Episode 61

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Power Levels

Out somewhere in deep space, a group of four omni’X meet. They hover around, talking.
Cora: “The Klokians are on to us!”
Wakita: “I was almost shot down by one of their Timeships!”
Mishima: “Calm yourselves! We must think of a plan.”
Kenezen: “We need help. It won’t be long until all omni’X are destroyed by these Klokians.”
Mishima: “Help? Hmm... Perhaps I know someone...”

He charges his X energy and speeds off. The others shrug their shoulders and then fly after him. They drop back to normal space and approach the Federation Starship Phoenix-X. One after the other, they land on the hull.

Wakita: “Him? How will he be able to help?”
Mishima: “If it wasn’t for him, there would be no X. Yes... he’ll be the one to save us all.”
They brake through a hatch and make it inside. Going through the corridors, Security Officers and Klingon’s blasts phasers and disrupters at them. There is minimal effect, and no one is able to take them down.

They enter the Briefing Room where Captain Cell is speaking with Seifer.
Cell: “So I says to her, I says...”
Mishima: “Captain! We need your help now more than ever.”
Seifer: “What the?? What’s going on here!?”
Wakita: “Quiet you!”
She blasts a current of energy at him, knocking him out.
Cell: “Hey! You better have an explanation for that.”
Kenezen: “It’s the Klokians. They’ve begun exterminating the omni’X.”
Cell: “The Klokians?”
Mishima: “They come in Timeships from the future. They have already killed a hundred of us.”
Cell: “What do you expect me to do? I have no more power. I can’t help you.”
The four glance at each other at this.
Wakita: “Oh great, he’s useless.”
Mishima: “No! I have an idea...”
He walks over and places his hand against Cell’s head. A surge of omni-energy is blasted into his cell’s. The Captain is knocked into the back wall, wrecking it.
Cell: “Ugh!!”

Captain Cell then gets up, looking down at himself. His arms are liquefied as long strands, and they are flowing with omni-power.

Cell: “What... what have you done to me?”
He walks over, sucking his arms back into solid form. The flowing energy disappears.
Mishima: “I have made you omni’X.”
Cora: “Now you can help us be rid of the Klokian threat.”
Kenezen: “Yes!”
Cell: “No! I never agreed to any of this!”
Mishima: “You must help us... for now they will be after you.”

Mishima backs away and turns for the window. He runs and breaks out the wall and window, creating a vacuum in the Briefing Room to space. Cell quickly grabs Seifer before he’s blown out.

The other omni’Xs leap out the hole into space, getting out of there. Cell watches as they disappear into Warp.

Later, Seifer is in Sickbay being treated by Doctor Lox and the EMH. He lies on the biobed.
Seifer: “Ugh... What happened to me...?”
EMH: “Just relax. There was a little shock to your system. I’m now attaching an extra arm to you for help.”
Seifer: “Ahh!!”
He gets up and steps back.
Seifer: “Get away from me!”
Lox, approaches from the other area: “Oh don’t even worry Commander. The procedure is quite simple.”

The Commander runs out Sickbay and catches his breath outside the doors.
Seifer: “Oh man! That was a close one.”
RaeLuna is walking by to whom he catches up to.
Seifer: “RaeLuna! What happened to the Captain? The last thing I saw was four omni’X wanting to deal with him.”
RaeLuna: “The Captain has become... one of them.”
There’s a sudden comm. signal that breaks through.
#Amp: “Commander Seifer, you have a priority encrypted transmission coming in.”

Seifer enters his Quarters where he receives the transmission. It goes up on his big viewscreen.
>Nelkast: “Ah, Commander Seifer. Just the one who I wanted to talk to.”
Seifer: “Hey, what’s up?”
>Nelkast: “We have just heard news that your Captain has become... almost-omnipotent again.”
Seifer: “How do you guys know these things?”
>Nelkast: “We’re Section 31! We know everything!”
Seifer: “Oh yeah? Well then what’s the square root of 61 045 281?”
>Nelkast: “There’s no time for that! I’ve come to order you to take over the Phoenix-X.”
Seifer: “Take it over??”
>Nelkast: “That Captain of yours can’t be trusted anymore. With power like that, there’s no telling what he could do!”
Seifer: “But--”
>Nelkast: “No ‘But’s’!! Just do it. And brush your teeth!”
The screen clicks off. Seifer is left saddened, but it seems as if he has no choice. He enters his bathroom and brushes his teeth.

