Spin-off 3C

Forged in Something, Part III
As soon as transfers were complete, the Vorcha Class B'Cnah powered up its engines and weapons systems.
Menchez: "Lieutenant, fire disrupters onto that piece of junk..."
Kent: "Aye, Captain..."

Disrupters were fired onto the old Bird of Prey, destroying it. Piece flew out into space.

Menchez: "Heh, heh, heh. Now it's time for a little one on one..."
The B'Cnah rotated and jumped to Warp.

Meanwhile, the Legion cuts beams into the hull of a Ferengi Transport.
Purn: "Oh no! Make them stop!"
Nex: "I can't do anything, you idiot! They have us in a tractor beam!"

Just then, the B'Cnah drops Warp and rotates themselves over to the Legion.
Menchez: "Prepare to die!"
>Phine: "So, you have a new ship I see..."

The B'Cnah blasts a disrupter pulse into the Legion's side.
Phine: "Fine then, bring it on!"

The Legion pulls the Ferengi Transport around in space, and lets them go. The Transport goes flying towards the B'Cnah, before the B'Cnah impulses under it.
Menchez: "Target thier torpedo canons!"

The B'Cnah swoops from under, over the Legion, pumping disruters into them. The Legion's shields weaken.
Phine: "Tain, destroy their disrupter banks."
Tain: "Yes, sir. I am on it."
Phine: "Well hurry up!"

The Legion and B'Cnah face-rotate around eachother, before the Legion accelerates past the B'Cnah to the right, slamming torpedoes into their side shields.

Another torpedo breaks through the shields and blows the B'Cnah's left disrupter discharger.
Menchez: "Seal that Deck!"

The B'Cnah then rotates around, catching up to above the Legion, blasting thier left disrupter through thier shields. Parts of the Legion explode.

Nex: "Let's get out of here!"
Purn: "Yeah!"
The Ferengi Transport jumps to Warp.

Phine: "Oh great! There goes our supplies!"
The Legion and the B'Cnah pass each other over and over again, firing back and forth. Hull's blow and pieces fly out into space.

Just then, the B'Cnah spins around to face the passing Legion. The B'Cnah fire a torpedoe out into space at the Legion, and with thier only discharger,0 then fires a disrupter pulse into that torepdo.

A large explosion knocks the Legion off course and the right-wing of their ship breaks off. The Legion becomes two large masses in space, floating peacefully.

Menchez: "Hahaha!! You have been defeated!"
He hails them. The Legion's Bridge is completely in ruins.
>Phine, gets up: "I'll get you for this, Menchez..."
Menchez: "Whatever, shut up you pathetic patok!"
He cuts the screen out.
Menchez: "Haha! Honour is ours."
Kent: "Want me to destroy them, sir?"
Menchez looks back at his crew, considering this. Part of the crew is Federation: "Hmm... perhaps not... It is... okay."
He walks over to the helm.
Menchez: "Take us back to Klingon space."
Ch'Tong: "Aye, Captain."
He taps at the helm, jumping the B'Cnah to Warp.