Episode 43

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Avalon Battlefield, Part II

*Matt: W--e've left cha--otic sp--ce!!-!
(The Timeship and the Phoenix-X flash into this time, at maximum speeds. They go spinning out of control towards the bright Shockwave wall)
Seifer: It's structuring!
(The X-Time Shockwave just about reaches its entirety, taking the whole Sector and most of the surrounding Sectors, becoming The X-Time Bubble)
Daniel: All hands, brace for impact--!!!
(Both ships pass through it as its walls are hardening. The ships shake like crazy, causing chaos inside the Phoenix-X and Timeship)
Ensign Dan(screaming at an unrelated issue): Aahh!!
(The Phoenix-X and Timeship make it through, twirling in circles from the previous momentum. They stop themselves. Both ships are pretty roughed up. Their hulls are creased and torn but begin to regenerate)
Matt: Uggh... Matt to Phoenix-X... We're-- in.
(He gets up)

Throk(flashes in): Aahh!!
(Not too far away, some tall guy flashes in and finds himself floating through this weird space... lost)
Throk: Where am I?
(Space is nothing but a distant white-bluish cloudy barrier, seen all around. A few planets and stars and other miscellaneous moving objects are barely see-able in the brightness)
Throk: Could this place be...?
(He looks around again)
Throk: Perhaps it is... I am inside a giant marble!
(He pictures two weird aliens playing marbles)
Throk: Nah.
(Throk looks around, noticing the Phoenix-X adrift in the distance)

Daniel: Begin repairs to the ship. Armond, scan the area.
(The Timeship goes inside Shuttle Bay 2)
Armond(tries scanning): All this temporal energy emanating from these cloud-walls are interfering with long range sensors.
Daniel(walks over): Do you think we can adjust them or filter the interference?
Armond: Possibly. It's energy similar to the kind housed in your changeling protoplasm.
Daniel: Do you think it makes me look fat?
Seifer(walks over): Captain, I don't like this place.
Daniel: Just relax, Commander; you're only saying that because you once had a bad experience here.
(Seifer is reminded of his bad experience. He's about to look to THE PAST--)
Daniel: There's no time for that.
Seifer: Aye, sir.
Daniel: I have to make myself stronger. I'm going to regenerate for a while. Can you take care of things, Commander?
Seifer: Not rea--
Daniel: Good. I'll be in liquid state. Alert me if you see anything unusual. It's okay to just poke me. But be careful because you may be poking potential private parts.
Armond: That will be your job, Ensign Dan.
Ensign Dan: Oh man!

(Seifer walks down Deck 14, passing window after window)
Seifer(reading a padd): I have to keep myself preoccupied.
(He looks out the window and notices that Throk guy crawling around one of the Nacelles)
Seifer(shakes his head): Gotta keep busy.
(He walks on, continuing to read the padd)

Throk: Hmm...
(Throk pushes himself across the dorsal hull of the Phoenix-X which has rips in it. He presses his foot down past one of the rips when suddenly a duraniam layer replicates around it. His foot is stuck in the repaired hull)
Throk: Hey!
(He blasts an amount of energy where his foot is caught, shattering that area of the hull)
Throk(floats away): Perhaps this is the test I heard about. I must destroy this ship!

(The Bridge is alerted of the damage)
Armond: Hull Section 56 and 57-J has been hit by something.
Red: Perhaps it is debris.
Armond(brings sensors online): ...No. It's an omni-X!

(The Phoenix-X hovers around to face Throk on screen. Throk creates a ball of yellow energy and throws it at the Phoenix-X)
Throk: Haha!

(The Phoenix-X just sits there being hit)
Red: We must fire back.
Armond: Okay. Fire!
(No one does anything)
Red: I do not have Weapons control.
Armond: Neither do I.
Red: Oh... oookaayy...

(They lock a tractor beam on Throk. Red rotates the Phoenix-X in a circle, while Armond drops the tractor beam, tossing Throk away into the distance)
Throk: AAaaaahhh!!

