Spin-off 3B

Forged in Something, Part II

Menchez surveys the decks from a console. Many of his crew are severely injured, or dead, and are confined to the Medical Bay. Menchez, a Klingon of great strength, has never felt his ship under such pressure. The feeling beats hard upon his bones.

He enters the Bridge, where Kent, one of many Federation officers on exchange, is going through sensor readings on his panel readout.
Menchez: "Any signs of the Legion? I would like nothing more than to wipe their faces off the face of the dimension that is this universe."
Kent: "They've just entered the Komolak system. It seems they are raiding a Ferengi transport."
Menchez: "Did you inform the High Command of our situation?"
Kent: "As much as 'our ship was nearly destroyed' without-sounding-like-failures as I could, sir."
The Captain then walks over to Tayana, who is overseeing the repairs to the ship.
Tayana: "It does not look so good, sir. Our vessel is far beyond repair, even with the Starfleet geniuses on board."
Menchez: "Argh! We should have died out there!"
Tayana: "We are optimistic that we can get the warp core running again. But without structural integrity, we could destroy ourselves."
Menchez: "Yeah, but it's not the same."

He then walks over to the centre of the Bridge in meditation.

Kent: "Captain. I'm reading a Klingon vessel approaching at high warp! No name. It's just a Vorcha-class."
Menchez: "Sounds like we have a mystery on our hands. Who is commanding it?"
Kent: "Not sure, but we're getting a hail from it. Something about 'respond or I'll bust you down to Bekk faster than you can say gagh'. So, a General, likely."
The screen clicks on.
>Verticon: "Menchez! You piece of targ manure!"
Menchez: "General Verticon? It is a surprise to speak with you."
>Verticon: "Cut the formalities. I have been monitoring your progress, and it appears you have undergone severe damage."
Menchez: "What? This? Oh, it is just a scratch. Had a bit of a run-in with a direlect comet. Seems we are getting more and more Q prisons as of late."
>Verticon: "You cannot fool me! Anyway, despite your loss, I advise relentlessness, especially if your enemy still lives."
Menchez: "To be fair, they are Remen, and look half-dead. What am I saying? I'm becoming specist in my jaded demeanour. Just forget I was here."
>Verticon: "Your ship is clearly damaged beyond repair, while my ship is empty."
Menchez: "General, if I may; it appears if you have gone to the Klingon equivilent of 'crazy town.'"
>Verticon: "My point is, you will take command of this new vessel, Menchez! A good warrior should lead in a powerful ship!"
Menchez: "This is happening all too suddenly. Where do I begin?"
>Verticon: "Despite your recent loss, I recognize your great tactics of the past and I desire to see a Klingon ship take that Legion. You see, they raided a Klingon transport two weeks ago. Cleaned us out completely of targ hoofs. How will our mighty steeds trot now? How!?"
Menchez: "But, sir, what of the the paper work? My Starfleet officers' contracts will require updating."
>Verticon: "I have not forgotten the exchange program and Starfleet's implacable reverence for bureaucracy! I know half your crew is of Starfleet, therefore I have already confirmed their transfers with the Federation. When I arrive, you will all transport over to this vessel. You may transfer your personal items as well, if you must. Just no tribble. You know we hate those. We will then destroy your ship, and after we are on our way, you will drop me off at Dalor Outpost."
Menchez: "Yes, General. You are wise beyond your years."
>Verticon: "I'm only two years older than you! Anyway, congratulations. Your new vessel will be christened the B'Cnah. It's the Ancient Klingon version of Bochnah."
The screen then clicks out, as Menchez and his crew glance at each other in surprise.
Kent: "Will we be saving the blood wine, then?"