Meanwhile, the Captain sits at the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. He is still in amazement at what has transgressed.
Cell: “I can’t believe I have the power again...”
Amp, at helm: “You have the what in the who now?”
Cell: “Don’t you see? They expect me to help them, but I can’t. What can I do even if I do have these powers again?”
Amp: “You what the who in the where now?”
Commander Seifer enters the Bridge.
Cell: “Commander. You’re okay.”
Seifer: “Yes, and I’m sorry to do this... But... I have to take command of the Phoenix-X.”
Cell: “What?”
Seifer: “You are relieved of duty, by order of Section 31. They now believe you’re a danger to the Federation because of the power you have.”
Ensign Dan, just enters: “Wooh! I can’t believe I almost missed this. Heh, heh, heh. All these years I’ve been getting relieved and now the tables are turned!”
Cell: “You’re relieved!”
Ensign Dan, walks away sad: “Aww...”
Cell: “Commander, this is preposterous!”
Seifer: “If I had a dictionary on me, you’d be in for it!”
Cell: “Alright Commander. If that’s what you want, then I’ll leave. I hope you all learn to love being under Section 31’s thumb.”
The Captain leaves the Bridge.

RaeLuna checks the sensors and finds that Cell has left the ship and leaped out into space. On screen is a view of Cell flying through space. They watch until he’s gone.
Amp: “Whoa. I can’t believe he’s gone.”
The Commander looks to the side, disappointed at the way things turned out.
Seifer: “Alright, I’m now in command. You must call me Captain now.”
Ensign Dan runs over: “Would you like some coffee Captain?”
Seifer: “Ensign, that last order by Cell still stands!”
Ensign Dan, walks away sad: “Aww...”
Captain Seifer takes a seat in the Captain’s chair on the Bridge in silence.

Meanwhile, Cell flies through space at Warp speeds. He drops it when he comes into view of a group of six omni’X.

Cell: “Greetings.”
Mishima: “Captain!”
Cell: “It’s just Cell now.”
Wakita: “We thought you weren’t going to help us.”
Cell: “Well circumstances changed. Now I’m here. But I’m not sure how I can help. You guys have more experience than me.”
AclynDa, places a finger on his temple: “I am reading an attack... It’s in the Nitroks Sector!”
All the omni’X speed away to see. Cell flies after them.

Dropping their speeds they come into view of a Klokian Timeship, that has opened fire at another omni’X.
Wakita: “It’s Epsen!”
Mishima: “Please, Cell. You have to help him!”
Cell: “What can I do?”
Wakita: “We all know the strength you have. Destroy the Timeship!”
Cell: “You know, I remember a time when you used to mock that strength--”
AclynDa: “Just go!”

AclynDa pushes Cell downwards towards the fight. Epsen is trying dodge torpedo blasts in space, while pumping the Timeship back with energy-bursts.

Epsen: “Hsssss!!!”
Cell, flies over: “Need help?”
The Timeship speeds overhead, firing a torpedo between them. They zoom out of the way and both fly over. Cell lands on the Timeship, pulling it apart with his arms, and extra strands of liquid.

Pieces of the Timeship are torn off and spin away into space. Epsen uses his six arms to tear of pieces aswell. He then is able to break inside the Timeship and attack its occupants.

Cell hops off a good distance, gathering a ball of omni-energy at his hands. The energy grows and grows until he blasts it at the already weakening Timeship, blowing it to pieces. Epsen is part of the debris, but survives. He is astonished at the strength shown by Cell.

As the debris float around them, the other omni’X fly over to pat him on the back.
Mishima: “You did it!”
Epsen: “Hsss. Thank you.”