(Red and Armond laugh)
Armond: Hahhaha.

(Throk returns and fires a huge beam of energy. The Phoenix-X is hit and flipped back to against the X-Time Bubble wall. The ship shakes like crazy)
Red: AArrgghhh!!!
Armond: --M--ove us-- a-wa--y!!-!

(The Phoenix-X shifts away from the wall and stops shaking)
Throk: Heh, heh.

(Daniel and Seifer enter the Bridge)
Daniel: What's going on? I was injured during my regeneration!!
(They show that Throk guy on screen)
Daniel: Oh.
Seifer: Hey, I saw that guy crawling around Nacelle 4.
Daniel: What? You saw him and didn't say anything??
Seifer: I do have a life you know.

(The Phoenix-X is hit by another blast of Throk's power)
Throk: I am the most powerful X in the galaxy!!

(He looks over as the Phoenix-X hovers above him loading enhanced pulse phasers. They fire and Throk is overwhelmed by rapid fire. He's pushed away into the distance where more omni-X's have arrived)
Daniel: Cease-fire...
(They look on screen at all the omni-X's in the distance who are minding their own business)
Armond: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I have long-range sensors online.
Seifer: What are those things?
Daniel: They're omni-X's. This whole place is filling up with omni-X's.
Matt: I thought you could only enter X-Time from its beginning?
Daniel: Maybe that's only normal matter. X's must be able to do it anytime.
(They watch on screen as more omni-X's flash in)
Daniel: I'm going over there. Commander, you have the ship.

(Daniel liquefies up through the ceiling and out of the ship into space. He takes form with propulsion gills off the side of his ankles and speeds away towards the crowds in the distance)

Shane: I taught him that.
Armond: What are we supposed to do now?
Red: We are stuck in this bubble.
Seifer: Quiet! Did you all forget who is in command here?
(Everyone looks around the place having no idea)
Seifer: Me!
Red: Oh, right.
Ensign Dan: That sucks. You know what happens when the Commander is in control. He has to go off to find his precious Symbiont. Oooo precious.
Seifer: I don't have that desire anymore.
Ensign Dan: Are you sure? Oooo precious.
(Seifer punches Ensign Dan in the face)
Ensign Dan: Owe!! My precious face!
Matt(approaches): Commander, what are we doing here? We have tons of appointments to meet back home.
Seifer: Relax. They'll realize we can't make those appointments when we don't arrive.
Matt: Hmm...
Armond(looks over): Sir, I've located a Space Station on sensors.

(The Phoenix-X changes course, meanwhile a ways away Daniel is approaching a group of omni-X)
Daniel: Can I please have all of your attentions...! I come with a great warning!
(All the omni-X people stop chatting and glance over at Daniel)
Daniel: You are in great danger from a higher omnipotent being, called a Q.
Daniel: ...
(All the omni-X people start laughing at him)
Kenezen: Hahahaha! No one can defeat me. I know my strength!
Meriana: Q and that little lizard-rat? They couldn't even kill me.
Zargon: Hahahahaah!! My belly button has a funny shape.
(The other omni-X's at the back begin fighting each other)
Daniel: What's going on? ...What is this place?
(He's approached)
Wakita: Face me and I will show you.

