Spin-off 3B

Forged in Something, Part II

Menchez surveyed the decks. A few of his crew were severely injured and had to be confined to the Medical Bay. Menchez, a Klingon of great strength, never felt his ship under such damage. It wasn't a great feeling.

He entered the Bridge, where Kent, a Federation Officer, was going through sensor readings on his panel readout.
Menchez, sighs: "Hhh... any signs of the Legion?"
Kent: "They've just entered the Komolak System. It seems they are raiding a Ferengi Transport."
Menchez: "Did you inform the High Command of our situation?"
Kent: "Yes, sir."

Menchez then walked over to Tayana, who was overseeing the repairs to the Bochnah.
Tayana: "It does not look so good, Captain. Our vessel is far beyond repair."
Menchez, punches a panel in anger: "Argh! We should have died out there!"
Tayana: "We are optimistic that we can get the Warp Core running again."
Kent: "Yeah, but what use is that without proper structural integridy?"

Menchez walked over to the centre of the Bridge, in meditation.

Kent: "Captain... I'm reading a Klingon Vessel approaching at high Warp; no name, just Vorcha Class."
Menchez, annoyed: "Who is commanding it?"
Kent: "General Verticon. He is hailing."
>Verticon, clicks on screen: "Menchez..."
Menchez: "General. It is a pleasure to speak with you."
>Verticon: "Cut the formalities! You have undergone severe damage, I see..."
Menchez, glances to the side: "I am not in such a great mood."
>Verticon: "Do not be so hard on yourself! One must be relentless. Your enemy still lives."
Menchez: "My ship is damaged beyond repair."
>Verticon: "My ship is empty... I am the only person on it."
Menchez: "...I do not understand...?"
>Verticon: "You will take command of this new vessel, Menchez. I am promoting you as well!"
Menchez: "May I ask, why?"
>Verticon: "I recognize your great tactics, and desire to see a Klingon Ship take that Legion... They raided a Klingon Transport two weeks ago."
Menchez: "A transfer takes great paper work. My Starfleet Officers' contracts will be reverted."
>Verticon: "I have not forgotten the exchange program! I know half your crew is Starfleet Officers. Therefore, I have already confirmed thier transfers with the Federation. When I arrive, you will all transport over to this vessel, along with any salvageable components from the your vessel. We will then destroy it, and after we are on our way, you will drop me off at Dalor Outpost."
Menchez: "Yes, General."
>Verticon: "Congratulations Menchez. Your new vessel is christened, the B'Chnah!!"
The screen clicks out, as Menchez and his crew glances at eachother in surprise.