Elsewhere, the Phoenix-X slowly treks through space. Seifer sits at the Bridge.
RaeLuna: “Comman-- I mean, Captain. We are getting another priority encrypted transmission.”
Seifer: “On screen.”
>Nelkast: “Captain Seifer. Good work. I’m sorry that you had to do that, but it was important to the safety of the Federation.”
>Elena: “We have another mission for you.”
Seifer: “What now? You want me to do an irish jig?”
>Elena: “No. You are to destroy Cell.”
Seifer: “What!?”
>Nelkast: “We can’t have someone with that power and potential for vengeance-desire flying around the Galaxy like that.”
>Elena: “He will be back. We have to destroy him before it’s too late.”
Seifer: “I won’t do it!”
>Elena: “Don’t make us remind you who is really in charge here...”
Seifer: “Even if we were to do that, we wouldn’t have the weapon’s strength.”
>Elena: “I think you do. It is my understanding that enough Quantum Torpedoes will do the trick. Is this not true?”
Seifer: “Maybe. But I---”
>Elena: “No ‘But’s’!! Just do it. And brush your teeth!”
The screen clicks off.
Amp: “Not the most delightful of conversations.”
Seifer: “No, Mr. Amp... No it was not.”
Amp: “Uh, yeah. That’s what I just said.”

Later, Seifer makes his way to Engineering.
Kugo: “Sir?”
Seifer: “Have you heard?”
Kugo: “Yes, our orders to kill the Captain.”
Seifer: “I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”
Omega: “If those are your orders then it must be done.”
Seifer: “What the?? Are you still here?”
Omega: “Yes, I am.”
Seifer just shrugs his shoulders: “Anyway. Kugo, I need to know if you’re up for this.”
Kugo: “I... can’t.”
Seifer: “Come on. We killed one crew member the last time. What’s one more?”
Kugo: “Sir! Are you trying to persuade me!?”
Seifer: “Oh! ...Umm, no... I mean, you’re right.”
He glances at them.
Seifer: “But we do have our orders...”

Cell and the other omni’X drop their Warp speeds and come into view of yet another battle. This time it’s four Timeship’s chasing around two omni’X on one of the moons of Keldore Prime.

Cell: “This is crazy. I can’t take on four ships!”
Mishima: “You have already proven yourself with the last five ships. We know you will become victorious.”
Cell: “I haven’t done four at a time though.”
Wakita: “According to a survey by Shadow Flare, most of the Timeship’s have been destroyed!”
AclynDa: “Yes, we are nearing success!”
Cell: “Uggh. Alright. But you guys owe me big time for this!”

He flies off after the battle in the distance. On the surface of the moon, two omni’X continue to be hit with torpedoes. Cell speeds in and blasts his own currents of energy at each Timeship. None of the Timeship’s are hurt badly.

#Seifer: “Captain’s Log... Stardate 57926-point-2. I have taken command of the Phoenix-X. Under normal circumstances this would be cause for celebration, but considering how it went down I don’t think those celebrations will be until next Friday. In the meantime, the Phoenix-X has been tracking the movements of Cell and his rag-tag band of omni’Xs. We’re under orders to destroy him and anyone else that gets in our way. That last part is just the bonus.”

The Phoenix-X comes into view of Keldore Prime. They approach one of the moons, finding four Timeships hovering near the surface and firing sporadically at it. RaeLuna takes closer scans.
RaeLuna: “Looks as if they are firing at Cell and two other omni’Xs.”
Seifer, stands: “Prepare the torpedoes.”

On the moon’s surface, Cell leaps backwards dodging the torpedo of one of the Timeship’s. Another Timeship hovers from behind and fires, but Cell rolls to the side and counter attacks with a current of energy. He then sees the Phoenix-X in the background.

The Phoenix-X opens fire and punctures a Timeship as it just hovers closer to Cell. The two other omni’X jump off from attacking two other Timeship’s as the Phoenix-X hits them with torpedoes. The two Timeship’s explode.

Seifer: “Good shot.”
RaeLuna: “Thank you, sir. But I was trying to hit Cell.”
Seifer: “No! I told you to hit the Timeships!”
RaeLuna: “Oh right. Yeah, that’s what I meant...”
Amp: “But sir, I don’t get it. If these Timeship’s have powerful technology, then how are we able to destroy them so easily?”
Seifer: “Some things aren’t meant to be explained, Amp... Some things just aren’t.”
Amp: “Oh never mind. My scans show they had been weakened by the omni’X attacks.”
Seifer: “I said no explanations!”

Cell leaps up and destroys one Timeship with a ball of energy. The Phoenix-X gets closer to the moon and destroys the other Timeship with two more torpedoes.