(She jabs for Daniel's neck, but Daniel dodges back. He grabs her arm and spins around to elbow her in the face)
Wakita: Ugh!!
(Daniel kicks her away. She floats slowly into the distance, loading energy. She fires a beam at him)
Daniel(hit): Aaahh!!
(He goes flying back. He stops and moves forward, flying in creative circles. Wakita tries to keep her eye on his movements until Daniel shapeshifts his arms as huge blocks, punching her away)
Wakita: Ooff---!!
Daniel: Heh, heh. Hmm... Didn't anyone ever tell me not to hit a girl?
(She comes flying back with speed right through Daniel. Daniel is liquefied through the centre as his upper body splits off from his lower. Droplets of himself are spilled in space)
Daniel: Aahh!!! That hurts--!
(He uses his omni-power to pull his loose liquid back in as Wakita fires a radiation field towards him. Daniel gets his legs back on him and speeds away from the radiation)
Wakita: Damn!
(Daniel spins himself tactically towards her, dropping his foot forcefully on Wakita's shoulder. She grabs his foot off her in pain and moves away)
Wakita: Argh!! ...You're good, but not good enough.
(She recalls a flow of massive energy and blasts many radical beams at him. Daniel is hit by all sides of his body. He quickly liquefies himself into a strand getting away, until she moves in, flying right through the liquid. Daniel is shattered in pain)
Daniel: AAaaahhh!!!
(He just finishes pulling himself back together as Wakita speeds away)
Daniel: Grgh!! Damn!

(The Phoenix-X docks at a familiar Space Station. It turns out to be Hekacos Social)
Seifer: I can't believe this place is still alive.
Efflin(walks by): I can't believe yo' mama raised you.
(Seifer enters the huge promenant where there is still a large amount of people. Most of the people are looking out windows and worried)
Vennka: Aahh! What if we're stuck here forever? I'll never get to eat pie again!
(Some guy walks over)
Aed(points): Hey lady, they sell pies over there at that shop.
(The woman runs off as Kugo meets up with Seifer)
Seifer: Hello pointy-eared woman.
Kugo: Commander we are running late on many experimental projects. Our schedule says that we should be in Vulcan now!
Seifer: Relax. The experiment may cause maybe one or two-- hundred-- deaths; that's all.
Kugo: Seifer!
Seifer: Alright, alright. You and Matt can take the Timeship and find a way out of this Bubble. Jeez.

(Outside with the bluish barrier all around; Daniel floats through the omni-X craze, passing many pairs who are fighting each other. He searches for someone to speak to)
AclynDa: --Fight me, fool.
Daniel: I'm not a fool.
AclynDa: Oh my apologies. --Fight me, unknown-intelligence-quotient.
(The alien blasts a big amount of power at Daniel. Daniel goes flying back)
Daniel: Argh--! Listen to me. I think I may have been the cause of this whole X-Time. It may be my fault you all got trapped here.
(The alien spins around to fling his extra tentacles at Daniel, but Daniel shapeshifts into weird angles to dodge them)
AclynDa: Ha! Ha! Trapped here? We want to be here.
(Daniel gasps)
Daniel: Gasp!
AclynDa: Ha! Ha! You gasp funny.

(Seifer walks through the huge promenant, noticing an omni-X minding its own business crawling around the ceiling. Hagoth walks over)
Hagoth: Hey, it's you again.
Seifer: What is this place?
Hagoth: We're stuck in this Temporal Bubble. It's a battle arena for the omni-X. They seem to gain omnipotent strength by exercising their fighting abilities. Hekacos Station just happened to get caught in the middle of it.
(Shane shapeshifts his way over)
Shane: Hey uhh, there's an omni-X standing outside on one of your Station's docking platforms.
Hagoth: Yes I know. He seems to be guarding the station as he meditates his power stronger. It's better than fighting. Ah well, some of these omni-X's want more meaning in their lives than what they're set out to do now.
Shane: What do you mean? What are they set out to do now?
Hagoth: Well don't you know? They're just about to join the X-Continuum.

(Daniel shapeshifts himself as a liquid string, circling AclynDa. He jabs AclynDa with spikes)
AclynDa(blasts Daniel away): Argh!!
Daniel(takes shape): Gghhg...!
AclynDa: We have to fight to gain power.
(Daniel dodges another blast from AclynDa)
Daniel: Oh yeah? Well what if I don't want to gain power?
AclynDa(jabs): You must!! If you do not gain a satisfactory amount of experience-power you will be recycled.
Daniel(moves away): Recycled?
AclynDa: The recycled omni-X will be used to top off the worthy omni-X.
Daniel(paranoid): Look, I have no idea what you're talking about, but no one is doing nothing to me.
(He looks around and escapes the fight through a plasma particle field)
AclynDa: ...Fool.

