlani: “The Federation created us, Captain! ...It is only fair we take one of your ships.”
>Cell: “This is crazy!”
Fetoy: “No Captain. You’re crazy if you think you can just create us and then have us where ever you want us.”
Nelana: “We may be Eluvae, but our generation will always be Human.”
Morlani: “Goodbye. Perhaps we’ll see you around during our explorations... Then again, maybe not!”
He clicks the view screen off.

The Ixion drops a scattering device which falls back and clamps onto the hull of the Phoenix-X. Their Warp field is destabilized causing the Phoenix-X to fall back out into normal space.

Seifer: “Well that was a bust.”
Cell: “Stupid Doctor! What’s with him and creating people? Look what he’s done!”

The Phoenix-X turns and jumps to Transwarp. They return to the Planet to pick up Doctor Lox. Meanwhile, on the Planet is the Ixion crew.

#Cell: “Captain’s Log, Stardate 57334-point-2. I guess I should have mentioned earlier that my Doctor recreated the Eluvae species. Which is quite magnificent. On the Planet, now known as Eluvae Part II, roams exotic animals and plantlife. All of which used to belong to the Eluvae people. Now that I think of it. I haven’t done one of these Logs in a year. I hope no one notices. End Log.”

>Wasyati: “What is the meaning of this!?!?”
Seifer: “Sorry, but we can’t take you with us.”
>Wasyati: “You’re going to let the Eluvae get away with my ship??”
Seifer: “We’ve lost them. There’s no way to know where they are now.”
>Wasyati: “This is an outrage!”
He begins outraging.
>Wasyati: “Look at me! I’m outraging!!”
Seifer: “I can see that. But maybe next time you’ll learn not to mess with missions meant for the Phoenix-X.”
>Wasyati: “What the?? That’s badguy talk!!”
Seifer, chuckles: “Well, I am part badguy.”
>Wasyati: “I won’t stand for this, Phoenix-X. I’ll have your hide!!”
Seifer: “Wait a minute!”
He stops.
Seifer: “Aren’t we supposed to get along? Elena or Nelkast could be monitoring us.”
>Wasyati: “Oh! Good point. Section 31 is very sneaky. They could have our hides!!”
Seifer: “Okay, I’ll talk to you later then.”
>Wasyati: “Right. We’ll just wait here on the Planet until a rescue ship arrives. We have plenty of food and drink here.”
The screen clicks off.

In the Court Room, Lox is put on trail for crimes against the Federation. Captain Cell is there as Elena and Nelkast are on screen.
>Elena: “Lox, you are hearby banned from the Federation. Do not come within ten thousand million meters of it!”
Lox: “What!? But you arranged this whole Eluvae Rejuvenation Organization!”
>Nelkast: “Oh yes. Well in that case... you’re free to go.”
Cell: “You won’t be getting off so easily on my ship.”
Lox: “But sir. I have done something amazing. I have returned a species into existence!”
Cell: “Humanity already tried that Centuries ago. Ever heard of the Clone Wars?”
Lox: “The George Lucas ones?”
Cell: “No! The Khan Noonien Singh ones!”
Lox: “Oh, the Eugenics Wars.”
>Elena: “Since those supposedly took place in 1996, we have decided that they never happened.”
>Nelkast: “Yes. When Voyager went back in time that one instance. They caused the wars to never happen.”
Cell: “Then how do you explain the Genesis Project failing?”
>Elena: “Hmm... He knows too much!”
>Nelkast: “We’ll keep an eye on this Captain Cell... Section 31 out!!”
The screen deactivates.

Cell turns to the Doctor: “Look, the point is, you created life. And whether we like it or not, we’re responsible.”
Lox: “We?”
Cell: “Well mostly you. But their sentience is equal to our own, therefore their rights should be aswell.”
Seifer: “If anything, we owe them.”
Lox, paces: “Perhaps...”
Cell: “Seifer? Where did you come from?”
Seifer: “I like to pop in now and again.”
They look around and he’s suddenly gone.
Cell: “That’s so weird.”
Lox: “Indeed.”
Cell: “Welp! How’s about a little Tribble hunting?”
Lox: “But sir! What about our newfound reverence for life?”
Cell: “That only extends to our own creations. Now come on, let’s go kill Tribbles.”
They leave the Court Room.