Meanwhile, the other omni’X from before continue to watch from the sidelines.
Mishima: “Yes! They are destroyed!”
Wakita: “Our asses are saved!”
Cora: “Should we not be shamed for not battling for our own lives?”
Wakita: “No we shouldn’t. If anything, we should be proud of our cowardice.”

Cell and the eight other omni’X enter the Cargo Bay of the Phoenix-X. There, Cell meets up with Seifer, Kugo and Lox.
Kugo: “Captain!”
Cell: “Greetings. Why did you come for me?”
Seifer: “We were actually ordered to destroy you.”
Cell: “What!? This is some kind of trap!”
Seifer: “No, no. I decided it was wrong to do that.”
Cell: “You? Actually listening to morality?”
Lox: “It shocked me!”
Seifer: “Hey, do you want to be not destroyed or not? I’m trying to do you a favour here.”
Cell: “Well thank you.”
Mishima: “And thank you for your help. That’s what we need! A Starship to deal with these Klokians!”
Seifer: “Captain. If it were my decision, I would reinstate your rank in a nano-second.”
Cell: “Uh! Why such a long wait?”
He then turns to his omni’X friends.
Cell: “You guys are going to have to deal with the Klokian’s without me.”
AclynDa: “What!?”
Cell: “I have personal business to attend to.”
AclynDa: “But---!”
Mishima: “No AclynDa! He has done us a great favour. Let him go. We have a Starship to hunt down and occupants to kill.”
The omni’X head for the Cargo Bay doors.
AclynDa: “But he promised to take holo-pictures with me...”
All the omni’Xs leap through the forcefield and out into space. They fly past Keldore Prime and out of there.

Later, Cell and Seifer wait in the Briefing Room for a transmission from Section 31. The hole has been patched up with bulkhead pieces and nailed boards.
Cell: “Why do we have to wait??”
Seifer: “Section 31 never gives us a contact frequency. They prefer that they call us.”
The screen suddenly clicks on.
>Elena: “Ah! Phoenix-X. I’m glad to see that things are in order.”
She notices Cell.
>Elena: “Oh Cell! Heh, heh... It’s good to see you...”
She then whispers to Seifer.
>Elena: -“Psst! Now’s your chance. Destroy him while I distract him.”-
She then talks normal again.
>Elena: “So, Cell! How are things?”
Seifer: “There won’t be any destroying today, Elena.”
>Elena: “What!?”
Cell: “Your destruction days are over Elena. Book ‘em danno!”
Two Officer’s in Elena’s Office suddenly grab her by her arms and drag her away.
>Elena: “Ahh! You idiots! If you don’t let me go, I’m cutting your latinum paychecks!”
The two Officer’s let her go and run back to their standing-spots.
>Elena: “As for you, Phoenix-X! You’re going to get a little welcoming party.”
Seifer: “Can’t you see that Cell isn’t a danger to the Federation? If anything he’ll help us! He did swear to the Oath.”
>Elena: “Yes, but that was under the lie that he was Human.”
Cell: “Alright. Then give me the oath again. I’ll swear by it!”
>Elena: “Hmm... give me a second.”

The screen clicks off. In the Office that Elena is in, she calls for Nelkast.
Elena: “What do you think? Perhaps having this omni’X-Changeling around isn’t such a bad idea. He could be on our side.”
Nelkast: “What’s going on? I just got here.”
Elena: “Alright then our decision is made!”

The screen clicks back on in the Briefing Room.
>Elena: “We have decided that you may stay, Captain Cell.”
Cell: “Okay then.”
>Elena: “But if we want to destroy you, you have to let us!”
Cell: “What?? What kind of a jip is tha--”
Seifer nudges him.
Cell: “Alright fine. You can ‘destroy me’. If that’s even possible.”
The screen clicks off.

Later, Captain Cell re-enters the Bridge. There, the crew are waiting for him and clap their hands in respect for him.
Kugo: “Congratulations, Captain.”
Lox: “Good to have to back, sir.”
Amp: “Hey Captain!”
Omega: “Welcome.”
RaeLuna: “Good work.”
Ensign Dan: “Welcome back Captain.”
Cell: “Everyone shut up and get back to work!!”
The crew stops clapping and then gets back to their stations, grumbling in bitterness.