(Daniel runs into Shadow Flare)
Daniel: --Ooff--!!
Shadow Flare(kicks him away): Get off me!
Daniel: Shadow Flare?
Shadow Flare: Some of the omni's here aren't just from your Universe.
Daniel: Jeez.
Shadow Flare(looks at him): Ah, Captain of the Phoenix-X ...I am the seer. I know what you really are...
(Daniel glances at him realizing)
Daniel: You know that I am joined with the original X...
Shadow Flare(nods): When you were joined it became possible for copycat-X's to branch off their powers to mortals. You bridged the gap for X power.
Daniel(looks away): This whole thing is my fault.
Shadow Flare: Anyways forget about that. I know you have the desire to actually win a match. Let's do this.
(Shadow Flare gets ready to fight Daniel)
Daniel: I can't right now.
(He jets off)

Kayl: Did you ever notice that our names start with the same letter?
Kugo: Why are you talking to me?
(She walks away from Kayl on the Station promenant as Shane shapeshifts around in search for the Commander)
Shane: Commander!
Seifer: Argh... What now?
Shane: Don't you remember what Hagoth said? The omni-X are here to join the X-Continuum!
Seifer: So?
Shane: Don't you remember what the X said to us a long time ago? Daniel is going to join the X-Continuum!
Seifer: So?
Shane: Daniel doesn't know that! We have to tell him.
Seifer: I don't know where he is right now.
Shane: We have to find him!
Seifer: Okay, but can you do my half of the finding? I'm busy looking for somebody right now.
(He walks away)
Shane: Alrigh--

(The Timeship hovers near the temporal walls, scanning, as the Phoenix-X sits out near the Station)
Red: It is not of my nature to care, but should you not have checked up on Kugo and Matt half an hour ago?
Armond(thinks about it): ...Nah.
(They get a transmission)
**Matt: Timeship to Phoenix-X; why haven't you checked up on us?
Armond: I was about to. --So what is your status?
**Matt: We're unsuccessful thus far.
Armond: Haha, you said "thus".
**Matt: It's the word of the day.
Armond(checks his calendar): No it's not; "artichoke" is.
**Matt: You're using a Klingon calendar.
Red: It is true, that is a very common Klingon word.
Armond(throws it away): Oh man! I should've known my dentist appointment wasn't on the 4th Season of Pfghwxdlmh.

(Daniel speeds towards a planet that seems to have a fountain of energy spewing out from its surface. The energy feeds into a growing nebula not too far away)
Daniel: What the...?
(He lands on the misty surface of the planet where a couple omni-X are standing around and one tall omni-X stands on a cliff near the large active fountain)
Daniel: Who is that guy, and what is this energy fountain?
Zargon: That's Mishima, the guardian and right hand man of the X. He speaks to them.
Daniel: I sensed that maybe I could find the X here. I want to speak to the X.
Zargon(points): Then you'll have to go through him...
Daniel: I don't wanna go through him. You.
Zargon(runs away): No, I already tried. I'm gonna go play with my belly button now.

(Seifer pushes through a crowd of people towards a window of the Station. He sees a ship parked outside in space that seems to be the Raptor)
Seifer: No way...
(He walks down the docking arm towards the ship. He meets up with a guard)
Seifer: Have you seen my friend Tevahn, and can I get to that ship?
Grunk: Tevahn escaped this area of space before the X-Time Bubble was created.
Seifer: Oh good.
Grunk: Go back to your authority-based Federation Starship. You have no acquaintances here.
Seifer: But I wanna get on that Starship.
Grunk: Yes many people do, but it has a scary name. Be gone!
(He escorts Seifer away)

Daniel: Mishima.
(Daniel leaps over to the cliff where Mishima is)
Mishima: The X-Continuum is soon complete.
Daniel: I must speak to the X.
Mishima: Only I can summon an X. Speak to me and I will speak to the X.
Daniel: No. I need to talk to them. The X used me to create this place. This bubble is being maintained from my old power!
Mishima: I don't care about your personal issues. This place will collect all that is new-X.
Daniel: New-X?
Mishima: Yes. Of course we were handed over some power by the X's, but we omni-X's grew stronger... That new strength is our own, and neither of the copycat-X nor the Q.
Daniel: Look, I really don't care. I just have a score to settle...
Mishima: The X are our masters. You do not settle scores with them!
Daniel: I don't want to fight you, Mishima.
Mishima: But I want to fight you...
(He grins evilly at his evil threat)
Daniel: Oh you do? Okay I change my mind then.
Mishima(surprised): Excellent. I thought I was going to have to force it on you there for a second.
Daniel: Nah.
(Mishima blasts power towards Daniel, but Daniel leaps out of the way and drop kicks Mishima)

Seifer: Hey, an acquaintance.
(Seifer bumps into RaeLuna in the crowd in the promenent)
RaeLuna(glances at him): --You!?
(She tackles him to the floor. Seifer rolls over, tossing her to the side)
Seifer(gets up): That's no way to greet an old friend.
RaeLuna: We are not friends. You left me here in this Time Bubble to rot for all eternity!
Seifer: I doubt the Bubble will last that long.
RaeLuna: After you beamed off the Raptor, I tried escaping the shockwave. But my engines were neutralized by that particle field.
Seifer: Look can't we just put this all behind us? It happened such a long time ago.
RaeLuna: It happened yesterday!!
Seifer: Yeah but I'm from the future.
RaeLuna(grabs Seifer and pins him against the wall): I do not care where you are from. You took away my life and I am about to return the favour.
Seifer: --Argh. What do you mean?
RaeLuna: X-Time exists differently than most normal space-time. As hours pass in here, days pass out there!
Seifer(understands): Yeah but you were pretty much stuck on this station anyway.

(Daniel swipes his foot around to trip Mishima, but Mishima hops it and kicks forward at Daniel's face. Daniel is flipped backwards and hits the ground)
Daniel: Oof--!
(He hops back onto his feet and they continue to fight at the edge of the cliff. The winds and energy of the huge Fountain continue to gush from the ground below to the Nebula in space in the background)
Mishima: Heh, heh, heh. I've heard of you. You're the one hasn't been able to win a fight against any omni-X.
(He reinforces his arm with energy and harshly picks up Daniel by the neck. Daniel is held up before Mishima until Daniel forcefully knees Mishima into the side of his head, twisting around taking him down)
Daniel: I've heard of you. You're the one who hasn't been able to spell X.
(Daniel kneels before Mishima and blasts a huge amount of energy into him)
Mishima: Aaarghh!!
(Lying on the ground he lifts his feet and grabs Daniel's head from the back, throwing Daniel off the cliff)
Daniel: Whoa--
(He tries flying but is low on energy. Daniel hits the ground hard)
Daniel(shapeshifts to standing position): Grgh... X's and Q's? What's the difference what you become?
(He collects energy, looking up at the cliff where Mishima is glancing down at him from. He blasts a torpedo of energy at the cliff, breaking the large tip)
Mishima: Aaahh!
(Mishima is confused and gets caught under a rock as the broken tip of the cliff comes crashing down. Daniel leaps out of the way)
Mishima(stuck in between rocks): Uughh... X's exist parallel to the Q; as do the omni-X.
Daniel(weak): ...Yeah right.
(He loads his remaining energy)
Mishima: No, it's true. Our power does not interfere with that of the Q, nor should theirs interfere with ours.
(Daniel collects a distorted flame of light over his head and throws it into the ground. The surface breaks apart towards Mishima in the pile of rocks until the blast explodes underneath)
Daniel(covers his face): Consider that interference.
(The rocks explode in a blaze of lightning bolts and various pieces of rubble go flying away. Mishima is reduced to pure energy)
Daniel: ....
(The Mishima pure energy swirls around and chooses to fly into the huge energy fountain on the side)
Cora(walks over): You beat him. None of us could beat him!
Daniel: That's too bad.
Zargon: Well I think I'm ready. See you on the other side.
(He nods goodbye, and runs towards the energy fountain. He leaps into it, disappearing into the flow that is flowing upwards)
Daniel(stares): By the way... What is that thing?
Cora: The X Fountain.
(He glances at her)
Cora: Well what else did you expect it to be called?

(RaeLuna follows Seifer angrily as Seifer beats up the guards and breaks into the abandoned Starship Raptor)
Seifer: Look, I'll make it up to you by helping you find a way out.
RaeLuna: You can't find a way out until X-Time ends, and by then at least a hundred years in normal space time would have gone by.
Seifer: Yeah but you forget about the many anonymous factors in this equation.
RaeLuna: Like what?
Seifer: Like those of the Phoenix-X.

(The Timeship discontinues a modified particle beam against the walls of X-Time)
Matt: I guess we're stuck here.
Kugo: You can count those of the Phoenix-X out as likely anonymous factors in any possible equations.
Matt: Wait! I'm detecting an opening forming in the Wall!

(Out in normal space, Klokian jabbing his modified pain stick into the Time Bubble causes the opening)
Klokian: Klokian told you Klokian eventually get through.
Q: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(For defeating the other guy, the power of primal contact with the X is bestowed upon Daniel)
Daniel: Seriously, does anyone think I look fat?
Meriana(walks by): Not at all.
(Omni-X's from all over X-Time migrate to the Planet, and approach the growing Fountain. One by one, they start jumping into it, vapourizing)
Daniel: What's going on??
AclynDa(walking by): There's been an interference in X-Time and it's ending sooner than expected. But that doesn't matter because most of us are worthy enough for the Fountain anyway.

(Daniel climbs the mountain to its cliff, and glances up at the nearby Nebula in space)
X: We are in panic. The Q are on to us.
Daniel: I knew it. This has all been a pathetic attempt for unjustifiable independence.
(He stares at the nebula)
Daniel: It's all been a lie... there is no X.

(Q immediately is able to enter through the tiny hole. He takes a look around this enclosed area of space)
Klokian: --Argh!!
(Klokian squeezes through the hole in the cloud-walls. He looks up and notices the Timeship scanning him)
Klokian: Klokian cannot believe this... Klokian's ship!

(The Timeship backs off)
Matt: Uh oh. We've got a little problem.
Kugo: Yeah, there are no cup holders on this ship.
Matt: No, it's Klokian!
(Klokian leaps slowly through space and grabs onto the Timeship. He creates a double to crawl up the other side of the ship)
Matt: I'm picking up a second Klokian...?

(The Nebula is fed by the Fountain, which continues to receive omni-X's sacrificing themselves like a bad religion)
X: We are X!!!
Daniel: No you're not. You were once Q.
Q(appears): That's right... once a Q, always a Q.
X: Not the omni-X. Hahaha! They've grown their own power, parallel to the Q.
Daniel(glances at Q): Is he right?
Q(nods): Unfortunately.
Daniel: What about X-Time?
X: X-Time was created that day I reduced the power within you.
Daniel: Armond's wedding...
X: That's right, Daniel. We may perish, but half-mortals such as yourself can go on.
Daniel: ....
X: You do not need the boundaries of cultural law and order. You do not need the boundaries of space-time and matter...
Daniel: What are you saying?
X: You are worthy enough to be a part of the new X-Continuum.
(Daniel is tempted by the notion)

Seifer: The Iso-Star is still here!
(The Raptor approaches the tiny-star. Seifer is tempted)
RaeLuna: Not this again.
Seifer: If we can open a portal, we can transport to that other Universe.
RaeLuna(thinks about it): Hmm... Perhaps there is no X-Time there. But wouldn't that kind of space-time transition tear us apart?
Seifer: How the hell would I know; do I look like a time traveller?
RaeLuna: You said you were from the future!!
Seifer: Oh yeah.
*(The Phoenix-X approaches the Raptor)
*Armond: Armond to Commander Seifer. Someone would like to speak to you.
Seifer: Did they find my lucky nail clippings?
*Shane: No.
Seifer: Oh great... it's Shane.
*Shane: Come with me to warn the Captain!
Seifer: Weren't you supposed to do that?
*Shane: He listens to you!
Seifer: I kind of have a Symbiont to get back.
*Shane: Commander. I thought you resolved all your loyalty issues.
Seifer: Yeah, but I also put my therapist in the Brig.
*Shane: I was wondering where Lucrecia went.
Seifer(gives in): Alright, look; the Raptor has advanced scanners. I might be able to find him faster.
(The Raptor turns around as the Phoenix-X is about to follow)

**Matt: Ma--tt to Pho--eni--x-X-!!
(Armond receives an S.O.S.)
Red: That sounded like Matt.
**Matt: We-- nee--d backu--p!!--! Kloki--an--n--
Armond: It sounds like he's in trouble.
Red: He still owes me a match.
(The Phoenix-X changes course in the other direction)

Kugo: Why are there two of you?
(The two Klokian's break into the Timeship's Bridge through the ventilation)
Matt: Klokian's can exist in more than one place at a time.
Klokian1: Klokian know better to deal with you now.
Matt(laughs): He means the time I killed him.
(The first Klokian tackles Matt to the floor. The second Klokian attacks Kugo, but Kugo grabs and knees him, throwing him into the wall)
Klokian2: Argh--!!

(Q can't do anything about Daniel)
Q: You, with the power of the Q?
Daniel: Yeah. What's so wrong about that? I had most of it before.
Q(laughs): No one deserves that kind of power... well except for me.

(The X-Time bubble begins to slowly deteriorate as the Raptor takes orbit of the Planet. Seifer beams down in an EnviroSuit)
Seifer: Captain, I have to warn you. The X wants you to join the X-Continuum!
Daniel: That's old news, Seifer.
Seifer: Don't do it. You have a ship and crew!
Daniel: What I have are boundaries in space and time and matter.
Seifer: What ever happened to earning this power?
Daniel: That takes too long.
Seifer: Why become an X and conform to what they want?
Daniel(thinks about it): ...They have a good health plan.
Seifer: Captain, if you look back out in that X-Time Bubble, you'll find a Station, and on that Station is an omni-X who didn't want to become an X.
Daniel: Yeah but I don't feel like looking.
Seifer: That being has more meaning in its life than to be a drone following the X.
Daniel: ...
Q: Yeah that's so profound I almost cried.

(Q gets back to his business and raises his hand to the Nebula, causing a great disturbance. Klokian is aware of it and lets down his guard)
Matt: Wrong move.
(Matt creates a holographic flame and throws it upon Klokian)
Klokian1(dissolves): Aaahh!!
Matt: Holographic Flames... very dangerous.
Kugo: Why don't we just give Klokian back his ship? It was his to begin with.
Matt: I would but he'd do evil stuff with it.

(A gigantic shockwave flows from the Nebula down the Fountian, into the Planet. The Planet's crust begins to break apart)
X: NNNnnnnnnoooooo!!!
Seifer(falls): What's going on?
Daniel: Q is sending the original X's back to the Continuum...!
Seifer: We're going to die here!

(They beam onto the Raptor)
Daniel: This looks like a friendly place.
RaeLuna(dealing with her senses): --Argh--!!
(The Planet undergoes extreme pressures and slowly breaks apart into huge pieces. Liquid energy is spilled out from its core, which goes flying out. The Raptor dodges it all, escaping)

Armond: E.T.A.?
(The Phoenix-X speeds towards the Timeship)
Red: There is not enough time to report the E.T.A.

(Klokian opens a hatch outside the side of the Timeship, running from Matt. Matt opens another hatch and finds Klokian)
Matt(aims his armlet): Where do you think you're going?
Klokian: Klokian not waste life on this.

(The cloud wall deteriorates, and a space-time wave occurs with the merging of X-Time to normal-Time. The wave sinks inside the Bubble, like water filling a pocket of air, as Klokian is leaping through it to get to his Freighter)

Red: There he is.
(The Phoenix-X swoops by the Timeship, anchoring it with a tractor beam. They speed out into normal space)
Armond: Where are the Captain and the Commander?
Red: We do not need them.

(Q floats before the Nebula as it dissipates like a fog)
Q: Heh, heh. No more X-Continuum.

(Hecakos Station is passed by the wave and sunken back into normal space-time)
Vennka: Yes! The pies of the galaxy are mine once again!
Hagoth: ...Okayyy...

(All the sacrificed omni-X are rematerialized to their half-mortal forms. They float in space, clueless as to what happened)
Mishima: What...?
Throk: How did I...? Huh??
(He accepts his fate)
Throk: Oh well. Who needs the X? I'm going to do what I've always wanted to do; find that giant marble.

(The Raptor speeds through the wave, and X-Time is totally deteriorated into nothing)
RaeLuna: The date. I need to know the date!
Seifer(checks): Stardate 55126.2.
RaeLuna(satisfied): It's only been a year...
Daniel: How long has it been for us?
Seifer: Only a couple hours.
Daniel: Well I guess that's it then. I missed my chance to have all that power.
Seifer: You didn't need it.
Daniel(nods): Any kind of power should be earned, not handed over.

(The Phoenix-X circles around to face the recovered area of space as the Larvekken Freighter speeds by)
Matt: Klokian is on that.
**Armond: Leave him. We're bringing you back into the Phoenix-X.

(The Raptor also approaches the Phoenix-X, beaming Seifer and Daniel over. They say goodbye and the Raptor warps out of there)
Armond: Welcome back, Captain.
Daniel(enters): Status?
Q(appears): The X-Continuum has been totally abolished, sir.
Seifer: You have such a bad haircut.
Q: Quiet mortal!
Daniel: What about the omni-X?
Q: They're still roaming the galaxy, having no clue. Hahaha! It's not in the Continuum's interest to have omnipotent beings out and about like that, but these omni-X are so dumb, who cares?
Daniel: They'll find meaning.
Q: As for you, my jelleton Captain... I have a few things to sort out with the so-called eX-Q's. I'll be back for you very soon.
(He disappears)
Daniel: What does he mean by that?
Seifer: Maybe he's gonna give you a picture of himself for your next birthday?
Daniel(thinks about it): Maybe...

(The Phoenix-X speeds away. Kayl enters the Shuttle Bay)
Kayl: Where's Matt?
Lox(points): Over there.
(She finds Matt with GoyCho fixing a Jumper)
Kayl: Where did the Timeship go?
GoyCho: We hid it back on the Xena.
Kayl(hands a padd): I've got more information on your missed appointments and upcoming experiments. If I was to read your mind, I bet you'd be happy to get back to them.
(She reads his mind)
Kayl: Okay, maybe not.
Matt: I was hoping those experiments would fix themselves.
Ensign Dan(walks by): Don't worry, I'm on it.
Matt(relieved): Phew. He'll do a good job, right?
(No one says anything)
Matt: Right?
GoyCho: Uhhh, yeah.
(GoyCho leaps into a Jumper, activating it, and speeding out into space to safety)
Matt: He's just testing it, right?
(No one says anything)